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Katy Perry

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (born October 25, 1984), known by her stage name Katy Perry, is an American singer, songwriter and actress.

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This new song by Katy Perry "Swish Swish" Is totally disgusting, the lyrics are contemptible, a sexist song coming from a woman. Wow
Here are all the ~possible~ Taylor Swift references in Katy Perry's new song
New Music Alert 🚨 Katy Perry drops new single ft. Nicki Minaj right before the BBMAs this Sunday.
A fan caught Katy Perry and James Corden filming 'Carpool Karaoke,' and the video is hilarious:…
My Rihanna pandora station went from j cole's "work out" to Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream"
Listening to Teenage Dream by Katy Perry, on the album: Teenage Dream [Explicit]
Katy Perry reached the level of madonn…
Katy Perry's music has gone so downhill since Teenage Dream
Yes she can act a bit crazy but I can handle her a little more than Katy Perry that chick is just bizarre.
Katy Perry’s dog, Nugget, was the real star of the
2010 Katy Perry was nothing but fire
From private jet to after-party, watch transform into an avant-garde fashion siren for the
Thinking Of You is one of my favorite Katy Perry songs
Name another artist that puts out more creativite visuals than Katy Perry, I'll wait.
I liked a video Katy Perry Firework cover
Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj are rumored to have a collab on Katy's upcoming album 'witness' called 'Swish Swish Bish' tho…
Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj have a song together on 'Witness' and it's called 'Swish Swish'.
Imagine auditioning for American Idol and Katy Perry is the one that tells you, you can't sing 💀
Katy Perry and any Disney actress besides Demi Lovato
could possibly be a song with Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj.
👁 Let the countdown begin! 👁. It's the final 24 hours until the pre-order for Katy Perry's 4th studio album, begi…
"Swish Swish" from Katy Perry's upcoming album is rumored to be a collaboration with Nicki Minaj.
I think Katy Perry should stop buying weed from Miley Cyrus because even Miley's going back to Hannah Montana
Katy Perry coming to Xcel Energy Center; ticket sales crafted to foil scalping
Maybe Verified Fan will work better this time - for Katy Perry
I just got braces and I literally look like Katy Perry in the 'last Friday night' music video
Idol judges... Katy Perry in the middle, and on either side of her, Ray and Dave Davies!
Waiter: what do you want ma'am,sir? . Me: Katy Perry with vegetables please 😂
I feel like Katy Perry and Bella Thorne both have more haters then fans...
Turn notifications to know how many time until Katy Perry's new album!
Miley Cyrus revealed that Katy Perry is her oldest friend in Hollywood.
Katy Perry will once again join American Idol as a judge! 🎤
Katy Perry will officially be joining the judging panel on ABC's reboot of American Idol.
Katy Perry will be a judge on the new season of American Idol!
Katy Perry to judge 'American Idol' for ABC - American Idol reboot may have missed out on...
"Next year Katy Perry and I will be friends for 10 years. She asked me to go to the VMAs with her, that's how it all s…
"would you rather listen to Katy Perry or Taylor Swift?". "I'd rather listen to... Tyler.. Perry."
Miley Cyrus talking about how her friendship with Katy Perry started and why she loves her!
Katy Perry explains to Ellen she chopped off all her hair because of hair loss due to 'too much' bleach.
.will collab with another artist on album. It is rumored to be Katy Perry but here are all…
Katy Perry shared a glimpse of Paris Hilton's home and I'm screaming .
Katy Perry and Iggy Azalea went to Paris Hilton's house and naturally had the time of their lives: https…
Katy Perry coming for her next world tour. is going to be a giant worldwide arena tour. Follow us for up…
Katy Perry is reportedly in serious talks to join ABC's reboot of American Idol as a judge on the upcoming season. http…
Tonight, is Katy Perry becoming a judge on the new American Idol? Don’t miss
What's going on with American Idol today an announcement (not from AI) that Katy Perry & Chris Daughtry will be judges on reboot of AI
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Katy Perry to be 'American Idol' judge, reports say - Newsday
Katy Perry is bringing her new tour to PPG Paints Arena on October 19th.
Katy Perry comes to SA the day after my birthday. Happy birthday to me, I'm gonna get myself an early present 💁🏻
Poll: Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry are both releasing new music. Whose album are you more excited about?
