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Katherine Harris

Katherine Harris (born April 5, 1957) is a former Secretary of State of Florida and former member of the United States House of Representatives.

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Yep, and let's not forget the GOP goons overrunning the BoE offices and Katherine Harris certifying Fl…
Bernie, you of course KNOW that, as Florida Secretary of State, Katherine Harris ENDORSED a fraudulent certification
Maverick and Me by Katherine Schwarzenegger & illustrated by Harris Phyllis
Lot easier to win a state if someone like Katherine Harris on your side.
That recount was in Florida while Jeb Bush was Gov. Katherine Harris got the heat for pu…
Katherine reunited with one of her kittens after her NW Harris Co. home of 10+ years caught fire. Everyone ok. Poss…
Brilliant women like Katherine Johnson,Margaret Hamilton,and Grace Hopper why do G…
“katherine with the lazy eye. short. and not a good poet” by francine j. harris
Do u not know how hackable vote scanning…
Worse, recently sent 239,801 AZ voter names BACK TO Reagan—and the Katherine Harris of Arizona is beginning the pu…
Please DON'T say she has ANY RELATIONSHIP with Maine Senator SUSAN COLLINS or former Florida rep Katherine Harris.
they were smart and content to let Baker, the Brooks Brothers riot staffers, Katherine Harris, and Antonin Scalia do the dirty work.
Everyone has said very supportive things coming out of D.C. tod...
Put aside a little time to plan your year ahead – Katherine Harris shares her approach
Then I drove a few hrs to work for Christine Jennings camp-she was runnin for Katherine Harris' seat
As long as I do a good job, I believe the future is going to take ...
Katherine Harris wanted to use it to keep Joe out of the FL US Senate race in 2006. People are ugly when it comes to power.
I followed the law. Before God, before the law, before the people o...
No wonder Katherine Harris got so much help from NOT THE REST OF THE WORLD.
Harrison isn't much better than Katherine Harris when it comes to making a RIGHT turn and destroying PBS credibility
The appearance doesn't matter as much as the content.
. do your Katherine Harris monologue from Recount!!
The Massachusetts Representative refuses to normalize Trump. She is our hero.
Letter from Katherine of Aragon, Princess of Wales, to Her Father, Ferdinand II of Aragon, 1505 http…
Didn't Congress DEMAND PBS become "fair & balanced" by appointing Katherine Harris, FL/GOP head as PBS boss?
On this day in 1536, Katherine of Aragon died at Kimbolton Castle.
Katherine Harris read the document and found NO proof!
so did Katherine Harris! Because she found no proof in the document! Only speculation!
I love the Katherine Harris clips. I listen to them all the time.
Katherine Harris showing class but wanting so bad to say how it's BS that they chose THIS to go crazy with!
any word from Katherine Harris, will she be waiting at the gate?
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It serves no political end but I still make time to be mad at Katherine Harris and In a just world they would both be food.
So when we start talking about the state and all those that are...
Florida's Secretary of State. (katherine harris) then to top it off the Supreme Court Justices that blocked the Florida recount were all...
I believe that's how it works in FL; remember 2000 election and Katherine Harris? Same thing.
Meanwhile, it's been the best week for the Bush administration since Katherine Harris stole the 2000 election.
No, but I blame the right people the Democrats, Gore himself, Jeb, Katherine Harris & the Supreme Court. You scapegoat Greens
Katherine Harris called today. Katherine, explained that the other day she witnesses a fire truck pull up near...
Katherine Harris & FL Supreme Court & Voters & Electoral College did that. Get over your easy scapegoat excuse.
OMFG. Stop with the Nader references already. Gore lost because of Florida and Katherine Harris..ffs!
I know the names Glenda Hood and Katherine Harris. So I know.
Trump will survive Fla donation scandal. . Bondi, though, may be toast. For good reason. Shades of Katherine Harris.
Trump has no friends, so at least we won't have as much corruption...*cough* Katherine Harris
I'm curious whether Katherine Harris is getting her proper cut of 's book about how he predicted the outcome of 8 elections.
staff take sexual advantage of some antibiotics in factory farms, before the election. Katherine Harris stole the Kenyan police had arrested
Maxwell: Trump will survive Florida donation scandal. Bondi, though, may be toast - a la shades of Katherine Harris.
