Katy Perry & Taylor Swift

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (born October 25, 1984), known by her stage name Katy Perry, is an American singer, songwriter and actress. Taylor Alison Swift (born December 13, 1989) is an American country pop singer-songwriter. 5.0/5

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Get the perfect mix of Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and some Lorde thrown in for good measure.
Thread of Katy Perry's milestones/accolades that Taylor Swift could wish to achieve.(take into consideration that Taylor has…
I'd say that whole Taylor Swift / Katy Perry thing a while back. Other than that I'm drawing a blank.
Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry teaming up to end Zara Larsson's career .
Vote who's your favorite singer? :. A. Katy Perry. Or. B. Taylor Swift. For me A.Katy Perry
the difference between Katy Perry's (C+) and Taylor Swift's (D-list) vocals
Arre you on Katy Perry's side, or Taylor Swift's...?
Which Katy Perry or Taylor Swift song is better, Timmy?🙄😡
Taylor Swift has outsold every artist who has dissed her through out her career including Calvin Harris, Kanye West & Katy…
Despite Taylor Swift having TWO videos over 2 BILLION views, Katy Perry Still outviews the entirety of Taylor Swift's…
Max Martin (Britney Spears, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry) has been rumoured to be producing on CC1!
Katy Perry has just passed Rihanna and Taylor Swift on Spotify and becomes the most listened female artist right now with 25.…
Taylor Swift's 'Fearless' sold more in the U.S. alone than Katy Perry's highest selling album, 'One of the Boys' has w…
Katy Perry gets her groove on with arch rival Taylor Swift's BFF Ellie Goulding at Universal BRITs after party
Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are equally excellent in terms of music. Neither one is better than the other.
I just found out that these celebraties: Katy Perry, Robert DNeroh, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, & Balock Ohboma are
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To be clear, I'm not anti Katy Perry or Taylor Swift or whoever. I don't think I've ever bashed them on here or anything.
Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Kelly Osborne and Joy Behar all walked into a bar. TWH!
A rare pic of Katy Perry & Taylor Swift together before the feud 💘
Taylor Swift and Katy Perry both hold the record for having the 2nd most of all time on the Digital Songs Chart. h…
This is why famous people like Katy Perry, Zayn Malik, Nicki Minaj & Miley Cyrus hates Taylor Swift. awww... :'(
You know what I'm grateful for. Ryan Adam's cover of Taylor Swift's "1989." O, and also Taylor Swift. And while we're at it, Katy Perry.
Andy Cohen recalls awkwardly bringing up Katy Perry to Taylor Swift in new book
Andy Cohen has revealed Taylor Swift immaturely shaded Katy Perry while at the Met Gala. Maybe she's upset Katy has a h…
Taylor Swift. -Sues every country. -Congress is replaced with her squad. -Orders CIA to find and capture Katy Perry https…
Katy Perry at the Late Show in leopard print as Taylor Swift steps out for Lorde's…
The Top 20 best-selling artists of the Digital Era has been revealed. Rihanna, Taylor Swift &Katy Perry top the list
Katy Perry really did dance to that Kanye West line about Taylor Swift.. Related Articles:
Katy Perry and Taylor Swift when they saw each other at Drake's birthday party last night
Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and John Mayer all attended Drake’s birthday party 👀
It’s not Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry but debates can also be fun
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Demi Lovato isn't exaaactly a fan of Taylor Swift's squad. What she has to say about "tearing Katy Perry down" NOW on We…
Demi Lovato stands by slamming Taylor Swift for trying to 'tear down' Katy Perry -
Demi finally speaks up about Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and the Bad Blood Video! 🙌🏻 yas gurl drag her 💁🏻
Taylor Swift cannot sing three octaves, something Katy Perry is yet to achieve.
Zara Larsson on whether she'd rather duet with Katy Perry or have a drink with Taylor Swift in a recent interview.
Most followed people on the planet:. 1. Taylor Swift. 2. Cristiano Ronaldo. 3. Katy Perry. 4. Selena Gomez
Reese Witherspoon apologized to Taylor Swift & Katy Perry... did SHE start their feud?
Katy Perry says she'd collaborate with Taylor Swift on one condition
Can anyone fill me in on the beef between Taylor swift and Katy Perry lol, I'm nosy ..
Katy Perry recently confessed she would collaborate with Taylor Swift if she apologized. Would you want to see that?
Katy Perry open to collab with Taylor Swift on one condition
⚡️ “Katy Perry would work with Taylor Swift after an apology”.
Does this mean Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are friends again?...
Katy Perry says she'll collaborate with Taylor Swift on one condition
Taylor Swift doesn't need to apologize, Katy started the chaos. Stealing Tay's Dancers and trying to sabotage the...
I'm thinking about playing Taylor swift & Katy Perry songs all day tomorrow 💈💈💈
Katy Perry has more songs in the WW iTunes Top 150 than Rihanna, Beyonce, Taylor Swift , Gaga and Ariana Grande. https:…
The only female artists to have multiple MV's with 900M+ views. • Taylor Swift. • Katy Perry. • Adele. • Ellie Goulding
Katy Perry's dad reveals her feud with Taylor Swift 'ain't over yet'
"RED" outsold every album released by Katy Perry and it's not even Taylor Swift's best selling album
Katy Perry, Hoodie Allen, Taylor Swift, Pitbull, my list goes on...
