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Kate Upton

Katherine Kate Upton (born June 10, 1992) is an American model and actress known for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, first in 2011, when she was named of the Year, and again in 2012, when she was announced as the cover model.

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Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Lea Michele & Teresa Palmer have all had nude private photos leaked by a creepy...
Saw Jennifer Lawrence, Alison Brie, Kate Upton, Teresa Palmer, and many more nude photos today.. I gotta say
Nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kim Kardashian leak in massive hack
A full album of Kate Upton's, 4 sets of Mary Elizabeth Winstead and now 15 pics of Jennifer Lawrence. Keep it comin' , ladies!
Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence, Mary Elizabeth was a good day. I feel bad for them but...
can't believe there weren't any Amy Shumer nude photo's leaked tonight along with the Kate Upton & Jennifer Lawrence ones lol
To the hacker that leaked Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, and Kate Upton's NUDE photos all in one day.
A hacker known as ‘4 Chan’ has posted several extremely graphic nude photos of a bunch of A-Listers including Kate Upton, Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lawrence and Victoria Justice to name a few..
'Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice nudes leaked' . all guys right now:
Leaked photos of Ariana Grande, Kate Upton, and Jennifer Lawrence. Guys, you're welcome. Goodnight
So Jennifer Lawrence had around 30 "erotic photos" hacked and leaked from her cell phone... the leaker claims they have shots of various other young female celebrities such as Ariana Grande, Kate Upton, and Selena Gomez among others... When will these celebrities learn that their phones are not safe. So messed up though
Nude photos of "Hunger Games" star Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Ariana Grande and Kirsten Dunst, among others, leaked online Sunday morning in one of the biggest celebrity hacking scandals in rec...
“Is it bad that I'm trying hard to find Kate Upton's leaked pictures? Jennifer Lawrence has better nudes leaked tbh
I just downloaded a .zip file for the first time on my Mac because of Kate Upton
Kate Upton too ? *** what are the odds those are two of the sexiest women on the planet . These hackers are gettin too serious . lol
I can't believe this is still a thing. She looks more like Yvonne Strahovski or Kate Upton before Lohan.
Little Giant Ladders
new rule for Ice Bucket challenge: must wear white shirt. I nominate Katy Perry, Kate Upton, and Jonah Hill.
I'd like to nominate Kate Upton, Selma Hayek, and Sofia Vergara all in white shirts, but I'm pretty sure my wife would kill me
Let's bang Kate Upton and eat spaghetti.
I need to see Kate Upton do the ice water challenge.for scientific reasons of course...
I want a guy that comes over in the morning before I can get ready & still thinks I'm beautiful . But I'm not kate upton so ill lock my door
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ITEMS OF A NEWSY NATURE THE 21 gorgeous gals to make The World's Highest-Paid Models list from Forbes' made a combined $142 million in the past year, but our very own Kate Upton made her debut on the...
Kate Upton is beyond perfect. Like seriously, let me be you.
accepted, Jimmy Buffett. I nominate Will Arnett & Kate Upton. Please don't forget to join me in donating here:
Yeah, Miranda Kerr & Kate Upton are pretty, but compare them to other celebrity bombshells like Scarlett Johansson & Megan Fox
I don't think Miranda Kerr and Kate Upton are all that if you compare them to other celebrities
We've got playin chicks, dreamin of Kate upton and slidin into random chicks DMs
Kate Upton, Cleavage Queen! Check Out the Blond Bombshell’s Sexiest Pics! August 21, 2014 asias Leave a comment Kate Upton is as hot as they come—and likable, to boot! So instead of hating her for being a perfect 10 with bombshell curves, we’re more inclined to want to be BFFs with her! (The 22-year…
Kate Upton and Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander took the Ice Bucket challenge.
Yup got Followed by the Official Kate Upton Fan Account Had to Happen Eventually Now Its Ur Turn
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
If you're a guy and not tryna marry Kate Upton you're fake
Watch Kate Upton, Kaley Cuoco and 12 other babes do the Ice Bucket challenge!
Kate Upton takes on Ice Bucket challenge with boyfriend Justin Verlander
I feel that way every day when I wake up and see that I'm still not Kate Upton . “Is it weird that I wanna kill somebody?”