You know, this is not about endorsements in the primary. We have to get through a primary
FL went to Bush BC Katherine Harris purged 1000s from the voter rolls prior to the election.
Jeb Bush, ChoicePoint, and Katherine Harris flipped Florida more than anyone else.
Nader didn't give us W. Gore couldn't even win his home state. A conservative SCOTUS gave us W & Katherine Harris
Somewhere Katherine Harris is grimacing & wincing in pain.
without Nader on the ticket Gore would have destroyed Bush electorally and Katherine Harris wouldn't have had a say.
She's cute but she's no Katherine Harris
LOL. I forgot about that. Oops. Where is Katherine Harris and Mac Stipanovich anyway?
By your logic, it's affected Dems and GOP. Gore won by 500K votes. Didn't lose because of Nader, lost because of Katherine Harris.
"THE WOMAN" who took down William Kennedy Smith MADE KATHERINE HARRIS POSSIBLE in the 2000 National Election.
Beautiful pic by Katherine Joline of fog engulfing a fisherman this morning on Harris Brake Lake.
Are you unaware of the tens of thousands of Black Floridians purged from voting rolls by Jeb Bush & Katherine Harris? .
you mean what was the number Katherine Harris certified lightning fast and then sat on while there were still ongoing recounts?
Remember how Katherine Harris purged thousands of voters before the 2000 election? It’s happening again.
I believe that George Bush won the election through the vote of the people and the way o
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/ Don't forget FL AG Katherine Harris. She did everything she could to tip the scales for GW Bush.
Wrong. it was Florida and the stupid hang tag, and a repug Katherine Harris decided vote.
us by Jeb Bush voter suppression, the Supreme Court, Katherine Harris, even ted cruz had more of a role than Nader
HRC and DNC Debbie stole the playbook(and election) from Rove, Katherine Harris, and Ken Blackwell(Ohio).
remember Katherine Harris' voter purge in Florida for the 2000 election. they subcontracted it out to some TX firm.
Katherine Harris purged 400,000 voters from voter rolls and SCOTUS stopped recount. Facts.
Gore would have won if Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris & the Supreme Court did not stop the counting while GW was ahead
Katherine Harris' felon list that was 95% wrong & purged 54,000 AA Dems in FL & Dems not fighting it elected Bush, not Nader.
and does Katherine Harris ring a bell? The Supreme Court? THEY gave FLA to bush. Learn to remember better
Our quality time... (with Katherine and yunita at HARRIS Hotel & Conventions) [pic] —
Actually, that was Katherine Harris, Diebold machines &
Katherine Harris ahead of the election. Also, a LOT of Democrats voted for Bush in Florida. Oh, & let’s not forget Lieberman. He’s AWFUL. /2
unless there is a hurricane the cdc cannot be called in. CC: Katherine Harris
Mathematician Katherine Johnson calculated the trajectory for the moon landing. 🚀🌖
The real vote that mattered was when Katherine Harris was elected Secretary of State
Update your maps at Navteq
Really, what about the 2000 election when Bush beat Gore with the help of his brother & his girlfriend Katherine Harris.
Didn't D's who voted for W in FL(way more than voted for Nader), Katherine Harris, n SCOTUS8 actually spoil 2000?
suddenly we forgot about all the Dems that voted for Bush, Katherine Harris, the SCOTUS ruling
Katherine Harris purged 40,000 minorities from the roles in Florida. Diebold voting machines flipped the results in Ohio.
First: We can blame Nader (&voters) for Florida '00. But we should also remember Katherine Harris, purged voter rolls, including 12K errors
No! Really? Alternate genius idea: Why not make him Florida Sec of State? Katherine Harris is..wait where is Harris?
And Katherine Harris purging FL voter rolls. Don't go after the corruption, go after the man who fought decades for regular people
You mean when Katherine Harris purged the voter rolls in FL? Supreme Court elected Bush? Or blame Nader again?
I misread. Surely we cannot blame Florida Democrats for Katherine Harris.
Poor Al. But NOT funny when you think we could have avoided Iraq EXCEPT: Jeb, Katherine Harris & Scalia's SCOTUS.
