Katt Williams & Martin Lawrence

Micah S. Katt Williams (born September 2, 1973) is a U.S. comedian, rapper, and actor. He is best known for his role as Money Mike in Friday After Next. Martin Fitzgerald Lawrence (born April 16, 1965) is an American actor, film director, film producer, screenwriter, and stand up comedian. 5.0/5

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Katt Williams knows what Dave Chapelle and Martin Lawrence knows, believe me Katt ain't crazy
Yo imagine if Kevin Hart ,Eddie Murphy, Mike Epps, Martin Lawrence ,Will Smith , Katt Williams , Steve Harvey , and Cedric made a movie 😂😂
Which comedian(s) have not dressed up as a female?. A. Martin Lawrence. B. Kevin Hart. C. Dave Chappelle. D. Katt Williams.
BEST comedians of all time Martin Lawrence, Dave Chappell, Katt Williams, Mike Epps, Bernie Mac, Chris Tucker, and Eddie Murphy and griffin
Looking for a great comedy act? How about Martin Lawrence, Katt Williams, Jay Leno, Bob Saget, Marlon Wayans, or Jay Pharoah?
I wanna get high and watch a movie with Martin Lawrence,Will Smith, Kevin Hart ,Mike Epps,Dave Chappelle ,Lil Duval, an Katt Williams in it
Dave Chappell...told us about Martin Lawrence and Mariah Carey...Katt Williams elaborated even more in the TMZ...
Martin Lawrence(watch his standup show Runtelldat! dan se jy my weer), Kevin Hart, Katt Williams, Jamie Foxx of course and the master Bernie Mac. My top 5.
This has been bothering me. Why do they make our successful black stand up comedians wear dresses? Is it to emasculate us and demerit their strong black influence on pop culture. Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx, Rudy Ray Moore , Kevin Hart , the Wayans, Martin Lawrence , Chris Tucker ,Even Richard Pryor. These are all very strong willed men with great knowledge of politics, race, and the overall human condition... Yet they must wear a dress to solidify their success. While the amazing black comics who decide not to wear dresses don't enjoy the same fame and notoriety that their colleagues do. Mike Epps, Katt Williams, Dave Chappelle, *** Gregory and DeRay Davis have yet to reap the monetary and professional benefits that I believe they deserve. Do you think that the powers that be intentionally give our people effeminate roles in movies to belittle us as men? Your thoughts please...
Kevin Hart.seriously. No hate, just honesty. Dude isn't that funny. (to me). He's gets a chuckle every now and then out of me. If we are speaking of the greats. Redd Fox, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy. Even the 2nd tier. Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock, Dave Chapelle. He isn't that funny. *** Louis C. K., Hannibal Burress, Aziz Ansari. .even Katt Williams are funnier. I can't believe I live in a word where people haven't watched Chapelle Show and think Kevin Hart is funny. Rant over.
They should make a remake of Harlem Knights, Starring Kevin Hart, Steve Harvey, Katt Williams, Ced the entertainer, Jamie Foxx, Chris Tucker, Martin Lawrence, Bruce Bruce, Eddie Murphy, Bill Bellamy, Bill Cosby, Lil JJ, Arvin Mitchell, etc. I think it'll be a hit
I look up to Katt Williams , Kevin Hart , and Martin Lawrence
comedians that have made me cry laughing;. Dave Chappelle, Martin Lawrence, Eddie Griffin, Katt Williams, Bruce Bruce, uhhh...
Katt Williams, Martin Lawrence, Cedric The Entertainer, Jamie Foxx, and so many others were funnier than Kevin Hart
But all comedians are short :( Martin Lawrence, Kevin Hart, Katt Williams etc.
Martin Lawrence . Katt Williams . Bruce Bruce . Ali Saddiq . Robin Harris. Are my top five favorite comedians of all time.
How come most of the funny comedians r short? Case in point Kevin Hart, Katt Williams, Cedric, Martin Lawrence ...
Who is the greatest comedian of all time Richard Pryor,Eddie Murphy,Martin Lawrence,Chris Rock,Katt Williams or Kevin Hart?
Wow, Dave Chappelle was right. Most of the biggest names in Hollywood, particularly, black men, dress in drag at some point of their career?? Why?? Damon, Shawn, and Marlon Waynes, Brandon T. Jackson, Martin Lawrence, Tyler Perry, Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx, Denis Rodman, Ving Rhames, Wesley Snipes, Areseio Hall, Miguel Nunez, Flip Wilson, Chris Rock, David Allen Grier, Steve Harvey, Ricky Smiley, Will Smith.but most recently Kevin Hart. John Travolta said, "everyone in this industry, at some point, will do something strange for change". Dave Chapelle and Katt Williams didn't go bonkers without reason.
My favorite comedians are Martin Lawrence, Chris Tucker, Lavelle Crawford and Katt Williams.
Martin Lawrence..Will Smith..Kevin Hart..Chris Tucker..Katt Williams ..Chri Rock nd Tracy Morgan they too funny i love them all..
