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Kathie Lee

Kathie Lee Gifford (born August 16, 1953) is an American television host, singer, songwriter and actress, best known for her 15-year run (1985–2000) on the talk show Live with Regis and Kathie Lee, which she co-hosted with Regis Philbin.

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Camille Cosby asks "who is the victim" in her hubby Bill's sex & drugging scandal. After hearing Kathie Lee, I...
Did you hear the Dolphins are going to fire Regis Philbin? Do you think he'll go back to that show with Kathie Lee?
Cookies for Kids' Cancer founder Gretchen Witt appeared on the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda to tell her story, discuss the mission of the organization...
Our Last segment of Today Show coming up at 10:20 with Kathie Lee and Hoda, Kathy Lee Gifford & Hoda Kotb. will...
I have seen video. It's even weirder than when Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee stopped by.
"When can I come to the show to meet that Carson fella from the Kathie Lee & Hoda Show?"
Getting ready to head to the Today Show for a double appearance! Live in the studio around 8.30 and again with Kathie Lee and Hoda after 10.
USA- Tune into the Today Show this morning with Kathie Lee and Hoda and Elvis Duran Show to hear Vance Joy perform riptide
Womens KATHIE LEE black sparkly gold sequin hearts…
Spending some down time with on her amazing
Just Kathie Lee and me shopping at Costco. No big deal. @ Costco
Happy to see our friend in the Queen City. Welcome Photos:
Had lunch with Kathie Lee in Charlotte celebrating Anne Neilson's new book, Strokes Of Compassion with…
It's not every day you meet and have her compliment you on your work. Thankful for you, Kathie Lee!
Anne Neilson "Strokes of Compassion" book signing with Kathie Lee in Charlotte today
Martin Short talked about the awkward Kathie Lee Gifford moment on the
If you missed my segment this morning on The Today Show with Hoda and Kathie Lee, you can watch it here
it was actually Regis&Kathie Lee first you little youngin 😉
was featured on the 4th hour of the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda! Keep warm without…
Kathie Lee & Hoda: If Angelina Jolie decides to run for office, she sure has ... -…
Here’s what to include on your college application - Kathie Lee & Hoda - via
At 01:30, Kathie Lee and Hoda talk about my Katy Perry parody, I got to see my girls in no make up on national...
When I need a reminder of how white America is I always tune into hoda and kathie lee in the morning.
You guys I'm watching Hoda & Kathie Lee and it's making me sassy!
Liby watching kathie lee, and slinky the dog on lol
It must be hard working on Kathie Lee & Hoda, making sure absolutely nothing goes right
I can't find a clip but Kathie Lee and Hoda talked about girls in modern films not needing a prince. 💁
Coming up in the next 1/2 hour on Kathie Lee and Hoda, talking
I make sure I wake up before 10 every day just so I can watch Kathie Lee and Hoda
I am staying home to watch some guy who parts his teeth in the middle and some dame who is not Kathie Lee for YOU! Be good.
The Way Kathie Lee needs her Hoda is the Way I Need Yoda
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LOVED this week's podcast w/the lovely and . Amazing, funny, talented! Please listen! http:…
Jennifer Lopez has written an open and revealing book “True Love,” and she tells Kathie Lee and Hoda that she jumped into a relationship too quickly after her ...
Still listening to the beautiful's and on
This week's podcast I had the chance to speak w/my friend to talk about his powerful book, Before Amen. http…
Still remember meeting Frank Gifford. The only thing my oldest sister could say ask was "the one who married Kathie Lee?"
Is Frank Gifford still married to Kathie Lee or is she married to Regis?
I still can't believe Kathie Lee and Hoda scooped the Comedy Bang Bang Halloween costumes. *** move, ladies
'Today' and 'GMA' Halloween: Lara Spencer as Prince George; Hoda and Kathie Lee in…
Watch video from Kathie Lee & Hoda on the Today Show. Find recipes and stories and join the conversation. -
I just had a horrendous moment where I confused the incredible with the anti *** Kathie Lee Gifford... Sorry Kathy, ADORE YOU!
How drunk do you guys think Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb are right now?
joan lunden was amazing. Kathie Lee and hoda was a disaster
So are we all agreeing that the Kathie Lee and Hoda bit never happened and that we're not to speak of it again? OK!
Kane chokeslamming Adam Rose is good punishment for the Kotb/Kathie Lee hit he did. Although, that bit was Steph's idea...
Kathie Lee and Hoda better not be there...
