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Kay Robertson

Marsha Kay Robertson (née Carroway) aka Miss Kay , is a TV star, Phil Robertson's wife, commonly in Duck Dynasty.

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looks/sounds so delicious! I'd love to try Miss Kay's home cookin' & sit down to a meal w/the whole Robertson gang :)
just a little ways to go. Don't let your phone data bills rack up!
TONITE: Season 4 of at 9:30 right after an all new . What's more Canadian than a Two-fer-Tue…
video bombed interview and arm wrestled her over who will win best supporting CSA! http:…
Miss Kay, Alan and Lisa Robertson from Duck Dynasty are on Joni on Daystar. (389 Time Warner)
Homburg and Fries! Special event! Students are encouraged to come and have fun at the Mady Centre! Thursday 29! Follow for …
Now that kids ride free on the it's even easier to enjoy our March Break matinees!
Classes start tomorrow - are you ready for another year with Mr. D? Season 4 starts tomorrow at 9:30PM
I just ordered ribs via delivery and got so excited when they got here that I put on perfume to impress them.
"Because those are the people everyone hates"
| Miss Kay, Alan and Lisa Robertson on “Joni” – 01.19.2015: Break out your duck calls as we welc...
just watched the "Nova: Mind of a Rampage Killer" documentary & i gotta say ms alderson plz don't ever make me watch this again i'm scared
"All of Me" would love all of you to like, follow and share my singing & playing:)
If you're looking forward to SEASON 4 PREMIERE of JAN 20 9:30 pm then you should be RTing this. .
When my dad came home with sour skittles
Murphy thrashes Robertson in final: Shaun Murphy trounces Neil Robertson 10-2 in the final of the Masters to b...
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Great poster to see at the office! Excited for the Season 4 premiere. Jan 20 9:30PM
thanks again for coming out. Usually there are 2 openers so the jam starts sooner.
7:30 tonight @ 14 Elm Street - ITS A JOTO NEW YEAR!! guest hosts at this crazy-fun improv show. Very excited to be part of it!
I was joking,like the saying by Peter Kay in Phoenix nights.i meant that Ronnie will beat Robertson
Biggest birthday wishes to our incredible Host We hope you're having a stellar day!
Robertson faces O'Sullivan in semi: World number one Neil Robertson defeats Ali Carter 6-1 in the quarter-fina...
This. How exciting is this. Mrs. Kay Robertson from Duck Dynasty has joined the Plexus family! She…
Even Miss Kay is loving the Pink Drink and Fast Relief!!. “Kay Robertson, star of Duck Dynasty on A&E, loves her...
TONIGHT: The returns to the at 7:30pm! Get your tickets,
Hey Canadians! Do me a favour and PVR Big Bang Theory, but watch Sunnyside on City Tv tonight. It's different and... http…
Congrats Meanwhile is the only one who thinks the photographer is in the stage right wings. Can you fi…
Marriage like Phil and Kay Robertson would be perfect!! 👌
Franklin Graham Welcomes Phil and Kay Robertson at Billy Graham Library as Hundreds Wait to Meet Them ht…
If I had one relationship aspiration, it would be Phil & Kay Robertson
Had a weird dream.heard Kay Robertson voice that said rise and shine ian.Saw my six pack abs.not know about my workout with Korie Robertson
The heavens opened and a shaft of light came streaming down when Duck Dynasty's King and Queen, Phil and Kay Robertson, cooked my 44th birthday dinner in their country kitchen, spoiled us boys with outdoor fun and faithful inspiration, and the Robertson family watched Saving Christmas in their camouflage living room! Watch what they had to say from their front porch!
Teen Challenge helps people overcome addiction. Great that Gov. Phil & Kay Robertson, and were there last night.
So my parents got to meet Phil Robertson, Kay Robertson and Governor Walker last night
at Bayou La Batre Community Center getting read for tomorrow's Taste of the Bayou & celebrity host Kay Robertson
Great seafood at the Taste of the Bayou, 10/4, Bayou La Batre! Mrs. Kay Robertson will be there too!
