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Keanu Reeves

Keanu Charles Reeves (born September 2, 1964) is a Canadian film actor.

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Keanu Reeves, who seems to be doing his best impression of Edgar Allen Poe doing a bad Keanu Reeves impression - on BAD BATCH
Keanu Reeves hits the red carpet for - see more star spotting here >>
If series 2 of gods gets made then as well as Ian McShane and Peter Stormare it needs Keanu Reeves.
Updated list of people my grandpa hates: the weatherman, Keanu Reeves, Rick Scott. Wonder who's next?
"You're not having a good night, are you, John?" Keanu Reeves and come face to face in
If you could have lunch with 5 people dead or alive who… — Janice de Belen, Keanu Reeves, Brendan Fraser, Dean Cai…
I thought was an alright film, but I didn't love it. I do like Keanu Reeves, he has …
81. Celebrities that can get it from me any time: Benicio Del Toro, Keanu Reeves, Sydney Poitier, Lucy Liu, Chino Moreno, & Eddie Vedder idc
just cant get enough of seeing Robert Sean Leonard and Keanu Reeves in the same film. 🤩
Things I would rather watch than these Finals:. •paint dry. •water boil. •any movie starring Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves, Jim Carrey, and Jason Momoa are starring in a post-apocalyptic cannibal love story. YEP THAT'S RIGHT.
Knock Knock is such a garbage movie. I'm so disappointed in Keanu Reeves and Eli Roth rn.
Went to a press screening of Bad Batch. How does one get Jim Carrey, Momoa, Giovanni Ribisi, Keanu Reeves to do an art house film together?
Jason Mamoa, Jim Carrey, Keanu Reeves, and Giovanni Ribisi in a dystopian cannibal film. I don't see how it could b…
"White Palace." Keanu Reeves in "Something's Gotta Give." (Oh had I been Diane Keaton in that movie) Richard Gere, Andy Garcia (Okay,
I just really wish guardian angels were real and that mine was Keanu Reeves, that's all.
How does Keanu Reeves & meat smoking come up in an interview with Jed Lowrie of the
Everytime I see this I think about Keanu Reeves' character in The Day The Earth Stood Still & think Kendrick is say…
Life is good when Keanu Reeves, Gard Hollinger and Jay Leno are part of your ride.
Keanu Reeves can only play two roles. Stoics and Robots. So, John Wick and Matrix. Other than that he was horrible
Would you say that Keanu Reeves is a good actor?
Yeah, Keanu Reeves was awesome in that - wait, whaddya mean it wasn't the movie?!
The new one or the original with Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves? How you answer could change my opinion of you.
Thank you jim bird Me and Keanu Reeves
That image looks oddly like Keanu Reeves.
Disqualified due to get married on Monday. :| Has Keanu Reeves really never done an Australian accent in a row and now I’m really thirsty.
Keanu Reeves movie "Siberia" filming in small Manitoba community (via
Would Keanu Reeves be a top or a bottom
Imagine how completely insane it would be if Hitler had Keanu Reeves' accent from Bill and Ted.
Do you think actors know when they're in a bad movie?. When they say their lines to Keanu Reeves are they thinking, "this is going to suck"?
I actually didnt start to like Keanu Reeves as an actor until John Wick. He's really improved with age.
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Just watched John Wick with the bois, Keanu Reeves no prisoners
Thanks! Marlene McCoy. omg met my bf Keanu Reeves.
Please come out and see the play! I trained with Keanu Reeves to ensure my acting was spectacular. Come check it ou…
AND a reference to the Keanu Reeves "Day the Earth Stood Still"? Bold move, Kendrick
Keanu Reeves has really let himself go
There are four Keanu Reeves movies on television right now. . Guess which ones.
So awesome Keanu Reeves in filming a movie!!
CONFIRMED: josh will officially be replacing keanu reeves in playing ted in the new "bill & ted's excellent adventures 3"…
Matrix in Manitoba? Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves turning heads in our province as he films new movie
Manitoba town of Marquette standing in for Siberia in new Keanu Reeves movie
The Kendrick Lamar - DNA music video w/ Don Cheadle was inspired by the film "The Day The Earth Stood Still" star…
Melissa Johnston: I just met Keanu Reeves in person randomly on the street and he was so nice…
I love Will Smiths work. He’s a phenomenal actor but I’m truly glad Keanu Reeves got the role in The Matrix instead.
