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Kathy Lee

Kathie Lee Gifford (born August 16, 1953) is an American television host, singer, songwriter and actress, best known for her 15-year run (1985–2000) on the talk show Live with Regis and Kathie Lee, which she co-hosted with Regis Philbin.

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Camryn's mom is saying what we have all been thinking for years, "Shut up, Kathy"
Where did you get the idea to add yodeling to your list Lee
not happy with your pick..Kathy Lee had a better idea do a SENIOR show!
Happy Valentine's Day! Get ready for a VERY SPECIAL date with yours truly! by via
Who are your top three fav American mutuals? — lee kathy julie
Why aren't you day drinking with Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb?
It's 10:20 and I already want a drink this is BAD I blame Hoda and Kathy Lee
Hacking in a Dr’s office to morning TV. Nearly impossible to concentrate with Kathy Lee squawking.
On this Valentines Day, I'm reminded of the immortal words of Ellen Degeneres, who once asked Kathy Lee Gifford, "May I be Frank with you?"
When do Hoda and Kathy Lee get crack at her?
Lee Kava, from the back of the class. celebrating Kathy JK's book…
Mark Lee's "I'll work really hard doing it, for you" is so cool T___T
In-home therapy hurts! Lee threatened to call Jennifer Mashburn Hambright on me! It is in his best interest...
I'm not the only one that's deathly afraid of Kathy Lee Gifford right?
Sesame Street has taken over Kathy Lee show... and the Count, directing, just interrupted the show to count down to commercial! ❤️
No matter how old you get, you're never too old for Elmo and helping Kathy Lee and Dean Cain on
Your show on Friday was interesting until Kathy Lee,, the deplorable pervert she is, decided that Robin Needed to be as corrupt
HBD 🎉Thanks for being the Kathy Lee to my Hoda. You're pretty darn awesome. Cheers to 25, ya…
What if we regarded code not as a high-stakes, sexy affair, but the equivalent of... by via
Talking Lee into making a McDonalds run at 10:30 pm for 2 yogurt parfaits, 2 fruit and maple oatmeals (fruit on...
I mean, Kathy Lee got pummeled for the kids overseas working on her clothing line. Could their kids now be working…
killyanne is the Kathy Lee of Darkness!
Welcome to Egregious and Kathy Lee, where all the guests get Patrón on ice.
Who are you meeting when you come to the US? — hopefully lee cait jess kathy julie jaida emma pam ...
oi your "family" ain't perfect either, lee have Whitney a right belt across the face!
You're awake very early this morning Kathy Lee. I hope you slept well.
Jon Bon Jovi serves up hope for those in need by via
hello Paula!! My nephew Greg Gibson jr. Proposed to his fiance on Kathy Lee ! Please say a prayer for them. Thank u Shawn l!
Hi Kathy, lee is running 200 km of the from to & started on Friday night at 7.00
do they still sell Kathy Lee mom jeans tho? that would be the only reason i'd go.
LOL! Imitating Kathy Lee Gifford, I bet she has one of those in her office and Hoda comes and they get LIT
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I love you Hoda and Kathy Lee Gifford.I just got it.several hours after your 'GOTCHA" as the boys know.I will get you back
Im just trynna say the way school need teachers the way kathy lee needed regis thats the way i need Jesus !
don't mess with Hoda & Kathy Lee! Bad enough you have to deal with Megan but you lose them and your DONE NBC. # staples
Hey Kelly why do you need one guest host forever keep it mixed up , keeps your show interesting p.s. Regis @ Kathy Lee blah blah
Live with Kelly is about the worst day time talk show. It makes me miss Kathy Lee and Hoda and they're horrible drunks.
So Megyn Kelly gets 9am post-Today slot. The Alcoholics(Hoda and Kathy Lee) get 10-11 which was technically Billy Bush's show but u know...
I have to see Kathy Lee and Anderson Cooper
'96 in NYC for the holidays, shooting with Regis & Kathy Lee. ❄️
Interview with outfielder... (Mickey Mantle. With Frank Gifford, there. 30 years pre-Kathy Lee.)
and I think that's the most angry I've ever seen Kathy Lee. It's funny just watching her try to hold it together.
did you ever see the video of explaining escrow to Kathy Lee? It's hilarious.
