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Kathleen Turner

Mary Kathleen Turner (born June 19, 1954) is an American actress.

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Did you know...some actual rock bands you may not have heard of are...Kathleen Turner Overdrive, The Swimming Pool…
War of the Roses. Michael Douglas Kathleen Turner. The ultimate divorce movie!
We're here...w Kathleen Turner. Looking forward to some laughs.
It's Opening Night for "An Act of God" starring Kathleen Turner! If you're joining us for tonight's performance, st…
Check out this place! Walk through your own forest! Sit and listen to the sounds of nature on your 5 acres close ..…
I don't need a Snapchat filter to distort my voice this week. I currently sound like Kathleen Turner meets Mo Colli…
There is a frozen drink machine named Kathleen Turner here. That is all.
Time is another important part of your investment plans.
well I'm going to go Kathleen Turner for you both, and find a wa…
What an excellent interview with Kathleen Turner on
“I’m good at acting but bad at pretending... actors just don’t take enough risks now days” - Kathleen Turner today…
Steve Wright is talking to Kathleen Turner on radio 2.
Ok, now we know who the woman is in the 2003 USO skit in Kuwait (Karri Kathleen Turner); did Turner have a similar experien…
"FOOD A leg of lamb is used in ‘Serial Mom’ (1994), by Kathleen Turner, to beat a neighbour to death….Nice :-)…
Kathleen Turner is live now with Steve Wright on Make sure you're tuned in to find out more information…
Tune into Steve Wright's show NOW on to catch two-time Tony Award nominee and two-time Golden Globe Awar…
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He was also in Body Heat (1983) where he played Kathleen Turner's husband.
Kathleen Turner returns to the London stage
Sometimes, all you need is a gif. I love Kathleen turner...
Buy your tickets here for Kathleen's show:
Not sure why but my immediate thought...Kathleen Turner
. for . . “Hello, princess.” This time his smile lit up the room. “I’ve…
Kathleen Turner also has a couple of my all time favorite lines
I'd site mid 80s Kathleen Turner and tell 'em to stick it...
Even those aboard the International Space Station are trying to see Kathleen Turner in the hilarious "An Act of God…
But why didn't Kathleen Turner get the part?
Presenting a check on behalf of to the George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick, NJ. Currently, you…
Ha ha, it wasn't that bad. It was more like Kathleen Turner.
During filming Romancing The Stone - Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner (It's A blurry picture but she still looks fa…
Kathleen Turner will be a guest on Steve Wright's show on tomorrow between 3:30 and 5. Make sure you tun…
"I'm not bad. I'm just drawn that way." . Jessica Rabbit (Kathleen Turner), "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" (1988)
.i gave in and started re-reading the Kathleen Turner series !!! 😭💕
Tickets now ON SALE for Finding My Voice at here: - don't m…
Being a sex symbol has to do with an attitude, not looks. Most men think it's looks, most women know otherwise. ~Ka…
James Turner, back with another helpful list of things to do instead of hating on random people/content on the internet. •…
I've been there; had a cold so bad I uncontrollably sounded like Kathleen Turner. Feel better soon.
Time to try out a Kathleen Turner accent?
I met Kathleen Turner, I almost needed to touch her but you know what I did? Walked respectfully by her, smiled nor…
She is here! Get your first look at Kathleen Turner in "An Act of God" — with Stephen DeRosa and Jim Walton — at GS…
So that's more Mike Meyers in Coffee Talk and not Kathleen Turner in BodyHeat?
You know that bit in Crimes of Passion when Kathleen Turner declares that she has run out of Pan-Am Coffee but stil…
Subscribe to for only $20 a year. Next: More from Sally Field My days at Va…
The 1st time I was on this show I shared the stage with Molly Ringwald. Afterward Kathleen Turner praised me & my w…
Sounding like Kathleen Turner or Olive Oyl. No middle ground this week.