Keanu Reeves to recur on Peter Stormare-starring sitcom
Keanu Reeves on TV in a series called Swedish *** Private Detectives with Peter Stormare is *almost* enough to make me want TV again
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Kathryn Bigelow on the set of Point Break with Keanu Reeves, Patrick Swayze, Lori Petty
Keanu Reeves is the Dan Dakich of acting
Someone needs to invent a time machine to send Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter back in time to save George Carlin.
Yes this whole thing is because Keanu Reeves doesn't age and now Alex Winter looks like his dad.
Smith stars in fan-made 'The Matrix' trailer - CNET Move over, Keanu Reeves. A reimagined trailer for "T…
I wish when I took off my shirt people gave me a Keanu Reeves in the Matrix "Whoa" but instead I get an angry Joe Pesci…
Pit bull Love by Keanu Reeves took a break to walk a Pitty on the set of John Wick 2
Today I decided not to style my hair, go natural and I got; Keanu Reeves, Peter Brady, and John Bender. Idk how I feel about this.
During my teens/20s I spoke "stoner", but I sounded more like Keanu Reeves as Ted Logan. English kid I imagine as Christopher Robin.
Charlize Theron said Keanu Reeves was training in same place & they would spar. Can you imagine? Also teasing Atomic Wick c…
…if we want to get a little Keanu Reeves v Charlize Theron v Dan Stevens
Old friends and new foes. Keanu Reeves, Ian McShane, Laurence Fishburne, and star in
Keanu Reeves: "I'm 52". Whoopi Goldberg "Really ? I was thinking you were in your 30's"
I just want someone to love me like Willem Defoe loves Keanu Reeves in John Wick
Me- I can tell the diff between John Cusack and Keanu Reeves. I feel like you didn't know because you were all Sookie is mine
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In case you missed it: Keanu Reeves has a fantastic idea for John Wick 3. You gotta read this @ So Geekin Awesome…
Keanu Reeves should be Nightwing. I don't care if he's older than Ben Affleck. He's immortal.
While at a Gregory Porter concert I realized Keanu Reeves and Lawrence Fishburne are both in "The Matrix" and "John…
New Jerry Cantrell Song - Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrel has a song in the new Keanu Reeves movie John...
Keanu Reeves greatest movie was Point Break with Patrick Swayze
But like. A John Wick/Dredd Crossover. Like Demolition Man but with Karl Urban and Keanu Reeves.
Keanu Reeves I am not sad Keanu anymore.flv
Keanu Reeves expressed a willingness to do another Matrix movie: "That’d be weird, but why not?"
"Bigger, better and bloodier” Keanu Reeves is back in In cinemas NOW. https…
Keanu Reeves does action while being dressed in fashionable clothing. The films en route to emulating
Why Keanu Reeves Is Such an Unusual (and Great) Action Star yup everything she said
Jason Momoa e Keanu Reeves - the actor in mezzo a cannibali in The Bad Batch
"If you can't meditate, then maybe a thick skin would be good." - Keanu Reeves
If anyone has not seen Knock Knock, I highly recommend it. It's not that good, but it's so fun and Keanu Reeves is Keanu Reeves.
John Wick is an action packed movie which is also a sobering warning about what happens when someone kills Keanu Reeves’ puppy.…
Dear Keanu Reeves, please make John Wick movies until the end of time, thank you, sincerely James. Ps, are you a wizard…
Keanu Reeves FINALLY speaks out on The Matrix 4 plans and it’s great news for fans
While promoting Keanu Reeves was asked if he was interested in appearing in another movie!
star Keanu Reeves hits hard, according to
Keanu Reeves wants to go back to The Matrix
found theses stunning pictures of Keanu reeves
Thx dollz87:The ultimate bae and Keanu Reeves. Here's my throwback to meeting him 8 years ago .
Proof: Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock rode this bus to the polls in Goffstown so they could vote for Hillary
Thx With out in cinemas now, we spoke to Keanu Reeves about what it's like being a total badass https:/…
We counted up all the times Keanu Reeves has played a character named ‘John’ for our video tribute to the actor: https…
Treated my pet owl to a movie marathon: a pair of Keanu Reeves action films, followed by Face/Off and Hard Boiled. Two Wick…
Keanu Reeves is still open to Matrix 4, under some conditions
Especially when that person is as awesome as Keanu Reeves!
