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Kathie Lee

Kathie Lee Gifford (born August 16, 1953) is an American television host, singer, songwriter and actress, best known for her 15-year run (1985–2000) on the talk show Live with Regis and Kathie Lee, which she co-hosted with Regis Philbin.

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As opposed to appearing with Kathie Lee every day?
Why, is he here illegally? Where they leading the tiki torch march to deport him? 🙄 🏳️‍🌈
Powerful song by a great lady - Kathie Lee Gifford sings her new song ‘He Saw Jesus’ on TODAY TODA...
I never thought I'd say this...I'd rather see Kathie Lee than Megyn.
how any lawyer thinks she can be Kathie Lee Gifford, do not know. But megY…
Debuted my new song on the Watch it here:
Kathie Lee Gifford's tribute to late husband Frank, 'He Saw Jesus,' debuts at No. 1 on Christian chart
James. I cant get that 22 seconds back. Where did Kathie Lee go? Did they kill her and eat her? I am concerned. 🤔
Listening to the Kathie Lee break, does she not sound like a female Meat Loaf with her dramatic performance of a bad story
I'm forced to watch it at work on the break room TV. Nauseating. She actually ma…
New post (The Truth About Kathie Lee Gifford) has been published on Celebrity News -
Kathie Lee also shows pictures of her kids to strangers
Kathie Lee clears her own dishes in 1st class. When she’s done with her wine, she takes her empties to the flight attendant station
3 Kathie Lee and Hoda viewers are getting ‘Trim Before the Turkey’ via
She just called me charming and said that I should follow her around (I helped her with her bag) KATHIE LEE IS TRYNA GET IN MY PANTS
Kathie Lee must have been pouring wine behind the scenes again! NBC ***
Hoda deserves better and yes that means getting to pound chardonnay with kathie lee.
Wouldn’t you be too if you had to work with Kathie Lee?
She got hold to Kathie Lee's wine bottle
Megyn Kelly needs all the help she can get.Impacted entire lineup esp Kathie Lee and Honda. ABC doesn't get it.
Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb's show has also "taken a huge hit with Megyn as their lead-in"
Better when she's drinking with Kathie Lee 🍷🍷🍷
A great tribute to Frank Gifford, an awesome NFL star (in the days when the NFL was great). Kathie Lee Gifford performs
I've gone to Kelly and Ryan. Love Hoda and Kathie Lee but it's turning into the church hour.
when a GREAT SONG comes along & touches people's hearts, doesn't take long to be a hit! Thx, Kathie🎶🙏
telling Hoda and Kathie Lee to shut up was the pinnacle, and it's all been downhill from there.
Hoda and Kathie Lee's hour of Today has done very well so it's not surprising they're trying to make the Kelly hour…
Could have been worse. Could have been Kathie Lee! 😜🍷🍸
Kathie Lee is singing her new single “He saw Jesus” as we are taking off
Doesn't matter. If you're watching Kathie Lee and Hoda, your life is in shambles.
And Kathie Lee was on this week too.
She & Kathie Lee Gifford have the hour of Today that airs after Megyn. Their ratings are tan…
Kathie Lee and Hoda can't be happy about this, either.
Damnit Laughed so hard while you talked about Kathie Lee’s song I forgot where I parked my f’n car
Sitting here wondering how CNN turned into Kathie Lee and Hoda though ***
Yesterday Kathie Lee was on to fill time and somehow LESS EMBARRASSING.
How did Kathie Lee and Hoda become the SUBSTANTIVE hour of post-Today Today?
Watch touching tribute as is honored as Mother of the Year
Kathie Lee and Hoda, thank you for sharing this picture! I believe Princess Diana would be so proud of…
I liked a video Howard talks about Kathie Lee Gifford & her kids - 1/2
Get her off the air. As much as I hate Kathie Lee and Hoda,I'd rather have them on for 2 hours instead of 1 hour of…
See Kathie Lee Gifford debut her new song ‘He Saw Jesus’ on TODAY via
.praises in an emotional tribute: She "made me a better person."
