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Kathy Griffin

Kathleen Mary Kathy Griffin (born November 4, 1960) is an American actress, comedian, model, writer and producer.

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Kathy Griffin is apparently so dumb, she didn't know real beheadings had taken place until Rosie O'Donnell told her. http…
Kathy Griffin: ‘Not sorry’ for Trump photo - The comedian who posed with a severed head prop says she takes bac...
Then we have Madonna..Kathy Griffin...snoopdog..etc .come on...we aren't talking holy rollers here
Chelsea Handler has just pulled a Kathy Griffin! Her career is OVER...👍🏻😎 opposed to Rosie O'Donnell, Kathy Griffin, Michael Moore, Jane Fonda...and of course, BABS.
Kathy Griffin wasn't afraid to go the extra mile with her impersonation!.
Kathy Griffin's revenge will be the destruction of Hollywood's vilest power brokers. Andy Cohen is actually trash.
Excellent you Kathy Griffin should be detained & Baker Acted
It is pretty wild that people turned on Kathy Griffin on behalf of Donald Trump.
So Andy Cohen wants ppl 2 feel sorry for him now after he pulled this stunt ? I believe Kathy Griffin. Every word.
So many people overreacted with that Kathy Griffin scandal... lmfao girl it was never that serious
I love you. I love everything about you. Why did you act so gross and supposedly coy when asked about Kathy Griffin?
Because she is one. . Kathy Griffin is a moron, has always been a moron, and will continue to be a moron.…
ex . boss pretends not to. know her when asked about her. I would too. She cries misgyogynist
Kathy Griffin fires back at 'deeply misogynistic' Andy Cohen Anderson Cooper should have just kept his trap shut
Have you seen this bizarre interview where Andy Cohen pretends not to know Kathy Griffin?!
Griffin called Cohen, "deeply misogynistic,” after he seemingly dissed her to paparazzi
Let's face it, the only reason people watched that New Years show was for Kathy Griffin. Andy Cohen h…
Kathy Griffin claims Andy Cohen treated her 'like a dog' via
Wow! That was cruel what you did re: Kathy Griffin. Wow! Different impression of you now.
Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper New Years Show? Keep it. Kathy Griffin brought the ratings. Can't wait to see it flop like pancakes
Why did you act coy about Kathy Griffin
Post-Kathy Griffin gig, it felt right to unfollow AC and AC
Wasn't it wrong for Kathy Griffin for this?
is Kathy griffin a man ?? Or just ugly as *** ? I'm thinking her and Bruce Jenner should hook up !!!
Progressive Communists only another scum could love them. Kathy Coward Grif…
Check with comedienne Kathy Griffin for a referral on B (L)oom!
REALLY? Who's Kathy Griffin? I'm done with you. Pig! You are no different than any other man in power. Absolutely disgusted!
Does america owe Kathy Griffin a hacksaw? arc of the universe something something
See, you can get away with this and Kathy Griffin couldn't because you don't show yourself holding the lightsaber...
Shady Andy Cohen pulls an "I don't know her" when asked about Kathy Griffin via
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Am I the only one who cares more that they used “disses” than about Kathy griffin or Andy Cohen?
Everyone else knows who Kathy Griffin is! Wonder if everyone knows who Andy is?
ICYMI: Kathy Griffin slams Andy Cohen as 'deeply misogynistic'
Kathy Griffin slams Andy Cohen as 'deeply misogynistic'
Andy Cohen treated me like a DOG Kathy Griffin. sorry Kathy you are no way close to a dog YOU are a dog turd .
Kathy Griffin v Andy Cohen Beef is now circulating. I know he is the God of Housewives but who do you side with?
Andy Cohen, who worked closely with Kathy Griffin at Bravo for years, pretends he doesn't know who she is when asked by TMZ. ht…
Andy Cohen throwing shade at my good sis Kathy Griffin!? Wow! Bye Andy!
is that Kathy Griffin or the Nazi lead from Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade?
