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Kathy Burke

Katherine Lucy Bridget Burke (born 13 June 1964 in Camden, London, England) is an English actress, comedienne, playwright and theatre director.

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Moving tribute to Kathy Burke at last night's Grammys
hello from Kathy. and for author Alafair Burke using social media.
Still think Kathy Burke is actually a man wouldn't mind trying to find out
What do you reckon on Kathy Burke mate? Proper man looking I think if have to undress her just to see of she had a *** !
It's all very "we are brilliant" isn't it? Bring on Kathy Burke to tell them they are all ***
Public School boy night on BBC1. The likes of Kathy Burke & Ray Winston getting a chance are gone. Art is the same, closed shop now.
worked on top of those flats filming with Ray Winstone & Kathy Burke.
I love Kathy Burke she is a one off.
Kathy Burke and James Dreyfus played the main characters.
A Word to the Wise is Sufficient... - Kathy Tagenel. - Robert Browning. - Burke Franklin
The Melbourne Hard Rock Show with Kathy Burke, a frog in a wig and our lord and father Jesus Christ-Amen
Watching and chums,always a British classic. Bring back Kathy Burke & back into tv comedy!
Kathy Burke was the guest the week before last
I don't think I could ever stop watching this 😂😂😂 ?? How was it working with Kathy Burke??
Kathy Burke. I'd go for a pint with Kathy Burke.
Kathy Burke was on the week before Clegg was on
can you PLEASE ask/beg/bribe Kathy Burke to make a cameo appearance in the new Ab Fab movie? Thanks!
Any Burke can run the country. Kathy, Michael and James take it in turns to be Prime Minister for a week
cheers lads! One of the best ever Moz songs. Interestingly Kathy Burke's fave love song. She admitted so in an interview once.
Oh god, that's going to be stuck in my mind. Harry Enfield as Anne. Kathy Burke as Wolsey.. Mark Gatiss as Mark Gatiss.
Had a little nap before tea. Dreamt Kathy Burke and Keith Lemon were snogging to make kissing sound effects for a radio programme.
Kathy Burke was in Spice Girls 'Who Do You Think You Are' video! Comic Relief single 1997.
Kathy Burke also appeared in the Spice Girls video for Comic relief as part of the sugar lumps in 1997
kathy Burke has also appeared in a Spice Girls music Video. Who do you think you are. 😜
Kathy Burke did a Spice girl Song too 😘 for comic relief
5. it's worthwhile just for Ray Winstone and Kathy Burke's performances alone.
Oh, I know... I will always love and adore Kathy Burke. She is all kinds of awesome.
I hate tuesdays because i gotta do inventory in both stores 😡 but at least im with kathy allday 💁😍
Oscars coming up . Here are a few acceptance speech tips from Kathy Burke.
my nearly 15 yr old stepson didn't realize Kathy Burke played Perry from Kevin and Perry. He thought it was a male.
Just blown mind: she didn't no that Kathy Burke was the Perry half of Kevin and Perry.
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Kathy Burke on She is not Harry Enfields friend and not her fellow DeeJay
that while Kathy Burke is on screen I can only see her as Perry shouting at Kevin
MishalHussain is so poshly spoken she makes Sarah Montague sound like Kathy Burke
Elizabeth!!!, your like Harry Enfield and Kathy Burke, rubbing your thighs and shouting "young man". 😮
Kathy Burke where has she been seems ages ago she was lala in Harry Enfield show lol
I REALLY want Kathy Burke to be the new Dr Who.
Best Christmas present would be if Kathy Burke and Kathy Burke said they would bring Gimme Gimme Gimme back for a one off!
Mother looks like a cross between Olive from 'On the Busses' & Kathy Burke, the female actress/comedian. I have to take orders from her -.-
When kathy burke turns up in something. happy parsnip.
Burke Family Christmas party. There's an all out brawl developing over the plumbing in Aunt Kathy's house.
Ha! Open letters are for wankers, but Kathy Burke gets a pass.
