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Kay Burley

Kay Burley (born 17 December 1960) is an English television newsreader, presenter and journalist. She currently anchors the Afternoon Live programme on the Sky News station.

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While you're waiting Kay , a song for you , help pass the time , again safe journey an…
Many people would prefer contracting leprosy to Kay Burley.
I prefer stabbing myself in the face over Kay Burley
Quite funny Rachel. Can't believe Kay Burley is a Wiganer. She is ok but needs to be exactly what…
Rachael_SwindonI still prefer her to Kay Burley.
Kay Burley is fitter than a butcher's elbow.
Send Kay Burley and that annoying bloke from itv mornings, the one who always wears a shiny bl…
Kay Burley being a Steinbeck fan is one of the most surprising things to happen this century.
Kay burley stealing chips off a plate and minesweeping drinks. As if sky can't afford to feed you
Trump's threat of war to North Korea means Kay Burley has a monster wide on. At least we know what we'll be...
Most BBC journalists/presenters do this. Naga is also terrible. Slowly turning into Kay Burley, which isn't a good thing.
Can you imagine / do you remember when he was onscreen husband&wife with Kay Burley?…
They own it now though. Especially with papaw Beshear trying to down play the…
You can put that 'Kay Burley' theory to the test now, and join the boat people! 😋
She asked a question and I responded, you really are Kay Burley 2.0 aren't you...
I look like Kay Burley's rushing to the scene
Order Miche Bag Online!
On balance I'd probably still screw Kay Burley .
Not a massive fan of Kay Burley but she gave this Tory a good going over 😉
Did Gordon Brown not say "British jobs for British worker's"? Dont remember Kay Burley accusing him of racism
If men attempted to do this you'd have Kay Burley hammering at the door.
Kay Burley at it again. Ian Huntley's the what?! 😳
As if Kay Burley just called Chief Constable Ian Hopkins , Ian Huntley live on TV 🙈
I am impressed that Kay Burley has blocked you, good work! Here is link
She did the same with Kay Burley and got away with it. Eddie Mair a dif…
No three month 'hustings' or Kay Burley Dimbleby 'debates'. Let the members decide. And quickly.
He's persona non grata there, since the badly-recieved Brits ceremony he presented with Kay Burley last year.
Kay Burley has the most inappropriate voice inflections for a news anchor
Yer da just DMed Kay Burley "This gun's for hire, Even if we're just dancing in the dark"
news. Burley Mc Guinness. PROBABLY? PROBABLY?Theres one sure thingthe Brits had Machine guns and they CERTAINLY used them
Kay Burley quoting the IRA in an interview with a member of MOD 'You have to be lucky all the time!'
skynews kay burley saying arsenal sources from football writer. Just piki g right time to announce
Hamilton Collection
"It's rare I'm upstaged" says Kay Burley on Sky News. Kay, most of your guests manage that just by turning up.
Is there anyone else who thinks Kay Burley looks younger than 56?😉RT if you think she's hot 😆
Wooing a Hollywood heartthrob... We'll be speaking to birthday girl Pat Adams later on SkyNews — Kay Burley (KayB…
Sarah-Jane Mee is slowly turning into the antichrist that is Kay Burley, a Kay Burley 2.0 if you will... . 📰
. The sample for this poll was Kay Burley and the Lady she buys her shoes from , and her dog
pre-owned key system to be there. Her death isn't motivation, is it? Kay Burley's son. He was still cute. Look, I don't
Sky News: "What happens when article 50 is triggered?" Other than 2 years of Kay Burley Brexitgasms they mean?
I don't watch very often. Does Kay Burley usually make so many mistakes?
Kay burley wants to change the election of Trump and impeach him with no evidence what so ever.
Kay burley says she is happy about upcoming news item on trump facing allegations of russian involvent.
What makes me happy is watching Kay Burley on 😊😊
I feel a bit guilty because I'm only blocked by hard left headbangers. Oh, and Kay Burley.
Kay Burley is even weirder than we thought...
Kay Burley doing anything is troubling tbh, she's a monster
Kay Burley dabbing has distressed me way more than it should've
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When a nation's soldiers and police officers are quitting in droves, something is very seriously wrong!.