"I met Katy Perry, so I would rather fly with Taylor Swift because I've never met her before" -Britney Spears
WELCOME TO KING HYSHA'S BLOG : Taylor Swift is the highest paid celebrity of 2016 Cristiano Ronaldo, Katy Perry and:
Rumour has it that Taylor Swift had been REJECTED in favor of Katy Perry's 'Rise' as the official Olympics song! 👀🔥 http…
Ted Cruz endorsing Donald Trump was about as likely as Katy Perry endorsing Taylor Swift.
Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Kayne West, Kim Kardashian now Harris have all exposed Taylor Swift aka real life Regina Georg…
Katy Perry better than Taylor Swift too fdb
*Katy Perry watching this Kim K and Taylor Swift beef*
Katy Perry wants us all to rise & unite together.. Yet she's still tripping over Taylor Swift lololol
Still waiting for Katy Perry to drop that Taylor Swift Diss Track
(Katy Perry gives Calvin Harris a lesson on how to deal with Taylor Swift (
i would like to thank Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Kim Kardashian, Kanye and Calvin Harris for exposing Taylor Swift aka Re…
'Roar' by Katy Perry has been viewed more in the last 24 hours than any of Taylor Swift's 37 Music Videos.
The first & only female acts to reach 9B combined views on YouTube/VEVO:. Katy Perry. Rihanna . Taylor Swift ht…
Katy Perry had more writers on her album ‘PRISM’ than Taylor Swift has had on all five of her albums combined.
If you like Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Carrie Underwood, I love you.
Tegan and Sara Quin on saying farewell to guitars and sharing the stage with Katy Perry and Taylor Swift
List of female artist better than Beyoncé:. -Lorde. -Katy Perry . -Taylor Swift. -The Weekend. -Selena Gomez. -Avril Lavinge . -…
Jennifer Lawrence telling James Mcavoy that he can’t have both Taylor Swift and Katy Perry in his apocalypse squad
Jennifer Lawrence and James Mcavoy talking about Katy Perry and Taylor Swift 😂
Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris have sold more singles than both John Mayer & Katy Perry combined. htt…
Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are respectively the artists who have sold the most digital songs in the USA. htt…
Katy Perry and Taylor Swift hold the record for most from an album (5) on the Billboard Adult Pop Songs
Katy Perry has 2 albums that sold at least 5M+ copies outside the US, something Taylor Swift is yet to do even once htt…
Artists who've scored the most singles so far this decade:. •Rihanna. •Katy Perry. •Bruno Mars. •Taylor Swift. •Adele
Acts with the most videos on YouTube with 1M likes. One Direction / Justin Bieber -16. Katy Perry / Taylor Swift -11 htt…
This is a big endorsement deal. Only huge pop stars have endorsed Coca Cola like Britney, Shakira, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Katy Perry etc.
Taylor Swift has more self-written songs on 'Fearless' than Katy Perry has on her whole discography.
Taylor Swift sold more albums in a space of 3 years & 1/2 than Katy Perry has in her whole 7 year career.
bruh right now it's a neck and neck battle between Katy Perry's Teenage Dream and Holy Ground by Taylor Swift for most uplifting song ever
s/o 2 the MYFM radio billboard that has Katy Perry, Adam Levine, Taylor Swift and Rob Thomas on it and says "V A R I E T Y" in giant letters
SMILERS let's help Katy Perry to win this over Taylor Swift! https:/…
but does the badass music consist of Katy Perry and Taylor Swift!?
this to help Katy Perry to win over Taylor Swift!
She's going to be the biggest vintage Taylor Swift and Katy Perry fan ever
Life is no Taylor Swift Music Video but it might nearly be. Does that mean anything if I'm still Katy Perry?
Taylor Swift's lowest selling album sold more than Katy Perry's best selling album.
The ONLY artists in history to have 3 videos with 700M+ views on VEVO.. • Taylor Swift. • Justin Bieber. • Katy Perry h…
Going all out here... Taylor Swift 'We are never ever getting back together' & Katy Perry 'Cal7fornia Gurls' :)
The three most covered artists, from this century [2000 - now]…. 1️⃣ Taylor Swift. 2️⃣ Rihanna. 3️⃣ Katy Perry
Sir Georg Solti, won 32 he's the king of all Orchestra, Taylor Swift & Katy Perry must be a Rockstars also
The only artists to have two videos with over 1,000,000,000 views on VEVO:. •Katy Perry. •Taylor Swift. •Justin Bieber
Listening to Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande , Katy Perry, etc. wakes me up & brings out my white side 😊
Most watched female singers on YouTube in 2016 so far:. Taylor Swift. Adele. Katy Perry. Rihanna
Taylor Swift is good, sure, but she's no Katy Perry
Kanye and Katy Perry should put out a Taylor Swift diss.
Is gonna Taylor Swift gonna speak about Kesha's situation or Selena Gomez...Katy Perry maybe? Where is your feminism n…
Where tf is Taylor Swift. Wheres Katy Perry. Wheres all these so called celebrity feminists when Kesha needs you? Help
I've learned the true character of other artist after all of this. Katy Perry is fake Taylor Swift is fake
Katy Perry has reached out to pop rival Taylor Swift & invited the Bad Blood singer to her pre-Grammys party.
I liked a video Ariana Grande, Miley, Jennifer Lopez, and Katy Perry's reaction to Taylor Swift
Katy Perry is siding with Taylor Swift after Kanye West’s nasty diss!
