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Katie Cassidy

Katherine Katie Evelyn Anita Cassidy (born November 25, 1986) is an American actress who has performed in The CW TV series Melrose Place, Supernatural, Harper's Island, and Gossip Girl, and on the films When a Stranger Calls, Black Christmas, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Taken, Monte Carlo, and has roles in the upcoming film Fencewalker.

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Katie Cassidy shares her father David's last words: "So much wasted time"
25 Nov 1986:. Katie Cassidy born,. Los Angeles, California. The actress is best known for portraying...
.shares the emotional final words her dad David Cassidy said to her.
Happy birthday to these incredible celebrities katie cassidy who we all know from various tv shows as well as…
Katie Cassidy reveals father David Cassidy's last words -
Katie Cassidy reveals father David Cassidy’s last words
David Cassidy's daughter reveals his heartbreaking final words
Katie Cassidy shared that her father David’s last words were “So much wasted time.” . Do something meaningful in th…
Katie Cassidy – is speaking out after the death of her father
via | David Cassidy's daughter Katie shares his last words.
Katie Cassidy shared an overwhelming message that revealed the last words of David Cassidy after his: qua
I miss my group of senior friends from last year so much @ katie chase seth dylan ashlyn madi cassidy
Some guy told me i look like Katie Cassidy.. like please she is wayyy too pretty
We oft forget who we are and become who we shouldn't, don't want to be. Katie Cassidy shares father David Cassidy's…
Katie Cassidy shares father David Cassidy's last words: 'So much wasted time'. Shared from my Google feed
I legit had no idea Katie Cassidy was David Cassidy’s daughter.
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Had no idea that Katie Cassidy (who played Laurel Lance on is the daughter of the recently passed
Rest in peace David Cassidy. Praying for Katie and her family right now 😔🙏🏼
David Cassidy's last words - "So much wasted time". Reflect on that and don't let it be your dying thought. .
Our Newest Story (Katie Cassidy says dad David's final phrases have been: 'A lot wasted time') is being shared on…
What a profound and important legacy to leave: Do not waste time, stay connected with those you love, live your lif…
Whoever says anything mean spirited about Katie Cassidy at this time has no soul
David Cassidy's daughter Katie vows to 'never waste another minute' with loved ones via
Three days after news broke that actor and former teen idol David Cassidy had died at the age of 67, his daughter t…
Very sad that his tormenting addiction took his life, pay attention folks. He gained fame, and took his own...
So much wasted time, indeed. RIP via
My thoughts are with my friend Katie Cassidy on the loss of her dad David.
Daughter: David Cassidy's last words were “So much wasted time.”
You are an icon to so many. You have inspired a massive amount of people both as a person and as the cha…
If you don't think Katie Cassidy is the best thing to ever happen to the Arrow-verse then I don't value your opinion
I never put it together that Katie Cassidy was David Cassidy's kid. I guess the names common enough but i think it…
Katie Cassidy, David Cassidy’s daughter, has spoken out for the first time since her father passed away.
Katie Cassidy Thanks Fans for Support After Dad's Death . Katie Cassidy is speaking out for the first time since the…
Hate towards all the actresses whether it's Katie Cassidy, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Katrina La…
Danielle Panabaker, Katie McGrath and Katie Cassidy deserve so so much better than cw dctv mess and the fandoms who c…
Katie Cassidy - Laurel From TV Show Arrow. See live sex right now. Just click below and make a free account !.
This show *** I'm just watching it cause I wanna see Katie Cassidy lol
katie cassidy is one of the best actress on CW network (and the best one on arrow)
Would it be weird to wear a "Let Laurel Lance (or Black Siren) kiss girls" shirt when I meet katie cassidy this Saturday?
Katie Cassidy is that actress phew wig.