Little Giant Ladders
Looking for a TV network that's willing to make and me their Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. We'll get good and day-drunk!
Tracey Jackson and Paul Williams on the Kathie Lee Gifford Podcast -
This week's wasn't that bad on fast-forward and skip the Kathie Lee stuff.
Kathie Lee and Hoda are the Special Guest stars of this episode.
Love the saying, so true. Have a fantastic day & weekend, Kathie Lee.
Squash on pizza? It might surprise you. Check out this meal idea from
My SNL submission packet: "Kathie Lee & Hova." Lorne, I'll be expecting your call.
I'm just tryna say the way school need teachers the way Kathie Lee needed Regis, that's the way I need Jesus.
"WWE is taking all the credibility away from the WWE Title. They might as well put it on Kathie Lee Gifford!" - Dave on…
Miss New York won Kathie Lee is gonna get drunk tonight.
How about some Pumpkin Muffins for a weekend baking project?
Mean observations from the orthopedic clinic: 1. Many obese people in the waiting room 2. Kathie Lee & Hoda blaring
Ask Lou with Kathie Lee and Hoda coming up 10/22. Any questions for me? Might be answered on the Today Show!... http:/…
Wow! It seems as though Kathie Lee has bought herself some big fake cans!
I want those Kathie Lee & Hoda nail designs on mine so bad!!! Btw, cannot wait for ur curb appeal segment with Barbara 😜 xo
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I can watch Kathie Lee and Hoda today! 🙌😂
In other news, I hate that british dating guy that's always on Kathie Lee and Hoda.
The Tarzan yell contest on Kathie Lee and Hoda was horrific. My ears are bleeding.
Kathie Lee and Hoda are evil tramps
"If we hit one million, we've agreed to let some of our NBC family members sink us in a dunk tank," said Kathie Lee.
By the way, Kathie Lee and Hoda did NOT open their show with Todd Gurley news. . So there is a safety zone. .
Kathie Lee look like my oldest leather belt
Jan Hooks as Kathie Lee on singing "I didn't evolve from you" to a monkey
She did Kathie Lee better than Kathie Lee does Kathie Lee.
Remembering Jan Hooks. A look back at some of her best moments on Saturday Night Live. Here's Jan as Kathie Lee...
‘It was exhilarating!’ KLG, Hoda crack wine bottles on their bums for WWE: Kathie Lee and Hoda are no stranger...
&amp Kathie Lee rumble on Monday nite Raw
Hoda and Kathie Lee brought the wine to the wrestling ring. They made a guest appearance at WWE's "Monday Night Raw" to raise awareness for breast cancer.
they are on the 5th hour of the Today Show. Kathie Lee used to have a long running talk show with Regis Philbin
Celebrity cook Paula Deen tells Kathie Lee and Hoda she held her sons and cried when her cooking empire crumbled, and explains what she has up her sleeve for the future.
Low key I really love Kathie Lee and Hoda
Will you be watching? On Wednesday, September 24, Jessica Simpson will appear on The Today Show. During the 8:00 a.m. hour, she will be talking about married life, her latest fashion collection and of course, her incredible success with Weight Watchers. During the 10:00 a.m. hour, Weight Watchers Chef Ryan Hutmacher will join Jessica, Kathie Lee and Hoda to cook up one of Jessica’s favorite meals.
Kathie Lee and Hoda chat about a tabloid report that Prince Harry, who just turned 30 years old, may be back with his former girlfriend. Source: Today Show
Kathie Lee & Hoda: Ray Rice's wife Janay should have run for it ...
Kathy Griffin, Howard Stern at Joan Rivers funeral Sep 7th 2014 10:56AM By KAREN MATTHEWS New York (AP) -- Even in death, Joan Rivers got what she wanted: A star-studded funeral, with the worlds of Hollywood, fashion, media and money all among the mourners. On Sunday morning, a legion of notables turned out at New York's Temple Emanu-El to remember Rivers, who died Thursday at 81: Kathy Griffin, whose edgy, biting comedy career was largely made possible by Rivers; colleague and friend Kelly Osbourne; Sarah Jessica Parker and Whoopi Goldberg; Howard Stern. Theater stars Bernadette Peters, Alan Cumming and Tommy Tune were there. Record producer Clive Davis arrived, too. Fashion designers Carolina Herrera and Michael Kors were there. Stars from TV such as Barbara Walters, Geraldo Rivera, Diane Sawyer, Kathie Lee, Hoda Kotb and Andy Cohen. And moguls Barry Diller, Donald Trump and Steve Forbes. Mourners lined up outside the Fifth Avenue synagogue and waited for their names to be checked against a list before ...
