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Katie Couric

Katherine Anne Katie Couric (born January 7, 1957) is an American journalist and author.

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This isn't his first time doing it. From Katie Couric, to the Breakfast Club, now The Vi…
Yup, that darn Katie Couric, with her tricky "What news…
Yup, that darn Katie Couric, with her tricky "Wh…
I can't wait till next week when Dinesh disoysa takes over for you. Goo…
You are not watch media that is lie, like Dan Rather, Brian Williams, Katie Couric, Rachel Maddox, (list too long)?
I don't trust or respect Katie Couric, after she schmoozed me for 5 years & very ackward messages she shared about Trump.
Katie Couric only talked to me for $1,000 minimum. We had a big media project & stalled, after I voted Trump. She judged me.
It's joined our pod to discuss & how Washington has changed over the year…
democrats turning on each other now. media jumping off the Clinton ship
Same phony 'pastor' who wouldn't denounce *** 'marriage' when talking to Katie Couric
You guys said this was fake??. Katie Couric has come out publicly and corroborated the story of a fired sound...
You need to add these two ... BBC and Yahoo with Katie Couric
Katie Couric in Montgomery for National Geographic series - WSFA
Katie Couric, the third rate reporter, who has put the public is just a coincidence?
Tell me again why Blacks are Dems to ; referenceto Barack Obama as “that n*gger Obama.”
Katie Couric is selling her Park Ave. apartment! Take a tour here! .
Website Builder 728x90
Just like Katie Couric and NRA - edited to make the subjects look foolish and ill informed.
Katie Couric did the SAME THING a few years ago - FAKE NEWS LIES!!!
Funny thing-I remember Katie Couric doing the SAME THING to her "gu…
Any second someone will remember Jane Pauley/Deborah Norville/Katie Couric & wonder if 9 didn't give Lisa nowhere to go but out on purpose.
They want her to be the next Jane Pauley or Katie Couric. I don't think that's the right approach for Kelly.
Five-time Grand Slam winner Maria Sharapova in Conversation with Katie Couric - 92Y On Demand
Connie Chung nor Katie Couric would never have network jobs had they not marri…
What do Danny DeVito, Katie Couric, and Harrison Ford have in common? Oh, just... THIS!.
Katie Couric Has No Business Lecturing About Fake News. She is dead meat where reporting or commenting is done. She should go away
TIL that Katie Couric had a show on Yahoo.
Katie Couric is leaving her Yahoo anchor role just weeks into Oath's reign (VZ)
Best of Luck Katie Couric. Whether she's defaming firearms owners or promoting psychopathy, we wish her the best!
Katie Couric exits as Yahoo's global news anchor
Katie Couric is leaving Yahoo, where she's been the face of the news division for 3 years, now that it's being sold
Katie Couric to end Yahoo interview show and depart Oath
Breast Cancer Awareness
A source added that there were “discussions to extend to the end of the year, but Katie Couric declined the offer.."
Katie Couric is ending her Yahoo show and departing Oath, but will work with Oath case-by-case for projects (Kara……
Katie Couric is ending her Yahoo interview show and departing Oath
But, the lawsuit from gun owners will follow her>Katie Couric leaving Yahoo news site |
And suddenly people remember that Katie Couric was working for Yahoo...
.departing Yahoo, interview show to end
Hrd ur Health Care chat w Katie Couric. U speak about as if it were an option. It's our insurance 4 a future
Today it's goodbye to Yahoo and Oath for Katie Couric.
Katie Couric is leaving Yahoo - “She wants to focus on creating content,” the source said.
It 's the End of the Katie Couric Era at Yahoo
Today it's goodbye to Yahoo and Oath for Katie Couric
Anderson Cooper and Katie Couric knowingly interviewed crisis actors after false flags…
Katie Couric on 2nd Amendment, NBC News on Zimmerman. Now this latest CNN New Day Panel. They scream editing but it's o…
Women at NBC can do anything, just ask Anne Curry and Katie Couric
Angelique Kidjo and Katie Couric at the David Lynch Foundation National Night of Laughter and Song.