Love in the real world means saying you're sorry 10 times a day.Kathie Lee Gifford. . .
Seems to be the new hot color for fall, 🍁purple, as in Lent? Hmm. Beautiful Kathie Lee. 🌺
Megan Today is awful. So awkward. . I’m just here for Kathie Lee and Hoda.
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I love when Hoda lurks in the background. So many smiling faces make me happy. Gor…
Reposting Hoda Kotb & Kathie Lee Gifford dazzles at the Awards. Thoughts? #
Thinking of you Kathie Lee in your time of sorrow 🙏❤️
Are you and Kathie Lee still on after Megyn? I won't watch her but love the two of you.
Watching David Spade shag Kathie Lee Gifford for free gifts on this episode of
Oh my god, I was laughing so hard I almost drove off the road... hi…
Good luck w/the book Kathie Lee. I love the title - it makes me want to take that journey. I'm a Ro…
I'm on the same journey Kathie Lee. I can't wait to read this book. God bless you and your family.
Purple Reign - Foods in this color group offer powerful nutritious value
That part about "still being married to Nancy" after the Kathie Lee incident just gutted me.
I'm not buying the Megan Kelly is a fun person schtick. I also don't think I'm going to enjoy her as a…
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Hoda Kotb read a part of Serena's letter to her mother and it boggled Kathie Lee Gifford's whitewashed christian mind.
What will Kathie Lee and Hoda get into next? Watch this morning's on to find out. p…
Hot El Niño is cheaper than falling Kathie Lee Gifford
You've heard the new saying "Sitting is the new smoking". Not cool at all! Watch Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee from...
I am considering it after this mess tonight.
«You can call me he. You can call me she. You can call me Regis and Kathie Lee; I don't care! Just as long as you call me» .
Awe. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your Family Kathie Lee.
Kathie Lee Gifford, Hoda Kotb open up about growing older and happier via
Is the Today Show getting rid of Hoda and Kathie Lee as well?. What's going to happen to everyo…
Kathie Lee needs to go drink her morning wine in a dark room, privately.
Kathie Lee Gifford shares fond (and funny) memories of her late mom Joannie via
There is a Schweddy Balls moment happening right now on Kathie Lee & Hoda.
Who better to help you waste time than me, right? Take selfies with Hoda & Kathie Lee. Legit. New app >>>>
Want to waste time Take selfies with Hoda & Kathie Lee, even Al Roker! New app out today >>> ~
Kathie Lee: "I have the same experience all the time, but I just call it happy hour!". (Hoda laughs…
Hey its Booseday Tuesday and yes Spanky is in the house. Just beat it Kathie Lee lol
But the color looks fabulous on Jimmy. And as always, Kathie Lee, your dress is perfection.
when you can't find an interview from this morning and realize you've searched for "Regis and Kathie Lee"
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Kathie Lee Gifford becomes especially murderous after her 9th glass of Chardonnay.
Beyoncé and Kathie Lee Gifford wore beautiful blue floral blouses today.
WATCH: “She had the strongest faith of anybody I’ve ever known.” remembers her mom, Joan.
New Kanye is pretty good, he just needs Jesus. "The way Kathie Lee need".oh wait.
The first time I heard your sweet name, you were a guest on Kathie Lee and Hoda. Kelly came +
Kathie Lee & Hoda are offering "free" wine with them ,for visitors , to her stinkin' show, they are in…
Hoda & Kathie Lee s/b after Today, then Megyn becuz I cld turn the channel @ 10. I'll watch on…
The internet is having mixed reactions over Hoda and Kathie Lee tapdancing to remember 911
Love how has been so bold with her faith. Launching musical:
Watching Today with Kathie Lee & Hoda. Thank you for sharing your faith so openly and unashamedly on air.
