Katt Williams & Dave Chapelle

Micah S. Katt Williams (born September 2, 1973) is a U.S. comedian, rapper, and actor. He is best known for his role as Money Mike in Friday After Next. David Khari Webber Dave Chappelle (born August 24, 1973) is an American comedian, screenwriter, television/film producer, actor, and artist. 5.0/5

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Other comedians always bow down to Dave Chapelle in interviews. I seen Katt Williams,Kevin Hart & Aries Spears say he the King lol
I just seen all this lol.. Are y'all Katt Williams, Dave Chapelle, and Kevin Hart or something?
Someone Out to get Katt Williams we all saw what they did to Dave Chapelle
Katt Williams knows what Dave Chapelle and Martin Lawrence knows, believe me Katt ain't crazy
the best lineup would be Dave Chapelle,Chris Rock,Katt Williams and insert any other comedian.
Katt Williams and Kevin Hart are both hilarious but Katt is a legend man. Genius among Louis Ck, Dave Chapelle and Richard Pryor
Katt Williams or Dave Chapelle will have you in legit tears when you high
Katt Williams and Dave Chapelle will always be funnier than Kevin Hart
I'm more into Eddie Griffin, Dave Chapelle, Katt Williams. Them man are over funny!
who do you find funny out of the following:. Katt Williams. Trevor Noah. Dave Chapelle. Aziz Ansari. Eddie Murphy. Mike Epps
Look at this list for this show.Trey Elliot, Kevin Hart, Dave Chapelle, Katt Williams. Thanks…
Dave Chapelle and Katt Williams will always be my favorite comedians
which is why I turn to Katt Williams or Dave Chapelle
Best comedians of all time - Richard Pryor, Cedric The Entertainer, Bernie Mac, Dave Chapelle, Katt Williams & Kevin Hart.
Katt Williams. Chris Rock. Dave Chapelle. Kevin Hart. Mike Yard. . Some of the funniest who ever did it
Katt Williams or Dave chapelle need to have another stand up special I ain't have a good laugh in a grip
My favorite five comedian are Chris Rock,Katt Williams,Lavell Crawford,Dave Chapelle and D Ray,in that...
Y'all Be Boostin Kev Hart fr lol Dave Chapelle is Funnier/ Katt Williams Funnier/ Kev Hart ite lol
(No order) Bernie Mac, Dave Chapelle, Kevin Hart, Mike Epps, Katt Williams, Steve Harvey, Cedric The Entertainer be having me in TEARS!
My friday night consists of watching Katt Williams and Dave Chapelle, laughing but sobbing about not being at pnd
thats way too hard lmao its between Katt Williams, Kevin Hart, and Dave Chapelle. All 3 have me rollin lmao
Its a shame they took away Katt Williams and Dave Chapelle and left *** with Kevin Hart 😒
Katt Williams on how Dave Chapelle is the true king, and how he was treated by Hollywood:
Kevin Hart is the new Katt Williams... as in neither of them are Dave Chapelle.
Dave Chapelle voice is annoying😩 I give it to you Katt Williams my dude.
Katt Williams and Dave Chapelle are the best comedians. Period.
Kevin Hart.seriously. No hate, just honesty. Dude isn't that funny. (to me). He's gets a chuckle every now and then out of me. If we are speaking of the greats. Redd Fox, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy. Even the 2nd tier. Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock, Dave Chapelle. He isn't that funny. *** Louis C. K., Hannibal Burress, Aziz Ansari. .even Katt Williams are funnier. I can't believe I live in a word where people haven't watched Chapelle Show and think Kevin Hart is funny. Rant over.
There are a lot of funny short black people. There's Katt Williams, Dave Chapelle, Lil Terrio, Jerry Purpdrank, and Kevin Hart.
right look at Katt Williams, Dave Chapelle & Tupac either dead or not working for knowing the truth
Basketmouth apologizing over a rape joke is way he will never be Dave Chapelle or Katt Williams, those *** say anything
Only real *** know Dave Chapelle is better than Katt Williams
Katt Williams and Dave Chapelle are my top 2 comedians. As many times as I've seen they're stand ups, I will forever be in tears.
Kevin Hart will never be as funny as Katt Williams or Dave Chapelle
Kevin Hart, Dave Chapelle, Aries Spears and Katt Williams is my favorite four :3
Katt Williams & Dave Chapelle are throwback comedians
I'm sorry I'm not as funny as Key and Peele or Katt Williams or Kevin Hart or Dave Chapelle or Steve Harvey. I'm done now.
