Katy Perry & Bruno Mars

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (born October 25, 1984), known by her stage name Katy Perry, is an American singer, songwriter and actress. Peter Gene Hernandez (born October 8, 1985), better known by his stage name Bruno Mars, is an American singer-songwriter and record producer. 5.0/5

Katy Perry Bruno Mars Black Eyed Peas Willow Smith Far East Movement Justin Bieber Taio Cruz Tiao Cruz Lady Gaga Taylor Swift Jason Derulo Chris Brown Michael Jackson Nicki Minaj Lil Wayne Justin Timberlake Miley Cyrus Britney Spears Steven Tyler

Me when I found Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, and Ellie Goulding on my old iPod.
please add that's what I like by Bruno Mars & Katy Perry's International Smile onto Crazy Rich Asians OTS
you guys add Bruno Mars's That what's I like along with Katy Perry's song international smile in the Crazy Rich Asians OTS?
Banner of Katy Perry and Bruno Mars at The Forum for the Legends Only!
Ed Sheeran tops Katy Perry debuts in top 5 & Bruno Mars, Rihanna & The Weeknd all hit top 10
Katy Perry & Bruno Mars are the only artists this decade to have 3 singles sell over 10M copies WW. Katy earned 2 💎 & Bruno 1…
Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, P!nk, and John Legend's reactions to the recent brutal killings of black people in the US. htt…
Katy Perry took the Most Viewed Halftime Show from Bruno Mars and Beyoncé in 2015 and kept it from them in 2016. 👸🏻 htt…
Artists who've spent the most weeks at so far this decade:. •Rihanna. •Bruno Mars. •Katy Perry. •Adele
Artists who've scored the most singles so far this decade:. •Rihanna. •Katy Perry. •Bruno Mars. •Taylor Swift. •Adele
Lady Gaga and Katy Perry dancing to "Uptown Funk!" by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars at the After Party.
Just wondering why my shuffle playing of an El Vy album is being interrupted with Katy Perry, Bruno Mars and Robin Thicke?
Bruno Mars had a Grenade, and Tiao Cruz had Dynamite, so they both threw it at Katy Perry who exploded like a Firework
Lorde beat Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Pink, Mackemore & Ryan Lewis to win the 'Song of the Year' Grammy award in 2014. ht…
if you see your favorite Singer:. Mariah Carey. Beyonce. Rihanna. Katy Perry. Taylor Swift. Pink. Adele. Bruno Mars. 1Direction. Justin Bieber
Katy Perry is getting rock-star help for her first Super Bowl. The "Dark Horse" singer announced on Saturday that she will be joined by Lenny Kravitz onstage during the Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show The National Football League announced in October that Perry would be headlining the big event, following such acts as Bruno Mars, who performed in 2014, and Beyoncé, who headlined the 2013 halftime show. [ 54 more words. ]
The Phunky Monkeys are feeling very grateful right now for all of the work that we have. We have been blessed to play a lot of very nice shows. Tonight was special because the people that determine who plays the Super Bowl (You know, Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry this year) chose us to perform for the NFL's Holiday Party in Manhattan on Park Ave. We are thankful that when people who are in the entertainment industry choose their entertainment, they choose us to bring the party. From wedding planners to venues to fellow bands to the New Orleans Saints and now the NFL, we are the band sought after for many of these industry events. It is an honor whenever someone who's on the inside trusts us to do their party.
Bruno Mars: Grenade. Katy Perry: Firework. Taio Cruz: Dynamite. Ke$ha: Blow. Is it just me, or are they planning to ki…
I just feel like Katy Perry isn't going to do a better job than Bruno Mars for the Super Bowl Halftime show.
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TONY MONACO on Z1035: Who is THE WORLD's MOST POWERFUL CELEB? Beyonce Knowles reigned supreme on Celebrity 100 making $115 Million from June 1, 2013 to June 1, 2014. This list is based on a number of different factors and the ranking is not just based on money earned but also on social media and the impact a star makes. LeBron James was with $72 Million, Dre who was the highest earning celebrity thanks to his apple deal with $620M, Oprah Winfrey $82M Ellen DeGeneres $70 M, Jay-Z $60 M, Floyd Mayweather $105 M, Rihanna $48 M, Katy Perry $40 M and Robert Downey Jr $75 Million. Calvin Harris was once again the Top earning DJ and went from $46 to $66 Million and climbs up 47 spots on the overall list to The People's Champ, WWE Superstar and Movie Star Dwayne THE ROCK Johnson was and made 52 Million. Others inside the Top 30 including Spielberg, Jennifer Lawrence, Bon Jovi, Bruno Mars. Kobe Byrant, Roger Federer, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Tiger Woods, Rafael Nadal, Springsteen, The ...
Chris Brown slaps Rihanna .Rihanna said TAKE A BOW then Nicki Minaj said you STUPID *** then Jamie Foxx said BLAME IT ON THE ALCOHOL.They go to Beyonce's house for A PARTY,then Lil Wayne said y'all need to learn HOW TO LOVE.Chris Brown tells them to TURN UP THE MUSIC,meanwhile Tyga is n the corner with Nicki yellin Rack City, Drake steps in says NO NEW FRIENDS for him coz he STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM and thats his MOTTO so Rihanna jumped on him and said Man Down,Chris Brown saw wat happened and ran down the streets screamin DUECES then Beyonce said who RUN THE WORLD and Mindles Behaviour said MY GIRL so Bruno Mars and Taio Cruz took their DYNAMITES and GRENADES nd threw them at Katy Perry who exploded into FIRE WORKS.Lil Wayne called the FIRE DEPARTMENT,ushe r said LET IT BURN,Nelly finally woke up and said it was only JUST A DREAM!!!
Performing at the Mortlake Public Family Winter Fair is 'HIP FIDELITY’ - one of Australia’s top corporate acts comprising of dynamic musicians Kathy and James Barr. They look forward to bringing you the top hits from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today’s current hits. You’ll be up dancing and singing to everything from Lady Gaga, Pharrell Williams, ABBA, Bee Gee’s, Katy Perry, J Lo, Duffy, Michael Jackson, Sting, Sade, Gloria Gaynor, Jamiroquai, Bruno Mars, Kelly Rowland, Adele and many others! As an exciting addition to their entertainment, Kathy will be showcasing some of her private singing students from Mortlake Public with ‘HIP FIDELITY’ on the day. Songs from Ellie Goulding, FROZEN, Coldplay and Zedd just to name a few will be featured.
Do you know these celebrities real names??? Spike Lee, Katy Perry and Bruno Mars ...