Taylor Swift, you spoke on Kanye but not Katy Perry.. okay
Katy Perry is better than Taylor Swift just as Nicki Minaj is better than Lil Kim. They don't need grammys
Bad Blood over? Katy Perry invites Taylor Swift to pre-Grammys party...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
just watched it. If he end up making a record with Taylor Swift or Katy Perry, then you right
Taylor Swift has now won a Grammy for her single 'Bad Blood'! Sadly, Katy Perry won't be credited for this!
Yeah, I'm dropping Taylor Swift back on that island with Katy Perry and Anne Hathaway.
Katy Perry has had a single with every album. Something Beyoncé, Lady Gaga & Taylor Swift have failed to do.
Jessica Alba, Biel, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift without... The rest with.
BADLANDS is better than Lady Gaga's, Katy Perry's, Taylor Swift's and Beyonce's discographies combined! Tea only!
Despite failed to top the Hot 100 Katy Perry's 'Hot n Cold' has sold more copies than Taylor Swift's 'Shake it off'. http…
Taylor Swift is yet to release an album that can outsell Katy Perry's 'Teenage Dream' outside the United States.
Number of videos with over 400M views on vevo:. Taylor Swift + Lady Gaga + Beyoncé = 6. Katy Perry "Alone" = 6
None of Taylor Swift's songs ever released have spent more days at on iTunes Worldwide than 'Roar' by Katy Perry. http…
Even if you multiplied Taylor Swift's UK singles by infinity Katy Perry has still more.
5 of Katy Perry's singles sold 10M+ copies worldwide, meanwhile none of Taylor Swift's singles have ever done that. ht…
Artists with the most US singles from one album this decade:. • Katy Perry. • Rihanna. • Adele. • Taylor Swift
Listening to people like Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Melanie Martinez, etc
*** agrees with me that Taylor Swift is a better singer then Katy Perry!
Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry at the Pre-Grammy Party on february 7th, 2009
More from Adele, Katy Perry, One Direction, Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson... We pay copyrights for you to play music in your store!
I bet the competition between Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, and Andy Williams back in the 1950s was as fierce as Katy Perry and Taylor Swift
Music's big winners in 2015: Taylor Swift, Adele, Katy Perry & Kendrick Lamar
Taylor Swift broke 9 records from Katy Perry, do you think that Katy will beat her back in her upcoming album?
Adele, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are yet to have an album with a higher metacritic score than 'The Fame Monster'. ht…
Katy Perry - This is How we do . Avril Lavigne - What the *** . Rcity feat Adam Levine - Locked away. Taylor Swift - I knew trouble
Taylor Swift's best-selling single still sold far less copies than Katy Perry's third best-selling single “Roar”. http…
Find out what Katy Perry copied from Taylor Swift:
The guy who featured in Taylor Swift's Blank Space video features in Katy Perry's H&M ad, The car is the same too! 👀 h…
Justin Bieber isn't king of pop, Michael Jackson is. Taylor Swift, Katy Perry or Lady Gaga aren't Queens of pop. Madonna is …
There’d be no Taylor Swift or Katy Perry without Alanis Morissette
Katy Perry, not Taylor Swift, is the highest-paid woman in music... -
Katy Perry is the highest paid woman in music, beating the likes of Beyoncé & Taylor Swift.
Katy Perry beats out Taylor Swift to become 2015’s highest-paid woman in music
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Hard to believe that behind Katy Perry and Taylor Swift is Stevie Nicks and Christine Mcvie for top grossing women in music.
Taylor Swift, Kim K, Kanye, Magic Johnson, Katy Perry, and even Beyoncé all support Clinton. It's okay tho, we all have our own opinions.
"Maine is ranked among fastest growing celebrities just behind Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Ellen DeGeneres and ahead of Jimmy Fallon."
Katy Perry's had at least one hit with every album released, Taylor Swift & Lady Gaga haven't managed to do that. h…
Taylor Swift has earned more money this year than the amount of money Katy Perry is worth in total.
Whether Taylor Swift’s “Bad BloodMusic Video is about Katy Perry is still up for debate, but Todrick Hall’s...
Taylor Swift snatched the most viewed female video on VEVO from Katy Perry, and now of all time from Justin Bieber! ht…
Katy Perry is singing at a rally for Hillary Clinton. So Martin O'Malley covered Taylor Swift on The View.
Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Rihanna all have 2 songs to go at least 9x platinum in the US. Taylor Swift has none. http:/…
"Int: Taylor Swift or Katy Perry?. Niall: Ohh...Katy Perry, yeah. Love her.". Louis and Harry im. ht…
Niall Horan would choose Katy Perry over Taylor Swift, Louis Tomlinson thinks it's a good choice via
Disclosure on Sam Smith, ‘Lord of the Rings,' partying with Taylor Swift and Katy Perry and more
'Honeymoon' has a better meta-critic score than all of Taylor Swift, Adele, Lorde, Rihanna, Katy Perry albums.
'Poker Face' by Lady Gaga has outsold every single released by Katy Perry, Rihanna, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift.
Together, Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez have sold more albums and singles than Katy Perry & Demi Lovato have combined. h…
'1989' by Taylor Swift sold more in its seventh week than 'PRISM' by Katy Perry did in its first week.