Another Osama appointed libtard judge siding with libtard media, right
i would like to know the name of the judge who decided FOR katie couric in her lawsuit...
"Judge dismisses gun club's lawsuit against Katie Couric" Suit claimed the editing of 'Under the Gun' documentary was misleading and defame…
admitted deceptive editing & activist judge threw out case against her. Impeach all activist judges!!!
The disingenuousness of the judge in Couric gun libel case is shocking. A results-oriented leftist?Via Eugene Volokh.
Katie Couric defamation lawsuit dismissed. I support the and the
The judge ruled that the editing was not but instead demonstrated "the sophistry of the VCDL members.”
Katie Couric defamation lawsuit dismissed. Crap like this is why the press continues to lie. When’s the appeal?
absolutely misled viewers about a Virginia gun club, but judge says its not a $12M slight:
Obama-appointed judge lets Katie Couric off the hook
Artful editing: the way Katie Couric could make her case. She got away with it, but it was still a scam.
Federal judge dismisses $12M defamation suit for Katie Couric's ‘Under the Gun’
[Eugene Volokh] Judge in Katie Couric ‘Under the Gun’ libel case calls argument against background checks……
Katie Couric defamation lawsuit dismissed via the App
"Katie Couric defamation lawsuit dismissed" Katie Couric is in the clear after a judge dismissed a $12 million lawsuit filed against her by…
In 2006 Katie Couric cover birth of Tom Cruise's baby - Lost me forever. You landed Putin. I'll watch. Good get.
The most influential women in broadcast news history, ranked. (Guesses as to who is in 1st place?)…
Why didn't play the real part of Katie Couric interview with gun owners in lawsuit? Just playing the edited version.
Another Activist anti-Gun Judge strikes again, Libs are bulet proof. Katie Couric cleared in $12M gun lawsuit
Katie Couric beats defamation lawsuit over gun documentary
WKYC's Jim Donovan talks with Katie Couric on Wednesday's 'Donovan Live!' via
Watch Ethan King from Charity Ball on the Katie Couric show this Friday!
Katie Couric "third rate reporter...who has been largely forgotten" (05/31/2016)
Katie Couric asks Russian spokeswoman about *** torture in Chechyna. Her response is chilling.
It hurts me to watch Burt Reynolds/ Katie couric interview. Y? Not sure, so old. No disrespect but it's painful for me to watch
When the wife's hair is long again and not all Katie Couric. Finally give me something to play with...and she's out😴
Katie Couric asked a Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman about the torture and killing of *** men in Chechnya. Her resp…
Can't even believe Katie Couric is still employed. What a mean girl.
And Katie Couric interviewing this also-ran has caused me to lose all respect for her.
Katie Couric talks about climate change via ^Professor
Katie Couric claims ex-colleague commented on her breast size
Katie Couric claims ex-colleagues commented on her breast size
It's you taking Katie Couric at her word, which is laughable.
I cannot believe Katie Couric would take the low road and have this liar fo…
Remember that Katie Couric is a highly intelligent woman so try not to make a fool of yourself during your interview
Katie Couric interviewed Queen Ina in her kitchen ON EASTER and I am emotional about it: (paging
Mr. himself should use Brian Williams as wingman & Katie Couric as ombudsman
Megyn Kelly hits the Time 100 Gala with her husband, Mia and Ronan Farrow, and Katie Couric
I had a pretty productive morning. I made my kids breakfast and blocked Katie Couric.
Brian Williams, Katie Couric will be fact checkers
. Savannah, you will be like Katie Couric with no credibility! Matt does not put himself out there politically.
I love johnlegend and dang,. this dude can SING! The video I shot at the was not that great but his voice ……
Ina Garten and Michelle Obama on Barefoot Contessa good thing they never had kids, they would of never cared 4 them
Ina Garten and Michelle Obama on Barefoot Contessa selfish & self centered and full of herself and hisself! spoiled
Ina Garten and Michelle Obama on Barefoot Contessa seems 2 me that she knew she was in the money early on,so no kids
Hamilton Collection
Burt Reynolds gets interviewed by Katie Couric, talks about his latest film.