Such a long day. Spent the afternoon in Hollywood.touring the place. Seen one star, & some Star's houses. Hailey Berry, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, Al Pacino, Bruce Willis, Johnny Depp, Christina Aguilera, Simon Cowell, Katy Perry, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and so many more! It was a long day, and I'm so tired!
Yesterday we took an open-air bus tour of Hollywood homes. We saw homes of Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Michael Jackson, Al Pacino, Denzel Washington, Lucille Ball & Lawrence Fishbourne, we ate dinner at Mel's Diner & we went to the Hollywood Museum.
I seen Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, The Rock, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and Katy Perry's houses today also got to see the play boy mansion.
Las Vegas, April 11 — The Billboard Music Awards 2014 nominees have just been announced and it’s going to be very hard for the judges to select their Top Artist. The main category consists of Miley Cyrus, Imagine Dragons, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry
Goodnight Beautiful / Handsome Post .? -ℒıke . LMS for a Singer [] J Cole: You're sexy. o; [] Drake: I love you. [] Tupac: I miss you. /.\ [] Rhianna: You're silly. :'D [] Wiz Khalifa: You're cute. [] Mac Miller: You got swag. d: [] Chris Brown: You're sweet. [] Kesha: You're my bestie. c: [] Trey Songz: You're like a bro|sis. [] Bruno Mars: You're amazing. [] T-Pain: I would get drunk with you. c'x [] Gucci: I'd get high with you. ;p [] Kelly Rowland: I'd date you. [] Mariah Carey: You're beautiful. ^~^ [] Soulja Boy: You're a stranger. ;-; [] Katy Perry: I'd hug you. \ ( ^.^ ) / [] Lil' Wayne: Put this as your status so I can like it?
Rocketing to stardom after being personally asked by Prince William and Kate Middleton to perform at their wedding reception, Goulding (born Elena Jane Goulding) released her debut EP, An Introduction to Ellie Goulding, in 2009. Two years later, Goulding's first U.S. single, "Lights," was released, and has since been certified triple platinum by the RIAA. Studying drama, politics and English at the University of Kent in her native U.K., Goulding left college after being discovered by a major U.K. record executive during a school talent showcase. Drawing comparisons to the likes of Dolly Parton and Kate Nash, Goulding has admitted to never having a proper singing lesson, and cites Katy Perry, Rihanna and Lady Gaga among her musical influences. In the time since releasing her second album, Halcyon, in October 2012, Goulding -- who met ex-boyfriend Skrillex over the Internet -- has toured with Bruno Mars, submitted a tune to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack and is currently on a worldwide headlinin ...
Long time, no word from me: sorry. I don't Face Book that often. Reason for it now? I LOVE EDMONTON! We had Justin Timberlake in January; this spring and summer we're having Lady Gaga, Cher with Cyndi Lauper!, QUEEN with Adam Lambert filling in for the late Freddy Mercury, the day after Cher and, as usual, Cirque de Soleil with their new show. My head is spinning and YES,, I scored tickets for all and yes, I've blown my "fun" budget for the entire decade. Last year brought us Sir Paul Mccartney, Bon Jovi, Pink (who, due to illness had to reschedule for January 2014 and WHAT A SHOW!), Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, FLEETWOOOD MAC with Stevie Nicks! I love all of these guys; their music is beyond beyond, if you know what I mean. Stevie Nicks is pure poetry set to music. Someone please tell Ken I'm sorry, but I've always loved Cyndi Lauper and to hear her live for the first time is going to be great; to combine her with Cher in the same show on the same night is enough to send this old man into cardiac arrest; the ...
Here's my rant for the week...These poor kids/ parents who will stop at nothing to get the tickets for their kids to go to these amazing shows/productions. But my problem is...is that the kids and /or parents are certainly not getting their money's worth...if only they could've seen AMAZING acts live.like the Tragically Hip...Kim Mitchell, Blue Rodeo... Brian Adams.if we only showed our kids what a show should be!!! Before the bombs/fireworks...and ALL the playback.some artists are true entertainers, like PINK! She is great with OR without the whole HUGE show.She can really. truly sing! There are SO many that cannot.So sad.I know that I will certainly NOT pay the astronomical prices that some people are asking for tickets to shows like Katy Perry.or Bruno Mars(which would be an amazing show!!!, because he doesn`t need a HUGE background production to PROVE he has talent...lol Hope our kids can learn to appreciate music like we did!! lol
Q: What do One Direction, Kylie Minogue, Beyonce, Lily Allen, U2, Beck, Pharrell Williams, Bruno Mars, Shakira, Rihanna, Toni Braxton, Katy Perry, Prince, Lady Gaga, Avril Lavigne, Pitbull, Damon Albarn all have in common with The New Mastersounds? A: Very little, but we have all earned a place in this week’s J-Wave Tokio Hot 100 music chart. Ladies and gentlemen: we have arrived (at number 84.)
We watched the Brit Awards last night (A week late I know). What a let down. I mean it's called 'the Brits' BUT performing were: Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Lord, Pharrell Williams and Nile Rogers. Handing out awards were; Kylie, Bruno, Pharrell, Nile, Katy, Prince . . . mostly American artists. Beyonce normally awsome was boring. More about image and trying to look like Shirley Bassey in a gittering ball gown than actually singing A TUNE. Katy was bizarre. Pharrell was great. Category for best male included 5 fresh faced teenagers I don't know and David Bowie? . . . did I dream that? Now James Cordon snogging Nick Grimshaw . . . taking the *** out of Harry Styles, Pharrells hat and setting his arm on fire was just embarrassing and not one bit funny . . . although I would've loved to have seen his head on fire. He is a bland, bloated and unfunny buffoon. The state of British music is deplorable with teenagers singing ballads and ditties. Where is the Rock?and please don't say Arctic Monkeys ...
MUSIC NEWS: The Brits 2014: Ellie Goulding, David Bowie and Bastille Win Top Awards The Big Winners at the Music Event of the Year Ellie Goulding, Arctic Monkeys, One Direction and Bruno Mars were among the big winners at the 34th Brit Awards. The music industry event of the year, which was hosted for the last time by James Corden, saw some of the world's biggest stars take to the stage of the 02 Arena in London. And while there were superstars in the form of Prince and Beyonce, an Egyptian extravaganza from Katy Perry, the occasional F-bomb, Harry Styles missing in action and some on stage snogging courtesy of Nick Grimshaw and Corden, in the end it was all about the music. Goulding was overwhelmed receiving the British Female Solo Artist Award from Prince, while the Arctic Monkeys scored a double whammy, winning Best British Group and the MasterCard British Album of the Year prize for AM. Pop legend David Bowie was the oldest winner ever in the British Male Solo Artist category in the awards shows histo ...
