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Katrina Pierson

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People criticize DT for Cabinet appointments - but he gave Katrina Pierson a National Spokesperson position - with little or no background
Why are you sending this to Katrina Pierson?
👉that *** needs space service. Those 2 and Katrina Pierson.
So...I will be on around 8:20. Let's see how this goes. Will be opposite Trump's Katrina Pierson following Giuliani.
Hope Katrina Pierson will find an opportunity within the Trump administration
I nominate Katrina Pierson, under the condition that you don't edit, proofread or even spell check one single word.
if Katrina Pierson claimed Obama started Afghan war
she took lessons from Katrina Pierson on sounding like an ***
Where's omarosa,Katrina Pierson and those 2 blackass preachers who was kissing trumps *** through the campaign, r they in his administration
Katrina Pierson didn't mention Trump lost the popular vote by a whopping 2.7 million and counting. Wonder why. No…
2016, the year the Kanye went crazy and the Kardashians were replaced with Kellyanne Conway, Kayleigh McEnany, and Katrina Pierson.
Katrina Pierson? That's some comedy right there we might need for the next four years.
love Katrina Pierson. A true strong woman who didn't need a sexist support group to be successful.
Katrina Pierson “We have to put American families first.” "Marginalize" must mean lie slander defame...
again: Katrina What good nuclear triad if we're afraid use
Katrina Pierson's scorched-earth path to the top - Eddie Murphy's Comment to HuffPost Editor:
Katrina Pierson is still around??? I thought she went the path of Cruz and Christie...BYE BYE
perhaps he can put Amoroso or Katrina Pierson on a $3 bill
. Katrina Pierson is unfamiliar with the concept of accuracy. So how would she know?
Are Katrina Pierson or Kayleigh McEnany still in the running for SOS?
go re play CNN's Katrina Pierson's greatest hits. are we supposed to forget what your employer dumped in our living rooms?
is that shoplifter Katrina Pierson being considered 4 a job
Katrina Pierson certainly wins the most unique spokeswoman of the 2016 election...this isn't necessarily a good or bad thing.
Then there is Trump surrogate Katrina Pierson who wore a bullet necklace-probab…
Hopefully they'll find her od'd on the floor somewhere.Question: what happened to Katrina Pierson?Shipped back to the factory?
Katrina Pierson was born in Kansas, to a white mother and a black father. Although she grew up to be super (cont)
Katrina Pierson is on my flight y'all lol
Katrina Pierson...before and after she lost her soul has a sewority sister
did you forget who Katrina Pierson was or nah?
Trump is a liar. For that matter so is Katrina Pierson. Neither one should have a stage to lie from.
It'll count for nothing if she continues to play the Katrina Pierson card.
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Watching was OK. Van needs to bring hard core bad *** people like Katrina Pierson, Ann Coulter or Milo Yiannopoulos. 😊
Katrina Pierson...Katrina mean the moron who said Obama started the war in Afghanistan? LOLou!
W/ the exception of Katrina Pierson, BW don't strive to be like WW. Got our own minds doing our own thing.
Katrina Pierson has been Trumps spokes person throughout his campaign, she would be the perfect fit for Secretary of the Press.
Who needs waterboarding when DoD can simply subject detainees to Kellyanne Conway, Scottie Nell Hughes, or Katrina Pierson's endless spin?RT
Kellyanne Conway, Katrina Pierson and Scottie Hughes, this "Shout Out" is for you, You are Making American Great Again, Thank You so much
Katrina Pierson debunks Trump groping allegations on grounds that “first-class seats had fixed armrests” in 80s.
be interesting to see how Katrina Pierson, Scottie Hughes kellyanne n oh Sarah Huckabee respond / defendTHIS??
AS if an Italian would know about wars..pound your the words of Katrina Pierson..'SO What / They're only Italians'
Katrina Pierson is my fave. She looks and sounds like Bellatrix Lestrange.
Spotted in the spin room: a big Mark Cuban-Katrina Pierson hug.
