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Keenan Allen

Keenan Alexander Allen (born April 27, 1992) is an American football wide receiver and defensive back.

Jamaal Charles Jamal Charles Melvin Ingram Mike Evans Danny Woodhead Travis Benjamin Tyrell Williams Jordy Nelson Sammy Watkins Stevie Johnson Adrian Peterson Steve Smith Sr Allen Robinson Julian Edelman Josh Gordon Melvin Gordon

10 team . 15 man IDP .. Keenan Allen or the first round pick fifth overall who yeah got
Anyone want to lob me some offensive players to beat these chemistry solos? My best receiver is Keenan Allen lol
Suuure, trash even when healthy. Keenan Allen deserves a better team.
Tell me why Keenan Allen look like a bald J Cole in this picture with me
At a packed Allen University Keenan leading Gray Collegiate 40-37 with 4:42 left in the 3rdq
our number 1 Keenan Allen will trash diggs he's just been injured
Seems like all of Columbia is at Allen University for the Gray Collegiate vs Keenan HS matchup!!!.
Keenan Allen gonna be the Brandon Roy of the NFL
Remember when bill took Aaron Dobson instead of taking Keenan Allen 😩
His fumbles were poor as well. I do think Keenan Allen being back will help a lot, as will the emergence of Henry at TE.
is Keenan Allen a fair comparison for Cooper Kupp??
I'm in the hunt. . Notice the prize difference between 1st and 3rd? . Keenan Allen - can't believe this. https:/…
One spot to fill at WR Andre Johnson , Keenan Allen or Julio Jones
I've been sayin you like Keenan Allen! Lol
. Can the Steelers let Ladarius go and sign Keenan Allen from San Diego
. They need to cut him and sign Keenan Allen from San Diego
Im in a standard league, Keenan Allen or Jordy Nelson. Thxs in advance !!!
Alright, who's the first player to have a Hollywood scandal of any sort? I say Keenan Allen.
PPR league, can start up to 5 WRs, Bell owner desperately needs WRs. Trade Bell for Keenan Allen and Kenneth…
Chargers moving to LA, Hire Matt Patricia, overall pick, Bosa full camp in the offseason, Keenan Allen and Woodhead back, things lookin👆🏼
Michael Crabtree called Marcus Peters out and been erased from the game plan ever since, Keenan Allen next lmao
Nuk is DeAndre Hopkins, my horrible R1 pick. Tyrell Williams is the guy who filled Keenan Allen's boots. Ty Montgomery is ...
Yup. I draft WR heavy and took Hopkins, Jeffrey, Keenan Allen, and TY from the 10th spot in one league. Hindsight right?
My fantasy team this year has included Adrian Petersen, Keenan Allen, James Starks, CJ Prosise and Tevin Coleman.
Players I've lost this year in fantasy between 2 leagues. Keenan Allen, AJ Green, Abdullah, Gio, CJ Anderson, and Charles. Can it be over?
Rivers is going to have Keenan Allen, Tyrell Williams, Travis Benjamin, Hunter Henry, Danny Woodhead and Melvin Gordon next year. healthy.🙏🏽
Eric Decker and Keenan Allen ! Those 2 boosts are going to come in handy
when you draft Keenan Allen and Eric Decker as ur WRs that's what happens
I have still have three of the top 15 fantasy receivers (A. Brown, Larry Fitz & Cole Beasley) and I lost Sammy Watkins and Keenan Allen.
John Idzik drafted Jace Amaro over Allen Robinson, Brian Winters over Keenan Allen, Dee Milliner over Trufant & Rhodes, Pryor over Carr. Wow
6 weeks ago, my home league receiving corps was AJ Green, Keenan Allen, Sammy Watkins, Eric Decker, and Josh Gordon. Ah th…
Wow if this is true SD will have lost:. Keenan Allen. Danny Woodhead. Antonio Gates. Stevie Johnson. Manti Te'o. Branden…
and on top of that I lost Adrian Peterson and Keenan Allen to injury
I have lost Keenan Allen & Danny Woodhead for the year, Ameer Abdullah is on IR, and Doug Martin is out about a month.