Today, as Willie, Korie, and Kay Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame officially endorse The Song, Faith Driven Consumer™…
Kay Robertson said she married Phil at the age of mother married at 16 my father was 18,, people been doing it since beginning of time but now if a young man dates a young woman with age difference like that well his *** goes to jail and is marked as a sex predator for rest of his life.only in America can we evolve into many people in jail for weed...but now it's legal in two states and they talking about making it legal in VA .can u say HERE'S YOUR SIGN .. ***
When a throwback come on while you driving
Turns out that this 15 year old that died was a girl I played soccer with last year named Jamie Palm ❤️ RIP lovely 😭
Rest in peace to a good friend & teammate. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Palm family ❤️ We will miss you http:/…
Thx to everyone who came out to see a very special I will never tire of being on stage with those…
Love that Mrs Kay and Si are couponing tonight! Would so love to come do a Robertson coupon class lol!
Can Michael Kay really not differentiate between the 5'8 169 lb. Daniel Robertson and the 6'5 210 lb. Alex Rios?
sitting next to where Jack Layton & signed the wall at Eli's Espresso in Mahone Bay & HAVING FEELINGS http:/…
Hey West Coast, is going to be in when it comes to town. She is amazing - go see it!
Literally haven't heard this song in years! 🙈☺️
This just in:I'm able to do Wed8 SO EXCITED 2perform w
Why are Jay Z and Beyoncé looked at as the ideal relationship? I think it should be Phil and Kay Robertson. That right there is love.
RIFA to bring 'Duck Dynasty' star to Hub City: Kay Robertson will be keynote spea... (via
The Regional Inter-Faith Association has announced that Kay Robertson of A&E's "Duck Dynasty" will be the keynote...
My son-in-law in the green shirt, getting to meet Phil and Ms Kay Robertson!
Excited to host and Wednesday night at Underground 8pm! And Sandy Jobin Beva…
just saw Phil Robertson, Mrs. Kay and Korie in the airport. lol so cool.
the show on August 2nd is cancelled!! :)
Kay Robertson in As if you needed more proof bacon makes everything better (via
Run from the memory . Je nage.. mais les sons me suivent
"Screenwriting is the most prized of all the cinematic arts. Actually, it isn't, but it should be." -Hugh Laurie http:…
Happy birthday!!! Missing you and our English class fun - have a great day!! 💕😽❤️
I've slimmed down one of Kay Robertson's recipes in my And no, it's not squirrel brains!
I hate my entire family lmao plz kill me
Sometimes you need to risk it to get the biscuit
When I'm old, I want a relationship with my husband like Phil and Kay Robertson.
Why can't I have supper with the Robertson family? Ms. Kay's cookin' looks amazing.
Um can u follow me back now plz lmao
"All my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard." -Kay Robertson
Video for our Indiegogo campaign. Look. Share. $$$?! via
Everytime we talk I feel like such a bother to you🙍
Almost positive I just saw Kay Robertson driving in Oklahoma lol
This iSn't funny I could have you arrested ,RT Was great meeting your wife today.
yes exactly!! I love canada and all of it's TV shows and films 💙
LOL we could on and on with our fave Cdn TV shows, nice to have so many great ones!
Did you know that Best of Fringe is still running ? Why not make that part of your weekend!
couldn't agree more!! It's so well done. Well... That show and !!! :)
So proud 2 see what we have been producing lately & is1 of the best shows on TV right now
we sure do!! Glad to see that.. Canadian comedy/film/television is the best! :)
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Yes - extremely! She is funny, dramatic, and lovely!!!
Tatiana Maslany is such a powerful and insanely talented actress. I will never get over this scene.
Great to see Adelaide bike lanes coming together. Nice work &
that's right lol, that's what Mama Kay Robertson called him. Justin the Beaver
But when one door closes another one opens😼
show tally: saw 30, performed in 1. All in all, not too shabby :)
Phil & Kay Robertson's relationship is the perfect example how going through struggle, working things out through God, and becoming perfect💘
Duck Dynasty’s Jase Robertson, the son of Phil and ‘Miss Kay’ Robertson, claims he and other members of his...
Gained a new respect for Ms. Kay and the Robertson family
If you need me, I'm yelling at my laptop screen as the one-pager for my screenplay "The Naughty List" refuses to write it…
I want a relationship with my in-laws like the Robertson wives have with Phil & Miss Kay.