Paramore and Katy Perry announced their tours today. I'm about to spend all my money on concert tickets
Iggy Azalea, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Liam Payne and now Camila Cabello all dropping new music this week.
Cried a little today because Katy Perry's new album drops in less than a month...and cause finals... but mostly Katy Perry's new album.
After break, Katy Perry announces new album and tour
I liked a video Sean Locke on Katy Perry's Breasts - The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2008
The album pre-order for by Katy Perry is coming this Friday, May 19!
Katy Perry will officially release her new album 'Witness' in June 9th.
Katy Perry: check out my new video bon... Shakira: Check out my new video me enamoré
| at the Boys & Girls Clubs Of America for the project ❤️. Details:
Katy Perry pulling a Beyoncé by announcing a world tour before her album even drops 😵😵
Katy Perry is coming to United Center this fall
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
.announces new album 'Witness' and extensive arena tour:
This day got a whole lot better with and album AND tour announcement from
Katy Perry to play Nashville concert on 2017 tour
Katy Perry is releasing her fourth studio album titled 'Witness' on Friday, June 9.
.announced tour with a stop in San Jose!
Pucker up: Katy Perry is coming to the Smoothie King Center Jan. 5
Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus are the only female artists with a music video in the Top 10 of iTunes US. 👸🏻👸🏼
Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Calvin Harris, and more will perform in different cities on on select n…
Four years after releasing 'Prism,' Katy Perry (has announced her new album, 'Witness.' h…
.Met Gala outfit had a hidden message about her new album:
These are Katy Perry's biggest Billboard hits (so far)
Thank you, Proud to partner & Together we will create for young people. https:…
What do you want to hear next - ECHOSMITH, GOTYE, or KATY PERRY? Driven by the Matthews Buick GMC Collision...
Katy Perry's behaviour is getting out of hand
Dark horse: Katy Perry 'set to become new American Idol': qua
Katy Perry's forthcoming album is titled "Witness".
Katy Perry is scheduled to appear on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday, May 19.
In Ellen's newsletter she says "pop superstar" Katy Perry is coming "to tell me about her new album, and her inspiratio…
"Disco babe" Katy Perry on the set of a late last night (May 12).💃⚡️
On the YouTube Trending page, Katy Perry's description says that her upcoming album will be relea…
Katy Perry has arrived to the Red Carpet.
.High quality pictures of Katy Perry on the Red Carpet. (HQ)
Amazon has listed an album by Katy Perry as 'Tba (Cd/Dvd)' ($40.72) for pre-order to be released on Wednesday, June 7.…
.Katy Perry is reportedly interested in judging and could potentially plan her upc…
Katy Perry has updated the profile picture on each of her social media accounts with this photo.
Katy Perry has a new song on the way!
Katy Perry in talks to judge ABC's 'American Idol' revival
Katy Perry just posted a video with a song titled 'Witness' playing and the date 5/15 (tomorrow). Is new music coming? 👀 http…
for Katy Perry to release the best song of all time tomorrow? Yes I am
If you wanna know what's wrong with the world today, just remember there are people outraged by THIS pic of Katy Perry's f…
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus hanging out together at We did not deserve this. 😭❤️
Katy Perry's Bon App *** is now the most watched music video in 24 hours with 14.1M views in its first day ☕️ https:…
Katy Perry plans to work with Calvin Harris, meanwhile catches up on reading on the beach
Sister: you heard Katy Perry's new song?. Friend: you mean the song with the homophobic rap group ono
Which one of these artists released the best latest single ? . Miley Cyrus ?. Niall Horan ?. Katy Perry ?. Harry Styles ?
If the outfits of Katy Perry, the facial expression of Arianna Grande and hair of Miley came together, you'd have Latvia
Life's a beach! Katy Perry is lapping up every moment of her girlie trip to Mexico, as she cavo…
Album drops June 30 and the Ft.s he has!! Travis Scott, Future, Katy Perry, Lil Yachty, Pharrell Williams, etc... OmG 😱😱😱
So basically Katy Perry & Miley have morphed into each other
Katy Perry describes her new album as "quite brave", "fun and dance-y and dark and light", and "a change". https:/…
Calvin Harris will be releasing an album full of stars. 😱 Including Frank Ocean,Travis scott,Kehlani, Future, Pharell williams,Katy Perry...
