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Katherine Johnson

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We are learning about Katherine Johnson, Sojourner Truth and Rosa Parks. Three inspirational black women…
An amazing woman. It's about time she got her due..."Having graduated from high school at 14 and college at 18 at...
"Women can do anything — we put man on the moon. Women did that." -on Katherine Johnson role in Hidden Figures
NASA clothes only in boys section. ask stores to split the product and put in girls section too!
“Know how to learn. Then, want to learn.” - Katherine Johnson
Today, opened the Katherine G. Johnson Computational Research Facility, named for the mathematician:
Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson, and Dorothy Vaughan...the "human computers" at NASA (the movie Hidde…
One great legend in the field of STEM❤️
Katherine Johnson - a hero & inspiration, achieving in the face of adversity.
Emmy Noether and Katherine Johnson likely to come out top in this mathematics celebration today. Please RT. Two go through t…
Ever notice that no one ever emulates Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, Percy Lavon Julian, K…
Finally watched Hidden Figures on DVD with Sons1&2 and we all loved it. It is ACE.
THIS "As far as not being equal was concerned, she said, 'I didn’t have time for that.'".
Read Katherine Johnson's conversation about the on IU Cinema's blog:
Mathematician, Katherine Johnson put men in outer space and brought them home safely. We salute this legend.
Note to time Katherine Johnson says “you have time for 2 more episodes of GOT” just say no 😂😂😂. Omg I’m sleepy.
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Katherine Johnson made fundamental contributions to the US aeronautics & space programmes
Friday at 1pm ET: We honor mathematician Katherine Johnson with a ribbon cutting of newest facility:
NASA dedicates building to Katherine Johnson, mathematician and Hidden Figures hero:.
Nasa honours legendary 'human computer’ Katherine Johnson with research facility in her name
So glad that Katherine Johnson is still with us to see opening of the new building named after her at the NASA Langley…
"Hidden Figures" mathematician Katherine Johnson cut the ribbon at new research facility, named after her: https:/…
NASA names its new Langley Research Center after legendary mathematician Katherine Johnson, the woman featured in the movie "H…
Nasa facility named after Katherine Johnson, one of the African American women in Hidden Figures .
"Hidden Figures'" Katherine Johnson will have a research center at Langley named in her honor
This should be fun. Holsts Planets and Victor Wooten!..not to mention Dr. Katherine Johnson!.
Happy 99th birthday to Katherine Johnson, the indomitable NASA mathematician who guided us to the moon and back. https:…
Today is the 99th birthday of former NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson! You're an inspiration for all of us!
Happy 99th Birthday to NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson! Great reason to watch one more time!
it should be like, "happy birthday Katherine Johnson, NASA mathematician who r…
Brilliant women like Katherine Johnson,Margaret Hamilton,and Grace Hopper why do G…
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Happy 99th birthday to trailblazer and no-longer-hidden figure Katherine Johnson
Happy 99th birthday Katherine Johnson, NASA mathematician who calculated the trajectory of the Apollo 11 mission
Happy Birthday to Katherine Johnson! Such an amazing woman!!!
I think it's absolutely precious for Katherine Johnson and Dr. Mae Jemison to be getting their own Lego figures ☺️
Petition to replace statues of racist white men with statues of Mae Jemison, Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, an…
Dr. Paulette Walker bestows her President's Award to "Hidden Figure," Katherine Johnson. Her daughter accepted on her beha…
Apollo 11 launched on this day in 1969, propelled by some amazing women.Katherine Johnson computed its launch window https…
Katherine Johnson to Hampton University grads: "Help people as much as you can"
www dot HamptonRoadsFor dot me Katherine Johnson to Hampton University Grads: 'Help People as Much as You Can' ...
The last surviving scientists, Katherine G Johnson is now 98 and living in Virginia.
The film profiles the real life stories of Katherine G Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson
Find out what [your] dream is and work at it, because if you like what you’re doing, you will do well. -Katherine J…
if you're gonna b bad, b the baddest . -Katherine Goble Johnson
This I want to honor Dr. Katherine Johnson, the pride of Va's subject of & a great…
Awesome day - talked to my stepkids, Jeremy Johnson, Katherine Marie Patten, and my bambinos Jason A. Howie,...
So I had no idea Katherine Johnson from NASA delivered the Hampton commencement speech. How did I miss that?
