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Kathy Burke

Katherine Lucy Bridget Burke (born 13 June 1964 in Camden, London, England) is an English actress, comedienne, playwright and theatre director.

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You know what I might watch tonight? Gimmie gimmie gimmie. Kathy Burke still KILLS me.๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
got Kathy Burke & Louis Theroux downloaded ready for tomorrow. Theroux was great on Joe Rogan Podcast more serious, interesting !
I was trying to find a gif of Kathy Burke as Connie in Tinker, Tailor - but guess she's not pretty enough for gif edits?!?
I'm told that Kathy Burke is the favourite to play the leading role in the Amber Rudd biopic
'Nil by Mouth' is just pure and gritty. Very real performances by the under appreciated Ray Winstone and Kathy Burkโ€ฆ
Marc Kaplan extracts a promise from Alderman Cappleman to call Alderman Burke to call the surplus TIF for schools...
is that the real Kathy Burke omg omg ur bloody awesome u make me cry not upsetting in a rib tickling bone shaking laughter way
sound great...graduation from Burke High alot of years ago...
Gimme gimme gimme reruns on gold are fantastic. So funny. Kathy Burke is an absolute genius
Travel Man - EP 1 Richard Ayoade, Kathy Burke & Lionel Messi in Barcelona via i just found this today omg
I'd like to have dinner with Kathy Burke tonight
I'm still waiting for the glasses to come off and Harry Enfield or Kathy Burke to be there instead
Are we entirely sure that isn't a Kathy Burke creation?
On your thesis we should also consider whether Nicola Sturgeon may not be so bright. Or Kathy Burke >
Kathy Burke just called me babe. Highlight of the month and it's only the first day.. Also, yes, go for the princess *** book.
Patsy was amazing as usual. Some great cameos too, particularly Rebel Wilson and Kathy Burke
not them, altho.EXCITING PRIZES and emoji kisses from KATHY BURKE.
Genius! I'd love to see Kathy Burke in the dugout... The possibilities!
Kathy Burke has been a real inspiration. I think she's brilliant. I like the fact she doe
all i want to do today is listen to the David Walliams, Mark Gatiss, and Kathy Burke episodes of Desert Island Discs while hugging my cats
ok Dude. Thanks for making me cry over last night's ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ˜ข
It's fab isn't it? Faves so far probably Kathy Burke, Iain Lee, Sally Wainwright and Sara Pascoe. All great though!
I've loved every moment of listening to interviewing - you must listen!
Oh holy presuming im Kathy Burke in this situation. I have 6 years...send help
the wife just said 'is the Kathy Burke?' As if it could've been someone else like Fiona Bruce or Lulu
not planned. My research turned up none until book done and Kathy Burke mentioned๐Ÿ˜ฉ
If ever Kathy Burke and Justin Bieber had a love child it'll look like this daughter
TYVM - & congrats on your credits Jonathan, esp GimmeGimmeGimme. Need more Kathy Burke on-screen :D
After watching Scotland's most expensive footballer for 20 minutes I'm now convinced we'd be better off with Kathy Burke
Kathy Burke will be getting a call up soon
Gonna watch Kevin & Perry Go Large later. Not watch that film for years, I love Kathy Burke
Oh Julie Walters how I love you. Me, you and Kathy Burke would have a great laugh. A great life even.
Not sure why the BBC thinks its a good idea to have Kathy Burke with a sneering, sarcastic tone advertising conceptual art programming?
Kathy Burke does do a good voiceover.
may Kathy Burke be blessed with health.
Listening to Adam Buxton interview Kathy Burke. The role of Sid Vicious in Sid & Nancy was down to either Gary Oldman or Daniel Day Lewis.๐Ÿ˜ฎ
it's no good. I can't stop Harry Enfield & Kathy Burke coming into head when see that
including "likes" Kathy Burke seems to be favourite choice
I thought that was Kathy Burke for a moment!
you won't find one. I'm up to date bar today's one. The drunk casts are a highlight. + kathy Burke/Gail Porter
Hey Chrissy is THIS what you meant ?
bring back Gimme Gimme Gimme or anything with Kathy Burke in xxx
Grown up Kevin is doing a 'Kevin' , expect Kathy Burke at any minute
oooh young man!! (i now have Kathy Burke and Harry Enfield sketches on my mind)
Brilliantly stumbled across an old Harry Enfield episode. It was the one where Kevin buys cords. Kathy Burke is perfect as Perry in that!