Thanks to and for the fun times! Now off to Toronto for some theatresports with
2014 season starts TOMORROW! Some tickets are still available to see and his show Weaksauce!
People who get so uncomfortable while watching others be happy just show how pathetic they are
is absolutely HILARIOUS! Check out is 8 minute sample set at the Comic Strip. SO talented and funny!
I would never give my everything to anyone ever again, people come and go
I'm not in the swing of things. . But what I really mean is;. not in the swing of things yet.
I'm already planning my outfit for the Dora Awards next year I'm so excited I'm going to cry
Two more sleeps until comes to the County! A handful of tix left for his show Sunday at …
In case you missed it, here are the 2014 Patrons' Picks
“The realest to ever step foot on a soccer field.. 💯| this was me when I played soccer honestly like
I'm totally screwed for filming now so ya there's that unfortunate turn of events
“I just want to be the person you miss at 3am.”
I wish I could sit down and talk with Miss Kay Robertson and get advice from her
Because I'm doing this for the thrill of it, killin' it . Never not chasing a million things I want
“Who knew Phil Robertson coached basketball in Junction City” Kay was gorgeous
I can eat an entire bag of sweet potato tortilla chips with hummus in one sitting and feel nothing …
After all, most writing is done away from the typewriter, away from the desk. I'd say it occurs in the quiet, silent momen…
My mother is pretty much Kay Robertson
Not according to my sources. . Alan Robertson: “Yeah, I would be the B *** of the family!”.
As long as an underage victim of statutory rape marries the offender a year later, its A-OK with >>
"Alan, the oldest Robertson boy, was born out of wedlock; marriage didn’t happen until much later on".
I'm lying in my bed wrapped in a blanket listening to Lorde w the lights turned out I've never been so sad
I wish my parents thought I was smart or at least saw that I do work and try so hard, from school to my career 😒😣
The rain can't stop - All Fringe Club exhibits are still on for tonight.
Forever wishing I was a skinny human being
Guys and girls its Tuesday so get your butts on over to my sweet show
3 of 5 stars to The Women of Duck Commander by Kay Robertson
There's more to the Duck Dynasty cast than just beards, bandanas and bird calls. In fact, the matriarch of the insanely popular TV family, Kay Robertson (aka Miss Kay), is well-known for her love of cooking. Recently, Jacob Slaton photographed Miss Kay for LouAna, a leading processor of cooking oils…
This world needs a little more Phil and Kay Robertson and a little less Kim and Kanye. .
New books from Jase & Kay Robertson, T.D. Jakes and more
S/O to my home gurl rocking her race in the freezing cold
Michael Kay said he didn't notice the score was 4-2 for Robertson's save yesterday. Stunned. He usually notices that stuff
Congrats on s4 of y'all are my fave people in comedy (the world)
Getting ready for a show. Intense warm ups.
When sprinters have to run more than 400 meters 😂😂😂
The girl on the left is truly fit, the girl on the right is just skinny. Don't get skinny confused with fit
Mr. D will be back in session again on with a fourth season!
Phil and Kay Robertson are the cutest couple I have ever seen. Through the good and bad, love over comes ♥
Surprising Insights from the Women Behind the Beards about What Makes This Family Work:
So happy to announce that has been renewed for SEASON 4!! See ya soon Halifax. Can't wait.
. love her as much as Phil Robertson loves Miss Kay.
"We go to the bottom of the 9th and new era in Yankees baseball will begin." Michael Kay about Robertson coming in to close instead of Mo :(
Now Michael Kay will make it weird when Robertson comes out for the save
You can hear the hurt in Michael Kay's voice as he points out that the Yankee closer, David Robertson, is warming up in the bullpen.
Michal Kay just said and there's the closer...referring to David that's strange
we got that Phil and Kay Robertson relationship ❤️👫😍
"I should really blog more." Every comedian that does not ever blog
Oh, you tried doing homework at a meet? I'm sure you got tons done.
Kay, Korie, Missy, Lisa and Jessica share the ladies’ perspective in “The Women of Duck Commander” – NEW at BAM!
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I just want a relationship like Phill and Kay Robertson
It's show business, not show feelings.