How about top-five should’ve been best actress winners:. 1. Kathleen Turner - Peggy Su…
This is a particularly bad cold. I went from a Kathleen Turner voice to Sam Elliot in an hour. . The dude abides.
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Wanna feel old? Kathleen Turner is turning 200 today
Can’t say I wasn’t a tad surprised to find out this is narrated by Kathleen Turner.
Wanna feel old? Kathleen Turner is turning 137 today
I will. I think it’d be fascinating to see Kathleen Turner on stage, I have to admit.
Wanna feel old? Kathleen Turner is turning 133 today
Kathleen Turner (is there anyone who didn't fancy her in RomancingThe Stone).
Investing in Charlotte real estate doesn't have to be complicated.
Broadway vets Stephen DeRosa & Jim Walton will be Kathleen Turner's angels in "An Act of God," 11/28-12/23 ->…
The only acceptable instance of this is Kathleen Turner murdering her neighbor to the strains of “T…
Kathleen Turner is narrating a Poe documentary and it's one of the best things ever
Excuse you, Kathleen Turner. Obviousment you have a DOG BISCUIT in your butt.
Tonite at 9 on The real story of Edgar Allan Poe, w/ Denis O'Hare (This is Us & American Horror Story). Narr…
Stephen DeRosa and Jim Walton will join when she plays God in An Act of God…
Two Broadway Alums to Join Kathleen Turner in George Street Playhouse’s An Act of God
Stephen DeRosa and Jim Walton to Join Kathleen Turner in AN ACT OF GOD at George Street Playhouse…
I like her voice. My voice is high pitched, I wish I had a Kathleen…
Do you need me to phone you? "I'm sorry, I'd love to, but I've got to meet KATHLEEN TURNER at 12. I kno…
En route to London to interview Kathleen Turner. Fighting the urge to tell everyone on the train.
Delighted to be hosting Kathleen Turner for a couple of days of planning exciting 2018 events...
Getting Kathleen Turner to play Chandlers dad is a stroke of genius!
Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner in Romancing The Stone (very hot pic.)
The only good thing about waking up early: that sweet dulcet bari-tenor voice that makes me sound like Kathleen Turner after 8 cigarettes.
Not completely. I just sound like Kathleen Turner smoking 80 a day 💀
Wanna feel old? Kathleen Turner is turning 253 today
The Man With Two Brains is the greatest Steve Martin film because of Kathleen Turner
Went to bed Friday with a sore throat, woke up yesterday with a terrible cold, today I sound like Kathleen Turner.…
Christopher Walken & Willem DaFoe walk into a bar. I lock the door & we live happily ever after the end. (Kathleen Turner visits sometimes.)
*daydreams of a large portrait of Kathleen Turner to hang above my fireplace
Ruth, rocking the Kathleen Turner look tonight!😍
Roger Stone’s swearing reminds me of the prank phone calls Kathleen Turner makes in the movie Serial Mom.
Chrome's insistence on throwing 500 errors for about the same as Kathleen Turner these days - like a 60 year old man.
It's definitely true, good friends don't let friends think that Kathleen Turner looks like Stalin.
The jobless rate across the state is still the lowest it's been in 17 years.
Smoky voiced Kathleen Turner brings her song stylings to Philadelphia - Bucks County Courier Times
You r arguing with the profile of the fictional character “Joan Wilder” played by Kathleen Turner from t…
LOCATION!! Nicely maintained 2 bedroom ground floor, end unit in Dilworth. Outdoor space with area for a swing ..…
See a virtual tour of one of our listings on 14908 Cane Field Drive Charlotte, NC listed by Kathleen Turner.
I remember those. Kathleen Turner was perfect in the role - VI as I’d always imagined her.
never seen it just checked it out looks like it would be good with those 3 in it Michael Douglas, Ka…
Wanna feel old? Kathleen Turner is turning 374 today
Haven't thrown up in a record 5 hours, hopefully I can sleep through the night. I sound like Kathleen Turner.
