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Keegan Allen

Keegan Phillip Allen (born July 22, 1989) is an American actor currently playing Toby Cavanaugh on Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family.

James Franco Pretty Little Liars Tyler Blackburn Ian Harding Palo Alto Troian Bellisario Shay Mitchell Lucy Hale Sasha Pieterse Cameron Dallas Paul Wesley Nick Jonas

A fAlse trAil - mamagabusi: Before the season 5 finale Keegan Allen did a bunch of interviews claiming that...
Which famous person have you met or been close to? — Keegan Allen 😫💖
Keegan Allen turns me on like crazy ***
Looking at pictures of Keegan Allen is dangerous when I'm at work
if drew van acker, keegan allen, Ian Harding and Tyler Blackburn were all standing in front of me I wouldn't know which one to choose 😍
Can't wait for Keegan Allen's new romance to come out 💟
The relationship between Keegan Allen and Minin drives me insane, why I can't love and be loved like that
Keegan Allen is the love of my life and always will be. He's the only one who has my heart
I got so lucky to get the chance to meet Keegan Allen 😄💞 he's a great actor and so handsome
How many people does Keegan Allen know?? From the looks of his Insta he has links to everyone in Hollywood. How???
why didn't I know that keegan allen is in Palo Alto
8-1-15 the day my life was completed. I met keegan Phillip Allen.
I can't believe Keegan Allen was at the south hill mall and I missed it!😭😰😢
When your sister is meeting Keegan Allen rn...
Keegan Allen will be at during the Back To School Expo, Aug 8th, for autograph signings!
I love Shawn Mendes, Nick Jonas, Keegan Allen, (and Tyler) Cameron Dallas, Jamie Dornan and Nick Bateman! Man... Can't I just have them all?
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
And Ian Harding and Tyler Blackburn and Keegan Allen and Holly Marie Combs and Laura Leighton and Drew Van Hacker
Cody Simpson looks like Neil Patrick Harris and Keegan Allen mashed together in the worst way
I added a video to a playlist Keegan Allen- You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go (cover) by Bob
Keegan Allen & Tyler Blackburn when they both joined Pretty Little Liars (2010 & 2011) compared to now. Thankyou God. http:…
Repost Keegan Allen says EVERYONE from the cast knew who A is, yet Marlene says the…
My nominee for is Keegan Allen and Troian Bellissario
Check out Troian Bellisario and Keegan Allen Official SPOBY Tee at via
On page 24 of 320 of by Keegan Allen
My nominee for is Troian Bellisario and Keegan Allen 😍
My nominee for is Keegan Allen for Pretty Little Liars
Why does Keegan Allen's cat look like a pug?
Every time I watch an episode of pll I get more and more obsessed w/ Keegan Allen
// Anyone with the following FC's I will love. Nick Jonas. Ian Somerhalder. Paul Wesley. Ian Harding. Keegan Allen. Cody C…
I get really sad when Keegan Allen isn't in one of the PLL episodes
I just want to see what Michelle Keegan looked like at her wedding & then I'll cry for a bit because I don't look like her
we could prove that if Keegan Allen decided to not be a *** aw
Keegan Allen and Brett Dier are friendship goals tbh
Having keegan allen on snapchat is such a good thing ❤️❤️
without a doubt Keegan Phillip Allen can make my day go from worst to better in a minute makes me laugh so much ily
Meeting Keegan Allen was the best time of my life!!! Take me back ❤️ u
Casually made eye contact with Keegan Allen at tender greens in studio city. Hey
my mom was looking at my phone and it's all full of Keegan Allen pictures she thinks I have s problem😂
I cant wait to get my Keegan Allen photography book fresh from the US and its arriving this end of July ❤️ yaaay i love Keegan!!