So you’re telling me I lost both Ameer Abdullah, Danny Woodhead and Keenan Allen in the last 2 weeks? Need that revolver emoji back, dawg.
Good thing I drafted Keenan Allen and Ameer Abdullah in just about every league
out for season. Keenan Allen last week, Danny Woodhead this week. Killing us!
So who drafted Adrian Peterson, Keenan Allen, and Danny Woodhead?? Yep this guy!! Season over after week two.
Danny Woodhead, AP, Keenan Allen- my 2016 FF injured reserve so far 😩
I drafted Keenan Allen, Danny Woodhead, and Adrian Peterson. And Gronk and Jamaal Charles. Things could be going better.
So in the first two weeks of the NFL, I've lost Adrian Peterson, Danny Woodhead and Keenan Allen off my fantasy team.
When week 1 you had Adrian Peterson, Keenan Allen, and Danny Woodhead in your starting lineup 😭😭😭
Who on Earth is Tyrell Williams? Get to know the Chargers' replacement for Keenan Allen.
Who is Tyrell Williams? Get to know Chargers' replacement for Keenan Allen
Offered M. Floyd and Snead for TY Hilton (to the Keenan Allen owner)-offered Doug Martin for Mike Evans (to Charles, Rawls owner)
Chargers begin to move forward without Keenan Allen. Tyrell Williams: "It’s someone’s opportunity. Pick it up.”
lost Keenan Allen for the yr. Still have Julio, Larry Fitz, Mike Wallace, Steve Smith, Abdullah, & Ebron. Who to start?
wish i could blame you for drafting Keenan Allen, Sammy Watkins, Russ Wilson & Barnidge. But I can't...
Keenan Allen going down really ruined my weekend
I lose Keenan Allen and my week one 1 game
Mike McCoy confirms Chargers will run further testing on Keenan Allen. "There is speculation about a torn ACL."
Third year with Keenan Allen, third year with him being injured. Don't worry I will draft him again next year and believe in him.
You gotta feel bad for people like Keenan Allen
-- Keenan Allen makes Romo look like Cal Ripkin Jr...
Bruh I have Keenan Allen in 3 of my 4 leagues and I really have a chance to go 4-0 this week 😂🤘🏽
One line per injury? SI can do a lot better than this for coverage:
Keenan Allen really gone Im crying real tears smh
Roethlisberger's shoulder 'sore' after sack by Ben...
A very emotional Keenan Allen is being carted off the field in Kansas City.
Well... I won in 2/3 of my leagues this week. The Keenan Allen injury hurt me the most... time to drop him. 😧
lol.. David Johnson is beast.. & idk how Chiefs came back to beat Chargers. Sucked Keenan Allen got injured too.
Chargers HC Mike McCoy acknowledges there's "speculation" that WR Keenan Allen tore his ACL, but team wants to run furthe…
When you're a Chargers fan and have Keenan Allen in fantasy...
Chargers WR Keenan Allen carted off the field with what appears to be a knee injury
Antonio Gates on Keenan Allen: "He's the best receiver in the NFL. I expected him to play like that this year."
Keenan Allen went down with a seemingly serious knee injury against the
Keenan Allen wiping away tears as he gets carted off the field.
Keenan Allen is Rivers go-to guy. Losing him, Idk where our Offense stands. This is awful guys.
Really feel awful for Keenan Allen. Such an incredible talent with awful luck. Get better soon
this if you drafted Keenan Allen in Fantasy
Last years starting WRs: Keenan Allen, Malcom Floyd, and Stevie Johnson. 1 retired last year, 1 on the IR, and 1 believ…
I still can't get over Keenan Allen's injury. I'm heartbroken.
