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Kathy Burke

Katherine Lucy Bridget Burke (born 13 June 1964 in Camden, London, England) is an English actress, comedienne, playwright and theatre director.

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Wonderful to see Oscar Wilde’s Lady Windermere’s Fan in the West End tonight. Directed by the ultra-talented Kathy…
Attorney Bill Burck, in the course of representing one client (Bannon) was contacting another client (McGahn) to determin…
I've been wanting to draw her for ages and send it to Kathy Burke. I hope I have done her justice. Linda La Hughe…
Good question. Yes I get you-words are just letters that make sounds. It’s the…
Just when u think u couldn’t love Kathy Burke any more than you already do.
Words aren't and cannot be misogynist. Intention and context is all. Kathy Bu…
⬇️ would be the reply if Elsa was played by Kathy Burke in the inevitable live action remake.
Have you listened to Adam Buxton's pods with Kathy Burke? They are fantastic
Yeah, he was great. Richard Osman is still the king of guests, though I’ve high hopes for Kathy Burke…
Kathy Burke. Olivia Coleman. many more but this is w…
I love Kathy Burke but I just can't get into this. Don't know why..
Lady Windermere's Fan - A Live Broadcast from The National Theatre is with us on Tuesday 20th March 7.15pm directe…
I thought Kathy Burke was his sister not whoever the actress who plays big Mo
Pauline McLynn as Mrs Doyle. Caroline Ahearne in everything she did. Jennifer Saunders likewise. K…
I feel a Kathy Burke moment coming on.
Lady Windermere's Fan - Kathy Burke directs Jennifer Saunders in this revival of Oscar Wilde’s artful society comed…
Agreed. I have mentioned this to Victoria Blunt, who is in the current Lady Windermere
Kathy Burke could tell Daddas to eff off in Latin and it would still be hilarious 👌🤣😂
Oscar Wilde’s Lady Windermere’s Fan is now playing at the Vaudeville Theatre, directed by Kathy Burke and guest sta…
Kathy Burke's accent isn't quite as strong as that I don't think.
only one I find amusing is Aisling Bea and the only other *** funny woman they’ve had on eight out of ten ca…
V excited to be seeing Lady W’s Fan tonight, starring the incredible Jen Saunders, directed by talented Kathy Burke…
Kathy Burke on Adam Buxton's podcast recently was wonderful.
He said “you’re Kathy Burke”. She relied “yeah”. He recovered and said “you’re cool” and walked away before she could answer 😂
Ad: Director Kathy Burke has assembled the comedic cast of Jennifer Saunders, Samantha Spiro and Kevin Bishop to br…
Cause we all need a bit of in our lives, and it's Friday. Great interview from in
You should have stuck him in your pocket and taken him home! I can see why you didn't include Sid and Nanc…
Same, just wasn't interested. Then last week I heard Kathy Burke raving about it on an ol…
Memorably spoofed by Harry Enfield and Kathy Burke via Wayne and Waynetta not long after the ser…
Harry Enfield & Kathy Burke are absolutely brilliant in Kevin and Perry Go Large! Can’t bel…
Anna Friel and Kate Beckinsale in it please. Kathy Burke as the canny gang leader. B…
Hamilton Collection
Just finished 'My Name is Leon' by 👏👏👏👏 - great story, sad, but left me with hope for the likes of Leon.…
Now I know ... Henry's spirit animal is a pug Beth Burke-Rudd
Having given the matter a second’s thought I’m now convinced the reason Winston Churchill’s so difficult to cast is…
I knew there was a reason i liked Kathy Burke 😘
Watching It's a load of *** but Kathy Burke's in it, so what else do you need?
Lady Windermere’s Fan, directed by Kathy Burke and guest starring the inimitable Jennifer Saunders, comes to the Va…
The Kathy Burke ones are absolutely the best ones. She needs her own podcast.
I love her, but still, just imagine Kathy Burke...
Joanna Lumley presenting the Baftas? . I'd sooner it was Kathy Burke if I'm being honest.