Annual Brits review: Prince even has a sexy speaking voice, I think I could happily dance with Bruno Mars for a long time (until the restraining order kicked in) no one likes non Brits doing bad British impersonations (Katy Perry have you not heard of *** Van *** ) and is Lorde really the ginger one from Girls Aloud with yet another updated look? And if James Corden is to be believed when saying that Noel Gallagher is one of the 'Finest examples of British masculinity' then I would rather die alone surrounded by my pet snakes. And Nick Grimshaw should continue to sleep with one eye open. Finally, the local farming community rang for Pharrell. They want their clothes back.
The Brit Awards are one of the highlights of the year for the UK music industry and this years ceremony at the 02 arena on Wednesday 19th February is set to be no different with superstars including Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Rudimental, Bastille, and Ellie Goulding all scheduled to perform. We have chosen to host our Brit Awards 2014 After Party this year at PROJECT LONDON, a club which over the past 12 months has seen A-list stars including Jay Z, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Will Smith and Snoop Dogg all visit when in London. With several special celebrity guests confirmed to attend this is set to be one of the biggest party of 2014.
My concert lineup for the year so far. Imagine Dragons, Motley Crue and Alice Cooper, and Katy Perry. I'll see about Bruno Mars on Monday.
When my mom is in the car with me, I feel like I gotta throw on Bruno Mars and Katy Perry. As soon as she gets outta the car, I throw on 50 cent and Gucci Mane. She has no clue I'm half black!
I laugh at those who say real music is the likes of, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Beyoncé etc... Let's be honest, our parents and grandparents were raised on the one style that never fails and there for is forever the one we should forever follow. ROCK! So new bands, learn from and adapt to the styles like Van Halen, Journey, Whitesnake, GNR, STP, Fleet wood Mack, STYX, HEART, 38 Special, BEATLES, Led Zeppelin etc... Because they not only started and changed the music world, they set the bar that America has yet to reach up and grasp.
Arena tours NOT coming to Sacramento in 2014: Imagine Dragons, Demi Lovato, Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. They're all skipping Sac and going to the Bay Area instead. This is just one of the many reasons we need a new arena in Sac! Not saying every tour will come through when our arena is completed (hopefully) in 2016, but we should be back on the map for many of these major shows. Click LIKE if you want to see more LIVE MUSIC in Sacramento :) -Christopher K
The grammy's were HORRIBLE! Everyone I wanted to see did a horrible job! Pink, Macklamore, Imagine Dragons, Maranda Lambert and Billie Joe Armstrong, and Katy Perry were the only good performances. I expected so much more from Matalica, and Lorde. And someone please tell me how Def Punk(the robots) won 3 times and Bruno Mars won...they're awful!
NEW MUSIC WEEKLY ANNOUCES 2014 NEW MUSIC AWARDS NOMINATIONS January 25, 2014 - Los Angeles, CA U.S.A. - New Music New Music Weekly magazine has announced the nominations for the 2014 New Music Awards. Katy Perry, Bruno Mars and the band Imagine Dragons are among the list of major recording artists lauded by the leading trade magazine with honorable mentions going to many independent artists, radio stations, music programmers and industry professionals. NMW will feature all of the nominated artists in their first issue of 2014 and nominees are encouraged to participate in this issue to help “rally for votes”. Fans, friends, industry radio programmers can all lend a hand in selecting the winners by voting online over the next few weeks. This special issue will also be on-sight at this year’s CRS (Country Radio Seminar) which will be held in Music City U.S.A. Nashville,, TN. Please visit now at www.newmusicweekly.com where you will find the open ballot. And the nominees are. . . TOP 40 Top40 Single of ...
Daft Punk with Pharrell Williams and Stevie Wonder WINS. They got EVERYONE dancing - including Beyoncé, Jay Z, Katy Perry, Ringo Starr, Paul Mccartney, Bruno Mars, Marc Anthony and more singing... and Steven Tyler was discoing!!!
Before you settle in to watch tonight's broadcast of the Grammy Awards (on CBS), go to cbssundaymorning.com to check out our profiles of some of this year's nominees, including Led Zeppelin, Kacey Musgraves, Sara Bareilles, Snoop Dogg, Metallica, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars and Vampire Weekend (below).
I have to protest. How is "Counting Stars" from One Republic, not even nominated for a "Song of the Year" Grammy?! It is everywhere! Of the songs that are nominated, I'm torn between "Locked Out Of Heaven" by Bruno Mars and "Roar" by Katy Perry. What do you think? :)
"DANCE AROUND THE WORLD:" with your host: Bruce Hawes, Composer, continues with: (A Grammy Awards REDEEMING MOMENT) for 2014's "SONG OF THE YEAR" BH wrote: Last year this time I was ready to throw the Grammy Academy underneath the bus because of its obvious error in choosing Frank Ocean's song: "Forest Gump" as the song of the year in 2013. Certainly Frank Ocean can write songs, but, "Forest Gump," in my humble opinion, is one the most forgettable songs ever! In last years Awards Ceremony he not only embarrassed himself in his horrifying 'live performance,' he embarrassed all of us who have worked our entire lives perfecting our skills. This year with the nominations of artist's songs from amazing 'live' performers such as: Lorde, Bruno Mars, Robin Thicke, (who has recently lost his "Infringemnet Of Copyright" case against Marvin Gaye's Estate), for his song, (Blurred Lines), which to me places a blur on his nomination, and the amazing song performed by "Katy Perry", entitled: (ROAR), reassures me that th ...
Happy Sunday! Taylor Swift, Daft Punk, Bruno Mars, Macklemore, Kendrick Lamar, Lorde, Katy Perry and more… All up for awards tonight! Who do YOU want to win?
Tonight is the 56th Annual Grammy Awards. Who do you think will take home the award for song of the year? Just Give Me A Reason: (Pink Featuring Nate Ruess) Locked Out Of Heaven: (Bruno Mars) Roar: (Katy Perry) Royals: (Lorde) Same Love: (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Featuring Mary Lambert)
UP NEXT: January 26 MUSIC: It's "Grammy Sunday" on CBS, and some of the most popular musicians of this generation - from Bruno Mars to Katy Perry to Taylor Swift . THE ENVELOPE, PLEASE … : The Oscar race is heating up, and one of the films in contention is the touching true story, "Philomena," starring with Dame Judi Dench. THE FATHER OF INVENTIONS: People of a certain age probably remember the popular board game Mousetrap!!! Snoop Dogg: At the Kennedy Center Honors in December, rubbing elbows with President and Mrs. Obama and honorees Herbie Hancock, Billy Joel...Lee Cowan has his remarkable story ! All this and a lot more this "Sunday Morning." Listen for the trumpet!!!
