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Kate Upton

Katherine Kate Upton (born June 10, 1992) is an American model and actress known for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, first in 2011, when she was named of the Year, and again in 2012, when she was announced as the cover model.

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How is Kate Upton more famous than Justin Verlander?
Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton quietly married her boyfriend this weekend
Congratulations to Justin Verlander and Kate Upton, who saved themselves for marriage
Justin Verlander and Kate Upton officially marry in Italy
Congratulations to Kate Upton and Justin Verlander who got married in Italy yesterday!
Kate Upton and Justin Verlander got married in Italy on Saturday
Justin Verlander is skipping his World Series parade to get married to Kate Upton. I don't care how hot my fiance is I'm not missing that
Justin Verlander married Kate Upton in Italy today less than a week from winning the World Series. How was your Saturday?
Justin Verlander missed the Astros parade to marry Kate Upton and people are mad:
Report: Justin Verlander and Kate Upton get married in Tuscany
Congrats are in order: Kate Upton has married Justin Verlander in a romantic Italian ceremony.
Kate Upton quietly married boyfriend Houston Astros’ pitcher, Justin Verlander, this weekend in Italy
Kate Upton & Justin Verlander are the Paulina Porizkova & Ric Ocasek of this generation: Beauty and the Disturbingly Ugly Guy.
Forgot to add Kate Upton to his resume 😜🤙🏻💯
Justin Verlander is living his best life winning the World Series and then flying to Italy to marry Kate Upton . https:/…
wow Kate Upton is dating Justin Verlander??? I had no idea!
Kate Upton cheers on Justin Verlander from Dodger Stadium suite
All I can think of anytime I see Justin Verlander is the leaked pic of Kate Upton with his *** all over her back lmfao.
His good luck charm! Kate Upton rocks TWO different outfits as smiles from ear ...Daily MailAnd fiancee.…
Was Verlander just pleading with Kate Upton not to leave?
Verlander gets to go home after slaying the Yankees and bang Kate Upton..What a guy
On a normal day I’d be jealous of Verlander. On this day I’m jealous of Kate Upton.
Verlander met Kate Upton at Yankee Stadium. If she was sitting behind the home dugout she would've got humped and dumped by Jeter.
Especially Kate Upton, she looks like she's cheering for a college football game.
Not sure what was better, Kate Upton coming to Houston or Verlanders W’s
I think the Kate Upton effect is real
I dont hate the Yankees but kate upton makes it Stros
He got mad bc I complained about Kate upton 🙄😂😂
I just don't think it's fair Justin Verlander gets to have sex with Kate upton and be so good at baseball
Lucky? The poor guy has to go home to Kate Upton.
"Dad totally knows all about Kate Upton. Perv."
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Credit to Verlander on the mound. Not because of his world class pitching ability, but just the fact that he's able to…
Kate Upton convinced Justin Verlander to move to Houston - - Sports Illustrated
who overwhelmed forcing engaged to SI Swimsuit Cover Girl
So do I, Jose. Almost as much as Kate Upton.
Kate Upton's big naturals are not somehow held aloft by two thin strips of fabric. She is a human being.
My guy took exception when I complained about kate upton 🙄🙄
Kate Upton was in her usual spot in a Minute Maid Park suite cheering on the Astros on Friday night, and her...
Kate Upton jumping up & down watching her hubby. Just feels right...
I keep seeing Kate Upton on my TL. Is she attempting to promote another crappy pc rip off game lol
He's gonna go home and make love to Kate Upton tonight. Unreal.
Kate Upton better mop the life outta Verlander tonight! He deserves it.
God I love seeing Kate Upton cheer for my hometown team.
Some folks are jealous of Justin Verlander because of Kate Upton. . I'm jealous of Kate Upton because of Justin Verlander.
Kate Upton needs to go ahead and change her last name to Verlander
Astros win a huge game, and oh yeah, Kate Upton was here cheering her lungs out. via
A big fat 5 hour game seven! Anybody that can throw a ball will pitch. Kate Upton will have 12 swimsuit changes.
& he gets to leave the stadium with the goddess Kate Upton.
let's not forget the most impressive thing about Justin Verlander. The fact that he's with Kate Upton...