And today's revelation that her cousin is best friends with Kathy Burke and Judy Dench, and is married to someone who owns 3 yes 3 castles
“After Helena Bonham Carter splits from Tim Burton, remember this with Kathy Burke: I ❤️ Kathy
After Helena Bonham Carter splits from Tim Burton, it's worth remembering this exchange with Kathy Burke:
Harry Enfield and his Yule Log Chums: Why the *** is Kathy Burke there to play Perry, but another actress plays Lulu?
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James McAvoy walked into an audition of mine in 2001. Me and Kathy Burke, the director, looked at each other and went WOW
Anything Michelle Gomez can't play? Mary Queen of Scots, Margaret Thatcher, The Master?! + more Kathy Burke on my TV please
you're the best. LOVE Kathy Burke's but haven't listened to the others. Have you listened to Julie Goodyear and Betty Driver?
Finally watching the Celebrity Gogglebox episode and now I want to be roomies with Paul O'Grady and Kathy Burke, what a dream team!
Just welcomed Mary Burke’s sister, Kathy, to the office as a volunteer for the Burke campaign!
Beryl Reid was 13 years older than Kathy Burke when they played Connie Sachs in 1979 and 2011 respectively in
I could talk about Kathy Burke's performance in Nil By Mouth for hours but I'll spare you (brilliant film)
Not enough animated gifs of Kathy Burke by a long way
"don't do anything on anyone called Freud. I don't like them. Bunch of no-talents with an ancestor." - Magda (Kathy Burke)
Kathy Burke's Magda is the best minor Absolutely Fabulous character. Too much Bubble & Saffy in her place.
"Skin" by - featuring a rousing spoken word performance by Kathy Burke - makes me tingle every time
And when was the last time Kathy Burke or Jo Brand did it? Still now she's defected they can get Maureen Lipman
“. Kathy has a Novie accent I think.”Nope Baltimore
I would happily watch TV with Kathy Burke
The problem with ITV's Loose Women is the ITV part. I'd watch a version of it with Kathy Burke & Natalie Haynes.
All purpose parts banner
Today I found out that Kathy Burke and Gary Oldman once dated for a while.So...y'know its been a productive day for Miss Lovell
Kathy Burke is on 8 out of 10 cats and I'm too tired to watch the whole programme. Thank you sky+ 🙌
When I grow up I want to be Kathy Burke
Ah, I've found an 8 out of 10 Cats Countdown with Kathy Burke. And a crisp sarnie. So not all bad.
BREAKING from Wisconsin -- Scott Walker's opponent, Mary Burke, has been found to have resume full of falsehoods...
Very special retirement event for Kathy Guild Emotional. Graced by beautiful button blanket.
I'd love another series. Kathy Burke = amazing!
Personally, I'd have picked Kathy Burke to play Dr. Strange.
Kathy Burke on Desert Island Discs - just bloody brilliant plus BEST luxury item ever.
Kathy Jackson is the Lord Voldemort of Federal Parliament, she who should not be named. .
Just watchin celeb special!!! Kathy Burke nailed Ebola !!! They only care because a white European has it now!
Kathy Burke and Paul O'Grady sitting together watching Downton Abbey was hilarious. I could have watched hours of them
In Kevin & Perry Go Large he played Kathy Burke playing Perry. The man has no limits.
I've been watching old episodes of Gimme Gimme Gimme and Kathy Burke and James Dreyfus are absolutely brilliant. Keeps me happy at night.
Happy birthday to the wonderful Kathy Burke. Time to love this again; Perry returns from Manchester
Kathy Burke is 50 today and Times racing correspondent Alan Lee is 60 Happy Birthday, both!
Is that the Kathy Burke character? I JUST said the same thing to James! Hilar x
Kathy Burke should replace Jeremy Paxman on Give her a frying pan as a prop. She'd get answers out of Tory *** Michael Howard.
my most listened to episodes of Desert Island Discs are Jessica Mitford, Kathy Burke, Clarissa Dickson-Wright and Mark Gatiss
8 Out of 10 Cats does Countdown. Kathy Burke: When I was 12, I got the good head award. 11yo: What's that?
Kathy Burke on 8/10 cats does countdown, I'm excited
32 Kids today. God is good. Thanks to all who served today- Shelli Andrews, Melissa Peters, Brian & Haley Regan, Betina Clust, John & Kathy Burke and Ryan & Karen Burke. You are all amazing and your love for our kids and youth is much appreciated. Have a blessed day everyone.