Kathy Griffin slams Clooney and Damon "Every network and studio boss behaves like this & everyone covers for them"
Kathy Griffin and Lisa Bloom take the gloves off for a public war of words
Kathy Griffin now blames her lawyer Lisa Bloom for that idiotic circus of a press conference! 😂 VIDEO:
A poop stool doesn’t even want to be associated with Kathy Griffin now...
Kathy Griffin's message to Australians ahead of the marriage equality postal vote.
Kathy Griffin has ugly break with her lawyer over beheaded Trump pic. I Think He Broke Her.…
'Pls stop calling me': Kathy Griffin lashes out at attorney Lisa Bloom via
I never thought Kathy Griffin would ever make me laugh, but this is HILARIOUS!
I’d rather watch a Kathy Griffin stand up! Jk! That’s not happening either!
Dear Kathy griffin, please go away and hide somewhere so we don’t have to see or hear any more of you! 👍🏻
How do people like Kathy griffin or think she is funny? The Woman is literally cray cray.
Kathy Griffin asks lawyer Lisa Bloom for refund after Trump head photo incident.
Oprah. Ellen. Sarah Silverman . Amy Schumer. Kathy griffin. All unmarried with no sons. Maybe that's why they have contempt fo…
Kathy griffin, the epitome of psycho "bish".
& are having the delightful horror creature that is Kathy Griffin on the sho…
Jokes??. U don't joke about killing the President . Add this to the other threats. Kathy Griffin has ideas
The way Carlton are going, Kathy Griffin could get a game.
Kathy Griffin lashes out at attorney Lisa Bloom: Kathy Griffin has seemingly cut ties with…
Holding a likeness of someone's severed head just screams "no ill will". But the biggest lie here is saying Kathy G…
Oh — and Squatty Potty dropped you after your beheading stunt .
Attorney-client privilege breach right here, this is State Bar level stuff if Kathy Griffin wants to pursue it.
MailOnline: Kathy Griffin lashes out at attorney Lisa Bloom
Kathy Griffin asks lawyer to stop calling after Trump head photo
Could any woman be more disgusting and repulsive than Kathy Griffin? I hope not ...
Kathy Griffin & Lisa Bloom are about that life... 😩.
Come check out the Kathy Griffin suite at Hotel Triton! The comic teamed with sidekick Mike…
If Donald Trump and Mike Pence can joke about beheading *** why can't Kathy Griffin joke about beheading Donald Trump?
needs to admit that Kathy Griffin is at least as funny as
Grammy Voters, don't let Kathy Griffin get Dixie *** d!.
I still think if you crossed Bill Maher and Carrot Top, you get Kathy Griffin 😕
Gloria Allred files a lawsuit against Trump. This creep worked for Kathy Griffin & Harvey Weinstein. A lawsuit should be filed against her.
Mike Pence wants to hang an entire demographic based on their sexuality but Kathy Griffin holds a fake severed Trump head, and America riots
Andy Cohen will replace Kathy Griffin on CNN’s New Year’s Eve show
Andy Cohen to replace Kathy Griffin for CNN New Year's Eve special
Used to listen to Scully, Joe Morgan and Jon Miller. Listening to these people now is like going frm Halle Barry ->Kathy Griffin
Kathy Griffin to Colin Kaepernick: 'Proud of you' for your activism via the Android appb
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Kathy Griffin to Colin Kaepernick: I'm proud of you for "leading the way"
Open to discussion? Logical? *** you're way funnier than Kathy Griffin. Liberal humor cracks me up.
I feel like Kathy Griffin is that annoying, lonely, loud, pathetic 'Aunt' of the family that refers to her cats as 'kids'
Kathy Griffin is so washed up and nasty she may as well be a used ***
thank you for getting Trump elected another term you *** thank you
kathy griffin aint sorry no more and SHE HAS HAD IT! we have decided to stan forever!
I've got one character that describes Kathy griffin 💩
I added a video to a playlist Kathy Griffin - Deep Fried Buter!
Kathy venue will hire her, she's an embarrassment and now she's reduced to getting excit…
Kathy Griffin blaming Trump that she was an easy target. I said no...she's an ***
I don't need 280 characters to tell Kathy Griffin to take a long walk off a short pier.