Kathy Burke. Grace Jones. Uma Thurman. Madonna. Jenny Eclair. Lil' Kim. Kitten Lady but only if she brings kittens. Tina F…
The strange, sad story of Adam Deacon: 'I started thinking, will I ever act again?' Kathy Burke, what a woman.
Enjoyed The Retreat at the Park Theatre by Peep Show's Sam Bain directed by Kathy Burke, a very well played three-h…
Adam Buxton and Kathy Burke enthused about this on his podcast. I’m guessing 3 & 5 might be a *tad* too young?
After last night's mess I say keep Jo Brand but ditch the chaps for Sue Perkins, Dianne Abbot, Kathy Burke and Victoria Coren
The Cats does Countdown lineup on 4Seven right now is Bob Mortimer, Johnny Vegas, Kathy Burke & Roisin Conaty. National treasures all.
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The episode of 8 Out Of 10 Cats with Bob Mortimer, Johnny Vegas, Kathy Burke and Roisin Conaty is on 4seven right now. Terrific line up.
I bloody love Kathy Burke. SHE READ MY BOOK! This is one of my favourite quotes. . Order it here now
Lady Windermere's Fan, directed by Kathy Burke and starring Jennifer Saunders, opens at the Vaudeville in January!…
Timothy Spall as Turner tied to a ships mast. With Christopher Lee, Nana Miskouri, Rik Mayall and Kathy Burke on th…
Samantha Spiro, Kevin Bishop and Jennifer Saunders are set to join director Kathy Burke for Lady Windermere's Fan
NOW ON SALE! Lady Windermere's Fan directed by the fantastic Kathy Burke starring the wonderful Jennifer Saunders!…
I see Kathy Burke didn't get the day off for the funeral.
Hungover and watching AbFab. Kathy Burke's character is inspirational. Going to order takeaway now as well, shiny.
And of course, I loved his "oh, there's a dog" when one did actually appear. Also loved Kathy Burke on Katherine McCormack's feet
I only watched Eight Out Of Ten Cats Does Countdown for Kathy Burke and John Cooper Clarke. Such a test of patience.
I'd absolutely love to meet kathy burke
I hope you're joking. Kathy Burke is amazing xx
Jo Brand for the face of the Bank of England, and Kathy Burke to replace the monarch. Possibly for re…
Too right there is, I found the Kathy Burke ep the other day 👍🏻
Yep the truth hurts- he needs an underclass to feel good.
She reminds me of a Kathy Burke character
Sorry, Mathias thinks you're a leftie filling their hea…
Anyone any good source for Walking and Talking? Looking for Kathy Burke episode specifically. Tanks.
Kathy Burke having a basket of sanitary products as a mascot on is the best thing on TV tbh
for some reason wasn't happy with the girls Kathy Burke and Roisin Conaty, from reading her mind source
Dr John, Kathy Burke and Johnny Vegas on 4/10 cats, the unicorn of line-ups 😍
Watching 8 out of 10 cats does countdown got Roisin Conaty Kathy Burke Johnny Vegas and Bob Mortimer on it
Kathy Burke, Bob Mortimer, John Cooper Clarke, Johnny Vegas & Roisin Conaty. This could be the best episode ever!
Even on 8 Out Of 10 Cats Kathy Burke is a god.
I could listen to Kathy Burke saying 'consonant' and 'vowel' all day.
why does everyone treat Kathy Burke like a comedy genius when she's really just a chav who got lucky?
Bloody loved Kathy Burke's mention of the utter *** that is
Fantastic to see the amazing Kathy Burke back on our screens tonight. TV royalty 👑
Guests on already curing stressful week.Kathy Burke needs to be on tv more & I'm still f-offed House of Fools was cancelled.
I love the way Kathy Burke tells stories, "Michael Gambon was on this job" made it sound like a bank robbery.
Website Builder 728x90
And Kathy Burke already kills it with a story of Michael Gambon cleaning Catherine McCormack's hoof like feet with a gun cleaning kit.