Trying to outdo Kay Burley in talking over Trying to put words in her mouth. Will Kezia get a free run? BBC proud
They get to shunt Kay Burley off to Channel 5
I suspect Kay Burley will be there in force but will have tiny figures compared to BBC.
you make a massive assumption that anyone cares. Her Royal Highness Kay Burley will have a job for life ha ha
I watched this interview. Kay Burley was borderline irrational as well as downright rude.
it's possible I have wee sneaky separate profile for seeing blocked accounts . need to know what Kay burley is up to ;-))
how can Kay Burley say no terrorist have entered USA yet,last nigh her words get her facts right,mind you she's rubbish
It's certainly uncomfortable to listen to, more Kay Burley than Jeremy Paxman
Kay Burley on arguing for the Union. Totally unprofessional sadly it would appear SKY going down BBC route
Sky News boss Laura Watson reveals she's tried to sack Kay Burley at least a dozen times but the ageing presenter simply refuses to leave.
Loud, loud and very loud.even louder than that actually AND she looked like a cross between Kay Burley & Ruth Gordon 😂😂😂
Sky Sports are really reaching now on they've just shown us a Cafe, a Cinema and the back of Kay Burley's head at their campus.
Kay Burley should be fed intelligent questions to ask instead of bull ,annoying
Kay Burley live from Washington for the as Brian Harvey
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Christmas Day sales 2016 - Antony Welfare live on Sky News with Kay Burley
It's a close run thing but I'd say the Final for most repugnant woman of the year has to be between Kay Burley and Emily Thornberry.
What a lovely interview of Jamie Oliver by Kay Burley. and other good things happening.
BBC being petty , nowt wrong with Kay Burley and Sky .
Jim Naughtie's voice was breaking. Kay Burley looked like she was about to break into song.
Kay Burley or Geoff Shreeves. I can't decide who I find more irritating as an interviewer 🤔
David Dimbleby showing Julie Etchingham and Kay Burley a thing or two when it comes to chairing a TV debate.
Chris Ashton on the wing offers promise but with the prospect of Danny Sonner and Kay Burley up front, you'd have to back Portugal
Kay Burley on Sky News is the same: she thinks the show is all about her. . ...
Did your 'mystery' source have anything to say on ? Watch out Kay Burley, Laura's after your job
After watching the elections dear I've made a decision!. I dislike Laura Kuenssberg as much as Kay Burley. It's Jan Leeming all over again!
2014: KayBurley calls Yes campaigner a "k***" live on tv these reporters have too big an ego
ring-type-thing, is it? Kay Burley's an awful person, right, but dogs can express emotion, and are upset by different things. As an
is Laura Kuenssberg auditioning for Kay Burley 's job ,,,flippin eck! , she's terrible
This Laura woman on the BBC is more annoying than Kay Burley. NO ONE HAS EVER COME CLOSE to how much I loathe Burley.
I don't like Kay burley that fake laugh ok press preview time to learn sh
Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen reveals that he's playing the father of the main character in Star Wars film Rogue One
I'm tempted to follow him so I can get blocked, like I am off the moose and Kay Burley, make the hatrick
Kay Burley - right. This darling is not a Nationalist. How dare you! 💜
Love this caption:. 'Kay Burley, 55...' . A detail that makes ALL the difference to the story 🙈
For a minute I thought you meant Kay Burley...
BBC News channel coverage of Alberta fires about 2 second mention, then back to trivia. Sky News a proper report. Kay Burley rocks.
Can someone scoop Kay Burley up and dump her over the Alberta wild-fires please.
Oh Leicester, you went and ruined it...
Right, this Leicester thing has gone too far now...
SkyNews on Indovision. Kay Burley moderating. All I can think of is, "Sack Kay Burley! Watch the BBC!"
Kay Burley saying Wonder what the pickpockets were up to when the coppers were doing there dance.Cant stand her.
ffs it's like Kay Burley all over again
Kay Burley is currently dribbling in a corner...
Red Sky in the morning, Kay Burley’s said something embarrassing again.