Is it just me? Or is Kathy Lee starting to resemble the late Joan Rivers?
My workload tomorrow is insane. This will be me at the end of it 
MK B careful of the glass house U live N they shatter just ask Kathy Lee Gifford I'm sure UR X has plenty 2 say
You probably remember, as I do, when she was Kathy Lee Johnson on "Name That Tune."
Last time I saw someone kiss a white man's *** that much, Alex Trebek was on Regis & Kathy Lee.
If you're for women, why don't I ever see you standing net to Juanita Braddrick and Kathy Shelton?
I know kathy is messing with me , at least shes being nice.
where can I find the dress that Kathy Lee Gifford wore today? Love it!!!
Okay Kathy svetlana Lee both my hair and my man annoy YOU but you only get one.:)
So anybody out there see my videos for the Grizzly bears? You can see them on my youtube channel Jade Lee Kathy Lyons
Kathy & Lee's stunning wedding now on the blog...
just saying ladies. Kathy Lee that dress has a poorly placed flower -it's a guy thing
Side note: took everything to restrain the film nerd & NFL nerd not to correct them when they said Kathy Lee divorced Frank Gifford
some dorky *** 8 year old had a Kathy lee birthday cake to which Kathy said "is this a joke??"
For those who aren't Hispanics, this show is like the Latin version of Regis and Kathy Lee.
I want to have brunch with unlimited mimosas with Kathy Lee and Hoda.
Doing some ADR with Paul Sun-Hyung Lee for with Marcel Ramagnano and Kathy Choi Tune in to Kim's...
My daughter hasn't seen you in awhile,doesn't watch TV.She saw you and said WOW, that's Kathy Lee,she looks great!
Kathy but . Em curves How do u mange them ? 😍🤓
hmmm! But I feel surprisingly happy tho. My mood is 'frolick' lol. Big day you say? Having a baby? 😏
Actor sexy and smart as a prosecutor
The Target Lady IS Kathy Lee, it's just a before-and-after.
my God you talk about Jasper like Kathy-lee talked about Coady! My God! Please someone kill Jasper!
Was a lot better when Heenan and Rude were on with Regis and Kathy Lee, right,
Jim Cornette and Yokozuna were on with Regis and Kathy Lee the morning of SummerSlam. [9/93]
you're a Washington insider and enough with the dog that's why Kathy Lee supports you your part of the establishment
With Trump's campaign looking to find its footing, Clinton turns fire on down ballot Republicans
have stolen my kid rock hat and Kathy Lee cutout
RUMOR HAS IT: Our Necessity Bag will be on the TODAY SHOW, TODAY!!! Be sure to watch Hoda and Kathy Lee - On...
Billy Bush and Tomi Lahren will be the Regis Philbin and Kathy Lee Gifford of Trump TV.
Problems with living in an old house and watching AHS: I keep expecting Kathy Lee Bates to kill me with a meat cleaver in my sleep
kathy lee and hoda get paid to be drunk on tv. I know it, you know it, we all know it.
Kathy Lee Gifford Coins Poughkeepsie as the New Euphemism for the Big O via Big O
I strive to become the red wine drinking version of Kathy Lee or Hoda
do you really think the consumer cares about exploitation? Sure, for a min when Kathy Lee finds sweatshops. Maybe.
I added a video to a playlist Bunifa on Regis and Kathy Lee
Are you left or right handed Kathy..? 😉✋🏻
You can call me he, you can call me she, *** you can call me Regis And Kathy Lee!
Ryan said that episode seven is really the Kathy Bates show and he thinks it's the best work she's ever done in any of the sea…
Clinton on Trump's election results comments: We know 'the difference between leadership & dictatorship’
I don't think Lee killed Mason. Also Kathy Bates is Awesome!
Kathy Lee Backes of Wise Ent was asked to write a white & a black character in and she said "no."
