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Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins (born 31 May 1975) is a British reality television contestant, businesswoman and journalist, best known for her 2007 appearance on the third UK series of TV reality programme The Apprentice, in which contestants compete for a £100,000-a-year job working for British businessman Sir Alan Sugar.

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Katie Hopkins is working with a Holocaust denier in her attempt to prevent MSF boats from saving refugees.
Come on where's Katie Hopkins and Prison Panties et al to defend Anne Marie Morris ?!? Haven't got all day
Katie Hopkins: Violence rife in Sweden, residents living in fear! .
Katie Hopkins, Nigel Farage... All the wrong people are cheering. It's time to wake up and put forward a genuine alternat…
What a hypocrite! Nick Ferrari skewered by Katie Hopkins is a joke and so is he.
When Piers Morgan, Tommy Robinson & Katie Hopkins die, I'm turning up to the burial like this
If you think people like Tommy Robinson or Katie Hopkins are NOT hate preachers or extremists - please explain why.
Really wanna see a battle to the death between Tommy Robinson and Katie Hopkins where the winner gets hung
More than Tommy Robinson, Katie Hopkins and Piers Morgan put togethe…
Been way too many increasing of Islamophobic acts, why are people like Katie Hopkins, Tommy Robinson etc not being held responsible for *
Some of us r trying 2 build bridges in our communities, people like Katie Hopkins, Tommy Robinson and Melanie Phillips trying…
Waters, Farage, Tommy Robinson, and Katie Hopkins should try and form their own party. With ea…
Tommy Robinson and Katie Hopkins will go nuts when they see this 😂. .
Well done Johnny you stupid slosh pot you are now more hated than Katie Hopkins and Tommy Robinson in Britain
Katie Hopkins: Councils shouldn t kick people out of homes
Katie Hopkins: Councils shouldnt kick people out of homes
Update your maps at Navteq
cited Pervez frickin Hoodbhoy on Islam which is a bit like citing Katie Hopkins on laser surgery.
Katie Hopkins: Councils shouldn't kick people out of homes: via
Can we put Tommy Robinson, Katie Hopkins and Nigel Farage on the ship then torpedo it?
In next week's news, Huddersfield man charged with wasting police time over fake Katie Hopkins vandalism in his home
Evil is propagated when the stupid spout bile, also Katie Hopkins looks like Andrew Castle. Sorry Andrew.
Katie Hopkins shags Tommy Robinson up the *** with a strap on
Hate preachers should be locked away for life. Abu Hamza, Anjem Choudry, Katie Hopkins, Tommy Robinson, Piers Morgan etc.
LBC rightly sacked the hate preacher Katie Hopkins. Why are Mail Online still employing her? Would they employ Abu Hamza?
Tommy Robinson and Katie Hopkins hear about the Finsbury park incident.only to then realise it was an attack on M…
I demand that Trump, Dawkins, Sam Harris, Ubisoft, Katie Hopkins & the rest of GamerGate denounce this islamophobia…
It's time the non-Muslim community called out the hate-preachers. Katie Hopkins. Richard Littlejohn. Julia Hartley-Brewer. Piers…
And the award for the most UNself-aware woman on the planet goes to our previous winner. Katie Hopkins.
Hate preachers like Tommy Robinson and Katie Hopkins need to be held accountable for this also
Getting a lot of this lately, mainly by people whipped up by Katie Hopkins, who is angry I helped get her sacked from LBC.…
Nige will be on the same train as Katie Hopkins soon...out the door. Can't see them replacing J…
Is Isabel oakeshott making an attempt at becoming the next Katie Hopkins. What a vile excuse for a human being
Isabelle Oakshott is vying for Katie Hopkins' title as the most vile media voice in the Westminster Village.
The Tory vision is one where the likes of Katie Hopkins become mainstream. Think about May's speech last night. Now read Hopkins' TL.
All we are going to be left with is Bruce Forsyth, Katie Hopkins, Ed Sheeran and Paddy McGuiness. Stop taking the good ones.
LOL no body knows who Katie Hopkins is? I am American I know her, She gave the best beat…
You all trained yourselves to ignore Katie Hopkins; you can do the same with Julia Hartley-Brewer.
Silly cow , grow up you sod ,playing the Katie Hopkins role?If Andrew Neil has any sense , or Andrew Marr…
How has it taken this long for Katie Hopkins to make the block list?