It's Kathie Lee's birthday and she's singing with Neil Sedaka if you aren't watching this you aren't living
Neil Sedaka on Kathie Lee and Hoda! Yes, I'm watching Kathie Lee and Hoda. Big whoop wanna fight about it?
I supported for the chance to hang with on set! via
I would rather remember him *** near killing Kathie Lee's husband.
If it's on Kathie Lee and Hoda it must be true
Nate the Mack and jumpsteady, rude boy Regis Kathie Lee!
Family videos from 2008. Me: The last hour of the Today Show is the best. I love Kathie Lee Gifford. . I was 11 😂😂
I feel like I might be related to Kathie lee and Hoda... because I've grown very fond of wine. Very fond.
I swear I just gained 2 lbs sitting here watching Kathie Lee and Hoda talk about food!
The gif of Kathie Lee dropping the puppy makes me scream laugh every time I see it.
Win a trip to New York... click on the link for more details..
Hi Kathie Lee ,too funny!! Love yesterday show it was Awesome!! You are both Beautiful Awesome women!! Love Always
In this week's Parade magazine: Hosts Kathie Lee Gifford & Hoda Kotb kick off our back-to-fall issue with a chat...
Kathie Lee you are next along with Frank
please make Kathie Lee Gifford go away. Been in media spotlight too many annoying years
The kathie lee thank you note joke that Jimmy Fallon said was hilarious... lmfao the Wine King. Naaants ingonyaaama pinot grigio!
Thank you, the for planing to perform a musical written by Kathie Lee, or as it's also known: The Wine King.
Kathie Lee and Hoda normally are too! Wine by 10am every morning?!...I like their style!!
I added a video to a playlist 1989 Marcy WALKER and A. MARTINEZ on Regis and Kathie Lee show
Happy Birthday Hoda. 50 years old and you look great. I love your show with Kathie Lee.
If I think I'm sitting next to Kathie Lee Gifford at the bar, what do I do? Ask her what wine she's drinking?
Happy Friday how have been 💜😄 Kathie Lee and Hoda were crazy this morning and that's how you start of a weekend 💜
Pretty in Pink We are SO EXCITED that Kathie Lee Gifford Picked this Pretty Lace by Adrianna Papell to Celebrate...
I think this is where Kathie Lee and Hoda go for lunch!
hey Kathie Lee. would please follow me too? Sam.
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Pretty in pink, Kathie Lee Gifford looked great in Adrianna Papell this morning while co-hosting the Today Show!...
Lil Jon is DJing on the Today Show for Kathie Lee and Hoda. So far no *** *** *** has occurred.
Kathie Lee Gifford announces 'Today' musical - NBC is...
Hoda Kotb singing backup with Kathie Lee and Hoda and
Flash Back when Save My Face was featured on the Today Show. Kathie Lee and Hoda, Happy Belated...
I got to catch up with my friend and talk about The Remixes! Listen here on
Hoda is 50 and Kathie Lee had her factory make her a cake
Longtime Christian artist Amy Grant was recently featured on the show Kathie Lee and Company. And the podcast of...
Ok, I'll do a Even the cut-out looks better then Hoda and Kathie Lee together! I'm not!
Join and for an unforgettable morning on the set of the
I want a friendship like Kathie Lee and Hoda❤️
Kathie Lee stop crying because you get to me and I cry with you😅😅
The best thing about being home in the morning is getting to watch Kathie Lee & Hoda😂
Hey boss - Per Kathie Lee and Hoda this morning, gray is IN this fall. See you soon.
I wonder if Kathie Lee and Hoda just keep drinking and stay bombed all day or if they go home and take a cat nap after.
Watching Kathie Lee and Hoda makes being in the gym in the morning 100 times better
Judge me all you want but Kathie Lee and Hoda are my guilty pleasure every morning
Laughing so hard at Kathie Lee and Hoda celebrating "with" Blake Shelton
A Friday off from work means coffee and Kathie Lee & Hoda.
I'll get the adult juice boxes, Sam. MT Kathie Lee to stage live musical with Today anchors/crew. …
Regis Philbin is filling in for Hod Kotb on Friday, so it will be a "Regis & Kathie Lee" reunion of sorts:
Kathie Lee Gifford exited as co-host of syndicated morning talk show “Live with Regis & Kathie Lee" on this day...
Bye, bye...Kathie Lee. Kathie Lee Gifford exited morning talker "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee" on this day in 2000.
