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Kehinde Wiley

Kehinde Wiley (born 1977) is a New York-based portrait painter, who is known for his highly naturalistic paintings of contemporary urban African, African-American, Afro-Brazilian, Indian and Ethiopian-Jewish (Beta Israel) men in heroic poses.

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Barack Obama has chosen Kehinde Wiley the "hip hop" portraitist to execute his official presidential portrait for the Sm…
Video: Oklahoma City Museum of Art prepares for 'Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic,' opening this weekend…
Ss choices led to this Frida Kahlo and Kehinde Wiley combination.
Do you teach your students about contemporary artist, Kehinde Wiley? DOWNLOAD this
Kehinde Wiley Exhibit at the Toledo Art Museum was awesome. Thanks f…
I liked a video from Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic
Kehinde Wiley exhibit comes to Toledo - Detroit Metro Times
Kehinde Wiley exhibit comes to Toledo: Art history remixed Detroiters may likely already be familiar with fine…
"If fried chicken is fine art, Popeyes is Kehinde Wiley." -
And I think that Kehinde Wiley's work has become big enough that his style and commentary are being mainstreamed.
omg! thank you so much man! this paint style is a study of Kehinde Wiley!
Maybe we should at first ask what are the East and the West then evaluate many other factors
Anyone know of the artist responsible for these Phife portraits at performance? Thought it might be K…
"There's something important in going against the grain" —Kehinde Wiley
Spend an with 'Saint Francis of Paola' by
These paintings of black women holding white women's head done by Nigerian artist Kehinde Wiley are Iconic!
Join AALC this Thursday for networking, drinks and a special tour of Kehinde Wiley's breathtaking exh…
this looks like a Kehinde Wiley piece came to life.
ok not to b corny but kehinde Wiley is literally a god 2 me
I'm about this Kehinde Wiley/ religious iconography realness Beyonce has going on right now.
Queen giving us salvador dali queen of the damned kehinde wiley magnificence
Beyonce out here looking like a living Kehinde Wiley installation, dog.
i met met Kehinde Wiley the other night and man oh man he's awesome.
We Like: The Toledo Museum of Art presents Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic - an overview of the artist’s prolific...
Amazing exhibit! Thank you for sharing the exquisite work of Kehinde Wiley.
The Kehinde Wiley exhibit at Toledo Museum of art was amazing!!! I met him and hugged him this is a great way to start…
It was this art piece by Kehinde Wiley.
Kehinde Wiley! Just saw that he has a new exhibit in Toledo, thinking I'll need to plan a trip. :)
One of my favorite artists and inspiration kehinde wiley
Kehinde Wiley's work is bigger than life.
Painting is about the world we live in. Black people live in the world. My choice is to include them - Nigerian Artist Kehinde…
Sunday at the Phoenix Art Museum veiwing the work of Kehinde Wiley.
Last day of the Kehinde Wiley exhibit. (@ Phoenix Art Museum - in Phoenix, AZ)
That time Kehinde Wiley's studio manager sent me a personal invite to be bathed in Lauryn Hill's excellence. There…
Another beautiful stained glass piece by Kehinde Wiley. Old materials to address contemporary issues. Love it.
Studying your art w/6th grdrs. 1 kid in particular loved it. It's tiny, but it says "Kehinde Wiley in…
someone saw a Kehinde Wiley and thought "hey i could make this much, much worse"
Art can be found in unexpected places. Like a coworker's shirt that looks like it's part of a Kehinde Wiley paintin…
you need to look into Kehinde Wiley, his concepts are amazing.
I wish Kehinde Wiley would finally just find me and scoop me up and make a masterpiece out of me
Kehinde Wiley in front of some of his stained glass pieces at
A portrait of Soly Cisse by Kehinde Wiley. When one artist shows respect to another through their work
. i always feel regal when i see a kehinde wiley in person. @ Expo Chicago
The museum I work at is currently housing a Kehinde Wiley exhibit and I am full of warmth and also shaking a lil
This fall, Museum presents the work of Kehinde Wiley -- go.
