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Kathie Lee

Kathie Lee Gifford (born August 16, 1953) is an American television host, singer, songwriter and actress, best known for her 15-year run (1985–2000) on the talk show Live with Regis and Kathie Lee, which she co-hosted with Regis Philbin.

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EXCLUSIVE: Kathie Lee Gifford on Billy Bush’s ‘Today’ Show Departure: ‘They’ll be Hard Shoes to Fill’
was on Regis and Kathie Lee all the time ... Just wondering what they think of him now
. is the worst thing to come out of Bowie, Maryland since Kathie Lee Gifford
God didn't bless me with success so I could eat caviar every day.
Mom thinks I live in this dream world where everybody's Ivana Trum...
Check out Kathie Lee and Hoda talking about on the Today Show yesterday! They're such big fans 😌. (…
You cheated on Kathie Lee, but the announcer doesn't call him Rye-you?
Kathie Lee Gifford Interviews Microsoft AI - via I'm pretty proud of this one.
.on Hoda and Kathie Lee here I come ;)
LIVE on Hoda and Kathie Lee here I come ;)
Kathie Lee's pelvic thrusting just made my TV explode. BOOM.
"Over the years my mom has become a self-taught Biblical scholar." - Kathie Lee Gifford
A BIG Texas THANK YOU Today Show Kathie Lee and Hoda! If you missed it- link below for the live performance AND... http…
"Kathie Lee and Hoda reveal new Hess toy truck for 2016"
No reflection on Kathie Lee at all--but Martha is supposed to be about news--I interviewed Kathie Lee--& she's a go…
▶ Matt Lauer, Kathie Lee and Hoda send best wishes to Billy Bush
I remember watching Regis and Kathie Lee interview celebrities, and my mom looked so happy.
Hoda & Kathie Lee on Today are exactly as portrayed on the SNL skits with Kristin Wiig!!! .
You will love this Kathie Lee. This is one of our 81 year old Franciscan Sisters!
It's Christmas Time, Gifford, Kathie Lee,Very Good, BMG with front and back
Actor/Comedian Rick Younger is in the building! The Today Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda.
Celine Dion and Kathie Lee tear up as they bond over dead husbands via
. That's awesome, Larry King is really cool! Have fun on Kathie Lee and Hodas show tomorrow Ben!!!😃 Already have it on DVR
Shalom! See the top spots from Kathie Lee's recent trip to Israel via
Kathie Lee and Natalie Morales win Gracie Awards!: Kathie Lee Gifford and Natalie Morales, along with a few o...
If you'd like to witness the biggest day in my PR career, tune in to the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda tomorrow mornin…
Serious question, how much wine do y'all think Kathie Lee and Hoda run through on a weekly basis?
Anderson, Hoda and Kathie Lee. Though it might have to be cable..
I liked a video Ravishing Rick Rude and Bobby Heenan on Regis and Kathie Lee (1989)
"Kathie Lee honors husband Frank Gifford while on special..." from The Today Show (
do you think Kathie Lee's tribute for Frank Gifford is something Frank wanted
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Loved segment on on Kathie Lee's journey.
Give these girls the daytime emmy. They are the Kathie Lee and Hoda of Police chases -
Kathie Lee and Hoda talk about keeping your maintained including prevention:
Did you catch Trex Outdoor Furniture on Kathie Lee and Hoda last month? Dragging furniture across composite won’t...
Hoda and Kathie Lee show saying Nancy Reagan had second hand clothes oh yeah
Kathie Lee is still M.i.a. from the Today Show so like what even is the point of WFH?
Hot The Whispers (TV series) is cheaper than brand new Kathie Lee Gifford
The best part of working from home is getting to see the Today Show with Hoda and Kathie Lee 😊
Suzy's on Today with Kathie Lee and Hoda this morning..some important advice in tough career environment.
If I'm in love I want to get married. That's how stupid I am.
I find it deeply unsettling when a Kathie Lee Gifford quote is the best movie criticism advertisement a film can get, "The Young Messiah."
Why is everyone driving like a crack-enhanced Kathie Lee Gifford
Kathie Lee Gifford's whole family came to Christ through the ministry of
In case you missed it, here's the link to my Today Show segment with Kathie Lee and Hoda, alongside Deborah...