7 ways Katy Perry is the Hillary Clinton of pop
...and I thought Bon Appetit was Katy Perry's low point.
.No 13. Only 13? It's been a struggle tonight. This feels like an IBM Watson attempt to write for Katy Perry.
Katy Perry discusses if her forthcoming album will address that rumored Taylor Swift feud.
I would bang katy perry out of all the celebs she's the boss
.look felt like wearable art. Get all the details here.
YouTube goes against Netflix and Amazon with free original shows featuring Ellen DeGeneres, Katy Perry
No one has yet to top Katy Perry's iconic Superbowl Halftime Show performance. Don't @ me because it's not debatable.
Vant cover Katy Perry's Chained To The Rhythm in the Live Lounge via
Katy Perry slander will not be tolerated.
Katy Perry says anyone looking for Taylor Swift drama on her new album will find a blank space
No, Katy Perry's new album will not have a response to Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood."
Katy Perry shares new details on her upcoming 4th studio album. It will have 15 songs. "Sonically, it's fun and dance-y and d…
Katy talks new album direction, new songs and more in her latest interview for
i wonder if Katy Perry actually made the music she wanted to make and didn't try to follow the radio if she'd be more successful.
If I have to hear that katy perry song as an ad on spotify ONE MORE TIME.
Now we are playing Katy Perry - Roar (J-Vibe Reggae Remix) on hillbrow radio the only radio that plays more African music
I added a video to a playlist Katy Perry - Rise (Official)
in comparison to kristen Stewart w/ short hair, katy Perry & cara devinhujkb are negative infinity
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Katy Perry trying to delete Bon App *** from her discography hoping that nobody notices
Katy Perry singing Hot n Cold on stage with a fan.
Am I the only one not interested in this new Katy perry era? Cuz honestly not good so far.
Katy Perry promises to get political on next album - Barf! Stay out of politics dumb pop star
"I built up Katy Perry and she was so fun. And I still am Katy Perry and I love her so much but, at the core, I’m Katheryn H…
I will post this video anytime Katy Perry comes up on my timeline
Katy Perry is still being asked about her ''Bad Blood'' with Taylor Swift:
Katy Perry's 'Roar' has just passed 2 BILLION views on VEVO. It is only the third video by a female artist to do so! 🦁 h…
Dressing up as a red Margiela bride for the Met Gala:.
Katy Perry promises to get political on her next album
Katy Perry leaving PRISM era and entering KP4 era to embrace her inner Katheryn Hudson
Is anyone paying attention to all the mistakes Katy Perry is making??
Katy Perry reveals whether new album will feature a response to Taylor Swift's Bad Blood.
Katy Perry is not having a good week on social media
7 days from today is my birthday and I will be 20? Ok I'm shook... Bye teenage years! Teenage Matt era is OVER! Kinda like Katy Perry. Xoxo
Demi Lovato documentary, Katy Perry live concert part of new ad-supported slate
Vogue's Anna Wintour breaks from her usual frostiness to dance to Katy Perry's Teenage Dream at Met Gala
The best part of the Unicorn Frappuccino case is that Katy Perry hating it is in the lawsuit lmao…
True life: Alex Gaskarth is sexier than Katy Perry
It has not been a good year for Katy Perry...
Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry can both go away. Asaptually.
Katy Perry has just passed Taylor Swift in YouTube subscribers and is now the second most subscribed female artist on th…
Katy Perry performing at the Witness tour
Katy Perry has quickly gone from a Hillary stumper to a casual racist
Katy Perry: hey buy my new single Bon App-. My timeline:.
Katy Perry's 'Chained To The Rhythm' video has reached 2 MILLION likes on YouTube. This is her eighth video to achieve this.…
They're a Katy Perry stan. Katy is selling 16k this week. 16k. Flopping har…
Katy Perry flopping & get dragged , Kimye is over, Calvin Harris is dead. Taylor :
Katy Perry is set to appear on the "Ellen" show later on this month.