Thomas looks like he could be related to Keegan allen
Literally just saw Keegan Allen again at sprinkles cupcakes I cannot
someone should get me an autographed life love beauty book by keegan allen and I'll love you 5ever😍😂
Just throwing out there that Troian Bellisario and keegan allen should get married.
quotecalendars: Behind the Hollywood sign, California by Keegan Allen …
Keegan Allen and Troian Bellisario are forever my goals
I really want to see Keegan Allen Cause it's Toby😍 but.when does anyone ever invite me to places?! This is a one time opportunity!!!
Hitting, volunteering, family party, movie party, or meet/great with Keegan Allen.all on the same day...And time...
Keegan Allen is coming to Texas ya'll! He will meet with fans on Saturday 5/16 from 2-5pm:
Guess I won't get to meet Keegan Allen tomorrow 😭😩 no ride.
Paula Abdul, Buzz Aldrin AND Keegan Allen?! So ready for to be here already.
remember that one time I met Keegan Allen
Signed editions of are now available for preorder at Get it b4 it's 💨http:…
Keegan Allen is coming to Texas tomorrow ya'll! Details:
"What do you get out of making people feel worthless?" - Keegan Allen
happy birthday to my favorite Lana del Ray, Keegan Allen loving fav!
Watching Keegan Allen's vines makes me wanna go back to watching PLL
Thinking about going on a Keegan Allen keek watch
Oh my god, Keegan Allen was in an episode of Big Time Rush in 2010! I'm using this against him one day.
I honestly don't think the writers even know who A is 😂 But ill persevere as long as Ian Harding and Keegan Allen stay in it 😍👍
Keegan Allen is ready for the holidays. | Pretty Little Liars
in all fairness Keegan Allen said we'd find out who A was, Marlena King said we'd see A in series 6 but I can't wait anymore!
Hi keegan allen am heather do love me like a great fan
(c) about it. Keegan Allen said you could go back and find all the clues (I'm assuming with Jason acting weird and such).
Keegan Allen was lying when he said "A will be obvious when you watch season 1" bc the twin theory didn't exist then😭☝️
Don't get why people find Keegan Allen hot?
so, that's what keegan allen said about Charles just doesn't make any sense at all. We have to know him.
keegan allen said its not about who A is but why he is A lol
but keegan allen said A is very obvious and literally you can go back and he is ALWAYS there
not just yet, keegan allen (who plays Toby) says in an interview you might be able to figure it out in season 3 so I'm tryin!
nah ima watch on Netflix, already spoiled on me by Keegan Allen so im gonna kill his family and bathe in their blood💀
Hey guys! Keegan Allen from the Liars of the Pretty Little is guest starring this week on Young and…
told myself I wasn't gonna find out who A is but I go on Keegan Allen's snapchat and there it is 🔫
can we get a Keegan Allen to be my best friend?
Keegan Allen just ruined it all for me😪, why would you put that on your story
Keegan Allen was right, Idc who A is, I just need to know why?!
Want a special clue about who 'A' is?! is helping tease a big hint! http:/…
I'm just mad that everyone kind of led us on. Keegan Allen said we'd be able to go back to season 1 & see it, Sasha said it
Pretty Little Liars star & our good friend, Keegan Allen is donating a lunch for 2 with him @ the Ivy to he Providence Hi…
Tyler Blackburn, Torrey DeVitto, Keegan Allen and Sasha Pieterse will be meeting fans in Rome (June 2015) at
right like Leslie who are you? Keegan Allen said its obvious who A Is in the pilot episode. So now I feel dumb
James Franco, Selena Gomez, Nat Wolff, Josh Hutcherson and Keegan Allen in one movie.
Keegan Allen and Tyler Blackburn are beautiful human beings
Keegan Allen from is at the Barnes & Noble in Union Square and there are so many screaming girls.
Pretty Little Liars’ Keegan Allen talks about his new book “Life.Love.Beauty” at the Union Square B&N tomorrow
Why does Keegan Allen never wear a shirt in his snapchat story??
Keegan loses by tech fall at 113, Allen loses by pin at 120, Batten wins by pin at 126, and Knox wins by decision at 132
when will wristbands start being distributed for Keegan Allen's book signing on the 10th of February?