This is the moment a Jamie Vardy lookalike was picked up by the Leicester City team bus for a celebratory lunch
Reports suggest that the gunman involved in a shooting in Houston was sacked this morning
Reports suggest that the gunman involved a shooting in Houston has been shot
Multiple sources say at least two people have been killed and others wounded in a shooting in Houston Texas
Leicester grime artists Squad pay musical tribute to their Premier League-winning team
Kay Burley is the holy grail though. The Jules Rimet trophy of getting blocked.
Live footage of on his historic trip to Cuba
Kay Burley presenting the Words By Women Awards is like giving Babysitter of the Year to Louise Woodward.
David Cameron uses Commons statement to pay tribute Iain Duncan Smith and back George Osborne as Chancellor
If you missed it, here is praising & IDS in the Commons
After skeletons from the Iron Age are uncovered in East Yorkshire, Kay Burley asks police if they have any suspects.
Sarah Jane Mee absolutely tore George Osborne to bits with factual questioning . Give her Kay Burley 's job / spot in Sky News ! WELL DONE .
DavidBaddiel: David Baddiel: I see Malcolm Muggeridge is trending because Kay Burley mixed him up with Cliff M...
Arsenal 'fan' Kay Burley has just had a pop at someone for the state of their hair in their bio pic - which is actually of Charlie George.
I mean, maybe Kay Burley just does random RIP's every day. Tomorrow, she'll be like 'RIP Jill Dando' or something. Maybe it's her thing.
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bet none is giving Kay Burley as much of a kicking as us though...
Is that Kay Burley, I can hear cackling in the background?
IMO Ian Katz made a big mistake with She has shown herself to be the BBC's Kay Burley over
and Kay Burley along with every other sane person, is rightly offended that hater trolls write Madeleine off as dead.
Fourest's important book includes cameos from such disreputable figures as Kay Burley and Cathy Newman, I'll wager.
Steve Coogan could do worse now than turn on Sky News & get some Alan Partridge material by taking notes on Kay Burley.
What would the people of York City do without Kay Burley. God bless her and her quick thinking
I believe the reason the second coming isn’t happening anytime soon is that God knows that Sky will despatch Kay Burley to report on it.
Huw Edwards is the consummate anchor. Kay Burley, not so much.
The difference in broadcasting standards between Jeremy Thompson and Kay Burley is staggering
Big shoutout to the team including Jeremy Thompson, Mark Longhurst & Kay Burley for outstanding journalism during the
Would seem that Kay Burley is to news reporting what Andy Townsend/Michael Owen are to football commentary.
Its never a good sign when Kay Burley has been trending. You just know there has been a face palm incident
Kay Burley or Jackie Bird...which one would you prefer to see removed from your television screen? I'm genuinely torn
Same as Sky News sending Jeremy Thompson and the appalling Kay Burley. Perhaps the Guardian should send Polly Toynbee?
Jeremy Thompson broadcasting on Sky News, you know it's serious when or Kay Burley appear at the drop of a hat
You cant be the real kay burley until u start arguing with trolls on here&calling them "pet"
Station controllers..what is the point of Stig Abell?This slot needs a new presenter asap imho!It was actually better with Kay burley!
Kay Burley talks about 'the Mexico border'! What? If she can't bring herself to say MEXICAN then please... http…
Kay Burley been photographed at the crash site in Egypt, trying on a dead woman's luggage?
And did you come first in that Kay Burley's *** lookalike contest dear?
Kay Burley is doing a HALO jump into the crash site as we speak.
Kay Burley in outer space for Sky News on ?
Was that Kay Burley interviewing on that space hotel?
Germaine Greer, Chuka Umunna and Kay Burley - it's the TCW Week in Review
So Kay Burley is an Arsenal fan. Might have known...
If any OAPs snuff it walking the long way round I'll be straight on to Kay Burley
Kay Burley always asks the tough and controversial questions, like whether the local chip shop uses ***
A bit like Kay Burley then?. How does it feel.shouted through a leter box.
Another lovely edition of I especially liked the Kay Burley Fish & Chips stuff.
