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Katie Price

Katie Price (born 22 May 1978), previously known under the pseudonym Jordan, is an English media personality, author, former glamour model, occasional singer and businesswoman.

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Katie Price has been 'supported by unlikely rock' Peter Andre following mother's terminal…
If it was Katie Price they wouldn't have had to get in their cars!
Katie Price receives support from ex Peter Andre in wake of mum Amy's terminal diagnosis
If anyone needs an explanation of hypocrisy or "pot calling the kettle black"... Katie Price has just called someone fame…
I'm sure katie price is stalking me...she's always on Loose Women 😅
Heres a message from the lady herself: An Audience is going ahead tomorrow & shes on her way to Cardiff! http…
The programme has lost it's way. It needs intelligent, fun panellists like JSP, Kaye Adams, Carol, Jane McD…
because katie wooden Price, braindead moron is the type of 'Loose'they wanna air now!You are GREATLY missed
Loose woman is not the same without you, and Katie bloody price needs to eff off!
Listened 3X to the Silicon Valley blood / Katie Price / Jacobs Ladder / Adele rant from Mondays pod - Comedy Gold!
Carol doesn't believe that Katie Price should be on the panel and tbh the show is a completely d…
Leg to leg - UK bombshell vs Belgian hottie: Katie Price or Lesley-Ann Poppe, whose legs are better? Vote
14) Candy. Catchier than fresher's flu, this one. And apparently a diss track about Katie Price. Which is nice
Olivia Attwood unveils DRAMATIC hair switch up as she dons brunette wig - but she's not the only famous face……
Katie Price's best feuds - and there have been some BRILLIANT battles
Katie Price admits she would sell her body for a high enough fee...
Katie Price furious over unflattering 'cellulite' photos as she 'plans diet
Katie Price shares selfie with son Harvey after TV comments about aborting him
Katie Price unveils drastic new hair to Instagram followers
Katie Price sports a puffy face and swollen lips as she arrives...
Katie Price shares adorable selfie with son Harvey following...
08-28 Katie Price and Kieran Hayler 'having sex up to six times a day to try for
'He blamed me' reveals husband Kieran Hayler admitted to cheating then told her 'nanny sex' was her…
Katie Price vows to lead healthy life in 2016
08-28 shares cute Christmas video as Harvey, Jet and Bunny open their gifts
Sam Smith dedicates Oscar win to Katie Price and Lorraine
Katie Price slammed by Instagram followers for 'ignoring crying baby'
Katie Price admits she would get sexy for £1million in prostitution chat
Jemma Lucy reignites feud with Katie Price – "she didn't support me".
Rylan confirms BOTS will be live from the house tomorrow night with guests Katie Price, Michelle Visage and Anthony Costa.
NEWS: Tomorrow night Rylan will host BOTS from inside the house with Katie Price, Michelle Visage and Anthony Costa
Tom Daley, Ben Phillips, Caspar Lee, Joe Sugg and Katie Price all came along, and so did all our families.
My timeline seems full of people who are too old to have (more) babies 😠 Katie Price, Jools Oliver, D…
Scary, she looks like Jon Benet Ramsey!. via
Look at the pervert who's replied to Katie price daughter
Look how Katie price is dressing her 10 year old and some bloke has commented she looks sexy discusting
Katie Price says housemate Jemma Lucy 'will be out quick': via
She s pimping her kids as she's now well washed up. Katie Price slammed for .. via
Katie Price wants to hire a sex worker for her son. And she's not alone.
New post: ". Katie Price slammed for glam snap of daughter Princess, 10. " .
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Fans slam an odd article it's not clear why a 10 year old can't wear make-up!
Beautiful just like u Katie price xx
Need Katie price email adress anybody has it
People say what they want about Katie price but credit where credits due what an amazing job she does with Harvey!
Katie Price's daughter Princess is literally the most beaut girl ever
Pals reveal that Katie Price is planning on building a separate living area so she can have some space from Kieran…
Hey guys for the next 12 hours only my calls on are half price!
Why is everyone mugging Katie price off because her daughter is wearing make up!??