Kate Upton and Justin Verlander do the Ice Bucket Challenge - Daily Mail: Kate Upton and Justin Verlander do t...
Just watched The Other Woman. Absolutely hilarious...except for that moment when my husband recognized Kate Upton by her butt.for shame!! Lol
Verlander pours ice water on Kate Upton for charity (with video) - Sick of Ice Bucket Challenge videos yet? Maybe...
Oh God how long have I been confusing Kate Upton and Kate Middleton and Kate Hudson and Jennifer Hudson?!
How Cara Delevingne, Karlie Kloss and Kate Upton joined the ranks of the world's highest paid models
Kate Upton and Justin Verlander Assist Each Other With ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.ou knew it would happen sooner or later. Justin Verlander and Kate Upton resp...
Olivia iggy and Verlander's girl kate upton are my wcws
Okk.. My WCW would obviously be the the most gorgeous girl in this world which is... "CARRIE UNDERWOOD" Now if i was to say the SEXIEST girl in this world i would have to say "KATE UPTON" :)
The other woman is a horrible movie don't waste the time to watch. Only good thing in the movie is Kate upton
Kate Upton decided to be EXTRA generous this week when she attempted the Ice Bucket Challenge in a white T-shirt.
Alexander Ghali shared a link via Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. 33 minutes ago. See how much money Kate Upton makes to get on Forbes' featured in NBC s Science of Love
Bobby bones told Dierks Bentley I got somethin to show you on the radio.. Dierks says "new Kate Upton pictures??" Lol
How earning supermodel ? The first place in the ... Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen , which in addition to the model of activity engaged in the production of goods (shoes) , and thanks to the business, the Brazilian managed to break away from the other models . Her earnings for the past 12 months amounted to only $ 47 million , will agree he can live. Second place again Brazilian Adriana Lima (along with Doutzen Kroes ) . Beauty has earned in the last year of $ 8 million , it is certainly a modest salary , but survive it is still possible . Third place went to Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr, due to which most recently fought Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom , beauty has earned over $ 7 million a year . With the same earnings to her stand next to other models : Kate Moss, Kate Upton ( the name " Kate " is brings a good income ! ) And Liu Wen ...
This kid on the Little League World Series' fun fact says "would like to meet Kate Upton" omg
Stop whatever you are doing! Kaley Cuoco and Kate Upton have done the Ice Bucket challenge in small white tops.
Kate Upton and Katy Perry, only 2 white girls on this earth is tap. The rest is all nasty af
Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima and Kate Upton top Forbes' highest paid model list -...
apparently Nina Agdal went to prom for a replacement of Kate Upton why am I late on this news
For the Ice Bucket challenge I didn't do, I challenge Kate Upton, Beyoncé, and Katy Perry
I want to see Katy Perry, Kate Upton, Christina Hendricks and Jennifer Lawrence do the Ice Bucket challenge because... reasons
Kate Upton as Marilyn Monroe on Cover of Vanity Fair via
Kate Upton is a *** of a woman for staying with someone who gives up hits to Jayson Nix
And the big-breasted winner is...Katy Perry! She'll move on to the next round of Boob Christina Hendricks vs. Kate Upton?
Kate Upton explains why she won't pose nude - When you’re a bombshell Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, it...
Actually I'm not sure who's more to blame here, Kate Upton and her Friends D&D or Buck the sauce Martinez Jink
Michigan native Kate Upton helps Niles HS football field get new lights - WNDU-TV
Thanks in part to supermodel Kate Upton, Niles High School is getting new lights for its football field this year
"Honey, do you think Kate Upton is attractive?" "ummm…."
Mark Sanchez dated Eva Longoria AND Kate Upton. If only he could play as well as he can slay
I like Madeline Brewer, Olivia Wilde, Rachel Weisz, not really an actress Kate Upton.
Justin Verlander puttin' the moves on Kate Upton. .
Kate Upton got a very special souvenir from boyfriend Justin Verlander at last night's Tigers game. See the GIF!
GIF: Justin Verlander throws Kate Upton a baseball. All she had to do was ask.