VIDEO: Get caught up on fantasy's top stories -- including replacements for Keenan Allen -- with
NFL Draft 2016: Second round pick-by-pick recap and scouting report on each player…
THIS JUST IN: Keenan Allen will not return after being carted off with a right knee injury in the 1st half.
Who should replace Keenan Allen and which RBs are surging?. ESPN's Mike Clay offers fill-ins for Keenan...
Nothing like drafting Keenan Allen two seasons in a row ***
General suffers 30 point loss and Keenan Allen lost for the season. Other than that, not a bad day.
Fantasy Football owners can replace Keenan Allen with these four receivers – Washington Post
.WR Keenan Allen carted off with apparent knee injury
Chargers WR Keenan Allen has been carted off the field in Kansas City.
Who to pick up after this Keenan Allen injury? So sad for him and lost him in one of my leagues too.
Keenan Allen was so good in that first half. Wait...wait...okay there. It just sunk in. THIS ***
Chargers WR Keenan Allen failed the Lachman Test & said he felt a "pop"...No doubt he tore his ACL unfortunately. http…
left without his favorite target. And potentially for the year. Best goes out to Keenan Allen. *** of a player, already was 6 catches 63
Chargers' Keenan Allen carted off with right knee injury - numberFire ☄ ⛱ $v ⏳℅
Tyrod, AP, Dez, Keenan Allen going forward. Pretty much ready to blow it all up
I really hope Keenan Allen didn't tear his ACL I really like him as a player
Alright seeing Keenan Allen cry just broke my heart
For a PPR league, do you like Forte or McCoy more? Also, do I go Moncrief, Crabtree, or Keenan Allen as WR2 and Flex?
I want to see Chris Harris vs Keenan Allen this yea
Keenan Allen is the "sleeper" you guys need to watch. He will be like 2% owned only viable threat
Just starting the Prime Time draft. Took Brandin Cooks and Keenan Allen at 1.11 and 2.2 Keenan Allen. Mike Evans went at 1.10.
I'm actually marinating it in a nice Leveon Bell sauce with a little Keenan Allen spice thrown in and a Lil lacy on top. 😎
hey Ray. In a dynasty league would you trade Keenan Allen, Ameer Abdullah, and zach Miller for Jordan reed and Julian Edelman?
Allen Robinson, Keenan Allen, Alshon Jeffery, Donte Moncrief, Marvin Jones, Ted Ginn Jr. Don't mind me just oogling over my WR corps here.
on the comeback if you can get some one like Keenan Allen then a shady McCoy or Jamal Charles at rb you'd be set up nice
at least Keenan Allen is exciting and Tyrell Williams could be fun?
thoughts on trading away Keenan Allen and Jamaal Charles for David Johnson and Josh Gordon?
Keenan Allen just juked Brandon Williams out the frame
how's my receiving core for a 12 man ppr? Julio, Keenan Allen, Golden Tate, Josh Gordon, and Victor Cruz
Keenan Allen was the pick before and then Brandin Cooks, Mike Evans and Jordy Nelson were next 3 picks. Risk abounds.
trade my Golden Tate and Moncrief for Keenan Allen? Dynasty 12tm 0.3ppr
When someone offers to give Keenan Allen for Jordan Matthews
Nice Ties announce they are keeping Mike Evans, Sammy Watkins and Keenan Allen (former SpOiler), as expected.
if we worry for awhile will he still be rated “overall” lower than Keenan Allen and Golden Tate?
W/ loss of Stevie Johnson for yr., Chargers could use Keenan Allen more in slot w/ Tyrell Williams outside or use Dontrell Inman in slot.
Between the 3 who would you prefer as a WR2 behind WR1 Antonio Brown , Mike Evans , Amari Cooper or Keenan Allen?
PFF's penned a piece for debating Keenan Allen vs, Mike Evans in fantasy this year:
Keenan Allen and Mike Evans are my WR1 and WR2. . Thoughts?
still, Mike Evans and Keenan Allen as your receiver core, I feel like there's just so many better combinations
Share my dream with the world. Rotoworld, y'all. Mike Evans vs. Keenan Allen. Thank every single one of you!