Kathy Griffin is an influencer?. I find that highly offensive. She has a vulgar, disgusting and depraved sense of humor. So do you.
I liked a video Tomi Lahren COMPLETELY UNHINGED over Kathy Griffin!
Like Crooked Kathy Griffin lost the popular vote, too.
I have 4 words for Kathy Griffin unemployment line.
Kathy Griffin: ok, you've sold four tickets in Helsinki and Australia...…
Kathy are emulating Hillary, the Queen of DeNial. Don't make it any worse. You sound desperate and…
.Jamie Foxx stands up for Kathy Griffin: 'Don't kill the comedian'
“Cutting but not cruel,” says he makes his comedy truthful, but not as controversial as Kathy Griffin https…
Looks like Halloween already started for Kathy Griffin. Scary look. 😱
Kathy Griffin's acute case of extreme stupidity doesn't appear to be letting up anytime soon.
🙄 suffers from the same ailment that Hillary I Blame Everyone But Myself Clinton does!.
CEO Jeff Mezger on earnings call re Kathy Griffin: "I regretted the incident immediately and I have apologized for…
playing the victim card. Still a wanna be has been.
Legal news blog: Executives Behaving Badly: Can CEO be Fired for Kathy Griffin Hate Speech?
"But the better way to look at it might be this: Few others in America would even think of doing that."
KB Home CEO talks Kathy Griffin dust-up on earnings call via the Android app
- Let's not forget this POS and how her career tanked. NFL would be wise to pay attention.
.'I didn't do anything wrong' with Trump beheading photo shoot
Reducing wrongful termination claims risk, in light of a CEO's expletive-ridden rant directed at   10% Off
KB Home cuts CEO’s bonus as punishment for his profanity-laced rant at neighbor Kathy Griffin.
Wow, you're really out of touch with reality!
Has anything happened to maddonna or kathy griffin?
Congrats to Kim Jong Un for overtaking Kathy Griffin as the 2020 DNC front runner for POTUS
Kathy Griffin: Donald Trump is 'messing with the wrong redhead' via GO KATHY!
Comedian Kathy Griffin was verbally assaulted by neighbor Jeffrey Mezger, CEO of KB Homes
The CEO of KB Home was recorded yelling a series of sexist and homophobic slurs at Kathy Griffin
You are such a loser. Great to see you get what you deserve after dishing out that disgusting image of President Trump.…
Atheist Kathy Griffin attacking children for years calls police on his 3 grandkids to loud!…
Hey I support Mezger and his response to Kathy Griffin and boyfriend-homey. KBHome builder by my standar…
poster-child for . Leadership of public company is 24/7/365 gig.
Crazed liberal comedienne/actress Kathy Griffin’s hellish year continues to play out in an ugly manner, now she...
LISTEN: Shocking audio of Kathy Griffin's neighbor screaming at her and her boyfriend.
Well what about Kathy Griffin publicizing a picture of her beheaded the POTUS?
Ur worried about a Jimmy Kimmel quote? Look at sh** in office lik…
CEO of KB Home unleashes screaming, profanity-laced tirade at neighbor Kathy Griffin
Reminds me: Kathy Griffin is hiding in fog now. Her Trump 'art' was a way 2 leave Hollywood w…
He also mocked her for being bald. Griffin shaved her head in solidarity with her sister, who was fighting cancer …
Bel Air is not the classy neighborhood I imagined!
CEO blasts Kathy Griffin for calling cops on grandkids.
How can get so upset over a video like this. Oh, but it was ok when Kathy Griffin held up a head…
Poor It's not fair when people are mean to you for no reason is it? Welcome to your creation.
Kathy Griffin’s multimillionaire CEO neighbor attacks her with antigay & sexist slurs
Am a Fl real estate broker and Mr Metzger has shown cruelty to Kathy Griffin after her recent loss +knows the code of ethics
Kathy Griffin ripped by millionaire neighbor in potty-mouthed tirade she is one big b*
CEO of KB Home calls Kathy Griffin a "bald d**e" and "c**t" on tape via
Everyone who hates Shep Smith on my page also agrees Kathy Griffin should cut her *** off plus Bill Clinton statue going t…
Wow...those were some colorful words. How would you have reacted?
