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Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins (born 31 May 1975) is a British reality television contestant, businesswoman and journalist, best known for her 2007 appearance on the third UK series of TV reality programme The Apprentice, in which contestants compete for a £100,000-a-year job working for British businessman Sir Alan Sugar.

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Jack Monroe wins libel case against Katie Hopkins! Going to cost her a few pennies, karma eh!
How I wish the judge could award more to Jack Monroe to teach Katie Hopkins a lasting lesson that would shut her mouth
Ghastly shrew Katie Hopkins learning the cost of an acid tongue the hard way. Quite a lot, it seems.
Food blogger Jack Monroe wins £24,000 damages from Katie Hopkins in libel case
Great news Katie Hopkins has to pay Jack Monroe £24,000 libel damages. If everyone sued Katie for vile hate she shouts,…
Katie Hopkins is what we get when we reward ignorance with column inches and radio shows.
YASSS Katie Hopkins just lost a big libel case against Jack Monroe
Jack Monroe wins £24,000 damages in libel case against far-right hate preacher Katie Hopkins
Katie Hopkins forced to pay huge six-figure bill after losing Jack Monroe libel case – PinkNews
After reading to the end, I was aghast. — Writer Jack Monroe wins &in libel suit against Katie Hopkins
The judgement in the Katie Hopkins libel trial is really something
Katie Hopkins is heading to Seven Sisters in a nun's habit to be interviewed with her kids running into shot.
Carmichael shocks conference by revealing that the saxophone solo on "Baker Street" was actually played by Katie Hopkins.
Happy International Women's Day to everyone except Katie Hopkins and Louise Mensch.
'The silence is political' Katie Hopkins investigates migrant communities in Sweden
'I looked through Private Eye's vast archives on Piers Morgan, and found something interesting' h…
The problem with Piers Morgan... my latest for On "Brexit means Brexit" and tautological thinking
Thought the picture was of Katie Hopkins ayy lmao
seeking truth that the and MSM deny and are too afraid to disclose.
'Why do Muslims flee to Christian countries?' Katie Hopkins on Islam and Trump travel ban
I have never been allowed to say this. Maddie was lost because she was left to be found
Katie Hopkins report re SWEDEN--. 200K moslems are. WREAKING HAVOC--. Govt intimidates citizens. from speaking about it--. 2b INCREAS…
it seems Katie Hopkins is no 1 on LBC what's happening here
Join me on from 10am tomorrow and hear for yourself why The Katie Hopkins' show beats the weekday boys hands…
Fantastic. Finally this which has been hidden is coming to light. Thank you Katie Hopkins.
. Cup of Yorkshire 2 toast and Katie Hopkins. My perfect Sunday morning!
Swedish lady stopped me. She read the article. Told me to keep shouting for women of Sweden. Silenced by feminazis
Thank you to the five million who have listened & supported this clip. We are the many. Silenced by the powerful few https:/…
Katie Hopkins on Fox: "Sweden won't acknowledge they got a problem, won't admit they were wrong".
Katie Hopkins gets a first-hand look at the effects of mass Muslim migration on Sweden
This sort of fear shouldn't be taking hold anywhere and it's not just the locals reports of real unaccompanied...
Controversial for her in-your-face anti-views, British commentator Katie Hopkins gets a first-hand look
Katie Hopkins in Sweden: they rather destroy their own country then be called “racist”
Sweden, where terrified women have vanished from the streets and a conspiracy of silence buries the truth.
LBC left wing? Presenters include Nigel Farage, Nick Ferrari & Katie Hopkins? How far right do you want?
As much as I cannot stand Katie Hopkins, her view on Madeleine McCann is spot on
As controversial as she usually is, Katie Hopkins is the only person I've seen have some sense with the whole Madeleine McCann case
Katie Hopkins? Paul Nuttall? Alex Jones? Who's next to get eliminated from celebrity island, next Friday on Real Time..