Hendrix loses by pin at 106, Keegan wins by OT decision at 113, Allen wins by pin at 120, and Batten loses by pin at 126
Keegan Allen is beautiful to the fickin core both inside and outside 🌋💕 keeoone
Spencer and Toby spoby pll Pretty Little Liars
Cody Simpson and Keegan Allen have the same shaped face
Some guys just walked in to our restaurant and he looks like Keegan Allen. God is real
Hey guys I want followers, because I love Liam Payne and Keegan Allen shame because they their fans.
When Ian Harding, Tyler Blackburn and Keegan Allen appear wearing nothing but shorts, ohhh that's christmas to me 🎅👌
, if Tyler Blackburn didn't exist, would you rather date Keegan Allen, or Phil Lester?
I would literally lay on the floor crying...meeting Keegan Allen was hard...but meeting Julian Morris will be harder
Enjoyed the conference call interview this morning with handsome Keegan Allen from "Pretty Little Liars" on ABC Family! Holiday Special 12/9
James Franco and Keegan Allen at Lana Del Rey's show last night in Hollywood Forever Cemetery!
Photo: Keegan Allen, Tyler Blackburn, Shay Mitchell, and Lucy Hale at the Hollister House in Santa Monica,...
did you see James Franco or Keegan Allen?
Keegan Allen in this lifetime movie. 😍
sorry but why do people think Keegan Allen is so hot
Aw Keegan Allen is in the Lifetime movie that my moms watching.
This one dude on kitchen nightmares kind of looks like the lovechild of Derek Sanders and Keegan Allen.
Literally just saw a keegan Allen on the bus
I don't think I wanna have kids with Keegan Allen anymore
who should i put in my flex? Brandon Lafell, keenan allen, or antone smith?
I think Troian's been attending Keegan Allen's hand-acting class.
Excuse me while I soak in the fact that keEGAN ALLEN IS AT KIMBROS RIGHT NOW
I miss seeing Keegan Allen's beautiful face on my tv screen😭
let's take a moment to appreciate the fact that Ian Harding Lucy Hale and Keegan Allen are all Taylor Swift fans lol
keegan allen’s comment on taylor swift’s picture 10/14/14 & did he just refer Olivia to an IT grr
An article I wrote and photographed for about
Keegan Allen showing some of his funny side.
Omg there's a guy who looks like Keegan Allen in our Uni & now I know why does he look familiar!!
My love for Keegan Allen, is so unhealthy.
Pretty Little Liars fans, did ya'll know about this already? I knew Toby was artistic, but...
Guys can have *** as their wallpaper but I can't have shirtless Keegan Allen?
💭💭Meet Keegan Allen 💭💭 so I am watching dancing with the stars and Janel and Val are ser...
New Releases in Pop Culture. by Keegan Allen.
I freaking love Troian Bellisario and Keegan Allen With All My heart ❤️ featured in NBC s Science of Love
is KEEGAN ALLEN the hottest human being alive!
Masha Allah, Keegan Allen is such a dude 😩
Why is Tyler Blackburn listed as a main role and Keegan Allen is a supporting role ❓
seriously i have met Bella Thorne, Zendaya, Keegan Allen, Stefanie Scott, and now gonna be meeting this Blake Michael's like no thank you
May I have an Ian Harding with a side of Tyler Blackburn and covered in some Keegan Allen, please? Thank you.
...I just realized that you asked me to dance for your Instagram post at the Keegan Allen meetup. fml why did I say no😭
"Allen is a little more fleet of foot than you expect." Also: A real gym rat. Lives in the film room.
I made a 'Keegan edits' vine account if anyone wants to follow it:. 'Keegan Allen edits'
idk but keegan allen looks good in a police I right ladies😏😏?
Keegan Allen (AKA Toby from PLL) is coming to the Pittsburg mall tomorrow! IM SO EXCITED!