23:15 Bunk Bed: Patrick Marber and Peter Curran are joined by an overnight guest, Kathy Burke.
Ian Lee's depression talk on the Adam Buxton's podcast ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ”ซ. Where's Kathy Burke when you need her...
Harry Shearer, Stephen Fry & Kathy Burke are among the guests for the new series of As Yet Untitled:
You know it's serious when the Kathy Burke detective is back
This episode of The Jeremy Kylie Show would have been so much better if the guests had been played by Kathy Burke and Kevin Eldon.
Oooh young man - I imagine you say it like Harry Enfield & Kathy Burke did. Yes Ma'am.
I pinched that from Kathy Burke, so can't claim credit. Good news tho'. Be happy. :)
My nominations:. 1. Kathy Burke, 2. Jamie Vardy, or 3. Michael Gove. (Idris Elba is too old)
My money was on Kathy Burke,looking relieved Blockbuster has closed, cos she's just found a VHS of Sophies choice.
So much love for podcast if you haven't listened to them yet. The Kathy Burke is especially wonderful.
I'm going to do the same but with Kathy Burke
Should be self help groups for this."Hi. My names Kathy Burke and I'm a Candy Crusholic"
I for one am looking forward to Kathy Burke's A Year In Provence
Kathy Burke should have played Umbridge. And Mackenzie Crook will forever be my Snape.
Loved this! Listened to the whole lot in what seemed like 10 mins. Adam Buxton - EP.15 - -
I love Kathy Burke... This is about as good as it gets for inspirational quotes...
But Paul put in a bid for Kathy Burke and Amanda Abington. # new 007
Kathy Burke's 4 life rules...what a legend ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
Did you change the time on Kathy Burke's clock in the end?
I don't know who I admire more, Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders or Kathy Burke
Daily aim is courtesy of Kathy Burke!
I have followed your stuff ever since the A+J shae but that Kathy Burke podcast was off the chain.
This Kathy Burke hour-long chat with Adam Buxton is absolutely brilliant, and sensationally sweary.
NOTE TO BOND PRODUCERS. Kathy Burke is up for playing a villain, so get on with it.
There's a bloke on my train with the exact same voice as Kathy Burke.
Andy Burnham will do his canvassing for Mayor in the style of Kathy Burke as Perry after that visit to Manchester.
any idea where I might be able to get a copy of Mr Thomas by Kathy Burke? Thanks
Mate! Download the Kathy Burke ep of the Adam Buxton Podcast right now if you haven't. You will LOVE it.
Kathy Burke was ace on as she was on Adam Buxton podcast, happily listen to her every week on stuff
The Buxton podcast with Kathy Burke is brilliant..
The three pillars of my love of British comedy are Jennifer Saunders, Kathy Burke and Victoria Wood. Today has been a dark day
Hilarious defence of Big Brother from Kathy Burke on Adam Buxton's latest podcast. I'd forgotten about Rula Lenska's "little Arab" comment.
"like when Kathy Burke goes on a tour of India"
EP.15 - KATHY BURKE: Adam talks with Kathy Burke (film and TV actor and theatre director/writer) a...
Yea, Kathy Burke, You are very deserving of the awards!
That's not a toddler. Surely it's Kathy Burke?
he had one of those moments when you say something in your head but it comes out your mouth. It was "you're Kathy Burke"
I love Kathy Burke with all my actual heart.
Cid sounded like Kathy Burke pretending to be Gene Hunt in tonight.
We'll have to check dates. Kathy Burke's coming to mine.
Watching brilliant Fab cast and even better to see Kathy Burke!
Ladies and gentlemen, the hilarious, incomparable UNAPOLOGETIC Kathy Burke โค๏ธ
Tom Hollander is like some weird mash up of Kathy Burke and Simon Callow. And not in a good way.
I'd love Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley and Kathy Burke for an evening that would be hard to forget
You're one of the lucky 180 that the wonderful Kathy Burke is following... try to get her on!