Trump supporters are even crazier than Trump honestly. Katrina Pierson, Jeff Lord, Scottie Neil Hughes are all mentally ill.
Katrina Pierson vilifies Dallas Morning News as a ‘liberal paper’ for backing first Dem in 75 years
are Jeffrey Lord and Katrina Pierson actually "people?" I'd say the term is debatable.
Katrina Pierson defending the bigotry of Donald Trump reminiscent of Claude Allen defending the bigotry of Jesse Helms during the 1980's
You know who would love this Ryan Lochte story right now?? Katrina Pierson.
So Rudy Giuliani, Katrina Pierson and Sarah Palin all jump off the Empire State Building. Who hits the cement first?
Katrina Pierson makes me pine wistfully for the relative nuance and intellectualism of Sarah Palin.
Trump's spokeswoman Katrina Pierson says (incorrectly) it was Obama who went into Afghanistan
Watching these clips on Katrina Pierson makes me laugh. How'd this lady even get into politics? ? She must be good with her mouth lol
I'm blocked by many of those liars at FauxNews, Katrina Pierson & James Wood. My life is complete...
Uncle Ben Carson is nothing but a token as is the usual, i.e., Michael Steele, Allen West, Katrina Pierson
Katrina Pierson, when Trump dishonors those who serve, it weakens morale & insults those who risk their lives to protect…
According to Trump spox Katrina Pierson, were it not for President Obama's failed policies, Abraham Lincoln would still b…
spokeswoman blames Obama for Capt. Khan’s death - five years before took office
pretty sure Katrina Pierson's statements gave me cancer
Katrina Pierson Grilled Over Capt. Kahn’s Death Comments - 8/3/16 via When try to clean it up cmon man lol
I mean, what do you say if you're an Afghan war vet and you work with Katrina Pierson who thinks 9/11 was possibly an in…
Katrina Pierson of the campaign had always struck me as a clueless wax puppet mimicking nonsense.
Trump Spokeswoman Blames Obama For Capt. Khan’s Death 👹"Stupid is as stupid does"🤐🤐
I'm still mulling Katrina Pierson's revelation that Rumsfeld allowed the Illinois state legislature to set the Iraq ROE in…
Trump spokeswoman: Obama probably caused Khan's death - More lies and no facts!
.aide admits error on Obama, blames Khan death on
Deceiving Donald's campaign spokesperson has just been caught LYING!
In related news: Trump surrogate being treated for severe whiplash.
Katrina Pierson Implies Obama, Clinton Are to Blame for Humayan Khan’s Death in 2004 via
She doesn't want others to benefit from Social Programs because she no longer needs them...
Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson has no business addressing people on the national stage:
The same camp who sent Katrina Pierson out to blame Obama & Clinton for something that happened in 2004?
CNN grills Katrina Pierson with fierce fact-checking over Kahn’s death — and it destroys her
Trump spokeswoman blames Obama for Capt. Khan’s death
Katrina Pierson just gave many Americans a good laugh . LOL! Facts Katrina Facts!
Trump Political Consultant Is A Shoplifter And Welfare Cheat..She knows more than Trump maybe she should do debate.. https:…
Trump spokesperson, Katrina Pierson, blamed Obama for Khan's death in 2004. Seriously
Trump spokeswoman reverses: Obama not responsible for Khan's death in 2004
Trump aide: Clinton responsible for Khan's death, not Obama: A top surrogate for D...
Yeah stuff that foot in your mouth a little further!
During the primary, Katrina Pierson was allowed to spout her cultish talking points unchallenged daily. But now she's g…
trying to picture trump campaign's official spokeswoman Katrina Pierson as our next Secretary of State
Donald Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson blames elected in 2008 for Army Capt Khan's death in 2004?!
"We would have won the Vietnam War if it wasn't for Obama" - Katrina Pierson
"and that's how Stacey Dash won an Oscar for her portrayal of Katrina Pierson"
this her Reality TV Sisters in Law | 'Katrina Pierson: Donald Trump's Spokeswoman' Sneak Peek | We tv
Katrina Pierson: "If an American. citizen breaks the law, there is. no catch & release program for. American citizens" http…
If people were calling Katrina Pierson "Bessie Coleman" or "Sojourner Truth" would that be insulting and racist?