Talk by Lucy Allan on 14th March @ 8 pm. We are pleased to let you know that we have booked Lucy Allan - Stunt Woman and Stunt Co-ordinator to come and talk to us about her very interesting career in Film & TV Since becoming a professional Stunt Woman in 1990 she has performed numerous stunts for film and TV in popular favorites such as Casualty & East Enders, as well as Oscar winning films – Titanic & Braveheart. As a Stunt Co-ordinator she worked with the Director Hettie MacDonald on the critically acclaimed BBC Drama, White Girl. She has doubled many actresses, including Helena Bonham-Carter, Helen Millen, Naomi Watts, Joanne Whalley, Gillian Anderson, Prunella Scales, Christina Ricci, Julie Walters, Emma Fielding, Kathy Burke, Tara Fitzgerald and Imogen Stubbs. I'm sure her talk is going to be explosive. £5 entrance including Tea & Coffee. A glass of wine for £2.00 donation
Just watched 'Nil by Mouth'. Probably the most gritty film I've seen. Kathy Burke and Ray Winstone's acting in this is beyond brilliant.
Big Ray Winstone and Kathy Burke great performance and a favourite of mine.. Ray is immense in this
I don't happen to think Kathy Burke is fat and ugly but some might. She gets the man
seen Love Honour and Obey? great laugh, its a who's who of brit acting talent, from Rhys Ifans to Kathy Burke. so many 1 liners
Watching last night's edition of 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown; Kathy Burke once again proves that she should be on TV all day, every day
Right. How about The Twits on the West End? Russell Brand & Kathy Burke to star. You do the music. Make it happen. X
There's a new episode of 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown tonight at 9pm on C4, with Kathy Burke, Dara O'Briain and Josh Widdicombe.
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Kathy Burke is definitely my spirit animal. I'm gonna dye my hair bright orange and start wearing hideous clothing, being Ellis isn't working out for me.
Apparently Kathy Burke & Liza Tarbuck are really good mates. That would be an amazing night of laughter down the pub.
Yeah I have just bought my tickets to "Once a Catholic" directed by Kathy Burke.
Repeat Kathy Burke on I've Never Seen Star Wars with : just as brilliant as you'd imagine. Haven't seen a full Star Wars either.
I used to have a right crush on Kathy Burke. Great watching her on lastnights 8 out of 10 cats does countdown. Legend.
Kathy Burke is sharing free Strawberry Pie and wants you to have one! Accept now to get one and sent a gift back!
Watching 8 out of 10 cats does countdown and Kathy Burke is hilarious!
Marcus Brigstocke invites Kathy Burke to try new things, like visiting Harrods in London.
My new favourite thing is Desert Island Discs on the R4 website. Hunners to choose from. Faves so far. Kathy Burke, Tony Iveson, G Foreman
I hope Kathy Burke's appearance on 8 out of 10 Cats do Countdown heralds her triumphant return to the comedy world.
“Actor/Director/Playwright Kathy Burke, we love this photo, living legend!
My highlight of last night has definitely got to be watching 8 out of 10 cats does countdown! Kathy Burke you funny woman 🙈🙉😂
Nice to be home and unpacked. What a great week. The convention of promotional professionals. Great to see my peeps, and my brothers and sisters in the industry. My hug from Kathy Burke was special. The awards ceremony and the Chairman's dinner. But walking the floor and once again being amazed at the creativity put out by our Supplier members was fantastic. Can't wait to get in front of my clients. Lot's of energy. Lot's of optimism. I can't wait for a year from now and to do it again. Industry friends.2014 will be a great year to look back on-Make it Happen! . Gotta go! Lower back to rub out and feet to ice!
yeah isn't that brutal :( go like it lol Kathy Burke was on 8 out of 10 cats tonight!
After learning how unfunny Kathy burke is, I feel I could actually become a successful comedian.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Kathy Burke in gimme gimme gimme is one of my favourite people ever
So lovin 8 out of 10 cats does countdown man me up Kathy Burke is awesome 1st Lady of comedy 4 sure ☺
I'd of made it my nights work to meet Kathy Burke I think, she's a hero.