"Go as many places as you can and help as many people as you can" -Mrs. Katherine G. Johnson
The best advice my mom ever gave me was also one of her favorite things to say: "Katherine, honey, don't be an *** "
'Hidden Figure' Katherine Johnson Tells HU Graduates to be a Positive Influence at 147th Commencement Ceremony
Name checking Anarchist Black Cross and hyping Bass Reeves & Katherine Johnson? Yeah, I am going to miss this show!
up for best adapted screenplay for telling the story of Katherine Johnson & others:
The whole country is watching to see John Glenn orbit the moon and it all hinges on Katherine Johnson and her genius 😭😭
You and and Katherine Johnson and Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson and Margaret Hami…
@ American schools please start teaching your students Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson's story its very important.
I'm a little late watching Hidden Figures but the work that Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson, and Dorothy Vaughan did was extraordinary
Speaking of moon landings, Margaret Hamilton and Katherine Johnson were in charge of software and trajectory, respectively…
Hidden Figures’ inspiration Katherine Johnson was WVU’s first African American graduate student.
Katherine Johnson is a former NACA (now NASA) research mathematician credited with helping launch John Glenn into space.
What would a look like for engineering? Let's ask Katherine Johnson and John Glenn. https:/…
without women, we wouldn't:. have computers- Ada Lovelace. be in space- Katherine Johnson. have wifi- Hedy Lamar. have com…
to make 'minifigs, including Sally Ride,Katherine Johnson | collectSPACE via
A few of my heroes for Rosalind Franklin, Ruby Bridges, Ada Lovelace and Katherine Johnson
LEGO to make 'Women of NASA' minifigs, including Sally Ride, Katherine Johnson | collectSPACE…
With a slide rule & pencil, Katherine Johnson's story led to up for best picture. Her story:
Katherine Johnson, Margaret Hamilton, Mae Jemison, Nancy Grace Roman and Sally Ride are going to be immortalised in…
.is releasing a Women of NASA set that includes Margaret Hamilton and Katherine Johnson.
Physicist, Katherine Johnson, receives a standing ovation at the
Cheers to for honoring Katherine Johnson, Sally Ride, Mae Jemison, Margaret Hamilton, and Nancy Roman w…
Great news! . From left to right, Margaret Hamilton, Katherine Johnson, Sally Ride, Nancy Grace Roma…
Just announced: Margaret Hamilton, Nancy Grace Roman, Mae Jemison, Katherine Johnson, and Sally Ride are going to b…
Last night's stage was graced by both NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson and the first Iranian to…
I'm a day late to this party but Katherine Johnson of NASA is so cute and also one of the most iconic spongebob…
Katherine Johnson at the Oscars. Escorted by Novato's very own Astronaut Yvonne Cagle!
Legendary. Janelle, Taraji and Octavia with the real Katherine Johnson (98 years old); a genius. htt…
YES, KATHERINE JOHNSON!!! Get this standing ovation, you historymaker. World-changer. epitomized.
So great to see VA's Katherine Johnson at the A hero & no longer one of those
A hidden figure no more: Katherine Johnson on the stage. ❤️
The inspirational Katherine Johnson appears onstage with the stars of . 📷: Kevin Winter
I love that Katherine Johnson is on the Oscars tonight as I am using this screen shot & Desmos graph tomorrow.
Katherine Johnson had an oscars moment with the women of 'Hidden Figures'
Taraji P. Henson introduces NASA physicist Katherine Johnson, a subject of the film "Hidden Figures," at
Barrier-breaking NASA physicist Katherine Johnson, one of the subjects of 'Hidden Figures,' honored at
Thank you, for bringing Katherine Johnson on stage for the recognition she deserves for her service at NASA.
AHH! Katherine Johnson was on stage at the with the cast! INCREDIBLE!!! We're crying!
Katherine Johnson honored by female cast at the Read more about her story:
Standing ovation for NASA engineer and inspiration Katherine Johnson
Real life 'hidden figure' Katherine Johnson made a *truly* moving appearance at the https…
A moving standing ovation for real life "Hidden Figures" hero, Katherine Johnson. 🇺🇸
Did you see Katherine Johnson appear at the At age 98, her story continues to inspire:
The took a moment to pay tribute to one of the real-life heroes behind one of the Best Picture nominees.