.If someone called Katrina Pierson "Sojourner Truth" rather than her name would that be racist & insulting?
Trump's spokesmodel Steve Miller is nearly as bad as Katrina Pierson & Scottie Nell Hughes. They are all obnoxious & foolish acting liars.
Eventually, the only 'Blacks' left will be Katrina Pierson, Michael Steele, Ken Blackwell and Ben Carson...
Kellyanne Conway, Omarosa, Katrina Pierson, and this one. All the same nasty rancid bile-producing racists working 4 their king.
When Trump named Texas tea partier, shop lifting, welfare queen Katrina Pierson his national spokesperson, he should not throw stones at HRC
Meet Trump’s national spokesperson Katrina Pierson | PoliticsChatter.making America look good again!!😳
The fact the an iron head like Katrina Pierson is the national spokesperson for anything shows how bad it's gotten.
Martha Maccallum, another FOX Comm. grills Katrina Pierson, this morning about Trump's insults to women. Kelly, now, Martha.
Katrina Pierson is so embarrassing to listen to I can't even force myself to do so any more. It's like Baghdad Bob all over again.
I didn't think it was possible cnn found a more stupid blonde in a j than Kayleigh Scottie Hughes or Katrina Pierson amazing
Hey, man, I'm only busy when I'm putting Katrina Pierson on TV. Let's make art!
YEP! Anyone know Katrina Pierson, spokesperson for Trump? She was spokesperson for Cruz also.
Katrina Pierson keighly mcenany and Scottie Hughes trumps 3 stooges always good for a laugh trying to spin
I liked a video from Katrina Pierson Discounts Mark Levin Comments Slamming Trump
"his Campaign said" being the key words LOL Who said that Katrina lying Pierson or Rooster Complex Lewandowski?
if Katrina Pierson know the truth about Cruz allegations since she worked for him she has to help disclose this to her boss
Katrina Pierson noticeably missing today too ... did Satan call her back to her day job
We sure dont see Katrina Pierson on cnn anymore..why? She used to be on everyday yelling about cruz and liberals.
And that still wasn't enough to make Katrina Pierson back away from him!
That's why Donald Trump has Katrina Pierson to answer all you stupid people questions
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Katrina Pierson used the word "fetus" on CNN just now. I'm shocked no one picked up on it
can I add that Katrina Pierson used the word "fetus" just now 2 describe baby &then stated trump is pro-life
Katrina Pierson owes the B-52s' Kate Pierson an apology for even existing.
Hey, you remember Katrina Pierson? That insane lady what goes on the television for Trump?
Katrina Pierson just slammed Doug Heye on outfront with Eric Burnett
Katrina Pierson's voice has become a dog whistle for me.
Is it possible for Katrina Pierson to state her opinions without screaming?
Katrina Pierson eating Trumps s**t.She's trying to say what he didn't say and what he meant.It's amazing what money will do.
Trump's spokesperson Katrina Pierson has the toughest job in US--explaining all his blunders
please remove Katrina Pierson from your air
why ask katrina pierson who worked on cruz campaign? This women is just a lime light grabber and untruthful.
Katrina Pierson I am embarrassed for you
Katrina Pierson really has a rebuttal for everything. I hope I find someone who rides for me the way she rides for Trump. Unbelievable!
Seems like Katrina Pierson had her daily requirement of Trump Kool-aid.
Katrina Pierson, the ultimately Trump spin doctor on where's the emesis basin, hurry!
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Katrina Pierson on re "There is no policy reversal by Trump because there is no policy".
Katrina Pierson on cnn.Could choke panthers her idols.
I'm going to go on the record and admit a personal failure: I cannot watch or listen to Katrina Pierson without extreme physical revulsion.
Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson is smoking hot but she's aligned herself with a horrible man and that makes her UGLY to me.
Sure you folks make some good points, but Katrina Pierson is kinda we gonna get around that one? Not with Hilary...