Jeffrey Mezger needs to be fired for inflicting vulgar verbal abuse on Kathy Griffin after loss of sister days ago..shocking!
😂😂KARMA BABY Millionaire CEO slams neighbor Kathy Griffin in potty-mouthed tirade after cops called on his grandkids http…
CEO’s sexist tirade against neighbor Kathy Griffin was caught on tape
I'm certain that Steven King called out Kathy Griffin when she pulled he beheading stunt, right Steven Ki…
Taylor, it not a real thing that happened just like Kathy Griffin who held…
Remember how the right-wing had a meltdown when a comedian (Kathy Griffin) shared a violent image of Trump? Where's the outrag…
Bob Lemon told Kathy Griffin she had a nice rack on that network like a year ago. None of you said boo. Save your…
CNN’s non-news hosts have a serious hate problem with President Trump, from Kathy Griffin to Reza Aslan, and ...…
CNN showed Kathy Griffin doing the Ice Bucket Challenge in the nude , I believe, last New Years Eve
Why does Carrot Top have a Kathy Griffin header?
Hey how did you not faint when Kathy Griffin said nipple & Don Lemon got his nipple pierced live on TV? https:/…
CNN must be consistent. They fired Reza Aslan and Kathy Griffin, Bourdain should be fired too.
1. Not all those journalists work for ESPN, maybe? . 2. Reza Aslan was fired by CNN. . 3. Kathy Griffin was fired by…
has the market on hateful, murderous employees...Bourdain, Kathy Griffin & Reza Aslan come to mind but ALL hav…
Why was Kathy Griffin, madanna, senator, Ashley Judd, Anthony B, Michael Moore an many others not arrested for what they said?
-- Does still have shows on CNN? If so, he should go the same way as Reza Aslan and Kathy Griffin
I thought we have freedom of speech I guess there are stipulations?? You have to be Kathy Griffin or Robert Dinero etc
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Kathy Griffin lost her job and career over a Trump joke. In India opposition burns effigies of Modi to applau…
🚨Aww Terrorist propagandist Kathy Griffin: I'm no longer friends with Anderson Cooper
Kathy Griffin coming to Australia, no thanks - stay home 👎🏻 .
Why is Gov't allowing Kathy Griffin a Visa into AUS ? the person who poses w/ fake severed head of Pres…
Boycott this *** shows. Kathys only here to make up her loss of earnings.
Kathy Griffin talked to about Trump, and how she refuses to bend the knee
If Kathy Griffin said she were no longer friends w/me, I'd b upset? Y???
"Laughing Your Head Off - Kathy Griffin thinks this headline will make for successful tour. Pedes we know what to …
Kathy Griffin still being vilified? It was ill move but no, she doesn't deserve to be blacklisted meanwhil…
Fantastic piece on by A personal tale but also telling insights about women in "the biz."
Comedian Kathy Griffin hits back over Donald Trump photo via OMG. Disagree with a lefty U…
SHE NEVER WAS . is 'no longer sorry' for the controversial bloodied Trump head photo v…
Why bother paying money to see this left wing ***
Kathy Griffin was just on the morning program here in Sydney () and made a fool of herself. . She is an unfunny ***
Why would anyone want to even listen to Kathy Griffin. She's history!
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Isn’t Apologizing Anymore via She should have never apologized.She did nothing wrong.