I just bought: '' by Keegan Allen via
Keegan Allen in a police uniform. Oh good god 😅
Let's go everyone vote for Keegan Allen on TCA ✌️
You just have to love Keegan Allen. He's such a kind and sweet person. I will definitely order his book on amazon!
Someone please take me to meet Keegan Allen tomorrow 🙏 I beg of you
Keegan Allen is officially my man crush everyday 🙏😍💘
Will Keegan Allen do meet and greets and what time is he coming ?
My friend came up with a title for your album. "Perfection aka Me" by Keegan Allen.
soo I just named his album, Perfection aka Me by Keegan Allen, it guts don't you think??
not liking it is never going to happen it's KEEGAN ALLEN
keegan allen's last Instagram video makes me uncomfortable. 😬
I'm revining Keegan Allen's entire vine page and I'm not sorry
I'm meeting Keegan Allen tomorrow so I'm kinda freaking out 😍
You're planning a nice dinner party but could only invite 3 people... — angelina jolie, keegan allen and Will.I.A.M
If you could paint anything what would you paint? — keegan allen
Keegan Allen playing piano is v attractive
"hey thanks Troian" Not only does Keegan Allen look fine af in that uniform, but there's also a Spoby moment 🙌
Keegan Allen dressed as a cop holy cow
I am seriously OBSESSED with Pretty Little Liars!! Keegan Allen is so super hot.
Keegan Allen is just 😍😍😍 I'm sorry omg I read your bio Nd I seen Keegan and almost died
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*** it. Toby cut his hair and he's a policeman. Just. Ugh *** it. HELLO CAN I HAVE A TOBY PLEASE? KEEGAN ALLEN IS FINE TOO
Keegan Allen. Nash Grier. Cameron Dallas. Harry Styles. Zayn Malik. Louis Tomlinson. Niall Horan. Liam Payne. ^ look at all the men i can't have ^
So I met Shay Mitchell, Tyler Blackburn, and Keegan Allen from Pretty Little Liars. Gotta love the Hollister House 😍
to wish Keegan Allen a happy birthday! 🎉
because what they told you was only what they could believe(by Keegan Allen)
Keegan Allen's version of born to die😍😍
Be sure to watch the Teen Choice. Awards, The lovely pair, Troian. Bellisario and Keegan Allen are. set to be presenters! On August 10. :O :-D
I liked a video PLL Couch Sesh With Keegan Allen and Janel Parrish | Cambio
Bella and keegan Allen are getting married tho
She wished to be a celebrity for a day and they brought her keegan Allen to help her out 💕😍💙
Today we had the pleasure of having and Keegan Allen in venue for lunch! It was a…
Chuck Grant and Keegan Allen are dating omfg
Check out Keegan Allen's post on Vine!. lol I love you guys so much… ❤😂
My love for Keegan Allen might not be on a par with my live for Orlando Bloom but it's still real okay
someone who looked like him ran past me once and I felt like jogging with him because Keegan Allen is hot and
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Troian sings Happy Birthday to Keegan and it's the CUTEST thing we've seen all day.
If you do not look like Keegan Allen then get away✋
Guys help me find a good Keegan Allen username
I love Keegan Allen in PLL he's so handsome even with his butt chin! Lol
keegan allen is the most beautiful person on Earth
Happy Birthday, Revisit our interview with the star here:
Finished watching ALL of Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell and Keegan Allen's keeks. They're hilarious!
Keegan Allen and Ian Harding mess around on set :
Forever just wishing that Keegan Allen would get a hair cut 😩
Keegan Allen is so hot like I can't even  ❤
yeahh think Keegan Allen put it up, it's soo col☺️👑
"Get that camera outa my face Keegan Allen before I head-BUTT it"
🎶"Get that camera out of my face Keegan Allen before I head butt it!"🎶
I wish I knew a Toby that was hot af and had the same personality as the one on the show. Or a Keegan like Keegan Allen. Either would work.