What a great birthday present it'd be to get a follow from Sara Haines. Watching since back in the days of Hoda & Kathie Lee
hello Kathie Lee!! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!
Support and you could win a trip to set in NYC:
Kathie Lee is my new favorite person for her reaction to the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ trailer
Heading to “The Big Apple” to embrace menopause with Kathie Lee and Hoda on TODAY. Tune in this Monday at 10:30 AM!
Check out the new item in my Etsy shop, Lovely Kathie Lee signed dress clip in gold tone metal and a faux pearl.
by having to watch NBC Later Today with Kathie Lee and Joda: Lethal and excruciatingly painful.
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Kathie Lee & Hoda: We're loving the Hong Kong fast food weddings
Kathie Lee & Hoda: Joan Rivers is 81, she does what she wants - Joan Rivers just...
It's all about her chemistry with Shannon Smith, the HSN lady. They're like Kathie Lee & Hoda, but more deranged.
Just saw that on 'Today with Kathie Lee and Hoda'. Very well crafted.
Pictures of Prince George popped up on the TV during Kathie Lee and Hoda (my regular morning indulgence) and Elliot immediately began squealing, "Baby! Baby! Hi! Baby!" And... yesterday I had a craving for a Disney movie so I put Snow White on. When the magic mirror burst into flames, Elliot said, "Hot!" while motioning "hot" with his hand. Okay... he definitely knows "hot" in reference to the oven and things coming out of the microwave, but I don't think this kid has ever seen fire... how did he know the flames were hot?! I'm constantly in awe of what he is learning!
Goodnight, Angel: Goodnight, Angel ~ Kathie Lee (11)Buy new: $35.14 25 used & new from $0.01(Visit the ...
Kris Jenner revealed everything from surprise moments at Kim Kardashian's wedding to how Rob Kardashian is doing on TODAY's Kathie Lee & Hoda on June 5
while Jamie Horowitz hustles to 30 Rock to prep Kathie Lee and Hoda for some boiling hot takes on this
Read the article about last night's event with and on
WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. -- The Bloomingdale's in White Plains was packed on Wednesday, June 4, with eager shoppers waiting to meet renowned TV host and actress Kathie Lee Gifford. Best known for her 15-year run on the talk show, "Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee," Gifford, ...
Tower with 53 CD's! Most still in wrappers! Lots of Christmas music, Leann Rimes, Celine Dion, Rod Stewart, Frank Sinatra, Ghost soundtrack, Kathie Lee Gifford, Bryan White, Elvis, and tons more!! Selling it all, tower included!! Make an offer!
I think hodakotb and Kathie Lee wore them out..
About to go on Kathie Lee and Hoda with Shai and
Kathie Lee Gifford now has a wine brand. It's brilliant! Wine is a fast consumable and she loves it!
A little tired of the Barkley-S.A. tiff over those 'big, ol' women' digs. . .but Kathie Lee had some wise words about it on 'Today.' And: There was a positive result; money raised from those 'Barkley Dont (sic) Know' T-shirts benefits a local charity.
Kathie Lee & Hoda: Lupita Nyong'o is just what 'Star Wars' needs - We’re not card-carrying “Star Wars”...
Kathie Lee and Hoda are my spirit animals
Watching play ping pong with Susan Sarandon, Kathie Lee, and Hoda!
My Mom's new boss' name is Kathie Lee, so OBVIOUSLY the first thing she says is 'Oh my son's male cat's name is Kathie Lee Puddles!' 😑
How much do you know about popular favorite candies?
I had the French Open on for a little while and when it ended the next thing I know it's Today with Kathie Lee and Hoda. Are these two meant to be parody of a SNL parody? But somehow they're like a car wreck you can't stop watching.
Kathie Lee wears gorgeous cut out dress from Nue by Shani at Find here:
"We’re pretty excited that Lupita Nyong’o is joining the already star-studded 'Star Wars: Episode VII'." -http…
Talking about just moments ago on Kathie Lee and Hoda.
Always a pleasure when stops by...especially when there's wine involved. 🍷
Dawn please tell Kathie Lee we don't need her to constantly talk...nor tell us her dislike of today's music in all genres. Sometimes I just want her to shut up and let Hoda woman do all the talking.
Tomorrow morning at 6:40a EDT I'll be on The Weather Channel's Wake Up with Al giving tips on keeping rabbits and other animals out of your garden. And then later in the 10a hour of NBC's Today Show I'll be on with Kathie Lee and Hoda giving advice about loose drain pipes, removing oil stains from your brick pavers, and transforming your kitchen cabinets.