Keenan Allen is a guy Im getting in 4th round in 10 team leagues a lot. Could be the Brandon Marshall of '16
Mike Daniels, Reshad Jones, Keenan Allen, K.J. Wright, Desmond Trufant all on the list somewhere
Keenan Allen: America's next top model via
Love Kenny Lawler, but would put Keenan Allen in there.
Aj green not better than Keenan Allen? Jordy Nelson , Brandon Marshall , alshon Jeffrey ?
Small sample, but Keenan Allen has gone over 100 yards in 11-of-37 games (29.7%). More than Rice (25.1%), Moss (29.3), Ant…
Keenan Allen, Steve Johnson Willie Snead and even Jarvis Landry all excel in despite combine. Is Rashard Higgins next?
Keenan Allen might not be better then alshon Jeffrey 😒
Philip Rivers. 2nd in the league last year with Keenan Allen back, add Travis Benjamin, Gates and Henry.
have struck a 4-year deal with WR Keenan Allen to keep him in San Diego long term ⚡️
The Chargers have signed Keenan Allen to a four-year contract extension
Keenan Allen, San Diego Chargers agree to extension via
Which one of these wr will have the best year?. Jarvis Landry. Demaryius Thomas. Keenan Allen. Mike Evans
Thomas Rawls and Keenan Allen for Mike Evans and a 3rd round pick in this years rookie draft? What side you take
Keenan Allen (in yards) right before he got injured. Watch out NFL teams/fans, don't sleep on him this season!!! htt…
Y'all ain't got no one to cover Keenan Allen, Stevie Johnson, Travis Benjamin, or Gates or Woodhead 😂
Keenan Allen, Travis Benjamin and Stevie Johnson as the top 3 WRs on the bolts..lets get it!!!
Keenan Allen and Tyler Boyd are strangely similar on the profiler. How close are they really? Opportunity seems close, too?
Melvin Gordon, Keenan Allen, Corey Liuget and Antonio Gates among players not at voluntary workouts for Chargers...
Ken Whisenhunt: It's an important year for Keenan Allen | ProFootballTalk - NBC Sports
Ken Whisenhunt: Big year for 'focal point' Keenan Allen
Combo of: Sylvester Williams, Desmond Trufant, Keenan Allen is absolutely dominating. Not much love for current group; Hopkins isn't enough.
Bullish on Keenan Allen as Top 100 player. Here’s my No. 81-90, along w/
I drafted Kenbrell Thompkins and Zach Sudfeld in the second round of my 2013 rookie draft. Passed on Keenan Allen
Keenan Allen in 2nd rd?? Is that going to be normal or are you really high on him?
Was offered David Johnson and Keenan Allen for pick (Zeke Elliott) in a dynasty draft. Losing sleep over it. Thoughts?
We get Keenan Allen back, we got a couple linemen for rivers, a FB for Gordon, Joey Bosa as our DL, Jason Verret at CB(Best CB in NFL)
VIDEO; Keenan Allen, Jason Verett and fans react to Chargers' selection of Joey Bosa via
*looks at Chargers missing Keenan Allen and Saints missing Graham*
y'all going for the Greg Childs comp and sliding right past Keenan Allen, Josh Gordon and Larry Fitzgerald smh
Keenan Allen is gonna go bananas this year...
Keenan Allen and Doug Martin. I suspect both are already owned by the owner who values them most in each league.
Keenan Allen and Mark Ingram are your newest Certified Inserts and are available in the store now!
Does Tyler Boyd remind anyone else of Keenan Allen?
So promised myself I wouldn't post, but just made a trade, Jeffrey+1.13 for Keenan Allen. 💰->mouth. I have Keenan as WR6, willing to pay up.