Kathy Burke and Johnny Vegas and Bob Mortimer on my tellybox. Three good reasons to stay in on a Friday night.
Not easy facing Bradford Housewife, Tina Weymouth. Aka Kathy Burke. Can't take the Tina out of her! Hey up
Johnny Vegas, Bob Mortimer and Kathy Burke on my telebox, right now! My Friday night is complete!
I love Kathy Burke 1000 times more now
Bloody *** Kathy Burke AND John Cooper Clarke on 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown right now. you have truly blessed us 🙌🏻
Kathy Burke and Johnny Vegas are brother and sister separated at birth 😂
Kathy Burke will always be my hero...😂😂😂
Nobody swears like the great Kathy Burke.
How much of a goer was Kathy Burke back in the day?
Kathy Burke and Bob Mortimer on Eight out of Ten Cats thing alert.
Genuinely love Kathy Burke too. This is such a fabulous line up of guests
I wish Bob Mortimer and Kathy Burke were my best mates.
Kathy Burke, a random Irish woman, Bob Mortimer and Johnny Vegas. I'm back in 1997
Johnny Vegas and Kathy Burke on Channel 4 now 👍 what can go wrong? 😂
Jonny Vegas, Bob Mortimer, Kathy Burke, John Cooper Clarke all on the same show, unfortunately that show is 8/10 Cats.
Kathy Burke, Bob Mortimer & Johnny Vegas on Ch4 right now. You might want to get onto that.
Yes! Kathy Burke is on a new episode of 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown tonight. I know what I am doing with my evening. Sad, I know.
Tbf, Kathy Burke does look a bit like my ex there.
She's up there, my top 5 is Lynn Verge (Fmr. PC leader), Judy Foote, Kathy Dunderdale, Joan Burke and Yvonne Jones.
Wine and my all time favourite Kathy Burke! Add to that Tom Kitchin! What's not to like! Awesomene…
'It was like meeting a cowboy': Ed Harris, Kathy Burke and others ... ➡️ ➡️
Such a shame that Kathy Burke prefers to be behind the camera rather than in front these days .
Love, Honour and Obey. Ray Winstone, Kathy Burke and a great British cast. A scream from sta…
Tribute to Sam Shepard. Lucky to see him with Patti Smith & talking of True West
Kathy Burke, new principal at greeting parents and students as they tour the school.
Kathy Burke should have got the oscar for this. Nil by mouth, Gary Oldman
Original choices to star in were Frances McDormand & Kate Winslet before Meryl Streep & Kathy Bu…
Kathy Burke directs Lady Windermere's Fan in an Oscar Wilde season of live theatre being broadcast to cinemas soon https:…
I suggest Jonny Vegas for the leading man. Kathy Burke to play Theresa May. Worzel Gummidge to play Bor…
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Who knew that listening to Kathy Burke discuss Patrick Hamilton's Hangover Square would be so entertaining 😂😂
DON'T MISS: it's the last episode of at 8.30pm! Guests include Kathy Burke, Joe Lycett & Josh W…
Gyles Brandreth, Kathy Burke and Ian McDiarmid join Ian McKellen in new Park Theatre season
Just put a tenner on Kathy Burke to be the next James Bond, you know it makes sense.
Kathy Burke boasting that she used to babysit Lily Allen.
Women do appear on The last leg. Kathy Burke,Victoria Coren Mitchell, Miranda Hart to name just 3
Ooh, I'd like that. Would also suggest Rhys Ifans, Paterson Joseph, Miriam Margolyes, Kathy Burke, or me.
Dread to think what Stella thinks of Kathy Burke and Jenny Eclair who voiced characters in TV version
And are the Fat Slags stars Jenny Eclair and Kathy Burke on board with this?
Just saw Kathy Burke, Sarah Millican and Jo Brand in conversation. That's solved the question about who would come to my dream dinner party.
Ray Winstone as Husband Penguin, Danny Dyer as Side Penguin, Kathy Burke as Girl Penguin. 'Ave it.