Forgotten how funny Gimme Gimme Gimme was...james Dreyfus & kathy burke legends
Hard to put into words how much I love Kathy Burke
gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight- u r not my fellow DJ (Kathy Burke)
"We didn't go to university, and we're winning!" Kathy Burke is my fave.
Did you watch 9 out of 10 cats Countdown special earlier? Kathy Burke was legend!
Ah some Gimme Gimme Gimme in bed! I say it every time, I LOVE Kathy Burke!
Kathy Burke on 8 out of 10 Cats! She's not on tv nearly enough these days.
Fooking love 8 out of 10 cats does countdown - especially with Kathy Burke on! LETS FACKING AV IT
Watching 8 Out Of 10 Cats does Countdown. . I love Kathy Burke & Rachel Riley in equal measures for two completely different reasons!
SO excited to see Kathy Burke's Once A Catholic on the 29th! Gonna have to dig the video of my sisser starring in it out for lolz
got to watch it. Was great. Joe wilkinsons tour party , Kathy Burke was on form.
Gimme Gimme Gimme still great comedy Kathy Burke at her best lol
Kathy Burke on countdown is just pure comedic genius!
i love Kathy Burke on Countdown. she should be on every tv show
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Absolutely LOVE Kathy Burke.she will always be my Linda lahuse ;)
Kathy Burke on 8 out of10 cats countdown is bloody hilarious, mind you.they all are...never watched it before, why? Lmao :)
Is Kathy Burke and Shaun Ryder the same person???
Is kathy burke, perry from Kevin and perry
Just so everyone knows, Kathy Burke should be in EVERYTHING
Kathy Burke on 8 out of 10 Cats is nearly making me cry laughing.
Kathy Burke should be on telly at least once a week act of parliament required
Kathy Burke on the numbers round answer was 868. she got 105, but even that was wrong as it came to 106!!!
8 of out 10 cats does countdown is very funny. But I'm flipping rubbish at countdown! That said I'm not as rubbish as Kathy Burke. Might have to do some brain training. Ugh!
Pmsl Kathy Burke on 8 out of 10 does countdown this programme never fails to make me have a hug wee in my pants x
Kathy Burke and Dara O'Briain on Cats do Countdown, quality
Kathy Burke, Dara O Briain and Josh Widdecombe on 8 out of 10 cats does countdown.hopefully hilarious
Just been told I look like Kathy Burke Cheers Hannah
Wouldn't have recognised Kathy Burke on tv just now if I hadn't heard her voice...
Kathy burke on 8 out of 10 cats does countdown, this should be funny
Funny Episode of Cats does countdown on Ch4 @ 9pm tonight with the legend Kathy Burke & Adam Buxton
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Go support this family and get some lunch this Sunday in Wagoner. Kathy Burke Juston Vunetich Courtney Vunetich Jo Ellen Gindro Burke Janice Westbrook if we were in Oklahoma, we'd be there for sure.
Catherine Jones talks to actor-turned-director Kathy Burke about her new stage show
I've said it before and I'll say it again. Kathy Burke is a comedy genius. Love James Dreyfus too.
Gone a redhead, John said I look like Kathy Burke from Gimme, Gimme, Gimme and the boss has been skitting me all afternoon, of to Boots on the way home to sort it out.!!
Quote from kathy burke in gimme gimme gimme. Irish parents! That's almost black in this country!
watchin Gimme Gimme Gimme + cant stop laughin lol 1 o the best programmes ever with Kathy Burke its hilarious ma kinda sense o humour pmsl
Finally checking out my local theatre!! Kathy Burke is standing right here at the bar! Can't wait to see her play 'once a catholic!'
Off to see Once a Catholic ... Kathy Burke directing should be a larf!
Watchin gimme gimme matter how many times I watch it...still makes me chuckle...I sooo miss kathy burke on tv .was the best comedien
Thank you for the many, many warm birthday wishes. Thanks especially to Kathy Burke-Howe and family for an absolutely lovely day. I feel so blessed. I had a great day.
Been watching reruns of Gimme Gimme Gimme today. Nothing like Kathy Burke to get me laughing me ead auff!! ha ha ha. Maybe its because i have dyed my hair red ha ha ha. Only going out to friends across the pond xxx
Kathy Burke Watters, Jeff Watters and Jeri Cancel and Pat I miss you.
