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Keep Calm and Carry On was a propaganda poster produced by the British government in 1939 during the beginning of the Second World War, intended to raise the morale of the British public in the event of invasion.

Great Britain Grace Hall

Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD: Keep Calm Generator is a brand new Keep Calm and Carry On App for Android. You...
A shirt purchased for Marine veteran Mario Alejandro was deemed offensive and inappropriate by a Six Flags amusement park. The t-shirt’s message read “Keep Calm and Return Fire”, with a star-spangled M-16 rifle in the background.
An Iraq War veteran was allegedly denied entrance to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey because of his shirt that he claims supports Marines. Mario Alejandro says he received a shirt as a gift from his children that reads, “Keep Calm and Return Fire” and features a drawing of an M-26 assault ri…
Okay... In 2012 at Standard Bank Arena I literally Cried when Sang.. This Friday I will Keep Calm
Good Morning to all, I do pray that all is well. Tell the Lord the Thank You for this another day that was not promised to us, even if you feel kinda rough getting started or just not feeling good in your bodies, still give God the praise. HALLELUJIAH!!! Think about it... if it had not been for the Lord on our (your) side tell me something. Where would you be? LOST!!! Amen. So give God the praise and acknowledge Him in all that you do and He will direct your paths. Amen Word of the Day... "Keep Calm and Carry On" This message first appeared in Great Britain as World War II began in 1939. British officials printed it on posters designed to offset panic and discouragement during the war. When we are engaged in God's work and we encounter setbacks, we can calmly carry on because, like the Israelites, "We are the servants of the God of heaven and earth." Obstacles and delays may discourage us, but we can rest in Jesus' promise: "I will build my church, and all the powers of *** will not conquer it" M ...
When the fire alarm went off at Sheffield City Hall with the Keep Calm & Play Louder tour.
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Keep Calm and apply to Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) today!
Got 24/25 playing the Keep Calm and Go to the Movies quiz. Can you top that?
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Keep calm and the vampire diaries returns october
I like it! But any more suggestions? I thought 'keep calm and have a beer'
My mother in law Daquita really know how to make think & she keep me calm with her advice
all I saw was an Amsterdam and keep calm. But also I don't want to take one if you bought it for yourself.
Keep calm and eat whatever you want.
Keep calm and I hate your shirt and probably you
Little Giant Ladders
what did we talk about , keep calm !! Stop watching those videos !
Putin painted himself into the corner by placing on entitlements all these undemanded "show bus" to keep public calm. No way out.
Trying to keep calm for your follow
Just saw a dude with a "keep calm and eat bacon" shirt burn everything to the ground
The test was fine! School is fun as long as the teacher keep calm and be funny :D
I'm Salvadoran and we don't keep calm.
Xander swallows hard before he nods. Right. Right, of course. He has to keep himself calm. ...
what would I do without you... only person that can keep me calm. I love u so much ❤
Trying my best to keep calm but you're trying me rite now...
Keep calm, what others think about you is not important. What you think about yourself is everything.
its calm bro! Just keep doing you twos ting init! Nuff support and respect from me
And I'm really surprised there's a lot of women chivers considering they are always telling them to " Keep Calm "
good grief child!! Calm your hot, wild *** down and keep up with important things lol 😘
Oh man this is IMPORTANT! YEAH.. this is not a keep Calm moment!!
Sometime I try to hide my emotions and keep calm but I just look like an ***
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Fret not hello will publish the nudes. Keep calm. :D
Keep calm and don't lose your head. The Season 2 Premiere is just 2 months away!
sometimes the greatest ideas are born from boredom. is watching you. Stay calm and keep on
Hey r yew ready for ??? So keep calm & stay with us . We r back in a while with large numbers of ! Regards .
Congrats, Janelle Crystal Sikorski ! :) Would you like a Keep Calm, meme, or collage as your prize?
Keep Calm and purchase this Love shirts
Keep Calm and Spirit.. All will be beautiful in its time.. Good luck ALI AKBAR ALBASYAR..
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Tomorrow I'm going undercover at an Irish pub.would it be a give a way or just stupid if I wore my "Keep Calm and Pub On" shirt?
Another groovy image created by Patrick Cokley for this project--feel free to share! All of our images are available on our website on the right hand side of the page. Description: Image of a microphone used in radio broadcast. Waves of psychedelic colors emanating from the microphone. The text reads: Share you story. CHI. ATL. SF Bay. Disability Visibility Project: & StoryCorps invite you HELP PRESERVE DISABILITY HISTORY! Share your stories about the disability experience. Stories will be included in the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress in celebration of the 25th ANNIVERSARY of the AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT. For more information visit: In small print: Poster created by the Lead On Network for the Disability Visibility Project --Keep Calm and Lead On! © 2014
Created during WWII, not used for its original purpose, rediscovered in 2001; the history of 'Keep Calm & Carry On'
“Keep Calm and Carry On” conquered the world, but it was too mundane for World War II
If Abedi Pele thinks Jordan Ayew is far more talented and explosive than Andre, who am I to challenge. Keep Calm, Jordan will…
Keep Calm and remember Sue Barker is bringing us Wimbledon on Monday
Join us tomorrow at 6pm at the Temple Terrace Library as Bianca Burrows of Keep Calm & Eat Paleo offers practical...