Piers Morgan is essentially just Katie Hopkins with a smaller ***
Are you really on the same side of the fence as Piers Morgan; Nigel Farage and Katie Hopkins?…
I see Piers Morgan is doing the Katie Hopkins thing of 'saying it how it is' when it isn't like that at all.
I liked a video Holly Willoughby class argument with Katie Hopkins on This Morning
BBC's Nolan clashes with Katie Hopkins over Muslim remarks
Alastair Campbell described Paul Dacre as a 'malignant tumour' on British society, Katie Hopkins is the Polonium..
It's up there with the Joan Collins block, Matt Lucas, Sarah Millican and Katie Hopkins block! How rude! ;-)
Paul Joseph Watson is basically a worse version of Katie Hopkins, which in itself is some achievement.
(it seems unsporting to mention Katie Hopkins, Rebekah Brooks or Theresa May, but...)
What a bill for Trump's inauguration; Katie Hopkins humming the theme from Rocky followed by impressions of black people b…
After Michael Gove interviews Trump and Piers Morgan interviews Farage, really looking forward to Katie Hopkins intervie…
Palestinian muslims will annihilate the NHS unless the Queen makes Katie Hopkins a dame.
Katie Hopkins may not be a journalist but she's infinitely more enjoyable than Tanya Gold and a *** sight less condescending.
Really hope Katie Hopkins or Piers Morgan don't die tonight. I could do without been woken up by fireworks again.
Listening to 'Martin' from Scotland calling Katie Hopkins on LBC reminds us this country has its own fair share of utter fruitcakes!
2 more hours left of hoping for the death of Katie Hopkins and Nigel Farage to end 2016 on a balanced note
If the most likely outcome of many Green policies is worse than the clearly stated ambitions of Katie Hopkins et al. who is more evil?
Come on 2016, take one of Cameron, Farage or Boris Johnson with you & we'll forgive everything else. Bonus points for Katie Hopkins or Piers
I'd like a on anything Katie Hopkins has to say, to be honest
We need Trump, Farage, Katie Hopkins & Phillip Green to slightly even things up for 2016. Come on grim reaper pull your finger out!
The Gossip: Is Katie Hopkins returning to the Celebrity Big Brother house?
not only do you trust the Tories as they steer the Ss Great Britain into the iceberg but you're now listening to Katie Hopkins.
I like but the fact that they have given that repulsive low life Katie Hopkins a platform to air her poisonous views disgusts me
Imagine how we would view 2016 if it'd been Katie Hopkins, The Queen, Noel Edmunds, Rupert Murdoch, Chris Martin and somehow,Thatcher again.
If you ignore Katie Hopkins, she loses all her power. It worked for Freddy Krueger, although I'll admit he wasn't as evil…
Katie Hopkins and Richard Attenborough trending for the same (but opposing) reasons, it's becoming a bit like a episode of Black Mirror...
Aye. Why can't Grim Reaper take tossers like Jeremy Clarkson and Katie Hopkins instead? There's still a few days yet.
2016 you got 6 days left to take Katie Hopkins. Don't let us down
PS, Kelvin Mckenzie and Katie Hopkins won't be to sadly missed either😕
Katie Hopkins' husband gets to wake up to a pig in a blanket every single morning
FAO Katie Hopkins: fat shaming gets you nowhere. For the record, Scarlett Moffatt is 100x prettier than you. Pick on someone your own size!
Thoughts on Christmas - by Corbyn, May, Gove, Katie Hopkins, and Piers Morgan. My column: https…
I'd say the same about Katie Hopkins or any other repugnant public figure. Address their adult actions not them as kids. Out of pocket
Does Donald pay you to Suck his balls or do you just love doing it? I think Katie Hopkins is you in Drag
A Katie Hopkins apology is like a kiss from Donald Trump - nobody wants it & you are left feeling dirtier after it. https…
It's wrong to call out *just* Katie Hopkins, the bigger problem is Paul Dacre. The man that published it. He's the more danger…
stupid question, of course I am. Just like I'm against extremist right wingers like Katie Hopkins.