Wow, Dave Chappelle was right. Most of the biggest names in Hollywood, particularly, black men, dress in drag at some point of their career?? Why?? Damon, Shawn, and Marlon Waynes, Brandon T. Jackson, Martin Lawrence, Tyler Perry, Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx, Denis Rodman, Ving Rhames, Wesley Snipes, Areseio Hall, Miguel Nunez, Flip Wilson, Chris Rock, David Allen Grier, Steve Harvey, Ricky Smiley, Will Smith.but most recently Kevin Hart. John Travolta said, "everyone in this industry, at some point, will do something strange for change". Dave Chapelle and Katt Williams didn't go bonkers without reason.
Richard Pryor, Chris Rock, Dave Chapelle, Katt Williams...only white comedian in their league is George Carlin
You know what I find pretty interesting?! That fellow truth seekers like myself are called crazy, stupid, retarded, etc. when even mainstream artists and celebrities speak out against the illuminati and its purpose. We have celebrities like Dave Chapelle, Katt Williams, Professor Griff, and Melyssa Ford, Prodigy, and many more even talks about the industry and the satanic side... Artists like Katy Perry, Bob Dylan, and Kanye West even STATES that they have sold their soul to the devil.But they still calling me crazy smh.seek for the truth people.
Eddie Griffin, Katt Williams then Dave Chapelle, my favourite black comedians alive now, all time is deffo Richard Pyror the legend
Eddie Murphy started it; Chris Rock, Katt Williams and Dave Chapelle just took it and ran with it
Dave Chapelle chose his soul. Katt Williams is choosing money. I hope he gets back on track.
Martin, Dave Chapelle, and now Katt Williams? Please, sweet baby Jesus, don't let be next!
Its time for Katt Williams to take the Dave Chapelle Africa tour.
They should do a Princes of Comedy with Mike Epps, Katt Williams, Dave Chapelle & Kevin Hart…omg dat'd be beyond epic AF!!!
If anyone anywhere thinks Katt Williams is funnier than Dave Chapelle you deserve to be PowerBombed
Hamilton Collection
shoutouts to the real *** in the industry Katt Williams and Dave Chapelle.yep yep.dat is all.
ctfu well be like Dave Chapelle and Katt Williams
Katt Williams just dropped a stabd-up DVD... All I need is for Dave Chapelle to do the same
Why are black comedians so much more funny? Katt Williams, Dave Chapelle, Richard Pryor, Paul Mooney.
Mike Epps if comedian if Dave Chapelle , Eddie Murphy, All the Kings Of Comedy , Kevin Hart & Katt Williams got office jobs bruh
I think Kevin Hart, Jamie Foxx, Katt Williams, & Dave Chapelle should do a comedy tour together. BE HILARIOUS
Ive been told im up there with great comedians such as Dave Chapelle, Martin Lawrence, Katt Williams, Dane Cook. Get at me.
When Im on that Lmao tip this is my comedian list: 1) Katt Williams. 2) Chris Rock 3) Dave Chapelle 4) Eddie Griffin 5) Mike Epps Then for some SA cracks and chuckles I get: 1) Trevor Noah 2) Loyiso Gola 3) Tall *** Mo 4) Kagiso Lediga 5) Chester "Puppet" Missing *With that u got me Lmao for days on end!
lol Katt Williams, Martin, Jamie Foxx, Dave Chapelle, & Cedric The Entertainer funnier than him
if you watch any of these comedians - Eddie Griffin . Kevin Hart . Dave Chapelle . Micheal Blackson . Katt Williams . Mike Epps .
Old school Eddie Murphy , Dave Chapelle , Kevin Hart , and Katt Williams are the Kings Of Comedy.
Nigha funny is like Katt Williams, he was funny, but Chris Rock & Dave Chapelle were more well rounded, socially aware funny
lmfao yup pretty much! Yeah I didn't just pop out me ol' mums sayin' "Hang that *** " I learned that from watching Katt Williams and Dave Chapelle...
Comedians hitting my funny bone! Katt Williams, Dave Chapelle and Kevin Hart
which ones? If you like Dave Chapelle check out Katt Williams too.
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Dave Chapelle and Katt Williams need to come out of retirement and make me laugh again.
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