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Katie Holmes

Kate Noelle Katie Holmes (born December 18, 1978) is an American actress who first achieved fame for her role as Joey Potter on The WB television teen drama Dawson's Creek from 1998 to 2003. Her movie roles have included the blockbuster Batman Begins along with art house films such as The Ice Storm and thrillers including Abandon.

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Does anyone else realize that Bailee Madison and Katie Holmes are actually identical?
My mom is happy that Katie Holmes is getting married to Jaime Lee Foxx. 🙄
Katie Holmes original autographed W/COA LOOKING HOT! This is a great deal.…
I went from Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, to Amy Jo Johnson to Katie Holmes, and finally to Gabrielle Union/Emmanuelle Chriqui
Raging Bull, starring Katie Holmes and Eric Cartman. Directed by Luc Besson, music by Martin Grech. Budget: $1m
Katie Holmes split with Tom Cruise because she feared losing Suri to Scientolog… see more
I feel sorry for Katie Holmes. She married Tom Cruise, has a daughter with him and was probably very happy and the…
Wait wait... Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx broke up? And Joshua Jackson is single again?
surprised you didn't suggest Bradley Cooper for Katie Holmes. . His annoying mom would approve.
Watching Tom Cruise on Jimmy Kimmel and literally all I think about is Scientology and Katie Holmes. Such a weirdo. Jimmy.. blink if ur ok
Angelique Kerber, Katie Holmes, Kanye West part of sport/celebrity comeback plan in new issue of Businesweek
Smutty Social Media, August 22, 2016: Katie Holmes confirms that she was in the Hamptons for Jami...
*** they didn't keep Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes
Why did they have to change Rachel Dawes in The Dark Knight? Maggie Gyllenhaal is just urgh compared to Katie Holmes
How Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes enjoyed a rare night out
Joshua Jackson is now a single man. Oh my, where is Katie Holmes and what can we do so my Pacey/Joey ship can sail already? 😅
The Hottie and the Nottie, starring Katie Holmes and Michael Shannon. Directed by Leni Reifenstahl, music by Nicole Atkins. Budget: $90m
said she "misspoke" about and Katie Holmes' relationship.jealous?
Katie Holmes arrives for the Giorgio Armani Prive Haute Couture at Paris Fashion Week
Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes dating news and updates: 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Claudia...
Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes romance confirmed -
We now have confirmation of Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes' relationship. [ 104 more words. ]...
Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are dating, ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta' alum Claudia…
Jamie Foxx's friend Claudia Jordan CONFIRMS he is dating Katie Holmes via
Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are dating as confirmed by Claudia Jordan
Matthew Perry & Katie Holmes Look Spot-On as Ted and Jackie Kennedy on 'After Camelot'...
Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes' relationship was just outed by...a Real Housewife of Atlanta?. https:/…
Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are dating says friend Claudia Jordan
I can't believe Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are dating
I see the prize for the black men, is it a social status thing for the white celebrities. *** people...what's up?
What is wrong with the black women in America? So many black men with white women.
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in honor Jamie Foxx's exposed relationship with Katie Holmes, I will be watching Collateral featuring Tom Cruise.
Seems like Katie Holmes lost her mind! What was she thinking or looking at?
Katie Holmes Is a dirty gangsta that dances ***
Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes romance confirmed via
Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx. I did not see that coming.
Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes romance here to read...
A look back at Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes' long-rumored romance:
Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are officially a couple:
Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes romance confirmed on
I added a video to a playlist Musical Beers with Ryan Reynolds and Katie Holmes
Katie Waite, wife of Bill Waite, and her daughters accept the Hall of Fame award from NCS Board Member Brian Holmes.
Berry-flavored Katie Holmes is cheaper than frozen Hannibal (TV series)
These ladies were classy and carefree in
Katie Holmes looks summery in a cherry-print dress with her parents... before 'evacuating...
The show must go on! Katie Holmes attends Suri's dance recital as brushfires threaten...
Katie Holmes with her famous jawline! Beautiful! . VOTE FOR NADINE!