Kate Upton persuades Justin Verlander to toss her a baseball
I don't understand the hype about Kate Upton? She has a pretty face but her body is ugly
Watching Justin Verlander toss a baseball to Kate Upton is something out of a Kevin Costner movie. Super smooth move by Justin.
Kate Upton is the baddest 22 year old
My family is trying to convince me that I look like Kate Upton😂
My dad: "Justin Verlander is pitching bad because of kate upton". Me: "i'd pitch bad for her"
Kate Upton is the baddest 22 year old to walk this earth
I don't get the hype about Kate upton. like she has huge *** but that's it?¿
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I have a poster of Kate upton and she watches over me while I sleep
Kate Upton begs boyfriend Justin Verlander for a puppy
Probably the only one, but I don't think Kate Upton is attractive 🙊
.has her hands full with her boyfriends balls. Well, ball. Baseball, obviously.
“Adam Dunn pitching makes my life complete” if Kate Upton is kissing you while it happens**
I should really take pride in my Kate Upton boobs.
the rack on Kate Upton is incredible
Kate Upton is in a league of her own
no rack compares to the rack of Kate Upton's
Me: "I want to get a poster. Just something that looks good." . My roommate: "Kate Upton is what looks good..." . Love that k…
Kate Upton for Express? Random I guess they just decided to throw huge boobs into business casual
First person that dies and comes to Heaven with Pop Tarts gets reincarnated as Kate Upton's vibrator.
Kate Upton's Detroit Tigers boyfriend Justin Verlander tossed her a baseball in the stands during a game against the New York Yankees in NYC on Monday, Aug. 4 -- check out the romantic GIF
Photo: Kate Upton is being gossiped about because of her recent weight gain. *** What do you think?...
Kate Upton is the sexiest woman alive, whether you want to call her fat or not, and here are 25 reasons why this truth is undeniable.
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Kate Upton Design Kate Upton has been criticized for showing to acquire some bodyweight and rumors are circulating that she is pregnant. Reuters. She not too long ago spoke about how she experienced been begging for this entire body my entire life but now folks are criticizing nbsp… Continue reading
FAN PAGE.dedicated to the beautiful and sexy, Kate Upton.
IT WAS hardly a surprise to any of us when Kate Upton, after only a year with our humble franchise, delivered the obvious cover choice for our 2012 SI Swimsuit Issue.
Kate Upton is insanely hot. These animated GIF files let you experience this in perpetual motion.
Supermodel Kate Upton watched the game from behind the visitors' dugout at Yankee Stadium. And since Tigers right-hander (and presumably boyfriend) Justin Verlander doesn't start until Wednesday, he was in that dugout and had a brief interaction with Upton.
Kate Upton just won at life by being her adorable self. Watch above to see what we mean...
Why can't I make $25 million a year and date Kate Upton.
Answers to your questions about Kate Upton's life, age, relationships, sexual orientation, drug usage, net worth and the latest gossip!
8/4/14: Kate Upton is given a baseball at the Yankee game by Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander
Check this out, as Justin Verlander was in a flirtatious mood with girlfriend Kate Upton, tossing the two-time SI swimsuit cover model a souvenir during the Tigers/Yankees game.
Justin Verlander: Multiple Cy-Young winner, and gets to go home to Kate Upton. Can't even dream a life that good
On god himself Kate Upton is one of the main leaders of all the snow bunnies 🙌
How to get a Cy Young award winning pitcher to throw you a baseball- be Kate Upton
Not widely reported but heard that to get David Price, besides Austin Jackson and Drew Smyly, Tigers had to throw in Kate Upton
it's a little early to be this vulgar but Kate Upton and Justin Verlander would be the most epic threesome of all time
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As far as I'm concerned, Justin Verlander won life. MLB pitcher making millions and dating Kate Upton
Kate Upton and Justin Verlander having a war?
Ever since Justin Verlander started dating Kate Upton he hasn't been pitching as well. I wonder if he is being distracted by anything?!? Ha👀
"Justin Verlander isn't doing too good this year" "Yes he is, Kate Upton's his girlfriend"
What is Justin Verlander doing right to be dating Kate Upton?