The Grammy's are right around the corner - who do you think deserves to win best pop performer? Sara Bareilles (Brave), Lorde (Royals), Bruno Mars (When I Was Your Man), Katy Perry (Roar), Justin Timberlake (Mirrors) - VOTE and leave a comment below!
Pharrell Williams will perform at this year's Brit Awards. The 'Happy' singer and Oscar nominee has been added to ever-growing list of artists who will take to the stage, including Arctic Monkeys, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Bastille, Rudimental and Ellie...
Get your Local weather, news and traffic with The Morning News from 6am to 9am. Here is what Richard Dagenais, Camille Ross and Jessica Laventure have in store for you this Friday: Jess is live from Ganesh Party Palace to watch a DJ break a World Guiness Record. 7H40AM Play it Fair Program Play It Fair! is a program implemented in day camps and after school programs that aims to teach kids about human rights, respect for diversity and peaceful conflict resolution. 8H10AM Cheap and easy eats for students on a budget McGill's Executive Chef Oliver De Volpi to teach us how to make two easy recipes for students on a budget. 8H20 Movie Fridays: A review of Her and Oscar nominations Movie critic Eric Cohen reviews Her and Twenty Feet From Stardom plus discusses recent Oscar nominations. 8H40 Week-end entertainment: Katy Perry and Bruno Mars in Montreal Jay Walker walks us through the best events and concerts to attend over the week-end 8H50AM Happy Birthday Montreal: Send us your birthday wishes! Every day, the ...
2014 Calgary Concert Calendar just keeps getting better... Adding to a great line up of Lady Antebellum, Lady Gaga, Michael Buble, Cher, Carly Rae Jepson - 2 concerts for August... Bruno Mars on the 5th. and Katy Perry on the 29th. Time to start planning!
Do you know what today is? Today is the day we announce Katy Perry coming to the Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln on August 20th. Let me hear you "ROAR!" We are also happy to announce that Bruno Mars will perform at Omaha's Century Link Center on June 23rd. So please come "Just the Way You Are." Tickets available now!
None of them are British, but Pink, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, Lorde and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have all received nominations for this year's Brit Awards, the British version of the Grammys.
Katy Perry is better than: the Black Eyed Peas, Bruno Mars, Toby Keith, Rascal Flatts, John Mayer, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Kid Rock.
What do you think of Bruno Mars, Bastille and Rudimental all performing at along with Katy Perry and Arctic Monkeys?
95.9 KISS FM (WKSZ) is a Top 40 radio station licensed to De Pere, Wisconsin that serves Green Bay and The Fox Cities. The station is owned by Woodward Communications. You'll find great artists like David Guetta, LMFAO, Katy Perry, Adele, Lil Wayne, Bruno Mars, Flo Rida, Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson an...
“SONGS FOR THE PHILLIPPINES” LAUNCHED GLOBALLY ON iTUNES TO BENEFIT THE PHILIPPINES DISASTER RELIEF EFFORTS Proceeds From All-Star Album Will Be Donated To Philippines Red Cross December 3, 2013 – Kuala Lumpur – The global music community has come together for the worldwide release today of a new compilation that features the biggest names in music to raise money for those affected by superTyphoon Haiyan in The Philippines. "Songs for the Philippines," a unique collection of 39 chart-topping hits and classic tracks, is now available worldwide on iTunes (iTunes.com/Philippines). Featuring songs by The Beatles, U2, Madonna, Adele, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Eminem, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, One Direction, Ellie Goulding and many more, this benefit compilation album offers songs of compassion and hope from some of the biggest names in music. “The deadly Typhoon Haiyan strikes on 8 November and Death Toll has now risen to above 5,000. Typhoon Haiyan may have gone but the people in Philippines are still suff ...
Song of the Year have been announced! Bruno Mars, Pink, Katy Perry, Lorde, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis:
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
IT'S the most unlikely of roles for a heavy shock jock but Kyle Sandilands will perform opposite Cliff Richard in a new star-studded pantomine featuring the music of Katy Perry and Bruno Mars.
It's time for a rundown of todays new cds and dvds...brought to you by MGM Video in the Glen Road Plaza in West Lebanon... Lady Gaga, the "Now!" Series, and Kellie Pickler Release New CDs Today • "ArtPop", Lady Gaga. In addition to her hit "Applause", the album includes R. Kelly on "Do What U Want", and rappers T.I., Twista, and Too Short on "Jewels N' Drugs". • "Now That's What I Call Music 48", which includes Lady Gaga's "Applause" and Katy Perry's "Roar" . . . plus music from Justin Timberlake, Maroon 5, Daft Punk, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke, and Bruno Mars. • "Under the Covers Volume 3", Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs . . . with covers of Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'", the Go-Go's "Our Lips Are Sealed", the Smiths' "How Soon Is Now", Echo & the Bunnymen's "Killing Moon", and Lindsey Buckingham's "Trouble". • "Covered", actress Katey Sagal backed by the house band from "Sons of Anarchy". It includes covers of Jackson Browne's "For a Dancer", Steve Earle's "Goodbye", t . ...
Harry Styles, One Direction, opens the winners at MTV EMA's 2013 Harry Styles, One Direction, awarded the prize for "best look" was the first nominee who has opened tonight palmares of the nineteenth edition of the European Music Awards on MTV. This first award was announced during the celebrity guests walk the traditional Red Carpet, where he highlighted once again the provocative and colorful attire of the former child star Miley Cyrus, one of the most anticipated. She has been commissioned to open the gala impressive inside the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, where the ceremony this year is governed by a suggestive slogan, "Fiesta, fun, alien" waiting for the other stellar performances by Katy Perry, The Killers, Kings of Leon and Bruno Mars, among others.
Let's chat peeps! Topic: Music has the power to change my mood in an instant. I can't not sing along, can't not dance a little to certain songs... And certain voices effect me internally - like an awesome kick in the stomach, taking my breath away and making me tingle. Chris Daughtrey, Sarah Mclachlan and Melissa Etheridge are three examples of this phenomenon. Robbie Williams, Bruno Mars and Katy Perry all speak to me on a deeper level than other artists as well - their physical presence, showmanship, lyrics and voices combine to grab me and hold me spellbound. Can anyone relate? Are there any artists that just thrill you completely and inexplicably?