Katie Hopkins and The Daily Mail are having a TERRIBLE day. Let’s make it worse!
A little bit of justice - the Daily Mail pays the price - literally - for the putrid bigotry of Katie Hopkins.…
I know Katie Hopkins will be gutted if people miss this given she posted it at 2am so help her out and spread it far and w…
Katie Hopkins is an extremist. People need to understand that you can look like a middle manager at M and S and be an extrem…
Why does the BBC still give a platform to Nigel Farage and Katie Hopkins? If Hitler was alive they'd have him on Desert Isla…
you like Katie Hopkins too? The woman who said this about little kids?
Next to Katie Hopkins' apology for calling people terrorists - ads for & Not a good look.…
Piccadilly Line is the Katie Hopkins of train lines.
At 10am this Sunday, Nigel Farage stands in for Katie Hopkins. It’s going to be an unmissable listen https…
Ann Coulter, Tomi Lahren, Katie Hopkins... the three sisters of White Hate & Racism..i mean conservatives.. Gotta get my labels right.
Maybe can get Katie Hopkins in to host next? I know he's white and male but, HELLO, Mark Kermode??
Katie Hopkins has god given right to comment but Robert De Niro not? Self righteous & self serving .
That awkward moment when Katie Hopkins gave a talk at Brunel Uni & everyone walked out when she started speaking
Stephen Hawkins wanted to stay in the EU & Katie Hopkins wanted to leave ...both ends of the evolutionary scale covered there ...
Imagine being so Katie Hopkins, so deep in the gutter that the moral highground looks like the summit of Olympic Mons.
I'm bored of Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc, I think I'll be friends with Katie Hopkins instead.
Trump scheduled to meet Katie Hopkins tomorrow & James Delingpole on Monday, as part of his effort to make the British l…
Enjoyed this interview of Hala Gorani, CNN (Clinton News Network) and Katie Hopkins of Daily Mail Columnist...
The only good thing that will come of Trump winning is that Katie Hopkins now wants to move to america! Thank you God 🤔🤔…
I think it's Katie Hopkins trying to get to Heathrow Express
So, this is the age of Trump, Farage, Alex Jones, Katie Hopkins, Putin and the KKK. I guess there'll be a word for it s…
Of course Katie Hopkins supports Trump. Bends over backwards to be controversial all for the sake of attention 🙄
Katie Hopkins and Big Jim Wilson. . Oh and yer man McCririck and not forgetting David Vance . Oh the taxi driver but. respect
I reckon id rather have Rose West as a mother than Katie Hopkins
You're a regular Katie Hopkins wannabe... I bid you farewell. The fact remains you're rude, offensive & divisive; s…
Q: Is it difficult to share a stage with Nick Ferrari and Katie Hopkins? I mean this in a non provocative manner just interested!
. Katie Hopkins,? When did she get a job at a hospital dealing with CHILDREN. . A silly comparison.
Ratings: An average of 5.7m tuned in for and watched Aleksandra King quit. Let's hope she's not the next Katie Hopkins. :-)
*Feel good video* WATCH Katie Hopkins tell CNN to fu*k off...not literally.
The Sun attack Gary Lineker for having compassion for refugees but love Katie Hopkins for not considering them human
Not a bigger fraud than Donald Trump,Katie Hopkins,Nigel Farage,Obama,David Cameron...when will they be getting arrested? 😏 Lol 😄
Website Builder 728x90
Be surprised if Katie Hopkins went to your neck of the wood mate.
The Sun is having a go at Gary Lineker yet the rag was happy to publish bile from Kelvin MacKenzie and Katie Hopkins.
The Sun:. Defends: Katie Hopkins saying refugees should be gunned down. Attacks: Gary Lineker saying refugees should be sav…
Is Pat Kenny the only Irish broadcaster desperate enough for ratings to give Katie Hopkins a platform? Pathetic.