If it wasn't for the expertise interviewing skills of Kay Burley I don't think they could of made this weeks Good News
Uhh, sorry, should have said something nasty so I can tell all my mates that I got a reply from Kay Burley off Sky News!!!
So many bloody superhero action figures. Where are the Martin Roberts or Kay Burley or 'that girl off the Vistaprint advert' figures.
Leonard's just trying his Halloween outfit on. He's got the right face for "Krazy Kay Burley" . He looks like he'd strangle your cat too.
thanks for sharing Kay Burley, have a great Thursday :) (insight by
Kay Burley is made from discarded body parts from plastic surgery of old Loose Women
Kay Burley never got an offer like that
Fresh woe for Greece as Sky News confirms it's sending Kay Burley to present live from Athens from tomorrow.
During a career in journalism spanning more than 30 years, Sky News anchor Kay Burley, pictured, has been unflinching in enc…
There are no words to explain the hate I have for Kay Burley. I'd like to do the tv report when she dies.
but I need Kay Burley. Edward Lear is dead
lets hope Kay Burley doesn't get any ideas.
Aw I see we share an achievement having both been blocked by Kay Burley 👍🏻
WATCH here for our latest weather forecast
Try and ignore the fact that Kay Burley completely effed up the question by calling Thierry “Arsene”.
“He went to school this morning and will not be going home tonight” Kay Burley being nice and subtle there
Yes - but that's Kay Burley you're talking about! Sensational alarmism likely the primary intention there.
Kay Burley. "Mist and rain over northern Britain while in Scotland expect rain". Sounds like Scotland became independent!
has been covered by Kay Burley interviewed his wife Claire...
Kay Burley just mentioned BE HEADING when talking about British man in . Saudi Arabia tut tut 🐞
Sky News A child is missing . Parents have lost a daughter. Kay Burley please not so much excitement/ hysteria. Not fitting.
Kathy Gyngell: Kay Burley is just another bossy feminist when it come to the mythical gender pay gap
Now That's the Kay Burley I like. Who brought a spark to Sky when it began. Really love this "Kay"👌🏾
"Henry told Sky presenter Kay Burley Scholes 'could do anything' with the ball and was underrated" via
Never thought I'd say this, but I'm jealous of Kay Burley.
If Kay Burley and George Osborne were on fire and I had a huge glass of water, I'd break the glass and stab them to death
Kay Burley needs retraining on how to conduct an interview . In a professional manner, Not 1980s style 🐞
Only because Kay Burley ( The Marge Simpson of Interviews). Asked him what he thought. CRINGE WORTHY! 🐞
- Kay Burley interview with Alton Towers chief gets more than 1100 complaints
Can we have Eamonn Holmes and Kay Burley moved to a home shopping channel where they can annoy a crystal decanter with "edgy" questions?
I can feel Kay Burley draining my powers all of the way from Gosforth.
My fav thing about the Kay Burley hoo-hah is she's blocking anyone who points out a) HIV ≠ AIDS and b) Dean Street is a sexual health clinic
John Humphrys, that was bad but not quite Kay Burley
Watching Celebrity 15 To 1 & the only thing that could make Sally Phillips more attractive to me is if she punched Kay Burley in the mouth.
Quite like the streetwise way that Corbyn-nominating Dawn Butler deals with Kay Burley here: "What's WRONG with you?" http…
Kay Burley and Jim Spence - The SEVCOLITION. Truth and Destruction at their middle names.
Can't wait until the Murdoch empire takes over a football club and appoint Kay Burley as manager
Kay Burley interview with Labour MP over Jeremy Corbyn doesn't go as planned
Kay Burley's water cannon question brings Boris Johnson interview to an abrupt end
surprised Kay Burley isn't abusing the management team at the tourism companies in the same manner she did Nick Varney
The only person creepier than Kay Burley in the whole entire world is Jimmy's ma off Boardwalk Empire.
Kay Burley interview cleared - Good news for common sense and journalism
Piers Morgan on why he'd promote Kay Burley after Alton Towers row
The petition to get Kay Burley sacked from Sky News is nearly at 50,000 via : For dong a good job?