I'm crying even JLO and Madonna know that Katy Perry is over
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Producer says Katy Perry called him the n-word even though he told her to stop
BREAKING: KATY PERRY OVER?. cultural appropriation, racey jokes, the N word & a collab with homophobes "we been knew" say…
Katy Perry sparks outrage for wearing Met Gala dress by John Galliano
Co-chair Katy Perry doing the theme right in Margiela Artisanal by John Galliano (who loves Rei). I approve. I love. I please…
.After the Katy Perry may be marrying Beetlejuice. TBD.
Sometimes when I think that the world is an awful place, I remember that Barack Obama has more Grammys than Katy Perry, and…
Katy Perry was the first to arrive at the and she already stole the show:
Katy Perry has never shied away from a risky, rule-breaking fashion moment
Ok Katy Perry so obviously trying to be Lady Gaga at like KEWL
And here we have Katy Perry promoting Taylor Swift's best album RED
Katy Perry goes avant garde at the 2017
Lady Gaga & Katy Perry singing along to 'Uptown Funk' at the 2016 Met Gala after-party.
Stars are hitting the carpet! 🌟 Katy Perry is already turning heads. 💃👀
Lowkey also like this but Katy Perry annoys me
Co-chair Katy Perry is bringing the drama in red
. Katy Perry: Lady Gaga is not here, I have the best dress tonight at Met Ga-. Rihanna:
The most outrageous looks at the 2017 Met Gala: Katy Perry, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Kendall Jenner, Madonna and more…
really late to this one (lol) but it looks like Katy Perry's dress was brought to you by Endometriosis
Katy Perry will wear Maison Margiela custom designed for her by John Galliano tonight.
Katy Perry when she first met Migos
Katy Perry subtly wearing the word "Witness" on her head at the Could new music announcement be on its way? https:/…
The Chainsmokers have now spent 52 consecutive weeks in the Hot 100's top 10. Only Katy Perry has more with 69 stra…
CSNNE: Brady and Gisele set for Met Gala -
Katy Perry and one guy from Migos are rehearsing to perform Bon Appetit
Katy Perry meant she wants Obama back and can't have him same way ppl want her black hair and won't get it back ... Chr…
The 10 weirdest cover songs in pop stars' repertoires
Katy Perry sparks outrage for wearing 'anti-Semitic' designer at
Katy Perry and Rihanna really stole the show 👏🏼🔥
Katy Perry arrived to the in her most baffling ensemble yet.
If she stans Katy Perry, she knows Witness is coming!!
Order Miche Bag Online!
The results are in! The best dressed celebs at the Met Gala tonight:
Anna Wintour, Katy Perry, Pharrel, Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady to host our 2017 Met Gala
the original cherry pie is Lana Del Rey - i think Katy Perry is more like a grocery store artifical cherry pie
Would be so good if I shagged Katy Perry, Jennifer Aniston & Taylor Swift. John Mayer Style.
y'all let Jason Derulo get away with sexualising girls but drag Katy Perry to *** and back for sexualising herself? tragi…
Katy Perry and Pharrell Williams were chosen to be the co-chairs at the Met Gala 2017 event.
I didn't know Katy Perry was handing out cherry pies to sell her flop single in Times Square. Thank God Beyoncé doesn't go…
Katy Perry fans always brag about her having 100m followers but none of them went to support Bon Appetit
Can you imagine a Super Bowl half time show featuring Bon Appetit? It feels like Katy Perry has lost her sense of scale and…
The Playlist: Katy Perry and Haim reach for new flavors
Saw Katy Perry was Crying so i bought her Song & giving her some Streams..💜. . Yes i'm a Gaga stan. Get that Hit
Katy Perry had a breakdown when Trump won Presidency so her seeming a bit off lately makes sense
Lady Gaga and Katy Perry support one another. Drama is in the past + fans need to remember that. Love and support from…
🤔 What do you think of Katy Perry's new song?. 🍒
Katy Perry bald headed in times square handing out pies for a single that bombed. Y'all don't have the right to complain ab…
Leaked footage of Katy Perry meeting Migos for the first time to record their new collaboration,
Migos have a song out with Katy Perry 🔥
Within 24 hours, Katy Perry's 'Bon App *** has debuted at on the iTunes Worldwide songs chart.