Probably because Katie Cassidy is back but "fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled a…
Katie Cassidy was a delight at SDCC. She talked about working w/ Black Siren's backstory & more https…
Sex is intimate and sacred. Your body is a temple and you shouldn't share it with anyone who thinks katie cassidy was a g…
Danielle Panabaker and katie cassidy I love them 😍😍
Katie Cassidy on a Laurel/Black Siren meeting & if she believes Black Siren can be redeemed:
Katie Cassidy should play Sable in the Triple H movie — Yes
Katie Cassidy deserves better than Arrow (the ugly *** olicity fandom) and Chris Wood deserves better than Supergirl (ugly *** SC fandom) 😩😩
He's not attending 😣 there will be:. Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, Emily, John Barrowman
Katie Cassidy is back as a series regular as Laurel Lance (which is literally true) try better smart ***
(Katie Cassidy is fantastic though, TBF - and Jackie Earle Haley deserved a better movie, he was so perfect)
I'm just realizing Michael Shanks was the Katie Cassidy of his time. Out of show, found no work, came back to show.
I'm gonna watch for Katie Cassidy. I love her so I would watch for her!
Yes please 😍😍😍 the only time I get to go to San Diego, I so wanna see my girl
Katie Cassidy in Bikini at a Beach in Miami
Please report this dude for posting hacked pictures of Katie Cassidy's private photos. It is wrong to display hacke…
I support Katie Cassidy / Dinah Laurel Lance as the Black Canary or Black Siren and if you don't agree with tha…
Katie Cassidy in a Bikini Top at a Pool in Miami - December 2015
Katie Cassidy and Emily Bett Rickards Bikini Candids - at a Beach in Miami, April 2015
We do not want another Canary if it's not Katie Ca…
Katie Cassidy Bikini Candids - at a beach in Miami, December 2015
Katie Cassidy - Wearing a Bikini at a Beach in Miami - April 2015
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Katie Cassidy Hot in a Bikini on Miami in Beach, April 2015
Counting down the weeks before we see again
Katie Cassidy Hot in a Bikini - Beach in Miami Part II, April 2015
Katie Cassidy in White Bikini on the Beach in Miami, August 2015
I really only watch the CW for Katie Cassidy. And the shows. But really Katie Cassidy.
Today's Girl is Katie Cassidy; a step in the Partridge Family world takeover. It's working.
Manu Bennett, Katie Cassidy, Katrina Law & Nick Tarabay are all returning to in the season 5 finale.
Katie Cassidy was asked what she thought of the new Black Canary. Response: hasn't seen it. . https…
any news on Dinah Laurel Lance and Katie Cassidy would be gr8
bring back Dinah Laurel Lance and Katie Cassidy.
Just a reminder that Dinah Laurel Lance and Katie Cassidy is our Black Canary. Please bring her back we 💛💚❤ her. No La…
Shout out to senior divers Katie Cassidy and Warren Aungst for winning District 2/4 Diving Championship titles today.
Three women I'd love to see in a movie/show together Katie Cassidy, Adrianne Palicki and Lauren Cohen. Ooh I lov…
Can you believe Willa Holland and Katie Cassidy are the only two Arrow cast members ever.. amazing. I love them
I so want to be there! Stephen Amell, John Barrowman, Candice Patton, Caity Lotz, Katie Cassidy, Chloe Bennet, Clark Gregg... OMG 😍😱👌🏽
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Tomorrow I'm going to be in the same room as Hayley Atwell, Anthony Daniels, Tom Felton, Jason Isaacs, Katie Cassidy, & Christopher Lloyd!
Seriously so many great people are in this? Katie Cassidy, Chris Gorham, Beverly Elliot, Chris Gauthier. Love it.
These writers are really fighting the idea of saving Laurel. No respect for Katie Cassidy. It really hurts them in the end...
You mean Willa Holland & Candice Patton? Katie Cassidy considering she's still in the credits
Wow this episode was amazing!. Katie Cassidy was so great as Black Siren. Such a badass ! ⚡️
But shut up. Katie Cassidy is coming. To Orlando. MY TIME HAS COME.
Seeing & together makes me miss Katie Cassidy even more.
Katie Cassidy flaunts her bikini body in Miami Dec
Anonymous said: I don't think Katie Cassidy would come cause if Supernatural didn't have money to keep her...
I hope they give Katie Cassidy a raise that's even higher than Amells to come back at this point tbh.
My style during the day is very casual - boyfriend jeans, T-shirts, Co...
So if Katie Cassidy just joined the cast of then the next season is gonna suck!
