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Kathleen Kennedy

Kathleen Kennedy (born June 5, 1953) is an American film producer. In 1981 she co-founded Amblin Entertainment with her husband, Frank Marshall, and Steven Spielberg.

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Has anyone contacted the toy makers or Kathleen Kennedy?
So excited to meet and talk with Chris Matthews after he autographed my copy of his new book "Bobby Kennedy- A Ragi…
'The Last Jedi' to leave fans with unanswered questions.
Both J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy need to fully realize that scenes such as this one(and likable cool character…
We would love to show you our listing at 100634 Silver Spur Kennedy Meadows, CA. Contact Kathleen Glasco at for...
have you seen this from Kathleen Kennedy interview on Star Wars show? potentially Rey v The knight…
Yeah because everybody is the problem except Kathleen Kennedy. It's got nothing to do with the fact that…
Enjoyed your extended interview with Kathleen Kennedy! I like this additional content that gets uploaded from time to time.
Who do you want to be when you grow up? Kathleen Kennedy President of Lucasfilm
Ekhm?? Excuse me? What is Kathleen Kennedy doing on this list??? someone had to be drunk to put Taylor swift🐍 in th…
Kathleen Kennedy says there will be answers in The Last Jedi.
Here is another hint for tonight's Breakfast Club Show. Enjoy! - Kathleen and Joe Kennedy Jr
“From a producing standpoint, I think prep is everything.” - Kathleen Kennedy
Kathleen Kennedy on Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi. "He doesn't answer all the questions, I will say that up front. Bu…
Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, Kylo Ren gameplay, & more on The with
I added a video to a playlist Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy on All Things Star Wars, Kylo Ren
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
in 1960, Senator John F. Kennedy is elected president in a close race, beating VP Richard M. Nixon by approximately 11…
Oh I totally understand. I watched Jurassic World with Jeff Bridges and Kathleen Kennedy in the thea…
Kathleen Kennedy said herself that TFA was Han's film, TLJ would be Luke's, and IX was to be Carrie's.
Flashbacks to Kathleen Kennedy interrupting his humble-talking to assure everyone Luke is still very important.
You don't screw with the legendary Kathleen Kennedy. She has touched…
tell Kathleen Kennedy that I am ready & waiting, i'll build my vision WITH the LucasFilm Story Group, & would love to have her on set.
Kathleen Kennedy isn't looking for problems...she's making smart, risky dec…
Ok well it's not that guy - maybe Kathleen Kennedy should give it a try
question needs to be refraised: who is Kathleen kennedy going to fire for Star Wars IX?
Or are you just a puppet for Kathleen Kennedy?
A look inside the office of Kathleen Kennedy as she fired Colin Trevorrow
Kevin Feige and Kathleen Kennedy are just TV showrunners on a gargantuan scale who hire and fire directors who don't absolutely align..
Kathleen Kennedy should just do it. She wrote ESB. Pretty sure she can handle episode 9
Kathleen Glasco has a listing available on Ponderosa Kennedy Meadows, CA.
Anyone else getting the impression Kathleen Kennedy should just direct all the f**king Star Wars movies at this point?
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Kathleen Kennedy won't release the unaltered original trilogy on blu ray. Our smelly money isn't worth it.
.This is like what you were talking about w/Excerpt from "Failing America's Faithful" by Kathleen K…
Star Wars Director : So I have a pitch for the 1st draft of the script, I fig-. Kathleen Kennedy : *chuckles*. Director : Wh-What's funny?
Michael Bay and Kathleen Kennedy aren't comparable in this scenario, tho.
Who is Kathleen Kennedy, and is the Star Wars universe safe in her hands?
Hello, Kathleen Kennedy is not going to replace Trevorrow with a director who has already been fired from another expanded universe movie
"I got the gig! I'm going to direct a Star Wars movie!". Kathleen Kennedy:
Interesting that an account that harrassed me & a mutual is now pretending to be Kathleen Kennedy.
They say Kathleen Kennedy have final say for Star Wars.
2/ Just like with Lucas for the first trilogy the new Star Wars films belong to Kathleen Kennedy. If you must name an "auteur" -it is her.
In Kathleen Kennedy, I trust. I mean that sincerely.