How's about the DNC not rigging elections? & if passing blame try Katherine Harris who purged voters in FL
So, the real culprits are Jeb! and Katherine Harris who succeeded in stealing an election
He didn't need to toss them. All he did was have Katherine Harris certify that his brother won the state to win vote
Hillary, Debbie, and are no better than GW Bush, Jeb, and Katherine Harris. Same thing all over again.
To young Bernie supporters, come talk to me after you've watched a election stolen from you thanks to Katherine Harris and bits of paper.
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They are lying. Al Gore won the popular vote. Florida AG Katherine Harris handed it to Bush. Repup Lite always blame Nader.
Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris, and the Supreme Court delivered W. This is the WEAKEST argument to support Clinton lol
"Hi Debbie, it's Katherine Harris. How you holding up?". --"Not so good.". "It gets better.". --"Really?". "No your career is over.". --"Sonofa"
Katherine Harris had her favorite in 2000. It was wrong then, and it's wrong now.
thank Katherine Harris and Jeb Bush for W. They disenfranchised black voters in Florida.
So to speak! Maybe with Clinton's help he would been able to carry Arkansas hence no need for hanging pads and Katherine Harris!
Finally. The Democrats' Katherine Harris can now join the real Katherine Harris in early retirement somewhere in Florida.
Once upon a time, Katherine Harris was Florida Sec. of State and co-chair of state Bush election campaign...
pretty sure Sanders supporters and voter ID would be blamed, ala Nader and Katherine Harris in 2000
Hey remember when Bush hired Katherine Harris after she handed him the election. oh wait that didn't happen.
And once again messes up politics for the rest of the nation. Thanks You're now in the box with Katherine Harris.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz is to the 2016 Democratic Primary as Katherine Harris is to the 2000 GE
Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Katherine Harris should do a reboot of Thelma & Louise.
Schultz is the Katherine Harris of the 2016 Dem primary. What is up with Floridians and election-rigging?
Things that had more to do with Bush's 2000 installation: SCOTUS, Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris, Joe Lieberman and Gore's campaign
Think Cindi is a fan of all powerful WOMEN/Difference Makers—Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, Katherine Harris? Doubt it.
The NY Board of Elections will be audited by my personal delegate. Don't worry, it's not like he's Katherine Harris ht…
Ken Blackwell last night, so I guess will have Katherine Harris, and Michael Weiner on tonight. .
put Travolta in drag a la Hairspray to play Katherine Harris
16 years ago in when told me GWB won the WH w/Jeb! & Katherine Harris.
Republicans don't think that running a process demands neutrality; cf. Ken Blackwell, Katherine Harris
We're not going to pay attention to the silliness and the petty comments. A...
There is a 106% chance Katherine Harris was involved. Florida + elections = hilarity ensues.
my full name is Christopher Michael Katherine Harris Mueller
If Al Gore had allowed us and if the Florida Supreme Court had not interven...
I've had a hobby studying clones from Florida ever since Katherine Harris.
No way. Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris, and Supreme Court have far more to do with W "win" than Nader.
His brother and Katherine Harris did contribute to the air of sleaziness surrounding the affair, though.
The 56,000 names (felon purge) removed from the voter rolls by Secretary of State Katherine Harris elected him
Jeb Bush & Katherine Harris led criminal organization that had goal of denying civil rights to Blacks.
It always says a lot about someone when they choose to blame Nader for 2000 rather than Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris, or the Supreme Court.
. And people wonder why incumbents rarely lose. DWS will be remembered as the Katherine Harris (?) of the DNC. DWS & HRC are GOP. Doh!
If you're not electing Christians, then in essence you are going to legisla...
We have to have the faithful in government.
Its almost like Katherine Harris is still Secretary of State.
You're clearly too young to remember Katherine Harris, Florida, and 2000.
Sort of like how Katherine Harris thought she would get the AG spot after 2000 Florida.
Have you heard from Katherine Harris yet about irregularities?
Whenever a candidate I'm for wins big in Florida, I thank Katherine Harris for making sure Democrats never take that state lightly again.
two words: Katherine Harris. And her legacy of tilting the election apparatus in favor of the right/GOP.
Is Katherine Harris back on the job?
Will take a lot of hanging chads to save Rubio's *** Where's Katherine Harris when you need her?
.is Hillary's Katherine Harris. KH helped Bush in 2000 'win' Florida. .