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She is the incredible mathematician from NASA! Katherine G Johnson
Former NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson, 98, gets her moment at
I'm so glad they gave Katherine Johnson a chance to speak. It took 40 years but she's finally getting the recognition s…
One of the real heroes from 'Hidden Figures,' Katherine Johnson a true NASA and American icon. htt…
Real-life inspiration Katherine Johnson takes the stage with the cast at the
God bless you, Katherine Johnson. Age 98, being recognized for her work as a NASA employee.
Soror Katherine Johnson. No longer a hidden figure. 💗💚 Goodness she is so gorgeous!! http…
Such a powerful moment. Katherine Johnson is an American hero & was an inspiring movie.
"Hidden" no more: Katherine Johnson, a black NASA pioneer, finds acclaim at 98 by vi…
She was a computer, when computers wore skirts. Learn all about Katherine Johnson:
So great to see Katherine Johnson on the with the stars. 98 years of class
The real Katherine Johnson joined 'Hidden Figures' cast on the stage for an unforgettable moment:
Norfolk News Hampton’s Katherine Johnson is honored at Academy Awards
Read about the real-life hidden figure Katherine Johnson
NASA's Katherine Johnson honored at is honored to have a great partnership with
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The honors physicist and mathematician Katherine Johnson
Katherine Johnson, one of the inspirations for takes the stage.
Hidden no more: We're inspired to see Katherine Johnson recognized on stage at the Oscars.
Katherine Johnson at the So proud to count this beautiful intelligent inspiring woman as a member of the Church USA
The amazing true story of Katherine Johnson and Hidden Figures
Katherine Johnson appearance. I'm not crying, you're crying...okay we're all crying.
scientists are my hero's Katherine Johnson
55 years ago John Glenn became a national hero because of the work of Katherine Johnson. Today I lift up her name.
She must've have missed Katherine Johnson having to run down the street just to use the restroom or drink from the colored coffee pot only.
Katherine Johnson's role in the Apollo 11 flight to the moon shows how we're
"You can contribute to human exploration of You can be the next Katherine Johnson"
Mary Jackson, Dorothy Vaughn & Katherine Johnson. 👏🏾Wow, these women are so inspiring. was lucky to have y'all. 🎖🎖🎖🚀
Leading lady speaks about Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson untold story
Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan & Mary Jackson. Amazing women ...go see
An honor to know that Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan & Mary Jackson were in the team behind the technological “giant leap for mankind”.
My 2nd Graders LOVE the rap about Katherine Johnson this
Love this pic! Three Milwaukee girls as Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson from
Katherine Johnson, the math behind the moon landing
= new favorite movie. Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan & Mary Jackson are an inspiration.
Empowered and inspired by Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughn & Mary Jackson. Brilliant women w/tenacity Plan to see it again
Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson. Look these women up and appreciate their resiliency
teaches 8th graders they can make a difference like Mary Jackson, Dorothy Vaughn and Katherine Johnson did. - Sanaa
research Katherine Johnson, while you're @ it look up Dorothy Vaughn & Mary Jackson
Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson were all married women. They were all educated, their husbands were…
"I have no idea where your bathroom is." Katherine Johnson had to go to the colored about 1/2 mile away in another buildi…
Her name is Katherine Johnson. Former NASA mathmetician & Medal Of Freedom recipient. She's not just some "local woman.…
Learn how has the story of Katherine Johnson impacted the career of aerospace engineer Lizalyn Smith.
Katherine Johnson. That's her name. Not "local woman."
Katherine Johnson. Child prodigy. Admitted to college at 15 and went on to have a career at Nasa as a physicist & mathem…
Dorothy Vaughn, Mary Jackson and Katherine Johnson are the epitome of Black Girl Magic and their story was so inspiring…
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Katherine Johnson paved the way for and helped put man on the moon. Learn her story!