Kehinde Wiley is one of the finest modern portrait al
Hmmm I have so many words about this image. Would love to see Kehinde Wiley paint this 😍
So im going to kehinde Wiley at the art museum next month ..ima talk about it periodically just to remind yall to come out ..he's super cold
📷 laeelaalove: Gorgeous work from the Kehinde Wiley exhibit at the VMFA today
REMINDER: An Evening with Kehinde Wiley, originally set for tonight, is postponed until Wednesday, November 9.…
have you heard of Kehinde Wiley? If not, look up some of his work! You might get to him toward the end of your class.
do I spy a kehinde wiley painting on empire 👌🏽 I think so
Kehinde Wiley's genius. I love my blackness and yours.
to feature the bold, colorful, large-scale paintings of Kehinde Wiley - READ MORE
She said kehinde wiley and I suddenly saw us in Barbados drinking red stripe and throwing sad around...
Hi KEHINDE WILEY 🌐. Hope you are having an awesome day. Thanks for the follow!
Soon there is going to be a kehinde wiley exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum! I can't wait!
Young Thug should team up with Kehinde Wiley for his cover art
And let's take it back. pieces on Kehinde Wiley and Shonda Rhimes were super duper racist.
Whole school field trip to the Seattle Art Museum for the Kehinde Wiley exhibit!
Wrote lots of words about the Kehinde Wiley exhibit at SAM. It kind of works for everyone. Y'all should check it out
Get your iPhone insurance today!
yes. if you’re in the city Kehinde Wiley exhibit at SAM, grab a catfish sandwich at Matt’s in the Market, Pike Place
"Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic" will be at the Seattle Art Museum through May 8. Full video:
The stunning and subversive pageantry of artist Kehinde Wiley: Seattle Art Museum says “A New Republic” by art...
I think of Shamir every time I see this (fr Kehinde Wiley's show at Seattle Art Museum).
Wow got drunk at the crab pot then went to the Seattle Art Museum and almost cried at the Kehinde Wiley exhibit 10/10
Kehinde Wiley exhibit at Seattle Art Museum is amazing.
A day of art appreciation. 😌(Cred: Kehinde Wiley. Officially a major fan of his work.)
Kehinde Wiley's vision blows me away. Run to before his exhibit is gone.…
More amazing details from works by Kehinde Wiley currently at
Some of my favorite details from paintings in the fantastic Kehinde Wiley exhibit at
A detail I love from Kehinde Wiley's "two heroic sisters of the grassland." I'm at the…
If you've never checked out Kehinde Wiley check out his work.
I just thought of the raddest idea for my musseun art piece and I'm super stoaked. I'm recreating one of Kehinde Wiley's works but using-
CBS Morning news profiles artist Kehinde Wiley. Airing now.
Saw the exhibit at last week. Came away SO inspired. Drop everything, and go see it!
Kehinde Wiley reminds the world how beautiful black is.
If you haven't please go check out the Kehinde Wiley exhibit at the ft worth modern museum. Simply amazing.
Fish fry at Kehinde Wiley's the other night. Good times!
Kehinde Wiley collection is gonna be at the Dallas Art museum and I really wanna go
me too! Let's want to go to the Kehinde Wiley exhibit in Ft Worth
Went to see the Kehinde Wiley exhibit with Diana. So great! Loved it! @ The Modern Art Museum of…
Enjoyed the Kehinde Wiley exhibit at the Modern Museum
Kehinde Wiley inspired by mug shot but gives choice of representation back to subject
Y'all Kehinde Wiley is coming to the VMFA I'm going to start crying
"It takes a lot of audacity to make an opposition to history." Kehinde Wiley
Last night I had three dinners and kissed Kehinde Wiley so there's no point even trying today
Status Update: I drank rosé on Kehinde Wiley's couch and went to a Howard party with 2015, you're loyal.
Y'all don't understand how much I love Kehinde Wiley!
Rux & Hill Harper at great party at Kehinde Wiley's
Check out the listing of artworks by the famous sold at auctions !.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
catching up on brilliance - "Black Light" A Photo Story By Kehinde Wiley via
Take a look at the listing of artworks that were sold at auctions.
movie felt like Kehinde Wiley painting in film format. After awhile the verse format flowed, felt like hiphop
Kehinde Wiley's stained glass portraits are so incredible
Kehinde Wiley at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. One of my favorites.
