Katy Perry & Avril Lavigne

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (born October 25, 1984), known by her stage name Katy Perry, is an American singer, songwriter and actress. Avril Ramona Lavigne (born 27 September 1984) is a Canadian singer-songwriter. 5.0/5

Katy Perry Avril Lavigne Lady Gaga Taylor Swift Demi Lovato Britney Spears Miley Cyrus Bruno Mars Kelly Clarkson Ricky Martin John Mayer Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Little Mix Adam Lavigne Rolling Stone Josh Groban Seconds To Mars Paul Mccartney Jon Hamm

Hey! We wanna Katy Perry or Avril Lavigne to advise Team Xtina! PLEASE!
Katy Perry - This is How we do . Avril Lavigne - What the *** . Rcity feat Adam Levine - Locked away. Taylor Swift - I knew trouble
There's only one Katy Perry, one Billy Joe, one Avril Lavigne, and one Me.
[‘Bulletproof Picasso’ Album Cover & Tracklist Revealed] Finally, the album that is going to save the music industry in 2014! Well, okay — probably not. But it is at least an album on the horizon. Train‘s seventh studio LP Bulletproof Picasso (out September 16) has now been made available for pre-order on iTunes the same week the San Fran band’s video for lead single “Angel In Blue Jeans” premiered. (It has Danny Trejo wielding a gun in it. Go ahead — it’s worth a watch.) Butch Walker, one of the folks behind Train’s most recent Top 10 single “Drive By” (along with other hits by Avril Lavigne, Pink, Katy Perry and Weezer), produced the album. Catch the full tracklist below. And, yep — there really is a song here called “Baby, Happy Birthday.” Train, Bulletproof Picasso 1. Cadillac, Cadillac 2. Bulletproof Picasso 3. Angel In Blue Jeans 4. Give It All 5. Wonder What You’re Doing For The Rest Of Your Life 6. Son Of A Prison Guard 7. Just A Memory 8. I’m Drinkin’ Tonight 9 ...
Miley Cyrus on tour. Lady Gaga too. Avril Lavigne too. Katy Perry too. 30 Seconds To Mars too. They all on tour
If you’re the type of person who spends their day googling celebrities like Lily Collins, Avril Lavigne, Kathy Griffin, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, or Jon Hamm — or maybe even all of them, I don’t know what you’re into — then you might want to be careful, or at least install good virus protection.
Where to begin? Despite the likes of Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani and Lady Gaga taking her fanbase, Avril Lavigne seems determined to remind the world that she's still relevant, with her latest clip
What is with people belittling and looking down on people with their GED! A high school diploma does not make you smarter, more successful or a better person. There are a ton of very successful people who have dropped out of high school and received a GED such as, George Eastman who is the creator of Kodak or Ruth Ann Minner she's a former governor of Delaware! Avril Lavigne, Eminem, Katy Perry, Peter Jackson who is the director of Lord of the Rings! I mean, people make mistakes.. It's not how you get your education it's what you do with it!
Q: What do One Direction, Kylie Minogue, Beyonce, Lily Allen, U2, Beck, Pharrell Williams, Bruno Mars, Shakira, Rihanna, Toni Braxton, Katy Perry, Prince, Lady Gaga, Avril Lavigne, Pitbull, Damon Albarn all have in common with The New Mastersounds? A: Very little, but we have all earned a place in this week’s J-Wave Tokio Hot 100 music chart. Ladies and gentlemen: we have arrived (at number 84.)
"I don't want to be the next Avril Lavigne or next Britney Spears. I want to be the first Katy Perry." - Katy Perry
ET is giving away a collection of new music releases, courtesy of Target! The CD's -- available at Target stores and on Target.com -- include the Target-exclusive editions of the latest albums from Kelly Clarkson, Paul Mccartney and Avril Lavigne, as well as the new albums from Eminem and Katy Perry...
You know what would be an awesome birthday present? To eat dinner with Avril Lavigne, Mia Wasikowska, and Amy Lee and see Katy Perry and Ke$ha perform live. Katy, you can jump out of my birthday cake any day.