Public speaking pays bank. Anthony Robbins gets more than 300K. Katie Couric 110K. Richard…
Katie Couric's report STILL slants left & is only 3/4 accurate! CRIMINAL illegals R in sanctuary cities & can'…
Katie Couric talking to Burt Reynolds about Trump is what we deserve
Swear I'm witholding my urges till you get this one-on-one sh't, like your name Katie Couric
We watched this documentary on gender identity in sociology today and I learned so much everyone should watch it
Katie Couric: Can you point to an exact moment in time where you realized "I've made it"?. me:
i have it on good authority that katie couric drives her F250 around the hamptons flying a confederate flag from the tailgate
This is how the agenda was pushed. Oprah and Katie Couric are guilty of it as well. via
Chance the Rapper talks fatherhood, Grammy night & origin of his "3" hat with Katie Couric
Dishonest Katie Couric misled the public and smeared supporters. Yahoo should fire her
I don't know katie couric you tell me
."With news, some people are seeking affirmation not information." - Katie Couric
What an interview with . "I grew up wanting to be Katie Couric for sports and people told me no"…
also the commencement speakers the yr before me & 2 yrs after me were: Anders Holm, Katie Couric, & Russell Wilson. & i get russia dude
Ronan's Story - Maya Thompson on Katie Couric talking about Ronan and Ta... via
Katie Couric and Shaun King could do a show - "Flake & Fake"
Trivia:. Harry was on Today Show w/ Katie Couric promoting this album minutes before the first plane…
Katie Couric resurrecting on my radar like it's 1992 and i'm watching the Today Show with my mom these past few wee…
He's so real for taking Katie Couric to a lil joint in Chi. Very few make it and still show that kinda pride in the…
Watch Chance The Raper show Katie Couric the only tattoo he's ever gotten
This relates to your show, ep 249, about Katie Couric. Full "study" at
I saw him on Katie Couric's special 2 weeks ago. A great show on Being Transgender, a real educational show.
Watching a Katie Couric colonoscopy should only be followed with a January Jones cooking show.
Heard your Podcast Goal on the Katie Couric show. It's working. I was just accepted as a OFA Fellow Keep it up
Really enjoyed the show with Katie Couric. Lovett is right though, the card is a scam.
But they think they do! Katie Couric who is doing a special on all the great qualities of Hilary. The show is sched…
wasn't this part of the discussion with Katie Couric? Automation part, not basic income. . ❤the show!
I loved your show w/Katie Couric but missed hearing weigh in on Trump's presser esp. “ranting and raving.”
Katie Couric and Meredith Vieira to fill in for Savannah Guthrie on 'Today' via
Update your maps at Navteq
Fox saved 25 mil and Megyn Kelly is on Katie Couric's path to obscurity.
'It just feels like I never left': Katie Couric returns to 'Today'
All is right with my world again Katie Couric back on Today with Matt Lauer
Katie Couric returns to Today for first time in a decade
.is back as a coanchor for The Today Show:
This morning I happy-cried over Katie Couric and Matt Lauer getting to anchor together again so I can guarantee 2017 is gonna be GREAT
.investigated Donald Trump's charitable activities and tells us what he discovered on https:/…
Yep, and I'm back to Katie Couric as interviewer.
What is the media's obsession with Katie Couric??
Can Katie Couric be taken seriously after her untruthful “Under the Gun” documentary?
Katie Couric will return to the 'Today' show as guest co-anchor
SHE'S BACK: Katie Couric returns to 'Today' show as guest co-anchor
She's back! Katie Couric reunites with Matt Lauer on TODAY all week via
Katie Couric returns to ‘Today’ show as guest co-anchor: Katie Couric is filling in for Savannah Guthrie, who's on……
⚡️ “Katie Couric returns to the Today co-anchor chair for the week”.