Keep Calm, Be still Humble yourself under the MIGHTY HAND of GOD and Carry On. :^)
Study + Bisness + FIFA'14. 3 in 1 .. I can do it. Keep Calm n relax..
When an is silent for a long period of time, they're likely irritated and prefer to keep calm before they explode o…
Keep calm & play with your hair...some of the few phases my hair has seen in the past 8 years ^_^…
"..But it's up to your willpower to keep a calm head. I'll will kill your confidence early and hard, only to send one person to build it..."
can't keep calm because i'm gamer :D
I cant keep calm is coming to South Africa soo happpyyy!
I'm gonna keep my calm.. Off to sleep ig
I admire women who are able to keep it cool,calm and collected through it all..these women are rare..maybe they are one in 10 amongst us..
LOOOL, we need him focused at the goal post, you're going to be a distraction. Keep calm.
tbh you're really nice and you know how2cheer people up&calm them down Im glad I follow u cause u keep it real&speak the truth
Keep calm people... it's Friday 13th. Tread with caution :-) Galway Restaurants
I had them for a long time then it stopped. I had one like last week. It is scary. I try to keep calm but it's hard lol
GH Girls will start asking for their World Cup Gifts Soon.Keep Calm guys...
Honesty is the best policy,. except when your girlfriend. asks. you "baby, have I been getting. fat?". ->> keep calm :D
Keep Calm and Support Team Cameroon dp: Keep Calm and Support Team Cameroon fifa 2014 world cup bbm dp
So , brazil is over now. Keep calm and watch Spain playing tonight. ♥
Thankiess guys for watching beautiful host at today! :-) Keep Calm and Love Pica Priscilla!! ♡
Yall should keep calm and wait for Germany to win the
Guy wearing a 'keep calm & get the beers in' tshirt on the tram 😒 how about keep calm, remove the top & throw it in the nea…
Keep calm, greater things are yet to come.
Is stoning right bad?..cause i only keep calm and enjoy school when im high cz wen im not i bunk
Keep calm & support . New episodes will be aired very soon. In sha ALLAH :-)
We're back with another top tip to keep you calm in the run up to the big day.
"Keep calm and Stay positive. Good things will happen."
The mantra is to 'Keep Calm & Eat Jalebis' :D. Satiate your sweet tooth this Raja and savour some crispy, hot...
Keep calm, it's here, it's Whit Friday!
"Keep calm and love Girls ' Generation ! "
Tips: Choose wisely only ONE and keep calm down! http:/…
What they said: -"I think I am happier than I ever dreamt, to start with a victory in the World Cup such as this,The whole team deserves praise for being able to keep calm and turn things around."
Everyone trashing heat right now its cool keep calm heat fans remember they teams not in playoffs. We got this we will step it up Heat Dynasty
The official page for the Keep Calm-o-Matic:
"Keep Calm and Market On" is now one of our official trademarks.
Wristbands have shipped. Keep calm and stalk the mailman.
Hope everyone can make it out tonight to Dicksons Relay for Life! Stop by our booth and grab some buffalo chicken dip or apple slices with caramel. We will also be selling our "Keep Calm & Bite Back" tshirts. If you need a coozie for your cold drinks, we got you covered :-) All proceeds go to Relay for Life.
Keep Calm and Request a Song for Chloe and Me!. 10pm 'til 12 tonight!. Find us at Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar...
Keep Calm & use an inspirational quote that sort of thing?
It's a beautiful day for baseball here at Regency Furniture Stadium! Your Blue Crabs will take on the in game 2 of the 3 game set tonight! It's Veteran's Appreciation Night and the first 1,000 fans through the gates will receive a FREE Keep Calm and Crab On T-shirt all courtesy of SAIC! Get your tickets now by logging onto!
If we go to meet Sean Astin we are so wearing our "Keep Calm and Follow Gollum" shirt
My baby girl work up in the best mood!! She was smiling and giggling while I read her all of your posts that are on caring bridge and especially yours Nurse Caren Etling;) Today she has chemo and she asked if we could go to the mall and spend some of her gift cards she has gotten like American Girl and Build a Bear. Someone have us the idea to take a small piece of her hair and put it in a build a bear and that bear will be her cancer bear. She is so excited!! We absolutely love her short hair cut! Lily loves it so much she asked if she could cut her hair and donate it because it is long enough. So looks like I am doing another haircut this morning:) Last night was eventful when Lucee, our dog got wrapped up in Keira's IV and pulled it out of her port. Keira was so strong as Lily was crying and Keira just sat there and said "Sissy, I am ok!" I absolutely love that girl!! Please pray we don't have any instances today and we have a fun laid back weekend:) Love you all and remember Keep Calm and always be
In support of the local tourism industry, we urge you to 'Keep Calm and Visit Kenya' Kenya is still beautiful...