My latest article on commentator Katie Hopkins 'cheerleader' performance in defence of Trump on This Week:
'Yvonne Ridley: inviting Katie Hopkins on to talk has truly lost its moral compass'
Yvonne Ridley: After inviting Katie Hopkins on to talk the BBC has truly lost its moral compass…
Yvonne Ridley raises questions over the BBC's decision to invite Katie Hopkins to discuss Donald Trump.
Lord Sugar has a lot to answer for - Katie Hopkins. He needs to fix that.
Balance on has the left represented by Michael Dugher MP among Andrew Neil, Michael Portillo and Katie Hopkins!
Katie Hopkins is like an actual Nazi. Presentable, sophisticated facade, a coy sense of humour & vox-pop rhetoric cloaking utter viciousness
Katie Hopkins - the perfect illustration of what Roald Dahl,said about your character showing on your face. Ugly inside and out.
It's Katie Hopkins, what do you expect? Just brush it off and ignore it.
We hardly expect to change her pro-choice views but being on the same side as Katie Hopkins might give…
Under the new rules, Wenger will be replaced by Allardyce, Lynton Crosby by Katie Hopkins and the Queen with a distant relative of Harold II
Perhaps might feel uncomfortable when sh'e on the same side of an argument as Katie Hopkins disagree…
When did YOU do that then? You're coming across like a Poundshop Katie Hopkins. Have some faith, try intelligence!
Ireland's biggest Katie Hopkins fangirl at large in Kilkenny.
Analysis of accused's laptop showed he had saved home addresses of Simon Cowell, Katie Hopkins, Gary Lineker and Mr Simm…
Theo: 'Soph you're the sexual version of Katie Hopkins.'
Another saddo journo who needs to get out more :(
And it isn't helped by Katie Hopkins minions who look like they spend their Saturdays complaining to the sports dir…
so Diane Abbott is racist but trump, Nigel Farage and Katie Hopkins isn't ??? At least be consistent with your BS😂
Hitler, bin laden, katie hopkins were all born 'healthy' yet the world would be a better place without them
Just looked at Katie Hopkins timeline and now wish I hadn't. What a disgusting and hateful person. - we're all behind you.
Could someone maybe remind Amber Rudd she is the Home Secretary, and not Katie Hopkins stunt double
People who open the window on the bus are to blame for Brexit, Trump, the 8th amendment and Katie Hopkins
Complete lunatics are out there i'd headbutt 1 if I seen it absolute *** not even scary just weird Katie hopkins ugl…
Katie Hopkins, Michael Gove, Tories. The list goes on and on. These far right extremists all show much of the same attributes of stupidity
Lindsay Lohan and Katie Hopkins debate EU Abortion at the Union
UK: Katie Hopkins loves Israel. Listen to her interview on LBC Radio. .
Just getting angry reading people's replies to Katie Hopkins comments on DS, all vile, uneducated people and I feel sorry for them
There is a very different reality faced by many mums and dads caring for disabled children.
KATIE HOPKINS: Sally Phillips is brave but mums don't want Downs child.
Sally Phillips ignored the wish of expectant parent "I don't mind so long as it's healthy" via
Today I'm proud of my country and those who voted Leave. You made change happen. Even politicians are making sense.
Katie Hopkins becomes 'Brit with balls' Boris Johnson for charity campaign Ermergerd!
I look at foreign criminals given a free pass to stay in the U.K. & wonder if our country is utterly mad. Not today..https:/…
I am just honestly astounded by this article honestly like... who let this be published
she used to be my 99p store Katie Hopkins.
From the archives... Tips for busy Mum's who want to lose weight - What i have learnt being in Katie Hopkin's...
Some on said Best response to *** like Katie Hopkins I've seen today... Who is ***
Katie Hopkins, a British tv personality, says Israel is doing something right! Watch this video and find out why!
When Katie Hopkins disagrees with you, you kind of know you're doing something right .