Katherine Johnson overcame discrimination to help bring Apollo 11 to the moon. Learn her story with
Learn how mathematician Katherine Johnson helped the U.S. bring man to the moon:
Katherine Johnson helped get us to the moon & led the way for women>>
regrann from atlgreekpicnic1 - Katherine Johnson , Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson, part of…
WHITE lady when film is about Katherine Johnson (Dorothy Vaughan (+ Mary Jackson (
is Based on the Success of 3 HBCU grads. Mary Jackson. Hampton. Katherine Johnson. WV State. Dorothy Vau…
hero Katherine Johnson. Space scientist who calculated flight trajectories for John Glenn's 1st orbital flight…
Just saw Thank you to for telling this story of Katherine Johnson,Dorothy Vaughan a…
Hidden Figures” is a film for entire Black family. It's based on true story of NASA's Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson and Do…
still sad that i went to whole space camp and didn't learn about Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, or Mary Jackson smh
Put some Respeck on those women's names. . Katherine Johnson. Mary Jackson. Dorothy Vaughn. not
1st there was Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson. Now Jeanette Epps makes history with NASA joining the I…
Our new video tells the unsung story of Katherine Johnson, a pioneer for women in
Want to learn more about Katherine Johnson before you see Read this profile written for 5-8 students
Katherine Johnson, a Math genius. Her calculations put the 1st man on the Moon. Our history books never mentioned her name…
Love this pic so much. Katherine Johnson is 98 😳
With a slide rule & a pencil, Katherine Johnson played an integral role in our space program.
What about women of colour like Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson, Dorothy Vaughan
Mrs Obama spoke movingly of the 3 black women portrayed in "Hidden Figures," a film about Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaug…
When I attended Space Camp as a kid I was fascinated by Alan Shepard and John Glenn but I never knew about Katherine Johnson.
The Mercury-Redstone took Alan Shepard into space. Katherine Johnson () calculated the math for that mission.
Katherine Johnson on John Glenn: 'A good man has left Earth for the last time'
Actress greets 'human computer' Katherine Johnson at a premiere Thursday of the film
Katherine Johnson, the NASA Mathematician Who Advanced Human Rights with a Slide Rule and Pencil
.Group Achievement Award recipients. Katherine Johnson seated at the left.
One year ago presented Katherine Johnson the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her work as a NASA computer.…
Just went through the Sep (I'm late) and Adored it! Articles on Katherine Johnson, Lonnie Bunch and the Boyz in the Hood cast!
Fans of Alex Miller and Michelle de Kretser will enjoy this deep and imaginative story from Katherine Johnson. RT…
Uh, Katherine Johnson is rather well known in NASA and space circles.
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Katherine Johnson, Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient & NASA mathematician, is 98 today
From Ada Lovelace to Hedy Lamarr to Katherine Johnson women make the best hackers
Honoring "human computer" Katherine Johnson, the black woman behind the moon landing:
is making herstory like Katherine Johnson, Shirley Chisholm, Venus & Serena and other great BLACK women. Ur loved Gabby!
Man wouldnt have made it to the moon had it not been for Katherine Johnson, Mathematician
Katherine Johnson is the African-American NASA mathematician whose calculations brought home many astronauts.
Can we just take this moment to recognize NASA's trailblazing mathematician Katherine Johnson.
here's our tribute to Katherine Johnson who is FINALLY getting a biopic about her next year.
here's why we'll never stop looking up to mathematician Katherine Johnson.
Find out who NASA's Katherine Johnson is on via
I like writing about women in history. This is Katherine Johnson, a brilliant black NASA mathematician. .
Excited! "Taraji P. Henson plays Katherine Johnson, a mathematician, integral to the Apollo trips to the moon"
Today we pray for the Rev. Katherine Johnson. Gospel: Matthew 13:31-25,
Yes, finally a movie about Katherine Johnson.
Fixed your headline: Katherine Johnson was one of the trailblazing women of early years.
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We cannot wait to see “Hidden Figures!” The movie stars Taraji P. Henson as Pioneer Award Winner Katherine Johnson!
Don't know Katherine Johnson? She was one of the pioneering black women in NASA.
Katherine Johnson. -physicist, space scientist, mathematician. -had a key role in the united states' aeronautics
THIS! Katherine Johnson is one Hidden Hero in our upcoming event series for National Week of Making.
Excited for this movie. Reading about Katherine Johnson now, a mind so trusted NASA used her instead of a computer.
I look forward to seeing our very own Katherine Johnson's story shared with the world.
Actress will play extraordinary WVSU alum Katherine Johnson in the upcoming film
Katherine Johnson was so precise that before NASA switched their computers to a new algorithm, they'd have her check if her a…
I'll be speaking in Portland on June 8th alongside Molly Mandelberg and Katherine Johnson! Super pumped to reach...
I am working lights for an evening honoring Katherine G. Johnson can't wait for
So excited about the upcoming movie about Katherine Johnson, whom I posted about earlier this…
Congratulations to Katherine Tiffany on her election today to the Greenville County Family Court…
Story of NASA's black female mathematicians gets made into a movie: Katherine Johnson received a Presidential...