This episode of the Flash was proof that Katie Cassidy could've been Black Canary. just wouldn't let her ris…
She was bullied yeah,but not as bad as Katie Cassidy was,so please ignore these *** and please write for arrow :)
I know that the actress katie cassidy was insulted about her body, talking about anorexia
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Anonymous said: Katie Cassidy and Shelley Hennig had the same type of 10 years contract : had to be...
Can they switch the names at graduation so they call Katie Lynn Ellingsworth and not Cassidy Jayne Ellingsworth
Melissa Benoist and Katie Cassidy deserve the world
oh I just hated Oliver all around man. And I liked Katie Cassidy's character at the beginning of the ep but was also annoying by
"The episode also featured the first look at Katie Cassidy (previously Laurel Lance/Black Canary on the extremely inferior show Arrow)" –
LOL Katie Cassidy... That was so scream queen
My photos with Sean Pertwee, Katie Cassidy & Danielle Panabaker from @ Hilton Birmingham…
I have so many things to decide! Available for meet&greet at my con: Amy Acker, Candice King, Chloe Bennet, Katie Cassidy!
But really, imagine a perfect Birds of Prey show featuring Katie Cassidy and Jessica De Gouw... which is set in the same…
I'm so sad about the dead of my favorite character on Arrow,Dinah Laurel Lance played by the talented and beautiful Katie Cassidy
Katie Cassidy is my favourite celebrity besides Stephen Amell. Laurel Lance has inspired me of many things, she will be missed. I love you.
Laurel Lance's death scene was probably Katie Cassidy's best acting work in her role on Sadly, that's not a complement. 😂
RIP Laurel Lance. You were one of the last decent characters on . Such a sad death. I wish you the best of luck Katie Cassidy!!!
Katie Cassidy deserved better. Laurel Lance deserved better. Black Canary deserved better. GreenArrow universe deserved be…
Marc Guggenheim: Get Katie Cassidy her role of Dinah Laurel Lance The Black Canary Back on Arrow! - S... via
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"An incredible ride, a beautiful journey, Laurel will always be in my heart." - Katie Cassidy on Dinah Laurel Lance. htt…
Katie Cassidy to guest star as Laurel Lance on The Flash in May with video.
Katie Cassidy is set to appear on and
Katie Cassidy appearing as Earth 2 Black Siren makes sense but I'm thinking Mirror Master would be cooler...
Hot Shot for Katie Cassidy and Tracy Spiridakos Add extra body in"Kill For Me"
Katie Cassidy is Dinah Laurel Lance. I hope are seeing this diamond gem they have.
|| I'm Caity Lotz. Josh is Brett Dalton. Tracy is Katie Cassidy. Alexa is Natalie Portman. Taylor is Emily Bett.
who wouldn't love working with Katie Cassidy
Ashley Madekwe and Katie Cassidy at Cushnie et Ochs Fashion Show in New York - September 2015
I saw it a few days ago. Katie Cassidy and David Ramsey took pictures of it too. David is a DET fan and Katie is a TB fan.
Going to comic con tomorrow! Meeting Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, John Barrowman(again) can't wait! :)
++ to Barrowman, Neal and Katie Cassidy that he was here and later they should all grab a beer or two. The ++
"Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance and Audrey Marie Anderson as Lyla Michaels" - Guess we have another option?
Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance is what is killing for me. She makes me not want to watch the show every time she's on screen.
Great interview !! Thank you so much. Katie Cassidy is pretty amazing. Laurel Lance is such a strong character.
"I feel like she's the backbone for a lot of these characters, and she tries to see the best in people" - Katie Cassidy on Laurel Lance 😭❤
↳ pic of Katie Cassidy with Stephen Amell and David Ramsey on the set of Arrow . Sembra il giorno di Natale...
Arrow fans dont deserve Katie Cassidy and Laurel Lance
Stephen and Robbie Amell, Danielle Panabaker, John Barrowman(who I already have a picture with), and Katie Cassidy
Any chance of a "Lance Family" photo op with Katie Cassidy, Caity Lotz and Paul Blackthorne together? That would be cool!
Dear America . Can we swap Natalie Cassidy for Katie Cassidy please? We'd love u forever ! . Love . The UK.
What is with the odd Arrow connection to New Girl? First Katie Cassidy, now Stephen Amell?