She talking to me bout celebs. She think Katie Holmes is Jessica Biel, Elizabeth Berkley is Tori Spelling. 😂 I just let her talk. Lol
| Katie Holmes ~ On the set of The Kennedys: After Camelot in Toronto, Canada (25.05.2016)
I've never cared about celebrity news bla bla... but Jamie Fox and Katie Holmes 😱? Together? What happened to Tom?
What do Katie Holmes, Nasim Pedrad, and Hayden Penettiere all have in common?
Katie Holmes left Tom Cruise b/c she feared she'd lose Suri via the navy type uniforms mean what
Katie Holmes left Tom Cruise bec she feared she'd lose Suri via not new news but just more confirmation
Scientology leader David Miscavige's father, Ron Miscavige, revealed never-before-heard stories about Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman ...
Katie Holmes wants more public relations: Hollywood actress Katie Holmes tired of hiding from the press and p...
Man, I curse the day Katie Holmes appeared on my tv screen. I really hate her as an actress
Katie Holmes hand signed 8x10 with COA
Stargate, starring Katie Holmes and Billy Crystal. Directed by Edgar Wright, music by Badfinger. Budget: $100,000
Bale quit being batman over Katie Holmes character from batman begins,while Batfleck went 20 years as bat with a dead robin
Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise Meet the Cast of Broadway's School of Rock
Seeing double! Suri Cruise is Katie Holmes' mini me as the two show their close bond at...
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Christopher Nolan replacing Katie Holmes with Maggie Gyllenhaal in Batman and immediately killing off her character will never not be funny
You'd think Katie Holmes's Instagram would be Leigh Lezark, without question or hesitation
Tribeca Film Festival will feature Billie Joe Armstrong's acting and Katie Holmes'...
I wonder what Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are doing right now. (I can't be the only one who ponders such things.)
alum Matthew Perry will play Ted Kennedy in Reelz miniseries opposite Katie Holmes
Watch:Ryan Reynolds helps Katie Holmes decide whether Dawson or Pacey was the better kisser ht…
Oh good! It's a rare moment in my life when I say "nah, I'll pass on Maggie Gyllenhaal, gimme some more Katie Holmes."
Dean: "Young girl got kidnapped by new occult". Sam: "Girl got a name?". Dean: "Katie Holmes.". Bangcaaat 😂
Jerry Hall marrying Rupert Murdoch is like the gritty reboot of Katie Holmes marrying Tom Cruise
Katie Holmes, Camila Alves and Maggie Gyllenhaal were at the Target Pillowfort Launch Party…
Katie Holmes, you're a sly fox!. On Thursday night, Katie and rumored longterm bo...
Movies: Katie Holmes in Touched with Fire movie review
Katie Holmes in Touched with Fire movie review: Katie Holmes was photographed backstage...
Katie Holmes in Touched with Fire movie review
21st had a party ... Abd the nicola smith wore a black dress Abd white shoes like the Katie Holmes right Abd ms Toni wire a black dress with
Nick Jonas, Russell Crowe among celebs who claim to have seen aliens. Meanwhile, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes claimed to have married one.
We had such a wonderful set of circumstances in Wilmington. Yes, the four o...
Who knew Amanda's sister was katie Holmes?!?!
Role as Joey Potter on details of Katie Holmes The Ice Storm. Description from
Tom Cruise's ex Katie Holmes just railed Scientology in the best way possible...
When u see a guy u matched with on tinder in real life
Katie Holmes with braces on Ray Donovan does it for me
If you ever need someone to screenshot someone's SC story is your gal 😹 she 'has no shame' 💁🏼
Katie Holmes - Arriving to Appear on Good Morning America in New York City - November 2015
Jamie Fox is engaged to Katie Holmes 😳 what da rarse
So I'm in Holmes Chapel and I just went to the bakery where Harry used to work and there's a job going, should I apply? -K…
honestly nothing else in my life matters. I also want to see the new Katie Holmes movie and that new Tina Fey.
