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Kay Robertson

Marsha Kay Robertson (née Carroway) aka Miss Kay , is a TV star, Phil Robertson's wife, commonly in Duck Dynasty.

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Nana and Papa get a few days away. We are on our way mom Kay Taylor. Thank you Sarah Robertson!
The Duck Dynasty on A&E version of this George Strait featuring & Miss Kay Robertson...
I think America needs us. 'Duck Dynasty' has given some hope to bri...
I want a Miss Kay and Phil Robertson marriage one day
I told Miss Kay we need to make sure our children don't turn out l...
Ian Robertson Hamilton, Alan Stuart, Gavin Vernon and Kay Matheson, as stated in his books. was taken to Scotland
My kids would come in from school and sit on the floor in front of...
The killing of Russia's ambassador to Turkey makes a bad situation much worse
I love animals, and I was always attracted to the idea of being a zoo veter...
One of the great tragedies I see is people not putting every effort into th...
Families need to have a time when they can cook together. They can eat at t...
Nanghihinayang ako kay miriam... she's not as sharp as before... might be the effect of her meds 🙁
Wille Robertson just said when he asked Kay why Phil said the whole family backs Kay replied no,no Phil meant the Christian ones
There is no common standard for education about diagnosis. Distinguishing b...
Softly call the Muster.Here for Dale. Silver Oak toasts with Shirley & Edd Hargett, Phyllis & Mitch Robertson and Kay & Britt Rice.
I tell my kids and my grandkids, 'Never forget where you came from. Never f...
Look who came in and saw us at the ReStore today, Mrs. Kay Robertson!
And never - not in a single case - was the explanation, 'I was pressured to...
Love Wilkie and the Robertson family ! Good people!
My grandmother's house was just a place of comfort. I mean, I remember goin...
"The kind of person you are comes out in your -- Kay Robertson 🍰
You have to fight for your marriage, do whatever it takes. The commitment h...
Why Russell Westbrook's year is even more impressive than the Big O's triple-double season:
. Well Hello Kay.. Thank You for following. I have lotsa Great Robertson History to share { Hugs }.
5 of 5 stars to Miss Kay's Cookbook Volume 2 by Kay Robertson
Countdown to with books by Kay Robertson & Shirley Dobson. Enter to win on our blog:
It's a big day on the Laura Ingraham Show. She is joined by Rep. Scott Perry, Sen. Rand Paul, and Phil and Kay Robertson from Duck Dynasty.
Phil and Kay Robertson should be everyone's relationship goals 💁
I just ran 14km then lost my token to get home :-)
There is no theory of evolution, just a list of creatures Kay Robertson allows to live.
I want a love like Phil and Kay Robertson ❤️
Whoever's got pasta on the TTC rn ... 👀
This place is going to change my life. @ The Second City Training Centre
The new and improved is absolutely wonderful!!
Use my invite code, kayleighr31, and get a free ride up to CA$20. Redeem it at is uber even safe? we'll die together
So can film my movies and can do the soundtrack? Okay?
To find the perfect songs and put them in a really unique order ESPECIALLY when it is created special for someone?
Do u know how hard it is to make a playlist
Being within walking distance from Trinity Bellwoods is the best thing in the WORLD my amigos holy FRICK
Lily-Rose Depp, the new face of the Fall-Winter 2015/16 eyewear campaign.
I literally just made it to Starbucks before it started pouring
Do u ever try to let go of someone who is already gone but then just like miss them so much bc SAME AF
My shorts r always too big on my waist but always fit on my butt what a stressful experience!
Guess Who's Coming To Improv tonight? I sure am! Hosted by the WONDERFUL - hope to see you there! 8PM!!
I'm going to make a tshirt that says "ask me about my improv shows"
Id be a good dog walker because I'd pay people to let me walk their dogs instead.
Do it 4 the art don't do it 4 the vine
A pal pointed out a missed opportunity to write "Laugh Long and Perspire" but I won't sweat it. http:…
What a great day and night I am SO grateful with what I am doing in life and the lovely and supportive people I have/continue to meet!
This is exciting news! Check this out.. Kay Robertson, star of Duck...
Queen St W! West of Bathurst, east of trinity bellwoods!