Haaha "I have a friend who met Kathy Burke, so I'm committed to the cause" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
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They are there! And the first one is Kathy Burke...fantastic! ๐Ÿ˜„
You are a tease Vesta . If you're not easily offended watch Kathy Burke "Perry returns from Manchester" :-)
Adele = as if Kathy Burke went into the music business
THE KATHY BURKE MEMORIAL: The Kathy Burke Memorial Scholarship is being offered to graduating seniors who plan...
If only the rest of the world were as considerate as Kathy Burke!
Nice *** shame he looks like something Kathy Burke aborted
seems only Kathy Burke comes out of this with any dignity. The charcol suits her or is that angela merkel
that thought is like imagining Kathy Burke naked. Truly horrendous ๐Ÿ˜ฐ
Well I do like Mexican food, and Kathy Burke. I'm sure your Grandad is sound too.
This looks like it's Kathy Burke's hand pointing to a really massive book.
i feel like i post this every award season? the great Kathy Burke showing how to accept an award
Just had a really bad idea about Kathy Burke.
... that I think she's a nob, no more than Kathy Burke needs to know I'd do her ironing if she asked because she's awesome.
Kathy Burke in abfab absolutely completes me
it took me way too long to realise that Perry was Kathy Burke
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Kathy Burke is fabulous in crashing.
I can just imagine Louise swaggering around saying "sorted our kid" like Kathy Burke/Perry.
nu, Kathy Burke gets the best lines on the Freud dynasty
Kevin and Perry star Kathy Burke fights off 'small fry' mugger
Kathy Burke just called me John Inman. What a time to be alive!
I'm just saying it would be nice to send the government into a desert and let David Attenborough, Kathy Burke and Idris Elbโ€ฆ
Why is Kathy Burke singing an Antony and the Johnson song?
I agree with Kathy Burke. You should definitely be on tv more. I still refer to you as TV's Iain Lee anyway...
You know how Kathy Burke did a great little biopic in Walking & Talking? Well Emma Kennedy in The Kennedys ... Didn't
You know how Kathy Burke did a great sitcom based on her childhood? Well Emma Kennedy didn't
Mark Gatiss and Kathy Burke! I didn't recommend him at the time, but James Ellroy is also in my personal cannon.
Absolutely Fabulous movie: Kathy Burke signs up via
Kathy Burke is joining the Absolutely Fabulous movie
Kathy Burke and Paul O'Grady on 2014โ€ฒs Gogglebox celebrity special (Channel 4) The broadcaster will also be...
I feel that you and I might be Kathy Burke and Harry Enfield in the 'Young Man' sketches. This is not a good thing.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Kathy Burke is probably one of my most favourite humans ever
"Harry and Paul" was much better on average than "And Chums". Good to see them working with Kathy Burke again though. More please!
Gary Oldman with Chloe Webb and Kathy Burke in "Sid and Nancy" .
Morning - forgetting the Elephant in the room - Kathy Burke - don't you just love her
Just had lunch with legend Kathy Burke. Follow her here X
Old clips were the best. And camera panning past Kathy Burke a few times was funny too.
Kathy Burke as the elephant in the room...
Kathy Burke doing the oasis swagger on genius to watch again.
Loved only thing I didn't get was why Kathy Burke had the snout. What was that about?
Kathy Burke doing the Oasis/Gallagher swagger and accent is still one of the funniest moments on tv
Blackface is never okay . but Kathy Burke is a legend
Lol. I love Kathy Burke. She was brilliant as Perry :)
Kathy Burke is dressed as an elephant.
Love Kathy Burke, probably my fave Brit female comedian...
"Has anyone mentioned the elephant in the room?". Kathy Burke: "I am smoking an Elite". 'Bout time an' awl.
*** why is Kathy Burke dressed like an elephant?
Harry Enfield, Paul Whitehouse & Kathy Burke in the 90s were absolute comedy gold
OK, having Kathy Burke as the Elephant in the Room is a little bit genius.
This Enfield show is quite good. Totally taking *** out of themselves, mentioning older stuff was better & Kathy Burke as elephant in room.
Harry Enfield Evening only just got funny 7 minutes from the end when Kathy Burke came on!
Kathy Burke is the funniest woman alive love Waynetta slob.