Katrina Pierson just said out loud. . Hashtag Never Trump.
Whatever Katrina Pierson did or didn't do, she's pure gold; a great spox. As far as I'm concerned,she took 1 for the team😂👍…
CNN: Katrina Pierson predicts Trump campaign manager will be 'cleared on all counts': Donald Trump campaign sp...
UPDATE: Katrina Pierson predicts Trump campaign manager will be ‘cleared on all counts’
Trump spox Katrina Pierson says on CNN that she "gets smacked around by television networks" regularly. "This is not news…
FALSE. On just yesterday: Scottie Nell Hughes was on 3x, Kayleigh Mcenany 2x, Jeff Lord, Katrina Pierson. .
The key is Katrina Pierson. pic1. She is Trumps publicist. She will talk, just waiting for the right time.
Katrina Pierson is sickening. *** how cnn/erin has her on constantly.Trump&Cruz need to Duel andrew jackson style already
On Maria Bartiromo's show, Trump's spokesperson Katrina Pierson said she's an Independent who voted for Obama twice.
Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson destroys CNN's Brian Stelter via CNN - Dishonest pundits for the left!
I've seen peeps implying something between Cruz & Katrina Pierson. Is that what Wilson's *The Thing* is?
Oh my my.cruz and his mistress Katrina Pierson, teddy did you really think you could sweep this under the carpet
Katrina Pierson getting all Trump excuses on Fields mixed up on CNN right now. No one grabbed or someone but not Corey & also…
"If God forbid,Trump is elected president, will we see former Obama voter Katrina Pierson trying to…" — Jason Hawes
Go do your homework, Trump's own spox Katrina Pierson said they have not given veteran orgs the $. It's been months. Shoo fly...
Katrina Pierson blabs a load of rubbish as long as she wants & you keep cutting Marco off. We want to see Marco.
Trump's spox Katrina Pierson is just as revolting
Even more fun: Katrina Pierson was just on Fox, saying ppl who attended Trump Univ are suing because they're lazy, SJW's seeking $
Just read that Trump spokesman Katrina Pierson voted for Obama in 2008. Anyone know if it is true?
Katrina Pierson on Fox, saying ppl who are suing Trump over Trump University weren't conned, are just lazy. This is amazing.,
Donald Trump Will Never Fire Katrina Pierson: Five of the Craziest Things She Said on the Campaign Trail
haven't heard from katrina pierson since you gave her a lesson on the constitution. Did you get her fired?
Katrina Pierson voted for Obama in 2008. Perhaps she's projecting.
Trump's spokeswoman (Katrina Pierson) is black you ding dong. How racist!
But we live in a world where Katrina Pierson is still employed, so not all is right.
"Katrina Pierson might be the most dishonest person in all of politics." - Doubt it. She's certainly among the stupidest.
LOL! “Katrina Pierson maybe the most dishonest person in politics”. Totally true.
because he hired cleptomaniac Katrina Pierson + *** duo diamond & silk to be his blackface routine
Donald. It's Katrina Pierson. And she is very wonderful and great I'm very impressed by her
When Trump fires Katrina Pierson, MSNBC will hire her right away. She fits better at Fox not MSNBC
because he promised to hire "the best people," but somehow got stuck with Katrina Pierson.
..KATRINA Pierson is intelligent...!!..should be in the White house!
Katrina Pierson on CNN today said Christies has been a good asset to Trump; just hrs after he endorsed Trump. Wonder how long been "asset"
This article about Katrina Pierson ... How much do your guests get vetted on their expertise & integrity?
. I know this is old news but I'll toss in petty thief Katrina Pierson.
How much is Trump paying Katrina Pierson, spokesman, for him on CNN? She was known to be on welfare..wonder what else she is doing?
Katrina Pierson does a great job talking for Always makes great points!
a d ask for one of his girls Scottie and Katrina Pierson. Goodness
Beauty and brains my girl Katrina Pierson has Got YOUR Back Don. She Is A Keeper
Donald Trumps working girl Katrina Pierson on CNN , where does he get these people, if she's a political consultant I'm Peter Pan
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Crap, Katrina Pierson actually makes sense on CNN.