You'd swear it was Katie Hopkins and Tommy Robinson that ploughed into pedestrians the way these liberal leftists are goi…
BAZINGA: Katie Hopkins is to leave the Daily Mail via
Katie Hopkins claims there is a 'silencing of the right' after LBC axing | London Evening Standard
FAKE NEWSFLASH! Boris Johnson reduces traffic congestion by riding unicycle, and Katie Hopkins found squatting in David Cameron's new shed😇😳
Katie Hopkins says left trying to 'silence the right' after LBC axing
Theresa May looks like a zombie Diana, voiced by Penelope Keith and spouting the thoughts of Katie Hopkins.
David Vance on Katie Hopkins . Freedom of Speech is everyone's basic right.
David, Katie Hopkins will be missed by myself on LBC. I really like Katie Hopkins, a minority' view, yes I know.
Feminist Eastern Europeans will exterminate every child in the UK unless David Cameron makes Katie Hopkins a dame.
My bit on humour after the horror of Manchester (& some employment news for Katie Hopkins)
Why the *** would Katie Hopkins bother with you? Get that enormous EGO of yours in check David.
Devastated to hear that Katie Hopkins's nasty rhetoric has resulted in her losing her job.
L.B.C : We the people support of Katie Hopkins - Sign the Petition! via
I liked a video Andrew Neil's explosive interview with Katie Hopkins (Daily Politics)
Katie Hopkins will move to Fox and whatever that station is Jon Gaunt moved to but this is big. Well done folk who refused int…
sacked: LBC staff broke into ‘massive cheers and applause’ when controversial radio presenter fired
I strongly condemn Katie Hopkins, and all other extremists.
I never imagined I'd feel sorry for Katie Hopkins, which is probably why I don't.
Sad thing about Katie Hopkins, is she patently suffers from a multitude of psychiatric issues. I don't gloat over that. Unlike her sacking.
So, LBC have sacked Katie Hopkins because she tells the truth. We live in totalitarian times. Aldous Huxley…
Delighted that the awful Katie Hopkins has been sacked. She added nothing to civilised discourse in this country
Should Katie Hopkins have been fired from LBC? I say no & people have a right to say what they want however controvers…
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Don't expect UK to protect their little girls from muslim bombers - if u dare talk of the islamic murderers u get fire…
Katie Hopkins apologists bemoaning freedom of speech might like to read this from 👍🏼
Am I over-cynical to think this is a damage limitation leak by LBC? "See she wasn't really one of us, we're nice"
Russell Brand has responded to Katie Hopkins LBC sacking
Tommy Robinson arrested for revealing the truth. Katie Hopkins sacked for telling the truth.. We live in totalitarian times.…
Delighted to announce Katie Hopkins will join my radio station with her new show, Vinyl Solution, dedicated to playing the fa…
Just putting this here for people saying LBC sacking Katie Hopkins is an attack on her free speech...
Poor Katie Hopkins. You can't even use fascist language & explicitly call for the extermination of a whole religion these d…
People wishing to attend Katie Hopkins' LBC leaving party are advised to arrive at Mount Doom no later than 9pm.
First they came for Katie Hopkins and I did not speak, because I'd been waiting ages for them to come for Katie Hopkins.
2nd Best news of the day.colleagues cheer and clap as she is thrown out of LBC.. great job Farage…
Katie Hopkins is still fired! Sorry, thought you might want that mid-afternoon lift. I'm here to help.
Katie Hopkins being sacked by LBC ain't even the funniest bit. All the staff broke into massive cheers & applause at the n…
To all those offended by me calling Katie Hopkins "toxic waste" I'm sorry. Here is my sincere apology...
I never thought I would feel sorry for Katie Hopkins. And I was right.
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The economics of outrage: Why you haven't seen the end of Katie Hopkins - New Statesman
Neo Nazi fired after demanding "Final Solution" against Muslims. Authorities should criminally charge her
I just momentarily forgot Katie Hopkins was sacked, then remembered again. Like finding a tenner you forgot you had in you…
The sacking of Katie Hopkins shows the terrifying power of the middle-class mob of offence-takers - Brendan O'Neill https…
LBC and Katie Hopkins have agreed that Katie will leave LBC effective immediately.
The left want to shut down all debate & silence any criticism of Islam & mass immigration
"Katie Hopkins thinks the opposite to me so therefore she's a terrorist."