You always look so beautiful Kathie Lee Gifford
Melanie Griffith looks awful as does Kathie Lee. Too much surgery. They look scary.
I just added this to my closet on Poshmark: Kathie Lee Collection Dress. via
Lemme guess: you were on the Kathie Lee beat!
."Kathie Lee Gifford: Desperately Seeking the Truth" on latest episode of podcast…
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We LOVE💖 the Epionce Eye Cream! . Hoda and Kathie Lee discuss On Today Show the...
Uh they jus added Live with Regis and Kathie Lee on neflix, lets binge!
Kathie Lee raves about Luzern on the Today Show!!! from -
I'm just tryna say the way school need teachers, the way Kathie Lee needed Regis, that's the way I need Jesus!
AND Kathie Lee Gifford perfectly fits "older with potential" she's 64, but has lots of musical theater and Tony noms under her belt ✍🏼
But Kathie Lee could have easily flown out that morning after the show? 👀 She said that KL is obsessed with scrunchies. Hence, Alan's pic
She watches Kathie Lee and Hoda almost every morning & she said Kathie Lee has been gone all week (except yesterday morning) today included
TBT. Hanging out with Bill Nye the science guy at Live With Regis and Kathie Lee...
Today could be that. Or it could be Kathie Lee and Hoda
Kathie Lee was convinced and we think you will be too! . Check out CoolSculpting on the arms live on the Today...
❤️ Kathie Lee Giffford ❤️ thanks for sharing your faith, dreams and His word
Drunk followed Kathie Lee Gifford thinking it was and this whole time I've been thinking she's the least funny comedian ever
It's not too late Put Kathie Lee/Hoda on at 9AM, put Megyn behind a news desk at 1PMEST, let affiliates c…
Hoda and Kathie Lee know, making a list helps reduce anxiety. I start every morning w. my HPD notebook in hand,...
A good reminder for parents... gotta get your docs in order, just in case.
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the kathie lee and Hoda hour is getting more weird each day...these weird beginnings are just strange
Waiting for Today Show to pick us up because we're clearly the Malaysian Kathie Lee & Hoda 🎬🥂.
Decluttering your home segment and Kathie Lee and Hoda barely let the girl talk! And she had some great advice.
Check out Kathie Lee Gifford of the as she gets Lutronic Laser treatment to firm her neck!...
ofc Kathie Lee and Hoda are both Leos
See Kathie Lee Gifford undergo new cosmetic procedure to firm her neck via
One obvious test - will ratings drop for Kathie Lee and Hoda after her (seems a given that she'll lose to Kelly at…
Before stores open: wear socks and sandals; listen to a Kathie Lee Christmas album; talk to a…
See Kathie Lee and Hoda horse around as My Little Ponies! via
that's why I sent my donation to them!!! Thanks for the information yesterday Kathie Lee.
We're looking forward to a fabulous dinner paired with our wines on September 12 with Kathie Lee Gifford at Chart...
Excited to announce we are scheduled to be featured on NBC's Today Show tomorrow AM! Probably during Kathie Lee & H…
Yes Kathie Lee, we are covered and claimed by His wonderful mercy and redeeming ❤️
And now to change the channel to watch Kathie Lee and Hoda to hear them talk about whether one smells t…
Watch Kathie Lee and Hoda battle Guys Tell All panel in trivia smackdown via
All purpose parts banner
What would American politics be like if the president regularly got his ideas from Kathie Lee and Hoda instead of Fox and Friends?
Remember to tune in to Kathie Lee and Hoda klgandhoda on the this morning at 10 a.m.…
Hey Kathie Lee. Say a prayer for us Houstonians please.
So great to catch up w/ .. believed in me when I was a mere intern at Live W Regis & Kathie Lee. Yep! Ta…
How are youas you can bring kathie lee. Oh em gee.