Top story: Life Story of NASA’s Black Female Mathematician to be made into a mo… see more
Historian and author Katherine Johnson Ringsmuth on cowboy pilots in Alaska: In this Q&A, historian and autho...
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Looking forward to this movie! Coming in January, about Katherine Johnson at NASA.
Watch online at 2pm ET as we commemorate retired mathematician Katherine Johnson. Details:
LIVE Tune in as we commemorate the contributions of retired mathematician, Katherine Johnson
Katherine Johnson was NASA's computer before computers and she calculated the trajectory for the space flight of Alan Shepard
Katherine Johnson: Her computations was the bedrock of major NASA breakthroughs plus Apollo11 trajectory to the Moon h…
They're making a movie about Dorothy Vaughn, Mary Jackson, and Katherine Johnson! Human computers! WoC. They got John Glenn off the plant!
. The woman who put man on the moon. Katherine Johnson
Katherine Johnson calculated the trajectory for Project Mercury & the 1969 Apollo 11 flight.
Our Center Director, Dave Bowles, reveals our new computational research facility will be named in honor of Katherine Johnson.
Wondering who Katherine Johnson is? A NASA mathematician/physicist, winner of 2015 Nat'l Medal of Freedom:
We loved this last night. >> "We're Grace Hopper and Katherine Johnson and Sally Ride." -
"We’re Thomas Edison and the Wright Brothers and George Washington Carver. We’re Grace Hopper and Katherine Johnson and S…
.mathematician Katherine Johnson helped chart our path to the moon
I want a book called ROCKET GIRLS for mg readers, with biographies of Nancy Roman, Margaret Hamilton, Katherine Johnson, Mary Sherman Morgan
GoogleExpertUK : Katherine Johnson was an American space and and…
Former NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson receives the Presidential Medal of Freedom
Katherine Johnson, to be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, led a lifetime of math:
Can't wait to read Margot Lee Shetterly's book on Katherine Johnson and the other African Amer…
Am I supposed to know who Katherine Johnson Thompson is?
I still think Katherine Johnson is a superior athlete though. She needs maturity and a better coach
Lol this Katherine Johnson Thompson chick behaves like a typical lightly when she's angry
Katherine Johnson – physicist, space scientist, and mathematician
Katherine Johnson Thompson chin up your time will come
16th floor. Katherine Heigl hurls a farty pinworm at Franklin Roosevelt. Hulk Hogan poops on Dwayne Johnson in the corner.
I just now told my dad abt Katherine Johnson & googled her, then saw announcement of Hidden Figures. Can't wait 2 read it!
Remember Katherine's birthday party last year that she was grounded for
and Paige Ruddy celebrate the end of a long day of
Katherine Johnson was an American space and and a leading figure in American space history
I wish Katherine Johnson would have never started watching GoT.
Words of advice from PHSC President Katherine Johnson, "Be yourself. Make people feel important and be visionary.''
thanks for sharing Katherine Johnson, have a great Thursday :)
Katherine johnson graduated from german fans throwing pizza onto the octopus received death threats from high school at around the earth
Katherine Johnson-Her trajectory calculations saved Apollo13 astronauts after ship damaged in space ht…
Katherine Johnson graduated from high school at the age of 14...!
Thx to Katherine Johnson + Margaret Hamilton, two of many women who helped make "one small step"!
Gr8t history lesson from Katherine Johnson calculated trajectories for John Glenn who wouldn't even fly until she check the math!
.made a great piece about Katherine Johnson (whom Megan Smith mentions in that Charlie Rose clip).
In 1918 in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, the world was blessed with the goddess known to us mere mortals as Katherine Johnson.
Katherine Johnson, early NASA mathematician, will be honored in the name of Maria Mitchell at Tickets:
With Mother's Day upon us, I want to give a "shout out" to 3 amazing mothers - my daughter & daughters-inlaw! Without exception, these young women are wonderful mothers! To me, they epitomize motherhood: loving, selfless, responsible, devoted, and fun!!! How blessed are my grandchildren?!! I love all of you "as big as the universe!" Happy Mother's Day Janee Garber, Katherine Johnson, & Shelly Johnson! You will always live in my heart rent free!!!
Opponents on the field but Sisters in Christ off! Katherine Johnson leads chapel for BU/OU softball.