Parents of disabled kids are consumed by the notion prenatal screening is a rejection of their child's right to life https:/…
One goes up, one goes down and one stays where it is. Classic market behaviour. As common as Katie Hopkins
Omg is a Katie Hopkins sympathiser send her abuse basically ukip tbh X X X lol
Your son is beautiful inside and out. Katie Hopkins really has no idea
Give me a human being with downs syndrome over an opinionated rat like Katie Hopkins any day
it's *** galore. Bit like X factor the show needs a year off. People applying now to become next Katie Hopkins as much as win it
better still, have to make Trump likeable & Katie Hopkins loveable! 🤔😂😂😂
Almost said Katie Hopkins, but she's already been on it 😳 - reinforces the premise! 😂
KATIE HOPKINS: Sally Phillips is a brave mother but mums don't want a Downs child
so far The Apprentice is responsible for Donald Trump and Katie Hopkins. cancel this vile filth now
The programme gave you ruddy Katie Hopkins! It's physically impossible to forget sociopathic fools go on it afte…
I would not risk having a disabled baby. Sally Phillips was a coward to flinch from hard truths http…
Just remembering that the human pit stain Katie Hopkins came from
The Apprentice is responsible for Katie Hopkins and Donald Trump. This programme is dangerous and needs to be stopped!
12. When Katie Hopkins slagged off "georgraphical" names
Katie Hopkins is LBC's antidote to O'Brians continuous Marxist inanities. His poor wife must suffer from his...
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Currently trending are John McDonnell, Boris Johnson and Katie Hopkins. Please tell me a new Celebrity Big Brother is being accounced.
Don't forget you can press the red button to switch to Nigel Farage and Katie Hopkins commentary on the
Katie Hopkins the NHS is for life saving treatment - not the whims of trans people:
That's a great shame and Ken Livingston was better than Crick. Katie Hopkins not a patch on James Whale, Get James back!
Katie Hopkins starting Beef with G-Unit over Brexit. Shots Fired. ha. . .
Katie Hopkins and Pierce Morgan. 2 of the most hated people in the UK 😂😂
I see Katie Hopkins gone for the Luka Modric short hair look
Merkel has welcomed 'the enemy' to UK doorstep as we battle WW3, blasts Katie Hopkins
Do you want to side with Nigel Farage / Katie Hopkins or Richard Branson / Stephen Hawkins?.
Of course Katie Hopkins, Keith Chegwin, & David Icke have made mistakes. But they can't ALL be wrong!
"Katie Hopkins comments on Bastille Day Attack in Nice" awk, does she still think she's relevant or something?
If you're saddened by terrorist mass murder but angered by Katie Hopkins & Nigel Farage, does it occur to you you're men…
Katie Hopkins lays bare Mays *** up after *** up after *** up as Home Secretary strange how Sky - BBC - C4 have ignored them all.
Nigel Farage, Nick Griffin and Katie Hopkins all backing Andrea Leadsom - be afraid, be very afraid http…
Theresa May is favourite to be the next Prime Minister. It’s safe to say Katie Hopkins is NOT a fan
GO KATY! 'Not part of MY country' Katie Hopkins slams Theresa May for her 'support' of Sharia law
Theresa May gets savaged by Katie Hopkins after her Sharia law comments. Watch:
Katie Hopkins is very ticked off that Theresa May says Sharia law benefits people in the UK
Leadsom is backed by Nick Griffin, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, Katie Hopkins and this Towie looking bellend.
Cameron gone✅. Farage gone✅. Boris Johnson gone✅. Chris Evans from Top Gear gone✅. Just waiting for Katie Hopkins to die and it's looking up
The only career path left for Johnson is to be Katie Hopkins.
Anything that brings together Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, Katie Hopkins, Vladimir Putin, and Rupert Murdoch can't be go…
I would like to see an head to head with, Katie Hopkins and Nicola Sturgeon, "Nippy Nicky" needs a few home truths.
now we get Gove, Farage, Boris Johnson, Ian Duncan Smith, Katie Hopkins, Noel Edmonds, Trump, Putin"...Give me Brussels anyday.