Gaga, Beyonce & Katy Perry all lost their Emmy noms. Taylor Swift won hers & she wasn't even aware she was nominated h…
Taylor Swift and Katy Perry win Emmys for 'Blank Space' app, Super Bowl:
Katy Perry received more singles from her album 'Teenage Dream' than Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj have in total. ht…
Taylor Swift is like Katy Perry. Maybe all the world. ,singers. But I love you Charlotte Emma ^_~ my goddess U_U xcx =P xxx
Me too same. I love Charli XCX, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Green Day and etc. I like classic Rock too.
Lady Gaga has broken more Guinness World Records than Beyoncé, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift all have in total.
'Wildest Dreams' by Taylor Swift looks a lot like 'Thinking of You' by Katy Perry..
when youre trying to watch a Taylor Swift video and the ad before it is Katy Perry covergirl commercial.
👩🏼Taylor Swift has never topped the UK singles chart, 👸🏻Katy Perry has 4 number ones in the UK.
Katy Perry won more MTV VMA's in a single night than Taylor Swift has won throughout her entire career.
Articles are reporting that Katy Perry is releasing a Taylor Swift Diss Track titled 'Crocodile Tears' 🐸☕️
Katy Perry to release song for Taylor Swift?
Katy Perry scored more singles with 'Teenage Dream' than Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga have in their entire careers. http…
Taylor Swift: brings famous people on stage for publicity. Katy Perry: brings REAL fans on stage just because. http:/…
I guess Katy Perry is coming out with a Diss Track about Taylor Swift. If you are 30 and you still have a professional rivalry, let it go.
Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift sold more albums with their first two releases than Katy Perry has with her first three. ht…
Taylor Swift has to understand she is not better than Katy Perry just because of her albums sales ..
"Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry sold more outside the US than Taylor Swift 's first 3 studio albums combined
Unique Damsel blog: Katy Perry disses Taylor Swift in her new song. via
S-LINE NEWS Taylor Swift, Katy Perry - Katy Perry may be Keeping Mum regarding the news of her ongoing feud with T...
Katy Perry sings what girls wanna do. Taylor Swift sings what a girl wants to say. One Direction sings what a girl wants t…
Lots of Katy Perry fans are complaining saying Taylor Swift has ripped off the Prismatic World Tour.
Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are the only artists with two videos that have one billion views each.
Taylor Swift pushing Nicki Minaj to the ground & Katy Perry jumping in and DRAGGING Taylor💀😩
Since publicly feuding with Katy Perry, Taylor Swift has managed to hugely surpass her in singles and albums sales. ht…
Lana Del Rey has more Brit Awards than Katy Perry, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, and Mariah Carey.
Lady Gaga has more votes on MTV Hottest thank Katy Perry & Taylor Swift combined and doubled . Lady Gaga http:/…
Taylor Swift and her obsession with Katy Perry: now she even has shark on stage on Bad Blood👀
Conversation between Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry to talk about Taylor Swift in Marie Claire.😂👏
Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry are the most viewed artists on YouTube & VEVO.
While she may be in the middle of “Bad Blood” with singer Katy Perry, singer and actress Taylor Swift, wearing...
The “Dark Horse” singer Katy Perry earns more than Taylor Swift
Let's see... Emma.Watson, Evanna Lynch, Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and so on...
Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have both slept with John Mayer so maybe the "Bad Blood" they share refers to hepatitis
Katy Perry got booed when she came on screen at the British Summer Time show.. Followed by cheers for Taylor Swift. ht…
Lady Gaga has more MTV VMA's than Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj all combined.
Is it weird that I don't like Katy Perry because she hates on Taylor Swift??? And it has nothing to do with her relationship with Adam
Katy Perry misspelled "Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by Taylor Swift."
Drake, Meek Mill, Nicki, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry all beefing... How many more celebs do you want involved?
In the Nicki Minaj vs Taylor Swift vs Katy Perry feud I would like you all to know that I am TEAM DOLLY PARTON.
c'mon,my G,if u read between the lines,she was definitely referring to Taylor Swift or Katy Perry,and Taylor sweeps awards..
Susan Sontag vs. Camille Paglia shaded each other better than Taylor Swift and Katy Perry ever have
I bet Katy Perry is the only person in the entertainment industry that Taylor Swift is not friends with. Oh & Tina Fey & Amy Poehler.
Taylor Swift has sold more albums and singles than John Mayer and Katy Perry have combined.
Katy Perry beat Taylor Swift, Beyoncé & more on the list:
Taylor Swift won more Billboard Music Awards last night than Katy Perry has won in her entire career.
So. Madonna has moved on from Taylor Swift to Katy Perry...
Katy Perry hits back at Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' with upcoming track ...
Katy Perry hits back at Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood,' with '1984': Katy Perry is responding to Taylor Swift...
Katy Perry's 1984 may be response to Taylor Swift's 1989 but what if she is trying to send message to David Lee Roth?
Check out Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry: Whose Gang Would Win in a Duel?
I met Katy Perry and Taylor Swift and Leonardo Dicaprio and Ryan Gosling and many more tonight. The wax versions.
Katy Perry and John Mayer are reportedly working on new revenge song to rival Taylor Swift's Bad Blood.
Taylor Swift wrote a Diss Track about Katy Perry on her new album, bless her.
Woah, guess that Taylor Swift & Katy Perry spat is still going strong .
The boys are up for Top Artist at the BBMAs against Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Sam Smith and Taylor Swift! Tough catego…
except my online friend has to like Katy Perry + Taylor Swift + Cameron Dallas + Nash Grier + Jack x 2 + Cara Delevingne . rules apply k
In various interviews the dancers have spoken out calling Katy Perry “family” and Taylor Swift a “diva” ☕️🐸
Katy Perry is firing back at Taylor Swift with a vengeance
John Mayer's collaboration with Taylor Swift peaked higher than his collaboration with Katy Perry.