Hurry! This is a one-time print with only 7 days to buy! LIMITED EDITION "Keep Calm and let the INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY MANAGER Handle it"
Great day at the Chappaqua Farmers Market - - Israeli Breakfast Wraps and Falafel Wraps all gone. Tomorrow, we're at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation "Great Strides" walk at Lyndhurst Estate. If you can, join us for a great cause. Keep Calm & Eat Falafel
everything you've say it's pray, so Keep Calm stop nethink:)"Opo ? Ben :'(" : heh ngawur" Ya allah
There's so much about Muay Thai to get excited about. It starts from learning to start walking again. Moving again. In synch with your opponent - but in control. Tonight will be about capitalizing on your opponents broken rhythm and predictable movements. It's the great adjustment! Off the Jab & Cross! Keep Calm & Love Muay Thai at North Shore Muay Thai Academy! 6pm Beginner Muay Thai 7pm Mixed Level Muay Thai
Catch Dr Ellie Cannon,author of 'Keep Calm; the New Mum's Manual' & Radio 1 DJ Sara Cox at a special event at the JW3
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This past weekends winners of the free piercing or $20 off a tattoo is. Amanda Long And the winner of the Keep Calm and Get Inked is. David Collins C ONGRATS YOU GUYS!
We're already Giving The Best on this fantastic season. Credit to Brendan Rodgers who has CHANGE the squad! | Keep Calm & Love LIVERPOOL FC
Rishi Dhawan into the attack. 103 needed from 13 overs! . Keep Calm and chase this down.
Canary Wharf evacuation policy: Keep Calm and Shop in Waitrose.
Tues: 4/29/14: 12:20PM As I sat alone in my cubicle, pondering over typical things like how long I was going to live, and prospective job opportunities, I took a shy drag of my lukewarm brown break room water infused with expired powdered pumpkin spice creamer. At this point I was unaware of the dramatic turn my afternoon would take. As the watery pumpkin nectar calmly entered my muzzle a midst the most salient and productive parts of the day, my eyes bulged as I attempted to keep as much of the seemingly routine sip from invading the hole that was not my esophagus. Keep Calm. Before I could make a conscious decision of what to do, or even think, what happened next would quickly flip my mindset from negative to positive. As the murky pumpkin spice water casually dripped down my now coffee coated computer screen, cubicle wall behind it, keyboard, iphone, and paperwork, my subconscious mind forced my facade into a Grinch-esque smile as I looked at my mixed media masterpiece. Did anyone hear that? Typically ...
Keep Calm & Curry On - every Tuesday night in Lincolns bar - Chefs Curry, Naan, Rice and bottle of Cobra for only £9.95
Keep Calm. because. nothing. can bring you. peace. but yourself.
should 'Keep Calm and Eat Aam'. Otherwise, Giriraj Singh might send Swamy to now - given the WikiLeaks' leak.
And KSR has officially blown up. Keep Calm the Twins are Staying
Keep Calm and Beat Redondo.Big Bay League Meet today at Costa. Seniors honored at 2:15, first race at 3. Go Mustangs!
Keep Calm and call in the lawyers: The trademark row over famous wartime slogan
Perfect t-shirt for all Project Managers out there!Don't miss this one out, as it's a one-time print only!!!Made with original Keep Calm font!Grab it for $10 off (29.95 normally)Reserve yours today.You won't be charged unless we hit the goal!Save on shipping by getting 2 or more.Shipping for each ad…
Keep Calm and Carry On is a motivational poster produced by the British government in 1939, several months before the beginning of the Second World War, intended to raise the morale of the British public in the aftermath of widely predicted mass air attacks on major cities.[1][2] It had only limited…
Some bootlegs and mixes coming soon everybody, Keep Calm and Rave On 🎵
Although,we are not equal in religion,different skin colours and political views.But there is a magic called "FIFA World Cup 2014" that going to unite us again!!! Keep Calm and wait for it!!
I pray Dua for the peace of the Algerians today and may Allah guide them in the right path. Keep Calm of Love Algeria!
Keep Calm & Feed the Zombies!! Visit the hottest store in all Zombieland!
What a successful and entertaining opening ceremony for the 2014 London World Championships! Brilliant speeches by the Ambassador of Ireland in the UK, the president of An Commission, and the infamous Lord of the Dance. Let the competition officially begin, and remember "Keep Calm at Worlds 2014"!
I've entered to win a Keep Calm and Run Disney Water bottle!