Kehinde Wiley's figure rocking the *** Leagues hoodie gets me every time.
Only 30 more days of Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic. Don't miss it!
The entire listing of works by that have been sold at auctions !.
I wanna be rich so that I can buy a kehinde wiley painting and hang it in me big bedroom
It would be pretty dope of someone got me Kehinde Wiley's new art book. He's my favorite contemporary artist
Kehinde Wiley listed as one of 17 brilliant black artists featured at 2015 Art Basel in Miami!
So many good links this week - Anne Lamott on writing with kids, Kehinde Wiley paintings, & 6-sec. DIY craft vines.
Educators are invited to see Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic for
Took the day off from music to visit Kehinde Wiley exhibition in the Brooklyn Museum.
Detail from Kehinde Wiley's David Lyon, 2013 - San Antonio Museum of Art - Cannot wait for the…
Kehinde Wiley's sculpture humanizes Black men in all their style, attitude and complexity. Now at the Brooklyn Museum
Run, don't walk, to catch Kehinde Wiley's powerful exhibit at the @ Brooklyn Museum
Ok. My team (the PRtists) includes Frida Kahlo, Keith Haring, Kehinde Wiley, Bjork, + more. This will be interesting.
My new favorite artist more from Kehinde Wiley @ Brooklyn Museum of Modern Art
This guy Kehinde Wiley is an amazing artist!! 😳 @ Brooklyn Museum of Modern Art
"Wiley warned of danger of assuming that tells us universal, cultural, or autobiographical truths."
If I left it up to social media, African American Art began with Jean Michel Basquiat and ends with Kehinde Wiley. And only these two.
5th value study self portraits inspired by Kehinde Wiley
A great painter draws controversy Kehinde Wiley
Kehinde Wiley painting on the wall 0.49s in the EMPIRE Trailer .!! via
MJ as an emperor in Kehinde Wiley's New Republic
Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic. Response to centuries of racism in art, with an added later…
Was finally able to see Kehinde Wiley's exhibit Photos & reprints do not do his work justice.
I am exhausted. Extremely. My brain is on the verge of combustion from all this visual stimulation. Basquiat & Kehinde Wiley y'all. Whoa.
V much looking forward to seeing this "Kehinde Wiley’s “Politics of Perception” via
A few pics from the Kehinde Wiley exhibit.
Great is powerful! Finding your craft is the hard part- Kehinde Wiley’s “Politics of Perception”
Kehinde Wiley exhibit full of reclaimed glories | @ Brooklyn…
Kehinde Wiley appropriates famous European paintings like Ruben's "Equestrian Portrait of King Philip…
Finally saw the Kehinde Wiley exhibit. WOW. That's why I love the
Art by Kara Walker, Kehinde Wiley and Robert Colescott... oh my! The installation of "Portraits and Other...
NYC school kid taking notes at Kehinde Wiley show, BKLYN Museum. Place was full of school groups. Good stuff.
Brooklyn Museum of Art exhibits "Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic" a series by Kehinde Wiley that portrays black...
Kehinde Wiley "Frantz Fanon, after Memling's portrait of a man with letter" @ The Armory Show Pier 92…
Is that a Kehinde Wiley in Lucious' mansion?
“Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic” at Brooklyn Museum. Show inspiring conversations on art, culture, race, and history. ht…
Too excited for this "Kehinde Wiley retrospective coming to Brooklyn Museum"
A sprawling retrospective for Kehinde Wiley’s heroic portraits
Two celestial beings traveling the universe collide! Kehinde Wiley and Nona Faustine. @ Brooklyn…
Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic opens today! Check it out now
I really wanted to go to the Brooklyn Museum this evening and see the Kehinde Wiley Exhibit, but it's just too...
Artist Kehinde Wiley’s global vision will be on view at Brooklyn Museum retrospective. via
In honor of the opening 5 things you didn't know about
Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic – in pictures - The Los Angeles-born artist, who takes black American streetlife as ...
Cannot wait to hit this Kehinde Wiley exhibit
You can love or hate history-lade portraits. But it is hard to ignore them. htt…
When it comes to art history, Kehinde Wiley has not only scores to settle but also possibilities to explore.