The spirit of Jeb and Katherine Harris lives on. Scalia must be smiling from... wherever he is lol...
remember how W. Got elected. Katherine harris still in charge down there? I heard Ralph Nader's name was on them instead.
I recall when Katherine Harris ruled that won in 2000, too. No conflict there, natch. None.
What faction of Florida's electorate causes the election of so many absurdly corrupt people? Remember Katherine Harris?
graduate of the Katherine Harris School of Corrupt Partisan Government?
and the next bachelorette is.KATHERINE HARRIS!!
In case Americans forgot, Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris Fla.Sec.of Stqte and,Div.of Elect. Director Clay Roberts deliberately used
fmr FL Sec of State Katherine Harris musta got a new job in NH
Fully agree. Or, Mary Katherine or best - Harris Faulkner
Jeb Bush=old cry baby and whiner. Did Katherine Harris enjoy it that way?
Jeb Bush, you are the real whiner and cry baby! Did Katherine Harris call you that at times?
Debbie W. Schultz is continuing the long tradition of anti-democratic politics established by fellow Floridian Katherine Harris.
Thank you, Sarah Katherine Harris for serving as State Farm's Living Ad tonight.
Reform? Really Jeb? State's rights?Like declining ACA benefits? Like the right to have Katherine Harris suppress voter rolls? Ok..
Ted Cruz' dirty trick on Ben Carson voters is in the rich GOP tradition of Richard Nixon, Karl Rove, Gordon Liddy, Katherine Harris, etc
Oops. This is just like Katherine (Sarah Palin 2000) Harris in Florida in 2000. She was the official who had to...
. JEB is Not His OWN MAN. He is Momma's BOY. and His Arny is. KATHERINE HARRIS.
. JEB will bring in His Army. KATHERINE HARRIS.the FIXER
Let's see if we can both get it right next time. via @
Katherine Harris not just prestigious projects, but as "bootstrapping" small projs that are underfunded, understaffed, etc
I thought Wasserman Schultz was Katherine Harris for HRC, maybe there are a lot more than just her.
This is about Floridians saying what's most important to them and making su...
.It just feeds into the narrative that the game is rigged. IDP comes out looking like Katherine Harris.
Gore was at a disadvantage with David Boies, who blew it in so many ways; evidence shows it was rigged by Katherine Harris.
. Responsibility of certifying state election results resided with Sec of State Katherine Harris who quickly became household name.
See you at Innesfree Park - Katherine and Harris Street Entrance!
I do sometimes wonder what's ever become of katherine harris.
florida dems - click here to make sure Katherine Harris hasn't deleted you from the voting rolls
SPOTTED on tonight’s TLH-TPA flight: Former Sec. of State Katherine Harris, dressed to the nines as always.
Check out this collection of art curated by Katherine Henning
'Nuff said MT Senate panel approves measure that could lead to elect again Sec of State. FL's last elected SOS ->Katherine Harris
Senate panel approves measure that could lead to election again of the Sec. of State. Fla's last elected SOS was Katherine Harris
Hillary's smartest move at the was to hire Katherine Harris to handle the Democratic results ;-P
where's Katherine Harris when you need her?
has Katherine Harris certified these results? Until then, conjecture.
Don't forget when it comes to election fraud, no one beats GOP or have you forgotten Katherine Harris and Dubya.
Katherine Harris is back on the Florida Senate floor for a reunion.
I've been long saying is the Katherine Harris of 2016. I fear proves me correct on that.
Poor Jeb! Oh wait, I'm still angry about Schiavo and Katherine Harris and always will be. This is all so delicious.
Did anyone else dream of Katherine Harris?
Yikes, this has got Florida 2000 written all over it. Swear to God if Katherine Harris shows up I'm moving to Cuba
Yes I Do & did it with help from his mistress, Katherine Harris.
tracking down? Are they lost in the snow? Let's ask Iowa's version of Katherine Harris!!
Hillary calls in Katherine Harris to audit Iowa Caucus results.
Is Katherine Harris available to sort out the Democratic party winner in Iowa?
This is 'hanging chad' all over again!! Wonder if DWS pulled a Katherine Harris??
Hey where's Katherine Harris to rig the election when you need her? Better get her to New Hampshire.
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Let me get this right, if it's a tie, Katherine Harris flips a coin?