Actress Katie Holmes shows Jimmy Fallon some of her favorite moves from Beyonce's Super Bowl halftime show.
Happy 2nd birthday 🎂 Amazing all they've achieved so far, so proud to be a patron.
Katie Holmes having sex in the movie Miss Meadows is somehow even more awkward than Charlotte Gainsbourg cutting her *** in Antichrist
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so? wat that mean? if he dont care you shouldnt. Tom Cruise was married to Katie holmes dawg. She like 5 inches taller
Do you have a love child with Katie Holmes who is also an actress on Degrassi? TOO WEIRD:
Watching Netflix-era Degrassi (don't judge) & unnerved by just how much one of the actresses looks like my kid sister x'd with Katie Holmes
Jennifer Hudson and Katie Holmes are among the celebrities doing no press at fashion shows
Bipolar Disorder takes center stage in the gripping new film Touched With Fire featuring Katie Holmes and Luke... https…
Touched with Fire - film about with Katie Holmes. Opening in & 2/12 at Landmark Pico
Michelle Williams, Kerr Smith & Katie Holmes. . I love this pic. I remembered this from Season 5, Ep 1 https:…
Katie Holmes up a 'Dawson's Creek' when asked about kissing her co-stars. Thankfully, Ryan Reynolds was her paddle…
I'm watching James Corden and Katie Holmes looks like Lana from far away. Katie is not worthy
Film on Disorder Touched with Fire with Katie Holmes opens 12/16 Landmark Theater LA
I liked a video Musical Beers with Ryan Reynolds and Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes is as beautiful and flawless today as she was on the pilot episode of Dawson's Creek. I mean seriously, she may be a vampire?
Matt Lauer recalls THAT Tom Cruise interview during his sit-down with Katie Holmes:
Celebrities like Sharon Stone, Katie Holmes and Nicole Richie used the long bob cut some time ago
Who cares what Celebritys are wearing at award shows,why not "Katie Holmes is assessorizing with a toothy small man with elevator shoes"
The Arrangement sounds eerily similar to the story of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
She has a slight Katie Holmes side sneer happening
I am forever thankful for the small group of bestfriends I have now👭👭
Katie Holmes in Leather Pants - Out on a Rainy Day in New York City - August 2015
She said to me "Sweetie, you look just like Katie Holmes. You must get that all the time." I almost passed out
I cannot even BELIEVE Katie Holmes is not seen as the antagonist of this movie.
he's like a gap toothed Katie Holmes.
ENGAGED?! Wait until you see these new photos of and
Draymond cares about as much about height difference as Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.
I lost like 50 pounds but gained it back after those cookies
It's hard for me to believe that Katie Holmes was the first option to play Batman's lover
I still can't take Katie Holmes seriously. She'll always be that 15 year old in the first season of Dawson's Creek.
Soo happy I finally got to meet my Katie this weekend! 💖 ilyyy
I compromised & watched both. this & the Katie Holmes. joking aside, 's gift is great
Halfway through Forrest Gump and just realized that Katie Holmes plays Lieutenant Dan? Great performance.
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First name: Tom. And he goes on a cruise. He goes on a Caribbean cruise. Katie Holmes? . No. But ahh hes married to her!. Oh Dawsons Creek?
*** right. Kelly Preston is way hotter than Katie Holmes.
Katie Holmes has spoken about her love life plans:
Reunited for a very happy Katie Holmes birthday :-)
My Truth and Your View : Katie Holmes flashes diamond ring amid claims she'...
Katie Holmes should date a guy not long rumored to be *** between guys long rumored to be *** to throw us all off.
Wow Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are an item. Very unlikely couple. Goes to show, image means nothing, it's all about who makes u happy.
It's unclear which featured more stars, the book or the book's launch party. Katie Holmes…
Katie Holmes, nunta in secret. Tom Cruise, distrus!