ET Obsessions: Keanu Reeves, 'You Me Her,' Jason Jones on 'The Detour' and 'Game of Thrones' Live
Why does old Noctis look so much like Keanu Reeves??
Keanu Reeves addresses willingness to return to 'The Matrix'
. I want him back as Neo, i love John Wick.
The plot of John Wick 3 should be Keanu Reeves getting revenge on everyone who snubbed Merrick Garland
Dang i would say Keanu Reeves and Andrew McCarthy but it's haraam to have two husbands so nah
The wife said that Keanu Reeves finally looks like he is ageing. Only three years between him and Lawrence Fishburne.
Watch what happens when Keanu Reeves is asked what "vajazzle” is
I love the thought of Matt being a mini Luke, does that make me George Clooney or Keanu Reeves?
Just a reminder that John Wick 2 is perfection and Keanu Reeves is an immortal vampire.
Do you like movies, Keanu Reeves, and David Klein? Well then I’ve got a podcast for you.
i'm editing a John Wick-related interview that begins with a discussion of "the elegant and regal posture of Keanu Reeves." 👍👍👍
has Whoopi Goldberg, Keanu Reeves, Denzel and Jamie Dornan. but we have crystal swing 😕
"BAH GAWD! IT'S SHANE FALCO!" - probably. (Movie is The Replacements with Keanu Reeves)
A friendly reminder that Keanu Reeves is also John Wick in real life
I liked a video Jimmy Fallon is a big River Phoenix fan ft. Keanu Reeves & more
TY The LAD Bible. Get your questions in to the man, the myth, the legend:Keanu Reeves aka John Wick: Chapter 2. 9:30.
Whoopi Goldberg scars Keanu Reeves and us for life!
Keanu Reeves, Whoopi Goldberg and Denzel Washington ?? this is some line up.
Whoopi Goldberg is really called Karen. Keanu Reeves is 52!!.
On the Show tonight... Whoopi Goldberg, Keanu Reeves, Jamie Dornan and Denzel Washington with music from Rag'n'…
Keanu Reeves talks with about his new movie, John Wick: Chapter 2 in this Harkins Behind the Screens!
Here's a pic of and with Keanu Reeves. Does this mean a John Wick CHAPTER 2 spoiler special is in…
I'm honestly more excited to see John Wick 2... Keanu Reeves is so *** smooth 😏💕
John Wick 2 was Keanu Reeves' best sequel. A tour de force of violence and intrigue as it explored the assassin culture. Can't wait for more
Thanks! Carrie Ann Inaba. Today, got to be in New York with my Fiancé. and interview Keanu Reeves .
Highlight of John Wick 2 premiere: Gary Busey (in audience) shouting "Hey, Utah!" to greet Keanu Reeves. I don't get sta…
Arm yourself for action. Keanu Reeves returns in In cinemas February 17, with previews on Valentine's Day. http…
Keanu Reeves and Judd Apatow did standup with jokes written by kids via
Keanu Reeves, Judd Apatow and Jimmy Fallon performed stand-up jokes written by kids. 😂
Keanu Reeves taking a page out of your book .
Keanu Reeves, Judd Apatow and Jimmy perform stand-up jokes elementary school kids submitted to The Tonight Show.
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They need to make a new matrix movie .
Jimmy Fallon, Keanu Reeves, and Judd Apatow did standup written by kids. So. Many. Knock Knocks.…
Quick on the trigger. joins Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne in
“The simple act of paying attention can take you a long way.” - Keanu Reeves.
How well does Keanu Reeves know his own films? The star plays w/
Day brightener: Jimmy, Keanu Reeves, and tell jokes submitted by kids
Cdns get to see Super Bowl U.S. ads but Bell is fuming; Our big game recipes; Groundhog scoop; Keanu Reeves speaks https:…
See Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne reunite in - Hitting theaters February 10.
Parting words from one of the best leaders I had in the Army and Keanu Reeves lol "Pain heals, chicks dig scars, and glor…
has mastered the art of scruffy hotness: would you hug it?: Here are some photos of hot Keanu Reeves o…
Alice Cooper used to babysit for Keanu Reeves... people, this is the best thing i heard today.