"I'm just trying to say the way school need teachers. The way Kathie Lee needed Regis that's the way I need Jesus". - "Jesus Walks"
"Kathie Lee Gifford raves..." Well, if anything could convince me...
Kathie Lee Gifford found in life thru &
Jennifer Lopez Gets in Bed with KLG and Hoda!: Kathie Lee and Hoda snuggle up in a comfy bed with…
That moment the ULTIMATE PARTY GIRLS, Kathie Lee and Hoda are sipping out of our Disco Drink tumblers on the...
Chef Jacques will be appearing on the TODAY show with Kathie Lee and Hoda on March 29th. Be sure to tune in!
Kathie Lee & Hoda dance with booted cheerleaders - The ladies of the Mu Zeta chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Soror...
Ok I think will be on at 10 w Kathie Lee and Hoda!!!
That time Ravishing Rick Rude chatted up Kathie Lee on telly:.
Kathie Lee is funny but I like Jenna Bush Hager!!!
so glad again to see Jennifer Bush back on the holder of show I believe in miracles get rid of Kathie Lee get Jennifer bush
it's more about Sunday for me. Ditka, Kathie Lee, AND Al Michaels?!
aww poor guy. Hoda and Kathie Lee did their 10am show in PJs. Jane Krakowski showed up in her NYE dress then changed into a slanket
Video: Kathie Lee and Hoda play slumber party games with Jane Krakowski
Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb have the best job ever 🍾🍷🍸 👀
In reference to Regis Philbin swooping in on Kathie Lee. Can be abbreviated to "the swoop" to describe someone hitting on you/a friend.
Get Maggie Smith on the phone. Get Stockard Channing on the phone. Better even get Kathie Lee on the phone.
RIP, Frank Gifford—the NFL star, TV personality, and Kathie Lee's husband has passed away
\'He taught me so much\': Kathie Lee remembers Frank in touching Hall of Fame speech
Watching right now & Kathie Lee is cracking me up & making me cry at the same time. God bless you both. Have a great day!
Should have been a winter storm Kathie Lee too. Then everyone would have an excuse to watch the snow and drink wine profusely.
We L❤️ve the NuFace to!. In Need of A lift? . Come in this Friday for a Free Demo from 11-3
I think we now know who should replace Kathie Lee and Hoda whenever they retire.
Watch Kathie Lee and Hoda get hot and bothered over for
I’m sharing 3 quick tips to Reach Your Goals with Kathie Lee, Hoda and the audience…
I just love you, Kathie Lee! You are inspirational. I know you are heartbroken but you are still so poised and fun and real!
American's know about burgers, is what I just saw on Hoda Kotb & Kathie lee.
Official petition to replace 90% of WWE programming with Kathie Lee and Hoda hitting on John Cena
WWE Star John Cena Gets Awkwardly Hit On by Kathie Lee and Hoda on Today (VIDEO) - NR
glad to see John Cena showing respect and not wearing jean shorts in front of Kathie Lee and Hoda
*John Cena brings Kathie Lee and Hoda the guacamole*
Buy Miche Bag Online!
So much fun to celebrate the beautiful mama to be in Denver! Kathie Paulling you'll be a great mother and we're...
Kathie lee and Hota are easily my favorite morning news show to watch! They are forever wasted .
What an honor. Thank you to Hoda and Kathie Lee.
Dear . I need Jesus way more than Kathie Lee needed Regis.
I still think Nattie should do the Kathie Lee/Hoda hour
i think alyssa is still playing with that chicken chica before she goes on the Today show with Kathie Lee& Lucy van Pelt
I really feel that Kathie Lee and Hoda are my kindred spirits.
Had John Cena been pimped out to Kathie Lee???
Kathie Lee and Hoda drink at 10am every morning and nobody bats an eye lol
I will be on the Today show this morning with Houda & Kathie-Lee between 10-11am EST. I hope you can tune in.