I've been accused of gloating over Katie Hopkins' sacking. So let me clear: I am absolutely gloating over Katie Hopkins' s…
And today we celebrate that Katie Hopkins has been sacked 🙌🏽 happy bank holiday weekend.
Labour up in the polls, Katie Hopkins sacked by LBC, the sun is shining and it's a Friday. Not a bad day to be a lefty.
Am I the only person who would really like to see Katie Hopkins's job go to an immigrant?
them and me both! Katie Hopkins' colleagues burst into ‘cheers and applause’ after she left
The rule of law applies to everyone. Even Manchester hate peddlers like Katie Hopkins. Hugh Muir
Katie Hopkins fans: "Whatever happened to freedom of speech? LBC have lost themselves a listener!". Everyone:
Don't think Katie Hopkins and the BBC are to blame here fella
People I don't want to hear from:. Tommy Robinson. Nigel Farage. Katie Hopkins. Julia Hartley-Brewer. Piers Morgan. Just gi…
Incitement to violence? Like threatening to kill Katie Hopkins and Tommy Robinson?! That sort of thing?
Let know that you won't stand for Katie Hopkins' racism & bigotry any longer
Katie Hopkins supported the National front in France and now speaks of a…
By employing Katie Hopkins you're agreeing with every hateful & inflammatory thing she says. Please show decency & stop spreading hate.
Katie Hopkins blew her cover big time over the Paid provocateur of the liberal left.
If that goblin Katie Hopkins voting for Conservatives doesn't persuade you to vote for Labour, you actually need a brain tra…
Please try not to react to the likes of Farage, Katie Hopkins and T Robinson. . I really don't want to see their bile on…
Douglas Murray is the intellectual son of Katie Hopkins & Nigel Farage.
Corbyn might have the support of Danny DeVito and JME but Theresa May has the support of Jim Davidson and Katie Hopkins. htt…
Your just a poor man's Katie Hopkins and just as bad. Put in front of a radio mike and you know everythi…
Would you vote Labour just so that Katie Hopkins would leave UK:. Yes: 96%. No: 4%. YouGov (May 16)
we need infowars UK with Paul Joseph Watson, Tommy Robinson and Katie Hopkins the UK needs waking up.what do you think Mike?
Why does Katie Hopkins look like this Titan
If you too would like to see Katie Hopkins become an immigrant...
Despite the existence of Brexit, Katie Hopkins, Trump, Dutch elm disease and ISIS there's a whole hour of on
Katie Hopkins' £324,000 libel bill equates to 3600 pairs of Ted Baker Bly Reloads or 5890 pairs of Base Tumble Reloads.…
you're entitled to tho, she's just not in a position to say that as a white woman let alone THE Katie Hopkins
was tailor-made for people like Katie Hopkins. White trash.
Dear white ppl, give Katie Hopkins up, save the white race. She is probably responsible for at least half of the genocide.
I still genuinely believe Katie Hopkins would have moved to Apartheid South Africa and bragged about her live in help and swimming pool.
Katie Hopkins is going to be met by a load of protesters when she comes to Cambridge to talk -and she's ready for it
Worth noting that pay and promote both Nigel Farage and Katie Hopkins to preach their hate speech. Time to reconsider…
Mostly men but some women court the limelight assiduously too: Louise Mensch, Katie Hopkins, Edwina C…
If you pay attention to Tommy Robinson, Alex Jones, Nigel Farage, Katie Hopkins... Etc you will wind up hateful, delusional,…
Are you trying to be like Camilla Long and Katie Hopkins? or do these things simply not effect the lifestyle afforded to you?
Katie Hopkins loses High Court bid to challenge libel defeat but could still go to Court of Appeal.
Katie Hopkins and Nigel Farage are angry that people don't appear scared of terrorists
'You're fools!' Katie Hopkins hits out at critics, branding UK terror response PATHETIC
Can't wait for Sasha Baron Cohen to announce that Katie Hopkins is a character of his and he's been rustling everyone's jimmies for jokes
Katie Hopkins is just so bloody awful. Also what does that have anything to do with brexit? Just incoherent babble from an utter witch
Katie Hopkins speaks for London like Dolores Umbridge speaks for Hogwarts or Bob Ewell speaks for Maycomb.*. (*I've read more than one book.)
Sometimes wonder how we got to the point whereby Katie Hopkins was considered an authority on the general mood of t…
Go back under your rock Ruth Dudley Edwards.Let the family grieve without your Katie Hopkins rubbish. Your backwards bile is unwelcome here.