That Katrina Pierson is wicked smart. Nobody catches her off her feet. Excellent choice!
Trumps evil alter ego Katrina Pierson is on CNN again. She seems to see a world that no one else sees
Who would be Trump's White House press secretary? Katrina Pierson?
America need more patriotic women like, Stacey Dash, Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin and Katrina Pierson. . .
Scottie Neil Hughes and Katrina Pierson being on the same show proves is really going for the nutjob demo.
I didn't think anyone could sound more vapid than Katrina Pierson...but I was wrong. Scottie Hughes beats her.
Katrina Pierson lost credibility when she became a National Spokesperson for Trump.
Katrina Pierson would have gotten along great with Hitler.
>David Brock vs. Katrina Pierson coming up. Best way to end the week
Movie family that Preys. Sanaa Lathan character IS Katrina Pierson. When Trump agenda is fulfilled he won't need her https:…
Katrina Pierson is Donald Trump's press secretary and certainly knows how to handle Ben Ferguson. https:/…
Don Lemon wanted 2 cut Katrina Pierson off last night; media can do same 4 Trump. U give him platform. Media problematic.
. I wonder if you caught that exchange between Don Lemon and Katrina Pierson last night? Whew!
Katrina Pierson and that one make me want to scream! Is there even a Tea Party anymore? didn't work to well for Sarah..just saying.
Pierson of the Party Fund is a very delusional and misguided young lady.
Katrina Pierson.. No sense. Jeffrey sense. That new girl Mcnerney or something.. Clueless
INBOX: Fundraising email for the “Tea Party Project” from Katrina Pierson… who also stumped for the only liberal in the GOP race.
Not sure the obsession you & Katrina Pierson have with lying about Perry. Very sad. He is our best.
Katrina Pierson said Trump heard! contrary to his campaign. Katrina needs to get on point if she's going 2B a puppet!
Katrina Pierson is just as stupid as Donald Trump
Trump can't speak for himself ? I don't want to see any of his puppets!! Katrina Pierson Jeffrey Lord!
Katrina Pierson is a pretty faced *** just like everyone else in the Confederate Tea Party. Know Common Sense Whatsoever
Katrina Pierson is a characterless *** should fire her like a dog.
Katrina Pierson is some special kind of stupid. She was just on and is continuing this silly "Obama is a Muslim" crap. SMH!
the fact people like Katrina Pierson have the avenue to continue to promote misinformation is disheartening.
. Who is Katrina Pierson? What gives her the right to call my President a liar about his birthright and faith?
.Katrina Pierson's defense of Donald Trump tonight was utterly moronic. She is embarrassing SHAMEFUL
Katrina Pierson is just making excuses. You can't keep giving Trump a pass for not being a politician. He's Running for president!!!
Who is that person you have on your snow now? Katrina Pierson, she is a total *** I can not stand her.
Katrina Pierson spokesperson for Trump and Tea Party is disgusting loser I'm old and grumpy I wanted to slap her for calling POTUS liar
Even Katrina Pierson KNOWS Donald heard the comments clearly last night, contradicting what his campaign is saying. Try again duh!!!
also when is going to stop inviting Katrina Pierson to do commentary
Katrina Pierson is a Donald Trump flunkie. She should teach Donald some verses. She's out there deflecting like the Coward she is!!
Congressman Roger Williams Tea Party Star Katrina Pierson and TX Senator Don Huffines coming up on The Wells Report.
have you asked why Katrina Pierson is behind Trump
Critics blast Trump’s lack of foreign policy specifics-Basil Smikle Jr. and Katrina Pierson debate the Republica
DNC feud grows over 2016 debate schedule-Basil Smikle Jr. and Katrina Pierson on whether the current decision only
Katrina Pierson and the people of TX are a huge threat to the GOP! IT'S TIME FOR AMERICA TO RETURN TO HER...