To all of you people who are so against the whole "e-cig vaping" thing: First of all, I have multiple medical conditions which make me susceptible to infections and siezures and I haven't had any problems with mine. The ingredients found in most of the liquids (made in America) aren't "poison". The ingredients in them are Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, the Flavor, and Liquid Nicotine. The Nicotine can be harmful if ingested in large quantities but the amount in the juice isn't enough to "poison" you! This whole animal and children danger thing is really a no-brainer! Don't leave your juice somewhere where a child or animal could get to or consume the product! If you're stupid enough to leave it somewhere where they can, then it's no one's fault but your own! Stop blaming these e-cig companies and sellers for your stupidity! I feel sorry for the people at Purely Vapor for having to deal with the stupidity of some people! Rant Over!!! Keep Calm, and Vape On!
Keep Calm and Love Rithvik Dhanjani ;)... are you guys missing him on TV? :)
Keep Calm & Chive On Patio Party.. Announcement Coming SOON! and yes we are Gonna have the Beer on Special!!!
On Friday April 11th from 11:00-1:00 come out to DeKalb Regional Medical Center and support the March of Dimes as we "Keep Calm & Stick It!" (It being duck tape) to our CEO and CFO. We are duct taping them to the sign at the main entrance. Your donation is greatly appreciated! This event is sponsored by the Senior Care Unit.
Some People are *** Keep Calm because Bree Van de Kamp gets over it !
My Frat Bros just turned 100, and you expect me to Keep Calm? Happy 100 to the men of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. htt…
The day is here! Keep Calm and Keep Carrying On Fundraiser at Dundas West! In memory of David Churchill and helping…
Narcissist? Let's just calm down with the big words and keep this conversation about me.
D-394 | Waiting for you dear, we will meet again later! keep calm :* I will always beside you ^^
“Lord it's the last 45 mins of work please lemme keep calm !!! 🙌” 😂
I will never be amused by all of the renditions of "keep calm & carry on." They're all stupid. This trend needs to stop
yea but I would of not gone if you would of said something but just forget it
High slider..playing with fire Julio. Calm down and keep it down.
Keep calm I'm in the gym putting in this work
if the Ashley thing is true, Nathan's probably trying to keep things calm so they have a chance at getting their right…
All the Tomorrowland keep calm in a few months.
Time to listen to music to keep me calm~
In the words of Josh Hutcherson's UK shirt, "Keep calm and strive for nine."
Won't be as turnt as I was last night though, I'll try to keep calm.
plus didn't you go to Saturday school?
Just keep calm and keep up that momentum!
Nenehatunda cevirme keep calm and run
Nate every time I tell you to slide with me to hard rock you stay saying no.
I just keep calm and brush him off... he really wants to see the other side of me tf wrong with him
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
the pleasure was all mine! You guys were such troopers. Keep calm and carry on coding👍
Tomorrow's gonna be my first Open Waters in my life! This will be my guide! KEEP CALM AND JUST KEEP…
Can 2017 & 2016 keep calm y'all got 2 or 3 more years of school 😩😂 STFU.
Keep calm and la concha de tu madre all boys
All I want do is keep calm and dream:-) :-)
"Stoic Tricks to Keep Calm in Chaos." (realize u r how u spend your time and make deliberate choices)
Keep Calm and do the Co-Ale-ition Wild Weather pub crawl on Thursday evening this week.
Keep Calm and Fins Up Earrings Made with by HochePotBoutique via
Its a New Season with expectations the goal from Mets General Manager is to win 90 games. Mets Captain David Wright and Key Off season Acquisition Curtis Granderson lead the Mets on the field today against the Washington Nationals and phenom Bryce Harper. During the Off Season Curtis Granderson said that TRUE NEW YORKERS are METS Fans and Captain David Wright has said Mets fans are the Greatest fans in the World. Today's Scheduled starters are Stephen Strasburg for the Nationals and making his first ever career opening day start for the Mets Dillon Gee. Baseball is Finally back in Flushing. Keep Calm and Cheer on Lets go Mets!!!
We will and must go for the win coz that will definitely lift up the lads spirit higher when they continue the journey towards the end of the season... But to us all, knowing it's the recovering moment / period in the squad due to whatsoever we doesn't know in the dressing room and offices in Old Trafford, let's for one...not to mention any SACK MOYES or whatever other negativity and stick together as one for this one and only trophy we are left to fight and sad to say...we are the underdog to others now as they no longer fear us as before... Keep Calm...and Keep on the faith. GGMU!
Keep Calm and Keep Rowing!!! 5 REASONS TO KEEP ROWING Your New Years Resolutions may be fizzling out, we want you to keep on rowing; here are a few reasons why: 1. Row with the stars - Allow yourself the opportunity to row along with Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, in the Netflix Series,'House of Cards'. Can you better Spacey's best pace of 1:39 per 500m split time? Click here to see how to set the S4 monitor to split time. Other movies to row along to include Backwards, True Blue and The Skulls, just to name a few. 2. Rowing relaxes the mind and stimulates endorphins leading to a healthier well-being and extended longevity. Need proof? Check out this Boston area resident who just became a world champion indoor rower at the age of 96 (read this story) - Wow! 3. Anyone can row! Think you don't have what it takes to get on the rower regularly? Read this inspirational story of a Massachusetts resident, Brian Beek, and how be became a world champion after being paralyzed from the waist down in a motor vehicle ...