He looks like Kevin from Kevin and Perry (Harry Enfield and Kathy Burke).
we could do with Kathy Burke and John Robertson now
You know what I might watch tonight? Gimmie gimmie gimmie. Kathy Burke still KILLS me.😩😩😩
got Kathy Burke & Louis Theroux downloaded ready for tomorrow. Theroux was great on Joe Rogan Podcast more serious, interesting !
I was trying to find a gif of Kathy Burke as Connie in Tinker, Tailor - but guess she's not pretty enough for gif edits?!?
I'm told that Kathy Burke is the favourite to play the leading role in the Amber Rudd biopic
'Nil by Mouth' is just pure and gritty. Very real performances by the under appreciated Ray Winstone and Kathy Burk…
Marc Kaplan extracts a promise from Alderman Cappleman to call Alderman Burke to call the surplus TIF for schools...
is that the real Kathy Burke omg omg ur bloody awesome u make me cry not upsetting in a rib tickling bone shaking laughter way
sound great...graduation from Burke High alot of years ago...
Gimme gimme gimme reruns on gold are fantastic. So funny. Kathy Burke is an absolute genius
Travel Man - EP 1 Richard Ayoade, Kathy Burke & Lionel Messi in Barcelona via i just found this today omg
I'd like to have dinner with Kathy Burke tonight
I'm still waiting for the glasses to come off and Harry Enfield or Kathy Burke to be there instead
Are we entirely sure that isn't a Kathy Burke creation?
On your thesis we should also consider whether Nicola Sturgeon may not be so bright. Or Kathy Burke >
Kathy Burke just called me babe. Highlight of the month and it's only the first day.. Also, yes, go for the princess *** book.
Patsy was amazing as usual. Some great cameos too, particularly Rebel Wilson and Kathy Burke
not them, altho.EXCITING PRIZES and emoji kisses from KATHY BURKE.
Genius! I'd love to see Kathy Burke in the dugout... The possibilities!
Kathy Burke has been a real inspiration. I think she's brilliant. I like the fact she doe
all i want to do today is listen to the David Walliams, Mark Gatiss, and Kathy Burke episodes of Desert Island Discs while hugging my cats
ok Dude. Thanks for making me cry over last night's 💔😢
It's fab isn't it? Faves so far probably Kathy Burke, Iain Lee, Sally Wainwright and Sara Pascoe. All great though!
I've loved every moment of listening to interviewing - you must listen!
Oh holy presuming im Kathy Burke in this situation. I have 6 years...send help
the wife just said 'is the Kathy Burke?' As if it could've been someone else like Fiona Bruce or Lulu
not planned. My research turned up none until book done and Kathy Burke mentioned😩
If ever Kathy Burke and Justin Bieber had a love child it'll look like this daughter
TYVM - & congrats on your credits Jonathan, esp GimmeGimmeGimme. Need more Kathy Burke on-screen :D
After watching Scotland's most expensive footballer for 20 minutes I'm now convinced we'd be better off with Kathy Burke
Kathy Burke will be getting a call up soon
Gonna watch Kevin & Perry Go Large later. Not watch that film for years, I love Kathy Burke
Oh Julie Walters how I love you. Me, you and Kathy Burke would have a great laugh. A great life even.
Little Giant Ladders
Not sure why the BBC thinks its a good idea to have Kathy Burke with a sneering, sarcastic tone advertising conceptual art programming?
Kathy Burke does do a good voiceover.
may Kathy Burke be blessed with health.
Listening to Adam Buxton interview Kathy Burke. The role of Sid Vicious in Sid & Nancy was down to either Gary Oldman or Daniel Day Lewis.😮
it's no good. I can't stop Harry Enfield & Kathy Burke coming into head when see that
including "likes" Kathy Burke seems to be favourite choice
I thought that was Kathy Burke for a moment!
you won't find one. I'm up to date bar today's one. The drunk casts are a highlight. + kathy Burke/Gail Porter
Hey Chrissy is THIS what you meant ?
bring back Gimme Gimme Gimme or anything with Kathy Burke in xxx
Grown up Kevin is doing a 'Kevin' , expect Kathy Burke at any minute
oooh young man!! (i now have Kathy Burke and Harry Enfield sketches on my mind)
Brilliantly stumbled across an old Harry Enfield episode. It was the one where Kevin buys cords. Kathy Burke is perfect as Perry in that!