Katt Williams one of the funniest, the only comedians funnier than him are Bernie Mac & Martin Lawrence
If I was given a chance to choose stars for a Comedy movie I'd go with Martin Lawrence and Katt Williams
I compare NBA to comedians. MJ is Richard Pryor, Bron is Eddie Murphy, Kobe is Martin Lawrence, KD is Kevin Hart, & Melo is Katt Williams
Chris Tucker, Katt Williams, Kevin Hart , Martin Lawrence , Mike Epps and Madea should make a movie Lol
Aries Spears, Kevin Hart, Katt Williams, Martin Lawrence, D.L Hughley, Ralphie May, Gabriel Iglesias, and Carlos Mencia all on one station??
My influences to my work on my comedy would have to be Chris Tucker, Katt Williams and Martin Lawrence.
Chris Tucker, Martin Lawrence, Bernie Mac, Jim Carrey, Kevin Hart, Katt Williams, Adam Sandler, Tyler Perry, David Mann, Eddie Murphy and Will Ferrell are one of the reason why I love life:')... Love Black Comedy/Comedy! ❤
Friday night. my night off. watching dvr all comedy stand up. Bill Bellamy, Jamie Foxx, Katt Williams, Martin Lawrence, The Original Kings of comedy. etc. comedy cool out.
As much I love Katt Williams, Kevin Hart, n Aries Spears, Martin Lawrence n Bernie Mac will always be my favorite comedians.
Katt Williams is funny and all but when it comes to kinesics, Martin Lawrence is still the one! :''D
Martin Lawrence, Mike Epps, Cedric The Entertainer, Katt Williams and Steve Harvey has had me Crying laughing Al day! 😭
Chris Tucker, Martin Lawrence, Katt Williams, Kevin Hart, and Will Smith are the funniest people to me
Keuin Hart, Katt Williams,Mike Epps, Martin Lawrence, Bernie Mac are my favorite comedians.
Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Kevin Hart, Katt Williams, Jamie Fox and Chris Tucker will be da best comedy tour eva
Tracy Morgan, Mike Epps, Martin Lawrence an Katt Williams r hands down the funniest stand up comedians.
Ive been told im up there with great comedians such as Dave Chapelle, Martin Lawrence, Katt Williams, Dane Cook. Get at me.
before Katt Williams and Kevin Hart there was Martin Lawrence !!
People think that people like katt Williams, Kevin Hart and Martin Lawrence are the greats of comedy ..but they get and recycle Richard Pryors jokes ..he is the. G.O.A.T when it comes to comedy ... TRUE ..SAY WORD.lol..
Um trippin lol, ask yerself, if comedy and snapping was an olympic event, us black folk would have our own Kuntry. Thank about it Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, Mike Epps, Kevin Hart, Katt Williams, DC Curry, Bruce Bruce, Steve Harvey, Lavell Crawford, Cedric da ent., Arnez J .. Need i say more, we r a silly, well spoken, honest, to the point ethnicity. & thats just SOME of tha qualifing BROTHAS. FB YALL TELL ME THA "Black Womans" comedys olympic contenders. Talk to me nmow fb.
What if Kevin Hart , Mike Epps , Will Smith , Martin Lawrence , Madea , Katt Williams , made a movie it
if your favorite Stand Up is by : Kevin Hart , Mike Epps , Chris Rock , Martin Lawrence , Chris Tucker , Katt Williams , Eddy Murphy
Mike Epps , Katt Williams & Martin Lawrence is the only comedians I like
true.. thats why *** like him.. Same thing with Katt Williams, Bernie Mac, and Martin lawrence..
Any movie starring Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock, Katt Williams, Tracy Morgan, Kevin Hart and Mike Epps will be a classic!
Bring the grown family down 2nite for Katt Williams & Martin Lawrence's opening act MELANIE COMARCHO. Ladies, she will tell it like it is...
Ladies this wknd is tailor made for you! MELANIE COMARCHO opens for Katt Williams AND Martin Lawrence on tour, so u know she will BRING IT!
When people say thank you for being funny i just tell them to thank Bernie Mac, Martin Lawrence, Kevin Hart, and Katt Williams
I want Madea, Martin Lawrence, Kevin Hart, Tasha Smith, Monique, and Katt Williams to make a movie
Stand up - PK is the current host of PG-18 Fridays at The World Famous Laugh Factory in Hollywood. He was one of the original hosts of Asian Nights at The Laugh Factory for over three years. During that 175 week run, he brought over 10,000 people to the club, many of them seeing stand up comedy live for the first time. He has performed stand up comedy in over 40 universities across the United States. His passion is laughing really loud with friends and making good memories. Some of his comedic inspirations: CONAN O' BRIEN, Jamie Foxx, Martin Lawrence, Brian Regan, Eddie Murphy, Johnny Carson, Jimmy Brogan, Dave Chappelle, Katt Williams, Chris Rock, Tony Rock, Cedric The Entertainer, George Lopez, Dane Cook, Jo Koy, Edwin San Juan, Felipe Esparza, Bobby Lee, Russell Peters, Joey Guila, Shawn Felipe, Randall Park, Ellen Degeneres, Kevin James, Kevin Shea, Bret Ernst, Iliza Schlesinger, Ian Edwards, Chris Spencer, Daniel Tosh, Jim Gaffigan, Kevin Nealon, Bill Maher, Joe Rogan, Pablo Francisco, Jerry Seinf ...
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