Rise of the Planet of the Apes, starring Julia Stiles and Kathleen Turner. Directed by John Woo, music by Nina Simone. Budget: $100,000
Kathleen Turner would love to show you the at 8625 Carly Lane E ...
Mercedes Ruehl joins Sally Field and Kathleen Turner to promote the auction of Edward Albee's art collection
See Sarah Paulson do spot-on imitations of Kathleen Turner and Holly Hunter on htt…
It was Kathleen Turner that played Chandler's dad on Friends. Morgan Fairchild played his mom.
Kathleen Turner and Steve Martin in The Man With Two Brains, screening tonight at 9:20pm
One of my favorite moments in the history of cinema - the prank call between Kathleen Turner and Mink Stole from...
. Kathleen Turner collapses at her high school reunion, wakes up with Ed. . Peggy Sue Got Married Wi…
The housing market is thriving. Here's why.
New song SEND YOURSELF ROSES by Kathleen Turner w/ Gloria Feldt, Read by Kathleen Turner by HachetteAudio just wen…
Kathleen Turner on Send Yourself Roses audiobook: 'I'm not known for being a wallflower' -
Happy Audiobook Release day to Kathleen Turner! interviews her on SEND YOURSELF ROSES for .
Kathleen Turner on recording her Send Yourself Roses audiobook
Exclusive: Kathleen Turner opens up about reliving the raw, honest words she’d published years before.
Five years ago today, I met Kathleen Turner!
Kathleen Turner in Conversation with Gloria Feldt at the 92nd Street Y - Kathleen Turner |…
I think I made a gif of Kathleen Turner saying "Collini Out" from
This film is not the first time Kathleen Turner and Jim Carrey have co-starred in a film (Peggy Sue Got Married)
(I tend to sound like Kathleen Turner when I'm sick - I go from soprano to tenor...)
, my colleague Kathleen Turner is delivering some great PD for our special ed teachers and speaking ve…
Ready to invest in the luxury real estate market? These are the top 3 tips.
Broadway stars and singers flip the script
Some good advice for language teachers from Dr Kathleen Turner from @
I've never heard that. I was lucky enough to see Kathleen Turner on Broadway in the revival
That video features the finest acting in the careers of Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner, and Danny Devito.
It certainly does. Hugh Dancy as well. even had Kathleen Turner, Melanie Griffith and Eve Plumb show up!
Kathleen Turner and Ken Russell on the set of Crimes of Passion (1984)
TIL that Kathleen Turner, who plays the repulsive Sue Collini in Californiacation, is also the voice of sex icon J…
Kathleen Turner sings at Broadway Backwards AIDS benefit via
Kathleen Turner teaches as only she can: Define your own terms before someone else defines you.
I sign more Jessica Rabbit photos than mine, almost. I'm not kidding. Isn't that crazy?- Kathleen Turner
I saw Bill Erwin and Kathleen Turner from the front row center on opening night. Wonderful!
The Great Escape, starring Gregory Peck and Kathleen Turner. Directed by Roland Emmerich, music by LCD Soundsystem. Budget: $500
Kathleen Turner. A live OkCupid profile analysis. If you’re in on Feb. 8, check out our event! >>
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Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner, and Danny Devito in Billy Ocean video for when the going gets tough?
This film has Kathleen Turner, Anjelica Huston and Jack Nicholson and I'm LIVING
My favorite discovery of Dec: I want my story narrated by Kathleen Turner. Or Tom Waits.
Last night my wife told mey cold makes me sound like Kathleen Turner. So there's that.
A woman my age is not supposed to be attractive or sexually appeal...
Crap, it was Jessica Rabbit wasn't it? I still haven't checked but Kathleen Turner's voice.😍😍
.is currently in snowy Montreal filming alongside Kathleen Turner and Frances Fisher. Stay tuned for details!