Bennie Logan instead of Tyrann Mathieu and Keenan Allen...Logan is good but cmon man
he said we can trade 96 Winston 93 Torrey holt and 90 Keenan Allen for 98 dez and me being dumb went
yea there is no 93 Keenan Allen but ok
This guy just scammed me out of 93 holt and 93 Keenan Allen
Keenan Allen had 15 catches week 1 seesh
And who have the Chargers drafted and developed that have become good/elite? Keenan Allen (maybe?)..Melvin Ingram (?).
The Chargers let Vincent Jackson go, but waited until two years ago to draft a true WR1 in Keenan Allen.
Started the with Amari Cooper at 1.06 and Keenan Allen at 2.07
I expect him to have a Keenan Allen like impact.
It still cheeses me man if Keenan Allen had top end speed he would be a top 3 receiver no doubt
Jarvis Landry is a great value Keenan Allen tbh
There is a signed Tim Allen wrench for auction at the Gala. Stay tuned
flipped him, Mariota, Hyde and the 2.07 for Keenan Allen, Stafford and a 2017 1st
With Travis Benjamin joining the Chargers, who you taking first Keenan Allen or Travis Benjamin?
WRs: Keenan Allen, Travis Benjamin, Stevie Johnson, and Dontrelle Inman. That's not good enough???
more of a testament to the 2015 AZ offense. Keenan Allen does it as a option and Smokey does it as option
in 2015, John Brown went (65/1003/7) on 107 targets. Looks a heck of a lot like Keenan Allen’s rookie season (71/1046/8) on 104 targets.
I met Keenan Allen and didn't know who he was lol I suck 💀
San Diego Keenan Allen extension talks expected this offseason
I agree Keenan Allen is not good at
Brady always been a chef bro ha but we still got Dobson aka "the catch" maybe he can show us this year why we drafted him over Keenan Allen
Keenan Allen came into my work. That's chill.
Pure dynasty talking here. Would you give up dev freeman for keenan allen? if not what level WR would you accept for freeman?
I got Jason Verrett, Keenan Allen & Domo Genesis all to notice me. Lol I'm lit 🤘🏼😍
Great deep threat for Rivers, will help spread the field for Keenan Allen!!
Travis Benjamin would look pretty darn good across the field from Keenan Allen...just sayin 😏 ⚡️
Doing some research on Marvin Jones, that 2010 Cal offense had so much talent: Marvin Jones, Keenan Allen, Shane Vereen, Jeremy Ross.
If we actually get Travis Benjamin, that will add a great weapon to spread the field for Keenan Allen.
Reeeally. Takes on the Malcom Floyd "run down the field" role and can pair with Keenan Allen. Intriguing.
So having Dez, Antonio Brown, Keenan Allen, and ARob is good then? 😃
lmfao I was in the Byron hive when he played well vs Keenan Allen in week 1 of the preseason
I'M SELLING my Danny Woodhead,Philip Rivers and Keenan Allen jerseys its $50 or $70 size M
next big thing ofcourse , Seasons over. Time to start hyping up Keenan Allen and Melvin Gordon again😂
Leveon Bell // RG3 // Jarvis Landry // Keenan Allen // Doug Martin // Demaryius Thomas // all my new favs bc Calvin ain't bout it
Keenan Allen calling out Chargers fans makes as much sense as Vince Wilfork pushing to be a Jenny Craig spokesman.
Keenan Allen demanding fan loyalty for a lame duck season is interesting.
Keenan Allen, Melvin Ingram call for Chargers fans to sell out every game in 2016.
Keenan Allen and Melvin Ingram don't even know about "you can't run!" Their opinion is irrelevant
Sounds like Keenan Allen wanted to move to LA
Chargers fans in Keenan Allen mentions with all the excuses why they don't go to the games but they're supposedly real die hard fans lmao
Keenan Allen don't sound to happy about staying another season lol
Chargers players react to staying in San Diego - A few San Diego Chargers players reacted to the news that they...