Hoda Kotb got emotional on "Today" while talking about and Kathie Lee
Kathie Lee Gifford is finding strength in the Lord. Following the Aug. 9 death of her husband, Frank Gifford, Kathie Lee returned to NBC's
Need more signatures! Kathie Lee and Hoda apologize for ridiculing misophonia -Sign Petit... via
SMOSH's Ian and Anthony Talk to Kathie Lee and Hoda on the Today Show
In case you missed it, Bill Johnson was featured on Kathie Lee's podcast! .
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
What degree do I need to earn to have a job like Kathie Lee and Hoda??
I applaud Kathie Lee! Gotta watch this...Kathie Lee's tribute to husband Frank Gifford
Kathie Lee's touching tribute to husband Frank Gifford via || Still can't believe NBC didn't cut this
Kathie Lee explains why there was no funeral for late NFL legend Frank Gifford.
What an AMAZING tribute by Kathie Lee! Take her advice: "Find a stone & throw it well!" .
Kathie Lee at her best. What a great tribute to Frank and especially to God.
We know Kevin is the Siskel but I honestly think K &K have a little of both Hoda and Kathie Lee in 'em
Tears flowed during the fourth hour of Monday morning’s “Today” show with Kathie Lee Gifford notably absent after
my heart goes out 2 u Kathie Lee I wish u the best in dealing w/ur loss ur fans luv u and we r here 4 u 💟
BREAKING: Frank Gifford, NFL Hall of Famer & Husband of Kathie Lee Gifford, has Died at 84 -NBC
Frank Gifford, husband of Kathie Lee Gifford, dies at 84 at Connecticut home -
i wanna have a threesome with Kathie Lee Gifford and Ann Coulter
Love ya Hoda! You're a great friend to Kathie Lee - Wish I could join you for a glass of wine!!
Frank Gifford Farewell to Frank Gifford, one way to fortify Social Security on its 80th 606 British…
Do you think Al Michaels or Dan Dierdorf was banging Kathie Lee on the side?
I remember seeing Frank on TV with Dan Dierdorf really getting into it with Kathie Lee's sidekick on ABC Network.
Conclusion: Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb are two bar flies in search of an intervention.
so many random cameos. Hoda and Kathie Lee. Harvey Levin from TMZ and allegedly Ann Coulter is in this too. *** Why?
Welcome to Today, Regis Philbin!  The 83-year-old television personality is joining the hit morning show's fourth hour with Kathie Lee
Regis Philbin joins Kathie Lee and Hoda on 'Today' - NY Daily News
Earlier this week, Chef Ryan DePersio spent the morning with Kathie Lee and Hoda, cooking up a fresh, light...
Life is no horror show for Cassidy Gifford: Daughter of Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford is a mean girl in 'The Ga...
Food Fighters’ Adam Richman made an apology on Kathie Lee & Hoda and shared the Slap Yo Momma Chicke
To note: I LOVE Kathie Lee and am only proposing that both "Kathie Lee and Gifford" and "Hoda and Kotb" become spinoff series.
i love that . Little firecracker. Kelly > Kathie Lee
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Season 6 Episode 24: On Live with Regis and Kathie Lee, Hilary subs for Gifford ...
Regis and Kathie Lee set to host together again: Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford are reuniting as co-host...
had Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin on, and Kathie Lee would NOT stop talking over them! UGH!!! So frustrating!!!
Ann seems so uptight. But I would love if she ended up having a Kathie Lee type of personality so
I feel like Kristen wiig as Kathie Lee Gifford
Breast Cancer Awareness
I'm kinda tired but OK have a great weekend Kathie Lee
I added a video to a playlist Amy Jo Johnson On Live with Regis and Kathie Lee
Kathie Lee had a secret phone call a week before Bruce came out as a woman! She revealed that:
Looking forward to spending time with Kathie Lee and Hoda tomorrow on Today Show. 10 am ET
Cathy Lee Crosby...The good Cathy Lee, not the sweatshop-owning, shrill Kathie Lee.
Looked like Cybill Shepherd was doing her Norma Desmond impression on Kathie Lee & Hoda this morning
Here is a great clip of Lisa Green's interview with Kathie Lee and Hoda -as my worlds collide I'll be...
bring Hoda and Kathie Lee back overnight!! Not smart move after losing Brian Williams!! Keep taking away who we love.. DVR'd GMA
The Royals is not E!'s 1st scripted series-ages ago they had 1 with French Stewart & 1 with Kathie Lee. Both pretty good.