Proud of her rock: Katie Holmes showed off her diamond ring on her wedding finger on December 4…
Good crowd: Katie Holmes, 37, was only one of the many celebrities who showed up for the fancy …
WELCOME TO PAGE 2 GOSSIP: Jamie Foxx has put a ring on it ?: Katie Holmes sh...
Oh, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are getting divorced? I bet Oprah's couch is thrilled.
Katie Holmes brings back the flapper era in silky beige dress for star-studded photography book r...
Katie Holmes wants to marry with Jamie Foxx very soon, she engaged with him?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx make me happy ❤️☺️👫
"Perfection is self abuse of the highest form."
Katie Holmes to marry Jamie Fox? I ain't saying she's a gold digger (but maybe this bottle of tequila is...)
expires on Netflix on the 14th, so Also, Katie Holmes is Jackie Kennedy, so that's pretty cool.
Also, forgot that Katie Holmes is in Batman Begins.
"We all keep dreaming, and luckily, dreams really do come true." - Katie Holmes
55 hurdles Olivia Miller 1st place season best time of 9.77 & it's her birthday happy 18th 🎉 & Katie Holmes come in 2nd with time of 9.93
Here’s Your First Look at Natalie Portman As Jackie Kennedy - Just as Minka Kelly and Katie Holmes did before h...
Katie Holmes the day of her wedding to Tom Cruise, 2006
Katie Holmes wears RE16 in the latest issue of by Laura Jones | Coming soon htt…
Danielle Campbell looks so much like Katie Holmes during Dawson's Creek. Seriously.
I thought Katie Holmes was a good choice because she worked so hard, and I loved Jaclyn Smith portrayal of Jacqueline.
If you've already re-watched Planes, Trains, and Automobiles today, watch Katie Holmes (her best work) in Peter Hedges' 'Pieces of April.'
It's not like we're awash in Thanksgiving movies. There's the Holly Hunter one, and that Katie Holmes thing, and, um... another one, maybe?
Pieces of April (2003) Peter Hedges - Katie Holmes learns about her neighbors while preparing for 3.5*
Little Giant Ladders
Katie Holmes' statement to ABC News regarding the '20/20' Leah Remini interview.
More for Katie Holmes and her boobs are a Gift to humanity
I think my favourite part of The Dark Knight trilogy is when they replaced Katie Holmes with Maggie Gyllenhaal.
I saw Katie Holmes boobs and immediately thought of Harold & Kumar lol
Leah Remini replies to Katie Holmes statement: Almost makes me want to cry. Khloe K spends Halloween with Lamar.
Ex-Scientologist Leah Remini slams Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in TV interview: King of Queens star Leah Remin...
Dan Harris lied that Katie Holmes would be on the 20/20 special. Later said, "I didn't say I was in a helicopter that got bombed. Back off!"
Stilling holding out hope Katie Holmes and Chris Klein will get back together
Don't care what anyone says, much prefer Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes than Maggie Gyllenhaal.
Katie Holmes wearing Zac Posen and Roger Vivier clutch & booties at the 2015 Fashion Group…
Bruno Frisoni for Roger Vivier accepts the first award of the night presented by Katie Holmes.
Edwina Curry, the spiritual godmother of Katie Holmes and Louise Mensch
Mandy Moore was a better president's daughter than Katie Holmes was
he's trying really hard to be Katie Holmes and Mandy Moore.
There are tons of books! I've only seen 2 movies tho. Katie Holmes & Mandy Moore ones.
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Would never have pictured Katie Holmes in Ray Donovan...but she's killing me
Katie Holmes’ short-term Chelsea digs are back on the market: Katie Holmes h...
Katie Holmes when she was still tasty is a win for me. Puberty *** material trumps all for me I'm afraid
Today on a lesson in procrastination, feat. people including &... Enjoy! 🐢 …
Fashion Police, Spanked Jen. Got Katie Holmes from behind (not many can say that!).
Manchester, the guys are coming for you! © One Direction/Cal Aurand
Is Katie Holmes supposed to look like she's on crack in
I just imagined what it's like when Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have was hilariously awesome.