Asos boss plays down dotcom bubble: Nick Robertson says the stock market is "best" place to value online retai...
Matriarch Miss Kay, Korie, Missy, Jessica, and Lisa Robertson speak out in this insightful book about their roles...
Robertson said the suspect was near Pogue Library. The News will keep you updated as we find out more.
(I haven't read like an actual book in like 3 years so this is good)
I literally just read an entire book in 4 hours
I started reading a 300 page book at 4:00 today and I just finished it what is happening
New from Kay, Korie, Missy, Jessica, & Lisa Robertson... The Women of Duck Commander! Available at you local Lifeway!
NonFict releases: Who Owns the Future?(pb) by Jaron Lanier, Women of Duck Commander by Kay Robertson, Taco Night!(pb)
I want to be part of the Robertson family so I can eat Miss Kay's cooking 🍴🙏
"I want a relationship like Phil and Kay Robertson.
Tonight is the night! Last Improv Night in Canada at the JCB! Come join us at 9pm for your chance to play!
Just released today:. Sherrilyn Kenyon's The King. Kay, Korie, Missy, Jessica, and Lisa Robertson's The Women of...
On page 6 of 288 of The Women of Duck Commander, by Kay Robertson
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
There were women at this conference from all walks of life! For instance Miss Kay Robertson! :)
All us Robertson wives are on this morning!
More and more I watch Phil & Kay Robertson, the more they remind me of my parents. 😂
I want to be like Phil and Kay Robertson someday.
Hope you will come to our event! We just added autographed items from Phil Robertson, Kay Robertson, and Jace Robertson!
THE WHACK PACK GAMES 3: What is the real first and last name of the 2nd eldest son of Phil & Kay Robertson?
Miss Kay Robertson will be speaking at the Extreme Womens Conference, in Tulsa, this weekend. I'm so psyched!
Sending a great big ole HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a lady who's been "holding me down" for a minute! She's had my back, front and sides, and sometimes I knew I was on her nerves and she never changed. I can receive correction, encouragement, advice, bright ideas, HELP, all of that from her and I'm absolutely grateful and thankful that God allowed our paths to cross! Happy birthday Ms. Kim, Auntie Kim, aka Kimberly Kay Robertson!
Potters Hand Activations is at Meetings Africa today and tomorrow at stand A10g. Prize winner Kay Robertson!!
Happy Birthday to my niece, Mackenzie Robertson and my sister Kimberly Kay Robertson (they share a Birthday)!
Watching VERY impressed w your improv skills.Pls send us your resume for our next round of casting
Kimberly Kay Robertson, happy bday to you, sis. We thank God for you encouraging us and enriching our lives.
A must read before class is back in session on MT Students poised to graduate in S3
Kay Robertson of Duck Dynasty drinks the pink drink!!!
Every single cast member of this show is perfect.
I've been counting that episode down since it was announced! 😊
"AHHH i probably shouldn't have said that out loud,"
Watch the season premiere of NOW on Nominated for the Bell Media Award for Best Comedy Series or Program…
I feel like we should put together a walk-for-jimmy?
Major life decision!...I'm going to live with Willie, Jase, Si, Phil, and Kay Robertson to make duck calls for Duck Commander...
Hey I bought my girlfriend this burger (today is our anniversary) and it came with a bite out of it!
Read an excerpt from the book Miss Kay's Duck Commander Kitchen by Kay Robertson, a cast member from the hit show Duck Dynasty. Stay up to date on this show & more of your favorites on A&E.
thanks so much Kayleigh! Very sweet of you to say. Thanks for watching
Harold Ramis. Making us laugh from generation to generation. We'll miss you.
Mr. Leung is my favourite character and is done so well by - cant wait for tonight!!!
Harold Ramis: "For me, a screenplay starts with something I can tell other people in five minutes."
RIP Harold Ramis - who had a massive influence on my upbringing from a theatrical standpoint:
Our is Mr. tonight, too! At 7pm, he's with at 8pm he's in disguise for and
Anybody else going to the Extraordinary Women's Conference this coming weekend? Should be fun! And Miss Kay Robertson will be there! And some time with my bestie. Can't wait!