Keep Calm & Love Peeta Mellark... Even though he has a stupid name.
Keep Calm you have the Xfactor simon cowell gary barlow louis walsh sharon osbourne tv series swag…
Keep Calm and Enhance the Image csi miami las vegas new york crime detective drama tv series swa…
Word to the Bishops: Keep Calm, Marry on. via
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Ronda "Roundy" Rousey UFC Women's Bantamweight champion Keep Calm and CrisCyborg will get you!!
Phil Jackson going To New York., Thats my team now... Keep Calm like Phil. Maxine Welsh Daryl J. Dujon
Last year this time around, the equation was so simple that we needed to win one or two games to be champions. Ah, difference one year can make. But, keep the faith. Better always lies ahead. We all said, we'll give David Moyes two years atleast. He wont be making the same mistakes again. He has money to add now and will do it all to win because even his managerial career is at stake. Keep Calm and Believe. We are Manchester United and we are not a sinking ship. We'll Never die!
Keep Calm, Be a and enjoy the journey "Reekado Banks is quite ok...Don Jazzy will make sumtin of dat guy"
The guy next to me's cell phone, lock screen says "Keep Calm & Drink Bud Light." I dislike him so much.
Keep Calm and Chop On! Paul Murray rewrites FSU and ACC history with a 19.04 in the 50 free
Please drive very cautiously on your way to skiing at Boyne Mountain! Road conditions are slippery. Keep Calm and Ski On!
Keep Calm & Dean Ambrose has been United States Champion for 276 days
Keep Calm and Ceilidh on! Support the Cathedral Choirs Association by ... Dancing to music by Gillian Stewart and frinds Saturday 1 March from 7pm–10:30pm Jesmond United Reformed Church, NE2 3AE Tickets: minimum donation £5 (tea and cake at half time!) For information and tickets please contact Hannah Davidson e: music0191 232 1939
So when ProActive sent our finished design to Penn State Licensing, it was denied. We can not use "Keep Calm" at all if we want Penn State anywhere on the shirt... Now what? ProActive sent back a design that just doesn't have the Keep Calm saying on it. It has the Lions head on the front and Penn State Altoona Motorsports on the back. We can use that design or make a new one. However the decision needs to be made quick so we can get this done by the 24th.
Keep Calm, Carry On: West Brom Preview After a stressful deadline day, it's back to what matters as the Reds go to the Hawthorns to face West Brom Liverpool look to build on their thumping of rivals Everton and capitalize on Saturday's results as we face a trip to West Brom in the early match on Sunday. We should be in good spirits following our 3-0 victory against the Baggies earlier on this season, and the hosts are on the ropes, sitting just above the relegation zone. The results on Saturday only means that we should be even more motivated to get the win. Jon Flanagan made his full return against Everton in midweek, but was replaced by Martin Kelly late in the 2nd half, and there are talks that he sustained a minor injury in training today that will potentially keep him out of tomorrow's match. We'll hope that this is only a rumor, however, but if it isn't, this means that Martin Kelly might get his first start in the Premier League this season. For good news on the injury front, Joe Allen was in train ...
You never know how strong you are until Being strong, is the only choice you have ...Keep Calm and Fight…
Keep Calm and Be Sexy I'm hopeless romantic with a dirty mind Wanna play? *** these can't be real!!!
Aurora wishes to remind you to Keep Calm and love Robert Pattinson Forever. Please like their page for us. -- Falco Polaris
Fun fact of the day (from the 365 ways to Keep Calm and Carry On): "In 1939, as Britain prepared to enter WWII, government ministers turned their attention to the task of bolstering national morale. Two posters designed for that purpose made it onto walls and windows across the country by the time war was officially declared. A third was also created, reserved for a moment of greater need. That poster, representing a full 65 percent of those printed was to be used only in case the wrost happened; it would go into circulation only if the Nazi Army crossed the British Channel. With white type and a crown motif on a sold red background, it red 'KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON." The posters were never needed. Most of them, more than two million copies, were destroyed."
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
To kick off We're excited to be giving out our Keep Calm and Read On totebags and Downton Abbey Read Alike posters Booth
“Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.” ― Yves Saint-Laurent - 2014 Golden Globes fashion - Keep Calm & love fashion
Keep Calm and Act, Use your Brain and Control the System! [./ISD_Highlander]
Club Friendly. Orlando Pirates 2-8 Black Leopards. Senzo Meyiwa.was in goals. Keep Calm and laugh at Orlando Pierats.