2 tbs of fiberglass in your smoothie until desired levels of early 80s Kathleen Turner.
At about 40, the roles started slowing down. I started getting offers...
I know there are nights when I have power, when I could put on som...
Listening to Kathleen Y'Barbo Turner Make Me Care on my way home.
I want people to like me. They don't have to always like my chara...
Slowly feeling better, got caught up on westworld.. tired but bored AF! My voice still sounds like Kathleen Turner😡😂
It's Dixy y King. Fart. Let the cartoon begin. Starring Kathleen Turner. What did you get for Kwanzaa? I got a poo.
Do mailboxes taste better with Beano? Will Kathleen Turner turn into a diarrhea fart if you poop on her? Am I Larry Ellison?
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How did you get Kathleen Turner to fill in for on Friday?
Crimes of Passion, which is one of the best films I've done, wil...
when you let the tarantula crawl across you bc you're not going to be showed up by dudes in Mr. Norman's' class…
The 1985 movie The Jewel of the Nile with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner was partly filmed in Zion National Park.
Tonight on B&B: Beavis poos in my house. Butthead thrashes Kathleen Turner. Huh huh.
I think my mission is to become the greatest human I can. I know...
I'm confused I have on and it's being hosted by Kathleen Turner???
& I am bummed to miss out on seeing you! But I don't even sound Kathleen Turner sexy :(
YESSS to everything that Kathleen Turner is serving up in this documentary about Myrna Loy on…
Reminds me of Michael Douglas chopping off Kathleen Turner's heels in Romancing the Stone.
I miss the early 90s when Disney World was hot and Kathleen Turner was still around
you're *** right has tiny open fire almost hotter than 1979 Kathleen Turner, bar is in the family since 1890s
I would like my voice to be Kathleen Turner
I would want my voice to be Kathleen Turner
Kathleen Turner was the voice of Jessica Rabbit, so you're in good shape if you can just suck your cheeks in a little
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I have the voice of Kathleen Turner and the face of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and I'm supposed to be on camera today.
Update: I'm still sick with a head cold from *** But the boys at 1-900-SPANKME enjoy my Kathleen Turner voice, so it's…
I always thought the point was to have a bigger life, to meet mor...
when did you guys hire Kathleen Turner this morning show, love more of that voice and the turtle
Anyone else got any voiceover work for Kathleen Turner?
If my ego was out of whack and I believed I could carry anything ...
Snakes on a Plane, starring Kathleen Turner and Eugene Levy. Directed by Frank Capra, music by Jeff Buckley. Budget: $100,000
Massive crush on Christina Ricci AND Kathleen Turner. Made me realize I'm into women of all sorts.Is it really from 95?Wow!
Remember that's frirnds episode where phoebe has a cold and her voice changes? Yeah that's me rn..I sound like Kathleen Turner
Stars today (Kathleen Turner) still do that to cover up other illnesses for fear that they can't be insured.
The vid even more so, with the film's stars - Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner & Danny De Vito as 'back-up singers'
A woman can plan when to have her family and how to support a family. by Kathleen Turner
ok phew thanks. His description sounded a little too specific. I'll go caress Kathleen Turner now...
Kathleen Turner talking about a play exploring the process of grief, loss & carrying on:
Remember Romancing the Stone - what Kathleen Turner looked like during her trek through the movie. How is Bryce so clean.
Once upon a time Kathleen Turner played with Ricky Martin in House of Choice Beef. Man o' War pooped. The end.
Y now it's time for the polymerous show starring Kathleen Turner. Oh, smurf.
Sorry not a bookish one but for me it's Kathleen Turner finishing typing her MS at the start of Romancing the Stone https…
You shouldn't get to live in society and give nothing back. People...
It never occurred to me that I couldn't change things that needed...
I do not admire young actresses whose foreheads cannot move.
Just finished Kathleen Turner by 7 books/4 days. This is underappreciated &can put the best…
There are still women who are not living their own lives, but livi...