"Gerry Dee: The Substitute" airs tonight at 8 pm on CBC. I go disguise as a substitute teacher at a private school. It's payb…
Tonight on We're back from our Olympic break with a new episode featuring + and
"hey, where is everybody this morning?"- Confused drunk Canadians lined up outside bars right now.
Eheu Kay Mander! I suspect have seen some of her early stuff... .
I wish I had a grandpa/grandma like Phil and Kay Robertson
"Phil why don't you think dogs have middle names?" - Kay Robertson
"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." -Confucius
Went to church this morning with my moma and family ate Chile Verde with some goods folks (also accompanied by Mrs. Kay Robertson) sold my truck and made some good extra money then had a cook out at mamaws and enjoyed the company of my beautiful woman and some family members I ain't seen in a while hung out with one of my best buds this evening and now I'm in bed before 9.that's what I love about Sundays
Another thank you to - my best friend Paige, my home dawg 4ever - thank you for the support, I made it, today, because of you 💙👳
My fantastic, funny, best friends. Y'all changed my life. Thanks to our times then, I can stand tall now. Thank you💙
My sweet hubby killed 3 squirrels yesterday. Today, they're gonna be made with dumplings. I'm using Miss Kay Robertson's recipe.
Not a care in the world on the day my life changed, for the better.
Phil and Kay Robertson watch movie marathon
Layin in bed trippin over my life 🌈 My fans dont even understand every single scream, every lyric they sing back to me... k…
I wish I could just tell everyone what you are really like
So pleased 2 have 's accompanying us on the keys for
Oh great I just found out I'll never be royals
Canada retains gold medal record at Winter Olympics:
She reigns the fast lane. in the new Lunar2.
Tongue-in-cheek moment at closing ceremony recalls ring failure as began &
I actually miss being nervous and freaking out before races 😆
Watch the next big celebration for Canada, the Canadian Screen Awards March 9 on
The amount of selfies happening in this bar right now makes me want to barf
From this Mornings Duck Commander Devotional, "Phil says we have to love people more than we fear them, and I believe that's true. I always want to live a life of love." Miss Kay Robertson Who will you love today?
This afternoon at 3:00 our time, I went to my computer and logged onto the link Kay Robertson had sent. I watched Kay and Kitty give tribute to their mother along with their brother. It was a beautiful service. Honored to be able to watch and see my friends.
Alan Robertson told Miss Kay she should do her hair like mine!!!
Stedman Graham is hands down the most inspirational & smartest man I have ever heard of.
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Sitting down here in my computer room watching my friends, Kay Robertson and Kitty Van Andel's mother's funeral in California
I have first hand knowledge that Mrs Kay Robertson likes Chic-Fil-A.
Willie Robertson is it true that your mom mrs.kay used to live in idabel,oklahoma
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Anyone interested in Extraordinary Women's Conference with me at the Bi-Lo Center (ooops Bon Secours) March 14-15? Miss Kay Robertson and Lisa Whelchel will be speaking.
well I would accept it ... Good luck! 😊💙
Including the moon. “Good morning from the 57th floor. Hang on to your hat day
Miss Kay talks about Phil Robertson's dark times and how the family endured via
“Kay Robertson, star of Duck Dynasty on A&E, loves her Plexus pink drink!! She said that she feels great now that she drinks it everyday! Just one drink 30 minutes prior to breakfast. Why not PM me for further information.
Just got a flyer in the mail about the EWomen's conference in Pensacola this year. They have included Mrs. KAY ROBERTSON!!! WHOO HOO!! I hope I can make it this year!
This world needs more Phil and Kay Robertson
Kay Robertson send me a friend request
Ladies,I just got something about our women's conference and Miss Kay Robertson has been added.I am so ready for our trip.
KXOJ has been announcing that Miss Kay Robertson has been added to the list of speakers at the Extraordinary Women's Conference at the Mabee Center. Noah wants me to go so I can tell her that he likes her sons.
Still have a few Early Bird tickets available for the EWomen's Conference at Bon Secours Wellness Arena (old BiLo Center) on March 14 - 15th, for $49.00, which is $20. less than current tickets! If you've never been to one of their conferences, you've missed a real blessing! Speakers include Chonda Pierce, Kay Robertson, Pam Tebow and several authors and inspirational speakers. Check out their website @ to see the full lineup. Please message me if you're interested. Hope to hear from some ladies wanting to be blessed by the inspiration and fellowship of other ladies!