Tamara Kay Miller's services will be Friday at 6pm at Robertson-Jay Funeral Home 220 N Court St Ottumwa, Iowa.
oh and the awards are September 13th in Toronto Notice the please use it
Lots of great films to choose from for the Toronto International Film Festival - Happy 40th Anniversary
Installing final touches before tomorrow night's official Grand Opening of our new Training Centre
I want a marriage like Phil and Kay Robertson been together for over 50 years through the bad and good times
this whole "choose happiness" trend ignores the fact that depression is an ILLNESS. u can't just opt out of having it
The idea that a) depression is a choice and b) ppl who suffer from it consent to it, is extremely damaging
It's like 2:39 y there so many ppl at Tims?
Someone is following us playing loud cowboy music what do we do
&Dynasty&hair: Miss Kay and Jessica Robertson score big
*tugs at Calvin Klein turtle neck nervously*
35% but Tara knows what she's talkin about
"Meet the Pro-Life Authors" -- Miss Kay, Al and Lisa Robertson sign books & chat with pro-lifers at
"Miss Kay Robertson of speaking at the Prayer Breakfast The bumpkinly "Thought Leader" you deserve
"It didn't matter 'what if.' That was my baby." -Miss Kay Robertson
Miss Kay Robertson from speaking at the Prayer Breakfast!
Just met Miss Kay, Al & Lisa Robertson at the NRLC Convention Prayer Breakfast here in New Orleans
Getting ready for the Prayer Breakfast with Al, Lisa, & Miss Kay Robertson - Duck Dynasty.
? TRIVIA: She is the granddaughter of Phil and Kay Robertson. | SEE MORE AT |
Sometimes you just need the person you promised yourself you'd never need again
Don't lie to people that trust you And don't trust people that lie to you - Kay Robertson
When ur nervous af but u gotta chill out
'Duck Dynasty' hair: Miss Kay and Jessica Robertson score big via
I'm really loving your photos, Kayleigh. You look amazingly beautiful & stunning in them.
I'm getting paid to pretend to play baseball today
So many bruises and my back hurts so much omg
I know how you feel. I got blocked by Jennifer Dale for no reason. All I did was complimenting her work on X-Men: TAS.
So upset that it was my last day on set yesterday but so glad it was with these wonderful people!
Great win by our U/19's today over St. Bedes/Mentone. Awesome to have Andy Kay, James Robertson and Jake Maher back in the side.
Always a fun time having 2 say ur moving 2 Waterloo 2 the men who persistently try n get ur digits in Chinese phone case stores on Spadina
You've created a storm. And please be 100% aware. That contrary to what I am sure. You think. It has not…
I haven't been to school in a week so my mom took me to the nail salon so we could get matching nails…
We are honored on to welcome Demetris Robertson to the 2016 U.S. Army All-American Bowl. http:/…
Hey everyone. Whatever you're going through. It's all going to be okay. It might not be the same as before. But. You're going to be okay
It was said earlier that "Toronto is spoiled with artistic choices." We couldn't agree more! Congrats to all
Congrats to all of the nominees for this year's
Bakit sobrang sweet mo kay Britt Robertson? It's so unfair! Huhu. But I still love you.
2018 LB Merlin Robertson is starting to prove he could be one of the next stars at Gardena (Calif.) Serra http:/…
Yes I wrote Kay Robertson for squirrel recipes😂
Hey see this Sat May 30 Watch the trailer:
domain names
Marked as to-read: The Women of Duck Commander by Kay Robertson
"Sometimes, you conquer the world. Other times, the Earth swallows you whole."
Cultivating Tomorrow’s Artists: writes on the convo e had at this year’s Festival and AGM
Ferris Bueller, selfish jerk; How Under the Skin rewrites horror; When directors don’t want you to see their movie: http:…
I just did. Have a good night, everyone. I'm going to eat cheese & *** no…
FRICK yes I ditched my school field trip to hit up Trinity Bellwoods
Sounds like an issue on your computer - have you tried restarting your computer/router? Sorry for the trouble!
I want a relationship and a life like Phil & Kay Robertson omg
Sorry... that's the only report I had of downtime. Is it working for you now? If you have Pro, it works without Internet...