Ooh Barry in a fantastic jumper! I'll never forget BN's partiality for Harrison Ford and Kathleen Turner.
Saw a screening of Body Heat starring William Hurt and Kathleen Turner in their primes last night .A steamy classic!!! Gre…
Everytime I watch the episodes where Mon/Chandler get married, and see Kathleen Turner, I just keep saying, "It's Jessica Rabbit."
True: a Pitfall-me-up for Saturn. Max is Danny Devito, Ben is Michael Douglas, Paul is Kathleen Turner; Nathan is Bad Hom…
Edward Albee is gone and that *** Love Virginia Woolf so much. The Bill Irwin-Kathleen Turner & Tracy Letts-Amy Morton productions. Wow.
The Jewel of the Nile (1985 film). inferior to the original, but it's nice to see Michael Douglas & Kathleen Turner. together in their prime !
Just re-found this gem. That time Kathleen Turner, Danny Devito & Michael Douglas "sang" in a music video
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Phew! Its positively steaming on Station Rd..half expected to see William Hurt & Kathleen Turner coming out of WImpy
Kathleen Turner and Patty Hearst remind us all not to wear white shoes after Labor Day.
This! can play Kathleen Turner's character, John Wilder & Kate McKinnon can be Jack Colton!!!
with Rock playing the Kathleen Turner part? THAT WOULD ROCK
I really need Kathleen Turner to be in this movie.
yup, or Kathleen turner...her voice like butter
I text a lot people, because it's how I stay connected with all my family and friends when I'm on set and traveling. — Kathleen Turner
this happened! Check out "Baby Blues" with Dennis Quaid and Kathleen Turner. He fights Stanley Tucci. Sort of.
Kathleen Turner in "Serial Mom" (released 1994, John Waters):. Still a safer choice for first female President than Hillary Clinton.
I only know her from Babylon 5. She always struck me as a less famous Kathleen Turner. Unmistakable brows.
It begins and ends with money. It's absurd in this day and age when we need so much money f
I often play women who are not essentially good or likable, and I often go through a stage
I've got my post drinking Kathleen Turner voice going.
I'm very old-fashioned in some ways because of my father, who thought that being a public se
I had a great deal of pressure to move to LA after Romancing the Stone came out and I'd bec
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among other things - an awesome word to have the mouth speak. "Tastes" good, as Kathleen turner would say.
"You shouldn't live in society and give nothing back. People complain about taxes, but do nothing for the community.". Kathleen Turner
Call me crazy, but I think Kathleen Turner would make an AMAZING Bosley.
This is not about abortion or the antics. This is about pro choice versus anti-choice and go
Travelling all the way from Calgary, Founder, Turner Effeciency Mrs. Kathleen Turner. Managing our Efficiencies.
wow... odd resemblance to Kathleen Turner.
Get more women producers, writers, directors. Why should we expect men to do it for us? The
Check out Kathleen Turner from Romancing the Stone. I see what you did there with "hot".
Today I sound like Kathleen Turner at her Sue Collini-est, ugh. 🤒😷😩
.Stop letting suck Ontario dry for $3.71 per million litres of water
Kathleen Turner in Body Heat is the opposite of a sapiosexual. "You're not very smart are you? I like that in a man"
Although RtS was very much a poor man's Indiana Jones but Kathleen Turner was more Billie than Marian.
Went retro tonight with Jewel of the Nile (1985) Love me some Kathleen Turner.
it was Jewel in the Nile, Michael Douglas, Danny Devito and Kathleen Turner were in the video.
I've read it I would highly recommend it. I'm trying to work out how I get to talk to Kathleen Turner...
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I would do very bad things for just one more Michael Douglas & Kathleen Turner movie.
I have health. I have a wonderful support system. I have the admiration of millions of stran
1) plot involves Kathleen Turner spreading the ashes of Michael Douglas and Danny Devito and I'm in.