Flipping through the Music Choice stations recently, I've heard a lot of good duets out there recently. Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger, John Mayer and Katy Perry, Pink and Nate Ruess, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. It got me thinking of some of my favorite duets. Ricky Martin and Christina Aguilera, Josh Groban and Charlotte Church, just to name a couple. I the thought of my dream duet, one that I really would love to hear: Joey McIntyre and Christina Aguilera. They both have amazing voices, and would sound absolutely amazing together. So, I decided that I wanna know what your dream duets would be. (If you come on just to mention ones I forgot to mention, the comments will be deleted!)
Not wanting to be outdone by Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroger, apparently Katy Perry and John Mayer now have a song together. Gross.
What do Lily Collins, Britney Spears, Sandra Bullock, Adriana Lima, Katy Perry and Jon Hamm all have in common? I’ll give you a hint: All are more dangerous than you think. Give up? Those are the top ten searched celebrities on the web which, if you look for various details about them, especially for revealing photos, you’ll get the highest number of results that contain viruses and other malware. Hackers regularly look for these top searches, the results of which are published to the public by the various search engines, and make sure their “innocent” web sites contain all kinds of information about the celebrities. Currently, the first place is taken by Lily Collins (24), daughter of singer Phil Collins. In second place is singer Avril Lavigne; in third place is the actress Sandra Bullock; another actress makes the list at fourth, Kathy Griffin; fifth is ‘Avatar’ star - Zoe Saldana; singer Katy Perry is sixth; and seventh is the singer Britney Spears. The eighth place is taken by the only ma ...
Here's to the Directioners who haven't met One Direction. Here's to the Mixers who haven't met Little Mix. Here's to the Beliebers who Haven't met Justin Bieber. Here's to the Rushers Who haven't met Big Time Rush. Here's to the Swifties who haven't met Taylor Swift. Here's to the Lovatics who haven't met Demi Lovato. Here's to the R5Family that hasn't met R5. Here's to the Selenators who haven't met Selena Gomez. Here's to the BVB Army who haven't met Black Veil Brides. Here's to the Emblems who haven't met Emblem3. Here's to the Katycats who haven't met Katy Perry. Here's to the Little Monster who haven't met Lady Gaga. Here's to the Little Black Stars who haven't met Avril Lavigne. Here's to the Killjoys who haven't met My Chemical Romance. Here's to the Brats who haven't met Cher Lloyd. Here's to the Echelon members who haven't met 30 Seconds To Mars. Here's to the Sheerios who haven't met Ed Sheeran Like and repost if you haven't met your inspiration yet.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Bruno Mars had a GRENADE and Taio Cruz had DYNAMITE and they threw them both at Katy Perry who exploded like a FIREWORK the bang was so loud the Black Eyes Peas forgot THE TIME while Rhianna had memory loss and ran around saying WHATS MY NAME and then Eminem looked around saying I'M NOT AFRAID then Willow Smith started to WHIP HER HAIR which scared the Far East Movement and they started to fly LIKE A G6, Avril Lavigne saw this and started shouting WHAT THE *** and then Nelly woke up saying it was JUST A DREAM :)
I'm not sure but I think someone tonight compared me to Josh Freese. If you don't know who that is, he is EVERYONE'S go to drummer when they need one. Bands like.The Vandals, Paramore, Devo, A Perfect Circle, Sting, Guns N Roses, Suicidal Tendencies, Weezer, Chris Cornell, Filter, Rob Zombie, Fuel, Avril Lavigne, Miley Cyrus, Kelly Clarkson, NIN, Katy Perry, Ween, 3 Doors Down, The Offspring, Unwritten Law, Evanescence, Good Charlotte, Queens Of The Stone Age, Daughtry, Gavin Rossdale, Ricki Martin. Just to name a few.