If the the Tigers don't win the World Series this year...Kate Upton deserves the blame.
Leaving the beach to come home to randolph county is like leaving Kate Upton for Rosie o'donnell
Cosmo calling this girl "plus-size" is disgusting. She's smaller than Kate Upton who no one EVER calls plus-size.
Kate Upton replaces Katie Holmes as face of Bobbi Brown
Just saw a girl who is a perfect mix of Kate Upton and Sadie Robertson.
Cara Delevingne and Kate Upton are listed as "New Supers" but not Natasha Poly? Okay.
Kate Upton - MIchigan? Tsk Tsk Tsk... I'll never look at another Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue again. ...well maybe.
Kate Upton in Sports Illustrated, I bet the editor was fired!
Kate Upton replaces Katie Holmes as the new face of Bobbi Brown via
if you google "Detroit Tigers players" you get more pictures of Kate Upton than Anibal Sanchez and Rick Porcello combined
Photo: Victor Cruz and Kate Upton in the February 2014 issue of Vogue. Cruz Is Never Losing Gets All The...
Please sign my online petition to place Kate Upton's breasts into the national trust.
I liked a video Kate Upton on Her SI Cover (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)
I have a *** fantasy of Katy Perry and Kate Upton and me wearing a woman's wing having a *** 3some. =) lol
Well since and are taking Kate Upton and Katy Perry tonight... Hey wanna go to Future Bassfest?
aight so I say we each make an top 5... (No order). Katy Perry. Debby Ryan. Kate Upton. Bar Refaeli. Ariana Grande. BANG.
Carly (Cameron Diaz) has just started a relationship with Mark (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), a man she hooked up with eight weeks prior. She is upset when Mark suddenly tells her he has to go out of town, but decides to go over to his house per advice from her father Frank (Don Johnson). Intending to seduce him while wearing a sexy outfit, she is horrified to meet Kate (Leslie Mann), who introduces herself as Mark's wife. Despite the problems, the two women end up bonding and forming an unlikely friendship. When Kate discovers that Mark is still seeing someone on the side, she initially believes that it is Carly but she and Carly eventually discover that Mark is seeing a third woman, a beautiful young woman named Amber (Kate Upton). Carly and Kate travel to the beach, where Kate has a run in with Amber and the two women inform her that Mark has been cheating on all of them. They decide to take revenge by doing things such as spiking his smoothies with estrogen and giving him breasts, as well as putting hair re ...
The Other Woman is the movie that's so hot that it had to be released before the summer even started! See Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton compete for a man!
im trynna marry Kate Upton, blow up this money too quickly.
I liked a video Copy the Look: Kate Upton
“4. Who's one person (dead or alive) you would love to have dinner with?” Kate upton
Kate Upton in a bikini at a beach in Mexico @
Kate Playboy Centerfold?! Never Say Never, Model Says! - How does one top LeBron James coming home to...
“Emma Watson's more attractive than Kate Upton imo...”
A world as perfect as Kate Upton's breasts. There is no war cause everybody is high on life. A world where people seek knowledge not water.
"Is the next no coz Kate is much prettier
Ok I dont know if anyone on my friends list is well versed with the EU books in Star Wars (the Extended Universe which includes most things writtn after Return of the Jedi including the New Jedi Order and such) but on a Star Wars fan site I'm a good member of, an interesting question was posed that if you were JJ Abrams and you DID decide to do the EU in the next trilogy, how would you cast some of the most popular characters in the books? While I didn't answer ALL of them (they posted up to 60-70 characters to cast) I only took and did a small handful with my personal favorite characters. If anyone out there is very familiar with the EU, and also you're very knowledgeable about pop culture and the next generation of great actors and actresses, take a look at my choices and see if you think I made great choices or not. I appreciate any and all serious feedback if any. Thanks!! :-) Jaina Solo: Debby Ryan, Jacen Solo: Nicholas Hoult Anakin Skywalker: Lucas Till Mara Jade: Cassidy Freeman Tahiri Vaila: Elle ...