🎶 get that camera outta my face keegan allen before I head butt it 🎶
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Get that camera out of face keegan allen before I headBUTT it!!!
Keegan Allen is 6'6. And I only noticed when he stood next to 5'8 Tyler Blackburn
I keep forgetting I have a photo with Keegan Allen from PLL 😍
I have my signed picture of Keegan Allen on my bulletin board and I feel like hes watching my every move.
if you were to ask me who my true otp is it would be keegan allen & Troian Bellisario THE CAPTION
I love that this is what is in my explore tab. American horror story and Keegan Allen 😂❤️
someone tell Keegan Allen to cut his hair please
.is put to the test in the Challenge! See his lightning fast answers:
The cast of Pretty Little Liars are beyond beautiful. I am blown away by Keegan Allen
My crush on Keegan Allen has reached a new level after stalking his vine for only 5 minutes😍
Drew Van Acker , Keegan Allen ugh my ovaries can't handle!
Set de fotos: Against the Clock with Keegan Allen [X]
Thomas Muller seriously looks like Toby (Keegan Allen) from Pretty Little Liars
Keegan reveals which Liar makes him laugh the hardest:
Photoset: Keegan Allen How Troian and I start kissing scenes. Waiting for action. Thank god we cool or this...
Ray Allen hasn't change since his movie "He Got Game" back in '98
we were laughing at you not MEETIG Keegan Allen at the bluebird cafe
There is a guy in my grade who looks like Keegan Allen (Toby from PLL). Like.
Keegan Allen is so ugly why do people find him attractive
Keegan Allen & I will get married even if its only for a short period of time
Girl - Keegan Allen Is Ugly and so are Tyler , Ian , Drew, Cody , and the rest of the Pll Boys . . Me-
Treegan from their new vine part 2. Posted by Keegan Allen. .
Treegan from their new vine part 1. Posted by Keegan Allen. .
Keegan allen photo graphing the PLL cast
I remember that one time last summer Keegan Allen posted a picture and then wrote Shirtless Shirts underneath on Instagram
I love Keegan Allen. It's not my fault
after watching so much of PLL, I am now extremely fond of Keegan Allen 😍😘🙌
Idk but keegan allen isnt that good actor to be playing Toby, i wish theyd replace him
Ron Pope, Allen Stone, Sam Smith, John Legend. Pandora is doing work today and I ain't even mad.
star Keegan Allen reveals which Liar makes him laugh the hardest:
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Muller is an older German version of Keegan Allen pretty much.
bus boy I mentioned before looks like Keegan Allen
Just saw Keegan Allen. He caught me staring. It was pretty awkward.
Mikayla and Shayna's recent interview with Keegan Allen
. Troian sometimes she has me laughing so hard I can't do the scene
ohmygosh. I just realised! Andrew Garfield looks like Keegan Allen! ohmygosh wow
Join Shay Mitchell, Ian Harding, Lucy Hale, Keegan Allen, and Janel Parrish on set as they dish out Pretty Little Liars Season 3 hints!
Keegan Allen keeps it serious on the red carpet at the premiere of his new film Palo Alto held at Directors Guild Of America on Monday night (May 5) in Los Angeles. The 24-year-old actor was joined at the event by his co-star Zoe Levin, as well as Drake Bell. PHOTOS: Check out the latest [...]
Congrats to Keegan Allen, on his 5th season of "Pretty Little Liars" & now staring w/ James Franco in "Palo Alto."
James Franco knows how to take a selfie and make it blow up, and he taught "Pretty Little Liars" star Keegan Allen how to do just that. Last month, Allen saw Franco backstage after a performance of his "Of Mice and Men." The t...
Pretty Little Liars star Keegan Allen wasn't planning on taking a selfie in bed with James Franco...