'Arrow' Star Katie Cassidy Soaks Up the Sun in an Orange Bikini . Katie Cassidy takes a dip in the ocean while wea…
Katie Cassidy in Bikini at the Beach in Miami 8/07/2015
Grant Gustin would be my top choice for The Flash, Katie Cassidy for Arrow & Wentworth Miller for Legends
Dear if u'll make a movie, how about Charlie Hunnam & Katie Cassidy as Green Arrow & Black Canary? 😍😍
Katie Cassidy and Jessica de Gouw need to reunite for an epic BoP spinoff series. Because... No one does it better than…
Stephen, Robbie and Katie Cassidy are going to be in Jersey.
I wonder if Katie Cassidy thinks she's still the leading lady on 'Cause it's pretty clear the don't.
if there anyone from the Arrow cast that gets the most unnecessary hate ever, it's Katie Cassidy. period.
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Jesse McCartney and Katie Cassidy were my favorite couple back in the day. 2004-2007. 💛
Katie stares back into your eyes and smirked alittle "you are so so beautiful baby I love that from you my sweetiepie +
you are a little bigger you -Katie laughed and ran after you and then slumps into the sofa with you and giggled "love you +
Katie giggled and skips to the car "I am hyper already hehe
Katie watches you and raised her brow the gasped and laughed alittle "you cheeky cheeky devil you!!!" She swings and hits +
Katie maoned and groaned more and more "m"' Katie wiggled on you and tried to get up feeling numb now she whimoered9
Katie chuckled and breathes heavily mumbles "I love Youuu" she pushes herself down on your fingers making the most of this +
Katie relaxed alittle smirking then gasped and lifts herself up from the table gripping the end as she soon just lets her+
I love how Katie Cassidy uses her Instagram to sell things to morons.
Katie struggled and mumbles into your hand. She wiggled here and there curling her toes and everything moaning into your +
It would be amazing to see Katie Cassidy featured on
the highest/biggest contract to the show & which (SORRY NOT SORRY) Katie Cassidy. She's right behind SA. She's the costar.
remodeling our house but i still couldn't get my mind off of Chris so I was running through the house, hearing Katie Cassidy's voice
Dear whatever deity that will listen. Please let Katie Cassidy get fired. She infest this show with suck
[PICTURE] Kameron Bodaly, Katie Cassidy and Willa Holland on the set of
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zombie apocalypse: Alaina would want Katie Cassidy, Jensen, Jared, Jason Mamoa, Felicia day, misha and the president on her team
Remember how I used to HATE Katie Cassidy and Willa Holland and now I cry with happiness when they're suited up?
"Katie Cassidy, Manolo Blahnik, Rachel Zoe, Alex Pettyfer and more at the Harpers Bazaar Icons Party" :
• New pic of Katie Cassidy on the set of Arrow S4 . Black Canary and Mr Terrific being badasses and silly ❤️. ---...
'Arrow': Katie Cassidy on a 'more polished ...
Paul Blackthorne and Katie Cassidy. Sat & sun. I'm about to pay a auto on a Black Canary funko from Cassidy
• New pic of Paul Blackthorne and Katie Cassidy on The set of 4.04 of Arrow . --- Pare proprio che il nostro...
set pics: Paul Blackthorne & Katie Cassidy chill by the John Barrowman shows off ring!
Arrow - Season 4 - BTS Photo of Paul Blackthorne & Katie Cassidy by the Lazarus Pit: Loungin' by the Lazarus ...
A cerebral remake of "Le Cercle Rouge", starring Emmanuelle Chriqui and Katie Cassidy
Laurel Lance is my favorite character. Katie Cassidy portrays her so well and its great to watch http:/…
Reasons I love the movie Monte Carlo: Leighton Meester, Selena Gomez, Corey Monteith, and Katie Cassidy. 💕
Katie Cassidy, John Barrowman and Robbie Amell are gonna be there. Gonna miss not seeing them.
Katie Cassidy needs to stan for Laurel Lance & her BC legacy. Demand more agency and screen time for a 2nd billed actor of that *** show.