23:15 Bunk Bed: Patrick Marber and Peter Curran are joined by an overnight guest, Kathy Burke.
Ian Lee's depression talk on the Adam Buxton's podcast 🙄🔫. Where's Kathy Burke when you need her...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Harry Shearer, Stephen Fry & Kathy Burke are among the guests for the new series of As Yet Untitled:
You know it's serious when the Kathy Burke detective is back
This episode of The Jeremy Kylie Show would have been so much better if the guests had been played by Kathy Burke and Kevin Eldon.
Oooh young man - I imagine you say it like Harry Enfield & Kathy Burke did. Yes Ma'am.
I pinched that from Kathy Burke, so can't claim credit. Good news tho'. Be happy. :)
My nominations:. 1. Kathy Burke, 2. Jamie Vardy, or 3. Michael Gove. (Idris Elba is too old)
My money was on Kathy Burke,looking relieved Blockbuster has closed, cos she's just found a VHS of Sophies choice.
So much love for podcast if you haven't listened to them yet. The Kathy Burke is especially wonderful.
I'm going to do the same but with Kathy Burke
Should be self help groups for this."Hi. My names Kathy Burke and I'm a Candy Crusholic"
I for one am looking forward to Kathy Burke's A Year In Provence
Kathy Burke should have played Umbridge. And Mackenzie Crook will forever be my Snape.
Loved this! Listened to the whole lot in what seemed like 10 mins. Adam Buxton - EP.15 - -
I love Kathy Burke... This is about as good as it gets for inspirational quotes...
But Paul put in a bid for Kathy Burke and Amanda Abington. # new 007
Kathy Burke's 4 life rules...what a legend 👏🏼
Did you change the time on Kathy Burke's clock in the end?
I don't know who I admire more, Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders or Kathy Burke
Daily aim is courtesy of Kathy Burke!
I have followed your stuff ever since the A+J shae but that Kathy Burke podcast was off the chain.
This Kathy Burke hour-long chat with Adam Buxton is absolutely brilliant, and sensationally sweary.
NOTE TO BOND PRODUCERS. Kathy Burke is up for playing a villain, so get on with it.
There's a bloke on my train with the exact same voice as Kathy Burke.
Andy Burnham will do his canvassing for Mayor in the style of Kathy Burke as Perry after that visit to Manchester.
any idea where I might be able to get a copy of Mr Thomas by Kathy Burke? Thanks
Mate! Download the Kathy Burke ep of the Adam Buxton Podcast right now if you haven't. You will LOVE it.
Kathy Burke was ace on as she was on Adam Buxton podcast, happily listen to her every week on stuff
The Buxton podcast with Kathy Burke is brilliant..
The three pillars of my love of British comedy are Jennifer Saunders, Kathy Burke and Victoria Wood. Today has been a dark day
Hilarious defence of Big Brother from Kathy Burke on Adam Buxton's latest podcast. I'd forgotten about Rula Lenska's "little Arab" comment.
"like when Kathy Burke goes on a tour of India"
EP.15 - KATHY BURKE: Adam talks with Kathy Burke (film and TV actor and theatre director/writer) a...
Yea, Kathy Burke, You are very deserving of the awards!
That's not a toddler. Surely it's Kathy Burke?
he had one of those moments when you say something in your head but it comes out your mouth. It was "you're Kathy Burke"
I love Kathy Burke with all my actual heart.
Cid sounded like Kathy Burke pretending to be Gene Hunt in tonight.
We'll have to check dates. Kathy Burke's coming to mine.