Kathy Burke's walk down that hallway as Liam is one of the best comedy moments ever
the phrase 'national treasure' is overused, but Christ alive Kathy Burke is a talent
Perry returning from Madchester is my favourite. Huzzah Kathy Burke.
Love seeing the old sketches with Harry Enfield and Paul but especially Kathy Burke was always the funniest๐Ÿ™Œ
it just peaked. Kathy Burke as the elephant in the room now the Manc Perry.
Oh I get it now. Hurrah for Kathy Burke!
Serious lack of Kathy Burke on Harry Enfield & Chums. Always was the star of the show. Finest actress of her generation.
Kevin the teenager, but especially Kathy Burke as his mate.
Could do without the audience stuff on Harry Enfield. Just show clips from the old shows with Kathy Burke.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
The best bit has been the seven seconds of Kathy Burke...
reminds me of the episode of AbFab where Kathy Burke said if models got any younger they'd be chucking fetus' down the catwalk!
People were actually talking about Harry Kane in the same breath as Alan Shearer last season. It's like comparing Kathy Burke to Megan Fox.
Just pick up Kathy Burke in my cab , what a lovely lady
We've gotten away from the world's greatest truth: that Kathy Burke is a genius.
In America if you want to be like Kathy Burke you have to look at least like Amy Schumer.
Colin Firth. Tom Hardy. Benedict Cumberbatch. Mark Strong. Gary Oldman. Kathy Burke. How can you not love this?
you are nuts Kathy Burke but that is why we mere mortals think you are ace!
The girl on the left looks like Kathy Burke!
Kathy Burke is a bloody scream in Gimme Gimme Gimme!
well the one on the left is kathy Burke in gimme gimme gimme
Ray Winstone and Kathy Burke were nominated for awards for their performances in Nil By Mouth. Once you watch the movie, you'll see why.
Rekindled the joy for Desert Island Discs this week w/ & dipped into archive for Kathy Burke. Immense programming
Rather too much smoke from VPI 237.wonder where she is now?. Eric Burke, Kathy Burke, Kieran Jolly, Andrew Jolly
because it's only bloody Kathy Burke, innit?
Watching the bloody brilliant Gimme Gimme Gimme before bed. Kathy Burke is an absolute absolute legend.
Yes! Kathy Burke peaked as Linda in Gimme Gimme Gimme though sob.
Louise Bours is basically Kathy Burke doing an Ann Widdecombe impersonation.
Nah! Ade Adepitan, or Kathy Burke, would definitely be inspired.
Kathy Burke narrating the 90s: Ten Years That Changed the World. Just hearing her voice makes me happy, I just adore her.
Doug plus one are like Kathy Burke married to Michael Ball
me, I could be Peter Lorre or Kathy Burke on my good looks ๐Ÿ˜„
isitok All politicians are tossers but Kathy Burke is a legend
We're spoiling you lot... also on tomorrow's show we have the wonderful Kathy Burke. Send us your for the lady heโ€ฆ
Lindsey German the Kathy Burke of anti-Imperialism. "The Kurds have my sympathy... But oil! But Israel!"
The football media's love in with David Moyes reminds me of my unusual sexual fantasiess involving Kathy Burke. Yeah there's better, but.
Moving tribute to Kathy Burke at last night's Grammys
hello from Kathy. and for author Alafair Burke using social media.
Still think Kathy Burke is actually a man wouldn't mind trying to find out
What do you reckon on Kathy Burke mate? Proper man looking I think if have to undress her just to see of she had a *** !
It's all very "we are brilliant" isn't it? Bring on Kathy Burke to tell them they are all ***
Public School boy night on BBC1. The likes of Kathy Burke & Ray Winston getting a chance are gone. Art is the same, closed shop now.
worked on top of those flats filming with Ray Winstone & Kathy Burke.
I love Kathy Burke she is a one off.
Kathy Burke and James Dreyfus played the main characters.
A Word to the Wise is Sufficient... - Kathy Tagenel. - Robert Browning. - Burke Franklin
The Melbourne Hard Rock Show with Kathy Burke, a frog in a wig and our lord and father Jesus Christ-Amen
Watching and chums,always a British classic. Bring back Kathy Burke & back into tv comedy!