Posted by: MusicNewsWeb Keanu Reeves: 'Alice Cooper - I’m told - babysat me'
Keanu Reeves had a very weird job in high school
Someone asked Keanu Reeves if he thinks pineapple belongs on pizza – this was his response ❓🍕😂
Reunited...and it hurts so good. See Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne in - In theaters February 10. https:…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Choose your teammates wisely. Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne and Ian McShane star in February 17, previews on…
Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne reunited at the US premiere of In UK cinemas February 17, with previews on…
Keanu Reeves' first acting gig was perfect for improv and pratfalls
Keanu Reeves and Robert Downey Jr. in single frame. Its too much to except
Jimmy surprises Keanu Reeves with footage from one of his first on-screen gigs
It’s game time for Wick. Keanu Reeves is back in - In theaters February 10.
sad news for Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter if they are
Keanu Reeves, and the cast stopped by lounge yesterday. more:
As a fan of Keanu Reeves & Gong Yoo, I'm quite sad to know that you excessively compare them when clearly they're not on the same level
your Tarrick is essentially Keanu Reeves in every movie he's ever been in, especially Ted Theodore Logan
You had RDJ, Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder, and Woody Harrelson. Did we forget about this movie?.
Keanu Reeves turned down the role of Chris to tread the boards in Winnipeg playing Hamlet for the mi….
Let me'll star Leo DeCaprio, Keanu Reeves, and Matt Damon...
Otaku *** were surely Keanu Reeves in John Wick: Chapter 2 but I sexually enter my dampened ***
Keanu Reeves shoots people in the head with a touch of class in this new ‘John Wick’ supercut:…
Anyone else questioning why Keanu Reeves just did the intro for this game? 😂
I'm a sucker for Keanu Reeves, Matt Damon, and Tom Cruise.😍 Great actors and they're sexy af.
Keanu Reeves was Ted Theodore Logan, and Alex Winter was Bill S. Preston, Esquire...and together they were Wyld Stallyons!
"I feel like Keanu Reeves and Chris Isaak would be friends, just based on sadness."
Hollywood better before Obama: Will Smith, Matt Damon,Keanu Reeves,Patel,the male stars. Have a secret crush on a star?
Keanu Reeves hosts the network television premiere of John Wick on tomorrow 8:15pm/7:15c. A limited commerc…
I'm now watching an awesome action film with Keanu Reeves! John Wick is incredible, can't wait for sequel!
Sarah: Keanu Reeves played superman. Me: no Sarah it was Christopher Reeves
Lil sis: Kurt Cobain was the best superman. . Me: You mean Keanu Reeves?. Bro: You mean CHRISTOPHER Reeves??
Today my boy told me that Danny De Vito is iconic but Keanu Reeves is not.
Keanu Reeves will be starring in 'Cannonball Run in China road movie' Rally Car. It'll feature locations in the…
Didn't realize Michael B Jordan was in the Keanu Reeves classic Hardball. Seriously sad moment in that movie
Keanu Reeves by 1987 Michael O'Brien not new but good quality
Please don't tell me to "slow my roll." My father was killed by dice that were rigged to explode if Keanu Reeves rolled them…
Keanu Reeves, Jason Statham got inspired from this. No fx. .
When the people you love are gone, you're alone. ~Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves' whole career has been based on Judge Reinhold playing Fred Savage in Vice Versa.
I propose Hollywood remake "It's a Wonderful Life." Keanu Reeves can be George Bailey. Sandra Bullock can play his wife. Am I wrong?
OMG, that's funny. Or Diane Keaton giving up Keanu Reeves for Jack Nicholson... Please.
The not-so-well reviewed Passengers once starred Keanu Reeves and Reese Witherspoon
I added a video to a playlist Keanu Reeves and Kevin Gibson club scene Jackson Dinky Style
Brian Banks, Central Park 5, Ched Evens, Derek Rose & Keanu Reeves would highly disagree with that lol smh
Watching Dracula, Keanu Reeves and Winona Rider must be the most wooden actors alive. Oul Vlad may watch he doesn't get a splinter
I have changed opinion. Most accurate Dracula portrayal is Gary Oldman (and Keanu Reeves) but my favourite is Christopher Lee.
I just changed m profile pic to an avatar of Keanu Reeves from his movie "A Scanner Darkly."