Bad Blood Music Video where I play innocent, feminist Taylor Swift and plays the malicious, cultural appropriator Katy Perry.
Katy Perry, Gaga, Beyoncé, Rihanna & Taylor Swift are all yet to release a song that could outsell Call Me Maybe. http…
The Hunger Games' Amandla Stenberg calls out Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Iggy Azalea for ...
'1989' by Taylor Swift has sold more copies than Lady Gaga's and Katy Perry's last albums combined.
'Bad Blood' is set to become Taylor Swift's next single from 1989.. And possibly Katy Perry's first Grammy.
Kiara: I love Ariana Grande. Alex: I love Katy Perry. Me: I love Taylor Swift. Josh: I love Nicki Minaj. FUCCCK😩
Katy Perry has more than Gaga + Taylor Swift Combined she also earnt DOUBLE the in 1 era than they both have h…
Katy Perry and Taylor Swift will compete for Billboard’s Top Artist award as … – Daily Mail
Taylor Swift's '1989' managed to outsell Katy Perry's 'PRISM' which was released in 2013, in roughly three weeks.. htt…
Katy Perry offering Taylor Swift an olive branch?
John Mayer may be back together Katy Perry, but he's still talking about Taylor Swift! --->
John Mayer dated Taylor Swift, Jennifer Anniston & Katy Perry he also has some great songs! here is one
What’s John Mayer saying about Taylor Swift now?: And, of course, we know his on-off girlfriend Katy Perry is ...
Besides 1d who else do you like?? — Kanye West, Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift,...
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
. "Whippin in the kitchen like I'm Guy Fieri,. Married to the white girl, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, like I'm Guy Fiery"
Things I don't get/loathe: Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Justin Beiber, Beyoncé, Dane Cook, Kardashians (any of the them), white chocolate.
Christie Goodwin on what it's like calling Katy Perry and Taylor Swift the boss
so between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift who is really the evil one?
My girls just said their favorite singers are Taylor Swift, Katy Perry & Bob Marley. To hear Bob made the list on his birthday was sweet
I'm sure he loved it I heard he likes Katy Perry more than Taylor Swift
looks like Katy Perry took dance lessons from Taylor Swift
Between Dr. Luke, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Diddy, Selena Gomez, Scooter Braun, they can come up with
Who is the most liked pop star in each state? top 5 ficou: Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake e 1D
Chris Egan overheard his 4-year-old son Luke singing a song while they were out grocery shopping and grabbed this video. Egan asked Luke where he learned the song. Turns out, Luke's older siblings came up with the original Seattle Seahawks lyrics and the tune is inspired by Katy Perry & Taylor Swift. Enjoy :)
shid Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Katy Perry all have a better voice than that idol of yours lol
Taylor Swift and Katy Perry congratulate Paramore's Hayley Williams and Chad Gilbert on engagement
There is a difference in taking pride in your appearance and taking pride in your body. Those who take pride in their appearance tend to be more humble, clean-cut, and accepting of others. Those who take pride in their body tend to be self-centered, scantly-dressed, and tend to consider themseves better than others. You have Taylor Swift and then you have Lady Gaga. You have Sarah Jessica Parker and then you have Katy Perry. Emma Watson and Miley Cyrus. Hayley Williams and Rihanna. Anna Kendrick and Kristen Stewart. It's interesting how two extremes often stem from a similar concept, in this case, being mindful of the way you present yourself.
Q by Kat Daniels: What kind of music/band(s) do you like to listen to?? A: I have a very diverse musical taste. I can go from singing along to West Side Story to humming along to some Katy Perry or Ke$ha and then still go for some Blood on the DanceFloor or Hollywood Undead all in the same day. As for bands, there is no band or singer I outright hate, I've listened to Rodgers & Hammerstein, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Cascada, Jessie J, 30h3, One Direction, (old school) Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, Beatles, Fall-Out Boy, Falling in Reverse, Hollywood Undead, Blood on the DanceFloor, Jeffree Starr, Prices the Veil, Black Veil Brides. And that's not even all of them, most of the major ones and some background ones for me, but not all - John's admin
One Direction, Katy Perry & Iggy Azalea win big at the American Music Awards! Last night’s American Music Awards honored the most popular acts of the year, based on polling data and chart performance. Multiple World Music Award winners One Direction were also big Winners at the AMAs and not only accepted their Awards for Best Artist of the Year, Best Pop/Rock Group and Best Pop/Rock Album, but performed to the delight of the audience. Katy Perry, Winner of the World Music Award for Best Pop Female Artist and Best Song by a Female, won big last night too taking the Awards for Best Pop Rock Female and Best Song! Unfortunately Katy Perry was unable to attend to accept her Awards in person while on tour. Iggy Azalea walked away with Best Rap/hip hop Artist and Best Rap/hip hop Album winning over Eminem and Drake! The show was hosted by Pitbull at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. The N.1 top selling star of the moment and winner of the prestigious *** Clark Award of Excellence, Taylor Swift opened the Awar ...
