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Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard (born June 29, 1991) is an American professional basketball player with the San Antonio Spurs of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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JUST IN: Warriors HC Steve Kerr says team will try to add LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard & Anthony Davis for next seas…
San Antonio Spurs promising rookie Dejounte Murray will work out with All-Star teammate Kawhi Leonard over summer in San…
Spurs got Kawhi Leonard, LaMarcus Aldridge, Danny Green, Tony Parker, and now they might add CP3. That isn't fair. That team is too stacked
"Hidden trends of the MLB draft: Is the No. 5 pick cursed? Mike Trout is ... Kawhi Leonard?" { by } Via
Patty Mills, Danny Green, Jonathon Simmons, LaMarcus Aldridge and Kawhi Leonard with Zaza related injuries turned off. ht…
Could y'all still do this? Try John Wall, Gary Harris, Kawhi Leonard, Anthony Davis, and Jokix
Hey remember when the drafted Biyombo over Kawhi Leonard and and Clay Thompson?
let's say Jeremy Lin, sean Kirkpatrick, Kawhi Leonard, Hollis-Jefferson, brook lopez. I take that over Indiana and Chicago right now
Jimmer Fredette puts up 43 against Kawhi Leonard and SDSU, 2011.
Per Coach Pop, Kawhi Leonard will not play tonight
Kawhi Leonard of San Antonio Spurs out for Game 4 vs. Golden State Warriors - . The San Antonio Spurs were ... -
Kawhi Leonard has been ruled out for Game 4, his third consecutive missed game.
Zaza Pachulia's family threatened after Kawhi Leonard injury
Zaza Pachulia hired security for his family following threats over the Kawhi Leonard injury
Zaza Pachulia's family threatened on social media after Kawhi Leonard's injury
Zaza Pachulia's family threatened after Popovich's comments on Kawhi Leonard injury.
Zaza Pachulia’s family being threatened after Popovich’s comments on Kawhi Leonard incident
Zaza Pachulia says he and his family received death threats after he injured Kawhi Leonard https:/…
NBA Rigged, how both Kawhi Leonard and Isaiah Thomas both out in their biggest series' of the season??? Smh.
Isiah Thomas out.. Kawhi Leonard out.. . Can we just fast forward to the Finals.. 😏
Kawhi Leonard is out for Game 3, but so is Zaza Pachulia. That's totally fair right?
Breaking: Kawhi Leonard will not play in Game 3 tonight vs Warriors.
Kawhi Leonard will not play tonight, per Coach Pop
Kawhi Leonard will NOT PLAY in tonight's game 3 in San Antonio, per coach Gregg Popovich.
Danny Green shows his frustration with Kawhi Leonard's injury.
Kawhi Leonard, Draymond Green, and Rudy Gobert all have been named finalists for Defensive Player of the Year. https:/…
Russell Westbrook,James Harden & Kawhi Leonard are all great players but The MVP should be LeBron James.He is in a League…
Kawhi Leonard wasn't only injured player at practice facility this morning. Danny Green told there was also a Tony…
Danny Green said both Kawhi Leonard and Tony Parker at the practice facility today. Both in good spirits.
For some reason this pic of Tony Snell and Kawhi Leonard in high school kills me
update: Kawhi Leonard at facility; Tim Duncan at practice. Aldridge jokes Tim "talks too much" now. More-->
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This Just In: Spurs announce Kawhi Leonard is questionable for Game 3 against the Warriors.
Kawhi Leonard is listed as questionable for Game 3 tomorrow.
I wanna know who voted Kawhi Leonard third team though?
I completely agree with the 1st team ▶️All-NBA first team: James Harden, LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, Kawhi Leonard and A…
Kawhi Leonard named to the All-NBA first team, joining James Harden, LeBron James, Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis.
are you suggesting Justin Anderson isn't the second coming of Kawhi Leonard? 🙄
He will develop into a shooter in the NBA. He's the closest guy to Kawhi Leonard coming into the league - on J…
warriors balling... but they can't guard Simmons so imagine if Kawhi Leonard was playing 😳
The Spurs with Kawhi Leonard vs without him
: Kenny Smith : " We know Kawhi Leonard is the best player in the west. "…
Sekou Smith checks in with GameTime to report on the status of Kawhi Leonard heading into Game 2.