The hot and sexy kate upton is totaly naked under her skirt !
yeah. she's past Kate Upton in my book
merro is that guy who had to settle for Raki sawant and lives in a denial that kate Upton is Susan Boyle.
I cannot confirm nor deny the rumors about Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau dating model Kate Upton.
“From 0 to Kate Upton how sexy are these Iggy Azalea RT
From 0 to Kate Upton how sexy are these
Kate upton is so thick it's amazing 😍😋
Kate Upton only fine from the titties up
I won't rest till the day I meet Kate Upton!
Kate Upton won’t say ‘never’ to posing for Playboy - When it comes to Playboy, Kate Upton is keeping her...
Kate Upton built like a refrigerator
There's something on Kate Upton that i can't keep my eyes off...
Kate Upton reveals what she wants in a man. Hopefully John Kuperman.
Don't hate Gigi Hadid and Kate Upton because they're blonde, beautiful, and embarking on some very big things
“Kate Upton at the age of 18😍😍 I would eat her booty then nd I would eat her booty now bruh
054. July 16, 2014: Harsh reminder for all the womanizers. *** THE OTHER WOMAN (2014) After discovering her boyfriend is married, Carly soon meets the wife he's been betraying. And when yet another love affair is discovered, all three women team up to plot revenge on the three-timing S.O.B. Director: Nick Cassavetes Writer: Melissa Stack Stars: Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton.
Kate Upton sexy in – 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and zero gravity…
If you could make anyone in the world fall in love, which two people would you put togethe... — John and Kate Upton
Imagine a world as perfect as Kate Upton's breasts.
Kate Upton in a strapless satin Lanvin dress with Valentino sling backs and Chopard jewels at Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Launch Party at Crimson on February in New York City
Casually sitting next to Kate Upton and Elizabeth Moss at Nobu...god I love New York.
Star magazine says the "best beach body" belongs to Kate Upton. And the worst beach body, for the 7th year in a row- Anna Nicole Smith
Kate Upton had a sex tape with Barack Obama that was leaked on o wow
Kate Upton joins the list thanks to three Sports Illustrated covers:
Kate Upton laments the Rumors plaguing her Life
Kate Upton will forever be my favorite 😩😍
A little girl talk with this morning:
Kate Upton isn’t a fan of tabloids and their constant speculations on who she’s dating and who she’s supposedly got a problem with. The famous model ex
If I ever saw Kate Upton in person via
Kate Upton gives her verdict on manscaping.
if anything, Kate Upton should be suing
Why the paparazzi get in trouble with her mum:
Needs Kate Upton in tears in the background
Call me whatever u want but Kate Upton is beat
Kate Upton is dating a new man every week—according to the tabloids, that is! In an interview wit...
I feel like im the only person who doesn't care, obsess or exaggerate in how attractive Kate Upton or Melanie Iglesias are lol
Congrats to Kate Upton making most powerful list.
Well, hey there, good lookin'! Kate Upton shared a sexy selfie late last night on Instagram showi...
Talking to my brother about how perfect Kate Upton is 🙌
DETROIT (97.1 THE TICKET) – While it’s not the most risqué photo … it’s classic Kate Upton in so many ways. Would it bother you if your girlfriend was the subject of so many men’s fantasies? Kate U...
Workout GIFs: The Kate Upton Butt Workout: He texts with Kate Upton (no, he can't intro...
No filter necessary. Kate Upton shared a gorgeous photo via Instagram on Monday, June 30. "In bed with and wrote the 22-year-old, who was wrapped in nothing but a white sheet: ...
“all i wanted to be was your supreme kate moss” Kate Upton*
Having a mom who is a makeup artist, it makes me sad that people make a correlation between makeup and being "fake". In all reality, my mom wears a belt with about half this many brushes and STILL doesn't use all for every face she "paints". Men are usually the quickest to say "it's a disguise" yet, idolize spray painted contouring on Jessica Alba's body and like the "natural look" Kate Upton has. Makeup is a reality for women who wear it to accent their natural beauty. Most women you know wear at least mascara. Get over it.
Kate Upton Shares via she is radiant only 22 yrs old! Im old balls now o my god! 3666 O_O shes divine*]!