Is your singing voice always compared to a current famous artist? When blindfolded could your friends and family SWEAR you sound like Adele or Justin Timberlake? If so, here’s your chance to win $5,000! MTV is casting for a new and fun music competition show. We are looking for singers who sound just like a FAMOUS and CURRENT musician. Be it Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Lil Wayne, Katy Perry, or someone else, we are seeking “sound a-likes” who want to take part in this music competition show! If this sounds like you or someone you know let us hear from you! Contestants must be 18 years or older. Please send an email infowith your name, location, contact info and tell us which current contemporary artist you sound like. Please don’t forget to send us vocal samples of you singing.
Katy Perry has a Firework, Taio Cruz has a Dynamite, Bruno Mars has a Grenade, So La Roux must be happy that she's Bulletproof,
MONTI-LICIOUS SEPT 28, 2013 iHeart radio at the MGM Grand was a star studded extravaganza that was completely sold out with 13,000 to 14,000 fans.The iHheart Music Festival on Saturday night and had memorable moments such as Miley Cyrus breaking down as she thanked the fans. Austin Timberlake Paul Mccartney , Elton John.,Katy Perry, Tim Mcgraw and the amazing Bruno Mars were the other highlights from this 15 hour musical marathon. It was a huge hit for Las Vegas and the MGM Grand. The Emmys , a boring show except for the Neil Patrick Harris musical numbers , one of which should have opened the show, and the banter between Michael Douglas and Matt Damon. Behind the Candelabra was the big winner of the evening. I'm sure Liberace would have loved this. The Emmyshow as well as the pre show Red Carpet shoud be renamed "Who are you Wearing". The designers are becoming the stars of this event which needs alot of revisions. These award shows are keeping shows like Fashon Police so popular. However, what ab ...
20 minutes to tonight's webcast of the iHeartRadio Music Festival (www.iheartradio.yahoo.com or www.iheartradio.com/festival to stream audio) with Paul Mccartney, Miley Cyrus, Ke$ha, Bruno Mars, 30 Seconds to Mars, Justin Timberlake and many more! Last night's performances by Queen + Adam Lambert (and a special collaboration with fun.), Katy Perry, Elton John, Benny Benassi, fun., Muse, DJ Tiesto, Ylvis ('What Does A Fox Sound Like?'), and Keith Urban was awesome and tonight looks to be even better from 7 pm PT/10 ET to 1 am PT/4 ET.
Lady Gaga's, Justin Timberlake's, Bruno Mars' and Katy Perry's performance >>> I can watch them all day!
Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry & Elton John will perform at this year's iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vega…
In spite of my dodgy knees, I have just been for a lovely long walk in the company of Britney, Will.i.am, Bette, Lana del Rey, Eden Kane, Simon and Garf, Tinchy, Neil Sedaka, Katy Perry, Kylie, Little Mix, George Michael, Fun, Ed Sheeran, Michael Buble (x 8 - just had to replay), Dexy's MR, Av Lav and Bruno Mars. Now where's the Voltarol? Have a great day peeps
Beyonce, Katy Perry, Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Eminem, Bruno Mars, Madonna want me to keep going?
Over the past couple of years I have reluctantly succumbed (because of my children) to listening to top 40 music. I have to say I have surprised myself at how many new artists I have come to like and appreciate - Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift.The Fray.. But tonight I made them listen to my I-Pod: The Eagles, Rod Stewart, , Bob Seger, Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones - they weren't complaining - which is HUGE. And I said what do you think of all this? And they said "it's pretty good, why?" ..I said well "you really to need to know this music, because this is ME."
However, the latest list now features Regine Velasquez as a nominee in the same three categories where Sarah is also competing. In the World’s Best FeMale Artist category, Regine is competing against Sarah as well as international artists such as Adele, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Rihanna, and Taylor Swift, among others. In the Best Live Act category, Regine is competing against Bruno Mars, Psy (of "Gangnam Style" fame), U2, and Usher, among others. In the Best Entertainer of the Year category, Regine is nominated along with veteran performers Andrea Bocelli, Bruce Springsteen, Celine Dion, Paul Mccartney, and Madonna, among others. "WAG NA TAYONG UMASA MANANALO SILA NI SARAH G" :D
Bruno Mars : HIS SONGS ARE REALLY RELATABLE,ESPECIALLY TO US GIRLS ♥ HIS MUSIC ARE LIKE JAZZ CHANTS.. David Archuleta : HIS A REALLY GREAT SINGER FROM American Idol AND HIS ALSO HANDSOME, I HOPE HE WILL BE HAVING MORE UPCOMING SONGS,I MISSED HIM :/ Big Time Rush : LOL! THEY'RE FUNNY, THEY'RE SONGS aRE REALLy JUMPYY.. Avril Lavigne : KINDDA PUNKY AND KINDAA SADLY.. STILL SHE ROCKSSS Ariana Grande : Her songs are incredible, and she's a really a great singer. Little Mix : kindaa jumppy,rockish,stylish and all Katy Perry : her songs are mostly heartbreaks and some are kinda jumpy and sexyy Lady Gaga : She's kinda like sexually, She's kindda into judas or something, I LOST RESPECT of her because of her music "JUDAS" still i like her,i just lost respect from her, but i don't really BLAME HER FOR BEING INTO SEX && all, it's her life. .-. i dont own her life. Taylor Swift : She's a role model, she's into vintage styles, though she might have many boyfriends,i respect her,because she respect us back, an even th ...
Iron Man: A Beautiful Day, ft. Bono as Tony Stark, Katy Perry as Pepper Potts, Bruno Mars as Batroc the Leaper
I liked a video Bruno Mars cover Katy Perry's California Gurls on BBC
AJ The DJ invades Agave at Diamond Jacks. Ladies, put on that party dress and dancing shoes and get ready to party into the am! Featuring the hottest current and classic club remixes by artists like: Adele, Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas, Bon Jovi, Britney Spears,Bruno Mars, Commodores, Def Leppard, Donna Summer, Guns N Roses, Journey, KC & The Sunshine Band, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Lady Gaga Madonna, Michael Jackson, Outkast, Pink, Pitbull ,Queen, Rihanna Tone Loc and many more of your favorites! For more info, visit www.ajstark.net. AJ The DJ Entertainment, saving the universe from boring parties! 21 & Up
Black Keys won for Lonely Boy, Sting and Bruno Mars performance was great, Jack White kicks *** and should've won AotY, Katy Perry won the night. Anything we missed? Give us your thoughts on the Grammys!