Keenan Allen really blaming the fans of SD smh
Melvin Ingram and keenan Allen lost some respect in my book Never call out the fans. U guys went 4-12, play better. Fans been here 50 year
Keenan Allen wants nothing but Charger fans!. -Adrian
Is Keenan Allen joining ISIS or just competing with Weddle for the ugliest beard contest on the Chargers
Keenan Allen and Melvin Ingram is all I saw
"The stadium better be packed. The fans got what they wanted." - Keenan Allen. Keep dreaming
Is it just me or did Keenan Allen & Melvin Ingram just threaten their own fan base?
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Keenan Allen wants to be traded so bad lol
Charger fans really going off on Keenan Allen lol y'all got the worst fan base man .
Keenan Allen firing off about how we got what we wanted? How about you stop going to the club in DTSD and work on your game and win games?
Sounds like Keenan Allen really wanted to go to LA
Btw, Keenan Allen has been clueless for a while:
Keenan raider hat whining about other teams colors
Keenan Allen and Melvin Ingram have a lot to learn about fan relations. Every fan has been with the team longer than you.
I'm like 90% sure Keenan Allen is not happy about staying in SD
I'm a little more annoyed that Keenan Allen doesn't know that sellout is one word, but, you're right.
Dear Keenan Allen and Melvin Gordon, both of you should try showing up to all the games next year too
If you strike down Fabiani, Melvin Ingram and Keenan Allen will rise in his place.
Agree with Keenan Allen, but it's going to take a lot to heal the wounds of MANY fans.
Keenan Allen won't be putting up with your lack of cheering, San Diego.
Keenan Allen went off until he got injured and Melvin Gordon was huge bust. Their D did ok but too many got hurt.
Rarely do I mention top 25 guys as strong buys, but I am going to be actively pursuing Keenan Allen across my leagues.
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Imagine if the Chargers get Alshon Jeffery. Keenan Allen and Alshon Jeffery OH MY!
Eight games with Keenan Allen, Chargers offense No. 1 in NFL (423.3 yards/game). Eight games without, 24th (320.4):
You're telling me they could possibly have an offense of Rivers, Gurley, Gordon, Keenan Allen, Antonio Gates, Tavon Austin, & Jated Cook...
the only thing I'd want from the Chargers is Eric Weddle and Keenan Allen lol
So Henry is not Lacy/Richardson and Kenny Lawler is not Keenan Allen? ;)
maybe Texans can finally trade him for Keenan allen
somehow he managed to finish 2nd in passing yards with a trash *** line and no Keenan Allen/ Stevie Johnson LOL
Was a partially-torn PCL that he then re-injured in late September. Can be a tricky injury. Keenan Allen had the same injury.
they never had a chance. Keenan Allen is a top 5 wr tho
The Chargers 😂😂 they went down when Keenan Allen went down
Nice call on Keenan Allen WR that year
that's a fair offer. And I'm not a huge Keenan Allen fan compared to most.
Even when we pick so late we still pass up on good ones. We passed up on Keenan Allen in 2013.
if I post a card on mobile for 600k and someone buys they get a free 91 limited Keenan Allen on ps4
Off-Season moves for the Jags: Trade for Keenan Allen and Dwayne Allen to complete the receiving core. Boy would that be wild.
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Keenan Allen would of had a Crazy as season if he didn't get hurt
Keenan Allen had 15 receptions in week one, tying Pro Football Hall of Famer Kellen Winslow for the franchise's si…
is Keenan Allen worth keeping over Sammy Watkins?
Lol Keenan Allen got hella butthurt in my store the other day, we had nothing he wanted in his size
Wow, I love I just won this for free, Keenan allen football card
you were correctly all over Keenan Allen preseason and I argued against it with you. Just wanted to say great call.
Love Keenan Allen’s comparables. KA finished 6th in WR PPR scoring per G, will likely be undervalued in 2016 drafts
2013 Platinum Keenan Allen zac dysert and jonathan hankins
Keenan Allen is to the Chargers offense as to Julian Edelman is to the Patriots offense as to Jordy Nelson is to the Packers offense.