Hi I broke the lock button on the new phone I bought yesterday
LeBron James: 27.2 PPG, 9.9 RPG, 8.0 APG; the only player in history to average those numbers over an entire postseason …
Britt Robertson and Raffey Cassidy will be the stars of tomorrow. Those young ladies were the highlight of
amandabrugel's photo If I could look like anyone in the world it would be this beautiful lady
I've been asked to work on a short film & found out good news for the summer & Court & Em are showin me their love ❤️
How did Britt Robertson land the lead in Alongside George Clooney?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
when u say LGBT members are child molesters but then ur son actually is one
Winning is the ultimate act of defiance. looks at Oscar Robertson's high school basketball team.
If I die in a commercial audition they have to give it to me right?
Best compliment I never got. Way to go,
Even cloudy days in this fricKen city manage 2 b kool and I think that's y I love it so muCH
2 of 5 stars to Miss Kay's Duck Commander Kitchen by Kay Robertson
The wife of the youngest son of Phil and Kay Robertson, Jep Robertson, Jessica fits right in with the family.
Happy to my wife Jane (left) who's pictured here with another great mom, Kay Robertson http:/…
BTW, I genuinely don't know the answer to that question ...
Or, are some teams just more dominant than their opponents?
Phil and Kay Robertson's marriage is such a good example of what God-filled love is.
Join me at the NRL Convention in New Orleans July 9-11! Speakers include Kay Robertson, Allen & Lisa Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame.
Kay's new cookbook is now available in stores! Stop by your local bookstore or order your copy online:
Such a great show, a definite must see!
She stopped by Fox and Friends to share a few recipes from her second cookbook Duck…
Why ‘Duck Dynasty’s' Phil Robertson only eats casseroles made by Miss Kay |
That’s why Phil and I are thrilled you have picked up Laine & Steve Craft’s book, Start Again from Scratch. ~Miss Kay Robertson
Look who's going to be on the show tomorrow morning with Gary & Bristol!!! It's Miss Kay Robertson!!! Tune in...
'Duck Dynasty' brings back the family dinner: Miss Kay Robertson shares recipes
joeyumyum is jamming out to diamonds by yung lean n thaiboy digital W joanna rn N so am i so im doing ok for an easter sunday alone
Please keep the NS Film Tax Credit. So many shows made there including
WELL even though i half broke my leg at my ultimate frisbee tournament at least i got the pity vote of MVP during our game . ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Miss Kay's new cookbook gives your family plenty of reasons to sit down and share a meal, love, and laughter.
oh toronto you make me fall in love with you over and over again every day @ Trinity Bellwoods Park
Hard at work planning our event at the Theatre Ontario Festival in Oshawa
Getting pumped up for the showcase tonight
Wylie Writes- is an enlightening selection of short films made by Canadian women
Miss Kay and Phil Robertson are relationship goals 🙌
Phil Robertson, of Duck Dynasty, and his wife Kay, left, greet fans before speaking at Montgomery, Ala., fundraiser.
Phil and Kay Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" in Montgomery w/ a fan for an event at Frazer United Methodist Church.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
.and I enjoyed seeing Phil and Kay Robertson at today.
Great seeing and Phil and Kay Robertson backstage at
If you're sneaking food/pop in the libs at lunch (let's be real, you ARE), pls put your garbage in the garbage can. Too mu…
Duck Dynasty's Phil, Kay and Alan Robertson are at Frazer UMC tonight at 6 p.m. Come hear them talk about "Faith, Family and Ducks."
Phil Robertson AND MISS KAY AT ! My life is made. This is why I love being a…
"Duck Dynasty" cast members Phil and Kay Robertson in Montgomery to speak at Frazer United Methodist Church today.
Phil and Kay Robertson to speak Friday at Frazer United Methodist in Montgomery.
Melissa Kay (Robertson) Rader. Visitation Monday, March 2, 2015 from 5pm until time of service at 7:30 PM at BDF 1350 Millville Avenue
Thanks and phab photographer Now go make some
I want is to be that couple like phil and kay robertson when they have been together since they were 15 and still goin
has given me the opportunity to learn from the people behind the shows. I'm now rooting for them as well as…
If you built a tunnel near the Rexall Centre in give us a call, k? 416-808-2
Happy Birthday to the by catching her on tonight at 9:30
Family is one of the most important things in life and the Robertson's always help each other - preach Ms Kay
The Oscars are cool but I think the real magic is how we're all on a couch eating snacks at the same time.