Keep Calm cause Wayne Rooney's not going nowhere ...
Good morning! Join us today @ 1030 am for worship!! Today we begin our journey through the Book of Daniel. The series is titled, "Daniel: Keep Calm and Carry On!" Come join us as we seek God's wisdom in navigating this very different and difficult culture we find ourselves in today. Also join us this evening @ 6:30 pm for 6 time Christian Country Music Award winning artist Dennis Agajanian as he performs a free concert @ North Hills (119 West Main Street, Tremonton) Can't wait to see you all there, and God Bless you all!
Keep Calm and drink some booze because no great story ever started with someone drinking water!
Keep Calm and Stand with Phil Robertson (not A&E
Tomorrow Rafa will play for third place against Tsonga!I really cannot wait...Keep Calm and …
Kelly tells Amira Hashish, from the London Evening Standard, about Keep Calm & Carry On. 4th November 2009.
Tom Price and Paraburdoo now on Blue Alert for Cyclone Christine. Clean up and prepare now. Tip open until 1730. Keep Calm, keep safe.
If I had a time machine I would kill Hitler and stop World War Two so I could prevent all that "Keep Calm and Carry On" cr…
A Grande latte to beat the snoozing this cloudy morning. "Keep Calm & Be Brave" :) @ Menara Maybank
Doing our friends from Stolen Valor a solid and posting their new Keep Calm and BRRRT On shirt dedicated to the...
To my fellow bearded Brothers: Ken Scott Billy and Jayson KCBO... Keep Calm and Beard On!
Want to relax and support a great cause at the same time? Come to Grace Hall from 5-8 for the Keep Calm and Relax Anti-Human Trafficking Spa Night! (First come, first served!)
My birthday is in 10 days I cannot keep calm.
Busy welcoming December. Did you know today is 1st of Safar? . Keep calm and welcome Safar :)
You females be bopping on every *** wall know they gotta girl. Keep Calm Thirsty!!!
It is the time of the week again! tonight with only one : keep calm and pass to…
Cool like eddie vedder Or cool like me?? Ehhmm "Im calm.. And im cool like that“Keep calm and listen to hoho "
Last 24 Hours = 5 Followers and 2 Unfollowers get your stats at
Keep calm and find your Chuck Bass ;)
I was hoping trying to keep calm would help my anxiety attacks not start .
Jazmone or what ever need to keep calm always think she running sum
Let's KEEP CALM & remember that everything happens for a reason!
Keep Calm! “Anybody know the Heat x Pistons score?. Wait I found it. Pistons 54. Heat 43. 😈”
I'm tryna keep my calm... Boy I swear
Keep calm, because everything happens for a reason 😇
"my dear anne, keep calm and everythings gonna be alright! Think positive, GOD bless u sweetie!"
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Just heard some ratchet in the mall say "i wanna shirt that says keep calm and get laid"
Keep calm, and think possible synonyms! ^^
When you meet an inspiration of yours you try to keep calm. You just want to tell them how much they mean to you. Every word they say to you
I know your background is not " keep calm and love a raider girl". Nooo your PT scores were terrible at camp
keep calm, I'm talking about bad girls club.
"If Plan A doesn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters. . Keep calm."
Lend your two cents to some of them *** that's selling dreams..IJS ...How u gone give advice to some one else on how to get/keep a companion...yet u gotta goldfish keeping u company.I suggest if your bottomless n you know it..remain silent ..keep calm ..a crash dummy may be coming to a environment near u soon...A Otay!!! ..then mayb you'll have someone on your comprehension level to speak what's left of your mind to.That Is All.GNP
The things we do and say can leave a long lasting impression on those around us. We can choose to act or react on the dramatics of others or we can keep calm and stay focused. What is your focus right now? Is it on something negative or something positive.Every situation does not require an audience and every incident does not render an amen team. Let people act an *** on their own and if that statement right there offends you then you must consider yourself an ***
Okay every body keep calm Idris Elba is on my tv screen. Lol he is hot.
With the craziness of the holidays upon us, how do you find your Share your tips to keep calm during the parties and family drama.
I want everybody to keep calm and push on to 2014
Am frm New Orleans I can't keep calm
Got all out of character today but keep calm the cool calm and collected tynisha is back.
Keep Calm & Simply really love X-Factor USA contenders! Indeed, it's far far far better than UK Acts... Very Proud of this Filipino under Demi Lovato's Act, ELLONA SANTIAGO showcasing amazing Filipino Vocals & Performance... Mabuhay Philippines! How I wish she can sing my compositions I submitted for International Song Writing Contest to be held at Nashville, Tennessee...
If you haven't already fans, check out Keep Calm and Carry Guns page! Super nice friends of ours with a kickass page! They hate Obama more than we do.That's a lot of hate!lol. But seriously give them a look!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Hey guys!!! KING OF RACKS BBQ & BIG REDS PIZZA will be out This Thurs - Sunday on KENDALL & 107th. Stay tuned for more details... KEEP CALM & GET YOUR GRUB ON!!!