Can we confirm Katherine Harris isn't working for Hillary in Iowa?
Where is Katherine Harris when you need her?
Wait no because Katherine becomes human! THAT IS KATHERINE
if it weren't for the necklace it would definitely be Katherine
yah the necklace is Elenas and Katherine is the one who likes to wear darker makeup and show her stuff
Elena doesn't show cleavage like Katherine and that necklace belonged to Elena last
There is always a Katherine Harris lurking.
Jebbie GOOD 4 FL?~he screwed MY FL!. ⬅🚫 mention of Katherine Harris scandal or bro Neil (Silverado)
Katherine Harris screwed the people of Florida for her own despicable gain and even Megyn Kelly thinks Karl Rove is an ***
Keep your cash in fashion with the Cromlix Harris Tweed Change Purse by Katherine Emtage.
Yep...never elected. Gifted presidency courtesy of Katherine Harris & SCOTUS.
We are proud to announce the new DCA's are Katherine Harris, Hannah Essack and Adam Kleinschmidt. Under our new...
We are proud to announce that Katherine Harris, Adam Kleinschmidt and Hannah Essack are the new DCA's for the Union. Congratulations!
GOP has committed voter fraud and suppression with Florida (2000, Katherine Harris) and Ohio (2004, Ken Blackwell)
I want Jeb's email server turned over too. With EVERYTHING from his brothers's election period. AND Katherine Harris
Jeb Bush Missing emails between him and Katherine Harris, Sec of State fixing 2000 Presidential Elec…
Jeb owes a lot to GW. Katherine Harris agrees.
Hey there, Ken Blackwell. I haven't forgotten. You're the Katherine Harris who REALLY got away with it.
Harris's husband did not kill himself; he is merely in hiding from Katherine and her corrupt behavior
can I flip this account to Katherine Harris in castle Walls love?
I had the same thought after the Bush v Gore decision 5-4 that was for the most part decided by Katherine Harris? Saw this coming
"Hey, Florida! I know that I will win the primary election here thanks to the work of Katherine Harris again."
Is Katherine Harris still employed in Florida to commit acts of voter fraud and suppression on behalf of the bush family? D'oh!
My transcript is somewhere in cyberspace between Harris County High and Brenau University. 😂😒
1st, signed, Temple and the Crown by Katherine Kurtz, D Turner Harris (2001)
Wait - What is Katherine Harris doing at FIFA now?
When you can't find your mom in Harris Teeter and you don't have your contacts in.
So proud of our granddaughter, Katherine Mackenzie Harris. Love you!
You'd think is gem hearing . his niece is Katherine Harris also of GWB election daze
have decided 2 USE 2 attack just like they USED Katherine Harris Ken Blackwell
The has posted Celebrity Katherine Harris Before After Plastic ... a new pin find and view -
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celebri ... has publihsed about Celebrity Katherine Harris Before After ... under category -
Having Vegas judges pick the winner is like having Katherine Harris call the election results.
Mentored, no doubt, by Ken Blackwell and Katherine Harris.
I could add that to my "any one but Katherine Harris" bumper sticker... & box of chads, perfect Florida political collection..
"Hanging chad?" Katherine Harris was the Florida A-G who kept trying to end the recounts every time W was leading.
I understand that George W later offered Katherine Harris an Chad!
Katherine Harris will be talking Game Development for Virtual Reality @ on 14/5
today only: "For Whom the Book Tells (Four Fathers, Volume One)" by George Pritchard Harris Author. . BLOG... http…
Good for Marco. And I think Rick Scott would make an excellent VP. Or maybe Katherine Harris for the women's vote..
Great to learn more about the Special Ed PTA. Thank you & Katherine Harris.
I think you're just jealous you've never been compared to Robert Moses and Katherine Harris in the same sentence
.,If there is a Poll Vote, maybe can have Katherine Harris & John Ashcroft oversee the Poll results?
Jeb Bush purged 18,000 votes from FL but ppl blame Nader & not Bush or Katherine Harris. Nader had a right to run.
Lest we forget what Jeb and his hand puppet Katherine Harris did for W as well.
I think Michele Bachmann might just be a new identity for Katherine Harris.
Come to think of it, didn't Michele Bachmann become a national figure after Katherine Harris lost her congressional race disastrously?