I liked a video Abby Lee Miller and Mackenzie Ziegler on Today with Kathie Lee & Hoda
Danny called; says he puts his pants on just like Kathie Lee & Hoda Kotb FYI
it depends who they're including. They gotta fit the demo. Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb made no sense. Jon Stewart is an actual fan.
My no-makeup selfie from 6th avenue. Should I show it by the end of my 3pET I'm channeling Hoda and Kathie Lee!
I flew to NYC to see Live w/Regis & Kathie Lee & She was on vacation. I actually cried.
Kathie Lee & Hoda: Allison Williams' graphic sex scene on recent 'Girls' episode had to be cringe-worthy for famous
Does anyone else think Jenna Bush Hager is so annoying😏 ugg I can't stand her!!! I want Kathie Lee back😊
Jenna Bush Hager was great today on Kathie Lee & Hoda!
>The Worst of Wrestling in 2014. >preview pic shows Grumpy Cat and not, say, Kathie Lee and Hoda. nope
Listening to Kathie Lee and Hoda on XM... Did KL really just mistake Maroon 5 for Stevie Wonder? smh
As part of our In The Mix series, Kathie Lee Gifford paid a visit to Stella Blu.
The first time Kathie Lee laid eyes on Frank Gifford. “Television set, 1948
I have a new blog post: Divorced by 30, The Girlfriends Guide to
Kathie Lee called Meredith Vieira a tramp on NYE and it really made my year.
Time for me to go back to work. I just watched Kathie Lee & Hoda put away Xmas decorations. (Mine are all put away too!!)
Kathie Lee couldn't care less about putting away Christmas decorations. I'm sure she has her maid do that sort of thing.
Cleaning tricks to take back your house after the holidays-Kathie Lee & Hoda - via
Kathie Lee your right eye makeup is running.
it's time for Hoda and Kathie Lee though!
Does anyone know why it's ok for Kathie Lee and Hoda to drink on TV at 10 am every morning?
Dear Kathie Lee and Hoda, . Reach up and unscrew the light bulb above you like I do when I'm at the bar. You're welcome.   10% Off
Kathie Lee & Hoda in the last hour of TODAY: Is that hour still considered news or is it programming (entertainment)?
I've said it once I'll say it again…Kathie Lee and Hoda is the best hour on television.
nor Beyonce nor Katie Couric ,Mahlia Obama that includes Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb
dissing marching band is as bad as Kathie Lee and Hoda dissing baton twirling. Can you even play an instrument? Didn't think so...
Well, unless you like to watch Live with Kelly and Michael or Kathie Lee and Hoda, you're pretty much screwed.
2014 Year in Review: Today Show I Kathie Lee and Hoda. The evening before our appearance, we lost…
Getting blazed af with Kathie Lee and Hoda
I've already alerted the twirling moms Jim. Give Kathie Lee & Hoda a call they'll let you know what your in for.
happy new year Hoda and Kathie Lee ! good luck in 2015
happy new year Kathie lee ,Frank and family . good luck in 2015. god bless you and your family this year !
Kathie Lee is like who is this chick? And Hoda just fell into poop.
it is inexpensive, does well, makes them money. Honda and Kathie Lee do well
6 wedding ideas inspired by Pinterest - Kathie Lee ...
Kathie Lee Gifford claims Bill Cosby tried to kiss her amid accusations from ... - Fox News
And then even crazier, Kathie Lee teleported to the bottom of a bottle of Chablis. WE KID!
Kathie Lee, u slacking! I c our girl covering the with Al.Meanwhile u probably still in ur pj's🍷😜
Hoda is the Hoda of this broadcast. But Al Roker is definitely the Kathie Lee.
That's one of my favorites, Kathie Lee. Thanks for the reminder that the Lord wants good for us. Amen.
Has Hoda Woman even gone to sleep? Wasn't she partying with Kathie Lee last night?
The Scott brothers on HGTV and no commercials! I can't take Hoda and Kathie Lee
is Hoda sober? This show would be fun with Kathie Lee
Hi Hoda just watched you and Kathie Lee love you guys! Oh and Hi Al !