Recap part 2: Rihanna: stunning...too bad you have no self respect; Carly Rae: the dress looked better on Sofia Vergara; Snickers: you make the best commercials.and candy bars; Dr John: you can't dress like ALL of the Village People at once; Bruno Mars: you are awesome, oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah yeah; Katy Perry: hubba hubba.Russell Brand, you a fool...a fool!!!: Carrie Underwood: you're like Tron..wow!; Gotye: I thought I was finally rid of you, like James Blunt...aaarrggghhh
Grammy thoughts, an excerpt: -Taylor Swift should hire Rihanna's vocal coach. Clearly he/she has a Rumplestiltskin-esque ability to turn nothing into something. -Was Frank Ocean's mom 10 when she had him or does she wash her face in the blood of Himalayan virgins? Her skin is disrespectfully beautiful. -Drunk Kelly Clarkson and I should hang out. -Kelly Rowland was always pretty, but *** the girl has found her FINE. -Of course Adele sings along to Bruno Mars. Because we are friends. In my head. -Katy Perry's boobs.
I'm just now diving into The Grammys. -Taylor Swift can't sing.again. -Carrie Underwood's song Blown Away is a cool song and she's amazing but that song won for best country song or something like that. That song sounds like a Katy Perry song and should have been in the "pop" category. -I dislike Nashville more every year. -I dislike hip hop more every year. For instance, Timberlake is as good as anyone by himself. No need to toss the Jay Z crap in it. Blah. -I've become a bit bored with Mumford but still think they're great at what they do. - The Black Keys are cool -Alicia is wonderful -I'll admit it. I like some Maroon 5 here and there. Shut up. -I like Bruno Mars more every year. Even though his drummer looks like the new leader of North Korea. -Jack White is weird as *** but I love him and I get it. Go to Netflix and watch a documentary called It Might Get Loud if you don't know much about him. - Prince will probably still be cool if he lives to be 110 years old. -Great tribute to Levon - So glad I . ...
My Grammy Observations: Nichole Kidman has ZERO rhythm dance Katy Perry is HOTTER than ever Kelly Clarkson can sing, has sung and will always sing Beyonce looked like she was going on a job interview J Lo doesn't realize just how muscular her legs are. yikes! Sting is HOTTER than ever at 61 years of age Kelly Roland disregarded the 'memo on Grammy 'Dresscode' Elton John STILL can kick AZZ Adam Levine & Alicia Keys KILLED their performance Ellen can dance to any type of music Bruno Mars is an amazing talent Did Adele have her child yet? Taylor Swift is the common denominator in her breakups FUN. is a seriously talented band Carrie Underwood's perfmce of "Blown Away" BLEW me away Justin Timberlake officially looks like a man. Very talented *** was that Forest Gump performance? confused Adele wore a Quilt Dress ALL night--7 Grammy's who cares LL Cool Jay, you are NOT a Beastie Boy, U R TOO OLD to Rap The ending performance of LL Cool J was in my opinion a terrible ending to a great show. Life goes on, see .. ...
Grammy Awards, Hour Three, breakdown: Bruno Mars = Such a cutie boy with the best smile. Taylor Swift = SIT. DOWN. Ugh. Chris Brown = Pretty sure Rhianna is the only one who still likes you. Katy Perry = Gorgeous. The 'girls' are looking amazing. Fun. = Is it just me, or does the lead singer look like a young, thin Mark Wahlberg. Hunter Hayes = Don't know his name? You will. Carrie Underwood = Your dress lightshow was trippy! Prince = I miss you!! Please perform next time, not just present. :) Taylor Swift = You do not know Prince, and he wishes you'd SIT your scrawny *** DOWN. Sir Elton = Sweet how your glasses match your shirt. :)
Tell me what you all think of this playlist for Eternal Light... Taylor Swift-You belong with me Katy Perry- ET Bruno Mars- Today My Life Begins Beethoven- Moonlight Sonata Bangles (although I would like a cover done by Haley Reinhart)- Eternal Flame Isreal Kamakawiwo'ole- Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Hawaiian Version) Green Day- Time of Your Life Beethoven- Moonlight Sonata Reprise (would like done by an electric guitar) Bruno Mars- Talking to the Moon The Band Perry- If I Die Young Tell me what you think. Add some more if you know of some that would fit the Book!!! I'd like to hear your suggestions.
Tom 2.0 10PM @ Under the Willows Tuesday,01 Jan 2013 05:26:37 GMT Tom 2.0 is a newcomer to the world of music here in Second Life. He performs a wide mix of songs, ranging from the oldies of the 50's and 60's (like Elvis and the Beatles) up through the modern pop music of today (Katy Perry, Bruno Mars and Matchbox Twenty to name a few). Country music, 80's hair bands, folk songs, and even some original tunes are usually on the menu as well for this gracious guitar guy.
Joana Silva, depois de uma árdua pesquisa intensiva, encontrei as seguintes musicas: Katy Perry - the one that got away Justin Bieber - fall, that should be me, catching feelings, die in your arms? há um cover que gosto bastante é das 96onedream e a música é Black Heart. não gosto da versão original, mas essa até que está fixe. da Adele, são quase todas, mas eu gosto mais da to make you feel my love e da one and only. The Band Perry - if I die young. Beatles - Let it be Boyce Avenue - perfect, broken angel, superman Bruno Mars - long distance, talking to the moon, when I was your man Little Mix - Cannonball, turn your face 1D (claro, xd) - changed my mind, summer love, irresistible, more than this, moments Demi Lovato - skyscraper Dia Frampton - Heartless Guns and Roses (tens imensas!) gosto mais da Don't cry e da november rain Ron Pope - a drop in the ocean Ed Sheeran - OMG, todas *-* Joe Brooks - For you The Fray - you found me, how to save a life The Script - the man who cant be moved, nothi ...
POLL RESULTS The poll is posted on december 14. Favorite New Artist of 2012: 1. One Direction (19 Votes) 2. Carly Rae Jepsen (17) 3. Cher Lloyd (4) 4. Phillip Phillips & The Wanted (3 each) Favorite Male Artist of 2012: 1. Bruno Mars (18 Votes) 2. Chris Brown (9) Favorite Female Artist of 2012: 1. Nicki Minaj (35 Votes) 2. Rihanna (31) 3. Taylor Swift (13) 4. Katy Perry (10) 5. Carly Rae Jepsen & Lady Gaga (7 each) Artist To Be Watch on 2013: Agnes Monica NOTES: Agnes Monica's votes on new artist & feMale Artist categories are all cancelled. Sorry, but she was not able to released a single or album this year and not even appeared on international music scene that's why I put her on the 'must watch artist next year.' If you ask me if I do know her, my answer will be 'NO'. I just knew that she is from Indonesia and will release an album next year produced by Timbaland. - Admin Harold.