Tripped acid one night and had sex with Kate Upton. Woke up the next morning to a 300 pound girl laying next to me...- …
Did you guys know Kate Upton is only 22 years old?!?!
has gotten in trouble for Kate Upton gifs more than once, IIRC.
I love how some people can stream with major cleavage showing but got in trouble for Kate Upton gifs.
Kate Upton shares sultry selfie from bed on Instagram
I really appreciate Kate Upton for her intelligence and personality.
Reason I'm dating the right girl. when SHE sends ME a pic of Kate Upton in an American flag bikini and titles it: "your girl"!
Just ate a thick burger-pretty sure it did not look as sexy as when Kate Upton eats one. Oh well, it was good anyway.
Hazel Mae just said Kate Upton's name 10 times in about 5 seconds. It's like just learned she's with Verlander.
Shilpa Subhash Borse is following the Interest "Kate Upton in swimsuit" on -
Kate Upton had her nudes/sex tape leaked by her boyfriend on omfg
PostedJune 27, 2014 admin Kate Upton is on an ad campaign roll! Not only is she the new face…
Girlfriend forced me to google pictures of Kate Upton and her ***
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
"If someone asked me if I was Kate Upton I would be so flattered" -Nanny 😂
Someone just told me I'm prettier then Kate Upton😏
Kate Upton's grandfather is the founder of Whirlpool
This is why popsicles were invented
Oh hi Friday ;) Cheeky chick... hagopphoto your amazing . For our kate upton play shot ;)
I think Kate Upton is like stuck with stupid face 😐😮😶
Do I need to post another Kate Upton video to get things chanking?
Kate Upton's First Bobbi Brown Ads Are Here - See the model's new ads for Bobbi Brown cosmetics
I'm tryna marry Kate Upton, except I blow my money too quickly.
I liked teemu. But even Kate Upton or Taylor Swift would look bad in those ugly *** orange jerseys.
there's no possible way I am the same age as Kate Upton. Well biology screwed me on that one didn't it...
Model Kate Upton glams up for Bobbi Brown - THE CURVY stunner has replaced actress Katie Holmes as the face of the...
have to say Kate Upton because I don't like Chrissy's hair.
Kate Upton is so far ahead of the celebrity pack its scary.
Which model is the bigger babe: Chrissy Teigen or Kate Upton?
Kate Upton’s Bobbi Brown campaign revealed - The first shots of Kate Upton for Bobbi Brown have b...
Love that she's the new face of Bobbi Brown! What do you think? --> Kate Upton Debuts New Look in Latest Ad...
if I had 10 minutes in a room with Kate Upton ...
Believe me or not, some of us have sharper curves on waist than Kate Upton's. Her big breasts made her into what she is today.
Hey everyone, we have a UK EXCLUSIVE of Kate Upton’s new campaign shot for Bobbi Brown! The 22-year-old model has represented the makeup brand since March and is ‘crazy for colour’ in the new promo pics. Visit for all your beauty and fashion advice.
Jennifer Anniston, Sadie Robertson, and Kate Upton are so sexy 😍😘👅💦
Roundup: Town in Cali to outlaw bullying; Kate Upton in Lady Antebellum video;Everyone blaming Miami for Joker ouster
I will settle for Kate Upton if Katy Perry doesn't marry me.
That doesn't look like Kate Upton she looks more like Katy Perry.
I would do dirty things to Emma Stone, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, and Kate Upton.
Kate's 1st country music video: news
Kate Upton, Tony Hale star in Lady Antebellum's 'Bartender' music video
News Kate's 1st country music video
Kate Upton goes country, stars in new Lady Antebellum music video - Fox News: Kate Upton goes country, stars i...
See exclusive outtakes from Kate Upton's SI Swimsuit 2014 shoot in the Cook Islands. Watch more SI Swimsuit videos at Share this video...
Starting my day watching Kate Upton bikini pics. Its gonna be a good day
I've never understood this debate. I'm going to disagree. My reasoning: Lindsey Duke & Kate Upton.
why not pay 5k and use pictures of Kate Upton as your ex…whether she was your ex or not
Kate Upton is the greatest thing to bless this world since sliced bread.