~ On the 4th Day of Christmas ~ Fall Into Vintage gifted to me...? A FREE GIFT with every order of $60 or more! We'll be unveiling the free gift to order as part of our expansion of the Keep Calm Collection! :) Keep Calm and Be Merry! Xx
I will like to say thank to everybody that care about me and giving me encouraging words and my phone call and text and the support iam still dealing with the death of my mother this is to hard for me now iam dealing with the death of the man that I have been dealing with every since the 10thgrade but this the time I rememder to keep calm because god wont put more on me than I can bear !
Nothings gonna be happen.Depending to our heart,keep calm n stay deep.Sometimes have a few lacks,but we always happy.right?
I swear I do things on purpose just to see peoples reactions.. Y'all kill me how y'all be carrying on but I got something for that ish keep calm !!! And wait on it
The latest text from Dane. This kid is cracking me up! "Keep calm and grow a beard -Sent from Textfree"
i just don't know anymore just trying to keep calm an patient an everyone telling you don't disrespect anyone i don't give af who you are i don't care if you my mom dad grandma or GOD himself you get my respect by earning it if you cant do that keep it moving dont stop to even look at me how i was raised was to give respect to my elders but in my life earning respect is the way i live anyone got a problem with that please let me know
This *** done got me heated. Im a keep calm until I c u. Believe It aint goin to b nice. Now u bout to c the real side of me.
F*** the bs I'm at a check n f*** these no good *** females that dnt wnt nun in life nor a good man Shid ask me they looking at one now but imma keep calm tho.a check up
After this last task I"ll be 8 graduate credits down.keep calm she might finish early󾍇
Allah will lead me tk the way ... keep calm and be grateful ...
Lalalalala!!..wait, whats that I hear?!?! Sleigh bells? NO! Batman mobile? NO! Planes? NO!! Contest time? YEAH MAN! Ok Glitter Critters!! Tonight special contest is..(drumroll please!)..SHARE THIS STATUS!!! Anyone who shares this status WILL have a 'Keep Calm' photo with a special shoutout to YOU!! Or, comment on this status if you would prefer to have a YouTube video shoutout!! SHARE!! Also, comment on this status when you've shared!! GOOO!!!
Everyone keep calm and do the Sturridge Dance.
Keep Calm and tipo assim Normal o resultado!
Hetep (Supreme Peace)  Eye know this post is sensitive, yet in the spirit of our ancestars as they say what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.  It is said our people suffer from a lack of what???  KNOWledge.  This is not here to created division yet to bridge a much needed gap.  You all know how Eye roll and if you don’t know the spoken word poetry is one of my god/goddess given flows. Eye was born this way. This is one of the many ways the ancients and ancestral spirits speak through me. Eye am 11:11.  In harmony with divine order synchronicity.  This is a spiritual ancestral freequency and innergy.  Please know what Eye am about to share is in divine love.  Spiritually we must return to being whole as we awaken from this amnesia.  In this ushering of Aquarius/Aquari “Us”, the ancestars have a different thing in store for us.  Eye have no hatred towards any of you.  This is divine balanced and harmonic Ma'at ancient Afrikan love and truth.  This is not reactionary.  This is a proact ...
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Slow and feel keep calm to jumping jumping time
Welcome admins!    Let's get down to business! You've come here in search of a promotion exchange and we have created this promo note to make things as easy as possible for you. We will still accept promotion requests on the wall and in our inbox, however in order to expedite the process we have created this note!    IMPORTANT INFORMATION:   Under 100 likes: Simply comment below with your information and we will happily share your new page. We were new once too! :) Best of luck with your new page!    Under 500 likes: Please post our promotion once you have posted your request on this note. It is greatly appreciated! :)    Over 500 likes: You must promote us first! The reason we require this is because many pages ask and then do not return the favor. We solemnly swear that we WILL do yours!   We will reply to your comment letting you know that your promotion has been posted. HOWEVER, comments of completed requests will be deleted after 24-48 hours to keep things from becoming cluttered.    P ...
Birmingham Airport 7pm and were still paving .Keep Calm ..Slipform
Dont worry Ladies. He will get his rhythm soon. Keep Calm & support JERIC
Take a look at this link from Keep Calm & Waste Time on Windows Phone 8
So I see alot of folks happy Philly beat Green Bay. I was shocked too, till I realized Aaron Rodgers aint play today. Keep Calm, they best player in the league wasn't playing.
Now we shift to Ted Thompson. Will a move be made or is it still, "Keep Calm and Carry on" with Senaca Wallace.
Congratulations Team Glenn Howard on winning the 2014 Masters Grand slam of curling! You guys Rock! Keep Calm and Curl On! So proud to have you curling out of our club!