Director Gia Coppola shoots the young, hot cast of Palo Alto for our May issue. Starring Emma Roberts, James Franco, Keegan Allen and more:
James Franco and Keegan Allen: Shirtless in Bed for Some Reason! -
James Franco has taken his bromance with actor Keegan Allen to the next level, by taking a series of sexy bed selfies. The pair snapped the photos after Ke
James Franco in bed with a man - that man is the beautiful Keegan Allen,
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James Franco has been snuggling up to his new BFF Keegan Allen for a 'bed selfie'.
James Franco poses shirtless with Keegan Allen for sexy 'bed selfie' via would LV hanging with James
Do James Franco and Keegan Allen have something to tell us?
James Franco took a selfie with Keegan Allen in bed, wow I'm extremely jealous of both
Shirtless, James Franco poses in bed with Keegan Allen
What do you get when you get Keegan Allen and James Franco in a pic together... Half shirtless??? OVERLOAD OF HOTNESS!!!
that looks like James Franco and Keegan Allen
Hannah saw James Franco and Keegan Allen tonight on a scale of 1-10 guess how much I want to punch her
Just to let everyone know I'm under the covers in the picture of Keegan Allen and James Franco
Um but James Francos bed selfie with Keegan Allen. I cannot. The feels. 🙌
I liked a video Keegan Allen and Caroline "Chuck" Grant By
First I saw Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy, then Keegan Allen aka Toby PLL. This day has been simply amazing😁😊
In case you didn't know, Keegan Allen is dating Lana's sister Chuck - so that's how he knows Lana!
Had a dream I met Keegan Allen, waking up has never sucked so much
One day in the near future, i will wake up, turn onto my side and kiss the love of my life keegan allen good morning.😂
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I'm so in love with keegan allen oh my god
That fun time when I got to meet Keegan Allen from and he's awesome!:)
“Sit in silence feel the world around you” I Love you Keegan Allen. You are so inspiring and gorgeous. 😍😩💘💕
“I'll be happy af when I get out of here”
In case you couldn't tell, I'm obsessed with Keegan Allen
The fourth season of the American mystery drama television series Pretty Little Liars continues from where it left off in the third season finale, where the girls were rescued from the burning building by who they believe is Alison. The girls begin looking for answers that could lead to Alison’s whereabouts while dealing with the aftermath of Detective Wilden’s murder and “A” intervening in their personal lives. It introduces new characters to the story, including Detective Gabriel Holbrook and Lieutenant Linda Tanner, played by Sean Faris and Roma Maffia, who are brought in to investigate the deaths of Detective Wilden and Detective Reynolds. The first half of the fourth season focuses on the aftermath of Detective Darren Wilden’s murder. Being last seen with Wilden before his murder, Ashley (Laura Leighton) is made a prime suspect and arrested. The girls work to find out who A is in hopes of finding Wilden’s murderer. Meanwhile, Hanna (Ashley Benson) deals with her mother’s arrest and tria ...
that one moment when i get to finally call keegan allen my husband or people call me Mrs.Allen
Keegan Allen is so cool tbh he's my imaginary bestie 😂💁❤
0:Height: 5,8 1:Virgin: yes 2:Shoe size: 7 3:Do you smoke: no 4:Do you drink: no 5:Do you take drugs: no 6:Age you get mistaken for: 18 7:Have tattoos: no 8:Want any tattoos: yes 9:Got any piercings: yes 10:Want any piercings: yes 11:Best friend:Jacob 12:Relationship status: taken 13:Biggest turn ons: makes me laugh 14:Biggest turn offs: Makes me feel horrible 15:Favorite movie: About last night 16:I’ll love you if: ur nice 17:Someone you miss: Jacob 18:Most traumatic experience: idk 19:A fact about your personality: crazy 20:What I hate most about myself: My legs 21:What I love most about myself: how strong I am 22:What I want to be when I get older: teacher 23:My relationship with my sibling(s): ok 24:My relationship with my parent(s): ok 25:My idea of a perfect date: watching a movie 26:My biggest pet peeves: grinding teeth 27:A description of the girl/boy I like: Tall sweet, funny, kind, loving 28:A description of the person I dislike the most: Tall, and mean 29:A reason I’ve lied to a friend: I s ...