I am very excided to tell my friends I am going to NY on June 25th, to be on the Today Show. I will be modeling summer wear, being picked up by limousine, hair make-up the works. Thank you Jene can't tell you how excided I am to have this chance to do this. I love New York, Hoda, Kathie Lee, and our course Jene.
Kathie Lee & Hoda: If you have a rear like Kate Middleton's — just let it fly ...
"For me, wine is all about memories and love. That is what life should be chock full of." --Kathie Lee Gifford Celebrate National Wine Day with Kathie Lee:
After 53 years on television, Barbara Walters is retiring today (or something). For the 84-year-old's final appearance on the show she helped create and will continue to executive produce, The View, about two dozen women in broadcast journalism joined her onstage to honor the woman who helped pave their way in broadcast journalism, and tell Walters, "Goodnight, Moon!" one last time in front of cameras (maybe). Oprah was there! So was Gayle (of course). Kathie Lee and Hoda seemed sober. Elisabeth Hasselbeck wept. After the all-star outpouring, Walters delivered a monologue about retiring. "From the bottom of my heart to all of you with whom I have worked, and to all of you who have watched, and have been at my side for so many years, I can say: thank you, thank you, but then, who knows what the future brings!" said Walters hinting that this isn't the last we'll be seeing of her. Instead of saying goodbye, she said she preferred to leave it at, "À bientôt," which is French for "celebrity retirement is jus ...
Watching the VIEW, and Barbara Walters last day. All the women on TV made an appearance. From Deborah Norville, to Katie Couric to Diane Sawyer to Oprah, to Hoda,to Kathie Lee, to Connie Chung,to. To. To. Couldn't help but get misty eyed. What a legacy she's leaving!
Kathie Lee Gifford is the best person ever.
Meet the woman who inspires Kathie Lee
Meet the woman who inspires Kathie Lee:
Lakesha Cole, named Military Spouse of the Year, tells Kathie Lee and Hoda about moving all around the world with her family and explains...
I bet Kathie Lee rolled over to Hoda this morning and said, "I could use a mimosa" and they both laughed.
Video: Meet the woman who inspires Kathie Lee
Taylor Kinney, who plays that hunky Severied (sp?) on Chicago Fire, was on Kathie Lee and Hoda this morning. I was shocked to find out he's dating GaGa!
The season-two finale of "Chicago Fire" is sure to pack plenty of action, but the same can't be said for answers. According to star Taylor Kinney, mysteries will remain long after the season is over."It's a big cliffhanger," the actor told TODAY's Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb Tuesday.
Kathie Lee Gifford has her own wine! I didn't know that!
Oh my lawdy.someone needs to use some duct tape on Hoda and Kathie Lee!
Kathie Lee and Hoda are great and all but me and would do so much better. Can you even imagine
Dolly Parton just performed some new song on Today Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda. Cute little white/silver guitar.
why is Kathie Lee Gifford trying to distance herself from red wine???
Getting the old Honda caught up on its recalls. How is Kathie Lee still hosting a show?
i would watch this EVERY DAY. Kathie Lee &
Today Show host Kathie Lee Gifford has an on-air wine habit and a new California label ...
I never understood noblesse oblige until I watched Dolly Parton pretend Kathie Lee is anything more than a drunk poodle in a tutu
Your are the talk of Hoda and Kathie Lee
For the 21st time: Hoda Lee & Kathie is the best thing on NBC. Incredible chemistry and banter
totally thought Barbara cheated! Kathie Lee yours was done with taste and class as always!
Oh my god, I have so much in common with Kathie Lee.
Am I the only person my age that loves to watch Kathie Lee and Hoda on the Today Show? Lol
Kathie Lee Gifford had said earlier that it's got to be hard being Beyonce's sister because you're always going to be comparing yourself to her in terms of success. I couldn't help but think to myself that it just wouldn't be the case with me. I might not have your 'typical' success but I AM successful. I am proud of the woman I have grown into and I love the journey it took to get me there. I am thankful for it, even though it's been tough, because it's made me a better person...and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Katie missed it..the guy from Chicago Fire was just on Kathie Lee & Hoda!
Managed to dress myself like Kathie Lee Gifford today and it really hurts my soul. Actually on par with Nancy Reagan/Mrs. Bush almost.
I love Dolly Parton. Watching her on Kathie Lee & Hoda & Dolly does Dolly without chip on shoulder that usually comes w/ "Imma do me"
Dolly Parton is on Kathie Lee and Hoda on NBC. Best morning ever!