Bigmouth and Hypocrite, pulled herself up by her boot straps on unemployment benefits. .
Katrina Pierson gone from being ideological to frankly sounding as if she's been brainwashed
This woman Katrina Pierson is a bigot and a racist. Sad and pathetic. But a supporter thru & thru.
Oh my god, who is this Katrina Pierson person? Yikes!
Katrina Pierson is a stupid moron. The President has deported more people than any president before.
The young woman who opened for Trump was impressive. Katrina Pierson was throwin' it down on GOP. Reince...
I don't like Katrina Pierson at all, know that she's not Conservative on marriage and life, and do not / have...
Katrina Pierson. Is a badass. It's easy to see why she is moving up so fast.
"We Can Not Be Bought!", Katrina Pierson Great show at the Donald Trump for President Rally.
Last I checked, Katrina Pierson tried to oust Sessions because he wasn’t conservative enough. Tonight, she was Trump’s opening act.
as you know, Katrina Pierson is well acquainted with public subsidy
Also Katrina Pierson. What a parade of terrible people.
Katrina Pierson says with "2016 may be more historic than the election of
Katrina Pierson, Tea Party activist, speaking now at Trump rally in Dallas.
Katrina Pierson says GOP not loyal to conservatives, so. "I hope Donald Trump tears up that loyalty pledge."
Katrina Pierson, introing Trump now, is probably the highest profile TX TP activist to back him—most don't. She primaried P. …
Oh lord. Trump's warm-up act is failed primary candidate and semi-notorious Tea Party grifter Katrina Pierson. I want to be…
JulieFineNBC5: Katrina Pierson, Tea Party activist says the Republican Party has failed for decades NBCDFW
Bencjacobs: Katrina Pierson now introducing Donald Trump. She unsuccessfully tried to …
ErikVidor: Of course Trump has Katrina Pierson on stage for him.
Katrina Pierson of Trump phenomenon. "It's not a phenomenon, it's a revolution."
OMG. Katrina Pierson vs Marc Thiessen on Talk about an unmatched debate.
I like in black politics. But pols like Katrina Pierson can't be hypocrits. .
In news that comes as a shock to absolutely no one, it turns out the Tea Party is having some trouble supporting women. In this year's election, 80 candidates have been endorsed by various national Tea Party groups like Tea Party Patriots and Club for Growth. Only four of them are women: Katrina Pierson (Texas, Congress), Karen Handel (Georgia, Senate), Joni Ernst (Iowa, Senate), and Mia Love (Utah, Congress). Pierson and Handel have already lost their primaries.
Anonymous Troll: "Funny how the Tea Party didn't exist until we had a black President. Funny ain't it? Me: "Ah, the Pavlovian leftist response to everything. "RACISM!!!" Alinsky would be proud of your anonymous trolling. First, there is no "THE" Tea Party, per se. There is only a loose collection of concerned citizens who value limited but effective government, lower taxes, fewer job-killing regulations and political accountability. Like all Leftists, you are attempting to demonize an "entity" that doesn't exist. Second, self-described Tea Party activists are not all white...and they don't only support white candidates. Herman Cain, Allen West, Tim Scott, Katrina Pierson, Mia Love and many other candidates of color have been supported by "Tea Party" activists. Dr. Ben Carson will receive similar support should he run for President (assuming that he alters his stance on the 2nd Amendment). Third, these concerned citizens criticize any public official, in either Party, who fails to respect and defend the US ...
Tea Partier Katrina Pierson Takes on President Obama – and Her Own Party
Rule of Law: We are a nation of laws, but too many of our leaders want to bend those rules in favor of those who break them. Our leaders want to pick the winners and losers instead of letting the free marketplace choose them. Our Republic is founded upon laws. They must mean something, and they must be applied equally, or this country that we love will surely crumble from within. Congress should have to live under the same laws they make for the rest of us. For too long, the politically powerful have passed laws and regulations that separate us into the Political Ruling Class and the American People. This must end. -Katrina Pierson
VOTE, Lets not forget the Classy women, running for the senate, Karen handel---Georgia,Jolianne Ortman, & House of reps. Katrina pierson
Palin's Gives Her First 2014 Endorsements to Pierson and Abbott in Texas via
Katrina Pierson, Jesse Lee Peterson Many more are black conservatives but more important- Americans for free speech !!