What you up to wkend Kay Robertson Elaine Burns xx
Phil and Kay Robertson of the hit A&E television program Duck Dynasty, share how their faith in Jesus has been integral to their success...
Adam Stauffer and coworker Eric Goethals had a fun opportunity yesterday. They went down to West Monroe, LA to do some work for a church. Only to find out that it is where the Phil and Kay Robertson go and actually sent me a picture of where Phil teaches Sunday school class.VERY COOL!
Old ms Kay robertson would drive anybody 2 drink I think she talks way 2 much.
Dinner table conversation: Riley: Mom, this is the best spaghetti ever! Me: Thanks bud! Riley: You're like Kay Robertson, only younger! Love that kid!
ummm they are all yuppies besides Mrs. Kay Robertson.
Marriage isn't about finding that perfect person and then settling down for the perfect's about living up to a commitment you made and learning to love the person you are committed to-Kay Robertson
It has not always been a life full of wine and roses for Phil and Kay Robertson but they have stood the test of time, defeated their demons and like a good bottle of wine gotten better as they aged together.
I really hope that if i ever commit a crime or become a druggo that i get magistrate kay Robertson. Most lenient chick around. Crims are on easy street with kay in the justice system.
Kay Robertson from & Pam Tebow added to our Conference on 3/28-29. Register by 2/14 & save $40
All I want in life is a marriage like Phil and Kay Robertson's.
I want my marriage to be like Phil and Kay Robertson
In the immortal words of Katy Perry, Duck Dynasty matriarch Kay Robertson was the embodiment of the "Teenage Dream." Take a look back at Kay's teen queen days along with the rest of the cast of your favorite guilty pleasure reality TV.
Fascinating pictures reveal Kay Robertson when she was a cheerleader via Miss Kay was a hottie!
Duck Dynasty patriarchs Phil and Kay Robertson talk marriage, duck calls and the family business
I'm not as stupid as you think I am
Fact or fiction? Kay Robertson of Duck Dynasty is a Plexus customer. FACT! Kay is taking two Slim packages a day (she does not take Accelerator) and is using the Fast Relief cream for pain! A friend of hers is a Plexus Ambassador. A friend of yours is also a Plexus Ambassador, me! So please, if you have questions about any of these products, please ask me!!
What a great day to set myself on fire :)
Who has ever felt personally victimized by our school board
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Everyone is going to be wearing their new clothes they got for Christmas and I'm still wearing leggings and a sweat shirt.
Oh god I forgot how much I hate all of you.
Hey all, SEASON 1 and SEASON 2 are up on TODAY. SEASON 3 starts FEB 24 at 9 pm on
but then theres Thrift Shop... i love that song
I'm actually writing this I'm actually going to do it wow
“I’d been fighting for this marriage and it just wasn’t working.” –Miss Kay . the Robertson story:
"When children grow up in an enviroment where their parents and grandparents love them and lead them, they have a better chance of battling the pressures of the world. Love them &lead them with your example." -Miss Kay Robertson So if you are a crook or lie then that is what you teach your babies. Smart Lady that Miss Kay
You are trying to warm up for your race but there are like 15 heats of the 200 just messing with your mind
No SUVs on Jupiter? Uh...oh-kay! . Uh, Pat? Have you not taken your meds today?
Well my cat got pregnant again so now I have to get a 2nd job :/
Today's devotion is written by Kay Robertson. Miss Kay is the matriarch of the family and the glue that holds everything together. Miss Kay has taught children's classes at her church for years and led scores of women's Bible study groups for the past twenty-five plus years. January 7: The Gift of Cooking 1Peter 4:9-10 I have always enjoyed cooking and learned a lot about it from my grandmother Nannie and from Phil's mother, Granny. When my boys were at home I always saw cooking as a gift that I could use to help share the gospel and also to provide a great atmosphere for my sons' friends, so they'd want to come into our home. Food continues to draw our family together, and I never want to lose the gift God has given me to open up our home and feed people delicious food. Prayer Father, I am so grateful for my gift of cooking and enjoying people in my home. I pray we never grow tired of having people in and feeding them. I pray that more people will learn this great art and use it to help people and expand ...