John Glenn refused to fly until Katherine Johnson checked the math. Watch: african-am
Please help bring Katherine Johnson home. She is a runaway and has been missing since January 2nd. She is thought to be in the Highland Springs area. If you see her, call the police as she has been listed as a missing person. If you have any information, please write it below or call (804) 338-1410. We love her deeply and want her home. Katherine, if you see this, we love you and miss you desperately.
Sayre's Katherine Johnson scores to make it 1-0 Sayre over Western Hills with 33 minutes to play in first half.
The Damariscotta/Newcastle Bridge was the site of a local celebration in support of ONE BILLION RISING last Sunday at noon. Katherine Johnson and Stephen Lagueux drove from Auburn in spite of a blizzard of the day before. “We had to be here,” said Johnson, " This is the largest world-wide event ever. It's time to make a change." Clover Dixon, who is five and attends Miller School, agreed. “I am here to end Domestic Violence,": She said, and promptly kicked her friend John Rice, 7 from Great Sal Bay School, in the shins. “Yes ," said John, " and I want to end Animal Cruelty, too." The two stood against the wind holding signs that said “One Billion Rising" and” I am rising for a Safer World." Mary- Rae Means joined the group in an early celebration of her birthday, Valentine's Day the official global day for One Billion Rising." What better way to celebrate than to dance for a better world." Long-time V-Day participant Daphne Stern had her ' cheerleader' pom poms out and led cheers on the sid .. ...
HEY BRONCS! THIS YEAR I HOPE YOU VOTE JOHNSON & JOHNSON! These two individuals are truly amazing Broncs. They are the most unique, sincere, hard-working, and spirited candidates running this year. This is their FIRST TIME running for King & Queen. They are both Greeks who serve the RGV community in big ways. Joshua has served the entire student body as the Student Government Association (SGA) at UTPA Chief of Staff and Dean of Students Intern. He currently is the UTPA Student Alumni Association (SAA) Vice President and serves on various Campus Life Committees and other UTPA organizations. Katherine Johnson has served as the Academics Chairperson in Delta Zeta at UTPA, holds the prestigious title of Emerging Greek Leader of the Year, and has danced with the UTPA Blazers Dance Team. She currently serves as SGA Greek Council Senator, and DZ Philanthropy Chairperson, and many more things! They both strive to do their best academically and have been inducted into various honor societies like UTPA Alpha Lambda ...
Thanks Mom and Dad ( Kevin Johnson and Katherine Johnson) for helping me move today!! Love y'all!
Grabbed this from Katherine Johnson: Here's how the game works. Go to either page 7 or 77 of your manuscript.
Congratulations to Nancy Dougherty, Katherine Johnson, and Ann Wilson, the winners of THREE CAT THURSDAY!!! Email ...
Is the Bible the only way to know Christ? - by Katherine Johnson - Helium
Mathematician and computer scientist Katherine Johnson was born on August 26, 1918 in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia to Joylette and Joshua Coleman. Her mother was a teacher and her father was a farmer and janitor. From a young age, Johnson enjoyed mathematics and could easily solve mathematic...
We did four fundraisers this weekend 1. Bake Sale in Tyler(Friday Night)- We ministered to and prayed for people, we got a lot of honks and support from people who love Jesus.A great start to a challenging but powerful weekend. Yolette Josey, luis Ramos, Menno King, Kaycee Barnes, Bethany Gambino, Princess Ritzie, Ashley Mehl. 2. Car Wash at Sonic( Saturday Morning)- We raised a lot of support and got the opportunity to speak with lots of people who thought they were just going to buy some food but ended up getting prayed for. Got to point people in a new direction. Thanks to the help of Katherine Johnson, Logan Foose, Jonathan Baker, Fernando Alvarez, Tito, Yolette Josey, Jason Skaggs, Ritchelle. 3. Bakes Sale in Tyler(Saturday Night)- God encountered and set divine appointments for so many people, it was a crazy and perfect night. We worshipped and had signs that raised alot of support and just set the atmosphere for the presence of God.with Kyle Schwab, Jonathan Baker, Yolette Josey, Jason Wright, Ritc ...
Had a good time roasting marshmellows with the kids, Alan Moore, John Moore, Beverly Moore and the girls. Thank you lord for all your many blessings including a careing family. Every one please keep Katherine Johnson and her family in your thoghts and prayers during this sad time.
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