Hardly A rated Hollywood blockbuster role not in cinemas😂. Katie Price is EATEN by a shark in B rate TV Movie debut
Dancing On Ice: Katie Price confirms she’ll take part – if the price is right
For all I'm not a fan of Katie price I think ppl need to concentrate on thr own kids- FFS it's a bit blusher 🙄
I swear people just find things to moan about just because it’s Katie Price, go cry at some…
Katie Price says she will lace up her skates for Dancing on Ice - but only if the 'Pricey' is right - Mirror Online
Fans slam Katie Price for letting daughter Princess wear make-up in new photo
Katie Price teases details of death in Sharknado 5: Global Swarming
Katie Price gets in hot water again after being accused of letting Princess wear make-up as…
I lbelieve in the multiverse theory. This makes me feel very unfortunate that I'm in the one where Katie Price is a top selling author.
How gorgeous is Katie price's daughter
Just saw photo of Katie Price's daughter all dolled up 😲she's the same age as my youngest! No way, let kids be kids IMO
TheSun "Katie Price reveals she wants a BIG pay cheque to take part in Dancing on Ice
Katie Price, Kerry Katona and Kym Marsh! They have all had their day!
Dancing On Ice: Full line-up REVEALED as Katie Price and Coronation Street stars sign up?
Hey, just curious what you think about Katie Price getting a hooker to bang her autistic son? I'm kinda cool with it.
Yikes! Notice something about this pic of Katie Price?
Please show this mother how to raise an autistic son.
BOOM! Katie Price has said she is 'welcoming' Singapore blocked Thor's saw.
If Katie price actually gets her down syndrome son a prozzie I reckon that'll be one of the greatest things in history
Current Costa gossip: Katie Price has been asked change her website by 4-chan.
Only just listen to this song and omg. 😍😍😍. I Got U by Katie Price ♫
Katie Price is considering hiring a prostitute for her autistic son when he turns 18
Truly don't understand why people are kicking off at Katie Price for that prostitute comment like spend a day working in the care industry 🤔
We offer photography, video & artwork for bands at a great price! Check out our page and visit our website.…
It used to be Katie price but she gone off, i dont really pay attention to the slebs that much
Just a reminder that Katie Price is one of the greatest singers of all time
Can you send one over here for Katie price and Victoria Beckham please
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Katie Price has considered hiring prostitute to have sex with son Harvey once he’s 18
Why are you guys slandering Katie Price? Maybe Harvey wants to buss a nut but is having a hard time finding someone. SMDH
Said it before. Harvey Price will rape and get Katie Price pregnant one day and she'll sell the story to Hello magazine.…
Apparently Katie Price is thinking of hiring a prostitute for Harvey when he turns 18, at least his chin won't be wet from drool 😂
Katie Price is just perfect in every way
Having small feet and getting trainers for the junior price is honestly something a proud of
Katie price and jesy have the same personality. Lmao.
It's supposed to be even safer than Lasik. The only downside is longer recovery time. Fo…
Katie Price to 'hire a prostitute for Harvey so he can experience sex'
Katie Price and Kathy Lette are wrong. Here’s why I’d never consider hiring a sex worker for my autistic son -
Katie Price bares all as she's filmed dancing around her Loose Women dressing room NAKED
You sound as posh as Katie Price getting raped…
Fun fact: Katie Price is our biggest celebrity sighting at the Bakehouse Café Bar, after Gordon Banks, Terry Conroy, Nello and *** Temple
Katie Price sacrifices music success as she urges fans to buy charity single INSTEAD of her new song https:…
Katie Price hits back at auto-tune claims as she sings I Got U LIVE on Loose Women - and…
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Katie Price singing on Loose Women is too much 😭😂
Katie Price's new single ripped to shreds: 'Look what heatstroke can do'.