Kathy Lee and hoda host a morning talk show, on national television, while heavily intoxicated(of course).. in 2016.. 👊
Dyn says today's "very sophisticated and complex" DDoS attack came from tens of... by via
Lee Giller & wife Kathy talk about his diagnosis & clinical trials
Lee Child, Ian Rankin, Kathy Reichs and more. This week's new books -
Jeremy Jason McCole is a parody of Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and the Barry and Cindy Sue Show is modeled after Live with Regis and Kathy Lee.
I like Savannah Guthrie... a lot. and I really tune in now to witness Hoda and Kathy Lee be wine drunk at 9am.
Susan Ringwald of Van Wert, Ohio just got called as a winner on Kathy Lee and Hoda's Today show!!
Julie and Kennedy need their own show. Kathy Lee and Hoda need to watch their backs.
I just voted for Kathy Lee to be WH Next Fitness Star SA 2016. Vote Now!
If wants to pull crazy footage go back to Regis & Kathy Lee phone in interviews .
I remember when I was in high school, when we had a sub, the kids would turn on the tv and we would watch Regis and Kathy Lee
It's fine because I watch Kathy Lee and Hoda Kotb
...or will they shake it up with 2 women a'la Kathy Lee and Hoda Kotb?
The lockbox Shane has contains Vince's sex tape from when he & Kevin Dunn hooked up with Kathy Lee & Hoda.
I love Jenna on Today and feeling in for Kathy Lee she's so open and funny. I wondered about her
Kathy Lee is too old for this show. Please replace her with Jenna Bush Hager!!!
I didn't watch Today for years when Meredith Viera was on. Yuck. A testament to my dislike for Kathy Lee is I'm glad when Meredith fills in.
Shaebee22 Our home and clash jumpers also leaked, there's no sponsor conspiracy Kathy!
and just bc I'm on the couch doesn't mean I'm not getting Kathy Lee and Hoda drunk on red wine 😬
Did you see the email? Mercy's select chorus will be on the Kathy Lee & Hoda show tomorrow morn on NBC!
CRAZIEST METH HEAD ON TV: Kathy Lee on the internet that claim to be harvested by studies are false.
If I was Kathy Lee or Hoda, Ryan would listen to me. But I'm not so he doesn't.
If Kanye let Wiz bully him into changing the title, Kathy Lee and Hoda's "meh" response going to send him into a tailspin
Answer your question?!! Get a grip on it and nobwill have a reason to be peeved Lee later!
I don't even think it is a question. Experience & memories!! I agree with Kathy Lee. Springsteen concert really? Go parent!
Church members shared this photo of Kathy Patterson & her daughters Kayla & Madeline, who died in a fire last night https:…
Colson loves watching Kathy Lee and Hoda with Mommy!
Lee Gifford yes it's a parents right
I'm on Kathy Lee side. Teachers have personal days. I did it with my children and they turned out GREAT!
I love the ladies who play kris kardashian and Kathy Lee Gifford too
Clete Blakeman was on Kathy Lee and Hoda as the . LMAO 😂😂 what?! My word people.
I don't get to spend much time at home during the day, but I now have a new dream job.. I want to be Hoda and/or Kathy Lee..
your hit ref is on Hoda and Kathy Lee this morning take a look
The last hour of the Today Show with Kathy Lee and Hoda is so unorganized it's painful to watch...
Injured myself and have been relegated to the couch. I just watched The Today Show with Hoda & Kathy Lee. Kathy Lee is still as unbearabl…
- not digging Kathy Lee's dress. Looks bizarre.
What are Kathy Lee and Hoda going to do with the cake that they destroyed? What a sad waste of food and money!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Someone tell Hoda and Kathy Lee they're doing king cake wrong. 😂
Segment on Today show called "how to keep your man interested". Drink another glass of wine, Kathy Lee.
Beyonce, is very hard to watch these days, looks like she is on crack, even Hoda and Kathy Lee were making fun of her in their own way LOL
Putting it lightly Lee! She posted every thought Kathy! Talked to Erica shes trying cut her some slack
when was playing charades on Kathy Lee and you were asked "would u do that?" And u said "yep," I laughed so hard
Turns out the "hot ref" from Omaha is on his way to New York to appear on show w/Kathy Lee & Hoda.