Watching brilliant Fab cast and even better to see Kathy Burke!
Ladies and gentlemen, the hilarious, incomparable UNAPOLOGETIC Kathy Burke ❤️
Tom Hollander is like some weird mash up of Kathy Burke and Simon Callow. And not in a good way.
I'd love Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley and Kathy Burke for an evening that would be hard to forget
You're one of the lucky 180 that the wonderful Kathy Burke is following... try to get her on!
Haaha "I have a friend who met Kathy Burke, so I'm committed to the cause" 😂😂
They are there! And the first one is Kathy Burke...fantastic! 😄
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You are a tease Vesta . If you're not easily offended watch Kathy Burke "Perry returns from Manchester" :-)
Adele = as if Kathy Burke went into the music business
THE KATHY BURKE MEMORIAL: The Kathy Burke Memorial Scholarship is being offered to graduating seniors who plan...
If only the rest of the world were as considerate as Kathy Burke!
Nice *** shame he looks like something Kathy Burke aborted
seems only Kathy Burke comes out of this with any dignity. The charcol suits her or is that angela merkel
that thought is like imagining Kathy Burke naked. Truly horrendous 😰
Well I do like Mexican food, and Kathy Burke. I'm sure your Grandad is sound too.
This looks like it's Kathy Burke's hand pointing to a really massive book.
i feel like i post this every award season? the great Kathy Burke showing how to accept an award
Just had a really bad idea about Kathy Burke.
... that I think she's a nob, no more than Kathy Burke needs to know I'd do her ironing if she asked because she's awesome.
Kathy Burke in abfab absolutely completes me
it took me way too long to realise that Perry was Kathy Burke
Kathy Burke is fabulous in crashing.
I can just imagine Louise swaggering around saying "sorted our kid" like Kathy Burke/Perry.
nu, Kathy Burke gets the best lines on the Freud dynasty
Kevin and Perry star Kathy Burke fights off 'small fry' mugger
Kathy Burke just called me John Inman. What a time to be alive!
I'm just saying it would be nice to send the government into a desert and let David Attenborough, Kathy Burke and Idris Elb…
Why is Kathy Burke singing an Antony and the Johnson song?
I agree with Kathy Burke. You should definitely be on tv more. I still refer to you as TV's Iain Lee anyway...
You know how Kathy Burke did a great little biopic in Walking & Talking? Well Emma Kennedy in The Kennedys ... Didn't
You know how Kathy Burke did a great sitcom based on her childhood? Well Emma Kennedy didn't
Mark Gatiss and Kathy Burke! I didn't recommend him at the time, but James Ellroy is also in my personal cannon.
Absolutely Fabulous movie: Kathy Burke signs up via
Kathy Burke is joining the Absolutely Fabulous movie
Kathy Burke and Paul O'Grady on 2014′s Gogglebox celebrity special (Channel 4) The broadcaster will also be...
I feel that you and I might be Kathy Burke and Harry Enfield in the 'Young Man' sketches. This is not a good thing.
Kathy Burke is probably one of my most favourite humans ever
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
"Harry and Paul" was much better on average than "And Chums". Good to see them working with Kathy Burke again though. More please!
Gary Oldman with Chloe Webb and Kathy Burke in "Sid and Nancy" .
Morning - forgetting the Elephant in the room - Kathy Burke - don't you just love her
Just had lunch with legend Kathy Burke. Follow her here X
Old clips were the best. And camera panning past Kathy Burke a few times was funny too.
Kathy Burke as the elephant in the room...
Kathy Burke doing the oasis swagger on genius to watch again.
Loved only thing I didn't get was why Kathy Burke had the snout. What was that about?
Kathy Burke doing the Oasis/Gallagher swagger and accent is still one of the funniest moments on tv
Blackface is never okay . but Kathy Burke is a legend
Lol. I love Kathy Burke. She was brilliant as Perry :)
Kathy Burke is dressed as an elephant.
Love Kathy Burke, probably my fave Brit female comedian...