A movie I've been wanting to watch again with Keanu Reeves that I ain't seen in a long time is a scanner darkly
Films with Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Aniston, Keanu Reeves, Elizabeth Olsen, and to debut at
so boring. White guy that's a *** goes to Asia to learn powers. Didn't we already do this w/Tom Cruise or Keanu Reeves?
Watching the movie Speed- Keanu Reeves to Sandra Bullock- "University of Arizona, good football team." Tonight they were!
Thanks Curtis Cash! Riding with Keanu Reeves today, and having dinner!
Rightfully indignant trans people will be helpfully Keanu Reeves in John Wick: Chapter 2 then I write a Chick tract about them.
Thanks! 大叮当. Here is a little preview of Keanu Reeves's John Wick 2 reported from Montreal
Yeah...we're thinking he's back. An exclusive look at John Wick Chapter 2 – including a chat with Keanu Reeves: https:/…
ISIS members will be damned Keanu Reeves in John Wick: Chapter 2 for I succ another Game Theory spinoff channel.
Chris Evans & Keanu Reeves weapons training for their roles as cops in the 2008 film Street Kings.
Sick Beard: Download Finished: American Dad! - 13x05 - Stan Smith as Keanu Reeves as Stanny Utah in Point Breakers
The man. The myth. The legend. Keanu Reeves & Laurence Fishburne reunite in
Do you think that when Laurence Fishburne and Keanu Reeves get together they exchange Matrix catchphrases? I like to imagine so 🙄
1994 The totally bodacious Keanu Reeves gave new life to the EastEnders theme tune whilst out promoting his new film,…
To unnerve and shame Trump, Hil should bring gentle, empathetic public figures to the debate, like Jewel or Keanu Reeves.
i need some type of device to remember the name of the 1995 cyberpunk action thriller starring Keanu Reeves as a data courier named Johnny
The Accountant looks like Ben Affleck trying to do his best Keanu Reeves impression.
Ben Affleck is my new Keanu Reeves. He is always squinting.
Keanu Reeves is extremely proficient with firearms IRL
day3: Matt Damon, Guillermo Del Toro, Ron Perlman, Keanu Reeves, the cast of the new Power Rangers and the cast of The Walking Dead
Keanu Reeves returns as John Wick in this newly dropped teaser trailer for Just a couple of seconds to...
The trailer for John Wick 2 looks absolutely phenomenal, it just reassures my theory that Keanu Reeves is an immortal Go…
Just saw Matt Damon! Super excited to see Keanu Reeves and Common next!
...George Cooney was in Gravity with Sandra Bullock who was in Speed with Keanu Reeves
Just nabbed my ticket for screening of THE BAD BATCH w/ Jason Mamoa, Keanu Reeves. 🎶I'm so excited🎶
Next up is the post-apocalyptic, cannibal, love story starring Jason Momoa, Keanu Reeves, and Jim Carrey. So excited for The Bad Batch.
Pray with us for director and actor Keanu Reeves on the Media Leader Prayer Calendar today
I hate Keanu Reeves. I think he's a punk.
First official teaser poster for John Wick: Chapter 2 starring Keanu Reeves! Yes! Hope this means the trailer is coming v…
I guess I'd get in a combat situation with Will Smith, Keanu Reeves, Michael Jai White, Paul Walker and.🤔...?... Matt Damon.
Totally agree! I liked so much Keanu Reeves' interpretation but Matt's is even better!
Audiences WANT POC roles to be played by POC people. Matt Damon and Keanu Reeves should not ever be in feudal china???
You have Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, & Carrie-Anne Moss. All together that fits the movie like a puzzle.
PS By "better cast" I didn't mean Christopher Lambert, who is, of course, much, much, much times better than Keanu Reeves.
Happy birthday to Keanu Reeves, seen here on a sad non-birthday.
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I had a dream that Keanu Reeves died it was so sad
- Late night thoughts: Keanu Reeves seems like such a sad dude and all I wanna do is love him. LET ME LOVE YOU KEANU. 💕
Jonathan Harker(Keanu Reeves)meets the sexy but deadly brides of Dracula.