We talk Trump, New Years and more with ahead of her Aussie tour:
'You're full of crap': Kathy Griffin lashes out at Samantha Armytage on Sunrise
It was who called Kathy Griffin and told her she had to take the picture down and apologize . My Story:
Kathy Griffin says her friendship with Anderson Cooper is over due to Trump beheading photo scandal:
*** (supposedly a) Comedian Kathy Griffin coming to Finland in November 2017…….
Here's what told me about the people who say she hasn't apologized enough to Trump. . My Story:
Aussies set to boycott unhinged Kathy Griffin who unleashed on a morning show anchor ahead of Australian tour. https:…
Sooner have Samantha than Kathy Griffin she isn't funny anyway
This disturbing email that received, it's from CBS Corporation board member Arnie Kopelson. . My Story:
Kathy Griffin: I&no longer friends with Anderson Cooper
I don't know who's less entertaining Amy Shumer or Kathy Griffin
IMO the Kathy Griffin photo went too far, but this is a fascinating piece and well written/reported. Reminds of…
It would be good if, as a country, we could get to the point where both Ted Nugent & Kathy Griffin were run out of town as…
Kathy Griffin gets investigated by the FBI while Ted Nugent is invited to the WH, & Roger Stone makes violent threats against us.
Um, no. Kathy Griffin's stunt is hardly "you liberals". Just as Ted Nugent's rant isn't "you conservatives".
Kathy Griffin is probably still jobless.
Kathy Griffin shows off shaved head in group shot with Kris Jenner for Melanie Griffith's birthday
Sean Hannity just argued Kathy Griffin and Johnny Depp present clear and credible threats against the president.
Acosta is about as relevant and as interesting as Rosie O'Donnell, Kathy Griffin, Kim Kardashian,…
Let's see call out David Duke or Richard Spencer like he has Rosie O'Donnell or Kathy Griffin. I can wait.
Trump has condemned by name: Snoop Dogg, Kathy Griffin, Rosie. Yet refuses to condemn by name: Richard Spencer, Nazis, White Supremacists.
Chelsea Handler, Kathy Griffin and Amy Schumer are the holy trifecta of unfunny and n…
So Ashley Judd, Madonna, Michael Moore, Kathy Griffin ect have zero influence and re…
Pictures of Comedian Kathy Griffin with a bald head are circulating the internet, but so far she's not given an...
Kathy Griffin cuts the price of Her Hollywood Hills home | Sorry . No 1 wants a house…
Why is the media is calling Kathy Griffin a comedian?
You hate me? Really? I'm... broken. You broke me. Just like Trump broke that unfunny Jewy hag "comedian" Kathy Griffin 😥
In this video I do a celebrity psychic reading (Tarot reading) on stand-up Comedian Kathy Griffin. Kathy Griffin...
Kathy Griffin: "One news cycle killed my career.". Scaramucci: "I made one stupid phone call and it was all over.". Acosta:…
When Trump incites, it's explained that he's "joking." When the Comedian Kathy Griffin jokes, she's investigated by the…
Kathy Griffin actress and b list comedian who has a net worth of $20 million dollars
TV personality and Comedian Kathy Griffin recently shaved her entire head. Here's why ...
Kathy Griffin: "I destroyed my career from a video on social media.". Jim Acosta: "Hold my beer.".
Thing is, what Kathy Griffin did, wasn't a "joke.". Don't classify it as such because she's a "comedian."
My dude James here cried for hours because he also thought the Kathy Griffin severed trump head photo was real.
More head news w/embattled Comedian Kathy Griffin: she shaves head to support sister's battle with cancer via
Actress and Comedian Kathy Griffin shaves her head in support of her sister, who's going through
Whatever mistakes Kathy Griffin has made, and we all have made mistakes, I can confirm this is real and wish her and her sis…
Tiger Woods: Watch me destroy my career. Kathy Griffin: Tiger, hold my beer. Bill Maher: Amateurs. Watch this, y’all. M…
Anderson Cooper says he's 'still friends' with Kathy Griffin, hopes she 'bounces back' via
The pic was disgusting & tasteless. However, compared to what Trump is doing to our country, it's nothing! IMO!
Any chance she's being investigated for being called a comedian for this long? That's the real crime.
Kathy Griffin: I've been "completely exonerated" in federal investigation of beheaded Trump photo h…
She had nothing to be exonerated for in the first place.
Isn't Chelsea overdue for her yearly rehab? I hear her buddy Kathy Griffin is coaching her.
The investigation surrounding Kathy Griffin's controversial Donald Trump photo shoot has been concluded.