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NGA RANGONA KORERO - WORD ON THE STREET! One Direction were the big winners at the 2014 MTV Europe Music Awards. The English-Irish boy band took home three prizes at the annual ceremony, held Sunday at the SSE Hydro Arena in Glasgow, Scotland. The group, comprised of Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, accepted wins in categories for Best Pop, Best Live and Biggest Fans despite not being able to attend in person. "Thank you so much for everything. We really wanted to be there tonight, but we can't be. Thank you,” the singers said via video link. Zayn, mysteriously absent from the acceptance speech, was later confirmed to have missed the recording due to an illness, reports MTV News. It was a big night for pop stars Katy Perry, Ariana Grande and 5 Seconds of Summer as well, each following with two wins each. Ariana, who performed her hit single Break Free, took home Best Female, a category that included competition from Katy, Taylor Swift, host Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé ...
Beyonce, Taylor, Rihanna Top Forbes’ Highest-Paid Women in Music Forbes just released its annual list of the 10 highest-paid female musicians of 2014, and the results are not all that surprising except that Nicki Minaj didn't make the Top 10 despite of her incredibly successful career. The magazine tallied up the numbers by comparing each artist’s income from touring, record sales, merchandise sales, and endorsements from June 2013 to June 2014. 1. Beyoncé ($115 million) 2. Taylor Swift ($64 million) 3. P!nk ($52 million) 4. Rihanna ($48 million) 5. Katy Perry ($40 million) The top 10 is rounded out by: Jennifer Lopez ($37 million), Miley Cyrus and Celine Dion (tied with $36 million), Lady Gaga ($33 million), and Britney Spears ($20 million). Close runner-ups were Madonna, Alicia Keys, Nicki Minaj, Miranda Lambert and Shania Twain.
your boyfriend is talking about how he listens to Katy Perry, Rebecca Black and Taylor Swift when he goes skiing 😂😂
StarMaker: Sing + Video + Auto-Tune *** StarMaker: The Music Video and Singing App - Now you can MAKE YOUR OWN Music VideoS! StarMaker is the Music Video app with all the tools to help you sing like the star you are! Pick from hundreds of chart-topping hits by artists like Lorde, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, OneRepublic, John Legend, Pharrell, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, and more! Then sing your heart out, polish it up with real Auto-Tune™, and capture the magic on video! StarMaker Features: Backing tracks & scrolling lyrics by chart-topping artists Real-time Auto-Tune™ to help you hit all the notes and to give you that pop-star sound! And now… Music Video recording to capture your talent on-screen! ALL YOU NEED TO BRING IS YOUR STAR POWER! Download now and start singing! The more songs you sing, the more songs you unlock! Or join VIP for all-access pass to exclusive remixes, freestyle beats, VIP-Only songs, and no ads. We’re releasing Pop, Rock, Country, and Classic songs into the app EVERY DAY so you ...
Filipino television host Paolo Ballesteros can transform himself into Katy Perry to Taylor Swift, just by using makeup.
here's my list of people who are going to *** Katy Perry, Iggy Azalea, Macklemore, Robin Thicke, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift
So the only ppl at the awards were the Kardashians, Riff Raff, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, LORDE, Sam Smith, Mylie,Jason Derulo & Jordin?
John Mayer is break up guy. The list is so long: Jessica Simpson, Katy Perry & Taylor Swift. Mouthy is Giada!
you're calling Emma Watson, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, John Legend and Ashton Kutcher ugly?
Dear Men The only time you are justified to be found listening to these girl songs,the likes of Katy Perry...Miley Cyrus...Taylor Swift...Aretha Franklin etc.is when you're wth your Girlfriend... Otherwise..really!!?
Wypowiedź Jacka Antonoffa o Taylor: "I think Taylor Swift is one of the best songwriters ever. Taylor Swift is cool, because she’s the closest thing today that hearkens to Michael Jackson—to great, great pop music. There’s a difference between her and Gaga and Katy Perry and Lily Allen and all that. It all feels throwaway, comparatively."
Finally decided its time to post Name: Hibba Nickname: Hibbs Hometown: Windsor, Ontario (but I moved to Vaughan last year) High School: Vincent Massey Secondary School Age: 19 Campus: Senecaon Residence: No Program: Interactive Media Design Favorite Music: One Direction, Imagine Dragons, 1975, Bastille, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, some Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Maroon 5, 5SOS, some Weeknd, some Marianas Trench, Demi Lovato, honestly anything that sounds good to me but country Favourite TV Show: The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, The Mindy Project, Gilmore Girls, Criminal Minds, Castle, One Tree Hill, tbh theres a lot i just cant think of all of them right now Favourite Movies: way too many to name Favorite movie genre: comedy, romance, romantic comedies Sports you play: i like playing volleyball Do you party? Sure Do you drink? Nah Do you smoke? Nope Night owl or early bird?: Night Owl definitely Hobbies: listening to music, reading, hanging out with people, tumblr Are your grades important? ...