Loved having Ms Kay, Al and Lisa Robertson of ! Great people
One week left for a chance to win a pair of free tickets to March 4th via
I'm very pleased to announce that I am filming "Blush" by Chet Faker tn! As the clocks tick down, the work is just beginning!
Duck Dynasty's Phil, Kay and Alan Robertson will speak on Faith, Family & Ducks Feb. 27, 7 pm at Frazer UMC!
Our next features the Women of Trek. March 4th, 8pm
"There's a reason they put me in sneakers all season."
Will you be my Phill Robertson to my Miss Kay 😭💘
Hope you can make it! . Mark Forward will be part of the show
FABULOUS tn!! Thank you for having me & agreeing with me when I opened with calling myself hilarious.
tonight for Very excited to perform stand-up for the first time EVER! 8PM - $10 come on OUT!
| Al Robertson: Al Robertson is the oldest son of Phil & Kay Robertson. He plays a vital role in...
Wishing best of luck to for her performance at the Drake Hotel tonight, your going to bring the crowd to their feet
VERY BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the FANTASTIC Dale Wells! Thank ya for the show/performance invites & the laughter.
“I’ve been fighting for this marriage and it’s not working.” - . Would she win the battle?
" Phill Robertson and Ms. Kay, Potus & Flotus 2016 and I am dead serious.
Purchase one of Miss Kay Robertson's cookbooks from Duck Commander, and they will throw in a **FREE** mug! Nice!...
You will enjoy our Women of episode on March 4th
This is a cute custom made lamp that we made for Kay Robertson and her shabby chic closet. Let us make you a...
March 1st will be here before you know it Kayleigh!
You look wonderful on your new avatar.
It's the 10th year of + we're excited to be a part of a special program curated by
A once-in-a-lifetime event 40 years in the making.
Hope you had a blast on Valentines Day, my friend.
Come laugh at some funny stories by funny women! show on Tuesday @ 8PM!!
Stunning artwork currently on display at
We were trying to take a picture and Andy kept jumping in front.
Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander", Miss Kay Robertson, and Alan will be in Montgomery, AL on 2/27. For more...
I just voted for my favourite star Naomi Snieckus! You can too! Here:
HEY! Vote for us in the contest. We can win 7k to get our album DONE! Vote everyday from your PC! http:/…
I have absolutely no idea what that means, but, find it disconcerting, nonetheless.
I'd love a relationship like Mr Phil & Miss Kay Robertson
'Duck Dynasty' stars Phil and Kay Robertson coming to Montgome
“stars Phil and Kay Robertson coming to Montgomery / I give up!
stars Phil and Kay Robertson coming to Montgomery
Duck Dynasty’ stars Phil and Kay Robertson coming to Montgomery on Feb. 27: Phil…
Meet the cast of our Spring 2015 Mainstage Revue! Previews on stage now! Opening Week March 9 - 14.
just listened to my old ipod from the seventh grade w justin bieber, akon & enrique iglesias wHY WAs i such a stupid thoT :(
What a delight to have this photo opportunity with Ms Kay and Al and Lisa Robertson! Watch for more great news.
SO excited to announce that I will be apart of this month's WITTY WOMEN show on February 17 with my own set!!!
ms alderson is one of the greatest people i have in my life and i am forEVER SO GRATEFUL FOR HER
Sounds like it was a terrific night all around
😅😆 I just cried from laughing!!! Ja'mie is my idol!! I remember watching all the episodes with u "delete it you stupid ***
The from is here for MARATHON tonight!
Wonder how many people were stumped by 40 across?
watch Kay And Lisa Robertson talk about the Heart to Home Conference. Why they are happy to be there❤️
Big congrats to and life superstar receiving Lorena Gale Woman of Distinction Award at
“Guess who gets to see Kari Jobe & Kay Robertson at KSBJs GNO tonight WHAT
So ready for tomorrow! Girls Night Out with Miss Kay Robertson, Kari Jobe and Nazareth! Yea!!
looks/sounds so delicious! I'd love to try Miss Kay's home cookin' & sit down to a meal w/the whole Robertson gang :)
just a little ways to go. Don't let your phone data bills rack up!