Kathy Griffin "completely exonerated" after Secret Service investigation via
Kathy Griffin "completely exonerated" after Secret Service investigation
They laugh like Hillary did. They can do no wrong. Ask Bill Cosby then talk to his Victims and see how they're doing
Whew...that's a weight she can go back to being someone known for being unfunny that nobody cares about.
kathy griffin CNN I bet he gives them $ the man that doesn't apologize & that curses on Campaign, Rips others apart, Acts like a bully
© The Associated Press FILE - In this June 2, 2017, file photo, Comedian Kathy Griffin, left, listens as her...
Kathy Griffin, is apparently having a hard time selling her home. . Property value drops, after there is a death in a house…
Comedian cuts the price of Her Hollywood Hills home.
If you had a problem with Kathy Griffin's photo, you'd better have a bigger problem with Trump inciting violence.
In other utterly uninteresting worthless news today...
We have word that John McCain will be joining Kathy Griffin in creating the new "I committed political suicide to troll…
I'd tell the democrats to leave Barron Trump out of this, but what Kathy Griffin already did to him is unforgivable.
She wants to replace Kathy Griffin for rockin new yrs eve.
Kathy Griffin lost her *** mind. Johnny Dep is drug addict drunk.…
Kathy Griffin said it's full RWNJ now because Harvey Levin sold out to Trump
Tyler Shields and Kathy Griffin created one of the best pi…
Kathy Griffin: 'I beg for your forgiveness' for gruesome anti-Trump photo shoot You're forgiven.
Kathy Griffin apologizes for photo shoot with bloodied Trump mask, says she 'went too… ➜…
But you guys don't mind lying, you didn't find anything wrong with what Kathy Griffin and…
Kathy Griffin: My shows are canceled for doing something stupid. George Lopez: Hold my beer - wait let me drink some more first!
Linda Sarsour needs a visit from Secret Service, exactly like what happened to Kathy Griffin. Both are threats against T…
Right. You finally got it. Kathy Griffin is good. You and I are bad! Not just bad, but BAD. REALLY BAD!
What burns me up about Kathy Griffin is she made herself the victim.
Kathy Griffin is the woman in Pulp Fiction who tells Marcellus Wallace she'll sue the "crazy *** who hit him."
Kathy Griffin discovers what she did is not funny.
Under Obama Kathy Griffin would be given a medal of honor
Can't wait for to pull a Kathy Griffin and blame their collapse on Trump .
So high on cough mixture right now, i’ve had to put a photo of Kathy Griffin as my phone wallpaper to remind me not to do anyt…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Boxing GIF that has CNN irate proves they are mentally ill... they came out in full force to protect Kathy Griffin's Trump b…
Kathy Griffin: Hey, look at my Trump art!. Hold my beer.
as they say in the biz: Kathy Griffin can't even get arrested.
stop showing pics of Kathy Griffin!!! Don't give her the air time. Only discuss how awful she is. No pics!!
Kathy Griffin was reportedly interrogated by the Secret Service for over an hour:
Kathy Griffin shouldn't be prosecuted, not for 1st Amend reasons, but because it'll give libs a martyr to rally round.
Anyone who did not protest pictures of a hanging Obama on social media 8 years ago, shut the F up about Kathy Griffin plea…
CNN with Kathy Griffin:"Let's wait to see if we should fire her". CNN with meme:"Let's blackmail the owner of that meme ASA…
If Kathy Griffin is investigated and well she should b what abt Madonna who threatened to blow up the White House ?
Watch the same people that said Kathy Griffin's stunt was inciting violence say that Trump's stunt isn't.
Why did CNN threaten a private citizen for a meme faster than they fired Kathy Griffin for mock-beheading the president?
guest if a Republican had done to Obama what Kathy Griffin did, US cities would still be in recovery mode from riots & lootings.
I'm guessing.and it was the Secret Service and not the FBI, I made a mistake...but you KNOW Kathy Griffin was scared lol
Kathy Griffin was spoken to by Secret Service... where is the resistance cheering her on? Nowhere. She was just a pawn for them. Like others
Secret Service interviewed Kathy Griffin for an hour, guaranteed she cried.