Katy Perry hasn't been the same ever since Donald Trump became president. " just brought up a lot of trauma for me.…
What Comme Des Garçons looks Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, and more should wear to the
Alright Katy perry is that a threat?
The things these songs do to me. When I heard Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" I got so sexually driven that I tried to have sex with Sandy...
This is REAL & still don't see madonna, ashley JUDGE, katy perry or any other Anti-America Leftists marching agai…
.- We're lovin' Katy Perry's new song 🍴🔥.
Katy perry's reaction after she realized it was Demi singing LOL 😂
Katy Perry listening to Demi Lovato's 'No Promises' on the radio while waiting for her song to come on.
Nine years ago today, Katy Perry dropped her controversial debut single, 'I Kissed a Girl'. It went on to sell 10M+ unit…
Katy Perry is trying to escape the Illuminati
Katy Perry seems unusually off. I'm telling y'all... she has a personal issue going on and the big chop was the first sig…
California Girls by Katy Perry is a classic banger!!!
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
.says by handing out cherry pies to fans in Times Square
Very much ON BOARD with the new Katy Perry single
My wife has dragged me to 4 of the 5 following shows. Katy Perry. Pink. Kelly Clarkson. Shakira. Britney
All of Katy Perry's hits using FOUR CHORDS - mashup by Kenny Holland via
Katy Perry collaborates with 'homophobic' rapper on her new single weeks after accepting National Equality Award:. https:/…
Katy Perry is taking her rhythm to "Saturday Night Live." The singer has been tapped to be the musicial guest for...
A new romance! John Mayer finally moves on from ex Katy Perry by 'finding love with actress Natalie Morales'
The female artists who have sold more digital singles of all time in North America:. 1. Rihanna. 2. Katy Perry. 3. Lady Gaga. 4.…
the reach is underestimated, Katy Perry sold 35,000 tickets in Sao Paolo, I bet an avg. American coul…
Katy Perry: shout out to all you kids buying bottle service with your rent moneeyy. Me:
Or TGIF by Katy Perry when Kenny G comes in with that saxophone solo I get rock hard
Katy Perry on how going into changed her life for the better | Stylist Magazine htt…
Katy Perry has 97 million followers.Younger celebs pay to hav e more followers.
.Lorde about Katy Perry's smash hit 'Teenage Dream': "It moves me as much as anything by David Bowie. There's somethin…
"It’s better to set an example for kids and show that [breakups] don’t have to be about hate." —Orlando Bloom
Katy Perry and Max Martin - the top hit makers this decade - at Katy Perry's Coachella Recovery Brunch.
Katy Perry leaving early to go redo her album when she heard
Katy Perry launches shoewear line at Coachella
“Maybe the reason why all the doors are closed so you could open one that leads you to the perfect road.” . ― Katy Perry,
Katy perry works out to stormzy we can all sleep happily tonight
If you really think an artist like Katy Perry can be manipulated, you don't know her at all 😘 Maybe you must stan s…
I hope Katy Perry opened a nice bottle of wine, sat down and listened to John's new album, and patted herself on the back into infinity.
The Clinton Foundation helps poor girls around the world like Katy Perry make basic necessities such as these shoes. ht…
Tom Petty, Katy Perry, Queens of the Stone Age, Michael Stipe also among 102…
Need to know what Katy Perry did to John Mayer to make him write so many songs about her in his new album.
Katy Perry looks absolutely stunning and SKINNY yesterday at Day 3 of Coachella. 😍
Dead @ Katy perry getting Lil Yachty on a Chained to the Rhythm remix.
Another video of Lana Del Rey and Katy Perry at Coachella
Katy Perry's worldwide hit 'Chained to the Rhythm' has now sold over 2 MILLION units worldwide.
Why did she concede? The political acumen of Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, LeBron James and Madonna should've GUARANT…
Update your maps at Navteq
"It’s the redefinition of sex; the sex of the mind," says on Read the full cover story: https…
Most of my indirects are about Katy Perry . and how is that fair
Lady Gaga, Foo Fighters, Tom Petty, Katy Perry and 100 more artists sign guitar for Planned Parenthood raffle
From & to & the most iconic pics from Coachella 2017:
Katy Perry has just followed Lana Del Rey on Instagram. 💘
Cara Delevingne is following in the footsteps of Katy Perry and Kristen Stewart...
you can expect these artists to perform at the 2017. Drake. Katy Perry. Camila Cabello. Harry Styles. Alessia Cara…
Katy Perry and company at Coachella, very practical foot wear for a music festival, proud of you - Kate Conley…
Get the perfect mix of Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and some Lorde thrown in for good measure.