I'm waiting to see what a Papi sketch of Kate Upton would look like.
Verlander putting up Bob Gibson numbers since being dealt to the Someone wants a ring, & it's not Kate Upton
How come Justin Verlander gets to have sex with Kate Upton but I can’t even talk to women?
Verlander hasn’t been this pumped up since he got Kate Upton’s digits.
Kate Upton has a strange idea of what is appropriate baseball game attire (for anyone not named Suzyn Waldman).
obligatory Kate Upton cheering shot is the Taylor Swift dancing at an awards show of MLB
Kate Upton, Katy Perry, Kat Dennings and Emily Ratajkowski~ my favorite boobs
Kate Upton shoots for Sports Illustrated shoot in Aruba - Daily News | ESDN: via
if you’d choke Kate Upton with your thick *** 🍆👅
Kate Upton, Adriana Lima, Kate Hudson and more get glammed up as they prepare…
If Kate Upton is world famous, then you should be too. All you need is the Sports Illustrated cover. Just one time.
I'm sorry but what wardrobe designer let Kate Upton come out to judge on like that?! Give her a dress she deserves!
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I love that the day Kate Upton comes on Heidi is wearing a tight af dress!
Kate Upton – has been repping for our city ever since her
Isn't that how Kate Upton picks her boyfriends? She has a LOTTERY! Why shouldn't losers have as much of a chance as a prof…
Kate Upton is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
Kate Upton outraged over national anthem protests
Houston has Beyonce, JJ Watt's girlfriend and Kate Upton. Who does your city have?
Well, bubs, she and her man Justin are in OUR house and she persuaded him to come to Houston NOT Yankeeville.
The NY Post engages in a little trolling of Astros fans in a paid ad in Saturday's Houston Chronicle. .
Gross game. Let's beat the crap out of Kate Upton's fiancee tomorrow.
Don't know if this is a shot by taking a 1/2 page ad in Saturday's w/ in a hat
Yankees in 7 beating verlander tomorrow word to Kate upton
Every time I see Justin Verlander I only see Kate Upton.
Yankees can easily compete with the astros. offense should be able to bounce back against Kate Upton's husband tommorow .
Kate Upton stuns in black cage-style bikini for Sports Illustrated via
Leigton Meester. Kate Moss. Kate Upton. Cristina Aguilera. Beyonce. Yoona. Hello, they all are top famous celebs and models.…
New York Post pokes fun at Houston with Kate Upton ad via
I think hot Kate Upton is my 3rd best ever ! 😃. 2nd Linda Blair. 1st Next door bad girl (she knows who she is) Lol 😛💓
Supermodels like Kate Upton, Joan Smalls and more to do a new version of "9 to 5," the classic song by Dolly Parton
Dating me is considered a great honor for a supermodel. Kate Upton is hesitating, therefore invitation is withdrawn!
Alexandra Daddario and Kate Upton's comedy was funny as *** I was surprised. Thought it would re…
Alexandra Daddario and Kate Upton on Instagram Stories during press tour The Layover.
Need to ask Maulana Tariq Jameel if Kate Upton will be available as hoor in Jannah😍
The Layover is lowkey a battle of who has the better *** Alexandra Daddario or Kate Upton
Rob at unpersuaded, would you be more persuaded if a celeb such as Michael Moore, or Kate Upton, was holding that sign?
Why is a movie with Alexandra Daddario AND Kate Upton showing nowhere near me?! WTH Life?!. 😁
Gonna be kinda wierd for Kate Upton to have the second best Body in the City ;)
Later you realize, 'Oh, I have to pick out everything and I'm planning this,' and that's the su…
Alexandra Daddario & Kate Upton are in the movie THE LAYOVER. . Unfortunately it's about 2 women who fight over a guy
Finally - some good news for the people of Houston. Kate Upton is coming to the Astros for a player to be named later.
So Kate Upton plays for the Astros now.
talk dancing on tabletops at The Layover Film premiere:
Justin! For the love of god. Why did Detroit trade you?! We will miss you, and Kate Upton's boobs for the ages. 😢
The Verlander trade doesn't bother me, but can we please negotiate to keep Kate Upton in Detroit?