42,000 people now want Kay Burley sacked -
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Petition to sack Kay Burley over Alton Towers interview has topped 33,000
.Kay Burley says Alton Towers boss will 'get over it' But i dont see her take the same approach with dodgy
George Osborne absolutely skewered on Sky News today by Kay Burley:
Kay Burley spent the morning reporting on, essentially – nothing. People were mesmerised (via
Be good if this new baby princess has magic ice powers and it freezes Kay Burley and David Cameron
The only way I'd be interested in this Royal birth is if it came out like the baby in V. Kay Burley then interviews David Icke - "told you"
Oh my god!! Kay Burley running round outside a posh hospital in a demented state it must mean that there is...
Stark choice at breakfast between Kay Burley getting people's names wrong outside a hospital and David Cameron struggling to appear normal
I have an appointment at St. Mary's Hospital next week - on the same day that the Royal baby is due. Have to push past Kay Burley to get in.
They are nearly as mad as Peter Hunt and Kay Burley
Here's a video of Kay Burley trying to make Peter Andre cry. Tough journalism:
Kay Burley remembering Prince George's birth: "[Pink] wouldn't do now Kate had had a boy so I grabbed another quickly. It was burnt orange."
Kay Burley reveals how she is preparing for next week’s royal birth
Julie Etchingham showing Kay Burley how to be a skilled presenter rather than a national laughing stock
The people of Golgafrincham had the right idea, getting rid of a useless 1/3 of their population on a spaceship Kay Burley, Kelvin McKenzie
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Kay Burley presenting election debate with Jeremy Paxman is journalistic equivalent of Mystic Meg presenting The Sky At…
David Cameron MP and newsreader Kay Burley attend the launch of Charlie Brooks' new novel... > hmmm…
Kay Burley didn't stop interrupting Ed and Paxton asked personal questions and Ed kept cool and calm…
Does anyone actually know why Kay Burley asked so many supplementaries off Ed Miliband but none from David Cameron?
Here's Rose if you missed it earlier (and Kay Burley hasn't sapped your will to live):
TrendsLiverpool: Kay Burley, kayburley is now trending in
Kay Burley as arbitrator put in far too much interjections as distraction
Miliband is completely incompetent but it should be remembered that Paxman is a Tory and Kay Burley is pure evil
You could swap Kay Burley with a Curly Wurly and it would be as, if not more, politically powerful
Kay Burley journalism = "But he was nasty to his brother. policies, what policies?"
Kay Burley may as well have been wearing an 'I'm a Tory' sandwich board.
Kay Burley should now stick to reading scripted news.
Kay Burley did the same thing. Below the belt. Miliband exceeded expectations of most people, but not me
My TL now full of Kay Burley apparently briefing against the leader of the opposition. Bit odd.
"Does Kay Burley understand that she's supposed to be unbiased? Might as well be wearing a conservative badge…
". says Ed Miliband was "shaking" beforehand so evident what Kay Burley is doing.
Strange how Kay Burley gave Cameron an easier ride than Miliband
"Your poor mum" Did Kay Burley really say that to Miliband? Yes
Am confused whether Kay Burley is supposed to ask supplementaries? She didn't with Cameron but does with Miliband
I think Ed Miliband would have swayed the audience in the first section if Kay Burley hadn't kept interrupting him with …
Is Kay Burley being bloody paid by Cameron. Miliband is doing well though
You called David Cameron a chicken says Kay Burley, who just let a fleeing Cameron out the door. ht…
ELECTION: Fury as Kay Burley is accused of bias after being caught blowing David Cameon backstage at debates.
Janet Street-Porter quoting the "Happiness Survey" wins the prize for stupidest contribution of the evening. Including Kay…
My son has decided Kay Burley is 'an *** . I can report this because she blocked me.
Kay Burley is popular on my t/l. In the same way Stan Collymore, Andy Townsend and Jamie Redknapp are.