Watching kathy burke at her best as linda lahues in gimme gimme gimme
I am truly in awe at the outpouring of Love we have received through phone calls, texts, messages, visits & FOOD!! all 22 of us had an amazing meal thanks to Amy Nowak John, Ester & Jennifer L Burkett. You outdid yourselves. :) & platters full of yumminess await us in the morning from Kathy Burke Anderson. Thank you doesn't even begin to cut it!!
Kathy Burke Daywalt always has a nice rhythm to her art on Yupo
With the exeption of Kathy Burke and Hyacinth Bucket from keeping up appearances, women just can not do comedy I'm sorry! Me mams got is watching Birds of a feather and I'm debating wether contracting syphilis would be more enjoyable
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Well today is my birthday! Thank you to everyone! I got to spend it at my most favorite place in all the land... Sarenity Apparel Tattoos -n- piercings I just want to say how much I love my life! It has it's ups and downs but all in all my life has just gotten better with every year that passes, so I am very happy to be growing another year older! Minus the aches and pains lol The best gift of all is everyone who is in my life! My wonderful girlfriend Jessica Cooksey My friends and co-workers John Goulette Adam Solomania Solomon Jennifer Brisbois Robby Soulliere Larissa Surline Mark Ellsworth T.j. Ursitti Drew Anderson Nick Berggren Teddy Pace Chris Seaton Amanda Gould Travis Wayne Beish Greg Bennert Garrett Memering Curtis Young Kevin Schalm Marquis Tcmt King Sean TheCrew Whitcomb Sean Farquhar Kurt Ross Richard Young, my family Debra Burkett Anderson Mary Suteu Jennifer Suteu Augustin Suteu Kathy Burke Clark David Clark John Clark and my amazing clients that allow me to keep doing what I love. I can't w ...
Can't believe I found nil by mouth on dvd wi Ray Winstone & Kathy Burke in it What a movie! Very powerful acting from the cast!
'Once a catholic', directed by Kathy Burke, great show, great seats (thanks Fi) ...even spotted her pal Paul Whitehouse!!
Kathy Burke - please PM me a phone number for you in case we see Buddy again. I'll call you immediately if he comes around.
I cannot wait for Wednesday & Thursday. My dad is getting married on Wednesday 󾠧󾆣󾠅󾠥 & I get to see my best friend & Kathy Burke on Thursday
Thats a good start to the day, just dropped a cake which is suppose to be photographed today by Kathy Burke Photography, now the salvage job.
Catherine Tate as nan on christmas 2007 featuring Kathy Burke
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Ooo b.b is back I dont feel like a sad *** as top grrl kathy burke loves it n shes wicked so their!!! Lol X
Third day in good old hospital, been a patient boy . Today however, the ward has been besieged by specialtons (including an older, very aggressive Scottish dead ringer for Kathy Burke) and i have been denied food for 17hours, all of which I can tolerate. With Wolves on sky sports tonight and an interesting second day of ashes cricket in the offing I am currently digging an escape tunnel to the Woolpack in Shawbirch - if I'm not out by 8 the NHS will have a bigger problem than the finance crisis to deal with...
She LOVED it! Thanks so much Louis Reinartz and Kathy Burke Reinartz for making Ramsey her birthday cake! Reese and Remme had a blast helping to make it and it was very yummy!
Three weeks to go before Once A Catholic is here. Directed by Kathy Burke!
Thank u so much Kathy Burke ... Love you !!!
Went to watch 'Once a Catholic' at the Tricycle Theatre & sat next to Kathy Burke. Thk u Linda, I loved it!
Saw 'Once A Catholic' at the Tricycle tonight. Great script but some lazy direction from Kathy Burke. You were so much better Chris Wright, Paul Ewen, Nikola Carter, Tracey Ann Steadman
'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy' on the go...very who's who of our luvvies across the generations. And, Kathy Burke...which is almost always a good thing.