Tina and I play Fear Factor on Tuesdays. Today I gave her the option of being chased by 10 dogs or watching Hoda and Kathie Lee on Today.
How to have tough talks with aging parents - Kathie Lee & Hoda
3 auditions today - To me an is 30 crazed people in a room waiting to be axed. -Kathie Lee Gifford
Dolly Parton shared the following link and had this to say about it: IT'S FINALLY HERE YA'LL! My brand new album is available today on iTunes. I hope you love it as much as I do :) you can catch me talking all things and performing some tunes, today on... The Today Show (8AM on NBC - with Kathie Lee and Hoda (10AM on NBC) The Talk (2PM on...
I know I am up too late when freakin the Today Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda is on tv
If you ever need to explain Mitzi Gaynor: Extreme perkiness of Kristin Chenoweth, bordering on insanity of Kathie Lee Gifford
I don't think that is Mitzi Gaynor. I think it's a time-traveling Kathie Lee Gifford.
Kathie Lee Gifford was how old when she LOST her Virginity..
Hoda & Kathie Lee tone it down says Grandma😀
The sound of Kathie Lee and Hoda's voices in unison is the Devil's wind chimes.
Funny, Ann Curry was saved by Boy Scouts at the same time Kathie Lee was helping those Girl Scouts get their "sommelier badge."
There once was an old lady who lived in a shoe, it was made in a Kathie Lee sweatshop, but she never knew.
I'm not the only person in America, who's thought of killing Kathie Lee Gifford?
Hoda teams with Sara Bareilles, Cyndi Lauper to help kids with cancer - Kathie Lee & Hoda -...
Ann Curry rescued from mountains by Boy Scouts. Boy Scouts later seen carrying Hoda & Kathie Lee home
If it's 10 a.m. on a weekday and you're not drinking Chardonnay, then you're probably not watching the Today Show. Tune in and you'll likely see Kathie Lee Gifford and cohost Hoda Kotb toasting, clinking and sipping from glasses of wine--no spitting allowed.
So, not sure if you all remember back in December, when Joshua got to go on stage at House of Blues Orlando with the amazing Sara Bareilles... Well, she did!! And she and Hoda Kotb talked about him this morning on Kathie Lee and Hoda!!! They are doing an awesome mashup with Cyndi Lauper to benefit pediatric cancer funding!!! We have uploaded the video from this morning for you to enjoy. And also included the link to the original video in case you missed it in December.
"But the Bible says, even though we may blow it every day, God's mercy is fresh for us every morning" -Kathie Lee Gifford (Being Mary Jane)
Manute Bol explaing how he killed a lion in the Sudan because it killed a family member. Later plays basketball with Regis and Kathie Lee. From 1993.
Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb take a peek at Neil Patrick Harris going almost nude on the cover of Rolling Stone, and react with...
OMGOSH I LOVE Sara Bareilles! Just watched her on Kathie Lee and Hoda...interview and then she sang her new song “I chose you" which is Awesome!!! Hoda is teaming up with her and Cyndi Lauper to create a song for children fighting cancer, record it have a concert a bunch of neat is going to be a combination of “Brave" and “True Colors"...How Perfect!!! 2 of my favorite songs and what a great cause!!! Can't wait:-)
Hey Kathie Lee you aren't the only one that gets knocked over by your dog!!!
How Kathie Lee and Hoda always finish eachothers sentences and say things at the same time.
Kathie Lee Gifford just mentioned Tiny Tags as one of her "Favorite Things' on Kathie Lee and Hoda this morning!! I sent her a bracelet with her kiddies names. Of course, I missed it! I heard it was in the first 10 minutes of the show!
I am laughing again now, because I can tell that Kathie Lee and Hoda are afraid that they might have to meet the policewoman who the NYPD picked for me to spend time with whenever I am in town. Lol.
I love Sara Bareilles. Just saying. I saw her on Kathie Lee and Hoda and I turned it up!
America's favorite morning show. Each morning with their undeniable chemistry and wit, Kathie Lee and Hoda bring viewers a fresh, lively show that always gets people talking.
Don't forget to tune in to Kathie Lee and Hoda!!
Betty, Kaye, Alma and Marlene on Regis and Kathie Lee first half
Video on Today: Fourteen-year-old Colton Burpo and his parents say the boy visited heaven after suffering a burst appendix 10 years ago, an account which became a book and now has been adapted into a film. Colton tells Kathie Lee and Hoda that he hasn’t had any dreams about the experience, but still...
Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb get in on the latest social media trend, the by showing off photos of the shelves in their...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
In addition to Morning Joe this morning, Donny will be on Kathie Lee and Hoda at 10:10 A.M, and New York Live on NBC at 12:30 P.M. So exciting!
Video on Today: Jackson Galaxy is a cat behaviorist and star of the Animal Planet show “My Cat From *** ” He tells Kathie Lee and Hoda the best way to introduce a new cat into your family, and why he recommends having an extra litter box.
I liked a video Kathie Lee and Hoda Debate Magnum P.I. and Six Million Dollar Man
What? You missed Hoda and Kathie Lee this morning? Here's the clip with kudos and photos from IWLC's big event... http:…
Video on Today: Actor Dean Cain tells Kathie Lee and Hoda he is shocked at how well his movie “God Is Not Dead” is performing at the box office, and he says the performance by KLG’s daughter was “fantastic” in the film.
Did anyone see my son Mike Lee on the Today Show yesterday? This is a clip I filmed (I was standing next to the camera crew) Michael is behind Kathie Lee wearing the black ball cap
UAB transverse myelitis patient and Maylene resident Mike Jezdimir hosted his second annual Run 4 Mike this past weekend in Alabaster. More than 150 people participated, including UAB physicians, researchers and staff. The Mike L. Jezdimir Transverse Myelitis Foundation has raised more than $10,000 for research into the neurological disorder, with all monies raised from events he has hosted coming to UAB. You can learn more about his story at and watch him live with Kathie Lee & Hoda Thursday morning on the Today Show on NBC.
Watching Valerie Harper on Hoda and Kathie Lee. She is amazing! Talk about defying the odds!
** I previously posted this on the KLG and Hoda page, but it was buried in their comments box in the right column . . . I know I am going to be slammed for this, but this is something that has been bothering me for a LONG time. Kathie Lee Gifford gets on my nerves!!! If something is not in line with her thoughts and ideas, she is SO negative. She is rude to guests, and quite honestly I do not see how Hoda tolerates her when she is so negative, especially to things Hoda likes. I know I don't have to watch, but I LOVE Hoda and we all know daytime tv does not have a lot of selection. I think this hour would be so much better if they brought in Jenna Bush-Hagger with Hoda. The negativity, eye rolling and rude comments of Kathie Lee really get old and the comments to some guests are inappropriate. Is there ANYONE out there that agrees with me?
Michael Strahan is joining Good Morning America. Still trying to get Kathie Lee and Hoda to join the Boston Bruins.
When will Cody put Kathie Lee in a drunk ward, like John Ross did Sue Ellen?
Kathie Lee Gifford: NBC News asked me not to plug my wine on "Today"
Managed to tell Kathie Lee & Hoda that "Wu Tang is for the children" this morn on the Today Show. Gonna go w that as highli…
Kathie Lee Gifford has a wine? Well, that completes that homonym set.
Okay...just one more reason to dislike Kathie Lee & Hoda: they didn't even know who these brilliant minds...
Kathie Lee & Hoda: The young pretty never think they need surgery
Having a glass of this kathie lee wine this Wednesday.
Kathie Lee Gifford: Nobody drinks that much on the show, the amount of wine has been 'outrageously satirized'
Kathie Lee Gifford can drink all she wants on "Today," but she can't mention her new wine
Had so much fun on with Hoda and Kathie Lee!!! Those ladies are the best!!
Hi Kathie Lee, wishing you a cozy evening! be blessed...always.
Kathie Lee Gifford says Comcast asked her not to plug her wine on NBC while it's under 'scrutiny' over Time Warner http:…
You and Kathie Lee, in personality, remind me of each other. Funny, yet bold. ;o)
Kathie told not to talk of wine: © AP/NBC -- Kathie Lee GiffordNBC asks Kathie Lee Gifford not to plug her win...
Had a great time talking to my old friend for Listen here:
NBC Asks Gifford Not to Plug Her Wine on 'Today': Kathie Lee Gifford says NBC has asked her not to ...
Just saw a story on Kathie Lee and Hoda that Lady Gaga showed up at her birthday bash in nearly her birthday suit...NOT KIDDING!!! The body suit she had on was nude with roses in the right places. I personally do not want to see her stuff. Everyone thinks Miley Cyrus is trashy, myself included. But Lady Gaga ain't too Angelic herself. EW!