People really gonna call out Kathleen Kennedy for being picky like firing Colin Trevorrow makes her anything less than…
I mean if it is not clear already... Kathleen Kennedy is really the director of all of these movies :)
Looks like ARian Johnson had pretty free reign, just that he stayed within what Kathlee…
At this point, Kathleen Kennedy might as well direct the rest of the Star Wars movies, since no one seems to be good en…
should Kathleen Kennedy and co. choose a woman to direct ep. 9? If so who? Bigelow? Jenkins? Lexi Alexander? Others?
Every time Kathleen Kennedy fires an over-celebrated white guy, a fairy gets her wings.
Maybe Kathleen Kennedy should direct all the Star Wars movies. It would save a lot of hustle.
Who do you think Kathleen Kennedy will hire for ?
No. George likes to be in control, I can't see him taking orders from Kathleen Kennedy.
I never knew how badly I wanted to direct a film until now, Kathleen Kennedy make it happen PLEASE
Kathleen Kennedy when a director tries to direct a film.
Kathleen Kennedy's taking some heat and is *not* here for it.
Also Kathleen Kennedy openly admitted she is actively looking for a female director to helm upcomi…
Bloggers are really willing to ignore Kathleen Kennedy's blatant sexism just bc they want Patty out of the DCEU. A new low.…
Kathleen Kennedy ought to see this one. 😜
Ok, I totally support Kathleen Kennedy and the Lucasfilm Story Group over individual directors but this is funny.
Kathleen Kennedy when a director asks for creative freedom
Kathleen Kennedy is god! How many Oscars nominations for best movie has Feige? 0. Kennedy has 8 Osca…
Kathleen Kennedy called me last night as matter of fact. And also Harry Knowles. But AFTER me. Sucker.
Vanity Fair shot this image of Carrie Fisher, director Rian Johnson, Mark Hamill & Lucasfilm's Kathleen Kennedy on the set…
Is she in the same family like Kathleen Kennedy from Lucasfilm?
but Kathleen Kennedy is no Kevin Feige & as long as she plays too conservative w the new movi…
You took what Zach said about Kathleen Kennedy and Ron Howard's generation dying off, a bit,…
I bet Kathleen Kennedy had to get George on a conference call with Ron Howard, or at least include him in their emails. What a screw up.
Kathleen Kennedy, now in charge of Lucasfilm after George Lucas sold everything to Disney.
Kathleen Kennedy's decades of experience with Star Wars do not guarantee her good judgment any more than George Lucas's did.
I hear they may need someone with experience directing a fun sf franchise film. Kathleen Kennedy would take your call...
It's not Disney's fault. It's not Kathleen Kennedy's fault. It's your fault, and my fault. Feel bad about it. I do. http…
Kathleen Kennedy needs to go. George made a poor decision handing the reins over to her
Right now I'm envisioning Kathleen Kennedy as Vader and George Lucas as The Emperor, pulling the strings behind the scenes.
I just want to see George Lucas go up to Kathleen Kennedy & say:. "AaAhhh... I think you went to far in a few places".
A friendly reminder that Kathleen Kennedy was involved in almost all your fave childhood movies. Han Solo Saved.
Phil Lord and Chris Miller were fired from the Han Solo spinoff after clashing with Kathleen Kennedy.
Sounds like Kathleen Kennedy's going to be worse for Star Wars than George Lucas ever was.
The firing comes after numerous clashes with Kathleen Kennedy, who took over as head of Lucasfilm after George Lucas retired,...
Apparently Phil Lord and Chris Miller were in fact fired by Kathleen Kennedy for disagreeing with her.
Well the break up seems amicable. I wonder who will take over? I trust Kathleen Kennedy because George Lucas hand...
Yeah, I get that too. I can only hope that Kathleen Kennedy, Daisy Ridley, and…
⠀. Joseph P. Kennedy Jr., Kathleen Kennedy, and John F. Kennedy, sons and daughter of United…
"I ran away from Hollywood, Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson and Kathleen Kennedy to run " Steven Moffat
WATCH : Kathleen Kennedy laughs off the idea of changing George Lucas’s last Star Wars edit – Steele... -
If I ever had the chance. I would sit down Kathleen Kennedy and Bob Iger of Lucasfilm and Disney. Then discuss with them why the EU matters.
director and Lucasflm president Kathleen Kennedy are coming to
Did You Know: John Knoll, CCO of ILM, who pitched to Kathleen Kennedy, also co-created Adobe w…
Kathleen Kennedy will give us more of Kylo Ren. Donald Trump will give us more of the KKK.