After having to suffer Norman Tebbit yesterday, Nolan rolls out Ruth Dudley Edwards🙈.Next up Katie Hopkins?
St Albans food bank benefits from Katie Hopkins libel pay-out
Spoof fundraising campaign claiming to pay Katie Hopkins' court fees and damages raises £5,000 for food banks
Spoof fundraising page 'for Katie Hopkins' legal fees' raises thousands for food banks.
Fabulous week for social media news with first Katie Hopkins and now Owen Jones, both of whose uppances have well and truly come!
Good morning world except Katie Hopkins cos I'm glad your disgusting gob and fingers got your *** in trouble. Horrible woman.
David Bowie never let death hold him back writes KATIE HOPKINS
Katie Hopkins needing to pay £300K she could've avoided paying isn't even her stupidest moment
Katie Hopkins is a vehement opponent of sharia law. And English law hasn't worked out too well for her. What's left? Jude…
Katie Hopkins may have lost some cash paying out a libel case, but she still makes plenty through false idolisation. ht…
The high price of being a bad troll
NEWS! Katie Hopkins’ lawyers advise that any future lies should only be written on a bus
Meanwhile, your Guardian is reporting record losses...
The amount you'd like to donate to Katie Hopkins now:
Katie Hopkins got to pay £24k in damages + around £300k in legal fees lol. £324k bill for being a liar. Lol shame.
Katie Hopkins’ legal bills to top £300,000 after losing High Court battle to Jack Monroe
Katie Hopkins, a lying peddler of hatred, the worst of Britain's press in human form, finally gets served justice. https:/…
Katie Hopkins lost her libel case and owes a lot of money. Let's dig deep and raise funds to buy a huge megaphone we can a…
The terror attacks in Germany have been covered up by Merkel's government
Thank you for sharing your stories here. Funny how we are all different, but share so much the same
Aren't you sick of being told the latest terrifying attack is not terror?
Blimey. Katie Hopkins might end up skint after losing this libel case. Hope she can find some decent tips on how to cook o…
Here's on the Hopkins libel trial with one of those paragraphs which win audiences
If Katie Hopkins was on fire and I had a glass of water I'd glass her.
The only positive thing I can say about Katie Hopkins is that I'm genuinely glad that she recovered from her brain surgery. Apart from that?
In our brutal age of Katie Hopkins and Milo Yiannopoulos, consider the great American writer George Saunders on the impo…
Welcome to all my new followers. Standing strong for all those who no longer have a voice
Katie Hopkins crucified in mock portrait to raise money for...
Jack Monroe wins huge payout in libel case against Katie Hopkins.
Katie Hopkins is not appealing. Not talking about the court case. Just boasting about my 20/20 vision and excellent ju…
Jack Monroe wins libel case against Katie Hopkins! Going to cost her a few pennies, karma eh!
How I wish the judge could award more to Jack Monroe to teach Katie Hopkins a lasting lesson that would shut her mouth
Ghastly shrew Katie Hopkins learning the cost of an acid tongue the hard way. Quite a lot, it seems.
Food blogger Jack Monroe wins £24,000 damages from Katie Hopkins in libel case
Great news Katie Hopkins has to pay Jack Monroe £24,000 libel damages. If everyone sued Katie for vile hate she shouts,…
Katie Hopkins is what we get when we reward ignorance with column inches and radio shows.
YASSS Katie Hopkins just lost a big libel case against Jack Monroe
Jack Monroe wins £24,000 damages in libel case against far-right hate preacher Katie Hopkins
Katie Hopkins forced to pay huge six-figure bill after losing Jack Monroe libel case – PinkNews
After reading to the end, I was aghast. — Writer Jack Monroe wins &in libel suit against Katie Hopkins
The judgement in the Katie Hopkins libel trial is really something
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Katie Hopkins is heading to Seven Sisters in a nun's habit to be interviewed with her kids running into shot.
Katie Hopkins must be doing her "prove I can lose weight" thingie hard again as shes suddenly lost 24000 pounds
So pleased won her case against Katie Hopkins.
Oh Dear, what a shame⚡ Katie Hopkins ordered to pay damages in defamation case.
Carmichael shocks conference by revealing that the saxophone solo on "Baker Street" was actually played by Katie Hopkins.
Happy International Women's Day to everyone except Katie Hopkins and Louise Mensch.