NOLA misses you Hoda! At least we can still see you with Kathie Lee.
I was hoping for a New Year free of poverty, war, hunger, Taylor Swift, and Kathie Lee. I was either drunk or delusional.
Marie Osmond: Donny and I are going on tour - Kathie Lee & Hoda - via
Kathie Lee and Hoda are wearing the cutest jammies at their show today. Love them.
It's always a good day when I get to watch Kathie Lee and Hoda.
Little name dropping on Hoda and Kathie Lee this morning.
*in mid-western dialect* "Oooo that Kathie Lee and Hoda are a hoot. A HOOT!"
Paul C Reed - We need to do a show like Kathie Lee and Hoda, so we can drink wine at 10am daily !
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Kathie Lee and Hoda are one of my many spirit animals
I aspire to be both Kathie Lee and Hoda
Kathie Lee and Hoda in pajamas! I can't even complain. They crack me up!
Are drugstore beauty aids as good as high-end ones? - Kathie Lee & Hoda -
“they were just playing the vamps on kathie lee and hoda WHERE'S MARIA”bTRAHS
Just saw Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee sing with Sting. They sounded better than he did!! The end is nigh, folks. The end is nigh...
I throw up in my mouth when I see Kathie Lee!
A Hot Leggy Kathie Lee Gifford Hosting the Today Show: From a couple of days ago, this is NBC news babe Kathie Lee... htt…
theGRIO REPORT - Kathie Lee Gifford has had Bill Cosby's back for weeks — but this morning the "Today" show co-host admitted that the comic did try to kiss her once in the late 70s...
OH GAWD! So now he's not only a sexual predator, but a sexual predator with ZERO TASTE? No!!
Kathie Lee Gifford is the latest woman to share her private experience with comedian Bill Cosby. While discussing Cosby's wife's Camille's rece...
Kathie Lee Woman sz16w burgundy dress good condition smoke free home meet Lucasville, Portsmouth Kroger or Aldis pos $3.50
As Bill Cosby’s wife, Camille, makes a statement on the scandal, Kathie Lee Gifford says the comedian once tried to kiss her. INSIDE EDITION has the story.
Kathie Lee claims Bill Cosby tried to kiss her
Kathie Lee Gifford reveals Bill Cosby tried to kiss her once
Kathie Lee Gifford now says Bill Cosby tried to kiss her
“Kathy Lee Gifford claims tried to kiss her. Girl bye
Kathy Lee Gifford claims tried to kiss her.
Kathie Lee Gifford: Bill Cosby once tried to kiss me via
Why is Kathie Lee Gifford speaking out? he tried to kiss her? such BS...
Kathie Lee Gifford said Bill Cosby tried to kiss her. So, Cosby is just a really really desperate person.
Posted on No Comments Kathie Lee Gifford is the latest celebrity to allege that Bill Cosby
Gifford makes new revelation about Cosby: Gifford makes new revelation about Cosby APAs allegations against Bi...
Gifford makes new revelation about Cosby
Kathie Lee Gifford says that Bill Cosby tried to kiss her years ago. The incident happened after Gifford drugged herself.
Kathie Lee Gifford says Bill Cosby once tried to kiss her:
Kathie Lee Gifford revisits her friendship with Bill Cosby: 'He did try to kiss me': via
Camille Cosby asks "who is the victim" in her hubby Bill's sex & drugging scandal. After hearing Kathie Lee, I...
Did you hear the Dolphins are going to fire Regis Philbin? Do you think he'll go back to that show with Kathie Lee?
Our Last segment of Today Show coming up at 10:20 with Kathie Lee and Hoda, Kathy Lee Gifford & Hoda Kotb. will...
I have seen video. It's even weirder than when Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee stopped by.
"When can I come to the show to meet that Carson fella from the Kathie Lee & Hoda Show?"
Getting ready to head to the Today Show for a double appearance! Live in the studio around 8.30 and again with Kathie Lee and Hoda after 10.