Friends in Texas – remember to vote today for Katrina Pierson for Congress & Greg Abbott for governor!
If we can get a release on Katrina Pierson or Mia Love that wld be actual substance...
Arizona sheriff switches support from Katrina Pierson to Pete Sessions in congressional race
It was a great night for conservatives in Texas last night – despite what the D.C. media would have you believe. Voters wisely selected many Tea Party candidates across the board. Congratulations to Greg Abbott, we’ll work hard to make sure he is the next Governor of Alaska’s little sister state. We were proud to support Katrina Pierson as well – a bold conservative woman who has overcome bigger challenges in life than election results. Katrina has a bright future ahead, and we know she will continue her fight for conservative values – after all, you don't need a title to make a difference. We need more bold women like Katrina in the GOP. 2014 is just underway, and together we’ll continue to give a leg up to grassroots conservatives, despite the odds, who embrace inspiration, ingenuity, and integrity. We’re just getting started!
Every one in the 32 Congressional District vote Katrina Pierson for congress and for Texas House of Representatives District 105 vote Rodney Anderson
Tomorrow is election day! It is your responsibility to vote. Men and woman have died for your right to vote, so don't let those patriots die in vain. I am happy to tell you how I am voting and I hope everyone votes the same way I am voting but even if you are going to cancel my vote out GO VOTE it is your duty as a US Citizen. This great country has lots of problems but take it from someone that has been around the world this is the greatest country in the world and you have a responsibility to keep it that way by selecting leaders that believe like you do. I am voting for: Steve Stockman for US Senate AGAINST John Cornyn there are 8 candidates and any of them will be a breath of fresh air! If I lived in CD 21 I would be voting for Matt McCall for US Congress AGAINST Lamar Smith If I lived in CD-32 I would vote for Katrina Pierson for US Congress AGAINST Pete Sessions Gregg Abbott in the Texas Governor’s Race Jerry Patterson in the Lt Gov Race Ken Paxton in the Attorneys General Race AGAINST Dan Branch ...
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"Gov. Palin endorses Katrina Pierson and Greg Abbott in Texas primary election"
Katrina Pierson: Texas' Tax Dollars At Work: Katrina Pierson is the "Tea Party" challenger to Congressman Pete Sessions of Texas.    
The election is less than 2 weeks away, so it is critical we raise the money necessary to get our message on the TV airwaves and help Katrina Pierson defeat the incumbent Congressman Pete Sessions
My Congressman Pete Sessions has been in office for nearly two decades with virtually nothing to show for it. This *** doesn't even live in Texas anymore. He lives in Winter Park, Florida with his new wife. Sessions refuses to show up to town hall meetings, debates or forums where he might be forced to defend his record. Instead, his campaign seems to be focused on trying to smear Katrina Pierson personally.
Long time Tea Party, Katrina Pierson, is challenging Sessions.Sarah Palin endorsed Pierson
I'm not excited enough about our choices in every race to promote them, but these I will: Katrina Pierson for Congress, Ken Paxton, Malachi Boyuls, Tom Nowak for Dallas County District Attorney, Jared Patterson
Citizens Go and Vote for Katrian Pierson as she is who we need to help us in Congress! Katrina Pierson for Congress Take the time to read this as it is a great endorsement and more reasons why we need to Vote this Lady Katrina Pierson in to the United States Congress.. As she will work for all of the people in the Great State of Texas.. Mr. Pete Sessions is not doing the job but Katrina Pierson will really make a difference when we get her to Washington D. C. Please take the time to read about Katrina and what she has done. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin endorsed fierce Texas conservative Katrina Pierson in her underdog bid to primary incumbent Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) in Texas's 32nd congressional district. Palin called Pierson a "feisty fighter" who is "an emerging leader and important voice for the future of the grassroots conservative movement." "Her life’s story is full of hardships she has fought to overcome, which taught her firsthand the importance of self-reliance, hard work, and the blessi .. ...