I saw and old, oily, fat woman shuffling around on a Hulu show and then realized it was Kathleen Turner.
Just realized that Kathleen Turner is 10 years older than Nicolas Cage.
Nicolette Sheridan goes back in time and meets her soulmate, Kathleen Turner. Can they be together?
looks way like Kathleen Turner and it made me laugh, even the voice ha
Kathleen Turner does not beat about the bush. (Q&A with the Guardian)
I'm very practical. What I'm reaching for is individualism for women.
Romancing the Stone. Micheal Douglas and Kathleen Turner. This is movie magic, people
Go watch the 1980s film "Romancing the Stone", starring Kathleen Turner & Michael Douglas and you'll understand. :)
The no.9 from Ibrox is like that bus Kathleen Turner gets on in Romancing The Stone.
then he said HRC looks like Kathleen Turner & Eddy Murphy Raw; he clearly doesn't know when line is crossed
Vintage photo of Anjelica Huston, director John Huston, Kathleen Turner and Jack
Jamie's raspy Kathleen Turner voice makes me want to watch Serial Mom on repeat all day. That movie informed my humor for life
Kathleen Turner is SO funny in Serial Mom. So glad we saw her acting live in the play Bakersfield Mist a couple of years ago.
spoiler alert: Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas hook up in Romancing the Stone.
Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas characters on War of the Roses were married 17 years. Can't compare to ridiculousness of Haydik
Kathleen Turner in is a much better version of Kate Capshaw in Same year too, 1984.
Like seriously already I want to do the buzzfeed quiz that tells me even tho I want to be Angelica Houston, I'm a Kathleen Turner
I got home and watched 'Funny satire by John Waters. Giggled a lot. Some deaths were funny. Kathleen Turner was good in it 7/10
Never realized before that Sofia Coppola played Kathleen Turner's little sister in Peggy Sue Got Married dir. by F. Coppola w/Nic Cage.
Kirsten Dunst, James Woods and Kathleen Turner on the set of "The virgin Suicides" (Sofia Coppola, 1999)
Still think the '84 Oscars goofed by not honoring Kathleen Turner's inspired turn as "In" and Amy Irving's brave work as "Out."
OMG --- Kathleen Turner?? It's Kathleen Turner in . Holey Moley ... I have no words.
Serial Mom, because Kathleen Turner's murderous matriarch belongs in 2016 just as much as 1994.
Got a 1980's Kathleen Turner vibe going on...
BREAKING: We're thrilled to honor on May 4 at the 2016 Courageous Voice Breakfast with Kathleen Turner!
Here's what happened. . My parents took me to New York for a Sesame Street live show when I was 18 months old. (Side note Kathleen Turner
Con: my cold has returned and I'm so sick. Pro: my voice is all gravelly and I sound like Kathleen Turner
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Kathleen Turner to star in new play about gender and sexuality
Actress Kathleen Turner makes a cameo appearance in this 2013 film -
MONTREAL - Kathleen Turner, once declared one of Hollywood's most alluring stars, is pretty categorical when she's…
Hugh Dancy is so good in this very non-Will Graham role. Plus Aaron Paul & Kathleen Turner! Check out
I sound like a bullfrog or Kathleen Turner today, but at least my throat isn't really hurting. Just sounds bad.
I love her brain so much I'd even be happy if it was in the Kathleen Turner that was Chandler's dad off of Friends
You've got the *best* sexyhusky voice since Kathleen Turner.
Is it even *remotely* sexy? Sometimes when I'm really sick I sound like Kathleen Turner.
Tom and I are remaking Jewel of the Nile. Tom( ) is playing Danny Devito's part and I'm Michael Douglas. is Kathleen Turner.
my mom was only concerned with Kathleen Turner, and nothing else
Thanks to for allowing me to have a 2 second conversation with the legendary Kathleen Turner-. "ANACONDAS" "naaah"
You know who was gorgeous in those classic sexual thrillers? Kathleen Turner in Body Heat.