Ah, true.and much better when with family and friends... Ruth Lee, Lynne Klippel, Kathy Safchick,...
I liked a video from Fifth Harmony ft. Kid Ink - Worth it // May J Lee Choreography
will be watching you on Kathy Lee and Hoda tomorrow. And a few times on tour. Can't wait to see all of you.
you made the today show segment with Kathy Lee and Hoda today!
I hate Hoda and Kathy Lee because they invite professionals onto their show and then talk over them so they can't even finish their segment.
do Hoda & Kathy Lee Drink wine every morning?
Never thot I'd agree with Kathy Lee Gifford but...yes, Chicago shud be the next halftime show...cuz this one was awful.
y'all need to help Kathy Lee what's up with her vibe no good energy or comments
For instance Kathy Lee Gifford did a voice in the last episode. Crazy the people the gathered for cartoons.
where's Hoda?! Kathy Lee is talking at the super bowl!
wow Kathy Lee Gilford you didn't have to *** overboard with your celebration !
Live with Kelly and Michael really used to be Regis and Kathy Lee. Crazy
NBC couldn't find a more annoying person to fill in for Kathy Lee than Jenna Bush?
Kathy Lee and Hoda have the best jobs smh I wanna get paid to talk about stuff and drink wine🍷
Stop home long enough to eat something. Turn TV on. Kathy Lee is pounding white wine before noon. Yup, everything's as I left it.
I think I'm hanging with Kathy Lee on this one! ;)
Happy signing day 🏀📝💙 I'm so proud you , I know you'll do good things✊🏾
Not really. But that Kathy Lee wench & some other chick are like, power drinking wine.
TURN ON NBC! I'm gunna be on Kathy Lee and Hoda at 10:30ish
Kathy Lee unblocked me but my question is, why was I blocked in the first place?
I used to always love you on Hoda and Kathy Lee. Your show is great – – very funny
Listened to this kathy lee track like 34x in a row
Great night at Shiloh. Thank you Jesus with Henry Clark Nathan ClarkDonna Elliott Mann Kathy Elliott Lee Vine...
Spike Lee's Chiraq is glorifying violence, not helping it. He's exploiting Chicago and actual, real issues to make money.
NY fan here thrilled seeing him on your show getting the recognition he so deserves. Thank You Kathy Lee!!
Kathy Lee and Hoda day Jedi Knight and Yoda :DAY I love Jessica Sutta day :)
I agree with Kathy Burke. You should definitely be on tv more. I still refer to you as TV's Iain Lee anyway...
Kathy Lee calls Tuesday "Boozeday Tuesday" and Wednesday "Winesday". I haven't seen what she calls the other days
Kathy Lee and Hoda ran out to embrace him after song. One was crying. Maybe both
Kathy Lee Gifford has turned the 3rd hour of the Today Show into an offspin of the 700 Club. OMG; show needs to drop the "news" designation
That's not Kathie Lee Gifford.. Yes it is. I thought she was a red head..?. Kathy Griffin? . Oh.
Kathy Lee Gifford comes straight from walk of shame to do her standup interviews...
Kathy Lee Gifford hosts the event stone sober.
Kathy Lee gets in a fistfight with other hosts. .
Morning Joe is fkng annoying, like Hoda and Kathy Lee, ***
I think it ends at 9. Then Kathy Lee n Hoda start
Kristen Wiig as Kathy Lee is truly one of the greatest
I've never had chocolate covered popcorn lol but Kathy's right except for the raisin part 😂😂
. Two names I never wanted to hear on again: Hoda & Kathy Lee. Thanks Michael Cole.
Kathy Lee: "Like think about it, if Yeezy runs for president Kim Kardashian-West would be our First Lady" 😂😂😂
In a Lex watchin kathy lee and Regis .
If the Championship has come down to who could be on Hoda & Kathy Lee...we are in BIG trouble
I liked a video from The Undertaker and Paul Bearer On Regis and Kathy-Lee Show 1991
Kathy lee gizzard is a liar when she says she only buys her kids 1 toy each for xmas in her filth book
Thanks Kathy. Saundra and Lee are 2 of my heroes.