Listening to Matt Graver on the phone is like listening to Kathy Burke. Pmsl
My birthday dinner with Crystal Branch and Kathy Burke
"If they get any younger they'll be chucking foetuses down the catwalk" love kathy Burke in Ab Fab :')
Now we've got Danny dyer in eastender's . All we need now is Ray Winstone and Kathy Burke 󾌰󾌰
Gimme Gimme Gimme! Would defo have a night on the razzle with the talented Kathy Burke!!
"If we can get 13 of us into one pew at mass, we can get 9 of us into mom's car."- Keeley McCarthy total Gallagher move. Colleen McCarthy Quinn Meghan McCarthy Dix Merritt ParhamGeorge McCarthy Kathy Burke McCarthy
Kathy Burke in Flushed Away on BBC One right now...
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This is one of the funniest episodes I've seen in a while. Miles Jupp is always good value. Kathy Burke makes it though.
22:35, Kathy Burke hosts an extended with guests Miles Jupp and joining the panel
HIGNFY now available on the iPlayer. Kathy Burke & Miles Jupp. I'll have some of that, cheer me up a bit.
NOW Kathy Burke hosts with Miles Jupp & MP joining Ian &Paul to take a satirical look at the week
Tonight 9pm Kathy Burke takes to the hot seat with Miles Jupp& Tory MP on the panel
21:00 Have I Got News for You: Kathy Burke hosts the news quiz, with guest panellists Miles Jupp and Tim Loughton MP.
23:30, Guest host Kathy Burke is joined by guest panellists Miles Jupp and for a delayed
Hosting tonight's show is the fantastic Kathy Burke, with guests Miles Jupp and Tory MP Tim Loughton. Join us at the later time of 23:20 on BBC1.
is it just me who read that in a Kathy Burke/ Harry Enfield style?
Dirty Dancing 2. Danny Dyer secretly teaches kids how to twerk to grime at Center Parcs in Stevenage. Kathy Burke plays Baby.
Richard Armitage in This Year's LoveRichard Armitage had a small role in this British film starring Jennifer Ehle, Dougray Scott, Kathy Burke and Douglas Henshall.     It tells the story of the lives and loves of a group of thirty-somethings in Camden Town, London over a period of two years.     Richard Armitage was "Smug man at party", a guest at a smart party. He had a single line, "It's a Canaletto," delivered - smugly - to Douglas Henshall's character, Danny. A few minutes later, Danny grabbed him by the lapels and attempted to beat him up.     The film was written and directed by David Kane, and released in 1999.      It's available on Region 2 DVD at Amazon UK, Amazon USA and Amazon Japan.  
Awww. Chris Packham's Desert Island Discs was one of the nicest I've heard for a while. Right up there with Kathy Burke's.
SkyArts1 is showing a programme called Nation's Best Am Dram, narrated by Kathy Burke. I am unsure of the timings but if you're interested then you might wanna check it out.
Our community health workers have made a celeb spot for the day Kathy Burke on Upper Street, Angel
I have listened to Kathy Burke's Desert Island Discs three times now.
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On my own in office so over indulging on Desert Island Discs. Lynn Barber, Kathy Burke, Neil Tennant
Loads of them! My personal favourites are - Morrissey, Kathy Burke, Jimmy McGovern, Miriam Margolyes and John Prescott.
A rival for Kathy Burke's James Caan laminated surfboard as top luxury on Desert Island Discs - Russell Brand chooses stuffed Noel Gallagher
Actually the Congo audience was full of quality. Also noticed Jane Horrocks, Kathy Burke, & Thandie Newton
Try to contain your sadness people - it's the final episode of Psychob* tonight. Harry Enfield and Kathy Burke star. Sky Arts 1 HD, 9pm
Bit bored on the journey home, so having my own private game of Celebrity Spotting. On the bus this evening, we are joined by ex-Chelsea manager Claudio Ranieri, celebrity chef Delia Smith, Kathy Burke, and your bus driver tonight is Alan Titchmarsh.
Miranda I'd love to see you and Kathy Burke make a great British comedy together
Kathy Burke does a baby impression as older brother Harry (Enfield) is mean to her while their mother is out of the room. Hilarious British comedy from the BBC.