Katie Price slammed by viewers after disastrous live performance of her new single - as Loose Women cringe with emb…
You can't screenshot an image of the Loose Women presenters mid facial expression change and use it as a dig at Katie Price. 😂
Fans slam Katie Price's 'screeching' singing voice as she performs her new single I Got U LIVE on Loose Women
Katie Price and Peter Andre have seriously awkward reunion on Loose Women
Loose Women viewers BLAST Katie Price-s backing dancers as she sings new via
.viewers have reacted spectacularly to Katie Price performing her new single 😂
Katie Price performs her new song LIVE on Loose Women
Ruth Langsford's face said it all when Katie Price performed her new single on https…
If you've ever wondered what a cat in a nutribullet sounds like, stick Loose Women on and listen to Katie Price "singing"
I can't take Katie Price singing on Loose Women seriously
Katie Price performs new single on Loose Women - gives viewers ‘earache’
Katie Price sings new single I Got U on Loose Women - Ruth Langsford and Coleen Nolan's faces speak for everyone…
Katie Price still isn't as bad as Cheryl Cole
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WHY is Katie Price making music, actually sounds like a dying goat
Peter Andre insists he DOES still see Harvey after Katie Price claimed their relationship ended with their marriage…
Katie Price's son Harvey gave the perfect response to online trolls on live TV:
Katie Price pays touching tribute to son Harvey on his 15th birthday as they enjoy family…
Just bumped into Katie Price and Harvs at Thorpe Park x
05-01 Is Peter Andre a better Loose Woman than Katie Price? Fans want the Strictly
Katie Price throws shade at Amy Willerton as she compares her career to Rylan Neal-Clark's following Signed…
If I was doing I would either be Katie Price or Patsy Stone
It's only a flipping word for crissakes especially in the context Katie Price used it. The world has gone mad.
They way Katie price says the N word I can she's called Dwight it a few times over the years
Katie Price used n-word on but says she's "glad" she did as she wants to highlight abuse her son gets.
Today revealed why one particular online troll who targeted Harvey, pushed her to go to the police: https:…
Today's been eventful, Joey Barton banned for betting, Katie Price dropping the N word on tv and John Terry's mum caught…
The N-word is disgusting, but people should be WAY more outraged at Harvey Price being called it, than Katie Price quoting it.
One thing I think Katie Price has done that's more offensive than using the N word on morning time T.V is exploiting her son for attention.
All purpose parts banner
Is that Katie Price or a man posing as her? I honestly can't tell anymore
Katie Price says the 'N'-word' TWICE, live on TV - and viewers have a LOT to say about it 😕
John Terry's mum, police raids at football clubs, Joey Barton banned, Katie Price using the N word, all on a Wednesday bef…
HMRC pulling up on every club, Katie Price saying *** on air, Terry's mum performing sloppy, Barton being forced to retir…
Katie Price warned by Phillip Schofield after dropping N-word twice on
Watch as Katie Price defends using the N-Word on live television: ‘I’m in the public eye I can speak about it’
I can't understand how anyone can be offended at Katie Price using the word *** when discussing her son being racially…
If you're offended by Katie Price saying the N word twice on this morning then imagine how her and Harvey feel getting it…
IMAGINE caring more about the fact Katie Price used an offensive word IN CONTEXT than the bigger picture of what she wa…
People demanding Katie Price apologise for saying the n word on tv should realise the context she was talking in.
katie price dropping the N bomb at 10.40 on 😂😂😂
Why couldn't Katie Price just say the 'N word'? :/
Katie Price calls for online trolls register
En sjelden setning: "Martina originally modelled her look on Katie Price and Pamela Anderson, but now w…
Katie Price takes a stand against - she's launched a petition to make it illegal…
🙄😂 it's not economical to use one of I wasn't really going for the Katie Price look
At 7: Katie Price wants a new law against online bullying. And one woman's fight to save her ponies from a new road
Katie Price is backing our campaign, for compulsory lessons on online bullying in all schools!…
‘She doesn’t know what sexy is’: Katie Price defends controversial Princess bikini photos on
Celebrities guilty of offending the locals on holiday, from Katie Price to Jennifer Lawrence.
.admits she has neglected to have smear test since being advised to by doctor THREE years ago
‘Melts my heart’: Katie Price and son Harvey praised by Loose Women viewers after adorable interview
Katie Price claims Junior and Princess don’t remember split from Peter Andre
Katie Price defended both her daughter and son Harvey -
Katie Price opens up about shocking video made by troll showing him pretending to 'have sex' with Harvey -…
Katie Price leaving her house on fathers day...celebrations all round.