USA- Tune into the Today Show this morning with Kathie Lee and Hoda and Elvis Duran Show to hear Vance Joy perform riptide
Womens KATHIE LEE black sparkly gold sequin hearts…
Spending some down time with on her amazing
Just Kathie Lee and me shopping at Costco. No big deal. @ Costco
Happy to see our friend in the Queen City. Welcome Photos:
Had lunch with Kathie Lee in Charlotte celebrating Anne Neilson's new book, Strokes Of Compassion with…
It's not every day you meet and have her compliment you on your work. Thankful for you, Kathie Lee!
Anne Neilson "Strokes of Compassion" book signing with Kathie Lee in Charlotte today
Martin Short talked about the awkward Kathie Lee Gifford moment on the
If you missed my segment this morning on The Today Show with Hoda and Kathie Lee, you can watch it here
it was actually Regis&Kathie Lee first you little youngin 😉
was featured on the 4th hour of the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda! Keep warm without…
Kathie Lee & Hoda: If Angelina Jolie decides to run for office, she sure has ... -…
Here’s what to include on your college application - Kathie Lee & Hoda - via
When I need a reminder of how white America is I always tune into hoda and kathie lee in the morning.
You guys I'm watching Hoda & Kathie Lee and it's making me sassy!
Liby watching kathie lee, and slinky the dog on lol
It must be hard working on Kathie Lee & Hoda, making sure absolutely nothing goes right
I can't find a clip but Kathie Lee and Hoda talked about girls in modern films not needing a prince. 💁
Coming up in the next 1/2 hour on Kathie Lee and Hoda, talking
I make sure I wake up before 10 every day just so I can watch Kathie Lee and Hoda
I am staying home to watch some guy who parts his teeth in the middle and some dame who is not Kathie Lee for YOU! Be good.
The Way Kathie Lee needs her Hoda is the Way I Need Yoda
LOVED this week's podcast w/the lovely and . Amazing, funny, talented! Please listen! http:…
Jennifer Lopez has written an open and revealing book “True Love,” and she tells Kathie Lee and Hoda that she jumped into a relationship too quickly after her ...
Still listening to the beautiful's and on
This week's podcast I had the chance to speak w/my friend to talk about his powerful book, Before Amen. http…
Still remember meeting Frank Gifford. The only thing my oldest sister could say ask was "the one who married Kathie Lee?"
Is Frank Gifford still married to Kathie Lee or is she married to Regis?
I still can't believe Kathie Lee and Hoda scooped the Comedy Bang Bang Halloween costumes. *** move, ladies
'Today' and 'GMA' Halloween: Lara Spencer as Prince George; Hoda and Kathie Lee in…
Watch video from Kathie Lee & Hoda on the TODAY show. Find recipes and stories and join the conversation. -
I just had a horrendous moment where I confused the incredible with the anti *** Kathie Lee Gifford... Sorry Kathy, ADORE YOU!
How drunk do you guys think Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb are right now?
joan lunden was amazing. Kathie Lee and hoda was a disaster
So are we all agreeing that the Kathie Lee and Hoda bit never happened and that we're not to speak of it again? OK!
Kane chokeslamming Adam Rose is good punishment for the Kotb/Kathie Lee hit he did. Although, that bit was Steph's idea...
Kathie Lee and Hoda better not be there...
Looking for a TV network that's willing to make and me their Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. We'll get good and day-drunk!
Tracey Jackson and Paul Williams on the Kathie Lee Gifford Podcast -
This week's wasn't that bad on fast-forward and skip the Kathie Lee stuff.
Kathie Lee and Hoda are the Special Guest stars of this episode.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Love the saying, so true. Have a fantastic day & weekend, Kathie Lee.
Squash on pizza? It might surprise you. Check out this meal idea from
My SNL submission packet: "Kathie Lee & Hova." Lorne, I'll be expecting your call.
"WWE is taking all the credibility away from the WWE Title. They might as well put it on Kathie Lee Gifford!" - Dave on…
Miss New York won Kathie Lee is gonna get drunk tonight.
How about some Pumpkin Muffins for a weekend baking project?
Mean observations from the orthopedic clinic: 1. Many obese people in the waiting room 2. Kathie Lee & Hoda blaring
Ask Lou with Kathie Lee and Hoda coming up 10/22. Any questions for me? Might be answered on the Today Show!... http:/…
Wow! It seems as though Kathie Lee has bought herself some big fake cans!