Jack White, Kathy Burke, Spike Milligan, Cider, Meats, Warm weather, Circus of Horrors and Donkey Rides for ALL! X
I loved that show when I was around 8, ah good times. Kathy Burke is splendid
In the middle of a circle jerk with Michael and Kathy Burke
Tracy Cameron reminds me of a great, lost, never-created Kathy Burke character.
Kathy Burke is class.But Kathy will always be a London actor,like so many of us.But she is one of the best.
Even more! (I could do this all day) Lisa Bugden, Sue Sirrs, Kathy Jourdain, Christine Krochak, Sharon Burke, Jordanna Caine
As if there would be any doubt but Kathy Burke's DID is excellent. Gaga, Gorillaz, Missy AND The Who.
its got Phil Mitchell from EastEnders in it. Also, Kathy Burke plays Perry.
yes Kathy Burke is my favourite ever loaded female cover star.
Kathy Burke is up next don't like her choice of Lady Gaga though?
He is stunning in Nil By Mouth. Kathy Burke is amazing in it as well. A hard film to watch at times but worth it.
Nats been my fave from the start. She's like a mini kathy burke, with a ten yr old face, who cooks like a pro. Larkin ? Bluffin
Not me they are rubbish. Kathy Burke better than Liam Gallagher than Liam Gallagher !
I forgot he was in The Proposition. Indeed Sexy Beast. Never seen Nil By Mouth cos I don't want to see Kathy Burke getting battered.
it has to be Kathy Burke.she's down with it.
I do agree that Kathy Burke is super talented, but Linda La Hughes was portrayed as not being talented in very many areas :-(
I see your point although you could look on th bright side kathy Burke is a very talented lady :) x
Canal Street is a funny place. One week I'm told I look like Tilda Swinton & the next, Kathy Burke. Guess that's drag queens for you.
Just wanted to express my love for Kathy Burke. That is all.
look it up. Graham had Cameron Diaz, David Attenborough, and Kathy Burke. The girl form the band was a hoot!
Kathy Burke is larrk the best comedian ever!
do you not think Kathy Burke and Gary Oldman's sister are absolutely brilliant?!!xxx
Ok my four idols are Russell Brand, Seann Walsh, Noel Fielding and Kathy Burke.
Follow us for updates on our upcoming album featuring the amazing Kathy Burke+
Watched Kevin & Perry and now watching the extras. Kevin's Guide To Being A Teenager now - Kathy Burke as Perry is brilliant :-)
..RuthvenH Best female comedy writers must be Saunders/French, Victoria Wood and Kathy Burke
In other news, I fed Liza Tarbuck and Kathy Burke the other night.. I was so tempted to send a jam sandwich to the table
177 it's a nightmare. My professor is Kathy Burke
And then had Kathy Burke in all her Lindy gear as Magneto's mum in that concentration camp.
it's a British gangster movie but it's so funny!!! Ray Winstone, Jude Law, big Mo from eastenders, Kathy Burke. Includes karaoke!
Watching Kevin And Perry Go Large and all I can think of is when was telling me that Kathy Burke was fit
Alright Kathy Burke, let's do some chemistry.
I've got the urge to watch Dancing at Lughnasa again. Love a bit of Kathy Burke.
Michigan guard Trey Burke will enter the NBA Draft, source tells Y! Sports. He has scheduled announcement for Sunday.
Groundbreaking Hackney charity aims to "smash" number of ending up in prison/homeless
So excited for date nightand Kathy burke!
third one down on the left!! He totally does and the one in the middle looks like Kathy Burke ha
This is a photo from the other night taken by kathy burke
Soap star joins forces with Hackney theatre charity
Local news: Soap star joins forces with Hackney theatre charity
our very own boxer and Actor Jason Rock with his mentor Maggie Noris and Kathy Burke he is going to make it...
I'm still game for writing "The Wild Wests" starring Steve Pemberton as Fred and Kathy Burke as Rose.
well... It's not gna be Kathy Burke is it!? 😂
what the *** has Kathy burke got to do with this convo??
Now then, proper tea or what Kathy Burke referred to as "twatty tea"?
Lol, said of course in true Kathy Burke style!
Kathy can be AD, Mortimer can be exec.