Why is the most intense play in New York this season. My talk with
Why is Keegan Allen not in the Palo Alto trailer?
Send me pics of Keegan and his family for the "We're here for the Allen family" collage that we're trending next sunday!
Keegan Allen grows his hair out for a GREAT cause-- See his new look!
Photoset: make me choose: honourinrevenge asked me sebastian stan or keegan allen?
My obsession with Keegan Allen has gone too far
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65 days for the new Pretty Little Liars! Here's the sexy Keegan Allen
“Spencer (Troian Bellisario) is going to find herself caught between Toby (Keegan Allen) and Wren (Julian …
listening to keegan sing & crying bc he's so amazing, oh my 😍😍 - Keegan Allen covering 'Born To Die':
Can't wait for Palo Alto to be released, even more so now that I know Keegan Allen's in it
Just saw Keegan Allen's twin in Target and I almost had a heart attack.
Set de fotos: sluttyspencer: keegan allen + keek I love this face, no matter how long his hair is. Perfect...
Keegan Allen is most definitely the one
Can't wait to watch my PLL and see the handsome Keegan Allen and Ian Harding
If you were going to be stuck on an island with three... — Keegan Allen, Paul Wesley and as i can't choose betwe...
Ian Harding and Lucy Hale called Keegan Allen during their USTREAM. Here is a clip of the phone call! Credit goes to for sending the video ...
Keegan Allen watching his shirtless Toby scenes
I used to love PPL but the lines are so cheesy and stupid so is the plot. now I only watch for Keegan Allen
Can't wait for the OTH convention with PLL Keegan Allen has said he's going to be there
Keegan Allen isn't attractive. I don't get it
Why does Keegan Allen remind me of Cody
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Started drawing would honestly make my life if he actually liked it 😁
lool Keegan Allen did break my heart. Turns out he has a girlfriend
:( you should come on more and KEEGAN ALLEN IS GONNA BE THERE 🙌
I don't really like Keegan Allen anymore. I think he's changed.
Keegan Allen wished Kurt Cobain a happy birthday wow I didn't know he could be more attractive
Apparently I look like the actor Keegan Allen? Can someone confirm this?
I have an idea.Let's make a WWT for Keegan.Who's w/ me?Let's trend "We love Keegan Allen" tomorrow,8pm UK time.RT if you'll help
Keegan Allen likes "To kill a mockingbird" characters. I have that book, aww !
Allen Brown's story update on Please help keegan come home
Fotoset: Keegan Allen wants you to take a stand against bullying by wearing orange on Wednesday, October 9...
Can we get a Keegan Allen and can I love him up
I liked a video Keegan Allen Singing Jugband Blues by Pink Floyd (Audio Only)
I'm just re watching the pll episode and why does it say . " guest starring,Keegan Allen"? .
I want to go up to bed but maeve won't stop stalking Keegan Allen
Cody Simpson looks like Keegan Allen a lot. Is it just me or
Graduations at 3:30 so technically we'll still be at school?
I really hope Keegan Allen is in these last four episodes of PLL
Where would you wish to wake up tomorrow? — In Keegan Allen's arms of course. Or somewhere far from here.
It's actually not funny how much I love Keegan Allen 😩
Keegan allen is not cute at all, hot body but that's all
C'mon we are on season four of this show they can stop listing Keegan Allen's name under guest stars
Coincidentally, “betrayal” is also a word I associate with last night’s episode from a fan’s perspective. I mean, Ian confirmed to that Ezra was “A” after last year’s summer finale, and now he’s just… not? This is Toby (Keegan Allen) all over again, and while I actually enjoyed Toby’s twist as a plot device, this retcon schtick is getting a little old.
And Keegan Allen shall appear in my dream. Sepatutnya
People makin fun of my bae Keegan Allen in social studies.hes gorgeous
Now we're talking about Keegan Allen, me and this cat could totally be best friends 🙌
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