FOR - Emily Bett Rickards and Katie Cassidy. FAVE FOR - Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell
Little Giant Ladders
Pop of colour: Katie Cassidy, as DA Laurel Lance, covered her orange dress with a warm blue jacket  
For the record, my dislike of Katie Cassidy has nothing to do with Arrow/Laurel Lance/Olicity, and everything to do with Gossip Girl.
Katie Cassidy, Emily Bett Rickards, Danielle Panabaker & Candice Accola have been submitted for Emmy consideration for…
Now that I'm done being corny like Fritos..Katie Cassidy looks much better with brown hair on Arrow than she did with Blonde on Supernatural
stars Emily Bett Rickards and Katie Cassidy with Executive Producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg!
uchihacomplex: Katie Cassidy aka Dinah Laurel Lance is literally the best actor on Arrow and yet they...
Gonna watch The Scribbler, because Katie Cassidy, Eliza Dushku & Michelle Trachtenberg are very good reasons to do so... Plus it looks good.
Officially no longer watching arrow. Dinah Laurel Lance and Katie Cassidy you deserve better. ✌️
for Jack I really really love Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and for Leila either Crystal Reed, Katie Cassidy or Felicity Jones! And you?
Remake "Requiem for a Dream" as an action miniseries starring Lauren Graham, James Spader, and Katie Cassidy
I complain 98% of the time about the lack of katie Cassidy scenes on arrow I need help cause I shall complain about the lack of WILLA too
And Katie Cassidy has kissed her fair share of ladies on screen
.returns to Vancouver for more adventures
Katie Cassidy was cast as the main female lead of Arrow because of her familiarity & the success of the show was based off of her. Back up.
Katie Cassidy and I are sitting in an academic hall drinking alcohol and the president of the college walks by... oops
Katie Melua & Eva Cassidy - Tribute: RIP Eva - you loved singing, you didn't care much about success,but you got it.
Katie Cassidy, Laurel in ‘Arrow': Pictures of the Actress: Katie Cassidy plays Laurel/Black Canary in Arrow. T...
Inspired Style: in Cushnie et Ochs brings high to the purple carpet of the 32nd Annual Pale…
Post Edited: Red carpet interview with Katie Cassidy at PaleyFest
You can't always assume someone's gender by their name. I know two girls and one guy whose names are Cassidy.
Just listened to the Step by Step and Family Matters theme songs and Shelby, Cassidy and I remembered them completely
sat has katie cassidy and Stephen Amell. Burt reynolds and lacey chabert
i cant wait. Im going for her, katie cassidy, orton and Stephen Amell
yah know I'm not a fan of Katie Cassidy as Laurel thoughts?
Will any of the Arrow cast be there this year? Stephen Amell, Colton Haynes, Katie Cassidy would all be amazing!
Katie Cooke and Roisin Cassidy have mutual hate
I bet Danielle Panabaker and Katie Cassidy share the same acting coach. Bless Katie and her charitable acts
Katie Cassidy totally hooked Danielle Panabaker with her acting coach, why can't the rest of the Arrow cast get better smh.
Arrow's Katie Cassidy supported her beau at the this evening! Pics http:/…
This panel is epic…some of the people: Stephen Amell, Grant Gustin, Katie Cassidy, John Barrowman, David Rams…
Golden Globes fashion commentary: 1st Look Red Carpet Special - Whoa, that's quite a dress on Rosamund Pike. She gave birth Dec. 5th! Laura Prepon's dress fits her very well. I like the lacy delicacy of the necklace. Her hair is too dark for her, but I know it's black for her role on Orange is the New Black. Judith Light went from "Dallas" to "Transparent". Chrissy Tiegan - hair is too light, too highlighted. Julia Louis-Dreyfuss in white. She knows what works for her body. Naomi Watts in yellow Gucci and a Bulgari necklace. Amy Adams in grey-blue. Pretty. Gina Rodriguez in a simple black sheath. Badgley Mischka. It's classy and age appropriate, though maybe a little boring. But she's well-accessorized. She brought her eldest sister, aw. Allison Williams in bright red. Beautiful! Glittery ball gown. Layers of lace? Haven't seen enough of it, yet. Ellie Kemper in a silver beaded dress. Nice. Intricate beadwork. Whoa, Katie Cassidy! Honey, you're gorgeous, but you show boobs or legs, not both. *** ! She's . ...
insidethetube: "Every char has to earn it... She goes from avenging her sister to honoring her sister." - Katie Cassidy on Canary trac...