What celebrity have you been told you look like? When I was younger I was told I looked like Avril Lavigne and Katy Perry but these days I'm told I look like Drew Barrymore. ~Kayla
12 more facts! 1) Lou is my fav out of 1D 2) I really want to listen to Niall's laugh in person 3) I've got few 1D merche which are a poster, few stickers, 2 books and TMH album! 4) My fav song from TMH is Over Again and from UAN Moments! 5) My fav Xfactor performance, after Torn, Kids In America! 6) I'm kinda a clean freak, which is all my things must be clean but I'm not a tidy person xD 7) My fav celebrities, besides 1D, are Olly Murs, Conor Maynard, Bruna Mars, Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry, Little Mix, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Pitbull and an Egyptian band called Young Pharos! 8) I had health issues when I was born 9) I wear eyeglasses 10) I used to have braces but I took them off in February this year :) 11) I've never been to any 1D concert and I never met them but I'm still hoping :) 12) I get rid of all my anger, stress, sadness or any other emotions by dancing like crazy :D cuz I'm crazy!! ~Mou
(from BreatheHeavy.com) "Britney’s upcoming music video for “Ooh La La” is scheduled for an early June shoot, directed by Marc Klasfeld of Rockhard productions (home to Ray Kay, director of “Till The World Ends”), sources reveal to BreatheHeavy.com. Rumors floating around Exhale claim Britney will be transformed into a Smurf herself, but it’s not true. So far, the concept is Britney herself will venture to the Smurf village, a place impossible to find unless a Smurf leads the way. Britney’s boys are also said to be featured in the music video! Klasfeld has directed hundreds of music videos for big celebs, including “Katy Perry, Jay-Z, Kid Rock, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Michael Buble’, Nelly, Foo Fighters, Jewel, Sum 41, Avril Lavigne, Aerosmith and many others with multiple MTV award wins and nominations.” A very cute, kid-friendly concept!"
Bruno Mars : HIS SONGS ARE REALLY RELATABLE,ESPECIALLY TO US GIRLS ♥ HIS MUSIC ARE LIKE JAZZ CHANTS.. David Archuleta : HIS A REALLY GREAT SINGER FROM AMERICAN IDOL AND HIS ALSO HANDSOME, I HOPE HE WILL BE HAVING MORE UPCOMING SONGS,I MISSED HIM :/ Big Time Rush : LOL! THEY'RE FUNNY, THEY'RE SONGS aRE REALLy JUMPYY.. Avril Lavigne : KINDDA PUNKY AND KINDAA SADLY.. STILL SHE ROCKSSS Ariana Grande : Her songs are incredible, and she's a really a great singer. Little Mix : kindaa jumppy,rockish,stylish and all Katy Perry : her songs are mostly heartbreaks and some are kinda jumpy and sexyy Lady Gaga : She's kinda like sexually, She's kindda into judas or something, I LOST RESPECT of her because of her music "JUDAS" still i like her,i just lost respect from her, but i don't really BLAME HER FOR BEING INTO SEX && all, it's her life. .-. i dont own her life. Taylor Swift : She's a role model, she's into vintage styles, though she might have many boyfriends,i respect her,because she respect us back, an even th ...
Taylor Swift writes about boys. So does Adele, Avril Lavigne, Kesha, Pink, Katy Perry, Rihanna and other artist. Stop hating on Taylor.
Riddles: D is a singer / actress female, participated in the film "Wizards of wawerly", where she was part of Alex Russo, made the film "Monte Carlo" and recently took part in the film "Spring Breakers-A-lads holiday , then who will? - Demi Lovato -Selena Gomez - Ashley Tislade - Debby Ryan is a male actor, he starred in "Honor and Respect", the movie "sin and shame", then who will? - Robert Pattinson - Taylor Launtern - Gabriel Kargo - Roberto Benigni is a singer of the queens of POPs, their 1st album "the fame", was dressed in raw meat at the MTV, his last album was "Born This Way & Art pop" .. then who will? - Nicki Minaj - Madonna - Lady Gaga - Shakira is a singer / actress female has 25-26 years, was born in Nashville, a small town in America. He has many tattoos and one of those is the $. His first single was "Tik Tok" .. then .. who will? - Rihanna - Katy Perry - Britney Bi * ch - Ke $ ha - Avril Lavigne is a female singer and only one adjective to describe x "CRAZY" xD, he sang "Pound the Alarm", ...