Gregg Popovich goes in on Zaza's questionable play against Kawhi Leonard in Game 1
San Antonio Spurs star Kawhi Leonard isn't the only player in doubt for Game 2 of their NBA playoff series.
Spurs star Kawhi Leonard ruled out for Game 2 vs. Warriors
Kawhi Leonard's MRI reveals no structural damage to his ankle. He is listed as doubtful for game 2 vs
Gregg Popovich says Kawhi Leonard will not play in Game 2 htt…
head coach Gregg Popovich just blasted Zaza Pachulia for play that injured Kawhi Leonard in Game 1
Kawhi Leonard is out for Game 2 and possibly Game 3 vs. Golden State. . Sorry Spurs but.
Kawhi Leonard (sprained left ankle) is doubtful for Game 2 tomorrow. Tony Parker remains out.
Desmond Mason explains why he thinks the Zaza Pachulia play that knocked Kawhi Leonard out of Game 1 wasn't dirty:…
The crowd booing an injured Kawhi Leonard as he hobbles off the floor is digusting. What a terrible fan base. Unbelievable.
Kawhi Leonard is better than Kevin Durant. Don't @ me!
It's pathetic how it takes an injured Tony Parker & Kawhi Leonard for the nba's biggest super team to barely win @ HOME. War…
A very angry Gregg Popovich on Zaza Pachulia's intent to cause harm to Kawhi Leonard in Game 1.
Gregg Popovich felt Zaza Pachulia's closeout on Kawhi Leonard was inappropriate. .
After Warriors played the Blazers and Jazz, they will now play a Spurs team with no Tony Parker or Kawhi Leonard. TALK AB…
WATCH Kawhi Leonard on ankle injury "very painful" adds he doesn't think Zaza Pachulia play was on purpose Gam…
*** I would be scared if I were the Cavs! The Warriors just beat a Tony Parker-less & Kawhi Leonard-less Spurs team😮😱
The Warriors are the luckiest team ever. Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving in the 2015 Finals, and Kawhi Leonard now.
Leonard doesn't think Pachulia tried to hurt him.
Kawhi Leonard was limping after that last three. He doesn't show much emotion. But he placed both hands on his cornrows.…
Kawhi Leonard addresses media postgame on his injury and the intent behind it.
“That’s really stupid." -- Zaza Pachulia on people calling him dirty for the play that got Kawhi Leonard injured
LaMarcus Aldridge, Kawhi Leonard and Manu Ginobili lead the Spurs in Game 1 | May 14, 2017
Pachulia should be suspended for purposely sliding under Kawhi Leonard's foot not allowing him to land. Dirty play.
Kawhi Leonard is better than anyone on the Warriors.
Undeserved win, you injure Kawhi Leonard just to make a comeback
Kawhi Leonard getting hurt is the break America hoped the underdog Warriors would get.
Kawhi Leonard will not return to today's game after spraining his left ankle in the 3rd quarter.
Don't say GSW took advantage of Kawhi Leonard injury, they intentionally INJURED Kawhi Leonard, didn't just benefit from it.…
Stephen A Smith tomorrow on First Take about ZaZa injured Kawhi Leonard.
There's no convincing me Zaza Pachulia wasn't trying to injure Kawhi Leonard. Dirty play.
Naw, that's Kawhi Leonard, who was handling them, until Zsa Zsa took matters in his own feet
Kawhi Leonard re-injured his ankle when he landed on Zaza Pachulia's foot in the third period of Game 1.
Spurs' Kawhi Leonard re-injures left ankle, done for Game 1
.UPDATE: Kawhi Leonard has agreed to let doctors amputate his foot. He will donate his foot to the troop…
Don't let Kawhi Leonard's injury distract you from the fact that Steph dropped 40 on em!
Spurs fans after Zaza took out Kawhi Leonard
imagine how Kawhi Leonard feels. He had his team up by 27 before getting injured on a dirty play and his teammates blew the…
Kawhi Leonard just walked to training room. No limp, nothing on ankle. They're taping it up now.
Kawhi Leonard is set to have an MRI on his ankle tonight.
Two large injury situations in this series--Kawhi Leonard (ankle) and Andre Iguodala (knee).
Zaza Pachulia out here pulling a Jalen Rose on Kawhi Leonard.
Kawhi Leonard postgame on the ankle injury, the Pachulia play and more, says he doesn't think it was intentional https:…
Zaza Pachulia says of those who though the slid under Kawhi Leonard on purpose: "That's really stupid."