Limited time offer... Here are the USA WEAR songs...if you see one you want your daughter to walk to CLAIM IT! First come, first serve!! No repeats! American woman- Lenny Kravitz Applause- Lady Gaga The Best of Both Worlds- Hannah Montana Bouncing off the ceiling-A*Teens California Gurls-Katy Perry Cruise-Florida Georgia Line Firework-Katy Perry Girls just wanna have Fun-Ingrid DuMosch Hoedown Throwdown- Miley Cyrus I like to move it, move it-The party cats Just Dance- Lady Gaga Love Shack- The B-52s Once upon a dream-Emily Osment Party in the USA-Miley Cyrus Poker Face- Lady Gaga Popular Song- Arianna Grande Soda Pop- Britney Spears Summer love song- Brooke Hyland U can't touch this- Mc Hammer We are never getting back together- Taylor Swift
TONY MONACO on Z1035: Who is THE WORLD's MOST POWERFUL CELEB? Beyonce Knowles reigned supreme on Celebrity 100 making $115 Million from June 1, 2013 to June 1, 2014. This list is based on a number of different factors and the ranking is not just based on money earned but also on social media and the impact a star makes. LeBron James was with $72 Million, Dre who was the highest earning celebrity thanks to his apple deal with $620M, Oprah Winfrey $82M Ellen DeGeneres $70 M, Jay-Z $60 M, Floyd Mayweather $105 M, Rihanna $48 M, Katy Perry $40 M and Robert Downey Jr $75 Million. Calvin Harris was once again the Top earning DJ and went from $46 to $66 Million and climbs up 47 spots on the overall list to The People's Champ, WWE Superstar and Movie Star Dwayne THE ROCK Johnson was and made 52 Million. Others inside the Top 30 including Spielberg, Jennifer Lawrence, Bon Jovi, Bruno Mars. Kobe Byrant, Roger Federer, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Tiger Woods, Rafael Nadal, Springsteen, The ...
Go behind the scenes with Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and more celebs from their first days on the cover of Seventeen! Seventeen Sta...
Shailene Woodley, Marissa Mayer, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift: ALL beneficiaries of who are refuting th…
What to do while Tim Sullivan and daughter Emily are at basketball game tonight? (Daddy daughter time)... Cranking tunes on YouTube of course! Man and do I have all the moves and the best singing voice tonight? Yeah baby!!! Look out Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Sia, Melissa Etheridge, and Anastasia, y'all ain't got nothin on this Momma!
Most classy/beautiful ladies that are famous = Emma Stone, Emma Watson, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift :)
Am I the only girl who listens to Breaking Benjamin, Suicide Silence, Avenged Sevenfold, Dead by April and other bands in those music genres than Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Rihanna and other pop music? Because I get 'bashed' by other girls when they ask me what my Favorite Song is to twerk to. Whoever invented twerking is seriously going to get my foot up their *** The bands that I like besides rock/metal is The Fray, Fall Out Boy, Secondhand Serenade and a few others. The only two acceptions that I like are Taylor Swift and Kesha. I seriously hate girly girls who bash on me because of what I listen to -_-
So overall, for those who missed it, this is a recap of the Billboard Music Awards: 1. Michael Jackson was the best performer there and he wasn't even REALLY there! 2. Lorde is the new Taylor Swift (i.e. winning everything, acting all surprised, becoming over exposed). Girl eat a sandwich and go with brighter colors. You look pale to the point of death. You are dead if you go outside when the sun is shining, I just know it! 3. John Legend was good as always but him singing the same love song to his wife is getting old. OK, you love her! Great! Now let her "inspire" your azz to sing something else or is that the only song on the album? (I know it's not since I LOVE it which is why I would like to hear MORE singles released) 4. Miley won something, wore nothing, said nothing and was her usual Miley self. ( *** scratching break taken at this time) But Imagine Dragons and OneRepublic were great! 5. Katy Perry looked like a real life Rainbow Brite during her performance. Her "pop eyes" already tell me she is o ...
Adding to the chorus of surprisingly misguided celebrity naysayers of feminism, including Katy Perry, Susan Sarandon, Taylor Swift, Geri Halliwell, Kelly Clarkson and Sandra Day O’Connor — comes yet one more, Shailene Woodley, the clay-eating star of “The Fault in Our Stars,” who discussed the f-wor…
4.1.1. ENTERTAINMENT GUIDE: Rihanna and Drake have been named “music’s most powerful couple”. The pair were honoured with the title by Spotify after ranking the most influential couples in music history, based on analysing the total combined streams for each artist. Rihanna is also in second place on the couples list when paired with former boyfriend Chris Brown. Jay Z and Beyoncé are in third place, Katy Perry and John Mayer are fourth and One Direction’s Harry Styles and Taylor Swift round off the Top 5.
Incase you missed this... It's Neon Trees with a COOL new promo for their new album, "Pop Psychology." The guys turned some of pop's biggest stars into cartoons! Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus ALL got animated...
BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! It's time to reveal this Summer's concert themes! First, 'Hair Metal Mania' (Poison, Cinderella, Kix, Quiet Riot, Van Halen - you get it), next it's our very first attempt at 'Popstar vs. Country Star' featuring artists like Taylor Swift, Daft Punk, Katy Perry, Idina Menzel, Pharrell Williams, Luke Bryan, Imagine Dragons, Miranda Lambert and many more! And last but not least - LED ZEPPELIN - THE PREMIUM CUTS! Sign-up sheets go up Monday, May 5th. Call us @ 816-842-ROCK if you'd like to join in on all of the hot Summer fun!!!
This is the best Job description ever, if a trifle out-dated - "Do you like to check on your favorite celebrities? Are you a fan of Katy Perry? Can you not live without the latest news from Taylor Swift? Did you know that Justin Bieber is no longer Selena Gomez' boyfriend? Are you watching the latest celebrity news on your mobile phone on your way to school / university / work?"