LMAO! Peoples said Adam Levine is the brother of Avril Lavigne. Same like Katy Perry is the sister of Christina Perri. LMAO
Trouble-Free Methods Of Drinking with Strangers Considered The artist named by Rolling Stone as one of America's best singer-songwriters and the 2005 Producer of the Year shares the inside story of his music career From his days with one-hit-wonder band the Marvelous 3 to his current work producing some of today's hottest talent-from Weezer and Katy Perry to Pink, Avril Lavigne, and Panic! at the Disco-Butch Walker has proven himself a major influence in contemporary pop music. But the road to success wasn't easy. Drinking with Strangers takes you into the studio and onto the stage, offering a rare glimpse into a life defined by raw talent, determination, a drive for perfection, and some ridiculous haircuts. At age seventeen, Walker left small-town Georgia with his hair metal band and headed for the mean streets of Los Angeles. Full of *** vinegar, and Jack Daniel's (mostly the latter), these young Southern musicians were determined to become the biggest band on the Sunset Strip and land a major-label r . ...
Hayley Williams, Cher Lloyd, Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry and Sierra Kusterbeck are the best female singers eveeerr!
My Audition : Part 2 When you got on stage, you saw the guy who dropped his phone, you saw Zayn. You were shocked 'cause you saw that he was one of the judges. The judges were Zayn, Katy Perry, Simon and Avril Lavigne. Then, Katy asked ''What's your name sweetie?'' ''Y/N, Y/N *last name*'' you said. ''Okay, so what are you going to sing?'' Simon asked. ''Fix A Heart, by Demi Lovato'' you said. ''Okay, let's hear your voice gorgeous.'' Avril said smiling. You started to sing, you were quite nervous, but you didn't want to be humiliated. You sang the whole song perfectly, you hitted the high and low notes, you sang it perfectly with confidence. ''Woah. I love your voice'' Zayn said which made you blush. ''You got it! That was so good, it was perfect!'' Simon said happily. ''I have nothing to say!'' Katy said. ''Speechless'' was all Avril could say. ''Voting time?'' Zayn asked. 5+ likes for next? ~Sausage
Looking forward to new music from 50 cent, Eminem, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Avril Lavigne, Sasha, MGMT, Lady Gaga and Akon in 2013.
Legacy Pink has been described as an artist who has changed the scope of pop music, but has hardly received recognition for it.[82][83] Referring to her as a "powerhouse vocalist", Ann Powers of the Los Angeles Times asked, "Why isn't she an even bigger star?"[83] Rob Sheffield of Rolling Stone commented: "I think people respond to her sense of independence and dedication. It inspires people ... This is a prolific pop artist who is sometimes famous and successful, sometimes obscure, who nonetheless keeps making her own kind of music. Every few years, the spotlight comes back around to her—but her fans can trust that when the spotlight moves along, Pink will keep on writing Pink songs."[83] Powers adds that her mix of rock-style rebellion, emotional rawness, humor and "infectious" dance beats created "a model for the mashup approach of latter-day divas such as Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, and even Rihanna."[83] James Montgomery of MTV describes her as "a fabulously fearless pop artist" who can "out- ...
we've managed to agree on the Cardigans! But not so much on Avril Lavigne, Carly Rae and Katy Perry :/
Perfectmatch.com featured in NBC s Science of Love
This new Taylor Swift album is beyond awesome..!! You get so many flavours; Carrie Underwood, Lady Antebellum, Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne all rolled with Taylor.!!! Gary Lightbody & Ed Sheeran's audible presence ice the cake perfectly. The album shows how to move on with your roots intact. That's how you grow.