Kay Robertson said your hair is a mess get it cut. Who knew red Indians worked in the barbers at the metrocentre. Now she's taken me to see Mandela in the coldest cinema cos the heating is broke & she knows how much I hate the cold but she made me come & what's worse she made me put mustard on my hotdog yeeuukkk
"Due to school closures, before- and after-school programs cancelled, as are school events and activities"
Lol wena geh"Im so broke and sober,in Robertson's I trust -_-🙈"
Happy snow day bbys enjoy it for the sEcOnD dAy iN a rOw
Now I'll have time to do my homework but nah
All buses in Simcoe County have been cancelled today. Schools are open for student learning. Click here for more info …
Seeking a girlfriend. Qualifications are must look like Sadie Robertson and cook like Mrs. Kay and age like jennifer Aniston.
After reading Phil Robertson's autobiography I've come to understand that Miss Kay is perhaps the strongest & most kind woman on this planet
in his wildest dreams could he be half the man of any Robertson man. Including Miss Kay's dogs!
Sure Lock Homes would be a great name for a home security company
“So I've had all break and a Snowday to do my homework, mrs kubica is going to condemn me to *** diff teacher same story
I shouldn't have to worry about this
Arcade Fire and Outkast are more or less confirmed headliners.
I would love to go hear Miss Kay Robertson speak. Does anyone know how I can find out where she's gonna be? Or any Christian speakers?
Kay Robertson of Duck Commander and Duck Dynasty TV show! Lets bring her to the Food Network Chanel!
Please say a prayer for Kay Robertson she was at work and dumped. Hot scolding water on her bill is taking her to the e.r now
Ok . It looks like this "crud" has found its way to my mom! ..Please lift Kay Robertson Settlemyer up in your prayers . Thank you in advance Lord for your healing.
I just now re-watched the 3rd episode of the 3rd season of "Duck Dynasty" where Phil and Kay Robertson are having their picture taken with their dogs by an animal photographer who happens to be *** Phil doesn't have a kind word to say to the man the entire time he's there, he calls him "that little squirrelly guy" and he refuses to even shake his hand at the end of the shoot. I'm not one bit surprised at the comments he made recently about homosexuals that got him into so much trouble. That's some first-class homophobia right there. For shame, sir. For shame. Read a book besides the Bible every now an again. Open your mind. Join the rest of the civilized world. It's really quite nice out here.
"One Man, One Wife, For life" Kay Robertson. Even after divorce I believe this to be true. - JL
All purpose parts banner
"When I was younger, I read that a person can live so long without water, so long without food, but that you can never live without hope." by Miss Kay Robertson. I hope all my friends will have a great 2014. The gospel according to Claude.
Yes on holidays after today for 2 weeks should be a fab time as Kay Robertson and Peter will be staying with us can't wait
Making home made chicken and dumplings and a sour cream cake with orange glaze (recipe by Miss Kay Robertson) . Going to sit by the fire and re-watch nip tuck on Netflix. Waiting for our big snow storm of a foot of snow or better
Debating if I'd rather make out with Greta Van Susteren or Kay Robertson if I had the choice at midnight. I'm leaning more toward Greta. Happy New Year!
Robertson family Phil Robertson (Philip Alexander Robertson) created the Duck Commander duck call in 1972 and incorporated the Duck Commander Company in 1973.He played college football at Louisiana Tech University and was contacted by the Washington Redskins after his junior year. He chose instead to quit football because it interfered with duck season. Phil graduated from Louisiana Tech with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical Education and later received a Masters of Arts degree in Education via night classes while working as a schoolteacher. Phil is known for his dislike of modern technology and his concern that his grandchildren are becoming "yuppies". At the end of each episode, the family is shown at the dining table, with Phil praying over the meal. Kay Robertson (Marsha Kay Robertson, née Carroway), Phil's wife, is most often referred to as Miss Kay. She married Phil at age 16. She is the mother of Alan, Jase, Willie, and Jep. She loves cooking and often has her entire family over for a home-co ...