Congrats Kathleen Kennedy, new Monarch Indoor school record today at OWU in Pole Vault, 10'6"
A very smart move by Kathleen Kennedy
Kathleen Kennedy, "probably heading into spring, you’ll start to see things for Episode 8".
Kathleen Kennedy reveals that LucasFilm has an executive team that's more than 50% female, via ht…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy--they are class acts. I've never doubted they will do something beautiful
I've got faith in Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy to do the right thing/what's best. Not worried at all
Colin Trevorrow and Kathleen Kennedy made the right decision here
hopefully Meryl Streep owes Kathleen Kennedy a big favor...
You'd also think, between Kathleen Kennedy running Lucasfilm & its exec team being 50% female, we'd see more women.
You know, I've always been very open to any project.
People want to make a distinction between what's commercial an...
yeah but saying he feels bad for Kathleen Kennedy for putting out a movie most liked and is a big success comes off as silly
Please tell me I am wrong: Kathleen Kennedy
I'm not too worried. Kathleen Kennedy and the other folks involved have plenty of time to make sure they are getting the movie
Kathleen Kennedy is presiding over the most prolific, interesting, diverse, and creative time in the history of Star Wars.
Yes. What makes Rogue One worst for me is that Kathleen Kennedy runs Lucasfilm & its exec team is about 50% female.
What sort of person complains about this? It's 2017, for god's sake. Do they know who Kathleen Kennedy is? Probably…
Kathleen Kennedy made your favourite childhood films. Now she's reinventing Star Wars
When Kathleen Kennedy said that the saga films will be about the Skywalker's did she mean just 1-9 or all saga films forever?
They're PG-13 & not kids movies. My daughter (10) wrote a physical letter to Kathleen Kennedy about the violence.
"She was Princess Leia to the world but a special friend to all of us. We will miss her dearly." -Kathleen Kennedy
I just want to say this now: Kathleen Kennedy is to what Kevin Feige is to which is to say EVERYTHING.
Take: Kathleen Kennedy is a better maker of movies than Ike Perlmutter/Kevin Feige
First Kanye, now Elon and Travis. I suggest Kevin Fiege and Kathleen Kennedy next!
There's like 16 women I want to see direct a Star Wars movie, Kathleen Kennedy is leaving money on the table
'Hi, I have a question for Kathleen Kennedy. When can we expect a sequel to the Bail Organa spin off?'
I hope Kathleen Kennedy and Gareth Edwards just stare blankly when they're asked if there's a sequel to
I ran out of room.. Penny Marshall too! And SOMANY important producers. Look up Kathleen Kennedy. Her Nerdist ep is so good.
Steven Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall on How to Win in Hollywood Today
Robert Zemeckis, Michael J Fox, Kathleen Kennedy, Steven Spielberg & Frank Marshall on the set of Back to the Future https…
Associate Producer - Kathleen Kennedy. She has worked on way too many incredible films. Like, a ridiculous number.
The "fix" was in when Alden Ehrenrceich was cast as Han Solo. His family is close to Spielberg wh'so close to Kathleen Kennedy, Producer.
Kathleen Kennedy just compared Rian Johnson's skills as a director to Steven Spielberg
The only news I want from Star Wars Celebration is that Kathleen Kennedy rewatched Jurassic World and decided to fire Colin Trevorrow.
Lucasfilm's Kathleen Kennedy: Darth Vader has a "very, very important role" in
In film there are currently three Lord and Saviors. And those 3 are Bob Iger, Kathleen Kennedy, and Kevin Feige.
THR Cover: Steven Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall on how to win in Hollywood
yep and so is Kathleen Kennedy. Frank Marshall, Colin Trevorrow and Spielberg were playable in lego Jurassic World too
George Lucas created a foundation that Kathleen Kennedy is building a temple on
.will kick off with a panel ft Kathleen Kennedy & Gareth Edwards! https:/…
Star Wars Celebration: Lucasfilm Boss to Attend as Panelist: Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy and Rogue One director Gareth Edwar...