Interested in the Infini process? Check out Kathie Lee's take on the Today Show:
Broadway Comedy Club was featured on the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda this morning! Check out Wali...
You're either Kathie Lee or Hoda while watching Taylor Swift's music video
.INFINI on The Today Show! Watch Kathie Lee get an INFINIskin treatment! More:
Love this praise song! Thank you for putting it into my head and heart this morning, Kathie Lee.
Frank Gifford never lands Kathie Lee if he has to meet Vontaze Burfict in the 3 hole
Seeing Hoda without Kathie Lee is really putting a dent in my Señor Wences fantasy tho
Thank you Today show and Hoda and Kathie Lee for coming to Nashville and showcasing The Hermitage Hotel this...
Live with Regis and Kathie Lee meets Ran, but with Christy Turlington.
Be sure to check out Kelly Campbell and Jeff Mount on the Today show with Kathie Lee and Hoda this Thursday,...
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I miss Regis and Kathie Lee Live! My favorite morning show for many, many years! Should have had many Emmys.
And look who I ran into on my way out!!! Love Regis!!! He'll be co-hosting with Kathie Lee…
Kathie Lee is turning The Today Show into the 700 Club. PLEASE COME BACK!!!
Kathie Lee Gifford and Dean Cain reveal this week’s Favorite Things via
and reveal Favorite Things via I love those that's my favorite
have a great day, Kathie Lee. No IDance for me this Sunday because the boys and I are going to
loved you the 4th hr of the Today Show with Kathie Lee
can you tell me what brand and color of rose gold lip gloss you put on on Hoda & Kathie Lee today? Loved it! Want it! :)
2 of the most Beautiful women have been fans of u both 4 years A class act Kathie Lee & Susan
why does Kathie Lee treat Jenna mean? She acts very different to other Co-Host. I like Jenna and feel bad for her.
looking forward to seeing you and Kathie lee tomorrow
with Kathie Lee with Susan singing "I can do anything better than you" song. That is the whitest song ever! Death by banter
One thing Kathie Lee and I have in common: We were both kicked out of the Brownies!
I knew I liked you Kathie Lee...I was kicked out of Brownies too!
so rude to do this I wanted to hear more! Should let her do over with Kathie Lee! Sorry!
Enjoyed seeing you with Kathie Lee...very funny!
I can't wait to watch you tomorrow ,co-hosting with Kathie Lee . It going great show tomorrow yeah . 😘
Watch Kathie Lee try on dazzling emeralds for St. Patrick’s Day via
I'm discovering that Julia Louis-Dreyfus' role as knockoff Kathie Lee in SESAME STREET's 25th anniversary is my favorite role she's done
Best episode of last hour ever, Craig Ferguson with Kathie Lee👏🏻
.was on the air with Kathie Lee and I am starstruck by association!
LOVING Kathie Lee's dress today. Can we have the details please?!
Executive Editor of Erin McCarthy shared some trivia this morning with Kathie Lee and Dean Cain on th…
I want a Superman cap signed by 😁good to see you in Today with Kathie Lee 🤗🤗
Next on TODAY: Hoda's been gone a long, long time. Kathie Lee builds temporary shelter and learns to make fire. Roker has g…
Someone make me a shirt that says Eva & Rhea & Hoda & Kathie Lee
Kathie Lee Gifford is the Prettiest with or without plastic 60 yr old .Amazing & so entertaining too
and celebrate Free Cone Day at Dairy Queen via Awesome!!!
What an awful week. 2 mornings in a row now I forgot to set my VCR to record Regis and Kathie Lee.
Great to see you hosting a talk show again. You were really killing Kathie Lee.
Kathie Lee Gifford just revealed she turned down and I have so many thoughts.
. Perhaps a male-brain overreach -- but I see here a glimpse of what may very well be your "O" face Ms. Kathie Lee...just sayin 😈
Had a blast in past with Hoda Kotb 'n Lisa Rinna on Kathie Lee and Hoda testing their HI-Q (Housewife...