'I am Filipino,' Bruno Mars says on 'SNL' MANILA, Philippines - "I am Filipino," international singer-songwriter Bruno Mars declared on Saturday Night Live (SNL) last month. Mars, who is Peter Gene Hernandez in real life, said "I am Filipino", in one number at SNL where he served as both host and musical guest, an Associated Press report said. The singer was born in Hawaii to a Filipino mother and Puerto Rican father. In the AP report, Mars said he had so much fun doing the SNL show and would be glad to do it again. The report also added that Mars' October 20 appearance gave the NBC variety show the second-best ratings this season. In the show, Mars showcased his singing and acting talents in the comedy skits where he impersonated other musicians like Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Steven Tyler. Last April, the Grammy winner visited the Philippines for a successful two-day concert in Manila and Cebu. Among his many hits songs are "Just The Way You Are," "Grenade," "Marry You" and "Nothin' ...
Christmas day tomorrow, I will be posting one more picture of a celebrity getting into the christmas spirit tomorrow. The celebrity I'm posting tomorrow is no doubt the biggest star on the planet at the moment :) Merry Christmas to everyone! I'd like to make a shout out to a few of this years most loved celebrities: One Direction, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Britney Spears, Bruno Mars, Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Lana Del Ray, Hot Chelle Rae, Reece Mastin, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, Carly Rae Jepsen and Cher Lloyd :)
Okay, everyone has to watch Bruno Mars on SNL singing like Billie Joe Armstrong, Steven Tyler and Katy Perry! It's hilarious and really frickin' accurate. I love it!
This remix and video mashup, United State of Pop 2012: Shine Brighter, consists of the 25 most popular songs in the United States as determined by the Billboard weekly Hot 100 charts. It’s four minutes of the usual suspects (Carly Rae Jepsen, PSY, Maroon 5, Fun, Bruno Mars, Flo Rida, Katy Perry, Tay...
DJ Earworm combines hits from artists such as Katy Perry, One Direction, Bruno Mars, Carly Rar Jepsen, PSY and many others to make the ultimate Pop Song of 2012.
It's what you would hear on radios, mostly. Katy Perry, Rihanna...Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo, Taio(?)Cruz.
JP here from 7 with Katy Perry, Bruno Mars , Olly Murs, REM and more of that great music you can't get enough of. Later at 10 it's Late Night Love Songs.
Lady Gaga taught me it's okay to be different Bruno Mars taught me to do anything for that one person I love Ke$ha taught me to be myself and not care what anyone thinks Eminem taught me that life is hard but you can make it through Micheal Jackson taught me to always love the people around me Katy Perry taught me to respect each other, no matter how different you are Bob Marley taught me to live my life in peace Music taught me how to live!
LMS FOR A CELEBRITY: via inbox [] J Cole: You're sexy [] Drake: I love you [] Tupac: Its me and you against the world [] Eminem: STUFF you [] Rihanna: your silly/crazy [] Wiz Khalifa: id get high with you [] Mac Miller: you got swagg [] Adele: I trust you [] Justin Bieber: your my baby [] Akon: your mean [] Tyga: you talk to much [] Kesha: your abit weird [] Bruno Mars: your amazing [] Britney Spears: your ugly [] Nicki Minaj: id marry you [] Keri Hilson: id kiss you [] T-pain: you got me sprung [] Gucci: sponsor ego [] Ciara: you the perfect valentine [] Trina: you're bad af [] Kelly Rowland: boo thang [] Mariah Carey: your a stranger [] Lady Gaga: call /text [] Soulja Boy: Arrogant [] Beyonce: nice body [] Katy Perry: id hug you [] Lil Wayne: i like your laugh [] Chris Brown: id write a song about you
But I still love Lady Gaga!! " poker face" and Kesha too. Oh yeah. Rihanna , Adele , Usher, Taio Cruz , Pit Bull, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, there is NO song on KDWB that I don't like. And the oldies, Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin , and my all time favorite , Jim Morrison and the Doors. But I can't leave out Led Zeppelin , Pink Floyd,Air Supply, and the great Johnny Cash, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Fleetwood Mac, and from the 60's, there is no end, Sly and the Family Stone, Strawberry Alarm Clock , The Birds, Vanilla Fudge, The Guess Who ( from Canada) The Who (70's ) , The Mamas and the Papas ( Califonia dreamin, Monday, Monday) and when your 22-25 years old and your stressed out and things are bothering you then it was Simon and Garfunkle ( I will be there like a ) " Bridge Over Troubled Water, and " The Boxer"
5 LIKES AND I'LL ANSWER [ ] Curly or Straight [] [] Pizza or Pasta [ ] [] Fruit or Vegetables [] [] Tall or Short [] [] Taylor Swift or Ke$ha [] [] Katy Perry or Lady Gaga [] [] Justin Bieber or Cody Simpson [ ] [] Bruno Mars or Big Time Rush [] [ ] Pink or Purple [] [] PINK or Hollister [ ] [] Blue or Green [] [ ] Cheetah or Zebra [] [] USA or UK [ ] [ ] London or Paris [] [] Winter or Summer [] [] Cute Guys or Smart Guys [] [] Uggs or Flip Flops [] [] Love or Friendship [] [] Beautiful or Hot [] [] Pancakes or Waffles [] [] Cake or Cookies [] [] Vanilla or Chocolate [] [] Boyfriend or Guyfriend [] [] 1 Best Friend or Several Close Ones []
O. M. G. I liked Bruno Mars as an artist before, but just saw his SNL skit where he imitated Billie Joe Armstrong, Steven Tyler, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, _Louis_ Armstrong and Michael Jackson and he pretty much nailed all of them. I'm way too old to be a fanboi, but "Death is easy. *Comedy* is hard."
This weekend, Saturday Night Live aimed their satirical arrows at Pandora. During the sketch, the music streaming goes down and an intern played by Bruno Mars is forced fill the void with parodies of Green Day, Katy Perry, Justin Beiber, Michael Jackson and more. Mars generally does a stellar job, b...
Bruno Mars on SNL last night was MERVEILLEUX! His skit impersonating Green Day, Steven Tyler, Michael Jackson and Katy Perry on Pandora Radio was so talented and funny - I just about died with his "Smooth Criminal" impersonation. LOVE HIM.
So, Bruno Mars kicked all sorts of *** on SNL last night. Anyone who can switch from singing like Billy Joe Armstrong to Steven Tyler to Katy Perry to Justin Beiber to Louie Armstrong to Michael Jackson (insanely well) in the span of a couple minutes is pretty amazing.