Kathy Burke was the guest the week before last
I don't think I could ever stop watching this ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ ?? How was it working with Kathy Burke??
Kathy Burke. I'd go for a pint with Kathy Burke.
Kathy Burke was on the week before Clegg was on
can you PLEASE ask/beg/bribe Kathy Burke to make a cameo appearance in the new Ab Fab movie? Thanks!
Any Burke can run the country. Kathy, Michael and James take it in turns to be Prime Minister for a week
cheers lads! One of the best ever Moz songs. Interestingly Kathy Burke's fave love song. She admitted so in an interview once.
Oh god, that's going to be stuck in my mind. Harry Enfield as Anne. Kathy Burke as Wolsey.. Mark Gatiss as Mark Gatiss.
Had a little nap before tea. Dreamt Kathy Burke and Keith Lemon were snogging to make kissing sound effects for a radio programme.
Kathy Burke was in Spice Girls 'Who Do You Think You Are' video! Comic Relief single 1997.
Kathy Burke also appeared in the Spice Girls video for Comic relief as part of the sugar lumps in 1997
kathy Burke has also appeared in a Spice Girls music Video. Who do you think you are. ๐Ÿ˜œ
Kathy Burke did a Spice girl Song too ๐Ÿ˜˜ for comic relief
5. it's worthwhile just for Ray Winstone and Kathy Burke's performances alone.
Oh, I know... I will always love and adore Kathy Burke. She is all kinds of awesome.
I hate tuesdays because i gotta do inventory in both stores ๐Ÿ˜ก but at least im with kathy allday ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ˜
Oscars coming up . Here are a few acceptance speech tips from Kathy Burke.
my nearly 15 yr old stepson didn't realize Kathy Burke played Perry from Kevin and Perry. He thought it was a male.
Just blown mind: she didn't no that Kathy Burke was the Perry half of Kevin and Perry.
Kathy Burke on She is not Harry Enfields friend and not her fellow DeeJay
that while Kathy Burke is on screen I can only see her as Perry shouting at Kevin
MishalHussain is so poshly spoken she makes Sarah Montague sound like Kathy Burke
Elizabeth!!!, your like Harry Enfield and Kathy Burke, rubbing your thighs and shouting "young man". ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
Kathy Burke where has she been seems ages ago she was lala in Harry Enfield show lol
I REALLY want Kathy Burke to be the new Dr Who.
Best Christmas present would be if Kathy Burke and Kathy Burke said they would bring Gimme Gimme Gimme back for a one off!
Mother looks like a cross between Olive from 'On the Busses' & Kathy Burke, the female actress/comedian. I have to take orders from her -.-
When kathy burke turns up in something. happy parsnip.
Burke Family Christmas party. There's an all out brawl developing over the plumbing in Aunt Kathy's house.
Ha! Open letters are for wankers, but Kathy Burke gets a pass.
And today's revelation that her cousin is best friends with Kathy Burke and Judy Dench, and is married to someone who owns 3 yes 3 castles
โ€œAfter Helena Bonham Carter splits from Tim Burton, remember this with Kathy Burke: I โค๏ธ Kathy
After Helena Bonham Carter splits from Tim Burton, it's worth remembering this exchange with Kathy Burke:
Harry Enfield and his Yule Log Chums: Why the *** is Kathy Burke there to play Perry, but another actress plays Lulu?
James McAvoy walked into an audition of mine in 2001. Me and Kathy Burke, the director, looked at each other and went WOW
Anything Michelle Gomez can't play? Mary Queen of Scots, Margaret Thatcher, The Master?! + more Kathy Burke on my TV please
you're the best. LOVE Kathy Burke's but haven't listened to the others. Have you listened to Julie Goodyear and Betty Driver?
Finally watching the Celebrity Gogglebox episode and now I want to be roomies with Paul O'Grady and Kathy Burke, what a dream team!
Just welcomed Mary Burkeโ€™s sister, Kathy, to the office as a volunteer for the Burke campaign!