TONITE: Season 4 of at 9:30 right after an all new . What's more Canadian than a Two-fer-Tue…
video bombed interview and arm wrestled her over who will win best supporting CSA! http:…
Miss Kay, Alan and Lisa Robertson from Duck Dynasty are on Joni on Daystar. (389 Time Warner)
Homburg and Fries! Special event! Students are encouraged to come and have fun at the Mady Centre! Thursday 29! Follow for …
Now that kids ride free on the it's even easier to enjoy our March Break matinees!
Classes start tomorrow - are you ready for another year with Mr. D? Season 4 starts tomorrow at 9:30PM
I just ordered ribs via delivery and got so excited when they got here that I put on perfume to impress them.
"Because those are the people everyone hates"
| Miss Kay, Alan and Lisa Robertson on “Joni” – 01.19.2015: Break out your duck calls as we welc...
just watched the "Nova: Mind of a Rampage Killer" documentary & i gotta say ms alderson plz don't ever make me watch this again i'm scared
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
"All of Me" would love all of you to like, follow and share my singing & playing:)
If you're looking forward to SEASON 4 PREMIERE of JAN 20 9:30 pm then you should be RTing this. .
When my dad came home with sour skittles
Murphy thrashes Robertson in final: Shaun Murphy trounces Neil Robertson 10-2 in the final of the Masters to b...
Great poster to see at the office! Excited for the Season 4 premiere. Jan 20 9:30PM
thanks again for coming out. Usually there are 2 openers so the jam starts sooner.
7:30 tonight @ 14 Elm Street - ITS A JOTO NEW YEAR!! guest hosts at this crazy-fun improv show. Very excited to be part of it!
I was joking,like the saying by Peter Kay in Phoenix nights.i meant that Ronnie will beat Robertson
Biggest birthday wishes to our incredible Host We hope you're having a stellar day!
Robertson faces O'Sullivan in semi: World number one Neil Robertson defeats Ali Carter 6-1 in the quarter-fina...
This. How exciting is this. Mrs. Kay Robertson from Duck Dynasty has joined the Plexus family! She…
TONIGHT: The returns to the at 7:30pm! Get your tickets,
Hey Canadians! Do me a favour and PVR Big Bang Theory, but watch Sunnyside on City Tv tonight. It's different and... http…
Congrats Meanwhile is the only one who thinks the photographer is in the stage right wings. Can you fi…
Marriage like Phil and Kay Robertson would be perfect!! 👌
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Franklin Graham Welcomes Phil and Kay Robertson at Billy Graham Library as Hundreds Wait to Meet Them ht…
If I had one relationship aspiration, it would be Phil & Kay Robertson
Had a weird dream.heard Kay Robertson voice that said rise and shine ian.Saw my six pack abs.not know about my workout with Korie Robertson
The heavens opened and a shaft of light came streaming down when Duck Dynasty's King and Queen, Phil and Kay Robertson, cooked my 44th birthday dinner in their country kitchen, spoiled us boys with outdoor fun and faithful inspiration, and the Robertson family watched Saving Christmas in their camouflage living room! Watch what they had to say from their front porch!
Teen Challenge helps people overcome addiction. Great that Gov. Phil & Kay Robertson, and were there last night.
So my parents got to meet Phil Robertson, Kay Robertson and Governor Walker last night
at Bayou La Batre Community Center getting read for tomorrow's Taste of the Bayou & celebrity host Kay Robertson
Great seafood at the Taste of the Bayou, 10/4, Bayou La Batre! Mrs. Kay Robertson will be there too!
Today, as Willie, Korie, and Kay Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame officially endorse The Song, Faith Driven Consumer™…
Kay Robertson said she married Phil at the age of mother married at 16 my father was 18,, people been doing it since beginning of time but now if a young man dates a young woman with age difference like that well his *** goes to jail and is marked as a sex predator for rest of his life.only in America can we evolve into many people in jail for weed...but now it's legal in two states and they talking about making it legal in VA .can u say HERE'S YOUR SIGN .. ***
When a throwback come on while you driving
Turns out that this 15 year old that died was a girl I played soccer with last year named Jamie Palm ❤️ RIP lovely 😭
Rest in peace to a good friend & teammate. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Palm family ❤️ We will miss you http:/…
Thx to everyone who came out to see a very special I will never tire of being on stage with those…
Love that Mrs Kay and Si are couponing tonight! Would so love to come do a Robertson coupon class lol!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Can Michael Kay really not differentiate between the 5'8 169 lb. Daniel Robertson and the 6'5 210 lb. Alex Rios?
sitting next to where Jack Layton & signed the wall at Eli's Espresso in Mahone Bay & HAVING FEELINGS http:/…
Hey West Coast, is going to be in when it comes to town. She is amazing - go see it!