Time travel is real and I wasted it on telling Francis Ford Coppola to cast Keanu Reeves as Jonathan Harker in Bram Stoker…
someone needs to get me the sad Keanu Reeves figure for my birthday
In honor of the 25th anniversary of Showdown in Little Tokyo I'm watching The Matrix in my head and replacing Keanu Reeves with Brandon Lee.
the original!!! Keanu Reeves, Patrick Swayze, Lori Petty! Pure magic! Great one liners and action
It's the ultimate Keanu Reeves or Joey Lawrence conference.
They need to make a Deadliest Warrior of Keanu Reeves vs Tom Cruise. 5v5. Make it happen
Not a day goes by without my remembering that Branagh's Much Ado tried passing off Denzel Washington and Keanu Reeves as half-brothers.
Keanu Reeves is a very pretty woman after 6 bourbons, though.
Band of Brothers, starring Sissy Spacek and Keanu Reeves. Directed by Terry Jones, music by Belle & Sebastian. Budget: $1 billion
Did you know that the director of John Wick was Keanu Reeves' stunt double in the Matrix?
It's certainly been a Keanu Reeves kind of weekend. First, the Matrix films, and tonight, John Wick. Such an enjoyable, trope-filled film!
Video: Matrix and John Wick star Keanu Reeves rides the bike he designed at
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Keanu Reeves sir I salute you for this A+ film. you've made a bunch of crap but the matrix and John Wick that's all you need
I walk into Jo-Ann's fabrics, get stared down by old ladies like I'm Keanu Reeves in Point Break and Warchild and co. want to throw down.
Thats true NOW, but next thing you know we're all lying in goo tubs while Keanu Reeves and his bad acting are dodging bullets
Keanu Reeves for Prime Minister. Now there is a petition I would sign!!
Jean Claude van Damme mistakenly believes his son's name describes Keanu Reeves in one word
Keanu Reeves in the wings as Brad Pitt takes centre stage
3 pasty white dudes in Tiki's trying to remember Bob Newhart's name, in order to argue about Keanu Reeves.
Swedish *** First Teaser – Skjutbanan. Keanu Reeves will be guest appearances by friend role of Peter Stormare.
EXCLUSIVE: Keanu Reeves arriving at Paris airport for the 24h du Mans
All 3 Matrix, Johnny Mnemonic & other movies--Hollywood has made lots of money w/ the story of connecting computers to Keanu Reeves's brain.
After Mike Milbury and Keith Jones arrived on this planet they learned our ways by watching Keanu Reeves movies
I added a video to a playlist Side By Side - Keanu Reeves talks with Lana and Andy Wachowski
Over 100K fooled and counting. Steve Harvey, Steve Hartwell and Keanu Reeves? Im sold
Keanu Reeves and Lily Collins bring attention to eating disorders in new PSA
my actual 5 person allstar team happens to be Keanu Reeves, Michael Johnson, Smashmouth guy, Joe Montana, Tom Arnold
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people say the same thing about Simon and Garfunkel or Bill and Ted (whoever is not Keanu Reeves).
Agreed! Did you see his performance with a young Keanu Reeves and George Carlin?
I am proud of my piece about the artistry and grace of Keanu Reeves as an actor for .ht…
If you do a Google Image Search for "evil man" the first picture that comes up is Keanu Reeves.
Now they're talking about Keanu Reeves THIS IS MY TYPE OF CONVERSATION let me in hi hello over here pls 👋🏽👋🏽
It's the journey of self, I guess. You start with this kind of loner, ...
so now we have to keep this bus going 55 mph. Call Keanu Reeves, he will help us.speed things up a bit
Even I gave up on Keanu Reeves for him..sigh* tell me how to since you remind me of him even the way you look, just a lil bit tho
thank you Keanu Reeves doing his best "Ted" Theodore Logan impression
Hot Buys for Your Basement: "Keanu Reeves Cut Out": He's staring at me. Did you see that?! I swear he moved.
Love love love Keanu Reeves. Probably one of my favorite actors.
Good Night cuki and all the Keanu Reeves fans sweet dreams 🌉❤🌔 !
I don't care what anyone says, I love Keanu reeves
Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix by Bruce Weber for Interview Magazine, 1991 via
They need to make a Deus Ex movie and cast Keanu Reeves as Adam Jensen because if he's not the one for that role idk who is
I want a movie w/ Samuel L Jackson, Michael Keaton, Angelina Jolie, & Keanu Reeves. Someone get on that
oh & Timothy Dalton as Dr Doom , Richard E Grant as Reed Richards , Keanu Reeves as Johnny , Grace Jones as She-Hulk
The Films of Keanu Reeves screen at 7:30 p.m. every Thursday in July at The Loft Cinema in Tucson, AZ.
congrats, Matt! you get to receive all my random gchats about Keanu Reeves now.