REUNITED: Katie Couric appeared with Matt Lauer as a guest co-host on the "Today" show
Katie Couric is back! Former TODAY co-anchor reunited with Matt Lauer all week
With his eyes, a true blood, the sun and the jump, theater executives are already told police she brought up katie couric!
I added a video to a playlist Katie Couric Pranks James Corden
don't forget Katie Couric misleading edits in her gun violence documentary
A lot people I know - it drives them crazy when they're watching, t...
Couric Put credit where it was due. It was a Black Woman at NASA who did the hard Math for man to be on the moon.
Check out this cool episode: Valerie Jarret!
OMG is the absolute coolest. If all you get thru is the 1st 15min, listen
allow humbleness to be your anchor as you will rise again. Leaving FOX may result the same as Katie Couric & others. Be wise.
who's that interviewer who thought he caught Trump in a Katie Couric/Sarah Palin moment? This happened. BrianWilliams
back n the day journalists werent supposed 2 show political biases, since Katie couric they openly show personal politics
remember when everyone lost their minds when Katie Couric left the Today show? lol like people legitimately thought the world was ending
. Just finished watching. Very interesting interview. Nice job by Katie Couric.
Valerie Jarrett told me what (and who) has frustrated her the most during her time working with President Obama.
I liked a video Cloris Leachman, Mary Tyler Moore, Valerie Harper exclusive with Katie Couric for
Katie Couric was doing it last night. I got it on audio. The View was grilling DL Hughley about it. The list goes on.
The Katie Couric documentary "Fed Up" reveals that her health initiative was co-opt ed by the sugar industry.
You can't please everyone, and you can't make everyone like you. — Katie Couric
Katie Couric is very good at editing out comments she doesn't like.
I'm so old I remember when Katie Couric announced she was going to travel among 'the great unwashed'.
Welcome to Good Morning America I'm Katie Couric, "Donald Trump won the election last night and shockingly the population is still the same"
E.T.' and 'Extra,' they are too salacious. They go, Oooh, Katie Couric ju...
Liberals like Katie Couric (recall her saying they're "the great unwashed'') don't care about the heartland of America.
it’s Dan Rather or Katie Couric." - Sobran. ^^ Look around, plenty of liberals among the "RW" who have fallen hook line an…
Katie Couric and her clueless pals are now saying Hillary needs to win PA, MI and WI. . This kind of backpeddling is SH…
Go crawl back under a rock, and take Katie Couric with you!!
He would take the blow so you didn't have to.
I still remember how Katie Couric wore a black dress the morning after GWB was re-elected.
Katie Couric bought up the KKK on this night - was a liberal hack you are Katie!
Katie Couric is spinning trumps win due to all the free press he got on cable news. Pretty sure man did the same. Ur guilty too.
Katie Couric just announced that Donald Trump has not been declared the winner and there are several states up for grabs, Are you kidding ?
Yahoo News and Katie Couric SHAMELESSLY got a little CHILD to say "Donald Trump is NOT NICE." I do NOT cosign hiding b…
Katie Couric just asked "What happens to Hillary Clinton now?" and there was the most awkward silence
oh my god. Katie Couric asked the the Yahoo News Panel what will happen to Hillary now?. there was legit heartbreaking silence :(
But, you know, they don't enjoy the dinner hour together. It's just not...
Katie Couric and her pals are talking about "Well, it could end up in a 269 to 269 tie.". *sigh* these people are livin…
A member of Katie Couric's panel is saying the BLACK VOTE in Michigan is the reason Hillary is in trouble. Well, we're…
Gun rights group sues veteran journalist Katie Couric for $12M over misleading edit in anti-gun documentary
Katie Couric and make this into something else
Katie Couric is now BLAMING BLACK PEOPLE for Hillary's decline tonight. . Well, she doesn't need the SUPERPREDATOR vote…
Katie Couric's teamed up with You should see how sexy John Slattery looks!