When the UK ignores Stephen Hawking, Mark Carney, Richard Branson and Obama but sides with Farage, Gove, Katie Hopkins and Donald Trump 👍
Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, Katie Hopkins and even Sol bloody Campbell all for Leave... Bravo Britain, bravo...
I can't bear the thought of waking up in a country that have backed the likes of Katie Hopkins, Nigel Farage, Michael Gove and Sol Campbell.
Katie Hopkins and Sol Campbell are voting out, that in itself is another reason to
If you find yourself agreeing with Farage, Gove, Johnson, Rupert Murdoch or Katie Hopkins then you need to take a long hard look at yourself
Katie Hopkins and Sol Campbell are voting Leave. Debate over. That's all the info you need.
farage, Johnson,Katie Hopkins, Sol Campbell.some of the worst humans on the planet right there, all want out
The fact Donald Trump, Nigel Farage and Katie Hopkins want Britain to leave says it all really
It's not about being on the right side of history, it's about not being on the same side as Katie Hopkins, Duncan Bannatyne and Sol Campbell
People wanting to stay in the EU: Steven Hawking, JK Rowling etc. People wanting to leave:. Boris Johnson, Katie Hopkins, Vicky off G Shore
Katie Hopkins accuses In campaign of trying to score political points with death of Jo Cox
Katie Hopkins 'could be jailed over sausage streak election stunt', barrister claims .
James Delingpole is Katie Hopkins but without the grace and charm
Had the honour to take on one of Britain's least liked humans Katie Hopkins on the issue of immigration.
... The UKIP poster launched today, David Cameron calling refugees 'a bunch of migrants' or the Katie Hopkins style articles...
Playing Giroud over Griezmann is like dating Katie Hopkins when you could have Kate Upton
Rupert Murdoch, Nigel Farage, Boris Jonhson, Donald Trump, Katie Hopkins and Michael Gove.. This is who you're siding with if you vote leave
the sun, Katie Hopkins & Boris Johnson want to leave. Cameron, Tony Blair & Eddie Izzard want to stay. How do the public decide?
Is Amanda Platell trying to take Katie Hopkins tiara as the biggest *** on the planet?
I didn't realise that Katie Hopkins was in Tracey Beaker all those years ago 🤔
Katie Hopkins who doesn't believe in equality for women unless she can use it to be a racist *** 🙃
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Bottle of champagne chilling in the fridge for when Katie Hopkins kicks it.
Katie Hopkins, Donald Trump, Piers Morgan, Kelvin Mackenzie - all come from the same disgusting cesspit
Well done; you are now officially the male Katie Hopkins.
Brilliant Muslim guy on Katie Hopkins now, explaining how his fasting isn't everyone's ideal. Sadiq Khan calls him an 'Uncle Tom'.
it's like Katie Hopkins fighting with Jimmy Savile. You just don't know who you want to win.
Just saw a picture of Katie Hopkins with really short hair and for one euphoric second I thought she had cancer
The fact people like Ian Duncan Smith, Nigel Farage & Katie Hopkins want out tells me I should vote in
Pro-Brexit celebrities include Ian Botham, Duncan Bannatyne, Katie Hopkins, one of the guys off the Quick Fit advert and Kin…
imagine if Katie Hopkins or Piers Morgan were thin skinned. Police would need a new division
Charlotte Church has challenged Katie Hopkins to a charity boxing match Cant see Hopkins wanting Whipping
Katie Hopkins, Nigel Farage... even Tommy Robinson - all given a platform on LBC. They'd get Trump if they could😜
LBC Radio Stephen Miron sacks Ken Livingston, for his opininion, while he keeps Katie Hopkins for far worse!
Also, from a superficial pov? I would rather be on the same side as Stephen Hawking than Katie Hopkins ;-)
Annoyed with the anticlimax of and his 'nuclear' expose. Not been this disappointed since Katie Hopkins surviv…
One of Katie Hopkins loyal followers. Yea haa. Get out the white bed sheets ma.