Kathie Lee Gifford arrives to see the dogs' meat!
congrats on that new precious baby girl!! you and Kathie lee are my faves! so happy for you!!
I love you Kathie Lee, but please stop pushing your wine!!!
Congratulations Hoda. Love you and Kathie Lee. Know you will make a wonderful mom. Haley Joy has lucked out!
Hay !!!. Please share your mini-lobster taco recipe from your Oscar party ideas segment with Kathie Lee and Jenna Bush!!!
Good Morning Kathie Lee! Thank you for the morning affirmation😍
Yes Yes!He is the only one that gives us perfect peace! Blessings to you Kathie Lee!
The morning news is pretty much just puppies & Kathie Lee Gifford getting sauced before noon..
I am the world, the way Kathie Lee needed Regis that's a bubbling in the most.
Check out this moment on Dr Oz today with Kathie Lee Gifford!
Asking me to dial back the charm is like asking Kathie Lee and Hoda not to day drink. Impossible.
Need a better LOVE button! Congrats, your daughter will know absolute love! Tell Kathie Lee to bring you coffee instead of wine!
Hamilton Collection
The UEA SU have banned Live with Regis and Kathie Lee in case they inadvertantly promote Marcus Schenkenberg.
I liked a video Kathie Lee Sings Sondheim on Broadway and Alters a Lyric
Matt and Ellen as Hoda and Kathie Lee on Ellen show - -
After 9 years on-air together, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb's friendship keeps on giving:
Watch Uncle Charlie sing ‘I’m Blessed’ on TODAY with Kathie Lee Gifford and Jenna Bush Hager. Charlie Wilson, who...
For some reason, I thought Hoda Kotb was the same age as Kathie Lee Gifford. She is not. Hoda is 52 (& a half). Kathie is 63.
Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb's 9-year friendship is a true sisterhood:
My sister went on Kathie Lee and Hoda and didn't even get to drink wine with them!: via
Jenna and Kathie Lee mix about as good as water and oil.
My national TV debut 💄Finding new ways to get glam with Kathie Lee and Jenna Hager Bush on this morning 😁
On The Today Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda! 💗 We'll being doing more outreach now that Hoda is a new mom! 👶🏼
Overheard my mom and dad trying to figure out which one was Hoda and which one was Kathie Lee. . Wut?
I don't watch The View anymore. It comes on after our local show & I switch to Kathie Lee & Hoda- just can't take it anymore.
Al Roker didn't know about Hoda's baby but Kathie Lee did?!
I like how everyone just sort of ignores Kathie Lee on the “Yeah, ok, crazy eyes…"
not loving Kathie Lee's snarky comments first thing in the morning. Can she sleep in tomorrow? This is why I don't watch her show
Best part of The Today Show is watching Kathie Lee's eyes stick closed like a glitchy animatronic character...
Kathie Lee Gifford likes pineapple on her pizza. lol
that programming *** except for the Hoda and Kathie Lee hour and
oh know we love your line up the way it is, 9 Al & Tamron, 10 Honda & Kathie Lee, no where for Megan Kelly, will not watch
Today show, 3rd hour, Hoda & Kathie Lee best morning tv. Done with it all if Megan Kelly bumps anyone them.
EXCLUSIVE: Kathie Lee Gifford talks about Billy Bush's departure and who she'd choose to fill his role.…
EXCLUSIVE: Kathie Lee Gifford on Billy Bush’s ‘Today’ Show Departure: ‘They’ll be Hard Shoes to Fill’
was on Regis and Kathie Lee all the time ... Just wondering what they think of him now
. is the worst thing to come out of Bowie, Maryland since Kathie Lee Gifford
God didn't bless me with success so I could eat caviar every day.
Mom thinks I live in this dream world where everybody's Ivana Trum...