Katrina Pierson and her story are what the Republican Party desperately needs!.
Katrina Pierson for Congress is running against Congressman Pete Sessions here in Texas… To call Pete a massive disappointment is a massive understatement. And you should get to know Katrina. Ted Cruz, who doesn’t throw these things around lightly, called her an utterly fearless principled conservative, which I think is about the highest praise you could get from Ted Cruz.” The primary is March 4th... my birthday :)
Making An Impact @ Katrina Pierson has volunteered for 10 years & 311 events
'Keeping it real in Texas'! House hopeful Katrina Pierson expertly slams Wendy Davis [video] WOOT!!
I was accused of being bitter and negative, and maybe wanting to "change my skin color" today. I was told that I should only point out the good that my race has to offer. Well, if you read the life of Martin Luther King Jr. He was accused of the same things. He was told not to make waves, to keep quiet. When he reprimanded his own people for violence, he was called many names, by the black community and even received death threats from people who shared his skin color. I'm no Martin Luther King Jr. However I will speak out whenever I see injustice. I will confront people who are wrong and I will not bury my head in the sand, just because my fellow race tells me I should. They tell me I should point out the good the black race has to offer, yet when I talk about the; Dr. Ben Carson's, the Niger Innis, Condoleezza Rice, Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, Thomas Sowell, Mia Love, Deneen, Borelli, Charles Payne, Katrina Pierson, Erika Harold, Dr. Elaina George, Carter G. Woodson, Derrick Wilburn, Colonel Allen We ...
WASHINGTON -- America's most prominent gun rights group announced today it is backing Rep. Pete Sessions for reelection. The Dallas Republican, chairman of the powerful House Rules Committee, faces Tea Party activist Katrina Pierson in the March primary. The National Rifle Association ...
Tea Party activist Katrina Pierson to challenge incumbent Pete Sessions for Congress
Watching a great panel on Fox of black conservatives and Katrina Pierson hit on an IMPORTANT issue. The GOP doesn't do a good job of reaching out to the black community. We actually do not do a good job of reaching out to ANYONE! We fight among ourselves for petty differences. If you do not agree with another 100% some will immediately call you a RINO. I follow Reagan's rule if I agree with you 80% of the time I can debate the other 20% WITHOUT demeaning you!
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How can average Americans stop the apparent "pattern of abuse" by an ever-expanding federal government? Wednesday night on TheBlaze TV, FreedomWorks leaders Matt Kibbe and Adam Brandon met with Glenn Beck and Tea Party leaders Becky Gerritson, Katrina Pierson, and Jason W. Hoyt to bring their respe...
Marcus Lloyd, Kenneth Gladney, Angela McGowan, Stacey Dash, Allen West, Alan Keys, Mia Love, Katrina Pierson, Herman Cain, Star Parker, Condi Rice, Clarence Thomas, Tim Scott, Artur Davis, Jesse Lee Peterson, Virginia Fuller, Niger Innis, David Webb, James David Manning and Alveda King? All republican conservative blacks with singer and actor Ll Cool J, to name a few black Americans who will likely vote for Mitt Romney. There are thousands of others, who are not so famous; this is what scares liberals and the media!
Carlos Quintanilla of Accion America and Katrina Pierson, who founded the Garland Tea Party, stopped by Victory Park to debate the ruling and the future of immigration in America.
I am very proud to have the vote and endorsement of Katrina Pierson, member of the Texas Tea Party Caucus Advisory Board. She is a great lady and strong leader in her community and the Tea Party movement. Also look forward to more endorsements of my campaign!!! The Grass Roots Fire “GrassFire” is growing!!
Katrina Pierson is a Steering Committee member for the Dallas Tea Party and Founder of the Garland Tea Party. As a working single mother, she has transformed into a political activist practically overnight. Mrs. Pierson was recognized by former Senator Fred Thompson as the Tea Party Darling, and wa...
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