Kawhi Leonard on Zaza Pachulia: "Did he step under it? Like on purpose? No, he was contesting the shot. The shot clock wa…
Kawhi Leonard leaves Game 1 after suffering ankle sprain, will not return. 😕 
National media: "The Warriors 25 point historic comeback lead by Steph Curry". *Fails to mention Kawhi Leonard got injured…
Spurs Kawhi Leonard re-injures left ankle, done early Game 1 -
If Kawhi Leonard don't get hurt Spurs BLOW out Warriors
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Well done warriors, it takes kawhi Leonard getting injured for you to come back.
Zaza Pachulia with his foot under Kawhi Leonard while shooting. Leonard heads to the locker room with ankle injury
That wasn't anywhere close to a dirty play on Leonard by Pachulia. It was a good solid contest. It's unfortunate what h…
kawhi Leonard will forever be the dude from the cookout.
Kawhi Leonard is expected to undergo an MRI.
LA_Lakers247 San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich just let LA Lakers fans know the latest on NBA All-Star Kawhi Leonard. …
JUST IN: Spurs F Kawhi Leonard has a Grade 6 Ankle Sprain and will miss the rest of the playoffs (via h…
Kawhi Leonard is MVP. Idgaf what anybody says.
All in all, I am now impossibly certain Kawhi Leonard is slander-free. That guy is incredible
"I feel good. I'll get back healthy. I have faith in my teammates and we're going to see what happens Game 2." - Kawhi Leonard
.UPDATE: Doctors have successfully amputated Kawhi Leonard's foot. Doctors say Kawhi has been the most h…
After Kawhi Leonard exited with an injury, the closed the gap in the 3Q. .
bad things will happen to you for what you did to Kawhi Leonard on the court tonight ya bum. 😂😂
This game has basically been Kawhi Leonard's case for MVP.
RAPID REACTION 🏀: Kawhi Leonard's injury, a dirty play by Zaza or just a coincidence?
Kawhi Leonard looks like Todd Anderson from the cookout
SportsCenter Video: Kawhi Leonard's health will determine competitiveness of Warriors-Spur…
(Marc Gasol and his Memphis Grizzlies face Kawhi Leonard and his sizzling San Ant...) has been published on Ti ...…
Sources: There's strong optimism within the Spurs that Kawhi Leonard will be prepared to play Game 1 on Sunday vs. Gold…
NEVER GIVE UP!. Tonight, Jonathon Simmons started in place of Kawhi Leonard and outplayed James Harden.
Shocked to see the Rockets getting destroyed at home by the Spurs without Kawhi Leonard and Tony Parker. WOW 😯
Russell Westbrook is the MVP! - Lose 4-1. James Harden is the MVP! Getting destroyed by Spurs. Kawhi Leonard is the MVP! Sp…
Al Horford ranks 3rd in the NBA Playoffs in win shares. LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard are the only two players ahead of hi…
Kawhi Leonard is out tonight. Jonathon Simmons starts in his place. Who is Jonathon Simmons? . You'd be surprised to find out…
Kawhi Leonard, Avery Bradley and Pat Beverly best defenders in the NBA
Greg Anthony just said John Wall has been the 2nd-best player in the postseason. Kawhi Leonard says hello, but this isn't a terrible take.
Take away the narratives and Kawhi Leonard just Gerald Wallace with a system.
Kawhi Leonard is so *** good if the picked him over Jan Vesely they would easily be in the finals.
kawhi Leonard definitely is but KD is a close 3rd
I wrote a Kawhi Leonard jingle because it's finals week and I have my priorities straight
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Kawhi Leonard threw down an epic revenge dunk on Clinta Capela …
I'm sorry I still don't think Kevin Durant is better than Kawhi Leonard.
Kawhi Leonard: 34 pts on 13-16 from the field 81%, 7 reb, 8 ast, 3stls, 1 blk. Oh yeah also held Harden to 13 points on 3-17…
Psst. Kawhi Leonard is awesome. Love his game. But he’s got a dirty little secret on the court:
Jimmer Fredette was drafted 5 picks before Kawhi Leonard
*Kawhi Leonard averages 7.0 assists this series* .