Beryl Reid was 13 years older than Kathy Burke when they played Connie Sachs in 1979 and 2011 respectively in
I could talk about Kathy Burke's performance in Nil By Mouth for hours but I'll spare you (brilliant film)
Not enough animated gifs of Kathy Burke by a long way
"don't do anything on anyone called Freud. I don't like them. Bunch of no-talents with an ancestor." - Magda (Kathy Burke)
Kathy Burke's Magda is the best minor Absolutely Fabulous character. Too much Bubble & Saffy in her place.
"Skin" by - featuring a rousing spoken word performance by Kathy Burke - makes me tingle every time
And when was the last time Kathy Burke or Jo Brand did it? Still now she's defected they can get Maureen Lipman
โ€œ. Kathy has a Novie accent I think.โ€Nope Baltimore
I would happily watch TV with Kathy Burke
The problem with ITV's Loose Women is the ITV part. I'd watch a version of it with Kathy Burke & Natalie Haynes.
Today I found out that Kathy Burke and Gary Oldman once dated for a while.So...y'know its been a productive day for Miss Lovell
Kathy Burke is on 8 out of 10 cats and I'm too tired to watch the whole programme. Thank you sky+ ๐Ÿ™Œ
When I grow up I want to be Kathy Burke
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Ah, I've found an 8 out of 10 Cats Countdown with Kathy Burke. And a crisp sarnie. So not all bad.
BREAKING from Wisconsin -- Scott Walker's opponent, Mary Burke, has been found to have resume full of falsehoods...
Very special retirement event for Kathy Guild Emotional. Graced by beautiful button blanket.
I'd love another series. Kathy Burke = amazing!
Personally, I'd have picked Kathy Burke to play Dr. Strange.
Kathy Burke on Desert Island Discs - just bloody brilliant plus BEST luxury item ever.
Kathy Jackson is the Lord Voldemort of Federal Parliament, she who should not be named. .
Just watchin celeb special!!! Kathy Burke nailed Ebola !!! They only care because a white European has it now!
Kathy Burke and Paul O'Grady sitting together watching Downton Abbey was hilarious. I could have watched hours of them
In Kevin & Perry Go Large he played Kathy Burke playing Perry. The man has no limits.
I've been watching old episodes of Gimme Gimme Gimme and Kathy Burke and James Dreyfus are absolutely brilliant. Keeps me happy at night.
Happy birthday to the wonderful Kathy Burke. Time to love this again; Perry returns from Manchester
Kathy Burke is 50 today and Times racing correspondent Alan Lee is 60 Happy Birthday, both!
Is that the Kathy Burke character? I JUST said the same thing to James! Hilar x
Kathy Burke should replace Jeremy Paxman on Give her a frying pan as a prop. She'd get answers out of Tory *** Michael Howard.
my most listened to episodes of Desert Island Discs are Jessica Mitford, Kathy Burke, Clarissa Dickson-Wright and Mark Gatiss
8 Out of 10 Cats does Countdown. Kathy Burke: When I was 12, I got the good head award. 11yo: What's that?
Kathy Burke on 8/10 cats does countdown, I'm excited
32 Kids today. God is good. Thanks to all who served today- Shelli Andrews, Melissa Peters, Brian & Haley Regan, Betina Clust, John & Kathy Burke and Ryan & Karen Burke. You are all amazing and your love for our kids and youth is much appreciated. Have a blessed day everyone.
Talk by Lucy Allan on 14th March @ 8 pm. We are pleased to let you know that we have booked Lucy Allan - Stunt Woman and Stunt Co-ordinator to come and talk to us about her very interesting career in Film & TV Since becoming a professional Stunt Woman in 1990 she has performed numerous stunts for film and TV in popular favorites such as Casualty & East Enders, as well as Oscar winning films โ€“ Titanic & Braveheart. As a Stunt Co-ordinator she worked with the Director Hettie MacDonald on the critically acclaimed BBC Drama, White Girl. She has doubled many actresses, including Helena Bonham-Carter, Helen Millen, Naomi Watts, Joanne Whalley, Gillian Anderson, Prunella Scales, Christina Ricci, Julie Walters, Emma Fielding, Kathy Burke, Tara Fitzgerald and Imogen Stubbs. I'm sure her talk is going to be explosive. ยฃ5 entrance including Tea & Coffee. A glass of wine for ยฃ2.00 donation
Just watched 'Nil by Mouth'. Probably the most gritty film I've seen. Kathy Burke and Ray Winstone's acting in this is beyond brilliant.