I think Katie Hopkins is vile. However, I also think Danny Miller deserves criticism.
MSM wont beat down Icke same as they wont no-platform George Galloway or Katie Hopkins or [insert rentagob du jour).
campaign has been backed by Katie Hopkins, Hitchens, Gove, Farage, Britain First, Le Pen, BNP & David Icke. Says it all.
Feminist terrorists will nationalise every child in the UK unless David Cameron makes Katie Hopkins a dame.
Katie Hopkins will gladly say she wants gunboats to stop migrants, but lightly mock two white women? That's too far.
Same. I'm undecided. But Trump, Putin, Farage, Le Pen, Katie Hopkins, and all want us to vote Leave… so who to trust??
Feel very queasy saying this but I've just agreed with Katie Hopkins... 😮 Sure it's just a one-off. .
Feminist terrorists will kill the NHS unless David Cameron makes Katie Hopkins a dame.
David named his dog after his idol - Katie Hopkins
You should be ashamed of yourselves. You have Katie Hopkins, Ian Collins and Nick Ferrari, yet no Ken Livingstone or George Galloway
I liked a video from Katie Hopkins and Brunel Students: When the idea of University Safe
Katie Hopkins slams Graham Norton for poking fun at Caroline Flack and Sheridan Smith at the Baftas. No mention of poor Sid…
Piers Morgan?..the horror!..could be worse tho..could be Katie Hopkins
So why haven't you suspended Katie Hopkins or Piers Morgan or Tila Tequila?? I must receive a response.
Wait wait wait so Azealia banks got suspended but Katie Hopkins' racism is reaching more places than Xabi Alonso's passes?
Update your maps at Navteq
Katie Hopkins going after Graham Norton for being mean is irony at it's best. Even more ironic now she she works for the peados @ Daily Mail
Some ESC fans are as bad or even worse than people like Joey Essex, Katie Hopkins, Donald Trump, Kanye West and Bill Cosby
I have it on good authority that Katie Hopkins is at this exact moment stress testing a chipolata.
People are sharing Katie Hopkins' promise to streak, as if this wasn't a thing she'd clearly still be prepared to do for a…
Please tell me it isn't Gary Lineker's sausage up Katie Hopkins' backside.
Gary Lineker in his pants, Katie Hopkins with a sausage up her backside - what a time to be alive.
now backed by Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Nigel Farage, George Galloway, Marine Le Pen and Katie Hopkins. http…
Bryan Adams, Lennox Lewis, Alan Sugar, Katie Hopkins. Zac's got all the big up-and-comers.
So in the past week Labour's stance on anti-semitism has been backed by Nick Griffin, David Icke, Katie Hopkins and Hamas. N…
Can we have Paul Walker and Robin Williams back if we give you Katie Hopkins and Josie Cunningham?
Why has Katie Hopkins not been arrested for Incitement to racial hatred - sections 17-29 Public Order Act 1986
may have Patrick Stewart, but has legends Katie Hopkins, David Icke, Jim Davidson etc
Feminist refugees will annihilate the NHS unless George Osborne makes Katie Hopkins a dame.
Expected rubbish like this to come from Katie Hopkins or Victoria Coren. Don't do it, Piers. Also NEWCASTLE LOLOLOL
Four BIG reasons to stay in the Michael Gove, Ian Duncan Smith, Donald Trump and Katie Hopkins all think we…
WHY are so many amazing humans dying and people like Donald Trump and Katie Hopkins nd David Cameron are somehow are…
Davey Cameron, Gove, Hunt, Kim Jong Un, Katie Hopkins, Littlejohn, and Steve Wright still very much with us.
Sara Palin is basically the american version of Katie Hopkins
This is the difference between Katie Hopkins, Trevor Phillips, Dodgy Dave and your average Tom, *** and Harry regarding Islam
rich coming from you considering that you get your political views from Katie Hopkins & Tommy Robinson
Only time Katie Hopkins has ever been open minded was when she had her brain operated on. Wish they could do an IQ transplant to her idiocy
New episode of the podcast, out now. Ripping the *** out of Katie Hopkins & the *** who DEFEND Adam Johnson.