Katy Perry, Ryan Phillippe say they are not dating : Celebrities : Ensta.. Related Articles:
Thread of Katy Perry's milestones/accolades that Taylor Swift could wish to achieve.(take into consideration that Taylor has…
I'd say that whole Taylor Swift / Katy Perry thing a while back. Other than that I'm drawing a blank.
Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry teaming up to end Zara Larsson's career .
Katy Perry is not here for celebrities who stay silent about politics:
They really out here topping queen B, Taylor Swift, bieber, Katy Perry, Kendrick and J Cole . REAL KINGS
Vote who's your favorite singer? :. A. Katy Perry. Or. B. Taylor Swift. For me A.Katy Perry
the difference between Katy Perry's (C+) and Taylor Swift's (D-list) vocals
Katy Perry had Ke$ha in her video but when it was time to speak up or donate to her cause, she went ghost but she wants t…
Ryan Phillippe says he's not dating Katy Perry: 'Stop flying helicopters.. Related Articles:
Sorry, Ryan Phillippe, but Katy Perry's response is too good:
Arre you on Katy Perry's side, or Taylor Swift's...?
Welcome to the katy perry exhibition
"One of the most successful pop stars of all time...", Katy Perry has the most anticipated pop album of 2017.
There's gonna be a new ice age before Katy Perry releases KP4.
change your name to Katy TROLL Perry
Katy Perry looks like Justin Bieber dressed as a tough mum in the 90s
Our May cover star is Read the full interview here.
stroking to Katy Perry California Gurls xxx version
Do you remember when we put snippets in KP4 instagram stories and left us suffering? Well, welcome to your cassette, Katy Perry.
Which Katy Perry or Taylor Swift song is better, Timmy?🙄😡
How well do you know our May cover star,
now playing: I kissed a girl by Katy Perry. yes please my wig is snatched
Change ur username to KATY PERRY all in caps pls bc is stressing me out
why are you not KATY PERRY anymore, Katy Perry.
Delighted to be May cover girl wearing all Comme des Garçons. 🐣the full cover story:
The music video of 'Part of Me' by Katy Perry has reached 2 million likes on Youtube. This is the 7th music video to reach…
How good is Katy Perry's waking up in Vegas
Katy Perry brought Satan CLOSER to children traumatizing them in their dreams.
Bunned off gcse music to go see katy perry movie. Rude boiz
Katy Perry spotted heading to recording studio in LA carrying a folder with "TOP SECRET KP4" written on it.
Someone put John Mayer and Katy Perry back together! These songs are heartbreaking 😢
I'm Maeva, I'm french and I love music. I did a couple of cover like Justin Bieber, Maroon 5 and Katy Perry :)
'Firework' by Katy Perry now has over 200 MILLION streams on Spotify. It's her third song to achieve this.
New Katy News: Katy Perry shows off new short hair cut on her instagram - Daily Mail
Katy Perry stars on the cover of our May issue! Read the full interview. Photographed by Mert Alas&Marcus Piggott
Kim Kardashian has been eliminated!. The final three are Kate Upton, Kaley Cuoco and Katy Perry!
Katy Perry in Comme des Garçons cover the May issue of Vogue US. Photographed by Mert & Marcus Piggott. Fashion...
Katy Perry photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for May Vogue cover
Katy Perry is a strong LGBTQ advocate, despite a childhood that taught her the opposite.
Ok yes Lorde is right at the end but wow, Katy Perry *and* Kate Bush!? So diverse!
Aaaand in this pic, Katy Perry looks like Kate McKinnon 😂. What a charmeleon
One Of The Boys is an 8/10. I'm officially stabbing Katy Perry. I hope you're happy Elliott
Hillary Clinton models the shoe that Katy Perry named for her 💓
Hillary Clinton was a shoe model on Katy Perry's Instagram feed
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