Big Ray Winstone and Kathy Burke great performance and a favourite of mine.. Ray is immense in this
I don't happen to think Kathy Burke is fat and ugly but some might. She gets the man
seen Love Honour and Obey? great laugh, its a who's who of brit acting talent, from Rhys Ifans to Kathy Burke. so many 1 liners
Watching last night's edition of 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown; Kathy Burke once again proves that she should be on TV all day, every day
Right. How about The Twits on the West End? Russell Brand & Kathy Burke to star. You do the music. Make it happen. X
There's a new episode of 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown tonight at 9pm on C4, with Kathy Burke, Dara O'Briain and Josh Widdicombe.
Kathy Burke is definitely my spirit animal. I'm gonna dye my hair bright orange and start wearing hideous clothing, being Ellis isn't working out for me.
Apparently Kathy Burke & Liza Tarbuck are really good mates. That would be an amazing night of laughter down the pub.
Yeah I have just bought my tickets to "Once a Catholic" directed by Kathy Burke.
Repeat Kathy Burke on I've Never Seen Star Wars with : just as brilliant as you'd imagine. Haven't seen a full Star Wars either.
I used to have a right crush on Kathy Burke. Great watching her on lastnights 8 out of 10 cats does countdown. Legend.
Kathy Burke is sharing free Strawberry Pie and wants you to have one! Accept now to get one and sent a gift back!
Watching 8 out of 10 cats does countdown and Kathy Burke is hilarious!
Marcus Brigstocke invites Kathy Burke to try new things, like visiting Harrods in London.
My new favourite thing is Desert Island Discs on the R4 website. Hunners to choose from. Faves so far. Kathy Burke, Tony Iveson, G Foreman
I hope Kathy Burke's appearance on 8 out of 10 Cats do Countdown heralds her triumphant return to the comedy world.
โ€œActor/Director/Playwright Kathy Burke, we love this photo, living legend!
My highlight of last night has definitely got to be watching 8 out of 10 cats does countdown! Kathy Burke you funny woman ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™‰๐Ÿ˜‚
Nice to be home and unpacked. What a great week. The convention of promotional professionals. Great to see my peeps, and my brothers and sisters in the industry. My hug from Kathy Burke was special. The awards ceremony and the Chairman's dinner. But walking the floor and once again being amazed at the creativity put out by our Supplier members was fantastic. Can't wait to get in front of my clients. Lot's of energy. Lot's of optimism. I can't wait for a year from now and to do it again. Industry friends.2014 will be a great year to look back on-Make it Happen! . Gotta go! Lower back to rub out and feet to ice!
yeah isn't that brutal :( go like it lol Kathy Burke was on 8 out of 10 cats tonight!
After learning how unfunny Kathy burke is, I feel I could actually become a successful comedian.
Kathy Burke in gimme gimme gimme is one of my favourite people ever
So lovin 8 out of 10 cats does countdown man me up Kathy Burke is awesome 1st Lady of comedy 4 sure โ˜บ
I'd of made it my nights work to meet Kathy Burke I think, she's a hero.
Forgotten how funny Gimme Gimme Gimme was...James Dreyfus & kathy burke legends
Hard to put into words how much I love Kathy Burke
gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight- u r not my fellow DJ (Kathy Burke)
"We didn't go to university, and we're winning!" Kathy Burke is my fave.
Did you watch 9 out of 10 cats Countdown special earlier? Kathy Burke was legend!
Ah some Gimme Gimme Gimme in bed! I say it every time, I LOVE Kathy Burke!
Kathy Burke on 8 out of 10 Cats! She's not on tv nearly enough these days.
Fooking love 8 out of 10 cats does countdown - especially with Kathy Burke on! LETS FACKING AV IT
Watching 8 Out Of 10 Cats does Countdown. . I love Kathy Burke & Rachel Riley in equal measures for two completely different reasons!
SO excited to see Kathy Burke's Once A Catholic on the 29th! Gonna have to dig the video of my sisser starring in it out for lolz
got to watch it. Was great. Joe wilkinsons tour party , Kathy Burke was on form.
Gimme Gimme Gimme still great comedy Kathy Burke at her best lol
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