VANTEX MAGAZINE AND BLOG: Katie Holmes stepped out in NYC on Saturday wearin...
Are Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes headed to court…again?
Could Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes split details become public?
Katie Holmes smiles like her body forgot to digest last nights dinner
Why does Katie Holmes have braces on that one show? I don't get it.
"It's not who you are underneath; it's what you do that defines you." - Rachel Dawes (Katie Holmes' Rachel Dawes)
the loft seems like it shouldve starred Katie Holmes and the guy who played Cotton Weary from Scream.
I still can't believe that Tom Cruise married Katie Holmes. Even yrs later.
Katie Holmes is never a second option nick
In high school my celebrity crushes were Katie Holmes and Paul Walker.
The Kennedys mini-series. Greg Kinnear as John, Katie Holmes as Jackie, Tom Wilkinson as Joe. It's even worse than it sounds.
Ian McShane DID help; Katie Holmes not so much. Jon Voigt train-wreck fun. Daughter worse than Meadow; son little better than AJ
Ian McShane & Katie Holmes on great form this week, and Jon Voight, obviously. Really top season 3 this has been👍🏼
Mark,please place me in contact with Taylor Swift ,Mariah Carey & Katie Holmes as i desire to establish a relationship .
Katie Holmes, Laverne Cox, Usher to help out at Global Citizen Festival in NYC: Karen ButlerNEW YORK, ...
Katie Holmes is still seeing Jamie Foxx. But, she's TRYING to keep it low-key.
Katie Holmes is dating Jamie Foxx. I hope her previous marriage to Tom Cruise isn't causing any COLLATERAL damage. I'll let…
Man *** happen to Katie Holmes looks she looks rough on Ray Donovan no hate just honesty
Katie Holmes is such a distraction in Ray Donovan even with those braces.
I also think about Katie Holmes a lot. oh, adorable little Joey Potter. one day you'll marry Tom Cruise. and he'll dance on Oprah's couch.
Katie Holmes will always be Joey Potter to me. 💜
Katie Holmes is redefining cool mom style:
Katie Holmes is so sweet in that 1997 The Ice Storm movie, they are all so young, frodo, spiderman :)
'Katie has crossed the finishing line and entered into eternal rest.' - David Angell, at the thanksgiving service for Katie Holmes.
I wish they kept Katie Holmes on as Rachel Dawes in the Dark Knight.
Casting Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel Dawes after Katie Holmes is like turning your iPhone 6 plus in for an iPhone 4
Putting braces on Katie Holmes in the new season of Ray Donovan was a nice touch.
[July 20, 2015] Suri Cruise was seen with Katie Holmes stopping by a Tribeca nail salon
When did Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise become twins?! This is unreal:
Funny thing is, most people seemed to dislike Katie Holmes as Rachel. Different actress for her in The Dark Knight.
"Woman in Gold" is exceptional, except Katie Holmes who is, as always, a horrible actress.
I love this movie so much. Katie Holmes is an underrated actress. The Tom Cruise thing didn't do her any professional favors.
The Hollywood star has tied the knot three times with Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman and, most recently, Katie Holmes.
Katie Holmes shoe shocker: Actress trades heels for sneakers -
New opinion update: "I mean, I guess Maggie Gyllenhaal was good? But I really love Katie Holmes. What a great actress."
Dizzy Feet Foundation was founded in 2009 by Nigel Lythgoe, Adam Shankman, Carrie Ann Inaba, and Katie Holmes,...
other examples are 90210 and Brian Austin Green (Megan Fox) and any 80's Tom Cruise movie (Katie Holmes)
Katie Holmes steps out in a comfy grey sweater for a day out on Tuesday afternoon (July 14) in New York City.
Very excited seeing the advert for the new season of Ray Donovan then. "guest starring Katie Holmes." Sigh.
How does Katie Holmes' character fit into the season as a whole?
Katie Holmes, Balki and Fairuza the wide net they're casting on Ray Donovan
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