Afraid we clearly can't trust Paxo and Kay Burley to take an impartial approach
Kay Burley is a terrible journalist, an atrocious host, an abysmal presenter and she really seems like a very unpleasant …
"Impartial" moderator Kay Burley - even with odds stacked, scores a home run
umm Kay Burley, Jim Murphy and Janet Street Porter Racist are all on Ed Milibands side.
Both Kay Burley and Janet Street Porter in one evening is more than I can handle.
Kay Burley and David Cameron - she was always going to be less tough on him, wasn't she?
Paxman was the alpha male Burley knew who the leader of the pack was demolished Cameron debasEd Miliband Kay was an assistant
I knew Kay Burley in my TV journalism days - when she was young. She was never innocent. Nuf said.
Kay Burley the Murdochite coming out regularly. Harder questioning personally. Virtually gave Dave a hug and a kiss. E…
Kay Burley has certainly forgot her roots tonight,would expect more coming from Labour heartlands
Would just like to clarify, I'm no relation to Kay Burley. Thanks.
Missed this week again. Comes to something when you think a "debate" with Kay Burley putting the boot into Ed is likely to be better.
Please get Kay Burley off these debates. If she can’t give both equal treatment, she shouldn’t be allowed to host. More …
Kay Burley getting excited about someone being called Zayn Malik and interrupting David Cameron. Grow up love
Cameron v Miliband, via Paxman and Kay Burley: why tonight's non-debate is a pathetic show of our 'democracy'
I suppose Kay Burley's much tougher interrogation of Miliband makes up for the bias of our newspapers. Oh wait
Kay Burley briefing against EdM according to all the journos in London. No class piece Tory windbag.
Worked out who Kay Burley reminds me of: Catherine O'Hara in For Your Consideration. It's in the eyes
Understand why Kay Burley got more animated vs Mili after sluggish Cam segment - but effect was to undermine programme's neu…
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on Kay Burley... wish I'd written this...
Funny how Kay Burley spent 20 minutes basically heckling Ed Miliband. Didn’t do that with Cameron, did she?
Kay Burley lost for words re Germanwings pilot. I'm sure she'll find them in time to chase his grieving family, barking questio…
The moment when Kay Burley introduced Zayn Malik and everyone got very excited.
Kay Burley is the definition of someone who is so terrible at her job it is laughable. What value does she bring?
And here is Malcolm Tucker's file on Kay Burley...
Kay Burley to Cameron: Could you eat 3 Shredded Wheat?. Kay Burley to Miliband: Just how much does your family hate you?
Kay Burley and Eamonn Holmes are the reasons I don't watch Sky News
Kay Burley treats Cameron like a Daily Record journalist listening to Dave King, then treats Miliband like Jim Traynor speaking to anyone
Kay Burley, I'm saying this as a potential Tory voter, at this point, you are showing abject and obvious bias
I wonder who Kay Burley votes for...😑
Kay Burley is Lorraine Kelly on downers after a rough weekend
Oh so NOW Kay Burley remembers that she can intervene?
I was expecting Kay Burley to give Cameron a Blue Peter badge! It was all so crass!. Where did you get that audience from?
Kay Burley vs Rachel Riley in a ladder match for my heart
Ratid! Kay Burley just radicalised more unradicalisable "Get over yourself"John went to catholic school
Kay Burley asked an Islamophobic and racist question. Can I ask if she condemns sex offences? .
How is Kay Burley islamophobic for telling the Jihadi John sympathiser to shut up & get over yourself? Hows that offensive?
Kay Burley really is the worst journalist in the world - every interview an audition for Fox
Kay Burley and Sky News seem on the path towards the UK having their very own Fox News.
'Jihadi John': CAGE representative storms off Sky News accusing Kay Burley of Islamophobia
CAGE representative storms off Sky News after accusing Kay Burley of Islamaphobia during 'Jihadi John' interview
Nationalist and Green parties will be invited to take part in election TV debates ahead of the general election, it is understood. The SNP; Plaid Cymru, the Party of Wales; and the Green Party of England and Wales will reportedly get the opportunity to share a platform with the major parties after the broadcasters changed their blueprint for the programmes. Original proposals would have seen three debates. The first, co-produced by Sky News and Channel 4, would have pitted Prime Minister David Cameron for the Conservatives against opposition leader Ed Miliband for Labour in a head-to-head formation chaired by Jeremy Paxman and presented by Kay Burley. The second programme was to air on the BBC and feature Mr Cameron, Mr Miliband and deputy prime minister and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg. David Dimbleby was to host. The final debate would have included Ukip leader Nigel Farage alongside the other three men and would have been presented by Julie Etchingham. However, reports suggest a fresh offer has b ...