I bet Kathy Griffin kept saying "He ruined me!" the whole time while being interviewed by the FBI.
Keep in mind the same people who were outraged at a gif of Trump&CNN were defending Kathy Griffin holding a bloody Trum…
The Secret Service reportedly interviewed Kathy Griffin about her Trump severed head photo
One reporter says Kathy Griffin was interviewed for "over an hour"
Huckabee: Secret Service agents in "de-tox" after interviewing Kathy Griffin
Secret Service interviewed Kathy Griffin for 1 hr; they needed more time, but that's all they could stomach; Agents in…
Secret Service interviewed Kathy Griffin for an hour, making it the longest anyone has ever sat through a Kathy Griffin…
Kathy Griffin interviewed by Secret Service over beheaded Trump photo: report
Let's see, we have plays depicting assassination, Kathy Griffin, a le…
Federal Agents Just Paid a Visit to Kathy Griffin — And Grilled Her for Over an Hour
Look George Constanza, if Kathy Griffin's photo didn't incite this exact call to action from you, the…
I agree that Kathy Griffin can express herself and Bill Maher and Johnny…
Like the visualization Kathy Griffin provided recently?
Kathy Griffin should be in Prison right now, after what she did…
Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Lance Bass are my generation's Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper.
Bet a big jelly donut Barron never saw the Kathy Griffin thing, but he has seen his dad behave lik…
Considering how upset Barron was over the Kathy Griffin thing, he must be very upset to see his dad being so vile & bullying a woman online.
Watching Juan Williams say CNN "made a mistake" is equivalent to saying Kathy Griffin was misrepresented in her video.
Look how fast Kathy Griffin got fired & Brian Williams got demoted for relatively minor infractions compared t…
Kathy Griffin is high on dope right now. Gary Johnson is high too. Hillary Clinton is angry..and drunk. Al Gore thinks he's right. He's not.
Entertainers I no longer watch:. Robert DeNiro. Kathy Griffin. Martin Sheen. Ashley Judd. Johnny Depp (never did). Madonna. Meryl Streep. Others?
Kathy Griffin, Snoop, Bow Wow, Robert Deniro, Depp, Madonna, etc. No Rick you're right Hollywood isn…
Kathy Griffin: I ruined my career, no one can ever screw up as badly as I did. Reza Aslan: Hold my beer!. Johnny Depp: Mind i…
Kathy Griffin & Johnny Depp send an urgent & cryptic message to Hollywood. "IxNay on the AssassinationWay of EsidentPray…
Tennessee?. Was this a joke sign?. Because the joke is Kathy Griffin levels of terrible. Also, Rick Tyler sounds like a D-Bag…
CNN is Reza Aslan . CNN is Kathy Griffin. CNN is Donna Brazile. CNN is Fareed Zakaria . CNN is Van Jones . CNN is Anti…
Don't know who you are but can you give me examples of when the anti-Trump movement went high? Was it Kathy Griffin, Snoo…
Time Warner CEO on 'Julius This is the trouble, Crap like this allowed to go on, Kathy Griffin, All Dem. rep
Kathy Griffin, the late Joan Rivers, Lisa Lampanelli, Sarah Silverman and Amy Schumer are my favorite female comedian…
Kathy Griffin & Stephen Colbert,. After are you starting to figure out why inciting hate (in the guise of comed…
Michael Moore, Madonna, Kathy Griffin, and James Hodgkinson all outspoken lefty liberal activists.
NEWT: "There's an increasing hostility on the left," including Kathy Griffin and the play that assasinates Trump.
Jerry Seinfeld Empathizes with Kathy Griffin in the Wake of ‘Bad Joke’ About Donald Trump via Their Fathers?
Central Park Ides of March (Stabbing of POTUS),Kathy Griffin with POTUS bloody head…
Somebody give Kathy Griffin and the producers of Julius Caesar a towel they need...
Yes I'm sure the D.C. shooting is the fault of Chuck Todd, Kathy Griffin, and Julius Cae…
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