I did not know Katie Cassidy was David Cassidy's daughter. How did I not put this together??
Merry Merry from the cast of Arrow! David Paul Ramsey, Emily Bett , Katie Cassidy , Colton Haynes and Greg Berlanti!
First look of Katie Cassidy as Black Canary .. Coming soon on cw_arrow !!
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Willa Holland , Katie Cassidy and a fan
Yup, not to mention the fact that Katie Cassidy isn't the worlds greatest actress.
Willa Holland and Katie Cassidy were very cagey about upcoming plots. Stephen Amell? A bit less so. But only a bit.
and I want to meet Katie Cassidy, and my Bro want to meet Willa Holland, we are really serious !
SHE DID IT! She passed her Permit test! Way to go Katie Cassidy mamma is so proud of you ! Congrats I love you!
Imo Katie Cassidy needs to put on a few pounds. Srsly she looks sick. No hate.
ultra-smoakinolicity ha dicho: Hey Jen. Have you read the new quote by Katie "Who can be annoying" Cassidy?...
My tumblr is all katie cassidy and everything is good
How amazing ! Katie Cassidy is our Black Canary !
Breast Cancer Awareness
Yes, we want more Laurel Lance, and Yes, Katie Cassidy is our Black Canary! http…
"Katie Cassidy is our Black Canary amor eterno!!! ♡♡♡♡♡
Katie Cassidy is certified great looking, but she was looking a little thin in the second season of arrow.
I hope Andrea Romano will cast Katie Cassidy as the villain Cheetah in the Justice League new 52 animated movies.
I cannot imagine Katie Cassidy playing Black Canary in
I'm sorry, but Katie Cassidy's acting is so wooden.
tho i still irrationaly hate Laurel and Katie Cassidy in the role
Is propping Katie Cassidy worth losing viewers? You keep killing good characters to force her.
no def not!! no actress or actor deserves any hate like that!!! Especially Katie Cassidy
The Rise of Laurel Lance Katie Cassidy and some fans
The Hollywood Reporter - 'Arrow': Is Laurel in for a World of Hurt? Katie Cassidy on the Intense Road Ahead
Katie Cassidy's delivery of "You took the bullets out of the gun!" was the funniest comedy pilot this fall
Part 1 of ELLE's Behind the Smile series with Katie Cassidy, TV actress on Arrow and fashion blogger at...
Huge congrats to Fashionista & her stylish on their new line of glasses!
Has the road towards Black Canary begun for Laurel?
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Katie Cassidy (on Her New Line of () Glasses: I Used to Wear Just Frames with No... ht…
'Arrow': Katie Cassidy hears the siren song of the Black Canary
Laurel is like the one bad thing about Arrow..she is just so grating! and I love Katie Cassidy who plays her too so its sad
'Arrow': Is Laurel in for a world of hurt? on the intense road ahead
Wow thanks Katie Cassidy for basically spoiling a maybe massive shocker in arrow for me 😩
“Well, I guess the cat's out of the bag: (
I am now quite convinced that in 2024, we will have gigantic three hour epic DC CRISIS film starring Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, Brandon Routh, Grant Gustin, Matt Ryan, Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller, Jason Mamoa, Ray Fisher, Dwayne Johnson, Tom Welling, Justin Hartley, Ryan Reynolds, Christian Bale, Keanu Reeves, Michael Keaton, Adam West, Linda Carter, and Dean Cain, as well as the main cast members of any other DC shows that pop up between now and then, and will be made complete with posthumous cameos from Christopher Reeve and George Reeves.
or Katie Cassidy as my gf.I love laurel lance
Katie Cassidy is so different as Ruby on vs. Laurel Lance on Arrow. She was a total badass as Ruby. Hope the Arrow writers bring it out
The casting for Laurels mom is great. Alex Kingston and Katie Cassidy look related.