'The silence is political' Katie Hopkins investigates migrant communities in Sweden
'I looked through Private Eye's vast archives on Piers Morgan, and found something interesting' h…
The problem with Piers Morgan... my latest for On "Brexit means Brexit" and tautological thinking
Thought the picture was of Katie Hopkins ayy lmao
seeking truth that the and MSM deny and are too afraid to disclose.
'Why do Muslims flee to Christian countries?' Katie Hopkins on Islam and Trump travel ban
I have never been allowed to say this. Maddie was lost because she was left to be found
Katie Hopkins report re SWEDEN--. 200K moslems are. WREAKING HAVOC--. Govt intimidates citizens. from speaking about it--. 2b INCREAS…
it seems Katie Hopkins is no 1 on LBC what's happening here
Join me on from 10am tomorrow and hear for yourself why The Katie Hopkins' show beats the weekday boys hands…
Fantastic. Finally this which has been hidden is coming to light. Thank you Katie Hopkins.
. Cup of Yorkshire 2 toast and Katie Hopkins. My perfect Sunday morning!
Swedish lady stopped me. She read the article. Told me to keep shouting for women of Sweden. Silenced by feminazis
Thank you to the five million who have listened & supported this clip. We are the many. Silenced by the powerful few https:/…
Katie Hopkins on Fox: "Sweden won't acknowledge they got a problem, won't admit they were wrong".
Katie Hopkins gets a first-hand look at the effects of mass Muslim migration on Sweden
This sort of fear shouldn't be taking hold anywhere and it's not just the locals reports of real unaccompanied...
Controversial for her in-your-face anti-views, British commentator Katie Hopkins gets a first-hand look
Katie Hopkins in Sweden: they rather destroy their own country then be called “racist”
Sweden, where terrified women have vanished from the streets and a conspiracy of silence buries the truth.
LBC left wing? Presenters include Nigel Farage, Nick Ferrari & Katie Hopkins? How far right do you want?
As much as I cannot stand Katie Hopkins, her view on Madeleine McCann is spot on
As controversial as she usually is, Katie Hopkins is the only person I've seen have some sense with the whole Madeleine McCann case
Katie Hopkins? Paul Nuttall? Alex Jones? Who's next to get eliminated from celebrity island, next Friday on Real Time..
Piers Morgan is essentially just Katie Hopkins with a smaller ***
Are you really on the same side of the fence as Piers Morgan; Nigel Farage and Katie Hopkins?…
I see Piers Morgan is doing the Katie Hopkins thing of 'saying it how it is' when it isn't like that at all.
I liked a video Holly Willoughby class argument with Katie Hopkins on This Morning
BBC's Nolan clashes with Katie Hopkins over Muslim remarks
Alastair Campbell described Paul Dacre as a 'malignant tumour' on British society, Katie Hopkins is the Polonium..
It's up there with the Joan Collins block, Matt Lucas, Sarah Millican and Katie Hopkins block! How rude! ;-)
Paul Joseph Watson is basically a worse version of Katie Hopkins, which in itself is some achievement.
(it seems unsporting to mention Katie Hopkins, Rebekah Brooks or Theresa May, but...)
What a bill for Trump's inauguration; Katie Hopkins humming the theme from Rocky followed by impressions of black people b…
After Michael Gove interviews Trump and Piers Morgan interviews Farage, really looking forward to Katie Hopkins intervie…
Palestinian muslims will annihilate the NHS unless the Queen makes Katie Hopkins a dame.
Katie Hopkins may not be a journalist but she's infinitely more enjoyable than Tanya Gold and a *** sight less condescending.
Really hope Katie Hopkins or Piers Morgan don't die tonight. I could do without been woken up by fireworks again.
Listening to 'Martin' from Scotland calling Katie Hopkins on LBC reminds us this country has its own fair share of utter fruitcakes!
2 more hours left of hoping for the death of Katie Hopkins and Nigel Farage to end 2016 on a balanced note
If the most likely outcome of many Green policies is worse than the clearly stated ambitions of Katie Hopkins et al. who is more evil?
Come on 2016, take one of Cameron, Farage or Boris Johnson with you & we'll forgive everything else. Bonus points for Katie Hopkins or Piers
I'd like a on anything Katie Hopkins has to say, to be honest
We need Trump, Farage, Katie Hopkins & Phillip Green to slightly even things up for 2016. Come on grim reaper pull your finger out!