Check out Kathie Lee and Hoda talking about on the Today Show yesterday! They're such big fans 😌. (…
You cheated on Kathie Lee, but the announcer doesn't call him Rye-you?
Kathie Lee Gifford Interviews Microsoft AI - via I'm pretty proud of this one.
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.on Hoda and Kathie Lee here I come ;)
LIVE on Hoda and Kathie Lee here I come ;)
Kathie Lee's pelvic thrusting just made my TV explode. BOOM.
"Over the years my mom has become a self-taught Biblical scholar." - Kathie Lee Gifford
A BIG Texas THANK YOU Today Show Kathie Lee and Hoda! If you missed it- link below for the live performance AND... http…
"Kathie Lee and Hoda reveal new Hess toy truck for 2016"
No reflection on Kathie Lee at all--but Martha is supposed to be about news--I interviewed Kathie Lee--& she's a go…
▶ Matt Lauer, Kathie Lee and Hoda send best wishes to Billy Bush
I remember watching Regis and Kathie Lee interview celebrities, and my mom looked so happy.
Hoda & Kathie Lee on Today are exactly as portrayed on the SNL skits with Kristin Wiig!!! .
You will love this Kathie Lee. This is one of our 81 year old Franciscan Sisters!
It's Christmas Time, Gifford, Kathie Lee,Very Good, BMG with front and back
Actor/Comedian Rick Younger is in the building! The Today Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda.
Celine Dion and Kathie Lee tear up as they bond over dead husbands via
. That's awesome, Larry King is really cool! Have fun on Kathie Lee and Hodas show tomorrow Ben!!!😃 Already have it on DVR
Shalom! See the top spots from Kathie Lee's recent trip to Israel via
Kathie Lee and Natalie Morales win Gracie Awards!: Kathie Lee Gifford and Natalie Morales, along with a few o...
If you'd like to witness the biggest day in my PR career, tune in to the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda tomorrow mornin…
Serious question, how much wine do y'all think Kathie Lee and Hoda run through on a weekly basis?
Anderson, Hoda and Kathie Lee. Though it might have to be cable..
I liked a video Ravishing Rick Rude and Bobby Heenan on Regis and Kathie Lee (1989)
"Kathie Lee honors husband Frank Gifford while on special..." from The Today Show (
do you think Kathie Lee's tribute for Frank Gifford is something Frank wanted
Loved segment on on Kathie Lee's journey.
Give these girls the daytime emmy. They are the Kathie Lee and Hoda of Police chases -
Kathie Lee and Hoda talk about keeping your maintained including prevention:
Did you catch Trex Outdoor Furniture on Kathie Lee and Hoda last month? Dragging furniture across composite won’t...
Hoda and Kathie Lee show saying Nancy Reagan had second hand clothes oh yeah
Kathie Lee is still M.i.a. from the Today Show so like what even is the point of WFH?
Hot The Whispers (TV series) is cheaper than brand new Kathie Lee Gifford
The best part of working from home is getting to see the Today Show with Hoda and Kathie Lee 😊
Suzy's on Today with Kathie Lee and Hoda this morning..some important advice in tough career environment.
If I'm in love I want to get married. That's how stupid I am.
I find it deeply unsettling when a Kathie Lee Gifford quote is the best movie criticism advertisement a film can get, "The Young Messiah."
Why is everyone driving like a crack-enhanced Kathie Lee Gifford
Kathie Lee Gifford's whole family came to Christ through the ministry of
In case you missed it, here's the link to my Today Show segment with Kathie Lee and Hoda, alongside Deborah...
"Kathie Lee Gifford raves..." Well, if anything could convince me...
Kathie Lee Gifford found in life thru &
Jennifer Lopez Gets in Bed with KLG and Hoda!: Kathie Lee and Hoda snuggle up in a comfy bed with…
That moment the ULTIMATE PARTY GIRLS, Kathie Lee and Hoda are sipping out of our Disco Drink tumblers on the...