- Loose Women: Viewers left shocked after Coleen Nolan makes gaffe live on air talking to Katie……
Katie Cost reveals about shocking video produced by troll showing him pretending to ‘have sex’ with Harvey –…
Katie Price calls for register of cyber trolls after her disabled son Harvey is bullied and abused online.
Katie Price wants cyberbullies on criminal register -
no, Katie Price is not visible from Dover in France.
Loose Women dedicate an entire week of shows to their mums as Katie Price, Jamie Vardy’s wife Rebekah, Katie Piper…
Remove these two, Katie Price & Daniella Westbrook from the tabloids, and all their pages would be blank. Such non-news!
Can't do that. That would mean Loose Women would have to go out at night waiting for Katie Price to catch up.
whenever Gareth Williams tags a picture of you i always think it is Katie Price! Xxx
Vincent Price was taller than Katie Price and heavier than Alan Price. I found this out on a price comparison website.
Home sweet home! Katie Price celebrates Harvey and Princess’ return from hospital with heartwarming video
Katie Price shares heartwarming video of herself taking son Harvey to stay overnight a...
Alicia Douvall reveals details of Katie Price and Simon Cowell's romance
Alicia Douvall says Katie Price is Simon Cowell’s type as she reveals she had sex with him ’11 times in one night’…
To my bafflement, I've been unfavorably compared to Katie Price. I am beginning to understand how
The hairdresser who does Katie Price's, Gemma Collin's, Chelsee Healey's, and Danielle Lloyd's hair?.I would NOT visit.
Take more than a big chipolata to satisfy window-cleaners-bucket-fanny Katie Price.
Katie Price's ex Danny Cipriani jumps to her defence over Alex Reid
Katie Price receives a surprisingly sweet message from an ex after she's slammed on Loose Women
Huh?! Danny Cipriani steps in to defend ex Katie Price - as Alex Reid slams her career... HARD 🙈…
Katie Price's ex Danny Cipriani defends star after Alex Reid says she brings "shame" to Loose Women
Danny Cipriani leaps to defence of former lover Katie Price after Alex Reid slams her
Katie Price praises Peter Andre's 'great' wife Emily -
Katie Price jokes 'maybe I should make a new sex tape' Daily Mail Online: via
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No, Katie Price is not six months pregnant - and it's definitely not Dane Bowers's child
What's true? Katie Price once again flared up the shock factor after she referenced being pregn…
Could Katie Price possibly BE any more disgusting? She is vile-mouthed and a disgrace to her kids.
Katie price gets dog on about Harvey but if she wasn't a coke sniffing baby blinding slag while she was preggers Harvey would…
‘Did Katie Price just say she was six months pregnant’?
Wink wink? Does this mean Katie Price is going back in the house on Friday? Hm.
Remember when Katie Price said she knew people that went into for £1500? I bet Nicola McLean was one of them, bot…
I actually can't stand Nicola, she's like a primark version of Katie price
Prom dress from last year! originally 650 but im asking 350 but i am flexible on price. It has a corset so the size…
The 38-year-old model, who previously revealed she aborted the Another Level star's child, said she would not fi...
Why does this look like Katie price tonight
Customers complain of late deliveries from Katie Price's makeup line .
So we further inflate the price of a college education with infusion of government money? I like Katie's idea.
Katie price is top woman with guts to open up on tv
Genuine question, not trying to be rude or anything but what has Katie price done to her face?
Katie Price shares emotional message to husband w
8pm nap was essential but lord am I paying the price
Katie price's mannerisms are grotesque and the things she says are vulgar 😷
GIST WITH VANTEX NEWS: Katie Price took to Instagram on Tuesday, where sh...
People who'd be a better than Fawaz: Katie Price & Harvey
Katie Price dancing was more entertaining than the Honey G song
I find it disturbing and fearful for the future of mankind when Katie Price is lauded for being the cheapest trashiest *** going
Katie Price is so unpredictable. Probs why she isn't in the actual house.
Katie Price baits Harvey out so much
Posh Spice gets a nod for services to fashion. Surely,Katie Price should get a nod for services to literature?
Katie Price shares loving selfie with Harvey after defending Loose Women
I reckon Katie price only goes out with big muscled men because they are the only people that can stop Harvey Price from fuc…
Katie Price’s bid to be bunny girl set to fail as carers...