Did I really just wake up to Verlander on my right and Kate Upton on my left?!!?!?
My son just reminded me that we also got Kate Upton.
Idk what I'm more excited about... Verlander to Houston or Kate Upton to Houston 😛🤤
Has A 0% Rating On 🙈. It's not the first to achieve this distinction🙈.
The Houston Astros have officially traded for Kate Upton.and Justin Verlander too I guess
Salty that LA didn't get Kate upton and her boobs smh
Verlander is really coming to Houston to save our baseball team and its citizens. Kate Upton's titties are a floatation de…
My MIL just said I look like Kate Upton but prettier so yeah she's now my fav person ever
STEPPING UP: Kate Upton donates her fiancé to Houston relief effort
Houston Astros acquire from the Detroit Tigers, Kate Upton.Oh, and Tigers also threw in Justin Ver…
Watch break down why dogs are honestly better than people 😂🙌
Was Kate Upton a throw in for the deal?
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Verlander to the Astros only means one thing... Kate Upton is about to be in Houston 🙌🏻
There is a Kate Upton movie in theaters!!! AH! ❤❤❤
New on editor's blog: donates Justin Verlander to Houston's recovery effort.
Wow, the Tigers said goodbye to Justin Upton and Kate Upton on the same day.
ZepCook Find the best kitchen-tested recipes, videos, healthy meals, party menus and cooking techniques from top cooks. Upton zepcook…
We lost two Justin's, two Upton's a Verlander and a Kate in the same day! Real happy for JV though. H…
Supermodel Kate Upton, Justin Verlander's fiancée, also brings the heat to Houston .
The Tigers donated Justin Verlander and Kate Upton to Houston. What a generous club we have here in Detroit.
Justin Verlander has been traded to Houston. His girlfriend Kate Upton's *** can save the entire city.
Justin Verlander has been traded to the Astros. Kate Upton's *** will save the city of Houston.
Kate Upton goes from rainbow bright to sultry in black promoting
Win or weak? Kelsea Ballerini, Kate Upton and the week in celebrity fashion - USA TODAY
Secret of bikini body like HOT Kate Upton revealed
This is definitely true. I often see racing fans like Elizabeth Banks and Kate Upton hanging out with all the top j…
Lol why would they put Kate Upton on the stock image for a gaming monitor 😕😂
Someone actually said Kate Upton was a xtian, that's what I'm missing. I don't think that would have an…
wOw this new game of war ad is amazing !! kate upton got competition !1!1!
"- on the other end of the line we thought “Of course. Beautiful, successful and nice.” -
I came here for Kate Upton gifs and have been sorely disappointed.
Do you think Kate Upton will adopt me?
Looks like Kate Upton likes to be spanked. Who would spank her while she *** her husbands ***
If Kate Upton was here in a bikini right now I'd say "Get out of the *** way, you're blocking my magnetic helmet board…
Just let me have my gratuitous Kate Upton moment.
Kate Upton looks so elegant in this photo. I want to smear that lipstick with my *** and…
We already have a Kate Upton and a Kate Middleton, all we need is a Kate Downton.
Justin Verlander to Houston means Kate Upton to Houston. Let's make it happen
I don't know if there's such a thing, but SI model hot take: Genevieve Morton > Kate Upton
please get Kate Upton to model for you.
Kate Upton engaged to Justin Verlander! See the huge ring she wore to Met Gala
Kate Upton shows off engagement ring at Met Gala
Breast Cancer Awareness
Kate Upton shows off her huge engagement ring at the MET Gala
Kate Upton photographed by Kevin Mazur yesterday at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas 2017.
I would trade for Justin Verlander just so I could have his gf Kate Upton there every night.
Don't forget if we get verlander we get Kate upton also!
Cubs need to get verlander simply so Kate Upton comes to games
I would post a gif about what I love about Kate Upton but it's to bouncy. I wonder if Kate would like if I posted what I really thought.
That is reason enough for me to see that Kate Upton movie
Patrick Star who? Kate Upton who? Kylie Jenner who? Ugh. you are truly gifted. Im obsessed with that…
More like Kate Upton or Anne Hathaway, which would explain why I’m not on a dating website!