I think Courtney and I need our own tv show, we are way more entertaining than Kathy lee and Hoda
maybe the Japan tights, but the Kathy Lee and Arsenio tights are pro work.
So glad Griff is back. He's so funny and entertaining. It's like Regis and Kathy Lee. No Regis, well, you know.
John dies at the tv playing Kathy lee and kill everyone on in this waiting room
Pstt, Lee.? I think he meant Katy Perry not Kathy lol
I want Kathy bates and Jamie Lee Curtis in there too
Virginia was in on the snowman action with Kathy Lee this weekend... "The Mrs."!
The winners of our $25 gift card giveaway chosen by random are Patti Espinosa, Courtney LeDoux, Kathy Lee...
Click here to support Help The Turban Project by Kathy Lee Braidich
When Kathy Lee uses your butt as a foot warmer🙄
I was trying to think who Denise reminded me of after her makeover. I think Kathy Lee Crosby. For those who...
lots of older people in the audience girl! I think they think they r here to see Kathy Lee
Oh now watch it there Kathy! You know how touchy our friend is! Ha ha! Come on Lee were just razzen you man
I seen Fried Tomatoes was on but I can't listen to Kathy lee's rotten mout
"Until you experience [a miscarriage] yourself, you really don't understand the heartbreak of it." Kathy Lee Gifford
Connect with the Higher Dimensions Nov. 21, 2015. Kristina Wood and Lee Cook are amazing together!
Put this on your calendar...Next Thursday morning, Rema Webb will be on NBC's "Today" show with Kathy Lee and...
Please wangle an interview with Kathy Lee and Hoda. He'd charm the silk stockings off those two!!
Frank Gifford is telling me a couple things about Kathy Lee. 2 things. They're big. I love hearing this.
all of the DVRs at all of Shannon's vacation homes are full with Kathy Lee and Hoda episodes.
He had Rosie O'Donnel on and now Ellen so Kathy Lee isn't far behind.
❤️seeing Kathy Lee & Hoda on tonight! Brought to mind another Dynamic Duo who'd be good on the show 😘
I'm just a Kathy Lee looking for my Hoda Kotb.
well, thank you Max! First of all, I must give NO credit to my co-stars Kathy Lee and Kelly Ripa!
So on the TODAY show this morning they said Kathy Lee was away and that she had a sub in... The sub was Jenna Bush. You traded down, TODAY
I miss the days of Regis & Kathy Lee. Kelly and Michael are not even close.
on Kathy Lee and Hoda is hilarious. Probably sad I'm laughing so hard at this
.Don't sweat it, Jiffy Lube. There's nothing you can do about Hoda & Kathy Lee. Unless you were a sponsor...
Kathie Lee Gifford is a Trojan horse for conservatism. Kathy Lee keeps her politics hidden while she
yesterday Kristin Davis was on the Kathy Lee and Hoda show what channel in when is the elephant show showing ?
watching Dr Oz and Kathy Lee and Hod are on, he used the word most and they were like don't say that it's ban from our show.
Great day of worship at Park West Church with Voices of Lee-God is so great!!!
Like Kathy Lee needed Regis is the way I need Jesus
My last dying wish would definitely be to go out to the club win Kathy Lee and Hoda and stay raging until the Today Show the next morning.
you otter your mind! You're a senior you don't need to study. You're probably thinking "you otter be joking me Sabrina."
Well originally Kathy Lee outed him on Regis and Kathy Lee but I'm so glad that he's married to the one he love
Congratulations to Kathy Hornick and T. Lee DeProspero -our March drawing winners! Yay!
I just want to make sure you're not eating stuff you should be giving to me instead.
My dad also went on vacation to St. John Virgin Island's the same time Kathy Lee Gifford was there and they chatted. We Miss You!