Just seeing Joey BadA$$ live & he might be the Kawhi Leonard of rap
Kawhi Leonard was in my job today, I couldn't get a pic or nothing. Didn't even see him walk out the back door. Still the coolest thing ever
"Kawhi Leonard is the best player in the NBA". LeBron fans:.
Kawhi Leonard always looks like he can't believe what's going on, but he's not about to be the guy to say anything about…
Kawhi Leonard is by far my fav player in the NBA rn. Real G's move in silence like lasagna and he don't talk, he don't laugh, he just frown😈
Kawhi Leonard & LaMarcus Aldridge combine for 52 points as the take a 2-1 series lead!
Aside from being good at 2k; I'm professional, humble, unselfish. I carry myself similar to Kawhi Leonard.
Kawhi Leonard in Game 3: 26 points scored + 17 points off 7 assists = 43 of Spurs' 103 points.
I'm ***PRAYING*** for Josh Jackson and (hopefully) OG Anunoby, who reminds me ALOT of Kawhi Leonard!
Kawhi Leonard: Best player in the NBA. Often tonight, THREE Rockets couldn't contain him.
Kawhi Leonard dunks on Clint Capella, James Harden returns favor on Pau Gasol
ISO Joe Johnson is how Kawhi Leonard game will be at age 42-45😆🏀
Coach Fizdale almost blew up Kawhi Leonard's spot the other night. (Secret's still safe). 😂
LeBron could go 2,757 straight games without an assist and STILL have a higher career Assists Per Game average than Kaw…
Kawhi Leonard has literally done everything since 4:06
I've only seen two people stop Kevin Durant in the NBA. . 1.Kawhi Leonard . 2. Russell Westbrook
Kawhi Leonard and his hot wings coupons are so San Antonio Spurs
Career games with 8+ assists:. LeBron James: 497. Kawhi Leonard: 1. Move over LeBron, there's a new sheriff in town!
Kawhi Leonard is the same person as Yohan Blake
Skip Bayless makes the case for Kawhi Leonard over LeBron as the NBA\'s best overall player. (SPEEDonFOX)
In an alternate Marvel reality Lebron James is Thanos and Kawhi Leonard is the Silver Surfer.
Kawhi Leonard and Tony Parker doing some magic. 👌
Kawhi Leonard now has 5 games with 30+ points these playoffs - first Spur with 5 in a postseason since Tim Duncan in 20…
Idc what you say, Kawhi Leonard is better than Labron James.
Aaron Hernandez: Humble, takes time to take pics with kids. Kawhi Leonard: Yells, all about himself, doesn't take pics w…
Kawhi Leonard is the fourth player to average 30+ ppg in a Playoff series. (Gervin 4x, Robinson 2x, Duncan 1x)
I've had an unbroken streak of David Robinson to Tim Duncan to Kawhi Leonard. What unparalleled fortune.
David Robinson, Tim Duncan and now Kawhi Leonard. Spurs find these low-maintenance high IQ super star level talents and just keep building.
It started with getting Tim Duncan after David Robinson's injury. But who could've seen the greatness of Kawhi Leonard coming?
James Harden and Nene or Kawhi Leonard and Patty Mills?. Best 1-2 punches in the playoffs so far
Imagine if the Cavs had Kawhi Leonard and Klay Thompson... 😱
"I’m trying to be the best team in the world. It’s not about me. It’s about the Spurs." . - Kawhi Leonard
Kawhi Leonard: 47 of 48 from the line this series.
Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, and Russell Westbrook do so much for their teams, they need help
Kawhi Leonard with another clutch playoff career-high. 16 Straight in the 4th quarter! . FULL HIGHLIGHTS:
There are no more superlatives to describe Kawhi Anthony Leonard...
Kawhi Leonard was on different level tonight: 48 points, 8 rebounds, 6 steals, and 3 assists.
Kawhi Leonard was so angry after the game that he crumpled up a paper cup and threw it into the trash bin.
remember when folks said Curry was "Miles ahead" of Kawhi Leonard on offense? lmaooo yea good times
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Stephen Curry is better than Kawhi Leonard. Not debatable.
Spurs' Kawhi Leonard personally outscored the Grizzlies 24-22 in the final four minutes of regulation and OT.
Bucks. If I were to start a franchise tomorrow, Kawhi Leonard would be my 1st pick. He was amazing last night.
I love EVERYTHING about Kawhi Leonard. That is all.