"Has anyone mentioned the elephant in the room?". Kathy Burke: "I am smoking an Elite". 'Bout time an' awl.
*** why is Kathy Burke dressed like an elephant?
Harry Enfield, Paul Whitehouse & Kathy Burke in the 90s were absolute comedy gold
OK, having Kathy Burke as the Elephant in the Room is a little bit genius.
This Enfield show is quite good. Totally taking *** out of themselves, mentioning older stuff was better & Kathy Burke as elephant in room.
Harry Enfield Evening only just got funny 7 minutes from the end when Kathy Burke came on!
Kathy Burke is the funniest woman alive love Waynetta slob.
Kathy Burke's walk down that hallway as Liam is one of the best comedy moments ever
the phrase 'national treasure' is overused, but Christ alive Kathy Burke is a talent
Perry returning from Madchester is my favourite. Huzzah Kathy Burke.
Love seeing the old sketches with Harry Enfield and Paul but especially Kathy Burke was always the funniest🙌
it just peaked. Kathy Burke as the elephant in the room now the Manc Perry.
Oh I get it now. Hurrah for Kathy Burke!
Serious lack of Kathy Burke on Harry Enfield & Chums. Always was the star of the show. Finest actress of her generation.
Kevin the teenager, but especially Kathy Burke as his mate.
Could do without the audience stuff on Harry Enfield. Just show clips from the old shows with Kathy Burke.
The best bit has been the seven seconds of Kathy Burke...
reminds me of the episode of AbFab where Kathy Burke said if models got any younger they'd be chucking fetus' down the catwalk!
People were actually talking about Harry Kane in the same breath as Alan Shearer last season. It's like comparing Kathy Burke to Megan Fox.
Just pick up Kathy Burke in my cab , what a lovely lady
We've gotten away from the world's greatest truth: that Kathy Burke is a genius.
In America if you want to be like Kathy Burke you have to look at least like Amy Schumer.
Colin Firth. Tom Hardy. Benedict Cumberbatch. Mark Strong. Gary Oldman. Kathy Burke. How can you not love this?
you are nuts Kathy Burke but that is why we mere mortals think you are ace!
The girl on the left looks like Kathy Burke!
Kathy Burke is a bloody scream in Gimme Gimme Gimme!
well the one on the left is kathy Burke in gimme gimme gimme
Ray Winstone and Kathy Burke were nominated for awards for their performances in Nil By Mouth. Once you watch the movie, you'll see why.
Rekindled the joy for Desert Island Discs this week w/ & dipped into archive for Kathy Burke. Immense programming
Rather too much smoke from VPI 237.wonder where she is now?. Eric Burke, Kathy Burke, Kieran Jolly, Andrew Jolly
because it's only bloody Kathy Burke, innit?
Watching the bloody brilliant Gimme Gimme Gimme before bed. Kathy Burke is an absolute absolute legend.
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Yes! Kathy Burke peaked as Linda in Gimme Gimme Gimme though sob.
Louise Bours is basically Kathy Burke doing an Ann Widdecombe impersonation.
Nah! Ade Adepitan, or Kathy Burke, would definitely be inspired.
Kathy Burke narrating the 90s: Ten Years That Changed the World. Just hearing her voice makes me happy, I just adore her.
Doug plus one are like Kathy Burke married to Michael Ball
me, I could be Peter Lorre or Kathy Burke on my good looks 😄
isitok All politicians are tossers but Kathy Burke is a legend
We're spoiling you lot... also on tomorrow's show we have the wonderful Kathy Burke. Send us your for the lady he…
Lindsey German the Kathy Burke of anti-Imperialism. "The Kurds have my sympathy... But oil! But Israel!"
The football media's love in with David Moyes reminds me of my unusual sexual fantasiess involving Kathy Burke. Yeah there's better, but.
Moving tribute to Kathy Burke at last night's Grammys
hello from Kathy. and for author Alafair Burke using social media.
Still think Kathy Burke is actually a man wouldn't mind trying to find out
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