Hear from Sean Wise, Kathleen Kennedy, Jim Bottomley, Duncan Stewart & Lyle Wetsch at the Knowledge Summit tomorrow!
Get your Knowledge Summit ticket to hear from speakers including Kathleen Kennedy and Duncan Stewart!
The force is strong with this one. Kathleen Kennedy of Lucasfilm and highlights career.
I just want Kathleen Kennedy to call from & say, "Bob come
he clearly said Kathleen Kennedy rejected his ideas for StarWars and that it's a divorce, Disney are white-slavers
I liked a video Star Wars: Force for Change - Mark Hamill and Kathleen Kennedy Announce New Campaign
KATHLEEN KENNEDY, Frank Marshall produced Indy4, Spielberg directed it and it sucked big time
Kathleen Kennedy is a rabid feminist who was a secretary and became producer overnight thanks to Spielberg
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Yeah they need a Fiege or Kathleen Kennedy
Kathleen Kennedy, Mark Hamill announce new 'Force for Change' campaign.
I think its different with as ILM execs like Kathleen Kennedy have moved up. JK is being asked to move one: bad sign
Check out this cool episode: Kathleen Kennedy on making magic happen.
if feige and Kathleen Kennedy walked out on stage everyone would go nuts. I don't want a dumb vs movie I want the next epic
Alumni Spotlight: Congrats to Kathleen Kennedy, named one of 100 Most Influential People.
Right after Lucasfilm fires that dreaded SJW Kathleen Kennedy for making them two billion dollars.
For the last 6 years or so, I have noticed that some of the top rated movies I've watched have a woman in the...
"The Giants had just made a football, and we came right back."--Kathleen Kennedy Townsend talking sports in losing '02 MDGOV.
Kick Kennedy: The Charmed Life and Tragic Death of the Favorite Kennedy Daughter Kathleen "Kick" Kennedy Was the
I'm sure you remember Kathleen Kennedy Townsend's ill-fated campaign - specifically, her choice of running mate.
Speaking of Mentalist, Robin Tunney as Kathleen Kennedy in JFK (sister of Patrick Dempsey's JFK) 😊
I know what you mean, but I'm hoping Kathleen Kennedy wouldn't let that kind of crap fly in Ep 9.
George Lucas hand-selected Kathleen Kennedy who formed the Lucasfilm Story Group. They collaborate on EVERYTHING, including the films.
My Kathleen Kennedy inspired white blazer over a shirt I found at
Big Congrats to the lovely and inspiring Kathleen Kennedy on being recognized as a top…
Congratulations to Kathleen Kennedy on setting a new school record in the Pole Vault at 10'6"
Congratulations to our very own Kathy Kennedy on being recognized as a top 100 Most People by
Discover the new weekly prizes with Oscar Isaac & BB-8! Watch:.
Great United Way WPC event today in Cedar Falls with Kathleen Kennedy Townsend as the keynote speaker.
Find out why Kathleen Kennedy is on the
Want to hear from the President of the MIT Tech Review? Kathleen Kennedy to speak at the Knowledge Summit May 11th!
Wasn't Kathleen Kennedy groomed by the man himself, George Lucas..? These people..ugh
Also, don't insult and burn in effigy the mega-talented Kathleen Kennedy if you want your EU back.
Congrats to our fearless leader on being named one of top 100 most influential people in the world!
Kathleen Kennedy makes it into Time's 100 most influential people. Congratulations! … ht…
Neither do I, but ever since Kathleen Kennedy said SW would always be about the Skywalkers, we know Rey must be Luke's daughter.
I hope every new Star Wars movie stars a woman. I hope the new INDIANA JONES is a woman. And I hope Kathleen Kennedy lives…
Kathleen Kennedy & are here to tell you how you can be a
"It not only had a bathroom en suite, but it also had a wine list. That's my kind of hospital." - Harrison Ford
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
OMG what kind of cookies do I need to bake Kathleen Kennedy to make this happen?
Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy talks on the day of the film's historic release:
But again, it's not the same company - Kathleen Kennedy runs Lucasfilm, the production company behind Star Wars.