Coming up: Presidential debate pre-show with Katie Couric, Matt Bai, and more at 8:30 p.m. ET
That time he skipped out on lied and going to airport spotted on Katie Couric. Dave called him out. ...
The interview with Anderson Cooper is an even bigger disaster than the one with Sarah Palin and Katie Couric.
Katie Couric: "After listening to Trump tonight, my making Sarah Palin seem like the most ignorant person in USA was misle…
The Link Between Personality & Authenticity? Reveal by Katie Couric and Marc Maron - via
From Manolos to a Meet-up with Katie Couric: A Day in the Life of InStyle Editor-in-Chief Laura Brown
Andrea Mitchell is a partisan hack who works for the Liars Network!! B. Williams, Katie Couric, etc...
Christiane Amanpour, Matt Lauer and Katie Couric all make news report cameos in
Excellent job in presenting the Katie Couric video scam. Keep up the great work Kim.
Sometimes bad things happen to bad people. .
Katie Couric's "editing" is like Savanna on the Today show. "Anyway..."
Nazi propagandists tried to smear proponents now sued for $12M must fire
Looks like Katie Couric is the one "Under the Gun."
Yes she did apologize, back in May:
"We want to set the record straight and hold them accountable for what they’ve done"
Good. Sue the *** out of stupid lib for lying to the American people about guns.
Katie Couric facing a $12 million defamation lawsuit for her role in making "misleading" edits made in her 2016 GUN CONTR…
Katie Couric faces a defamation lawsuit for her ‘Under the Gun’ documentary
Katie Couric and her production company is being sued for $12 million for misrepresenting guns rights advocates
Katie Couric is a supporter of MUGCLOWNS
Too bad about Her Perkiness getting sued.
Shooting back against Katie Couric's deceptive presentations in a gun documentary is good news. . It's a shame it... htt…
Katie Couric is being sued over deceptive editing in gun control documentary:
When conservatives get sick of losing and punch back twice as hard.
20,000 people talking about the VCDL lawsuit that was filed against Katie Couric today -...
The women on the should come forward with the behavior they've endured. I'd love to hear from Meredith Viera and Katie Couric
Katie Couric: Hillary, do u like pretending color coordinating White House dinner table is satisfying to ur Yale law school educated mind?
ABC News, member in good standing of the Brian Williams Press, may have pulled a Katie Couric!
One of my biggest takeaways from the ESPN OJ documentary is the revelation that Ann Curry had much better 90's hair than Katie Couric.
Stories don't fit narrative? Treyvon Martin, Katie Couric. Solution=edit transcript. MSM will make news not report.
how did U manage to make comments from Rick Scott on 2nd amendment sound like he was against Trump? Is this a Katie Couric move?
Dear Media:. We'll discuss new gun laws when David Gregory, Katie Couric, & Paula Reid are prosecuted. . Get bent,. American…
So people are just NOW realizing how dishonest Katie Couric is? She's always been dishonest and corrupt.
I nominate Katie Couric for the 2016 Dan Rather "Objectivity" In Journalism Award 🏆🎖to be presented by Connie Chung
Nahhh, Katie Couric would never edit an interview to make a conservative look bad. What a piece of work "The...
In a new statement, Katie Couric's director confirmed today that her team deliberately skirted federal gun laws.
Katie Couric interviewed researcher John Lott for four hours about guns - and cut it all.
John Lott's Website: On Greg Garrison to discussion Katie Couric's distortedly edited movie on gun control
Katie Couric is right up there with Brian Williams, best known for his scandal with NBC lmao.
Breaking News:. Katie Couric to marry Brian Williams, plan to honeymoon in Cuba.
Hah, Katie Couric. Wasn't she on that helicopter with Brian Williams when they were being attacked by missiles?
1/ The director of the gun control documentary that got Katie Couric into trouble over a misleading edit is defiant: http…
which is worse; Brian Williams on MSNBC, Katie Couric on Yahoo or *** Morris with the Nat'l Enquire?
Katie Couric was in contact w/Nightly News Exec re returning to NBC to replace Brian Williams as anchor. Birds of a feather...