Image of African Americans in historical and cultural narratives.
Takeaways from convo w/ Spike Lee, Kehinde Wiley, and Tatyana Fazlalizadeh at
The 10 best art shows coming in 2015 | …. Kehinde Wiley and Jacob Lawrence "Migratio…
Today in the Art World: MoMA to sell a Monet + Kehinde Wiley wins an award:
Kehinde Wiley to Receive the U.S. Department of State Medal of Arts -
In your mind what do you think is written on that paper?. "".
Burning bright: fresh take on the luminary: cc:
Kudos to Chris Rock for featuring works by Chris Ofili and Kehinde Wiley in his film 'Top Five.'
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
So dope "kehinde wiley paints women of haiti
Top Five's Andre Allen may not be real, but his art collection sure is. Nice suite of Ofili watercolors and a Kehinde Wiley!
Also, the doc shortlisted Kehinde Wiley profile & the devastating Our Curse from Poland
Two of my favorite artists, On Kawara and Kehinde Wiley, will have solo shows in NYC next year! Yesss. via
Still so in love with Kehinde Wiley's work. The patterns! The scale!
I was at this art thing once and someone asked me if I was Kehinde Wiley's assistant bcuz HOW ELSE WOULD I HAVE ACCESS TO THIS SPACE AMIRITE
Kehinde Wiley Studio What does the artist need to know or research in order to create an artwork lik
This documentary on painter Kehinde Wiley's giant, elaborate portraits of black women is amazing: vi…
Showing some love to my boy with this Kehinde Wiley inspired painting
In case you missed them, Medievalpoc posts on Kehinde Wiley:
DC- Saida Agostini reads "A Kehinde Wiley Portrait of the Improbable": via
CEO Jochen Zeitz at Kehinde Wiley exhibition in Cape Town -
When Melbourne artist Natasha Bieniek visited the inaugural Art Basel Hong Kong contemporary art fair in 2013, as an observer rather than a participant, seeing works by one of her heroes – American painter Kehinde Wiley – gave her quite the thrill. Fast forward 12 months and the 29-year-…
We caught up with Kehinde Wiley to talk art, art world, and being stylish
Photoset: museumuesum: Kehinde Wiley paintings from the series The World Stage: Jamaica, 2013 Prince...
Kehinde Wiley in group portrait exhibition with Pablo Picasso, Cindy Sherman, Chuck Close & more
when figurative painting returned with a vengeance, in particular via the works of Neo-Expressionist artists like Julian Schnabel and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Since, figurative painting has continued its resurgence, and its current forms feature a wide range of experimental forms, compositions and subjects. Examples include the art-historically informed portraits of Currin and Kehinde Wiley, the blurred memories of Gerhard Richter and Luc Tuymans, and the reduced figuration of Marcel Dzama, Dana Schutz, and Marlene Dumas.
Awesome day in San Fran with James. Went to China town, saw an awesome show by Kehinde Wiley at the Contemporary Jewish Museum, and had lunch with my dear friend Paige Tuhey. Now we're on the upper level of a double decker bullet train to San Jose. Wow.!
The only artist I'm watching right now is Kehinde Wiley.Having one of his paintings would make my LIFE.
Kehinde Wiley. Ya know just go look it up.
RTs are irt kehinde wiley's possibly problematic use of the renaissance workshop model of art-making --
They even let us make our own Kehinde Wiley self portraits...but I only had 20 minutes for mine...
It feels like cheating when you find out that Kehinde Wiley doesn't really paint his paintings but…
I was bummed when I learned because I like his work lots.
Kehinde Wiley getting his work made in China, actually
Belated - but here is ARC Magazine's article on Kehinde Wiley
Kehinde Wiley is an artist with pieces of hip hop attired characters striking heroic historical poses. We had a chat with him this week.
Kehinde Wiley really is a beast. Look him up.
Really impressed with how intelligent Kehinde Wiley is. Jesus.
I want a Kehinde Wiley, an Alice Walker & a Clemente. Please. And thank you. M*
SAM’s new Kehinde Wiley painting, “St. Anthony of Padua,” has taken our European galleries by storm!