Kawhi Leonard joins elite company. In the last 35 years, one of the most dominant games we’ve seen:
Suggestion on how to stop Kawhi Leonard.Get him before he gets to the area! Joey Buttafuoco style!
04-23 wins NBA Defensive Player of the Year again...
Kawhi Leonard can have my children.
David Fizdale got jokes about Kawhi Leonard. 😂. "I think he bleeds antifreeze or something."
Mike Conley and Kawhi Leonard made Game 4 an instant classic via
What a battle between Kawhi Leonard and Mike Conley, and what a shot by Marc Gasol to tie the series for the http…
Kawhi Leonard is the most overhyped player I've ever seen in any sport
Spurs lose on a career night for Kawhi
Zaza Pachulia has more all-star votes than Kawhi Leonard, Anthony Davis, DeMarcus Cousins, KAT. good job?
Kawhi Leonard does this basketball thing pretty well.
So Kawhi Leonard had 19 points with 4 minutes left in regulation yesterday... and finished with 43. Not a typo
Kawhi Leonard looking like Kobe Bryant with this clutch jump shot! 🔥.
Coach Fizdale: "I'm taking suggestions on how to stop Kawhi Leonard."
Despite taking the loss, Kawhi Leonard still put on a legendary show.
Kawhi Leonard could win the championship and still look like this
Kawhi Leonard leads the with career-high 43 points & 8 rebounds in Game 4.
Kawhi Leonard put the Spurs on his back (43 points), but it wasn't enough as the Grizzlies pulled out the W in OT https…
Kawhi Leonard vs Mike Conley got me like...
Paul George is overrated and Jimmy Butler is better than Kawhi Leonard. He's diet Kawhi
Kawhi Leonard is the first player in NBA history with at least 40 points, 5 made 3-pt FG and 5 steals in a playoff game.…
The greats rise up in the moment...yeah I'm looking at you Kawhi Leonard 🏀 and Mike Conley!
Kawhi Leonard is a MACHINE! I'm definitely not a Spurs fan but, man it's fun to watch him play!
Kawhi Leonard has 69 points on 28 shots in his first 2 playoff games. . Russell Westbrook 73 points on 66 shots in his first…
David Fizdale suspects Kawhi Leonard is a robot who ‘bleeds antifreeze’
I liked Chris Singleton more than Kawhi Leonard for the Rockets
I would rather Chris Singleton over Kawhi Leonard for the Rockets. They need defense so bad, and Singleton gets a sligh…
Remember when the Pacers traded Kawhi Leonard for George Hill, a bag of gummy bears and the DVDs of all the Friday'…
When you watch George Hill of Jazz, remember boys and girls, he was the one Indy got from Spurs.for a guy named Kawhi Leonard.
The more I watched Chris Singleton today and thought about it, the more I think I like him better than Kawhi Leonard in…
Here’s a bunch of people in 2011 who would have picked Chris Singleton over Kawhi Leonard
I like George Hill. But I'll always remember him as the guy the Pacers traded Kawhi Leonard for. Worst trade ever? Definitely top 5.
I will say this: Grizzlies fans apoplectic about Kawhi Leonard taking 28 FTs in two games should want no part of a seri…
The best line up right now. Who can beat me?. PG- James Harden. SG-Kawhi Leonard. SF-Paul George . PF-Gianni's Antetekumbo. C-Hassan Whiteside
I can't believe we gave up Kawhi Leonard for George Hill. If we had Kawhi this changes the whole East for years. ugh, smh.
They have a top 20 player and all star in Kawhi Leonard. Just like the Pacers have Paul George and Bulls have Jimmy Butler.
The Cavs are 0-8 when LeBron didn't play. The Spurs are 7-1 when Kawhi Leonard did not play. via
Paul George should be where Kawhi Leonard it is now or better.
I wanna see a Kawhi Leonard vs Paul George series one day
Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are essentially the same career players. If Kawhi is top-5, then PG is 4 or 6.
Like...sit back and think about this: Kawhi Leonard and Paul George could've been teammates right now. They could've been running the East.
Kawhi Leonard is the first Spurs player with 35 Pts and 10 Reb in the playoffs since Tim Duncan in 2008.
Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are two of the most slept on players in the league.
Kawhi Leonard joins Dirk & Pierce as the only players since 1985-86 to make 19 free throws or more without missing in an
Through two games, Kawhi Leonard has 69 points on 20/28 from the floor. That works out to 2.46 points per attempt.