Katie Cassidy: Jared & Jensen vs John Barrowman” at DragonCon2014 … nice words about J from Katie and Paul
my photo op with Katie Cassidy got canceled. So now I have to get a refund
I'm sure he will, someday. At least we had Katie Cassidy, Manu Bennett, and John Barrowman a few months ago. :)
Yea its Katie Cassidy aka Ruby but Laurel Lance on You should watch it.
photos with Matt, Karen, David Boreanaz, James Marsters, Katie Cassidy and 3 with Barrowman!
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A little of everything...Katie Cassidy, The Laurel Lance Problem, EBR, Olicity and the kind of love we all...
John Barrowman, Sean Austin, and Katie Cassidy are going to be at Comic Con!
I know! Katie Cassidy, who plays laurel, was on SPN, and so was Ty Olson (Martin) lol
"We're going to see Laurel take a few big steps toward her comic book self this season. Let's just say that Katie Cassidy …
Hey, Natalie. Do you know if Katie Cassidy will be at Arrow panel tonight?
Had so much fun at Supanova this weekend. Meeting Manu Bennett, John Barrowman and Katie Cassidy from…
I know I'm a little behind, but I just watched "Taken" starring Liam Neeson. Pretty cool movie. I had no idea that Katie Cassidy (Arrow) was in it. Has anyone seen "Taken 2"?
and, yes, this happened. As John Barrowman Official was signing our photo together, he turkey slapped me with a banana. It was a *** good banana too. It was in my pocket as Katie Cassidy autographed our photo together, she laughed and said "you're so funny!"
Had my photos with John Barrowman, Ming Na-wen and Manu Bennett. Just waiting on my group shot with John Barrowman, Manu Bennett and Katie Cassidy. Cons are so tiring lol.
Enjoying Supanova in a packed convention center with John Barrowman, Katie Cassidy, Jamie Bamber and Mom
Katie Cassidy crashes John Barrowman Official's panel at the Supanova Pop Culture Expo.
"She does have a good body for a girl." - John Barrowman about Katie Cassidy
Saw John Barrowman, Katie Cassidy, Ming Na Wen, Stan Lee & Manu Bennett all in one day!! 😍😭
Stylish Katie Cassidy goes pantless revealing a cute floral bikini bottom paired with a cute blue top in a fashion shoot as the leans over a car door in the middle of the street
Genlux cover shoot with Katie Cassidy by photographer Tracey Morris. Styled by Holly Copeland. Makeup by NARS International lead artist Uzo Ukajeme. Hair by Lea…
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Stan Lee AND Katie Cassidy at supernova?! Are you actually kidding me right now?!
"So sitting in a Katie Cassidy panel in Sydney and not only did she all but confirm she will be Black..."
They're used to gracing Hollywood red carpets, but Rose McGowan and Katie Cassidy added some A-List glamour to Australia's biggest ever pop culture expo - Supanova.
I guess Katie Cassidy is mad about being asked an Olicity-related question. - forever-erica: Okay, so I see...
This time last week, I was in the middle of the reception for my wedding to Katie Cassidy. A week later, we have been to the beach everyday and just wrapped up our fourth excursion. I will be back in the states soon, but I wouldn't want to do this trip with anyone else. I love you.
Katie Cassidy ship Lauliver and she is very sure that the end is Lauliver. So I'm very happy.
"I tend not to trust people who quote rolled their ankle unquote. Because it means they didn't actually sprain it." --Katie Cassidy
Cosplayers at this point look and sound more professional than Katie Cassidy is. Also, they know when cosplay ends and real life begins.
Today I am so grateful to Juz, for spending the whole day with me at Supanova, helping me, and for holding the fort while I went and saw Stan Lee and Katie Cassidy do their Q&A panels. It was really cool to hear Stan, and although no one asked Katie about her training schedule to be Black Canary in Arrow (that's all I wanted to know!), she was interesting too… I’m so grateful to Selina for being so much fun to share space with… I’m really grateful that I got to spend some time with a lovely friend… I’m so happy I sold a few books… I was amazed and impressed by so many incredible costumes – an incredible Maleficent, gorgeous Snape and Bellatrix, impressive Death Stroke (and a cute Arrow), a regal Odin, some very cool Girl Loki and Captain America-ettes, and the cutest little girl Spidey, in the dress I coveted in adult size :-) I *loved* seeing the just-past-full moon rising as we drove twoards it on our way home - it was sooo huge, and so golden, it almost looked fake, like someone at Supa ...