I don’t think Kathleen Kennedy should be included in the What do you think? Cast your vote via
I'm cautious of external validation, but when Kathleen Kennedy said your film "sounds potentially captivating", a piece of my heart smiled.
Kathleen Kennedy is the unsung hero of the Star Wars universe. The most prolific female…
also I highly suggest Kathleen Kennedy's book Priceless Weddings for under 5k, it's a really good idea/resource book.
Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm, on her vision for the franchise
Such in Kathleen Kennedy ep. . @ 27:55: "You all [at Amblin] had good What do you attribute that to?" 1/2
winners were Kathy Gildea, Linda Kennedy,Adam Molloy & Kathleen Molloy.Thanks to everybody who supported the draw.
Congrats on today's ECAC T&F qualifying performances by Kathleen Stewart, Aereale Scott, Kennedy King and Carol Strock at Raleigh Relays.
I think Kathleen Kennedy had something to do with the lipbite but yeah. Oscar probably researched fandom.
Kathleen Hilton Floyd Is Patrick Kennedy secretary. Judge injunction crimes have been committed. She may not talk but try
Could you imagine if WB had someone like Kathleen Kennedy guiding their DCU? Organised chaos is the best kind. Natural just isn't practical.
Kathleen Kennedy: The 'Star Wars' movies should be made available to rent before Episode VII is re... via
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Bernie has the highest rating! Don't forget Kathleen Kennedy, local hero
- Kathleen Kennedy - the most powerful woman in Hollywood.
I voted for Kathleen Kennedy to be included in the Who will you vote for? via
Kick (Kathleen Kennedy) had one quality none of them had, none of them could have it, it was her unalloyed Americanness. Author Page Wilson.
I know, DC need a Simon Kinberg, Kevin Fiege or Kathleen Kennedy to manage their stuff. Synder is on some thin ice.
Feeling like I'm on the path to be the next Kathleen Kennedy and this apartment makes me feel even more empowered.
Next Indiana Jones film on 7/19/19. Steven Spielberg at the helm, star Harrison Ford. Kathleen Kennedy & Frank Marshall will produce.
Kathleen Kennedy and Frankc Marshall produced Indy4, Koepp worte it and Spielberg directed it. They're all back
I’m guessing the Jurassic World sequel is going to be shot at Pinewood. Essentially Kathleen Kennedy’s HQ these days; Frank Marshall’s wife.
Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy wants a woman to direct a Star Wars movie
Producer Kathleen Kennedy tells a great behind-the-scenes story about how Steven Spielberg changed the 'Jurassic... ht…
Reminder: You don’t have to kill off a character to retire them. cc: Disney, Kathleen Kennedy, Steven Spielberg
Kathleen Kennedy ordered a script for a female Jedi story. She's only a producer, why did she gave this outline then?
Basically this has to be Kathleen Kennedy's idea, in part, to make sure the Indy product is in production (ie. making money).
The dignity of a promise: Maryland seniors and families deserve Chris Van Hollen in their corner via
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Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall, Steven Spielberg contributed to this horror. Name and shame everybody
at this point I don't care. Knowing that Kathleen Kennedy is behind the project and greedy Harrison back, it will be garbage
Kathleen Kennedy. Daisy Ridley . And are the three best things to happen to Star Wars since 2005.
Kathleen Kennedy's vast respect for script/story could pull off the same trick as she did with The Force Awakens.
Lucas films which is owned by Disney is doing it. It's going to be produced by Kathleen Kennedy.
When Kennedy talks about the EU, it's obvious that she knows absolutely nothing about it. https:…
An endorsement from Kathleen Kennedy Townsand smh. What's that worth, two votes?
in the Maryland Democratic primary for Senate, and she is criticizing his opponent, Rep. Donna
Lady Dorothy's nephew married Kathleen Kennedy. Her brother was 10th Duke of Devonshire:
'Star Wars' and Skellig Michael: One of the Star Wars producers, Kathleen Kennedy, who is also p...
Kathleen Kennedy is one of the best women in entertainment. She, along with Steven & Frank, helped Amblin become a powerhouse!
See the first interview with Kathleen Kennedy on the Han Solo Anthology film, coming 25 May 2018!
and knowing that Kathleen Kennedy rather than George Lucas is in charge of the overall direction of the story gives me a lot of hope
has officially reached over 2 BILLION mark!!! Huge congrats & Kathleen Kennedy 🎉 worldwide!
"Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy were hardly from the barrio." - Kathleen Parker,
Realized where I saw "new to the parks" Star Wars shirts. Fashion week. Also, Kathleen Kennedy wore one at ComicCon.
Remember when kathleen kennedy said that all the characthers will come back in ep VIII. I just say
Winter Reading Winner!. Congratulations to the Week 3 Winner Kathleen Kennedy! Kathleen won a gift card to Golden...
Kathleen Kennedy's over zealous bouncing and pointing is why I'm so happy she's our President
Marquess Cavendish was the husband of Kathleen Kennedy. 2/2
Kathleen Kennedy's emotional speech at the 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' premiere
"You work hard not to be a failure, but you have to be willing to fail in order to try and do new things." —Kathleen Kennedy via
Also, crazy fact time: Kathleen Kennedy was Spielberg’s PA on Raiders, Exec Producer on Temple, and now that DISNEY MONEY, jeez. Amazing.
points at kathleen kennedy. ma'am we will CONVINCE you, just watch us
Why is everyone reporting on Captain Phasma returning to Star Wars 8? We've known this! Kathleen Kennedy confirmed it right before release
used 2 joke that kathleen kennedy shoulda let winterbottom & miike make Star Warses for 5 years, whoever makes the most wins
The Walt Disney Company, Lucasfilms. Include Darth Jar Jar in the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy - Sign the Petition!.
Can one not take movie-gold producer Kathleen Kennedy into account? She's what keeps my hopes up for some upcoming movies. 😊
STAFF PICK:Kathleen Kennedy needs to take Star Wars in this direction. David Walker's BLACKSTAR WARRIOR
he'll be back. Kathleen Kennedy confirmed that basically everyone in VII will be back for VIII.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
American Cinematographer interviewed head of Lucasfilm and Star Wars producer Kathleen Kennedy recently:
When you're relegated to go from movie to movie, so much of what you're doi...
American Cinematographer magazine Q&A with Kathleen Kennedy, producer of Star Wars and president...
GP It was Kathleen Kennedy Townsend in a MD governor's race several years ago. Something like, "those Hispanish people."
Want to help ruin Star Wars: Episode IX? Sign this petition!
Kathleen Kennedy confirmed she'd be back with a bigger role awhile ago! :PO
oh that's Kathleen Kennedy. I always see her name.
no surprise here, Kathleen Kennedy did say she will be back.
Loving that this article heralding Kathleen Kennedy's achievements features subtle sexism- 'everyone is on his feet'
have you read about what he planned to do until Kathleen Kennedy stamped down on it? The Falcon under water ffs
Dumb to be annoyed by remembering, but and others, but we knew this...
Kathleen Kennedy announced it when? Like August or something? Did everyone ignore it because it wasn't from Gwendolines mouth?
Not pointing fingers and naming names but Wendy King Kathleen Kennedy Karen Craig-Frappier
‘If you look at the Reagan-Carter or Nixon-Kennedy debates, you see candidates engaging in substance.’ Kathleen Hall Jamieson
Live: From Kennedy-Nixon to the age of Trump, our presidential debates. w/ and Kathleen Hall Jamieson.
I still hope that it will be good. Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson will hopefully be enough to make it happen.
Also Kathleen Kennedy confirmed ALL the new cast will return for Episode VIII weeks ago...
Kathleen Kennedy already confirmed this during the Ep VII presscons, but its still good to hear this from Phasma herself 😊
Thanks to Kathleen Kennedy Townsend and to all the women in MD-8 who are supporting me on the campaign trail!
didn't Kathleen Kennedy confirm that when the movie first came out?
Since Kathleen Kennedy said Phasma would be back in EP8, did Gwendoline Christie really "confirm" it?
Kathleen Kennedy confirmed Captain Phasma was coming back for Episode VIII several weeks ago but no, go ahead and run t…
Can you imagine Kathleen Kennedy, Lawrence Kasdan, and Abrams pouring over expanded universe lore to source their story. nah
Disney, LucasFilm, Kathleen Kennedy: George Lucas back to the Star Wars movies - Sign the Petition! által
And, for my money, Kathleen Kennedy and Kevin Feige are artists with a vision.