Last year Nuk Hopkins, Amari Cooper, Allen Robinson, Keenan Allen, and Sammy Watkins weren’t lighting things up like they are now.
AB, Julio, Hopkins, Marshall, Allen Robinson. If Keenan Allen and Josh Gordon were playing they'd be in there.
I lost Forsett, Keenan Allen, Steve Smith and J. Charles in one leauge and I still won. Can I get knighted for this?
Keenan Allen finished 6th in week 3 WR TDs with 2 TDs, tied with Steve Smith
Interesting pick-up by Rok Solid GM Keenan Allen. Surprised he didn't bring back Jordy Nelson as well.
No. Don't even talk about good fortune. I lost Leveon Bell and Keenan Allen for the year. This is just karma.
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Final 4 in Fantasy Football. And to think my roster could still have a healthy Arian Foster, Dion Lewis, Thomas Rawls, and Keenan Allen...
we do an auction which I hate. My team out of draft was Brady, AP, Abdullah, Evans, OBJ, Eifert, Walker, Keenan Allen
My dad is feeling the wrath of the Fantasy Football gods, Andrew Luck, Keenan Allen, Leveon Bell, Mark Ingram... poor guy...
I apologize to martellus Bennett, Keenan Allen,Andrew Luck,Julian Edelman, and Arian Foster for having yall on my fantasy team
yeah? Who you got at RB? I had Jamaal Charles and Dion Lewis.and Keenan Allen.
Lewis, Forsett, Bell, Foster, Bradshaw, Khiry Robinson, Steve Smith Sr., Keenan Allen were all on one of my tms.
Seriously now. Lost Jamal Charles lost Gronk and Keenan Allen... Worst luck ever in Fantasy Football
I even had Jamal Charles and Keenan Allen until they got places on IR😂
The NFL dry with out Keenan Allen , Arian Foster, Jamal Charles, & etc.
Jordy Nelson, Tony Romo, Jamal Charles, Keenan Allen, Julian Edelman, and now Gronk. So many great players with season ending injuries.
Jamal Charles, Keenan Allen, Steve Smith, and now Gronk. Yepp. If you're on my fantasy team, odds are you're probably gonna get hurt.
My fantasy team - Arian Foster, Keenan Allen, Jimmy Graham...on top of drafting fat Eddie Lacy
My fantasy team consisted of Tony Romo, Jamal Charles, Keenan Allen, Justin Forsett, and Jimmy Graham and I'm still in the playoffs.
"Fantasy team is 7-0! Got Big Ben, Jamaal Charles, Forte, Keenan Allen, Edelmann, Calvin, & Gates". -me before I lose out rest of season
Yes it is. Although owning a team of Jordy, Charles, and Keenan Allen this year ranks up there!
A guy in one of my leagues had Edelman, Keenan Allen, Jamaal Charles, and Eddie lacy this year. That's as unlucky as it gets right there
I was doing okay until Matt Forte, Keenan Allen, & Percy got hurt right before SEA bye week, (have Russ, Jimmy, DEF).
Jimmy Graham's complete ineffectiveness, Le'veon Bell, Keenan Allen, and now Julian Edelman...the curse continues...
There’s s no league in which Carlos Hyde was a W1 FA and few in which Keenan Allen was. So that’s moot.
Carlos Hyde was the top RB week one. He's been awful since. Keenan Allen, top WR week one, had 2 recs for 16 yards week 2.
I had Keenan Allen go out and was just offered Edelman in return for ingram. I have Doug Martin and chris johnson. Your thoughts
Andrew Luck plus all my injuries Jamaal Charles, Keenan Allen and Dion Lewis
Rishard Matthews or Golden Tate this week? Keenan Allen killing me ...