Miss Kay Robertson so reminds me of one of my bff's up in Heaven. Jill Furseth.
One day we will never have to part from those we love again...until then...when we will see our Sissy Sandra Kay Robertson Watts on that Heavenly Shore.there in God's Country!
Crunch Salad Dressing 1/4 c brown sugar 2 t salt 6 T seasoned rice vinegar (Apple cider works also) 1/2 c vegetable oil 4 drops Tabasco sauce Salad 11/2 c chow me in noodles 3/4 c hulled sunflower seeds 1/2 c slivered almonds, toasted 1 head romaine lettuce 4 green onions or scallions, thinly sliced 1. Make dressing in a small jar or something with a lid. Shake well to mix. Set aside 2. Combine the noodles, almonds and sunflower seeds. 3. Just before serving, layer the lettuce, green onions, and crunchy mix in a bowl. 4. Pour dressing over the salad. Shake in if it separated. Mix well and serve immediately. This is so delicious. I leave mine in layers. I increased to brown sugar and decreased the oil to taste. Also added feta cheese because we love it on salad. Credit this recipe to Kay Robertson (Duck Dynasty)
Kay Robertson makes no bones about what she believes. God’s design for marriage is “one man, one wife, for one life.” Her unashamed Christian faith has sustained her and husband, Phil, through good times and bad, and can do the same for you.
"Don't be afraid to admit your husband is better than you at some things. Hey -sit back and let him enjoy being the best. God made us all valuable!" -Kay Robertson
Our marriage is living proof that love and family can get you through everything. ~Miss Kay Robertson
Hubby got me a Ms Kay Robertson apron for Christmas; now, I can really cook up some squirrel dumplings for New Years.
Happy Holidays to you guys! Hope you are enjoying your time off as well as the family food and gifts that come with it. FYI to all and especially the three amigos Sage Archer, Audra Smallwood and Shelby Kay Robertson. On ABC 21 Alive tomorrow at 4 pm, the Katie Couric show will do a special on Progeria. It looked pretty interesting.
No one ever said life is going to be perfect; build a bridge and get over it...Kay Robertson... :)
3 things you should NEVER run out of .toilet paper, butter, and ketchup.~ Kay Robertson
Merry Christmas to Phli and Kay Robertson and to all of their family.America. is behind you.
Stayed up late watching Phil and Kay Robertson on the 700 club last night. Kay was and is a very strong woman, who always stood by and prayed for her man, even when he wasn't so nice. Phil soon followed his wife and excepted The Lord, I don't care what anyone says, I enjoy God and watching Duck Dynasty. Who's my favorite? PHIL..
Alan Robertson, eldest son of Phil and Kay Robertson started his Sunday morning sermon off with a little humor. "Hope your week went well, ours was kinda' slow."
Christmas Across America with Todd Starnes featuring Phil & Kay Robertson, Steven Curtis Chapman and Kathy Lee -- airs at 6 p.m. eastern. Just follow the link to listen online! (This was recorded before the liberals started attacking Phil)
Chelsea Brooke Chapman Was top bidder for the basket of goodies for Bayou Bully Rescue ! She has a Yorkie named Snoopy, And we hope Snoopy loves his goodies! Thank you so much Chelsea for your high bid of $95!!! And a big thanks to Kay Robertson for always helping me with the goodies for the dogs. This is a picture of Kay and Bobo at her house not too long ago, She loves her puppy children too!
I had a biscuit recipe that I had not made in a long time. Then was looking over the recipes from Kay Robertson on the Duck Commander website and realized she had basically the same recipe! Except hers were baked in cast iron. Got me to thinking as last time I tried the recipe I did have a problem with the finished crust. Light Bulb went off in head and tried hers this morning. Folks these are yummy, buttery, fluffy, soft biscuits like you've never had with the perfect crust on the bottom! Have updated my recipe to reflect her suggestions! You have GOT to try this!
Working on a Miss Kay Robertson recipe for my Christmas Dinner contribution. Crawfish pie! Hope everyone likes it 󾌫
I'm so enjoying the interview of Phil & Kay Robertson on the 700 club, if you want to watch you can see it on Their testimony is so good
I would like to wish Kay Robertson of Duck Commander and Duck Dynasty a VERY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
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