Just woke up to Kathy Lee and Hoda Kotb yelling at me. I missed Jimmy Fallon
My dad Philip loves penguins. 1 of his favorite animals! He has met Kathy Lee Gifford. He made her alarm screens!
you don't sound drunk.. At least not Kathy Lee drunk
just called airport asked for escort to restroom. telling terminal jokes he heard on Hoda & Kathy Lee
Check my snapchat story for an accurate portrayal of The Godfather (by the one and only Kathy Lee)
I'm officially old. I asked someone if Regis and Kathy Lee still came on in the mornings
Kathy Lee and Hodda are straight up wino's
I just saw Kathy Lee giving sweet love to a cucumber on Dr. Oz
Always see the show even when it was w. Ridges and Kathy lee
Been watching Hoda and Kathy Lee... decided I like it. Amazing women.
Randomly watching Dr.Oz and Kathy Lee just said she gets pedicures in the Nile river.
GOAL: Find the Kathy Lee to my Hoda Kotb and do what they do everyday, everyday.
And Qyborn is Dr. Oz. Brienne is Rachel Maddow. Kathy Lee and Hoda are Hodor, obviously.
So I scheduled my classes at 11:30 next year so I could watch Hoda and Kathy Lee every morning but that means I can't watch Rachel 😭😭
Thank u Kathy lee and hoda for giving me relationship advice
Kathy Lee and Hoda are a mess of a morning show of all fluff and no news, and yet I can't look away.
I love how Kathy Lee and Hoda are awkwardly describing Menstrual Cups as if they're the most terrifying thing on the planet.
to appear in prime time with Diane Sawyer -- it's answer to Hoda & Kathy Lee
Kenny Chesney is gonna be on Mike and Mike this morning. That's enough of a reason to watch something else...even Hoda and Kathy Lee.
"What do you know about sweatshops?". "Kathy Lee Gifford.". "What do you know about conflict diamonds?". "Naomi Campbell"
I know it's been awhile but can Kathy Lee Gifford?.
My first comedy show tonight! Seeing Kathy Lee Gifford w/ my uncle for his late bday present lol
"Honey I'm Good" is such a catchy song. Even Kathy Lee Gifford like it and called it an…
wow..."Honey I am good" is played on Kathy Lee and Hoda just now as a song she loves!!! By Andy Grammer of course.
Damnit, Obama, get off my tv. I'm just tryna watch Kathy Lee & Hoda on the Today Show.
Wish I was on my couch watching Kathy Lee and Hoda with this morning
Don't worry Kathy Lee Gifford looks like this every time she's on TV.
Kathy Lee's face may be pulled back tighter than a 3rd grader's ponytail but her neck still looks like Courtney Love's ***
kathy lee topples untoppable mighty mug (Vine by
Mr.Lyne singing American Pie accompanied on guitar by Kathy Lee!!!💁💗
Hamilton Collection
Just ask approved questions like the interview monkey you are. I need hard hitting questions from you like I need em from Kathy Lee
actually I am dorky enough that I actually do enjoy baby pics...just not at the constant Kathy Lee level...remember that?
Dropping a piano on Kathy Lee Gifford. That would be my woman crush Wednesday.
Love Kathy Lee and Hoda, such classy ladies.
Ralph and I are kinda like a new version of Kathy Lee & Hoda
@ 1st glance I thought Kathy Lee was wearing a Yosemite Sam!
Concrete Charlie hit Gifford even harder than Kathy Lee when she found out Frank was cheating
wow wiki says he missed only 3 games in 14 NFL seasons! He pancaked Frank Gifford big time so Kathy Lee is probably a fan.
RIP Eagles hitman Chuck Bednarik. Caused more pain to Frank Gifford than Kathy Lee's Home for the Holidays CD.
Poor Frank Gifford, gets knocked out by Bednarik then marries Kathy Lee! Lose-Lose! .
First story: Kathy Lee talks abt her last ride on Frank Gifford that resulted in crash landing. Thirteen yrs ago.
Hoda and Kathy Lee are an extinction level event.
happy happy so happy Kathy Lee is back ! No more Jenna Bush Hager please - ever again
Really?!?!?. Well, she banters with Kathy Lee, who can respect that?
Hoda Kotb's name sounds like words Kathy Lee made up when she was drunk.