Katie Hopkins is the best presenter on LBC radio I have heard,watch out James
Katie Hopkins now hosting radio show this morning.
Flushed with success at employing Katie Hopkins, I suspect will offer both Stuart Hall & Rolf Harris jobs just as soon as they get out.
I'm fairly certain that Rebecca Wilson is the Katie Hopkins of the NRL World.
Imagine if Donald Trump, Katie Hopkins, Michael Gove and blue ticks on what's app never existed.
"May you dream you are in bed with Katie Hopkins and Eric Pickles and wake up with Leon Brittan an…
I do hope that Katie Hopkins doesn't need to call upon Doctors after referring to them as 'genital warts' today
Ben Bradshaw heckled by Katie Hopkins as he talks to junior doctors . She's not all bad.
Ben Bradshaw and Katie Hopkins clash at Exeter junior doctors' strike | Exeter Express and Echo via
Owen Jones on being like Katie Hopkins, 'errors' in his book The Establi... via
Bravo . This is why fat shaming is cruel and harmful Katie Hopkins
Judge said Adam Johnson camp encouraged victim abuse on social media. Katie Hopkins wrote this in the actual media. https:/…
Just occured to me that Katie Hopkins is basically Roy Chubby Brown in different packaging.
Katie Hopkins has a "Team Katie" hashtag. As group activities go, I think I could join Gary Glitter's gang and feel less s…
Diagram about how to easily make Katie Hopkins go away.
re Katie Hopkins, to paraphrase Linda Smith and say "I'm not that happy with her having the oxygen of oxygen, actually,"
Trump and Katie Hopkins will be the worst right wing combination since Aiden McGeady and Tony Hibbert smh
Katie Hopkins can't abide that Allison Pearson is trending so weighs in with vile nonsense. Over to you Melanie Phillips...
Rebecca Adlington exposes the softer side of Katie Hopkins via
Katie Hopkins thinks Rebecca Adlington is a "troubled soul": .
"the Katie Hopkins for people who shop at John Lewis" will be on Sir Simon's gravestone
As much as there are some truly amazing women out there . . . There is also; Kim Kardashian, Katie Hopkins, Edwina Curry and Theresa May. ! 😱
Katie Hopkins has said something reprehensible on social media. Remember; don't feed the troll.
Like Adam Johnson's victim, I was sexually assaulted as a teen - but I'm a man. Katie Hopkins, am I a 'slag' too?
I encourage all my friends to sign this petition to remove Katie Hopkins as a columnist please. via
says a lot when Katie Hopkins and John McCririck are your cheerleaders.
give me an all stars with Tiffany, Dee, Leslie Jordan, Frenchy, Katie Hopkins, Michelle Visage, Luissa, Angie Bowie
Why is Joe Strummer dead but Katie Hopkins is still alive?
Worse than awful performance by the Villa today but comments by are ridiculous. He's the Katie Hopkins of punditry
Sir Simon Jenkins, the thinking man's Katie Hopkins, weighs in on and
I'm in fear of which much-loved celebrity will go next. Kilroy-Silk? Michael Portillo? Judy Murray? Katie Hopkins or, god forbid, the Queen.
Prepare to be trolled by the likes of: Hadley Freeman, Caitlin Moran, Marina Hyde, Katie Hopkins, Camilla Long, Giles Coren & Lucy Inglis.
😂 timeline was lit throughout. I'm still not forgetting the madness of Perez Hilton and Katie Hopkins
If you insist on interviewing future LBC shock jock Katie Hopkins, could the listeners get one of these first?
Would be awesome to see Mehdi Hassan against Katie Hopkins
He's becoming / become more famous for being a controversy than for cars. ie, male Katie Hopkins
Adrian Durham is the Katie Hopkins of radio presenters. Nothing useful to say, just controversy.
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