No production of Frozen on the front porch tonight. Instead Reese lined up her stuffed animals on the porch swing and put on a concert of Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, LBT, Kenny Chesney, George Strait, Miranda Lambert, Adele, and yes, Miley Cyrus, doing it all with a side pony in a nightgown and gladiator sandals. Yes this is how we roll in Dudenville. ;)
The generation before ours had Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morrissette, and Melissa Etheridge. Ours has Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Miley Cyrus. Bombs 👎
Great time at the KCAs, met some cool people, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Will Smith, Taylor Swift, Molly Quinn. Just a st…
VIENUS PHILIPPINES: Hot Daily Musics March 14, 2014 Vote on our official thread website (50%): www.vienusph.wix.com/home Post on our wall or comment your favorite Title of the Song - Artist/Band Name or Title of the Movie. You can also like the comment/post (50%) 1. MIDNIGHT MEMORIES - One Direction (=) 2. ALL TOO WELL - Taylor Swift (=) 3. HUMAN - Christina Perri (=) 4. SOLDIER - Before You Exit (+1) 5. LOVE - Cody Simpson feat. Ziggy Marley (-1) 6. GLORY AND GORE - Lorde (=) 7. I LUH YA PAPI - Jennifer Lopez feat. French Montana (=) 8. Dark Horse - Katy Perry feat. Juicy J (=) 9. KISS YOU - Karylle (+1) 10. IKAW PA RIN - Kaligta (-1) PLS. Be reminded of the following rules regarding voting your entry/s. Wait for the results tomorrow. March 15, 2014 (for weekly) Voting lines will be cut-off at 6:30 PM (Post your votes on our wall starting as VNS then your vote) (Comment your vote here, One Vote of Song/Movie per user) (Like the comments of the users and counted as one)
I just made a picture of Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. Maybe, I should try Selena Gomez or Ellie Goulding next.
You can OFFICIALLY add Katy Perry to the Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Love Hewitt...
Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Anniston, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry. I swear that John Mayer is some sort of warlock.
Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Pink and More Singing Stars Pass the Fashion Police Test at the 2014 Grammy Awards
[Cyrus, Katy Perry, One Direction, Pharrell Nominated For Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards] The Kids’ Choice Awards have grown up. This year will mark the 27th installment of the annual ceremony, and the Nickelodeon event will be hosted by one mature, 42-year-old Mark Wahlberg. That said, when it comes to the nominees, it’s still light and fluffy kiddie fare that’s important — like, for instance, Spongebob Squarepants and Adventure Time (both up for Favorite Cartoon), or Despicable Me 2 and Frozen (each have a nod in the Favorite Animated Movie category). In the area of music, One Direction scored nods for Favorite Group and Favorite Song (“Story Of My Life”), while Taylor Swift and Katy Perry each earned two nominations (Favorite Female Singer, Favorite Song — for “I Knew You Were Trouble” and “Roar,” respectively). Elsewhere, singing and acting double threats Bridgit Mendler and Ariana Grande will compete for Favorite TV Actress, while The Voice and American Idol have been recogni ...
Harry Styles, Emma Watson, Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Khloe Kardashian were at Bangerz Tour last night.
Radio Disney has announced this year’s RDMA (Radio Disney Music Awards) categories and nominees on Radio Disney! The star-studded list includes Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, One Direction, Taylor Swift, and so many more of your favorite artists. Voting… [ 357 more words. ]
Taylor Swift, Emma Roberts, Katy Perry, Harry Styles, Khloe Kardashian are some of the celebs rumored to be tonight
Taylor Swift - White Horse / Katy Perry - Dark Horse. Any more types of horses ?
So Katy Perry got Dark Horse and Taylor Swift got White Horse. I believe if they duet the song will be Zebra.
If I had to date/marry one of the following pop singers: Taylor Swift, Lana Del Ray, Katy Perry or Lady Gaga... then i would have to go with Lady Gaga. Why? Personally I think she's a much better role model, she's active in causes like womens rights, stop bullying, *** rights, animal rights, etc., and I think she can be pretty under all those weird outfits. Taylor Swift seems like a nice girl but judging by her dating experience I wouldn't last. Lana Del Ray's music has no rythm and she probably seems like a boring person in real life. Katy Perry is sexy but John Mayer's already got her. LOL.
with Katy Perry as the entrance host! Taylor Swift, Jessica Alba, as waitresses and Adel as security guard lol
Who would you like to see perform at the halftime show of the Super Bowl 2015? Jay-Z, Pink, Eminem, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Kanye West? Take your pick!
pro tip: listen to "Dark House" by Katy Perry then "White Horse" by Taylor Swift promptly after to avoid racism.
ACM Nominations Unveiled, Lambert, McGraw Lead The Pack Miranda Lambert, Tim Mcgraw and Keith Urban are leading the nominees for this year's Academy of Country Music Awards. Lambert and McGraw picked up seven nominations each, while Urban snagged six. Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton, Lee Brice and recent Grammy winner Kacey Musgraves are also among the multiple nominees with five nods each. The ACM also gave nods to music legend Bob Dylan and rapper Nelly for their work in country music over the past year. Sports broadcaster Erin Andrews, "Duck Dynasty's" Willie and Korie Robertson and Katy Perry were among those who helped announced the nominations online Wednesday morning. CBS will present the 49th ACM Awards live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Sunday, April 6th. Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan will host the ceremony. Here is a partial list of nominees for the 49th ACM Awards: Entertainer of the Year Luke Bryan Miranda Lambert Blake Shelton George Strait Taylor Swift Male Vocalist of the ...
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