A minute ago someone posted a picture of Michele Bachmann and for a second I thought she was Florida's own Katherine Harris.
On November 4, 2000 Katherine Harris the Florida Secretary of State (an appointee of Governor Jeb Bush) certified George W. Bush as the winner of the State’s 25 electoral votes. The Gore Campaign obje
As some may or may not know my mom, Katherine Harris, was in hurricane Odile that hit the Baja on Sunday. We just got word that she and the dogs are ok. They still do not have power but we talked to her property manger who confirmed they made it thru. We are hoping to have more updates soon. Thank you for all of your prayers and thoughts. :-)
Let us not forget that this country's first Sarah Palin came in the form of Fl's Sec. of State, Katherine Harris. Gave Bush the 00'election.
Came across this photo- great night with the Mo's listening to and singing fairytales of new york with Black Jack Davey - with Katherine Harris, Christopher Cope and Vasoulla Panayiotou
That is one reason I don't believe in Florida. Also: Katherine Harris and Anita Bryant.
This movie has a scene that happens today – December 12. I hope you will enjoy this film and watch it tonight. RECOUNT On election day 2000 trouble appears early in Florida regarding ballot difficulties. The television networks flip-flop on calling Florida for Gore, then Bush. Gore telephones a concession to Bush. His staff has to race to stop Gore from publicly conceding because the election is so close a machine recount is mandatory and Gore withdraws his concession. Gore makes a mistake in asking the milquetoast Warren Christopher to lead the fight in Florida. We get a lecture about what a chad is. Bush’s team refuses to negotiate. A hand recount is started in Palm Beach County. Ron Klain takes over the Gore team. A state judge rules a hand recount not needed, but the Florida Supreme Court reverses this. Clear evidence emerges that the Republicans excluded people from voting as felons when they in fact were not felons and the Repblicans knew they were not felons. Katherine Harris, the Florida Secr ...
Clearly, it's time we started worrying about and preparing for global cooling. Except for Florida, which always does its own thing. From Janet Reno to Katherine Harris to Angela Corey to Anita Bryant...
Husband of Katherine Harris commits suicide -
Katherine Harris' husband found dead -
-- Mark Foley: Katherine Harris' husband never wanted her to be in politics!
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Husband of Florida's former secretary of state commits suicide:
Husband of Katherine Harris kills himself, police say I wonder why?
"Katherine Harris' husband found dead" good read
...Cf., "apparent suicide of former Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris's (R) husband".
Our thoughts are with Katherine Harris and her family at this time. News outlets are reporting that the former...
"Husband of Katherine Harris kills himself" via
Husband of Katherine Harris kills himself -
Husband of KatherineHarris commits suicide poss due to health problems: |
Remember Katherine Harris from Florida? Her husband killed himself.
Just in: Police confirm the death of former Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris' husband of apparent suicide.
Police: Harris husband kills self: The husband of the former Florida secretary of state...
Prayers for the families of Creigh Deeds and Katherine Harris.
Husband of Katherine Harris kills himself, police say
Katherine Harris' husband found dead: The husband of former Florida congresswoman and Secretary of State Kathe...
Anders Ebbeson, husband of Katherine Harris, reportedly commits suicide in their Sarasota home.
Katherine Harris. A girl Ryan would've done pretty much anything for just to ram his *** up her snacthero. Real talk.
Just noticed that Dwight's collage of horrible things about Florida included Katherine Harris
"...Today, it's the color of minority voters' ballots - overwhelmingly Democratic blue - which is the issue."
Guts Voting Rights Act: knew they were "handicapping" the next Presidential run by a good 6 million votes. .
So its my friday, my mind is wandering to the awesome time I will finally get to hunt with Trish Davis, Katherine Harris, and Zane this fall. A slight shortage of appropriate firearms for an 11 year old will be an interesting obstacle. I am thinking he needs a Savage 30-06 with an accu trigger and an accu stock.