Hayley Williams, Demi Lovato, Adele, Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, and Taylor Jardine. There are more though
Selena Gomez criticizes Avril Lavigne - interview 2012 (September) interviewer: Selena do you think there is famous in who never pass of fashion? Selena: Yes of course, including this Rihanna, Katy Perry, 1 d, Chris brown, Lady Gaga, Avril lavigne among others interviewer: among them do to who admire most? Selena: All they are amazing, I consider myself a fan of everyone, but Avril lavigne does not go with me (said in a tone of laughter) interviewer: there is something wrong in it? Selena: There, but is the classical girl drug addict and alcoholic think you must have much will tattoo your body, and exit at bars taking and smoking that is not suitable for a girl knowing he has small fans. Avril should change to an asset. "Is the classical girl drug addict and alcoholic" by avril Latin America what they think of this? And it what is it? A SANTA? GAGO KA SELENA AH !!!
I think I know why I've been feeling so down lately about my current life standing, I am letting the worlds expectations get to me! I'm letting the world tell me how to live my life! I am a Rocker/Skater, I have Tattoos & Piercings, I listen to Non-Christians music, all this doesn't mean I still can't be a Christian!! I mean look at people like Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and even Steven Tyler, they are Christian and sing songs that make most Christians turn their heads in disgust, Heck Steven Tyler has even in and out of Rehab for drug use multiple times!! Does it make them horrible people though? No because at the end of the day they still live for Jesus and that's all that matters, I mean sure I drink alcohol and smoke weed but I do it responsibly and some day I will stop those things and if people can't accept me for who I am and what I am doing with my life then maybe I don't need them in my life!!!
Max Martin just because that guy is pure genius. Hes written hits for Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry. Even X-tina
Flyleaf, Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift. It's just one of those nights :\
Avril Lavigne is off the market, but Katy Perry broke up with John Mayer, so I still got a chance at happiness.
1.Demi Lovato 2.Avril Lavigne 3.Katy Perry 4.Taylor Swift 5.Miley Cyrus from scale 1-5 who is the best
Devastating info (if a bit old) on the "Loudness War" front lines: Celine Dion and Ricky Martin records are louder than AC/DC's. Avril Lavigne is louder than DragonForce. Katy Perry is louder than Megadeth. All modern music needs a solid dose of "demastering". And Rick Rubin and Vlado Meller should find new jobs.
If i was a guy, i would fancy Katy Perry, Britney, Avril Lavigne, Audrey Kitching and Carmen Electra, beautiees
If u like Ke$ha, Avril Lavigne, Hollie Cavanagh, Katy Perry, or Lady Gaga u should def follow me like right now!
Part Two of the ET/What the *** mash-up with Avril's vocals and Katy's instrumental Avril Lavigne - What the *** (Acapella) Katy Perry - E.T. (Instrumental...
1312 - I listen to so many! well, some of my faves are 1D, Katy Perry, Linkin Park, Avril Lavigne, Bruno Mars... and a 1000 more. lol.
I honestly thought Katy Perry would disappear like Avril Lavigne and Alanis Morrissette (spell check).
Katy Perry: Labels wanted me to be like Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne Katy Perry has revealed that her previous Record Labels wanted her to be just like Kelly Clarkson or Avril Lavigne. The singer explained that she was dropped from three Record Labels before she signed with Capitol in the US ...
Carrie Underwood is my 4th favorite white girl: after Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry, & Scarlett Johansen
Owl City taught me how to live Bruno Mars taught me to never give up Avril Lavigne taught me how have fun Britney Spears taught me to finish what i started LMFAO taught me to have fun doing everything Sean Kingston taught me to love someone who loves me Uncle Kracker taught me to smile Katy Perry taught me to like someone who doesnt like me so when i listen to music i SMILE!
Avril Lavigne - Wish you were here. Lil Wayne - How to love. Katy Perry - The one that got away Aretha Franklin - Ain't no way
This 2012--Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry, Cyndi Lauper, Olivia Newton-John now Lady Gaga hope the next will be
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