I want those Kathie Lee & Hoda nail designs on mine so bad!!! Btw, cannot wait for ur curb appeal segment with Barbara 😜 xo
I can watch Kathie Lee and Hoda today! 🙌😂
In other news, I hate that british dating guy that's always on Kathie Lee and Hoda.
The Tarzan yell contest on Kathie Lee and Hoda was horrific. My ears are bleeding.
Kathie Lee and Hoda are evil tramps
"If we hit one million, we've agreed to let some of our NBC family members sink us in a dunk tank," said Kathie Lee.
By the way, Kathie Lee and Hoda did NOT open their show with Todd Gurley news. . So there is a safety zone. .
Kathie Lee look like my oldest leather belt
Jan Hooks as Kathie Lee on singing "I didn't evolve from you" to a monkey
She did Kathie Lee better than Kathie Lee does Kathie Lee.
Remembering Jan Hooks. A look back at some of her best moments on Saturday Night Live. Here's Jan as Kathie Lee...
‘It was exhilarating!’ KLG, Hoda crack wine bottles on their bums for WWE: Kathie Lee and Hoda are no stranger...
&amp Kathie Lee rumble on Monday nite Raw
Hoda and Kathie Lee brought the wine to the wrestling ring. They made a guest appearance at WWE's "Monday Night Raw" to raise awareness for breast cancer.
they are on the 5th hour of the today show. Kathie Lee used to have a long running talk show with Regis Philbin
Celebrity cook Paula Deen tells Kathie Lee and Hoda she held her sons and cried when her cooking empire crumbled, and explains what she has up her sleeve for the future.
Low key I really love Kathie Lee and Hoda
Will you be watching? On Wednesday, September 24, Jessica Simpson will appear on The Today Show. During the 8:00 a.m. hour, she will be talking about married life, her latest fashion collection and of course, her incredible success with Weight Watchers. During the 10:00 a.m. hour, Weight Watchers Chef Ryan Hutmacher will join Jessica, Kathie Lee and Hoda to cook up one of Jessica’s favorite meals.
Kathie Lee and Hoda chat about a tabloid report that Prince Harry, who just turned 30 years old, may be back with his former girlfriend. Source: Today Show
Kathie Lee & Hoda: Ray Rice's wife Janay should have run for it ...
Kathy Griffin, Howard Stern at Joan Rivers funeral Sep 7th 2014 10:56AM By KAREN MATTHEWS NEW YORK (AP) -- Even in death, Joan Rivers got what she wanted: A star-studded funeral, with the worlds of Hollywood, fashion, media and money all among the mourners. On Sunday morning, a legion of notables turned out at New York's Temple Emanu-El to remember Rivers, who died Thursday at 81: Kathy Griffin, whose edgy, biting comedy career was largely made possible by Rivers; colleague and friend Kelly Osbourne; Sarah Jessica Parker and Whoopi Goldberg; Howard Stern. Theater stars Bernadette Peters, Alan Cumming and Tommy Tune were there. Record producer Clive Davis arrived, too. Fashion designers Carolina Herrera and Michael Kors were there. Stars from TV such as Barbara Walters, Geraldo Rivera, Diane Sawyer, Kathie Lee, Hoda Kotb and Andy Cohen. And moguls Barry Diller, Donald Trump and Steve Forbes. Mourners lined up outside the Fifth Avenue synagogue and waited for their names to be checked against a list before ...
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
It's Kathie Lee's birthday and she's singing with Neil Sedaka if you aren't watching this you aren't living
Neil Sedaka on Kathie Lee and Hoda! Yes, I'm watching Kathie Lee and Hoda. Big whoop wanna fight about it?
I supported for the chance to hang with on set! via
I would rather remember him *** near killing Kathie Lee's husband.
If it's on Kathie Lee and Hoda it must be true
Nate the Mack and jumpsteady, rude boy Regis Kathie Lee!
Family videos from 2008. Me: The last hour of the Today show is the best. I love Kathie Lee Gifford. . I was 11 😂😂
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