Sky News hag Kay Burley is the mother of Footballers George and Craig Burley
Ooh a veiled threat from Kay Burley to a Police Officer who dares to use Social Media. Whatya gonna do Kay?
Good to see Kay Burley making friends with the British police.
Kay & Burley. 2 words which some up why I hate Sky News
be funny to see Kay Burley stood in Nigeria giving live updates.
is that you wanting a square go wi kay burley Niven?
Two terrorists on the loose in Paris have been named as Kay Burley and Martin Brunt.
Breast Cancer Awareness
you better not turn out like Kay Burley, only interested in the story. can't stand her.
Martin Brunt and Kay Burley are ghouls at the best of times. If people die it's a sexier news item.
Who on Earth decided to send that gibbering *** Kay Burley, to such a tragic event? She made a confused situation worse!
Today's 'head to desk' winner (& it had a lot of competition from Kay Burley).
Sky News is the best TV News station in the world!!I watched SkyNews the whole day live from France!Kay Burley is No.1!Chris
Kay Burley just confirmed the Paris terrorist has "been killed by police, probably shot". Thanks Kay. I didn't think he was…
Kay Burley at her best. Guest: "I think people should be allowed to offend others.". Burley: "Yes. But not to shoot them in …
Hope all the hostages survive & the terrorists get their faces blown off. Kay Burley catching a stray bullet wouldn't be a dis…
Kay Burley couldn't string 2 words together if she was paid to. Useless
Some light relief re the NHS for a change A&E departments unable to cope with influx of news teams A&E departments across England are struggling to deal with the unprecedented numbers of reporters and news crews that have descended upon them in the last few days. Cameramen have reported being kept waiting in corridors for up to eight hours, and more than twenty hospitals have admitted missing their target of enabling broadcasts to be transmitted from their emergency rooms every four hours. ‘The demand is just too great for us to cope with’ explained Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital’s spokesman Hilary Chappell. ‘Attention from the media always peaks during the winter months, but this year, with an election just round the corner, we’ve just been swamped. We’ve called in all media-trained staff in an attempt to clear the backlog, but during peak times, such as when the six o’clock and ten o’clock news is on, the number of journalists seeking attention is simply too much.’ ‘Part of the pr ...
Maybe Kay Burley could team up with Martin Brunt and doorstep some terrorists. That would have them scared.
I'm waiting for Kay Burley to tell that she pays his wages next.
Just blocked Kay Burley as she's blocked me. Two can play at that game.
Who else but Kay Burley would continue to stand and broadcast from in a previously closed road that was now open?
"some people may have lost their lives, but I'm sure they'll agree this was a success" Kay Burley channelling her inner Pa…
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I don't even think Kay Burley could.
Same news over and over with added kay burley it's a bloody nightmare!
Can anyone explain why Kay Burley has turned on ?
Kay Burley is often bashed on social media but her marathon stint from Paris today shows again there are few better live n…
Quick close all the ports/Eurostar, so kay burley will have to stay in France lol
VIDEO: Several loud explosions heard in central Paris - and are at the scene
VIDEO: Flashes seen in shop as explosions are heard at site of hostage-taking in central Paris
they shud send sum 1 different than Kay Burley out of her depth plus all that plastic surgery!"
I heard Kay burley say that the police were going in "well tooled up" earlier. What a strange woman she is
I watched it on FrenchEng News Channel 513. Put it this way. The presenters are fitter than Kay Burley!!
What's the Katie Hopkins of Sky News, Kay Burley done this time?
Kay Burley has blocked me. I criticised Sky reporting. Never her. And she's blocked me. Isn't that an odd thing to do?
Kay Burley has been particularly sensitive today
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