Katie Price 'clears dance floor' as she sings ballad at Sunderland nightclub
Katie Price caught up in ‘legal’ drama at hotel where she was accused of ‘throwing plates at manager’…
Katie Price gets kicked out of a hotel
Katie Price to SUE hotel that kicked her our for being 'abusive'
Katie Price claims she’s had £100,000 of jewellery stolen after she was kicked out of a hotel…
(other than the uk not sending a heavily pregnant Katie Price to Eurovision ofc)
Katie Price defends comment on aborting disabled son Harvey & says: 'I'm so proud of him'
Why Katie Price and Kieran Hayler's Christmas will be the most AWKWARD yet.
We can't believe Katie Price said this about Dane Bowers on Loose Women
Did Katie Price make naughty reference to Dane Bowers 'sex act' in Loose Women panto?
Katie Price refers to lewd sex act with ex Dane Bowers and claims she 'sees no sign of *** in very saucy……
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Katie Price 'upset' that abortion comments about disabled son Harvey were 'taken out of…
Katie Price heads to A&E with bloody nose after dog attack...
Sunderland nightclub boss defends Katie Price after claims she cleared
Loose Women will STAND BY Katie Price after fans called for her to be sacked
Katie price to 'sue' Glasgow hotel over 'loss of £100,000 worth of diamonds'.
Dear Katie Price. Hotels have many families with young children, people of faith Hi dignitaries And a very high reputation to keep. Back off
Katie Price defends comments 'taken out of context' after saying she 'probably
Danielle Lloyd blames Katie Price for boob job decision as she...
Katie Price threatens legal action against hotel that kicked her out.
Katie Price quips she's 'looking for *** in Loose Women pantomime
Loose Women stars defend Katie Price’s comments on...
Katie Price steps out in chav-tastic outfit and her SLIPPERS after cringe-worthy performance on Loose……
Fredonia Girls had big lead at the half. Katie Price!
Katie Price being on Loose Women is like Anne Frank hosting Cash In The Attick, the shoe still fits but not how it was in…
iPhone battery going down quicker than the spunk running from Katie Price front bum.
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I really want to confuse you by saying Katie Price and Peter Andre. Now there's an awkward dinner party.
‘We DON’T have a nanny’: Katie Price hits back in Instagram row over bedtime selfie
Just being mugged off by the resident Katie Price and Pamala Anderson of the family apparently 🤚🏼😶😩
Katie Price's son Jett causes havoc at bath time 😳
Her worst Day! Katie Price Publicly humiliated after being paid thousands for club appearance
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For your wanking pleasure I give you Katie Price 🍆✊🏻💦
Katie Price... Jesus, if you ever needed proof that there is no God...
la cover girl is probably the best and it's a good price X
Katie Price hits back at trolls following 'nanny' claims...
Breaks my heart seeing the top I ordered 2 days ago in the sale and almost half of it's original price 😫
Katie Price shakes her bubble butt as she gets non-surgical bum lift
Mr F's works do is slightly more extravagant than mine was.Dane Bowers and Katie Price have been paid to attend! 🙄we had 80's dave the DJ
A little bit of justice - the Daily Mail pays the price - literally - for the putrid bigotry of Katie Hopkins.…
Katie Price's son causes havoc at bath time 😳 -
Why has THIS photo of Katie Price caused so much controversy on Instagram?
Thousands await their fate in in freezing temps, Syrians waiting to be displaced from their hometown, this is the…
I know Katie Hopkins will be gutted if people miss this given she posted it at 2am so help her out and spread it far and w…
Katie Price shares adorable video of Harvey playing We Wish You a Merry Christmas on the piano 😊…
Katie Price reveals she’s had her fifth bum lift treatment in revealing Instagram snap from clinic bed
and always put on a great based conference. Huge value for the price.🙂
"Well you cover a s*** in diamonds but at the end of the day it’s still a bit of s***”
Katie Price reveals son Jett's VERY messy bath time – and everyone loves it:
Katie Price opts for a night in BED on anniversary with Kieran Hayler
Katie Price posts selfie with husband Kieran Hayler to celebrate wedding anniversary - Daily Mail…
Katie Price looks loved up as ever with husband Kieran Hayler
Katie Price posts a loved-up selfie with husband Kieran Hayler as they celebrate milestone together:…
Kieran Hayler says his marriage to Katie Price is "a business arrangement"
Katie Price and Kieran Hayler reach four-year anniversary – and you won’t believe how they……
Defiant: Katie Price was adamant that fans knew exactly how strong her relationship with husban… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Katie Price and Kieran Hayler have celebrated their anniversary in a pretty unexpected way!