Dear - as marvellous as I would be as AD, I think it would be rather nice to give it to Kathy Burke. Just saying. MJP
Gimmie gimmie gimmie still makes me laugh!! Kathy Burke what a funny lady!! :)
Nigella lawson (ha) on Des Island discs had Blue Monday! Kathy Burke and Ian Banks had love will tear us apart
you can tell Phil jupitus is a Kathy Burke fan, he's laughing at everything she does/says
Can’t imagine him appearing next to, say, Kathy Burke, Miranda Hart or Jo Brand.
really? My faves have been Philip Larkin, Denis Healey, Kathy Burke, Simon Schama etc
"Kathy Burke will be joined by Paul Whitehouse, Jill Halfpenny and Lisa Tarbuck at the theatre launch "
We're are performing tonight for Kathy Burke, Paul Whitehouse and Clive Anderson - very excited!!
Fact: In 1989 Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders and Kathy Burke reached number 3 in the UK charts with their song "Lananeenoonoo".
This Tracy on The Chase sounds this a Kathy Burke character from Harry Enfield and chums
Kathy Burke's Little *** after Dawn French's... which coincidentally was also superb. one word, Excellent!
after her turn on Desert Island Discs (I'm not surprised Kathy Burke is playing a blinder on now.
Totally got Kathy Burke right on the quiz. I am an asset.
My favourite ever DID show is Kathy Burke. Brilliant, moving and funny. Look it up!
Addicted to the Desert Island Disc podcast archive. Kathy Burke a highlight so far. Apparently there are over 2,000, should keep me busy for a while!
Most likely that Kathy Burke wouldn't have agreed to be Waynetta if the character had any negative aspects.
ooh I'd add Kathy Burke and my, Betty Driver's was so moving and fascinating
when I turned it on they were showing a programme with Kathy Burke in it! :D xx
I really like Harry Enfield and Kathy Burke, but those sketches bother me in retrospect.
Wayne & Waynetta for me was saved by Kathy Burke's acting skills, giving degree of sympathy missing from plain "chav bashing".
nil by mouth Nick,Kathy Burke and Ray Winston at their best-old but brilliant x
Oh yes, how could I forget that? I would like to see Kathy Burke being outrageous on my tellybox again.
For me it's Kathy Burke saying it in Gimme Gimme Gimme.
Other faves on Stephen King, Kathy Burke, Johnny Vegas and at NO 1 Simon McBurney
Kathy Griffin and Reba Mcentire should be best friends. I hate them both.
Last night's dream: Shirley Manson's face came off (Raiders of the Lost Ark style), so Garbage replaced her with Kathy Burke.
Kathy Burke of Sensational Home Staging shows why homes sell faster and for more money when staged! Amazing photos!
It'd have to be Kathy Burke for me :-)
Kathy Burke after 3hours in make up, putting on a large bodysuit and glasses!
SCOUSE. The DID archive is one of the best things ever. Listen to Nicky Haslam and Kathy Burke's and I swear you'll be hooked.
Kathy Burke Oldie but a goldie.Great interview.
also Victoria Wood's and Kathy Burke - both great.
kathy burke one is great. her luxury item was a life-size laminated picture of James Caan from Dragon’s Den “to body-surf on”
Lynn Barber, Kathy Burke, Jarvis Cocker also the Tony Blair one v interesting. Right before landslide victory.
Kathy Burke is shocking with her posh accent!
nice to see Kathy Burke working again.
come along to Anna Schers not the ghetto but real people with inspirational teacher in Islington Kathy Burke started here!
Sat next to kathy Burke watching Sean lock live!
Kathy Burke acceptance speech for Gimme Gimme Gimme. YouTube it.
what’s Kathy Burke doing there with her hand up.
Kathy Burke is now a member of 95210! Thank you Kathy! Welcome & enjoy tracking your & with us!
Jeff Stelling "Bale is a better player than Ronaldo" In other news Kathy Burke beats Mila Kunis to the shagable woman of the year title
Love love LOVE the Kathy Burke one. So good.
If you ever want a laugh look at the Gordon Ramsey one he clearly hates music. The Kathy Burke one is very good.
the Ray Winstone, kathy burke, Jude law etc film?! Ahhh its one of my all time fave films!!
I think Kathy Burke was great in Gimme Gime Gimme...not many funny women, I agree
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