The Gossip: Is Katie Hopkins returning to the Celebrity Big Brother house?
not only do you trust the Tories as they steer the Ss Great Britain into the iceberg but you're now listening to Katie Hopkins.
I like but the fact that they have given that repulsive low life Katie Hopkins a platform to air her poisonous views disgusts me
Imagine how we would view 2016 if it'd been Katie Hopkins, The Queen, Noel Edmunds, Rupert Murdoch, Chris Martin and somehow,Thatcher again.
If you ignore Katie Hopkins, she loses all her power. It worked for Freddy Krueger, although I'll admit he wasn't as evil…
Katie Hopkins and Richard Attenborough trending for the same (but opposing) reasons, it's becoming a bit like a episode of Black Mirror...
Aye. Why can't Grim Reaper take tossers like Jeremy Clarkson and Katie Hopkins instead? There's still a few days yet.
2016 you got 6 days left to take Katie Hopkins. Don't let us down
PS, Kelvin Mckenzie and Katie Hopkins won't be to sadly missed either😕
Katie Hopkins' husband gets to wake up to a pig in a blanket every single morning
FAO Katie Hopkins: fat shaming gets you nowhere. For the record, Scarlett Moffatt is 100x prettier than you. Pick on someone your own size!
Thoughts on Christmas - by Corbyn, May, Gove, Katie Hopkins, and Piers Morgan. My column: https…
I'd say the same about Katie Hopkins or any other repugnant public figure. Address their adult actions not them as kids. Out of pocket
Does Donald pay you to Suck his balls or do you just love doing it? I think Katie Hopkins is you in Drag
A Katie Hopkins apology is like a kiss from Donald Trump - nobody wants it & you are left feeling dirtier after it. https…
It's wrong to call out *just* Katie Hopkins, the bigger problem is Paul Dacre. The man that published it. He's the more danger…
stupid question, of course I am. Just like I'm against extremist right wingers like Katie Hopkins.
Katie Hopkins and The Daily Mail are having a TERRIBLE day. Let’s make it worse!
A little bit of justice - the Daily Mail pays the price - literally - for the putrid bigotry of Katie Hopkins.…
I know Katie Hopkins will be gutted if people miss this given she posted it at 2am so help her out and spread it far and w…
Katie Hopkins is an extremist. People need to understand that you can look like a middle manager at M and S and be an extrem…
Why does the BBC still give a platform to Nigel Farage and Katie Hopkins? If Hitler was alive they'd have him on Desert Isla…
you like Katie Hopkins too? The woman who said this about little kids?
Next to Katie Hopkins' apology for calling people terrorists - ads for & Not a good look.…
Piccadilly Line is the Katie Hopkins of train lines.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
At 10am this Sunday, Nigel Farage stands in for Katie Hopkins. It’s going to be an unmissable listen https…
Ann Coulter, Tomi Lahren, Katie Hopkins... the three sisters of White Hate & Racism..i mean conservatives.. Gotta get my labels right.
Maybe can get Katie Hopkins in to host next? I know he's white and male but, HELLO, Mark Kermode??
Katie Hopkins has god given right to comment but Robert De Niro not? Self righteous & self serving .
That awkward moment when Katie Hopkins gave a talk at Brunel Uni & everyone walked out when she started speaking
Stephen Hawkins wanted to stay in the EU & Katie Hopkins wanted to leave ...both ends of the evolutionary scale covered there ...
Imagine being so Katie Hopkins, so deep in the gutter that the moral highground looks like the summit of Olympic Mons.
I'm bored of Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc, I think I'll be friends with Katie Hopkins instead.
Trump scheduled to meet Katie Hopkins tomorrow & James Delingpole on Monday, as part of his effort to make the British l…
Enjoyed this interview of Hala Gorani, CNN (Clinton News Network) and Katie Hopkins of Daily Mail Columnist...
The only good thing that will come of Trump winning is that Katie Hopkins now wants to move to america! Thank you God 🤔🤔…
I think it's Katie Hopkins trying to get to Heathrow Express
So, this is the age of Trump, Farage, Alex Jones, Katie Hopkins, Putin and the KKK. I guess there'll be a word for it s…
Of course Katie Hopkins supports Trump. Bends over backwards to be controversial all for the sake of attention 🙄
Katie Hopkins and Big Jim Wilson. . Oh and yer man McCririck and not forgetting David Vance . Oh the taxi driver but. respect
domain names
I reckon id rather have Rose West as a mother than Katie Hopkins
You're a regular Katie Hopkins wannabe... I bid you farewell. The fact remains you're rude, offensive & divisive; s…
Q: Is it difficult to share a stage with Nick Ferrari and Katie Hopkins? I mean this in a non provocative manner just interested!