Dear Kaizer Chiefs Supporter: No need to be childish. Keep Calm and Support Orlando Pirates.
Keep Calm. &. Love Anthony . Yeah...I think that's how it goes.
James Franco Smash a watermelon. Joe Hart Jump on someones back and ride them like a pony. Musacchio Find your inner duck. Keep Calm and Always Fight Call the number for the next infomercal you see and say YOU MAKE THE BEST APPLE PIE GRANDMA to them.
This account is only a FAN MADE. We post latest update about Daniel Padilla together with his love team Kathryn Bernardo. I really apologize for those unreplied messages. Keep Calm and Love Kathniel Please support
Keep Calm and Carry On (Motivational, Union Jack Flag) Art Poster Print: Find the biggest selection of product...
Keep Calm and get your shopping on with MNY Designs at the Junior League of Collin County’s 18th Annual ‘Neath...
Keep Calm and Hit a Bong Pot Marijuana Art Poster Print: Find the biggest selection of products from Posterser...
Order Miche Bag Online!
Daryl Dixon Fact! Just so you know... ツ. * Keep Calm and Always Carry a Crossbow.
Hate this 'Keep Calm' crap! Need a bit of Angry Indignation'. Red Cross food parcels for the poor indeed!
Keep Calm and Believe on Srini maama, he'll just swap Murali Vijay for Shikhar Dhawan
Team the stage Shannon Elizabeth Delves:. . Keep Calm and Believe in your Dreams! Less than 2 weeks until...
Got a 'Keep Calm and Run On' shirt at the Jesse Owens meet yesterday. 
Tempted to buy a "Keep Calm and Crush Candy" shirt and send it to Lauren Lopez.
Check out "KEEP CALM AND WAIT FOR EMRAAN HASHMI'S NEWS" from Keep Calm-o-matic at via
Keep Calm, register for a chance to win a t-shirt, and love P.S. Always rock HARD! http:/…
My boy is looking sharp; post-season ready. Keep Calm and believe in Matt Kemp.
Keep Calm and... Wrecking Ball stop to break my balls.
I ordered the Apocalyptour DVD and a "Keep Calm it's gonna be totally awesome" tshirt :D
Terrific little story behind Keep Calm and Carry On craze in case you missed it:
"Keep Calm and Block On" t-shirts proceeds to the Montreal Canadiens Children's Foundation on beha…
Keep Calm and Wait Until 21st September coz will be taking on Rajasthan Royals in 2013
A 'Story of Father and Son' Keep Calm and Carry On: A Brief Look at a Hong Kong Classic .
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Every time you wear a "Keep Calm and _ On" shirt, Winston Churchill rolls over in his grave.
It' be rude not to do another Tshirt giveaway this week RT&FOLLOW for your chance to a Keep Calm & Eat Chocolate TShir…
Keep calm and don't let anyone ever tell you that you can't achieve something.
Keep calm and Hold on Schools right around the corner
“Keep calm and replace salt with cocaine”
Keep calm and replace your cat's litter with pop rocks
Keep calm and stick ketchup packets under the toilet seat lid
Keep calm n love n n thank for them too! 😃
I can't keep calm I'm from NEW ORLEANS
Keep calm and put roofies in baby formula
people always have assumptions that I get mad a lot keep calm. not flexing you
Keep calm and put small legos all over someone's bedroom
Keep calm and replace salt with cocaine
Keep calm and rename your hard drive "dat *** , and regularly back dat *** up
Keep calm and put itching powder in your girlfriends bra
Keep calm and love kinematika gerak
To the dudes who think that if a girl likes ya pics she feeling you .. Keep calm I like everybody's…
You can't count your own blessings because your so busy counting mind 👐 keep calm what God has for me is FOR ME
Keep calm and read your stats. 10 new followers and 2 unfollowers. Daily stats via
I cant deal he always got the funnies like boy keep calm
Keep calm and replace cinnamon with chili powder
I am getting bed sheets that say "Keep Calm and Dream Of Richard Wisker"!
Keep Calm, White-All Stars have been "trending" since the days of Shaka Zulu.. Its Not recent, you're just a bit delayed.
Keep Calm & Chive On...ppfft! Must be nice. When I was a kid all I had was Alice, the maid from 'The Brady Bunch,' & h…
Keep Calm and pay extra for your Carry On-. Spirit Airlines
“Keep calm and enjoy eating Nutella Burger eW
Keep calm and forget the miles. Keep calm and forget the miles. Repeat.
Father keep calm and call me One Direction
Keep calm and listen to Macro Music
Yup!! Keep calm everything's gonna be fine!:))
Keep calm and be a belieber Justin Bieber
Keep calm and study . Trial tak lama lagi :X
All I see down my TL is karr this, karr that .. Thursday coming keep calm.
Keep calm and read your stats. 6 new followers and 8 unfollowers. Daily stats via
so you must just keep calm and enjoy Khabonina's poses
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