You don't see much of Sharon Stone these days, I hope Kathleen Turner didn't eat her.
people used to tell me i looked like an older Kathleen Turner. Those people are no longer alive.
"The big gap between the ability of action is confidence." Kathleen Turner featured in NBC s Science of Love
The older I get, the less I suffer fools gladly.
Hope I picked a good movie to watch this Easter. It's the one where Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner have a messy divorce.
Gifts, Not Burdens. Children are gifts, if we accept them. —Kathleen Turner Crilly. Children are gifts. Our...
Thought something was up with sound on my telly; You're right! his voice is deeper than Kathleen Turner's tongiht
Told a woman she reminded me of Kathleen Turner from Body Heat & she was offended b/c Ms. Turner is now 61.
I have a horrible cold. I sound like sexy Romancing the Stone Kathleen Turner but look like Chandler's drag queen dad …
Just discovered this Billy Ocean video with Michael Douglas, Danny Devito, and Kathleen Turner. It’s incredible.
Chest cold improving. Voice has gone from Brenda Vaccaro status up to Kathleen Turner.
AMAZING final session of Kathleen Turner's Master Class. She's so *** cool.
Top Tongue stars in 10 part Radio Drama with Kathleen Turner this week and next.
are you Michael Douglas or Kathleen Turner in this War of the Roses gym?
Duo films: "Romancing the Stone" & "The Jewel of the Nile" staring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner.
'War of the Roses' Kathleen Turner says to Michael Douglas, 'When I look at you, I want to smash your face in'. That.
Nothing will ever top Kathleen Turner purring to William Hurt in Body Heat "You're not too smart are you? I like that in a…
Kathleen Turner, Suzanne Pleshette, Brenda's not always a bad thing.
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It was the theme song for The Jewel Of The Nile and the video featured stars Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner and Danny de Vito.
The Strangest Kind of Romance by Tenn. Williams featuring Kathleen Turner, Michael Stuhlbarg, Adam Driver and MORE!
The Good Ol' Days with Kathleen Turner in "Peggy Sue Got Married" (1986) - For The Love of Cinema!
WHAT A CAST! must get this audiobook for the voices alone!!! Rafael Sbarge & Adrian Paul & Clancy Brown & Kathleen Turner!
Kathleen Turner in Peggy Sue Got Married gives a great, great performance. I'm floored (again).
Don't even think of the mudslide w/ Kathleen Turner & Mike Douglas in Romancing the Stone.
Kathleen Turner and Senator Tom Udall confer on Democracy For All Amendment at DC press conference.
James Woods and Kathleen Turner break my heart every second of this
Barbra Streisand, Kathleen Turner and Hillary Clinton email me daily. My reply is always the same. You Send nude pics,I send money
Crimes of Passion DVD - Kathleen Turner Anthony Perkins A shocking study of sex -
The best part about this URI is that I sound like Kathleen Turner
, was going to say Kathleen Turner, found out she is 62.. *** hard years
'I don't look like I did 30 years ago, get over it!' Kathleen Turner
"The periodic table will now be read by either Kathleen Turner or Barry White, depending on your preference."
Vintage photo of Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner performing. -
Update your maps at Navteq
never know. I'm sure Kathleen Turner was a tranny.
I currently sound like Kathleen Turner... In case you were wondering.
Put your *** clothes back on. (in Paul Mercurios voice to Kathleen Turner)
My voice is improving as well. Leaving the "Vera De Milo" behind and slowly moving into the "Kathleen Turner"phase. 😄
Kathleen Turner is the ultimate femme fatale in this one. She gets William Hurt to do anything.
First tells me I sound like Kathleen Turner with my cold, then my boss tells me he hates Kathleen Turner. What a rollercoaster.
EVERYBODY was dominated by Kathleen Turner in that movie
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