Kehinde Wiley and co at Edna Manley School in Kingston last night. Yours truly second from right
missed Kehinde Wiley talk at the art school, kinda bummed
Kehinde Wiley gave a mesmeric, fantastic talk…he just spoke, with slides of his work and references playing in the background.
Art as the manipulation of coloured paste and hairy stick - Kehinde Wiley talk
Kehinde Wiley artist talk now on at Edna Manley College
GQ interviews Kehinde Wiley interviews Read more about it:
KINGSTON, JAMAICA: Please join me tonight at the EMC @ 6 PM!...
Kingston, Jamaica! Please join me tonight for my artist talk @ the EMC @ 6 pm!
Kehinde Wiley's talk will now be at 6pm at the Edna Manley College - due to flight delay!
Kehinde Wiley's talk at the art school Postponed to 6 pm...
Please be advised that the Kehide Wiley artist talk has been rescheduled for 6:00pm at the School of Dance Studio...
Kehinde Wiley ARTIST TALK at EMC tomorrow April 23, at 4:30 pm. The event is free and open to the public. Hosted alongside JAMPRO.
So do you realize that Kehinde Wiley's speaking tomorrow at the art school? 4.30 pm...
im no hipster but I prefer to enjoy the living...Kehinde Wiley and Hrank Willis Thomas are my favorite major ones right now
Artist Talk: Visiting International renown Artist at the School of Visual Arts in
SAVE THE DATE: On behalf of JAMPRO, International Artist Kehinde Wiley will have an artist talk TOMORROW- April...
Kehinde Wiley is giving a talk at the Edna Manley College of Art in Kingston, Jamaica, tomorrow, Apr 24, at 4.30 pm...
Photoset: howtobeterrell: gq: Kehinde Wiley: America’s Most Ambitious Artist At 36, he is already one of the...
It has been announced that internationally renown artist Kehinde Wiley will have an artist talk on April 23, at...
interested in what Kehinde Wiley's passover might sound like? c'mon
Listening to Who's Afraid of Post-Blackness and SO excited for all the artist interviews. Kara Walker, Kehinde Wiley, Glen Ligon, oh my!
A new exhibition opens at Phoenix Art Museum (featuring Kehinde Wiley (
Conversation with Kehinde Wiley and Phoenix Art Museum curator Sara Cochran on 02/20/13. Details:
"among his important discoveries were Cecily Brown, Dan Colen, and Kehinde Wiley."
I would love to meet Kehinde Wiley one day..
Great: Sean Kelly's turn towards artists like Kehinde Wiley and Terence Koh might be the sounds of the bells tolling
INTERVIEW: Kehinde Wiley: Paintings of a moment that never occurred
Never thought I'd be in front of a Kehinde Wiley piece...remarkable
Kehinde Wiley creates portraits of young men from the former French colonies in Africa- and exhibits in Paris
Kehinde Wiley - The World Stage: France 1880-1960: For his first solo exhibition in France, American painter Ke...
Kehinde Wiley has to do one of my album covers. And it has to be based on a Caravaggio painting.
Artist Kehinde Wiley's portraits are always very sough after, as well.
Had a great time in Miami at Art Basel yesterday. Run into Kehinde Wiley and many others. At the airport on my...
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Kehinde Wiley is is pretty awesome! I wish you luck on seducing somebody into going w/ or just take yourself out shucks!
Kehinde Wiley I think is his name. and maybe Rashad Araeen (?)
Got a Limo picking me up for the airport courtesy of Kehinde Wiley.
15 Works From Black Artists at Art Basel 2012: Check out pieces from Kehinde Wiley, Hank Willis Thomas and others on display at the M...
Artist Dáreece Jordan Walker May 17 Work in progress 85% done Emmett Till and Trayvon Martin Charcoal drawing| 35in. x 34in. This is a Charcoal drawing on torn corrugated paper(cardboard) Inspired by the story of two young men who were murdered decades apart from each-other but who both died after a visit to the corner store. My work is inspired by artists such as Kehinde Wiley and Whitfield Lovell — with Whitfield Lovell and Kehinde Wiley.