Bruno Mars actually doesn't do a bad Billy Joe Armstrong, Steven Tyler, Katy Perry, Louis Armstrong, or JB, but he does a *** good MJ 😂
Bruno Mars is freakin' awesome! He just did perfect MJ on SNL !!! ... and Justin Bieber, Aerosmith, Billie Joe Armstrong, and even Katy Perry !!!
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Bruno Mars singing Green Day, Aerosmith, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Louie Armstrong, and three Michael Jackson songs as a Pandora Radio Intern to save the website during a power outage. This SNL is pretty awesome so far.
Bruno Mars, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Ryan Tedder, Adele, MJ, Taylor Swift, Pitbull and me in the shower
My choir Concert is at 7:00pm Higley Center for the Performing Arts Thursday Like if you want to go or are going !! We will be singing Firework Katy Perry Mean Taylor Swift and then Bruno Mars medley OMG the 8th Graders if your a directioner are singing WMYB!
Hmm.. 99p album download on Amazon.. Do I go for Bruno Mars, Wicked, Norah Jones or Katy Perry..??
This is a cover of Katy Perry's California Gurls, sung in the style of Bruno Mars. Enjoy.
Gaga and Justin Bieber scored big, while BigBang won the first ever Worldwide Act award! After an absolutely astonishing amount of voting from fans (over 158 million votes!), the 2011 MTV EMA winners were finally chosen in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on 6 November. Lady Gaga dominated the show, leaving Belfast with four wins (Best Female, Best Song, Best Video, and Biggest Fan). She wasn’t the only multiple award winner, though. EMA regulars 30 Seconds to Mars received the first award of the night from the Red Carpet pre-show for Best Alternative and were honoured again with Best World Stage. Bieber Fever infected voters and led to him heading away with Best Male and Best Pop, while Bruno Mars topped off a stellar 2011 with victories in Best Push and Best New. Eminem scored yet another Best Hip Hop trophy, and Katy Perry proved to be an EMA favourite again as well by being rewarded with Best Live. Best Rock went to Linkin Park, and Korean band BigBang proved that they rock around the world by winning the ...
Wow - we got it again! Tixx for the MTV-musicvideo-awards Sept. 6th!! Last year it was a very special adventure - we looove it!! All these stars infront of us - Lady Gaga, Britney, Katy Perry, Brian May (YEY!), Adele, Bruno Mars, Kim Kardashian (ok, she presented an award, but we had a nice talk...), Jessie J., Chris Brown, Justin Bieber (he is a baby...), Russel Brand (he talked about Amy Winehouse - the tribute...) and much more!
Hall frame was pretty awesome! There was one of Katy Perry's dress, and one of Bruno Mars' suites!! Cleveland Indians game later tonight!
the boys would like to collaborate with Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez
Dream World : I'm married to Zayn , Harry , Liam , Niall , And Caesar ! I Live With All of them . We all sleep on the same bed . I have all the money in the world . Me , Stefany Coronado , and Ayoo Ailyn would always qo places and I'll buy them whatever they want . I have a turtle named Blend and he likes to fiqht . Carlos Hernandez would stop beinqq nasty and he would stop copyinqq me . I would take all my friends to California and qo to Disney Land or Knotts Berry Farm . I would always have partys. I would eat Sushi everyday and ice cream ! School and churched don't exsist. I'm not shy and would be able to talk to a quy without beinq shy . I would be friends with Katy Perry , Bruno Mars , Skrillex , and Justin Bieber. I live in a land fulled with candy. I would eat and never qet fat. I would never qet heartbroken . I would not live forever and I would live life to the fullest !
The awkward moment when: Taio Cruz doesn't break your heart Rihanna hates the way you lie Shakiras hips lie Katy Perry isn't living a Teenage Dream Bruno Mars drops a grenade Keshas head doesn't spin right round Lady Gaga was not born this way Madonna isn't hung up...
Summer 2012 playlist ✦ Cinema by Skrillex ✦ Dubstep Violin Crystalize by Linsey Stirling ✦ Titanium by David Guetta ft. Sia ✦ Bangarang by Skrillex ✦ Just a Dream by Carrie Underwood ✦ Give your heart a Break by Demi Lovato ✦ Boyfriend by Justin Beiber ✦ Part of Me by Katy Perry ✦ One Thing by One Direction ✦ Call Me Maybe by Carley Rae Jepsen ✦ Jesus Take the Wheel by Carrie Underwood ✦ Mirror by Lil Wayne ft. Bruno Mars ✦ Payphone by Maroon 5 ✦ Paradise by Coldplay ✦ Dance Again by Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull ✦ Never close our Eyes by Adam Lambert ✦ Hit the Lights by Selena Gomez and the Scene ✦ Ours by Taylor Swift ✦ Wide Awake by Katy Perry ✦ We are Young by Fun. ✦ The only Exception by Paramore ✦ Stronger by Kelly Clarkson ✦ Count on me by Bruno Mars ✦ Drive by, by Train ✦ Fall for you by secondhand Serenade ✦ A Thousand Years by Christina Perri ✦ Somebody that I used to Know by Gotye
Bruno Mars, Elizabeth Banks, Katy Perry, Jessica Sanchez, all know who really won! Luto laban shet!
I have a lot.. My top favorites are Adele, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, and Victoria Justice. I like One Direction, too. :{DHbu?
Find Music Notes For Piano from artists like Bruno Mars, Adele, Christina Perri, Laura Story, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse and more.
Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Nicole Kidman, and many other artists said that Selena is amazing person & very talented. now sit.
We,re off to Wales tomorrow, the missus is just burning up a new cd for the car. This is what we call our yuck mix. So far we got, Amy Macdonald, Bruno Mars,The brilliant Things, Emeli Sande, Marlon Roudette, Will Young, Morton Harket, Kings of Leon, Adelle, Lissy, Joe Maceldry, The killers, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, Take That, Tokio Hotel, and Propaganda, should be rocking down the M4. me playing air drums on the steering wheel, and the missus just generally rocking. I wonder how many likes we,re gonna get on here, for that. We don,t change much, do we.
Pokemon : Bruno Mars used Just The Way You Are ... Wild Katy Perry is in love with Bruno Mars ... Katy Perry broke up with Russel Brand
I was eating lunch at Tony Luke's and they played Lady Gaga, then Pitbull, then Katy Perry, then Bruno Mars... ENOUGGGH :@
Exactly. Love Adele, Jessie and Gaga. Adam in duet with Bruno Mars, Pink,Katy Perry or David Cook - it'll be great too.
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