Kate Upton in black mistress lingerie HQ photo.
Some amazing Kate Upton pictures to get all your *** hard! I know she works for me 😈
Tom was going to do hit me baby one more time for his Lip Sync Battle but im glad kate upton did it instead
I am about as far into him as I am literally into Kate Upton.
I prefer to Jennifer Lawrence rather than Kate Upton engaged with Verlander ;-P. Go
Kate Upton and Alexandra Daddario attempt to out-hot each other in hilarious 'Layover' trailer. https…
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Related, I'm open to having Kate Upton over to my house for dinner.
It b a 2 for 1, JV could come, u could have Kate Upton in studio for interviews you would be pulling…
Supermodel by lad for his Culo by Mazzucco book. Kate Upton first…
If there’s anyone who knows about swimsuit season, it’s
Kate Upton Covers The Daily Summer! - Did you miss us, chéries? We’re back with a fresh new issue of The Daily ...
Not advocating. But how fast does the fanbase become Kate Upton fans if Cleveland tried this?
but we’d have Kate Upton for a couple years who cares about NLDS
There's a hot kate upton thread, and a hot jason momoa thread. . Guess which one I end up in.
I can appreciate the girls too. But we are all more Kate…
As much as I'd love to see Kate Upton wearing Astros gear, think I'll pass on this
Someone on insta said I look like Kate Upton. God bless the visually impaired x
When he's on he's a strikeout machine. He has a ton of awards, including Kate Upton. In between though, several mediocre years.
Kate upton is currently suffocating herself w her ***
Not a Kate Upton. No point in marketing.
He probably thinks it's a new TV Cop show starring Kate Upton.
"I believe you can really wear whatever you want as long as you feel confident and love yourself." Kate Upton, Model
Verlander to the ?🤔 I'll definitely take Kate Upton in dodger blue.
tells that she packs THIS essential when she travels. Read more:
Alternative idea: how about we cast Kate Upton as Lorena Bobbitt?
Kate Upton does her best Britney Spears Kate Upton debuted her... 》 》
Kate Upton channels her inner Britney Spears on 'Lip Sync Battle'
Kate Upton channels her inner Britney Spears. You're welcome.
Justin Verlander asks for changes to PED rules after Dee Gordon tests positive
Kate Upton is a 'total badass in the gym,' and you can be, too
04-18 to serve as Kentucky Oaks First Lady
Kate Upton does her best Britney Spears - CNN
Oh man, is there a more perfect woman on the planet than Kate Upton? (The answer is no)
I just saw a video of Kate Upton singing 'Hit Me Baby One More Time.' This Tuesday has started out very strong.
Kate Upton channels her inner Britney for Lip-Sync Battle http…
CNNtertainer reports Kate Upton does her best Britney Spears
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Kate Upton flashes cleavage in PLUNGING bikini as she struggles to contain ample assets.
Kate Upton debuted her Britney Spears impression on "Lip Sync Battle" Monday night
Kate Upton dresses up as Britney Spears to perform on 'Lip Sync Battle' via the App
Oh baby, baby! Kate Upton is channelling Britney Spears for her own rendition of "Baby One More Time." h…
Kim Kardashian has been eliminated!. The final three are Kate Upton, Kaley Cuoco and Katy Perry!
.tries her hand at 'Walking into a Spiderweb' and other dance moves on
Watch and face off in an epic dance battle.
Also Kate Upton did a dance contest with Jimmy Fallon.
Kate Upton's dancing her way into the weekend, like...
Kate Upton and Jimmy Fallon have an epic dance battle: watch
New post (Kate Upton Dance Battles It Out With Jimmy Fallon) has been published on CelebsRumor -…
my question would've been : Kate Upton or Susan Boyle... but the Bradders DT thing is good enough
Kate Upton, we agree with you, the 2016 AL Cy Young is a major
Jorgie Porter and Katherine Jenkins have been eliminated! . 5..4..3..2..1. Jesy Nelson and Kate Upton enter next!…
Kate Upton on the other night her uncle is a Michigan 6th congressional district congressman Fred Upton they are local he's a ***
Kate Upton talks about in-season sex life with Justin Verlander.