Chef Jacques will be appearing on the TODAY show with Kathie Lee and Hoda on March 29th. Be sure to tune in!
Kathie Lee & Hoda dance with booted cheerleaders - The ladies of the Mu Zeta chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Soror...
Ok I think will be on at 10 w Kathie Lee and Hoda!!!
That time Ravishing Rick Rude chatted up Kathie Lee on telly:.
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Kathie Lee is funny but I like Jenna Bush Hager!!!
so glad again to see Jennifer Bush back on the holder of show I believe in miracles get rid of Kathie Lee get Jennifer bush
it's more about Sunday for me. Ditka, Kathie Lee, AND Al Michaels?!
aww poor guy. Hoda and Kathie Lee did their 10am show in PJs. Jane Krakowski showed up in her NYE dress then changed into a slanket
Video: Kathie Lee and Hoda play slumber party games with Jane Krakowski
Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb have the best job ever 🍾🍷🍸 👀
In reference to Regis Philbin swooping in on Kathie Lee. Can be abbreviated to "the swoop" to describe someone hitting on you/a friend.
Get Maggie Smith on the phone. Get Stockard Channing on the phone. Better even get Kathie Lee on the phone.
RIP, Frank Gifford—the NFL star, TV personality, and Kathie Lee's husband has passed away
\'He taught me so much\': Kathie Lee remembers Frank in touching Hall of Fame speech
Watching right now & Kathie Lee is cracking me up & making me cry at the same time. God bless you both. Have a great day!
Should have been a winter storm Kathie Lee too. Then everyone would have an excuse to watch the snow and drink wine profusely.
We L❤️ve the NuFace to!. In Need of A lift? . Come in this Friday for a Free Demo from 11-3
I think we now know who should replace Kathie Lee and Hoda whenever they retire.
Watch Kathie Lee and Hoda get hot and bothered over for
I’m sharing 3 quick tips to Reach Your Goals with Kathie Lee, Hoda and the audience…
I just love you, Kathie Lee! You are inspirational. I know you are heartbroken but you are still so poised and fun and real!
American's know about burgers, is what I just saw on Hoda Kotb & Kathie lee.
Official petition to replace 90% of WWE programming with Kathie Lee and Hoda hitting on John Cena
WWE Star John Cena Gets Awkwardly Hit On by Kathie Lee and Hoda on Today (VIDEO) - NR
glad to see John Cena showing respect and not wearing jean shorts in front of Kathie Lee and Hoda
*John Cena brings Kathie Lee and Hoda the guacamole*
So much fun to celebrate the beautiful mama to be in Denver! Kathie Paulling you'll be a great mother and we're...
Kathie lee and Hota are easily my favorite morning news show to watch! They are forever wasted .
What an honor. Thank you to Hoda and Kathie Lee.
Dear . I need Jesus way more than Kathie Lee needed Regis.
I still think Nattie should do the Kathie Lee/Hoda hour
i think alyssa is still playing with that chicken chica before she goes on the Today show with Kathie Lee& Lucy van Pelt
I really feel that Kathie Lee and Hoda are my kindred spirits.
Had John Cena been pimped out to Kathie Lee???
Kathie Lee and Hoda drink at 10am every morning and nobody bats an eye lol
I will be on the Today show this morning with Houda & Kathie-Lee between 10-11am EST. I hope you can tune in.
Hoda Kotb got emotional on "Today" while talking about and Kathie Lee
Kathie Lee Gifford is finding strength in the Lord. Following the Aug. 9 death of her husband, Frank Gifford, Kathie Lee returned to NBC's
Need more signatures! Kathie Lee and Hoda apologize for ridiculing misophonia -Sign Petit... via
SMOSH's Ian and Anthony Talk to Kathie Lee and Hoda on the Today Show
In case you missed it, Bill Johnson was featured on Kathie Lee's podcast! .
What degree do I need to earn to have a job like Kathie Lee and Hoda??
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