2014.06.13. - Katie Cassidy out and about with Drew Lipson in Sydney
Katie Cassidy at her panel with Manu at Supanova Expo, Sydney. More pics:...
If there are gonna be new characters at least I want Katie Cassidy out of the cast..
Stars Rose McGowan and Katie Cassidy at biggest Supanova Expo ever
Just saw a photos of Katie Cassidy and thought it was Hilary Duff
Phoebe Tonkin said Julie /Karina advices about klaroline and she got hate, Katie Cassidy has her own opinion about Lauriver and she got hate
Here is the link baby. (There's no video though, so I can confirm anything lol)
him and Katie Cassidy were my perfect ship
u basically got half of it for free tho luls the Katie Cassidy panel whilst lining up LMAO
I think Katie Cassidy doesn't like 'Olicity' because she was supposed to be the female main lead but then in comes
Katie Cassidy equals lots of laughs
Day two of Supanova... And I'm grateful to Juz for looking after the stand while I went to see Stan Lee chat, and Katie Cassidy too. It was fun! xx
Had a great day at Supanova Sydney. Had to line up lots but met some awesome people. Robin Hobb and Kylie Chan were lovely. Also met Manu Bennett, Katie Cassidy, and Nicholaj Coster-Waldau. Having a photo with John Barrowman tomorrow morning. That will be the high point of the weekend.
Supernova is coming to Adelaide so hoping Rose McGowan and Katie Cassidy come here for it.
Katie Cassidy is really pretty and so much taller than me. Got her signature yesterday & she was nice :)
Just got back from Supanova and from meeting Stan Lee, Katie Cassidy, John Barrowman, Manu Bennett and it was awesome well worth waiting in line
Massive congrats to Andrew Cassidy and Katie Cassidy on the birth of little Alfie John Cassidy. Well done guys
Stars from the hit show Arrow Katie Cassidy (Dinah Laurel Lance) and John Barrowman (Malcolm Merlyn) appear on Channel 9 Mornings show on 13 June 2014, ahead...
Katie will get home probably around 11:45 and will be sleeping by 12:45... Lame ***
"Mountain View High School - where the cheerleaders Katie, Emma, and Cassidy send nudes but claim they're innocent"
Waiting in line for Katie Cassidy's photoshoot at and someone else is wearing
Katie Cassidy is way hotter in real life!
KATIE CASSIDY is here and I still can't believe it!
Video: theapplefour: Katie Cassidy & John Barrowman on Australian TV Stars from the hit show Arrow Katie...
I need tokens for supernova to meet Katie Cassidy!!
But i want one with katie cassidy too! Shjsbssjbs
I cannot wait to be at Katie's tonight
Katie Cassidy and Lauren German in a bathroom.
Ready to see the cover of the Genlux 2014 summer issue of Katie Cassidy? Reveal is at the end. Enjoy!
INTENSIVE ACTING WORKSHOP IN PITTSBURGH: John Homa and Jeff Dockweiler, Award Winning Hollywood Acting Coaches offering a 3-Day Intensive Workshop, July 25 - 27 Open to Kids Ages 7+ and Adults With a combined 25 years on film/television sets, their proven approach has produced success for a star-studded client list that includes: Kirsten Dunst, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Michelle Williams, Eric Balfour, LeAnn Rimes, Katie Cassidy, Elijah Kelly, Brie Larson, Sarah Roemer, Brittany Murphy, Conner Paolo, Stella Maeve, Evan Rachel Wood and many more. This workshop will be three intense days of lecture and scene study that will give you the cold hard truth about what is expected of you as an actor from every aspect of the film and television world and how to achieve the success you desire. It will be an action-packed, highly informative yet entertaining weekend you can't afford to miss! Sessions Schedule: Friday July 25 - 5 p.m. – 10 p.m. Saturday, July 26 - 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Sunday, July 27 - 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. . ...
I'm sorry for mistaken Katie Cassidy and Michael Rosenbaum were in the same panel. The fact is they weren't. My bad...
Was just involved in a group hug with Manu Bennett, Katie Cassidy & John Barrowman!!!
De Katie Cassidy, sur son instagram. - "I love you bed…"
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