Kate Upton talks about in-season sex habits with Justin Verlander 👀
Justin Verlander won't have sex before game, Kate Upton says - WCPO
24-year-old woman (Kate Upton) complains her soon-to-be husband (34) won't give her the D after a hard day of work…
Kate Upton explains why there's no sex before or after fiance Justin Verlander's baseball games: https:/…
Kate Upton: Justin Verlander won't have sex before games
Kate Upton's fiance may be a pro-baseball player but there are no (bedroom) home runs before or after his games:…
Justin Verlander's pre-game routine: not having sex with Kate Upton
Kate Upton talks about her in-season sex habits with Justin Verlander 👀
I also don't have sex with Kate Upton before or after Justin Verlander starts.
Snooki, Pauly D, Kate Upton, Nicole Kidman, and someone who looks like Sarah Silverman at 16. I'm not good w/actors, admittedly.
you are a NUT- ask 10 goyim if they prefer Kate Upton ... or a chick built like Brad Pitt- I WIN-all 10 go my way! All 10!!!✌️
Kate Upton's boobs are too big...SAID NO ONE
Well I'm not upset Justin Verlander chose Kate Upton instead of Alissa Violet if that matters.
Kate Upton graces the cover of SI's Swimsuit edition with 3 different covers. Each one has less and less clothes...
Kate Upton three-peats as SI's swimsuit queen - Kate Upton is once again Sports Illustrated's swimsuit queen, g...
Kate Upton is on the cover, Serena is in the magazine
Kate Upton lands third cover: 'I have a completely different mindset about my body' via
Kate Upton is on the cover of Sports Illustrated!
Kate Upton graces Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover for third time: Fiancee of Tigers' Justin Verlander has three……
And here's the lovely Kate starring in the latest Golf Digest travel series, The Getaway:
Kate Upton once again Sports Illustrated's swimsuit queen
Kate Upton's message to her haters: you don't know me
Kate Upton and her floatation devices 🔥
Sports Illustrated’s 2017 swimsuit cover model chalks up a first
The 2017 SI Swimsuit Covers have been revealed. Welcome back, Follow the link for more photos and video https:…
Today, Kate Upton is exactly as old as Chuck Yeager was the day he broke the sound barrier (9,009 days).
Kate Upton's Sports Illustrated swimsuit drama? Plus, more news
chrome. It happened on the Kate Upton and Terrell Davis posts.
Who would you rather date Paris or Kate Upton
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
If I could spend a day with one celebrity, it would be Jay. One NIGHT is a different story.(Pam Anderson or Kate Upton?)
Kate Upton's harsh words for Cy Young voters U should be a lil more vocal about our president too.
Kate Upton is very angry that her fiance didn't win this sports award:
Kate Upton rips MLB in colorful rant over Justin... - WDIV Detroit :
Kate Upton goes on epic rant about Justin Verlander's Cy Young snub
Kate Upton goes on epic rant about Justin Verlander’s Cy Young snub
Kate Upton taking out her frustration on Justin Verlander not getting the Cy Young Award is just great.
Justin Verlander may of lost the Cy Young Award but he goes home to Kate Upton so that's kind of a win win and better than a Cy Young.
Justin Verlander had most first-place votes, but Cy Young went to Rick Porcello, so Kate Upton is...
Curses! Kate Upton goes on explicit rant after Justin Verlander fails to win Cy Young
Kate Upton freaked out and went full savage mode after Justin Verlander didn't win the Cy Young 👀.
Ah.. now, there.. much better. Kate Upton Cavs
Gotta respect Kate Upton's subtle way of reminding us that Verlander may have lost the Cy Young but is probably pleased…
It appears Verlander's flakes aren't the only thing frosted tonight. Fiancé Kate Upton went on a…
Kate Upton is protesting but did she even vote? smh
BREAKING: seen in public for first time since election...desperately needing beauty tips from Kate Upton…
Justin Verlander may have not won the Cy Young Award, but he still has Kate Upton and she has his back. He still wi…
What did Rick Porcello think of Kate Upton's outrage over him winning Cy Young?. "I honestly don't care."
Kate Upton is auditioning for beat person.