Katie Price and Kieran Hayler share loved-up snap to mark four year anniversary
Katie Price shares loved-up photo with Kieran Hayler as they celebrate four year anniversary.
Katie Price spotted WITHOUT her wedding ring after denying she's split from husband Kieran Hayler
Katie Price and her husband Kieran Hayler enjoy a night out at Pure Nightclub in Bexleyheath. Published in OK!
Katie Price returns to Loose Women and clarifies (AGAIN) that she and husband Kieran Hayler
Katie Price reveals Kieran Hayler has been her ‘therapist’ as she makes Loose Women return
Katie Price returned to Loose Women and had THIS to say about her time away with husband Kieran!…
Katie Price returns to Loose Women - and sets the record straight on her marriage:
Katie Price insists marriage to Kieran Hayler is stronger than ever but admits she’ll ‘never forgive’ him for affa…
Is that the Peter André/Katie Price version playing in the background?
Thank god they're not playing the Katie Price & Peter Andre version of A Whole New World 😆
Fans defend Katie Price after Instagram row over her son wearing a nappy
Happy birthday katie 💕 thanks for all the mems and being a great friend, love you so much gf 🎉❣️
i doubt Katie price will come back unless it's for a short stay. She left Loose Women for family reasons
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Katie Price in Ripped Jeans night out in London
Happy birthday Katie I hope you had a great day love you💕
Someone cannot define your worth. They do not have the power or authority to set a price value on you when Jesus paid the…
Ditching Evernote due to the price increase via - Katie, are you still not using Evernote Premium?
happy birthday to my long term bff🎂💘😇 i love and miss you sm Katie i hope your day was as great as you🎉😻
Happy birthday Katie i hope it's a good one;)❤️
Katie Price 'has made a shocking confession that she's split from third husband Kieran Hayler'…
Fans react in the best way as Katie Price launches a contouring palette for men
I can't believe Katie Price is gonna be at Casinos of all places ??
I was thinking Katie Price, about the same intelligence as a politician, just needs a little more practice at being a liar.
mind Katie price and Peter Andre made a cover of a whole new world from Aladdin
Could I request a price on any chance of odds on Katie Taylor to be a boxing world champion before 2018 please
Jordan dad rape trial Katie Price stepfather "raped woman on beach after she threw up"
Happy Birthday Katie 💘love you so much bestie and I hope your day is wonderful
Katie Price’s stepfather denies rape charges at Chichester court
NO NO NO! Im sorry but in no formation should Spice Girls and Eurovision entry be in the same bloody sentence! NO! Leave…
Katie Price shows off new coat made from 100% Raccoon fur and upsets fans on Instagram
I love 'X Factor,' and I love Sharon: she's brilliant.
Katie Price annihilated by fans for wearing 100% real fur coat -
These 2 payed £65 k to look like Katie Price I'd be looking for the receipt 😎😎😎😎
Anybody need 2 half price tickets for this weekend?.
yes! Try Kelly & Katie socks, great price and very chic. They're at
Awkward times for Katie Price, as she's SLAMMED by followers for controversial new pic
Katie Price's stepfather Paul, 52, to stand trial accused of rape.
Got my phone fixed for nearly half the price it would of been if I went to apple, so buzzed 😁✌🏼️
Kanye: This Haynes sweater is kinda nice. Kanye to Kanye: Put a Yeezy tag on it and resell it for 100x the price. https:…
Katie Price shares pictures of newborn guinea pig as ex-husband Peter Andre celebrates the birth of his son
Katie Price's fans blast her for wearing a coat and hat made from 100 per cent raccoon fur:.
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