Kate Upton and Tony Hale star in the funny music video to Lady Antebellums Bartender, combining rounds of drinks with rounds of boxing.
Liberals only cared about the national debt when Bush was president. As soon as Obama took over, debt became a good thing. Sort of like the way you would feel about a thong bikini if you first saw it on Rosie O'Donnel but later saw it on Kate Upton. -- Dd is charging $5,000 to set you up with someone who looks like your ex. You wouldn't believe how many guys on once dated Kate Upton.~~Conan
Best Game pitched in History? By Charles DeLano Last night, we were all witnessed to Clayton Kershaw’s amazing performance against the Colorado Rockies. When baseball’s first $30 million a year pitcher fanned Corey Dickerson to end the game, he had pitched a no-hitter. In the 8-0 win, Kershaw fanned 15, and walked no one. Only a throwing error by Hanley Ramirez kept Clayton from joining the Perfect Club. (Sorry, Kate Upton. Kershaw is very happy with his wife, Ellen.) It brings to mind one question: was this the single greatest game pitched in MLB history? There are several performances that will give Kershaw’s gem a run for the money. Consider Harvey Haddix in 1959 when he pitched 12 perfect innings and lost the game in the 13th. Then, there’s Kerry Wood, who on May 6, 1998, took the Astros to pitching school with a one-hit, no walk, 20 strikeout performance. Then in the 1956 World Series, Don Larsen tossed his perfecto against Brooklyn. And in 2010, Doc Halladay no-hit the Reds on one ...
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Swim Daily brings you an exclusive Behind The Scenes video from Kate Upton's SI Swimsuit 2011 Body Painting shoot. Watch more SI Swimsuit videos at
- Kate Upton - A Tribute to Hottie Moments (HD) Anybody who visits this channel or knows that we sure do love Ms. Ka...
Gather round, wee ones, for the most fearsome legend of our time. Great men have fallen to its power, and many more will continue to fall. For its charms are impossible to resist. I'm speaking, of course, of the fearsome legend of Kate Upton's curs'ed boobs. Or *** Or something. Either way, Kate…
Those writers at Star must have received great grades in creative writing in college — if they even went to college. A new report claims Dancing with the Stars pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy is locked in a love triangle with Meryl Davis and Kate Upton. PICTURES:…
Kate Upton and Veep's Tony Hale Prepare for a Drink-Off in Lady Antebellum's...
Watch this charming video of Ms. Upton acting up and dressing down in the Cook Islands. To see more Kate Upton videos go to Share this...
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IN RETROSPECT having Kate Upton, Chrissy Teigen and Irina Shayk on the same island (Boracay, Philippines) at just about the same time is kind of the Swimsuit version of having the President and …
The Royals are on Top of the Division thanks to Detroit's decline because of Justin Verlander being exhausted from playing Bouncy House with Kate Upton.
Get the exclusive first look of Lady Antebellum's new music video for "Bartender" featuring Kate Upton and Tony Hale. See the premiere on The Today Show Thursday June 19th at 9am ET! Get "Bartender" ...
Fashion and photography go hand in hand. But with photography you get to snap pictures of women and take the pictures home with you. Have fun with that. You can’t deny how amazing it would be to have taken the pictures of Kate Upton used for her Sports Illustrated covers. Hot!
Kate Upton writhes in pleasure as she devours a Hot Pocket Kate Upton and Snoop Dogg star in a new online commercial for Hot Pockets. Hot Pockets® brand sand...
Kate Upton having fun at a photo shoot on the beach.
No wonder that spot of sand was so HOT when I sat on it last year at Boracay...Kate Upton SAT on that same spot two years earlier, and the hotness never left!
Kate Upton going all Yoko Ono on the
Justin Verlander shouldn't be worried about this rough streak. He has Kate Upton and millions of dollars he's winning at life
Justin Verlander and the Detroit Tigers are John Lennon and The Beatles and Kate Upton is... Yoko Ono!
Verlander has come to accept defeat- this just in: Avisail Garcia seen with Kate Upton
After having Kate Upton to come home to for a few months, I'd have nothing more to work hard for either.