Just thought of something. I feel even worse for Bryce now. All he has to defend him is me, and I am no Kate Upton
Reason No. 657 why we love She stands by her man!.
Kate Upton: The BBWA did what they did. No sense in crying over spilled milk. Kate Upton: Let's. Get. Petty.
Times on the cover of Sports Illustrated: Kate Upton 4, Justin Verlander 3, Rick Porcello 0.
Kate Upton lashes out at Cy Young voters after Justin Verlander doesn't win
Kate Upton is like an 18-year-old who just learned what the electoral college is.
I've always like Kate Upton. But after tonight I love Kate Upton.
I totally and completely agree with Kate Upton. MLB is so phony and corrupt. A totally and completely rigged system. S…
After Rick Porcello was named Cy Young, Kate Upton absolutely went off on MLB and the writers in an incredible rant:. h…
Kate Upton gettin ANGRY about the vote! 😂
Kate Upton fires off NSFW rant at MLB after Justin Verlander Cy Young snub
Kate Upton doesn't understand the baseball electoral system, Verlander had to win Florida to win the Cy Young
Porcello on reax of Verlander bro, fiancee Kate Upton: "I honestly don't care." Eager to resume drinking "some really good…
Get you a girl who defends you like Kate upton
Kate Upton had some NSFW thoughts on Justin Verlander not winning the Cy Young 😳
Kate Upton was not happy her fiancé, Justin Verlander, didn't win the Cy Young Award:
I mean don't we all want a significant other to stand up for us like Kate Upton is for hers?!
Kate Upton, do you even watch baseball
Kate Upton throwing absolute HEAT at the baseball writers for snubbing Justin Verlander on the Cy Young ballot
Justin Verlander's fiance, Kate Upton, wasn't happy to hear Rick Porcello edged him out for the AL Cy Young Award.
owww, such language from a Princess, oh, wait, maybe I have Kate Upton confused with British Royalty, Dan?
Dad jailed for hacking nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst and Kate Upton in infamous ‘Celebgate’ case…
Nicki Minaj is a terrible actress. . At least she's a bit better than the rubbish she did in the other woman with Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton
Kate Upton announces engagement to Tigers&Justin Verlander
Kate Upton is stronger than you think.
Kate Upton tucks into a donut DURING her gruelling workout...
Kate Upton is photographed at LAX airport in Los Angeles on October 20, 2016. (More
.talks about white privilege to Amy Schumer & Kate Upton:
I might just call Katy Perry and Kate Upton see if they down.
Man. How great would that be... Wonder if they could be clones of like Kate Upton... or Jason Mamoa (for your sake).
Wedding bells on the horizon for Justin Verlander, Kate Upton...
Kate Upton must have fallen off the runway and hit her little head. What else could explain her insipid bloviating?
Kate Upton and Rob Lowe Slam NFL Players for Sitting During National Anthem on 9/11 via
Kate Upton blasts NFL players for kneeling during National Anthem on 9/11
Kate Upton and Taylor Swift are competing for Becky of the year.
// When the real Kate Upton posts something on Instagram, and I suddenly get a ton of messages about it.
Dear,Kate Upton just make with the bouncy bouncy that's all we want from you
Kate Upton called 4 NFL players a disgrace for not standing for the national anthem but she did this for fast food
Kate Upton and Rob Lowe slamed the NFL players who sat during the national anthem on 9/11.
So glad I now know what to think. She is an intellectual titan on par with Sean Hannity.
I'm sure Kate Upton never had to put her hands on the steering wheel when she got pulled over or stopped and frisked while walking home
Kate Upton really said America is more "divided than ever before" like segregation and slavery was never a thing
BREAKING: person who has never spoken out about racism in the US before criticizes how those who experience it, protest it…
Has Kate Upton weighed in on the disrespect of booing the president on 9/11? Just wondering?
Kate Upton shaped like a just finished tether ball game.
Kate Upton your soul just got Scorpioned by Preach Jemele!
This is how Kate Upton's uncle showed his love for those who risked their lives. Have a stadium full of seats, Kate. https:…
Kate Upton just shared her opinion on the national anthem controversy and the response is not pretty via
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