Kathleen Kennedy has revealed that is certainly a "high priority" at LucasFilm. http:…
Kathleen Kennedy said that the new movies will continue the Skywalker lineage. Could be referring to Ben Solo, tho
Kathleen Kennedy: Kathleen Kennedy (producer, Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, so much more) talks to Chris ...
Star Wars producer Kathleen Kennedy confirms that entire cast will return for eighth film
would have saw TFA opening night if Gareth Edwards was on 9 & Trevorrow was on R1. Instead I’ll see it tomorrow. Your loss, Kathleen Kennedy
I'm talking about Kathleen Kennedy who is basically in charge of quality control
Love seeing Kiri Hart, Rayne Roberts with Kathleen Kennedy in Launch Bay video
Kathleen Kennedy has heard thousand movie pitches, ET, Indiana Jones, ... One day John Knoll walked into her office
its Kathleen Kennedy with K as well I'm afraid! 😕
I'm thankfull. that Kathleen Kennedy. is at the helm of. !
Star Wars is the story of the Skywalkers, and Kathleen Kennedy has confirmed that that continues in TFA
Ok so Kathleen Kennedy has confirmed that fins character was never written to be black. can we get past the calrisian thing now.
Today I gave thanks for Kathleen Kennedy Thanks for including me.
Kathleen Rose Kennedy compares the cases of regime change in Kenya and Burkina Faso and the patterns of coups...
Hey -New play from Laurence Leamer about Rose Kennedy based on a found collection of interviews.
As much as I'd like to chat with Kathleen Kennedy, JJ, Larry or Daisy, if I could only talk with one person from TFA it'd be Michael Kaplan.
Kathleen Kennedy says it continues the Skywalker legacy so I'd figure either Rey or Kylo. Soon we'll find out 😎
Will LucasFilm and Kathleen Kennedy's casting of people of color influence the Hollywood system?
They really should get Kathleen Kennedy involved in this project as much as possible
WWoHP had/has J.K. Rowling... Obvious choice for Star Wars is Kathleen Kennedy but who knows if she knows/cares about parks at all
Well, it mattered to Kathleen Kennedy, since Trevorrow is doing Episode 9 of Star Wars.
Pls direct Kathleen Kennedy to the numerous lists of women directors. Stop playin' b
wants to find female directors for the franchise, according to Kathleen Kennedy
Also learned Kathleen Kennedy called up James Kahn and asked, "How do I resuscitate an alien?" This led to that creepy scene in E.T.
Hmm. I was sure Kathleen Kennedy said that.
Yo Kathleen Kennedy, I've wanted to make a movie since 13 and I'll tell you all about Zuckuss over coffee. htt…
yep. I believe Kathleen Kennedy said that there is story treatments for another trilogy. Now if its these characters or not,
Yes. It was one of the first things said before anyone but JJ, Kathleen Kennedy, and Lawrence Kasdan had taken the stage.
Episode 7 - written by Lawrence Kasdan who wrote Empire Strikes Back / produced by Kathleen Kennedy / Directed by JJ - how could it be bad ?
I get why Kevin Feige has to play Palpatine at Marvel but it's damaging the films. Kathleen Kennedy looks to be doing a better job with SW
Kathleen Kennedy should follow your example. Storys need a beginning a middle and an end. They can't go on forever. You da best
Kathleen Kennedy on sitting in meetings with mostly men.
This looks great - Kathleen Chalfant plays Rose Kennedy in “Rose” at Theater Row this fall. htt…
Maybe this should be Kathleen Kennedy's theme song: "Don't be afraid to just phone moi."
Wish I could've call Kathleen Kennedy when I broke this story.
Kathleen Kennedy, JJ Abrahams, Rian Johnson & Gareth Edwards featured in video talking past & future of
My apathy towards Abrams is worried, but my respect for Kathleen Kennedy and Lawrence Kasdan is balancing it out.
Harrison FordDisney’s Bob Iger and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy have ...
Dude! Frank Marshall & Kathleen Kennedy. Who would've thought. It's been awesome!
Pres. Kathleen Kennedy promises a female director. Caveat, she must be a huge fan
Kathleen Kennedy is secretly directing them all, she has full control.
Dang Kathleen Kennedy was hot back then! :)
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