I first heard of Kehinde Wiley when visiting NYC's Jewish Museum. Now he's off to Paris. What do you think of his work?
I went to the opening in Paris, go check it out: Kehinde Wiley tackles Françafrique via
Kehinde Wiley's version is my fave of David's Napoleon
I first heard of Harlemnite, Kehinde Wiley years ago at the Cereal Art Gallery in Philadelphia. I was amused by...
I have to catch a Kehinde Wiley exhibit one day soon
Hanging with this Kehinde Wiley in the lobby before a shadow puppet show
Kehinde Wiley tackles Françafrique | Art and design | Perhaps it is simply through good tim...
I just posted Kehinde Wiley tackles Françafrique | Art and design | read it here:
Saturday morning quiz.Who is Kehinde Wiley? We've gonna give you 1 hour.and no 'fake rolex' gags please - tee hee
Kehinde Wiley tackles Françafrique: Beautiful, rich portraits but artist seems reluctant to do anything but skim...
My new review on Kehinde Wiley's Paris exhibit
Randerson Romualdo Cordeiro, 2008 Such a shame that I heard about Kehinde Wiley only recently.
In a few weeks I will be in Paris to install Cyrus Kabiru work at Perimeter and will be checking out Kehinde Wiley's work at Daniel Templon
Laura and I both recieved our M.S. degrees from Pratt Institute. It is a great educational school that emphasizes real world working teachers that are working in the top positions in their fields. They emphasize education more than facilities and doesn't have a football program. They just turn out the top professionals in archetecture, design, art, Library science, etc. A society is known by its culture. I'm glad they received this money. Pratt always gives some of that money back to its students in fellowships and scholarships, it uses money wisely for the education of future students. Lessons learnd by a top industrialist. It is one of the top 5 art schools in the country and we should apply their principles to our own. RECORD $1 MILLION RAISED AT ANNIVERSARY GALA The 125th Anniversary Gala honored the Pratt Family, Maximilian Josef Riedel, Julie Taymor, and Kehinde Wiley, raising $1,070,000. The same evening the Empire State Building glowed gold in tribute to Pratt!
Our Contemporary Art Day Auction on 14 November in New York will include a special series of works sold to benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation. The works are donated directly by artists George Condo, Cindy Sherman, Donald Baechler, Ross Bleckner, Dan Colen, Marlene Dumas, Elizabeth Peyton and Kehinde Wiley and will support grant-making initiatives in the Foundation’s 20th year.
Whoa! Kehinde Wiley just told me he was jailed in the Congo for a wk (!) b/c cops thought he was manipulating local elections
Kehinde Wiley is usually a shoe in for best dressed, but he has some serious competition at
Whoo! With Kehinde Wiley and Ezra Jack Keats on view, there will be plenty to see.
A Joan Miro painting priced at $8 million was among the flurry of big-ticket sales last night at FIAC as Paris’s biggest contemporary art fair faced the twin threat of local wealth taxes and an expanded Frieze in London.
All i want for my birthday is a Kehinde Wiley
sounds good I already planned on going anyway to see Kehinde Wiley's piece.
The school welcomed 500 guests to its annual gala at the Waldorf-Astoria Monday night, including honorees Julie Taymor and Kehinde Wiley.
"The hole conversation of my work has to do with power and who has it." Kehinde Wiley
Just filmed this last week! "Kehinde Wiley: Artist's modern twist to Old Masters' portraits"
“In Pratt there is a certain unity a certain grace that exists.”—Kehinde Wiley
"You see a certain grace at Pratt in the students," says honoree Kehinde Wiley at
Honoring Kehinde Wiley, “He captures the American experience. It’s really special”
. @ pratt institute presenting award to great american artist Kehinde Wiley. My honor
bycandance: On Top of The World, 2008 by Kehinde Wiley Oil on Canvas The museum I’ve curated in my mind, has …
Nice Kehinde Wiley. I love his work. You guys are on the same level; brilliant
Judith and Holofernes is from Wiley’s most recent body of work and his first series of paintings to feature female subjects. Wiley uses “street casting” to find his models—walking city streets and asking ordinary people if they would pose for a portrait. He met the model for this painting, Treisha L...
thought I'd just throw in the gangnam style vid into my ALVC blog to fill up the response to the question. Lecturer's comment: "I was impressed by your visual research-your PSY GANGNAM 'citation'was particularly insightful in terms of your discussion of pluralism and hiphop (enjoyed it!)" lol
Kehinde Wiley's work gets me. The sheer size&detail is something else. taught me.