*** Clark, Pitbull, or Kathy Lee for New Years? Thank god for College Football
Lee Gifford said Dr. Cosby tried kissin' her;hmm...Beverly Johnson, Kathy Lee. One of these things is not like the other.Jus' sayin'
Omg! Got a chance to watch Kathy Lee and Koda. Y is it that Barry Manilow look exactly like Barbara Walters? Huh.
Love & thanks for donating to Kathy Lee, Dan Williams and You can get some love, too!
Merry Christmas to all my Peanut friends. by Kathy Lee via PEANUTS - Charlie Brown & Friends
Walked in the house and Gorge and I saw this. Kathy Lee Jarrell? Patti Tossing?
Kathy Lee- Jessy Lanza THis is the jam again and again.
make Kate's first visit to NY a great one with a visit to Kathy Lee and Hoda!
On the plus side, Grumpy Cat is a better actor than Hota & Kathy Lee combined.=-O
Kathy Griffin, Meet CNN's Top 10 Heroes: Anderson Cooper pops the question Kathy Griffin was hoping for. "CNN ...
Watch'n Raw replay w/Kathy Lee and Hoda as guest.who booked this crap.
Kathy Lee? employer of little children? evangelical?. Why didn't I make that connection before?!?!?!?!
the better question is: Will this be worse than Hota and Kathy Lee?
Princess Kate would be treated like royalty by Kathy Lee and Hoda. And have a few laughs while there!! .
The Royal family should REALLY drink wine with Kathy Lee and Hoda when they visit NYC!!!.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Big news: Kathy Lee drinks in the stall! Ok, so where does she take a dump?
Kathy Lee and Hoda said one direction and I looked to the TV so fast
Lee Brice singing Crazy Girl is the only thing you need to get through the day😍🎶
Watching Kathy Lee and Hoda is like watching two drunk moms at the Christmas party embarrassing themselves
Hota and Kathy Lee are hilariously drunk right now. Or I still am.
I am learning to love the today show. kathy lee and hoda are so hilarious
tune in at 10am to NBC's Today Show to see announced as Kathy Lee and Hoda's favorite things of all of 2014!
All I want to do is stay home from work to watch Kathy Lee and Hoda. 🍷❤️
when will Kathy Lee Gifford pose for playboy?
I sure hope Hoda and Kathy Lee share their Friday cocktails with ya
STATION VISITS!. Kathy and/or Lee have already personally visited Station A, Beachwood, Medina, North Olmsted and...
why must you and Kathy lee drink so much on your morning show? Do you really need wine at 6 or 7 am?
Arianna being interviewed in MK for Regis and Kathy Lee
I rock a vest, prestigious. Cuban link flooded Jesus, in a lex watching Kathy Lee and Regis
Chair Elect, Kathy Lee, introduces speaker Gregg Keaney of H3 Biomedicine at The…
Update your maps at Navteq
Kathy Lee & Hoda talking about your spouse keeping you awake at night.
I just watched Nick Lachey perform on Hoda and Kathy Lee. I'm in the west so probably late.
Help me out here: is it unusual that Kathy Lee is double fisting red and white, or is this just par for the course?
just heard him on Kathy lee and Hoda and it sounds like he's still going strong
I think the Kathy Lee and Hoda show is at the library next to me. Except instead of wine they're eating trail mix... Calm down ladiez
It's interesting how Kathy Lee has two wine glasses next to her this morning 😉 what a lush! 😄🍷🍷
Can Kathy Lee get more boring , every time Hoda gets her grove on she rolls her eyes, really...
Lmao I wish we could watch Kathy Lee and Hoda every morning
I love that Kathy Lee & Hoda are drinking wine at 10:00 in the morning!
ever see the video of Rick Rude chasing Kathy Lee around the set of Regis and Kathy Lee?
Why do I only see an old tape of Kathy Lee and Hoda? I'm in Chico, CA
One morning soon I'm going to book the day off and then get drunk with Kathy Lee and Hoda.
I'm just trying say the way Kathy lee need Regis they way schools needs teachers that's the way I need Jesus...
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