'If you think that African-American voters are no longer vulnerable to registration purges, hours-long lines to vote in Black precincts, ID challenges and other impediments, I have two words for you: Katherine Harris.' Greg Palast,
Hi, Guys. I am here in Maine. My first full day here was yesterday and I drove all around the old neighborhood. I went to Willard Beach. I drove by my childhood home, Alice Wood's childhood home, Jeanine Darnielle Swanson's old home, Betty May Connolly's old home, Katherine Harris's old home, Bathra's market, the house I was born in on Grand St, lost of old home. Lots of memories. I had so much fun! Maine just looked beautiful to me. I had a Red's cone. I found parking at Red's! Drove by what once was SPJHS for us, and Mill Creek Park. Drove by SPHS. Then, my sis and her husband and my soon to graduate nephew and I went to dinner at Artemisia where my son and his wife Heather work and we had the best dinner! By coincidence, Heather's Dad and his wife showed up at the same time! Then, sis Linda and her Hubby James and son James took me out on a nice little sunset cruise on their boat the Red Lady. We cruised Portland harbor and around Bug Light and Spring Point Light and Willard then back to ...
any restaurant suggestions??? Shawn is wanting some good risotto. Come on foodie friends...Harris, Katherine Harris, Blair Russell Lane, Mark Simmons :)
Ed Rollins said he told a religious Katherine Harris in 06 Sen race: "maybe God wants Bill Nelson to win, so he's telling you you'll win."
ANOTHER BUSH IN THE WHITE HOUSE? *** NO! REMEMBER THIS: How Jeb Bush Stole the 2000 Election for His Brother From: By Greg Palast Date: 26 May 2002 Article Harper's Magazine March 1, 2002 Ex-con game: how Florida's "felon" voter-purge was itself felonious; Annotation; election law; Brief Article By Greg Palast In November the U.S. media, lost in patriotic reverie, dressed up the Florida recount as a victory for President Bush. But however one reads the ballots, Bush's win would certainly have been jeopardized had not some Floridians been barred from casting ballots at all. Between May 1999 and Election Day 2000, two Florida secretaries of state--Sandra Mortham and Katherine Harris, both protegees of Governor Jeb Bush--ordered 57,700 "exfelons," who are prohibited from voting by state law, to be removed from voter rolls. (In the thirty-five states where former felons can vote, roughly 90 percent vote Democratic.) A portion of the list, which was compiled for Florida by DBT Online, can be seen for the fi .. ...
Katherine Harris (AKA Janeane Garofalo) on with is the funniest thing I have heard all week, maybe last two weeks.
Greg Palast writes for the Guardian and Observer newspapers of London and reports for the BBC's Newsnight. Palast abandoned hopes of working in America when mainstream press failed to report on his groundbreaking exposes known for stripping bare abuses. In the months leading up to the November [2000] balloting, Florida Governor Jeb Bush and his secretary of state, Katherine Harris, ordered local elections supervisors to purge 58,000 voters from registries on the grounds they were felons not entitled to vote in Florida. As it turns out, only a handful of these voters were felons. The voters were [about 54%] African Americans, and most of the others were white and Hispanic Democrats. [Several] weeks after the election, this extraordinary news ran on page one of the country's leading paper. Unfortunately, it was in the wrong country: Britain. In the USA, it was not covered. It was given big network TV coverage. But again, it was on the wrong continent – on BBC TV, London. (pp. 195, 196) The office of the g ...
A friend gave me a couple of High Ball Republican and one Democrat...both have about ten pictures of people that were members of their party.Listen to who's on the Republican glass...Herbert Hoover...Trent Lott...Strom Thurmond...Tom Delay...John Ashcroft...George Bush...Joseph McCarthy...Richard Nixon...Spiro Agnew.Katherine Harris...and Newt Gingrich. The Dems are Barrack Obama of course.Bill Clinton.John Kennedy...Eleanor Roosevelt...Harry Truman.Al Gore.Jimmy Carter...Hillary.Woodrow Wilson.Robert Kennedy.FDR...and Jesse... I know they were trying to put down the GOP...but looking at the names...most of the Dems are what caused the mess we're in...if they hadda just added LBJ...they'd a had it...but I'll keep the glasses and appreciate the gift...
Today's Best of Casual Friday 2012 w/ Richard Kind, & "Katherine Harris" is up!
Will go ahead and award Florida to Obama, over objections of Karl Rove and Katherine Harris.
You mean the election riggers (Katherine Harris, Jeb Bush, Rick Scott) didn't suceed in STEALING this one like they did when they cost Al Gore the presidency in 2000 with their illegal antics? Wow! How wonderful! :-) More kudos to Obama!
Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted is the Katherine Harris of 2012. Will the DOJ investigate these cretans?
Stop blaming Gary Johnson for losing the election. It could easily have been won had you hired Katherine Harris instead of Karl Rove.
A reality if Florida has voting problems: Dems view of Rick Scott: his partisanship makes Katherine Harris & Jeb Bush look like *** Lugar
Yeah, sure, free and fair elections in Florida under Rick Scott - Just like in 2000 under Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris and the butterfly ballot.
I wonder what Katherine Harris will be doing tomorrow? Whatever it is, I'm sure she'll be paid really well.
.Pres. Obama is not Gore and you are not Katherine Harris. We will not be silent. We will march. Democracy.
Ohio's Sec. of State John Husted is the 2012 version of FL's Katherine Harris.
"In Florida, Ohio and North Carolina, a majority of Republicans believe that Democrats will steal this election and a majority of Dems are convinced that the GOP’s going to do the same. It’s a sign of how deeply compromised our democracy has become. Credit for this sorry state of affairs goes to the right-wing fabulists who concocted the specter of widespread in-person voter fraud simply to pass ID laws that depress turnout in Dem-leaning constituencies. Also thank a number of recent Secretaries of State bent on decreasing the vote for partisan gain — folks like Katherine Harris, Ken Blackwell and John Husted." Slate Magazine
Florida Republicans pretty much gave Bill Nelson a U.S. Senate seat twice in a row. In 2000, they nominated Bill McCollum — who, at the time, was very obscure. Six years later, they ran Katherine Harris — an incredibly weak candidate.
" . . . Florida is at it again. It's the scene of the crime where Secretary of State Katherine Harris helped Republicans steal the 2000 presidential election for George Bush. But now it's Governor Rick Scott who is trying to steal the election for Mitt Romney. Earlier this summer, taking a page straight out of Katherine Harris' playbook, the Florida governor deployed a massive and systematic effort to purge up to 182,000 voters from the state's voting rolls"
I don't know about that one. Sarah Palin's lies seemed to be genuine, doofus moments, as if she was actually doing the best that she could do. Paul Ryan's lies, much like Mitt Romney's lies, are much more purposely constructed to garner a specific result by tainting and confusing the angry gofers in hopes of silencing the truth while enhancing the propaganda. I think Ryan and Mittzophrenia are big league, professional liars, while Palin is still just a little league, amatuer liar, because she's not quite there yet. The only people who can actually give Ryan or Mittzophrenia a run for their money in the lying arena is probably Casey Anthony, *** Cheney and the entire Bush 43 administration, Katherine Harris from the rigged, 2000 presidential election, any lawyer near you or me, or Bain Capital and the Wall Street crooks. Now Karl Rove doesn't make the list, but he gets an honorable mention!
Republicans want to repeat Katherine Harris' feat in 2000 when she stole the election for George W. Bush. Gov. Rick Scott is once again trying to to purge thousands of voters from the state's voting rolls. Tell Florida's county supervisors of elections to block the voter purge.
yay looks like my Katherine is feeling better
When I moved to California from North Carolina I was incredibly excited about the absence of mosquitoes roaches blankets of yellow pine pollen insane
Glenn Beck Asks If You Have Heard About the ‘Secretary of State Project’ On Tuesday evening, Glenn Beck informed viewers about the “Secretary of State Project,” a George Soros-funded organization that began in 2006 as a means to help Democrats secure the position of Secretary of State in certain swing states. Beck said that these states are specifically ones where Sen. John Kerry had lost to George W. Bush in 2004. The main reason, according to Beck, that the left is already managing expectations for the upcoming presidential debate is because it’s already managing exceptions for the election even before the votes are in (this might explain the skewed poling numbers in favor of President Obama). While some might be currently wondering why the position of Secretary of State is of particular importance to Soros or Democratic operatives, Beck reasoned that the role is inexpensive to fund yet yields considerable influence over election regulations and results. Some might recall that Katherine Harris ...
The 2000 election in Florida was such a joke. Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris's crimes against legal voters should've sent them to prison
I wonder what happens with that Katherine Harris lady. Maybe she went on to an illustrious career in having leprosy? Just kidding!
"Among several strong shows in Chelsea, including Carolanna Parlato at Elizabeth Harris and Katherine Taylor at...
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