This show is basically about young Keanu Reeves & Jeremy London.
Keanu Reeves was 35 when he filmed The Matrix but Sean William Scott was 24 when he filmed American Pie 2.
I've ridden the subway with John Turturro and crossed paths with Keanu Reeves in front of the Food Emporium in *** s Kitchen.
IMDB, and 2,000 Google hits, claim that there's a scene from "Point Break" in which Keanu Reeves's character ...
Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff said he targeted ``Keanu Reeves'' from the beginning. Then he corrected himself and said ``Nea…
Keanu Neal will be major pro sports' first Keanu, but he's not really a Keanu Reeves fan - SB Nation
I know... I'm also sure there is a film about you with Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves ;)
we're 10 minutes in and Keanu Reeves hasn't made a cameo as Johnny Utah's uncle and I'm about to give up on the cinema forever
Keanu Reeves tells us there could be much more 'John Wick' beyond 'John Wick: Chapter Two': https…
Rating: 9/10 . 'John Wick' is stylish, slick, violent fun. Keanu Reeves kills it.
giving it a go. Plus, Eli Roth directed, negative, Keanu Reeves.
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Just watched Knock Knock with Keanu Reeves. . Don't ever open your door to two fit girls! 😳. Can definitely tell its an Eli Roth movie. 🎬
Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter starred in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure in 1989.
and Jim Carey, Keanu Reeves, and Ellen Page to name a few.
While I was watching Constantine & crawling out of my seat to bone Keanu Reeves, wrote me a novel about Russ Meyer. Tops.
I liked a video from Keanu Reeves on ‘John Wick Chapter Two’; Reveals They Have
It's totally fine with me if Keanu Reeves just makes John Wick movies until the end of time.
Keanu Reeves talks 'cool ideas' for even more future John Wick sequels.
That I agree Passengers is my most anticipated movie (I remember when Keanu Reeves and Rachel Macadams were set to star)
Joe, who is worse at acting? Dane Cook, Keanu Reeves, or David Mason
I want to ask Keanu Reeves what his secret to eternal youth is because *** he looks good
Walk the grungy streets of early 90s America with River Phoenix & Keanu Reeves on 29 April
Gus Van Sant with River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves on the set of My Own Private Idaho (1991).
Watching the race with Ben Spies, Randy Mamola, Chad Reed, Cody Webb, Keanu Reeves, and DJ Killmore. Today is weird.
Keanu Reeves will face a rival hitman in John Wick: Chapter Two
Keanu Reeves discusses working with former Matrix co-star on John Wick: Chapter 2
Kylo Ren looks like the love child of Keanu Reeves and Tommy Wiseau.
Is the guy on the bike Keanu Reeves or am I blind? Only the first one really needs confirmation, though. Have a nice day!:)
Keanu Reeves to race across China in Harald Zwart's Rally Car
Just saw a clip of Keanu Reeves on gun range prepping for John Wick 2, now this...
John Wick is a masterpiece. there. I said it. best thing Keanu Reeves has done. better than Point Break even. do yourself a favour. see it.
honoured to have the presence of The Matrix's and John Wick's main man, the legendary Keanu Reeves!
My Crush of the Week is... Keanu Reeves! He's the movie star we don't deserve.
Is it me, or does Adam Jensen from Deus Ex Human Revolution sound a LOT like Keanu Reeves? I know it's not Keanu voicing him, but so similar
Paul "Brian Fantana" Rudd takes on Stephen Hawking in a game of Quantum Chess. Narrated by Keanu Reeves.
Anthony : "Alright you want Wesley Snipes or Denzel? -Denzel. -Done, roll". Chris: "...You want Ben Affleck or Keanu Reeves?"
Keanu Reeves is a lonely vegan blogger who takes a fast food addicted family hostage just so he's got someone to argue wi…
Keanu Reeves targets shoots with three guns.
Keanu Reeves is, like, the worst actor I've ever seen. I can't believe he's...
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