Winston Smith is alive and well, working at the State Department editing history! He also moonlights for Katie Couric.
*** Morris should hire Katie Couric and Brian Williams , They create great BS Stories.
You trust reporters, right? You trust Katie Couric, you trust Brian Williams and you trust Dan Rather, right?
How can you ever trust anything Katie Couric says or does ever again??? Is she another Brian Williams???
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Katie Couric falsified a moment in her anti-gun documentary and is now the first recipient of the new Brian Williams C…
So Brian Williams, Jonathan Gruber, Katie Couric, Lois Lerner, John Koskinen all walk into a bar. Wait. What? Well they said they did.
ABC News: Katie Couric deceptively edits. CBS News: "fake but accurate". NBC News: Brian Williams. Tell me more how Fox News i…
I don't know anyone who would take Katie Couric serious about anything! Yahoo News Ha ha ha .
Katie Couric falsely depicts gun supporters as ***
Judy Miller on Fox making excuses for Katie Couric's gun documentary!Judy Miller is a weak spineless reporter! Why does Fox have her on?
Coverage of the Katie Couric debacle continues to explode. The Washington post, the Washington times, the daily beast and man…
This is absolutely disgusting. Katie Couric edited out her interviewees’ (cogent) answers to make them look stupid. htt…
. Katie Couric has always been a big liar like Dan Rather.Brian Williams
May be the dumbest thing I have heard Katie Couric say! That really says something!
Thinking Mr. Trump should cancel his interview with her. Meghan wants her Katie Couric moment & so does Fox.
Watch live: Katie Couric joined by Montel Williams, Anthony Weiner, more for NY primary coverage
When 3rd place CBS's Katie Couric made more money than NBC's Brian Williams and ABC's Charlie Gibson should the men have su…
Congratulations to Katie Couric, the doctors and survivors at Stand Up To Cancer.
Maybe and Katie Couric could do a talk show together. The new Hannity and Colmes.
Y now it's time for the unnatural bowel movements show starring Queen Victoria. Oh, Katie Couric.
In 2001, Katie Couric told 'Today Show' audiences that 7 percent of America...
Is Chris Matthews to Donald Trump as Katie Couric is to Sarah Palin? The moment the supporters suddenly realized how crazy the candidate is?
Oh, no, he didn't! . Katie Couric gets zinged by And I mean ZINGED, y'all.
For the past 30 years, everything we ... -
Katie Couric asked Sarah Palin what books and newspapers she read. "Um, all of them. Whatever has been put in front of me." Lmao
I can only picture a scene from a college basketball game, the crowd peppered with posters of giant heads of Katie Couric.
Congrats to Joan Lunden for going into the . Eat your heart out Diane Sawyer & Suck it Katie Couric
Lmao this is my best bracket and it's in Katie Couric's pool on Yahoo smh
.asked Republican congressmembers about Trump policies. All disagreed, but all would still support him.
I liked a video Bernie Sanders vs. Katie Couric
You let the septuagenarian Chris Matthews do to you what Katie Couric did to Sarah Palin. Not smart.
what about Katie Couric they enjoy parasitic relationship in TV ratings
I thought Katie Couric's video would be more news-y. Understandably, she now works for Yahoo but I expected more.
Katie Couric on Kristin Meekhof: Widowed at 33: A Lesson in Strength and Survival:
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
From our archives: . WATCH: Katie Couric pranks James Corden on ‘Late Late Show’
Can you imagine Barbara Walters, Katie Couric or Diane Sawyer claiming 'battery' for this? Just ridiculous. .
.Maybe they’ll sign Katie Couric to be the on camera host of the show.
Katie Couric with the Handsome Men of the GH50th. Sadly all of them are no longer on the show.
“Me and Allan Kournikova in NYC getting ready to thank Katie Couric for having us on her show!
Watching Jessie Mueller on Katie Couric show - she is just 1 of the nicest, coolest chicks. Jessie, not Katie...tho im sure…
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