I am convinced that Kate Upton is the Kim Basinger character in The Natural. Where is Justin's Glenn Close.
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2014 - Special HD with Nina Agdal,Kate Upton: What is the name of the song?
I'm as old as Asa Butterfield and Kate Upton, put together! Try it:
I told the Starbucks lady it's Cate with a "C" in case Kate Hudson or Kate Upton walk in but if Cate Blanchett shows up we got probs.
Kate Upton introduced Justin Verlander to free jazz?
Yea...Kate Upton is more Marilyn Monroe and Jennifer Lawrence is more Raquel Welch. Good analogy?
Was told I look like Kate Upton for the 3rd time today. I don't hate it.
kate upton and I shared the same birthday 😑
Probably the same party as Kate Upton was at.
Why do girls think kate upton is ugly. she hot
Why is she famous shes not even cute. “Kate Uptons leaked NUDE photo shoot 😱
“Is it remotely possible Kate Upton is a 6? can we please st…
Kate Upton is proof that you can be a sex symbol and not at all in shape at the same time.
Kate Upton isn't the prettiest girl I've seen and Iggy isn't the ugliest. They're both attractive but idk
Let's talk about how Kate Upton is the most perfect person ever
Do you think with Justin Verlander dating Kate Upton, his focus is on the wrong mounds?
"Wait!! You're the guy who liked my Instagram photo. Hi!" -- hopefully Kate Upton some day
My brother doesn't think Kate upton is pretty. Bruh 😒
Order Miche Bag Online!
I don't see why everyone thinks kate upton is so attractive tbh
Kate Upton. >>> Seriously would just do dirty dirty dirty things. Possibly illegal things.
Kate Upton has without a doubt the nicest set of naturals in the league.
Kate Upton looks so slutty In this 😍😍😎 You're welcome
Best moments in V include many formats and few clothing items:
Having *** as big as Kate Upton's when you're hella short isn't the bizz lol
Happy belated birthday to Kate Upton. Ill buy her a birthday shot one day...maybe...hopefully. or not…
Girls who say Kate Upton is ugly are the same girls who think Izzy Azalea is hot
KATE UPTON IS ONLY 22!? Ah *** naw I'm just gonna give up on life right now 🙅
Inside Kate Upton's 22nd birthday celebration in Chicago!
unless you're an Italian supermodel. Or Kate Upton.
See Kate Upton's First Express Photoshoot - and What She 'Borrowed' From Set: The supermodel gives us a peek inside her first-ever na...
Kate Upton seriously ain't all that I don't see it tbh
Shir Elmaliach, Israeli model, is doing the Kate Upton dance
Bit strange that im older than Kate Upton. I mean like what has she done with her life..
Courtesy of Chicago Cut Steakhouse Kate Upton celebrated her 22nd birthday in Chicago Tuesday—and E! News has a disdainful details! The blond bombshell was meant to watch her beloved Justin Verlander pitch for a Detroit Tigers when a visiting group faced a Chicago White Sox during U.S. Cellular...
Hmm, I wonder what Kate Upton bare lady nest looks like. You can peek that painted kitty on the site now.
In today’s gossip roundup: Lea Michele has an interesting new boyfriend, Brad and Angelina are scouting locations for a movie, and Kate Upton is the youngest person in the world.
Kate Upton once upon a time was the regular girl next door type, but now she’s one of the best known celebs around. The Midwest born star is one the most sought after woman on the planet. From movies to modelling, Kate has packed a lot in to her… [ 358 more words. ]
Kate Upton turns 22 today, and we're celebrating by sharing her 22 most crucial, essential Internet videos. Happy birthday, Kate!
Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton has spent the last couple days in Chicago, celebrating her 22nd birthday with Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander.
Kate Upton Happy Easter Commercial Nothing says Happy Easter like Kate Upton in Peter Cottontail, a sexy commercial made last year by Emily Weiss for LOVE ma...
PICS: While the Detroit Tigers are in town, so is Kate Upton. She has been making her way around town with her boy toy Justin Verlander.
Kate Upton is in Chicago. Here's where she's been spotted so far.
Kate Upton in 22 amazing photos to celebrate her 22nd birthday! Yes, please.
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