Literally haven't heard this song in years! 🙈☺️
This just in:I'm able to do Wed8 SO EXCITED 2perform w
Why are Jay Z and Beyoncé looked at as the ideal relationship? I think it should be Phil and Kay Robertson. That right there is love.
RIFA to bring 'Duck Dynasty' star to Hub City: Kay Robertson will be keynote spea... (via
The Regional Inter-Faith Association has announced that Kay Robertson of A&E's "Duck Dynasty" will be the keynote...
My son-in-law in the green shirt, getting to meet Phil and Ms Kay Robertson!
Excited to host and Wednesday night at Underground 8pm! And Sandy Jobin Beva…
just saw Phil Robertson, Mrs. Kay and Korie in the airport. lol so cool.
the show on August 2nd is cancelled!! :)
Kay Robertson in As if you needed more proof bacon makes everything better (via
Run from the memory . Je nage.. mais les sons me suivent
"Screenwriting is the most prized of all the cinematic arts. Actually, it isn't, but it should be." -Hugh Laurie http:…
Happy birthday!!! Missing you and our English class fun - have a great day!! 💕😽❤️
I've slimmed down one of Kay Robertson's recipes in my And no, it's not squirrel brains!
I hate my entire family lmao plz kill me
Sometimes you need to risk it to get the biscuit
When I'm old, I want a relationship with my husband like Phil and Kay Robertson.
Why can't I have supper with the Robertson family? Ms. Kay's cookin' looks amazing.
Um can u follow me back now plz lmao
"All my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard." -Kay Robertson
Video for our Indiegogo campaign. Look. Share. $$$?! via
Everytime we talk I feel like such a bother to you🙍
Almost positive I just saw Kay Robertson driving in Oklahoma lol
This iSn't funny I could have you arrested ,RT Was great meeting your wife today.
yes exactly!! I love canada and all of it's TV shows and films 💙
LOL we could on and on with our fave Cdn TV shows, nice to have so many great ones!
Did you know that Best of Fringe is still running ? Why not make that part of your weekend!
couldn't agree more!! It's so well done. Well... That show and !!! :)
So proud 2 see what we have been producing lately & is1 of the best shows on TV right now
we sure do!! Glad to see that.. Canadian comedy/film/television is the best! :)
Yes - extremely! She is funny, dramatic, and lovely!!!
Tatiana Maslany is such a powerful and insanely talented actress. I will never get over this scene.
Great to see Adelaide bike lanes coming together. Nice work &
that's right lol, that's what Mama Kay Robertson called him. Justin the Beaver
But when one door closes another one opens😼
show tally: saw 30, performed in 1. All in all, not too shabby :)
Phil & Kay Robertson's relationship is the perfect example how going through struggle, working things out through God, and becoming perfect💘
Duck Dynasty’s Jase Robertson, the son of Phil and ‘Miss Kay’ Robertson, claims he and other members of his...
Gained a new respect for Ms. Kay and the Robertson family
If you need me, I'm yelling at my laptop screen as the one-pager for my screenplay "The Naughty List" refuses to write it…
I want a relationship with my in-laws like the Robertson wives have with Phil & Miss Kay.
Thanks to and for the fun times! Now off to Toronto for some theatresports with
2014 season starts TOMORROW! Some tickets are still available to see and his show Weaksauce!
People who get so uncomfortable while watching others be happy just show how pathetic they are
is absolutely HILARIOUS! Check out is 8 minute sample set at the Comic Strip. SO talented and funny!
I would never give my everything to anyone ever again, people come and go
I'm not in the swing of things. . But what I really mean is;. not in the swing of things yet.
I'm already planning my outfit for the Dora Awards next year I'm so excited I'm going to cry
Two more sleeps until comes to the County! A handful of tix left for his show Sunday at …
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