. Katie Hopkins,? When did she get a job at a hospital dealing with CHILDREN. . A silly comparison.
Ratings: An average of 5.7m tuned in for and watched Aleksandra King quit. Let's hope she's not the next Katie Hopkins. :-)
*Feel good video* WATCH Katie Hopkins tell CNN to fu*k off...not literally.
The Sun attack Gary Lineker for having compassion for refugees but love Katie Hopkins for not considering them human
Not a bigger fraud than Donald Trump,Katie Hopkins,Nigel Farage,Obama,David Cameron...when will they be getting arrested? 😏 Lol 😄
Be surprised if Katie Hopkins went to your neck of the wood mate.
The Sun is having a go at Gary Lineker yet the rag was happy to publish bile from Kelvin MacKenzie and Katie Hopkins.
The Sun:. Defends: Katie Hopkins saying refugees should be gunned down. Attacks: Gary Lineker saying refugees should be sav…
Is Pat Kenny the only Irish broadcaster desperate enough for ratings to give Katie Hopkins a platform? Pathetic.
My latest article on commentator Katie Hopkins 'cheerleader' performance in defence of Trump on This Week:
'Yvonne Ridley: inviting Katie Hopkins on to talk has truly lost its moral compass'
Yvonne Ridley: After inviting Katie Hopkins on to talk the BBC has truly lost its moral compass…
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Yvonne Ridley raises questions over the BBC's decision to invite Katie Hopkins to discuss Donald Trump.
Lord Sugar has a lot to answer for - Katie Hopkins. He needs to fix that.
Balance on has the left represented by Michael Dugher MP among Andrew Neil, Michael Portillo and Katie Hopkins!
Katie Hopkins is like an actual Nazi. Presentable, sophisticated facade, a coy sense of humour & vox-pop rhetoric cloaking utter viciousness
Katie Hopkins - the perfect illustration of what Roald Dahl,said about your character showing on your face. Ugly inside and out.
It's Katie Hopkins, what do you expect? Just brush it off and ignore it.
We hardly expect to change her pro-choice views but being on the same side as Katie Hopkins might give…
Under the new rules, Wenger will be replaced by Allardyce, Lynton Crosby by Katie Hopkins and the Queen with a distant relative of Harold II
Perhaps might feel uncomfortable when sh'e on the same side of an argument as Katie Hopkins disagree…
When did YOU do that then? You're coming across like a Poundshop Katie Hopkins. Have some faith, try intelligence!
Ireland's biggest Katie Hopkins fangirl at large in Kilkenny.
Analysis of accused's laptop showed he had saved home addresses of Simon Cowell, Katie Hopkins, Gary Lineker and Mr Simm…
Theo: 'Soph you're the sexual version of Katie Hopkins.'
Another saddo journo who needs to get out more :(
And it isn't helped by Katie Hopkins minions who look like they spend their Saturdays complaining to the sports dir…
so Diane Abbott is racist but trump, Nigel Farage and Katie Hopkins isn't ??? At least be consistent with your BS😂
Hitler, bin laden, katie hopkins were all born 'healthy' yet the world would be a better place without them
Just looked at Katie Hopkins timeline and now wish I hadn't. What a disgusting and hateful person. - we're all behind you.
Could someone maybe remind Amber Rudd she is the Home Secretary, and not Katie Hopkins stunt double
People who open the window on the bus are to blame for Brexit, Trump, the 8th amendment and Katie Hopkins
Complete lunatics are out there i'd headbutt 1 if I seen it absolute *** not even scary just weird Katie hopkins ugl…
Katie Hopkins, Michael Gove, Tories. The list goes on and on. These far right extremists all show much of the same attributes of stupidity
Lindsay Lohan and Katie Hopkins debate EU Abortion at the Union
UK: Katie Hopkins loves Israel. Listen to her interview on LBC Radio. .
Just getting angry reading people's replies to Katie Hopkins comments on DS, all vile, uneducated people and I feel sorry for them
There is a very different reality faced by many mums and dads caring for disabled children.
KATIE HOPKINS: Sally Phillips is brave but mums don't want Downs child.
Sally Phillips ignored the wish of expectant parent "I don't mind so long as it's healthy" via
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