Kawhi Leonard and Giannis Antetokounmpo were both the 15th pick in their drafts.
Kawhi Leonard now has more points than Sean Elliott in the playoffs. Leonard moves into 6th in Spurs history with 1,119 postseason points.
Kawhi Leonard is 19 points away from passing Sean Elliot for 6th All-Time in San Antonio Spurs playoff scoring.
Greg Popovich treats Kawhi Leonard w/ same accountability as 15th man on Spurs. Just how operates. . Transition years haven't been an excuse
Kawhi Leonard is the ultimate basketball player to coach! Team first, committed, athletically/fundamentally great, smart, and hard working!
Steph Curry has now outplayed Russell Westbrook, Kawhi Leonard, & James Harden without Kevin Durant and during a tough…
Kawhi Leonard has played 465 games. He has only 1 technical foul so far. (via SB Nation)
Trade Jordan Clarkson Julius randle Brandon Ingram luol Deng for Kawhi Leonard and Manu Ginobili so gain some veteran experience
You can always rely on Kawhi Leonard for an incendiary quote after a big game.
Kawhi Leonard is the 3rd player in history with double digits in 100 consecutive games (G.Gervin, D.Robinson). .
Kawhi Leonard: more unassisted FG than Cavs have as a team. Leonard is 7-13 on shots w/o an assist opportunity, Cavs are…
"There's three that I really enjoy watching: Russell, James, Kawhi Leonard. I love watching that generation." -
Kawhi Leonard makes plays as LaMarcus Aldridge steps up - Pounding The Rock
Kobe Bryant's favorite players to watch in the NBA are James Harden, Kawhi Leonard, Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook. 👀🐍 h…
two different players. Jason Kidd or Kawhi Leonard? Who would u pick?
But have no issue when 25 year old Kawhi Leonard (nice summer vacation) takes games off
Kawhi Leonard takes it to the next level! 😳
Kawhi Leonard (34 pts) joins David Robinson and George Gervin as the only Spurs to record 25 30-pt games in a season. htt…
I didn't know smush Parker could score on Kawhi Leonard 🤙🏽
Kawhi Leonard was back in the lineup tonight after suffering a concussion - it's like he never left.
Larry said that Magic has a lot to learn as a GM. Considering that trade, Kawhi Leonard for George Hill... well apparently he does too.
No LaMarcus Aldridge, Kawhi Leonard, Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson or Andre Iguodala for the Warriors-Spurs g…
Kawhi Leonard has entered the NBA's Concussion Protocol. He will not play in tomorrow's Spurs-Warriors game.
Kawhi Leonard talks nutrition and it's quite interesting.
David Aldridge has reported Kawhi Leonard was hit in the head and taken back to the locker room.
The San Antonio Spurs just revealed Kawhi Leonard's injury right before the end of their loss to the Oklahoma...
to Kawhi Leonard shooting against UNLV in the 2011 Mountain West Conference Tournament.
Kawhi Leonard has now scored double figures in 91 straight games - tying Tim Duncan's longest streak of his career: 91 straight…
San Antonio Spurs veteran Pau Gasol explains why Kawhi Leonard should be NBA MVP
David Lee and Johnathon Simmons confirmed as starters for LaMarcus Aldridge (rest) and Kawhi Leonard (
John Cena or Undertaker? FOX Sports just revealed which WWE superstar San Antonio Spurs SF Kawhi Leonard would be.
Lineup note: Jonathon Simmons, David Lee will start in place of resting Kawhi Leonard, LaMarcus Aldridge on Wednesday.
Spurs went from David Robinson to Tim Duncan to Tony Parker to Manu Ginobili to Kawhi Leonard. Whoever runs this world…
Kawhi Leonard now has 21 games with 30+ points this year - the most in a season by a Spur since David Robinson's 23 in 1995-96.…
Omg. Kawhi Leonard. Manu Ginobili cannot believe what he's watching.
Kawhi Leonard has the most 30+ point games by a player in a single season (23) since David Robinson in 1995-96.
Kawhi Leonard is the first player with 3 straight games of 30 Pts, 5 Reb and 5 Ast since David Robinson (1993-94)…
Kawhi Leonard with the clutch 3 then blocks James Harden at the other end. How many times do I have to say Kawhi> Harden ht…
Washington Post Forget about the usual suspects. The NBA MVP might be Kawhi Leonard. Washington Post In an NBA…
I don't think many schools can challenge SDSU's 3 headed baseball-basketball-football monster of Tony Gwynn, Kawhi Leonard & Marshall Faulk.
Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs are 8-1 vs. BOS/GSW/HOU/OKC/CLE... In those games Leonard is averaging:. 30.8 PPG. 5.8 RPG. 3.6…
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I'm am watching vs I've always had Kawhi Leonard IN the MVP discussion. Now, it may be time for…
That Kawhi Leonard sequence was so good it needed to be slow jammed...
Kawhi Leonard looks like the friend that doesn't smoke or drink. *** prolly got a coloring book collection
Any other Wizards fans have this problem when people mention Kawhi Leonard's name?
"Kawhi Leonard, the best closer in basketball by far, has edged up in the MVP race past LeBron James, past James Harden." —…
Man Kawhi Leonard is one incredible player. Consistently wins games for his team and is never cocky. Great all around player.
Kawhi Leonard, right now, is probably the best player in the NBA.
Kawhi Leonard selected for random drug test minutes after MVP performance against Rockets.
Kawhi Leonard was in beast mode vs Houston last night 🔥. 39 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists & some clutch plays down the stretch i…
When you can't believe what Kawhi Leonard just did.
Kawhi Leonard's quiet, methodical rise to NBA superstar
When Kawhi Leonard scores 39 points, you post Kawhilights. It's the rules.
So 22% of people polled thought it was ok to compare Kawhi Leonard to the goat Michael Jordan... How sway?!?! 🤔.
. on the Kawhi Leonard MVP topic... Max won that.
Kawhi Leonard picked for random drug test after 39-point heroics.
Woke up this morning and had to slow jam the Kawhi Leonard sequence again... I'ma be here all day doing this.
Leonard should win both. No other defender in the league has elite players avoiding them like Kawhi.
So the NBA keeps "randomly" selecting Kawhi Leonard for drug tests?
UPI Latest News: San Antonio Spurs' Kawhi Leonard gets his wish with drug test after big game
Spurs' Kawhi Leonard gets randomly drug tested after spectacular performance against the Rockets
Kawhi Leonard is a beast. Hits the clutch 3-pointer to put the Spurs on top then blocks James Harden! 🔥✋️.
Kawhi Leonard has 30+ points in each of the last four straight games. He had four games with 30+ points in his CAREER before th…
Kawhi Leonard holds down the top 2 spots on Monday's Top 10 Plays with clutch offense and defense!
Kawhi Leonard randomly drug tested by NBA after hitting game-winner vs. Rockets
NBA announce Kawhi Leonard as the Western Conference Player Of The Week. Congrats to the Klaw.
Yesterday we told you to give Kawhi Leonard a serious look for MVP: Last night he did this ⬇️ h…
Kawhi Leonard ABSOLUTE. . NAILS. Hits COLD-BLOODED go-ahead 3, then HARVESTS James Harden's soul at the other end to se…
Kawhi Leonard 2017 MVP. Harden has no defense and Westbrook's team will go nowhere.
Kawhi Leonard makes everyone wonder if he, not James Harden, should be MVP - The Washington Post
Kawhi Leonard is a 2K MyCareer created star. Every year he earns enough VC points to buy new animation packages/skill sets.
The Spurs went from David Robinson as their best player to Tim Duncan to Kawhi Leonard lmfao. Unfair franchise.
Kemba Walker & Kawhi Leonard take home Player of the Week honors.
Harden and Westbrook have to share the MVP spotlight with Kawhi Leonard on Stein's ballot.
Kawhi Leonard is the 1st player w/at least 30p/10r/5a/6s in a game since Alvin Robertson in 1986.
Kawhi Leonard has scored double figures in 88 games straight. Only 5 have longer active streaks (Westbrook, Harden, Thom…
I, for one, enjoy this never-before-seen practice footage of Kawhi Leonard.
I get my defensive game by looking at Kawhi Leonard, Matthew Delladova, and Patrick Beverly play. their defense inspires mine fr
Listen to what Brandon Ingram says he hopes to take away from Kawhi Leonard.
Brandon Ingram said how Kawhi Leonard plays & specifically, attacks no matter who's on the court, is a 'model' for how h…
Kawhi Leonard has now scored double figures in 86 games straight - the longest streak by any Spur since Tim Duncan's 91…
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