Please watch or record NBC's "Today Show" tomorrow at 9-11amET to see my husband Christopher John Farley , author of the new tween novel GAME WORLD, talk about the gender divide in children's books. He'll probably be on around 945am. Then I'll show up in the 10amET hour to quiz Kathie Lee and Hoda about what they know about tax breaks and tax mistakes. That segment will probably air around 1045am ET. It's an Epperson- Farley family affair on NBC's "Today Show" tomorrow!
Hilarious!! Brian Williams performs "Rapper's Delight" with a little help from Lester Holt and Kathie Lee!
Matt and Ellen as Hoda and Kathie Lee on Ellen show -
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
11 - Surprising moments at the Golden Globes Brian Balthazar of AOL fills Kathie Lee and Hoda in on some of the surprising moments from the Golden Globe ...
MICHAEL ROSENBERG - PASSENGER - MUSIC ARTIST Passenger visits Hoda and Kathie Lee to perform his 2012 hit "Let Her Go" on The Today Show on Monday morning. O...
Kathie Lee dress in great condition size Large 12/16 asking $10
Stephany Pace and her fiance Jason Kelley are back to tell us about winning the grand prize Honeymoon in the Virgin Islands from NBC's Kathie Lee and Hoda.
TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas shows Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb a hood that can turn your favorite jacket into a raincoat and an umbrella disguised a...
has her own wine! 10% for charity no surprise to anyone who's followed her career. Congratulations!
I think I'd actually like Kathie Lee Gifford if she was my neurotic & alcoholic aunt and not on television.
Tune in this Thursday at 10:50am EST to the Today Show when we perform on the Kathie Lee and Hoda hour! Can you guess what we'll be singing?!
loved you on Kathie Lee (aka Jenna) & Hoda this morning! How long are u going to be performing in After Midnight?
Every day Kathie Lee & Hoda ( aka Heckle & Jeckle ) talk at the same time, can't understand anything!
This is amazing to me. Exclusive: Kathie Lee Gifford launches wine line via
WHEW!! Made it through Monday again!! (and survived all that green beer too - CONGRATS!!) for Hoda & Kathie Lee it's "BOOZE DAY TUESDAY"
Kathie Lee has launched her own line of wine. She said the toughest part will be convincing people the bottles are supposed to be half full
launches wine line via Wine from a loud mouth braggart. I'll drink to that!
File this under "Things that surprise no one:" Katie Lee Gifford launches wine line
Turn off 'Today' show drinking: Your Say: Letters to the editor: Having never cared much for Kathie Lee Giffor...
Kathie Lee Gifford launches a WINE LINE. big me something I don't know!
Love both Kathie Lee & Hoda. Jenna Bush Hager is a superb host too.
Happy st.Patrick day Kathie Lee and Frank hope it was a great one !
I like Hoda but Kathie Lee makes me want to wretch.
Elaine Strich drops the F-bomb on Kathie Lee & Hoda on the Today Show. They titter & act like she dropped her pants:
did you know your girl KLG is coming out with her own line of wine...
You & I could be Kathie Lee & Hoda, but you trippin'. (This has been a PSA to my best friends.) 😂💖🍷
This is really happening! Exclusive: Kathie Lee Gifford launches wine line via
Like Jenna Bush more than Kathie Lee Gifford. Better chemistry with
Kathie Lee Gifford is launching her own line of wine. What product you love so much you'd put your name on it?
hello Kathie Lee how was ur weekend?
Kathie Lee Gifford from yesterday show of when you said to Hoda Kotb not to text you and rather for her to call you instead, what about when people lost their voice and can't talk on the phone to you? And also for deaf and hard of hearing people may not be able to talk on the phone with their voice and texting is a way to keep in touch! I'm hearing impaired and I can talk on the phone and I do texting too since some of my friends can't hear on the phone...thought I'd bring this up so you knows the differences when alot of people like to text each others =)
You are so lucky, Drinking wine with all afternoon!
Exclusive: Kathie Lee Gifford launches wine line via Say what you want, I love Kathy and Hoda:) Go Kat!)
Aww,pinstripes/jail stripes, Jennifer Willmott is like Kathie Lee, coordinating outfits with Hoda the night before.
SOOO proud of my brother, Mark Cortale. The musical group that he produces/manages, Well-Strung, will perform LIVE on the Today Show, tomorrow morning (3/18). Set those DVRs to record the Hoda & Kathie Lee hour, (check local listings).
Just in time for launches wine line via
Wow! I just won this for free, LADIES SZ 10 KATHIE LEE PANTS, ZIP ON SIDE
I believe this is called enabling. “"What took me so long?" launches wine line:
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