What does a girl have to do to be Kehinde Wiley's muse?
I liked his Kehinde Wiley bedsheet though...
There's wallpaper art and there's art with wallpaper in it - I like Kehinde Wiley's art. It's not wallpaper.
Oh man Kehinde Wiley art IRL "Only in Pleasant Grove would a guy who looks like a thug trot down the road on a horse.."
Artist Kehinde Wiley wanted a space that was big enough to hold his mammoth canvases and… via
Interview with , the artist behind 's beautiful new album art.. ..
My idol *_*, funny enough my paintings were going this route before i even knew of him , now i do and my life shall never be the same
Great show at the Watts Towers Arts Center BAILA con Duende with Mark Bradford, Kehinde Wiley, Zeal Harris,Otterbridge
Kehinde Wiley's latest series is stunning
Yarnbombed Tree at the Dayton Art Institute. “Admiral of the Blue” a homage to Kehinde Wiley painting in the Museum.
Old Masters are so pre-19th century. Brilliant artist Kehinde Wiley gives traditional paintings a fresh new look...
I once knew this artist. He was an inspiration.
Kehinde Wiley! I saw some his work at a museum not too long ago! His piece, "Sleep" left me speechless!
You must see Kehinde Wiley's show it is incredible!
"Kehinde Wiley from Afar & Illegally", 2012, cellphone camera, by Chanelle Nicole Frazier
Avi painted by the famous Portrait Artist: Kehinde Wiley
Artist Kehinde Wiley going into Duane Read on Broadway in NYC. See photo:
you said you forgot the artists name in this post: it's Kehinde Wiley :) he's doing a womens series next
One day I'll own a Kehinde Wiley .. Until then these limited edition boards will do !!
Kehinde Wiley's "An Economy Of Grace" closed on Saturday. I went one last time and was still blown away. Here's...
AO Newslink: Kehinde Wiley discusses his new collection and artwork for Santigold’s album cover in an interview ...
Steve Cokely survives a coma. This video was shot by a courageous friend of Steve Cokely who had a premonition that he needed to track down Steve. When he fi...
That was a complex answer to my Kehinde Wiley question.
So New York has decided they don't like Kehinde Wiley now? I don't get it. Is it because he has a show at the Jewish Museum?
Kehinde Wiley, that's one amazing artist
Kehinde Wiley talks to Dazed and Confused on gender, identity, and colab with Santi White
Kehinde Wiley at the Jewish Museum via xx!
In the cultural tsunami of art news, a real triumph by Kehinde Wiley at The Jewish Museum.
Kehinde Wiley is one of the globe's biggest young art stars - but his current show in NYC does not convince everyone:
FLYASPORA: Kehinde Wiley's "An Economy Of Grace" closes today. I'm heading over to take one last look.
Three large portraits from Kehinde Wiley's "World Stage: Israel" series at
The 19th-c. cut paper and watercolor mizrahs and shivitis in the Kehinde Wiley show at are exquisite.
"...a story of a story of a story that attempts to approximate a lived moment." - Kehinde Wiley on his paintings in a video
Review of Wiley's paintings of women:
"An Economy of Grace" at Sean Kelly gallery offers a series of works that offer a new spin on an old formula — but it is still a formula.
I'm at Three Wise Men Greeting Entry Into Lagos by Kehinde Wiley at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
artist of the day goes to Kehinde Wiley
For his paintings Kehinde Wiley uses a team of assistants in China?!
Hooray for Ben Davis for calling out (some of) what's wrong with Kehinde Wiley's art
Is the white Kehinde Wiley? We see no better candidate. Guess a white guy must go through (cannibalize?) Richter 2 achieve Wileydom
actually yay, no sweat, I was comparing myself happily to Kehinde Wiley, not Richter
This LA street artist totally ripped off Kehinde Wiley's aesthetic lol BLANANTLY lol smh
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