To sum up 2015 Chargers- Keenan Allen lacerates kidney on spectacular TD catch- to IR. Jason Verrett re-aggravates groin …
dink and dunk seems to be all the chargers have now that Floyd is out with a shoulder injury and Keenan Allen is on IR.
had to completely give up on a fantasy league when Keenan Allen, Dion Lewis, Le'veon Bell, and Calvin Johnson get hurt. RIP
With Chargers WR Keenan Allen out for the season, ESPN's Matthew Berry suggests some receivers who... -via App
I've lost a top player each week the past 4 weeks (Jamaal, Foster, Keenan Allen, now Lewis). Time to drop every Patriot from my team
This week in sports/sports entertainment, we lost Steve Smith, Keenan Allen, Lev Bell and now Seth Rollins...this is the worst week ever 😔
Chargers lean on an old, reliable receiver with Keenan Allen out
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The Raiders have now won back-to-back games again. Let's get you caught up around the rest of the AFC West.
Here is what Philip Rivers said to Keenan Allen after the wideout's season was ended:.
Melvin Ingram wearing number 13 to honor Keenan Allen.
I had Le'veon Bell, Keenan Allen, and Steve Smith Sr. All on multiple fantasies teams.. Praying for them and my fantasy this week
I have a Fantasy Football team that has Steve Smith Sr and Keenan Allen on it. Your argument is invalid.
Fantasy Football has been really sad for me. I Lose Arian Foster, Jamaal Charles & Keenan Allen in Both Leagues for the Year! 😔😔
Bruh this year is bad, Jamal Charles out for season, I traded Calvin Johnson for bell then he got hurt, Keenan Allen is gone
Forsett and Martavis Bryant for Allen Robinson. I'm in 2nd place and just lost Keenan Allen.
The trade was OBJ&Greg Olsen for Keenan Allen and Richard Rodgers
Dave in bye week misery and lost Keenan Allen. Any sleepers at WR? Waivers has been picked clean, any TEN WR's worth grabbing?
In just a little over 2 weeks I've lost: Jamaal Charles, Matt Forte, Keenan Allen, and Steve Smith...why do I bother playing FF
My "best" draft this season: Big Ben, Jamaal Charles, Foster, Keenan Allen, Steve Smith.
I know what you mean! I lost Jamaal Charles earlier in 1 league and then Keenan Allen and Forte this week in another
Shout out to my trashed fantasy draft which had Keenan Allen, Steve Smith, Jamaal Charles,and Tony Romo
I've lost Jamaal Charles and Keenan Allen this year 😒😒
Fantasy Football update: this season I've lost Keenan Allen, Jamaal Charles and Leveon Bell to IR.
Fantasy team injuries for me this year: Big Ben, Romo, Jamaal Charles, Keenan Allen. Is that good? 😊😊
So glad that I had Jamaal Charles, Arian Foster, Dez Bryant, Keenan Allen, and Steve Smith on my 2 fantasy teams.
It would be very unfortunate if someone drafted Jamaal Charles, Jordy Nelson, and Keenan Allen in fantasy before the season started...
Crazy day in the NFL. Whisenhunt and Pep Hamilton fired. Keenan Allen to IR, Jacoby jones released. Joe Thomas nearly traded. Kap benched.
So that makes Romo, Jamal Charles, and Keenan Allen all out for my team in my 1,000 buck fantasy league smh
is Steve Johnson a must grab guy now off waivers with Keenan Allen news? Thinking of dropping Ted ginn for him.
Keenan Allen injury sounds terrible... Could this lead to a Greg Jennings for a 6th rd pick trade!?
Keenan Allen and Steve Smith Sr. down and out 😞
It's official! Steve Smith Sr and Keenan Allen joined Jamaal Charles and Tony Romo in the Hall Of I Won't Win My Fantasy League this year!
Chargers' WR Keenan Allen underwent a kidney procedure – not a surgery – and could be out for season, per league sources.…
Tim Davoll discusses Drew Brees and Keenan Allen helping him lose in Diary of a Fantasy Virgin
Keenan Allen has made a zillion catches this season but none of them looked like THIS.
So if you are keeping track I basically traded Roddy White for Keenan Allen & Greg Olsen.
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