Katt Williams & Comedy Central

Micah S. Katt Williams (born September 2, 1973) is a U.S. comedian, rapper, and actor. He is best known for his role as Money Mike in Friday After Next. Comedy Central is an American cable television and satellite television channel that carries comedy programming, both original and syndicated. 5.0/5

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Katt Williams is on Comedy Central. There is no way I'm going to sleep now.
Listen: Katt Williams says he and Dave Chappelle were purposely took off Comedy Central (Archives)
Katt Williams standup about weed is playing now on Comedy Central? *** yes. Happy 4/20 everyone!
Katt Williams is a fool! Fell asleep and Comedy Central is on...lol
I'm laughing so hard right now. .Watching Katt Williams on Comedy Central and he's still funny. I love his sense of humor.
Katt Williams is on Comedy Central. Best night evar
Katt Williams, Pimp Chronicles is so funny lol. But I just wish I was watching the uncut unfiltered show. Comedy Central has bleep out like every other 3/4 words so annoying but still so funny
Why show Katt Williams on Comedy Central? There's more words bleeped out than words that are not.
Katt Williams: Pimp Chronicles Part 1... Best thing EVER! The original is always the best! It's on Comedy Central if anyone would like to be as entertained as us!
*in hospital, turns on Comedy Central* "Warning: this program contains strong language and is intended for mature audiences" *Katt Williams special starts* "cool, this will be fun to watch" *bleeps every bad word* UGGH
Katt Williams The Pimp Chronicles Part 1 followed by Kevin Hart Laugh at my Pain.. Thank you Comedy Central!
Seriously what is the point of showing a Katt Williams special on Comedy Central when all it is is beep beep every 5 seconds
Watching Katt Williams Pimp Chronicles on Comedy Central. It sounds like they calling for help with all that beeping!!! LOL.
Watching Katt Williams on Comedy Central, every other word is bleeped out lol
Watching Katt Williams in Comedy Central...really Comedy Central? Do you really need to beep EVERY word? We know he cusses -- that's part of why we watch him.
Watch Katt Williams on Comedy Central. My sides are hurting from laughing so hard.
Why is Comedy Central playing a Katt Williams standup special? Every other word is bleeped. I literally don't even know what he's saying.
Comedy Central just killed it playing Kevin Hart and now Katt Williams is on! Only if they had Dave Chappelle on next my favorite comedians
Roast of Flavor Flav on Comedy Central hosted by Katt Williams in 3 minutes
nah the Comedy Central roast of Flavour flav katt Williams is the host
OK Derrick it is bedtime. You have Katt Williams and Daniel Tosh on Spotify. No need to stay up watching Comedy Central this late.
Katt Williams on Comedy Central is like Lil Wayne on the radio. What the point? Every other word is censored.
Katt Williams on Comedy Central right now>>>>>
Comedy Central has Katt Williams followed by Kevin Hart followed by Richard Pryor...wait, is it February?
My eyes will be glued to Comedy Central for the the next few hours...Katt Williams&Kevin Hart !!
"Monday Night Football will now be broadcast on Comedy Central with Katt Williams and Larry the Cable Guy in the booth."
I LOVE how Comedy Central is playing back to back Kevin Hart & Katt Williams tonight!
trying to watch Katt Williams on Comedy Central and this is all i hear: (beep) this (beep) that (beep) boo boo (beep) (beep) why (beeep).
Katt Williams and Kevin Hart on Comedy Central >>>>>
Katt Williams and then Kevin Hart.thank you Comedy Central
I'm cracking up watchin Katt Williams but its on Comedy Central so it sounds like Morse Code.
Comedy Central's line up tonight, Kevin Hart, Katt Williams, Chris Rock.. *** these boys are funny, feels so good to laugh!!!
Kevin Hart, Katt Williams and Chris Rock all in a row? C'mon Comedy Central, this ain't Black History Month
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Katt Williams on comedy central yes! I'm dying
trying to watch a Katt Williams on comedy central before they can unbleep everything is pointless.half of his good jokes are censored out
I wish I could hear more than half of Katt Williams' words when he's on comedy central.
Who does Life Alert thinks watches a Katt Williams stand up special on Comedy Central? Grandma get to crunk and need immediate medical assistance?
Katt Williams on comedy central.lmbo!
is now watching 'Katt Williams: The Pimp Chronicles' on Comedy Central!
It's impossible to watch Katt Williams on Comedy Central. "Bleep the bleepin' bleep bleep." Click.
I just turned on Katt Williams' stand-up special on Comedy Central, and nearly 1 in every 5 words were censored. Might as well just not even run the *** show.
Katt Williams on Comedy Central just sounds like *BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP* Michael Jackson *BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP*
Comedy Central ruins Katt Williams with all the censoring
What's on Comedy Central? 2 Hours of Katt Williams followed by 2 hours of Aziz Ansari. Translation: Comedy Central is asking for comedy advise from the same guy that MTV asks for music advise.
FYI ... Katt Williams is now showing on comedy central, im so excited!! his autobiography really surprised me, hes actually very serious and smart, hope yall enjoy :) its a new one too!
First Dave Chappelle and now Katt Williams . Comedy Central got it right tonight !!
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