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Kate Steinle

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. Wait- isn't this Obama's pick who allowed and was OK w/Kate Steinle's death by an illegal in San Fransico?
Of course uber-liberal San Francisco would refer to the slaughter of innocent Kate Steinle as a "controversial killing". Liber…
Luis Gutierrez also belittled what happened to Kate Steinle in San Francisco, back in '15.
Kate Steinle, killed by a product of Sanctuary Cities. Now her family is subject to the defense painting Garcia as the poor…
The trial has begun of Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, the illegal alien who shot and killed Kate Steinle in San Francisc…
"Help me, Dad": Father recounts Kate Steinle's last moments on San Francisco pier via
The ultimate insult to families like Kate Steinle, Jamile Shaw and many others.
I wish people rallied for Kate Steinle, Marilyn Pharis, Jamiel Shaw and others raped and killed by illegal aliens.
I guess Jameel Shaw and Kate Steinle's lives don't matter, ...
That's nice the way you used Jamiel Shaw's son and Kate Steinle to get elected. What happened to "Americans first"?
You cannot ask Jamiel Shaw, Kate Steinle, many others, nor the victims to come (you know not who they are) about this betrayal of Americans.
If you surrender on DACA never mention the names of Kate Steinle or Jamiel Shaw II again.
Wonder how Jamiel Shaw's dad feels this morning? Kate Steinle's parents? U were right.
Does anybody really think good, educated and accomplished young people like Kate Steinle, Sarah Root, Jamiel Shaw s…
Justice for Jamiel Shaw Jr, Kate Steinle, Sandra Duran, Joshua Wilkerson and all who were murdered by illegal immigrants.
They don't CARE if innocents like Jamiel Shaw and Kate Steinle are murdered; just collatera…
Jamie's Shaw, Dustin Inman, Kate Steinle are examples of us citizens killed by illegals...why are we…
Tell that to Kate Steinle's family. Or better yet, Jamiel Shaw Sr. who's son was gunned down by an ille…
.Kate Steinle had a dream Chelsea. . American first 🇺🇸
Kate Steinle murdered by an illegal was largely ignored by the left and MSM media that is covering Heather Heyer's death…
is named after Kate Steinle, who was shot and killed in San Francisco in by an undocumented immigrant.
Boohoo. An illegal scraped his knees. . Kate Steinle was murdered by an illegal, so excuse my lack of sympathy. https:/…
Casey Chadwick, Kate Steinle, Jamiel Shaw Jr would all be alive & with their families if the illegal ali…
From our archive, more about Kate Steinle, referenced by Sessions in press conference today
Sad thing is liberals want all of them here! Murders, pervs, thieves! Kate Steinle had to loose her life so Americans would see!
I wonder why I didn't see any of these people protesting when kate steinle was killed?
So Trump lies when he mentions Kate Steinle's family? That didn't happen?
of course not youre not Kate steinle or any of the relatives at the Boston Marathon or the Florida nightclub how nice
I wonder what Kate Steinle thinks about the ways in which the mental health of illegal immigrants is affected. Oh, wait...
Piece warns of the mental health impact of immigration policy on Latinos. Unfortunately, Kate Steinle is un…
Kate Steinle. Murdered by an illegal alien that had been deported several times. . We won't surrender our country to libe…
...from the state that gave us the Kate Steinle situation.
Only a Person who lives in San Francisco would make that statement ! Sanctuary city that killed Kate Steinle
The hypocrites would NOT want strangers in their house, or criminals in their house, their loved ones murdered, Rem…
I suppose that "all" means criminal illegal aliens too like Kate Steinle's killer, right? Expect no more federal funding.
Gutierrez said the murder of Kate Steinle was a small thing
I've a lot of empathy for Kate Steinle's family & other victims but to think that millions of INNOCENT people will be harmed in her name :(
if they were not able to get here the crime would not occurred which is the point,like Kate Steinle murder & others
I pray for your kids nothing ever happens to them like what happened to Kate Steinle since u seem to be ok wi…
Just think, had this happened in 2015, Kate Steinle would still be alive.
Remember when Gutierrez called the death of Kate Steinle a small thing?
Clever signs read “No Human Is Illegal”. I ask, how are you going to explain that rumination to Kate Steinle’s parents?
Kate Steinle was murdered by illegal immigrant Francisco Sanchez. He was deported from the U.S. 5 times. The Obama was incompetent.
Immigrants not equal to illegals. Too bad Kate Steinle and all others killed by illegals didn't have
What would Sen Schummer say if someone in his family was shot like Kate Steinle in SF?
No tears from this Dem Party libtard clown Schumer for Kate Steinle,Joshua Wilkerson,Brandon Mendoza,Drew Rosenberg…
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All can think is how Dems destroyed CA. Raised taxes. state still crumbling. Murdered Kate Steinle, don't care. Cut money!
Hey In addition to teen was just murdered by illegal immigrants, why not ask Kate Steinle's family and Dustin Inman's family too?
Ask Kate Steinle's family about being ripped apart forever! Not just separated by a border.…
That arrest may have saved someones life?. Americans abide by law🤔. No Justice😡 RT.
A FELON with ties to GANGS - have a little sympathy for VICTIMS - Kate Steinle, Jamiel Shaw! - DEPORT all CRIMINALS!
Uh oh, last time a Fed Agent's firearm was stolen in San Francisco, it was used to kill Kate Steinle.
tell that to the families of Kate Steinle, Jamiel Shaw Jr. & Spencer Golvach. 1 American life is too many.
Judge: San Francisco can't be sued over death of Kate Steinle who was killed by illegal immigrant /// https…
Yes, please tell Kate Steinle & Jamal Shaw's families. I don't think they know.
Did you hear say all the immigrants in her state are safe to have- can you say Kate Steinle ?
Anyone that supports Sanctuary Cities, please google Jamiel Shaw and Kate Steinle and then defend your position
liberals caused this attack by breaking the laws in Sanctuary Cities they prey upon Americans like Kate Steinle
Apparently, they've learned nothing from the San Bernadino incident, and the unnecessary death of Kate Steinle
Barry never called Kate Steinle's family. Sanctuary Cities are are a disgrace to America and must be defunded.
Unlike Trevon Martin, Sandra Bland, Kate Steinle and so many others, at least he was able to live after the crime
Hillary Clinton supports Sanctuary Cities. "Where was Sanctuary for Kate Steinle? For the children of Laura, Michelle,…
."I see in his eyes, the sadness of innocent lives lost, like those of Kate Steinle, Jamiel Shaw."
Kate Steinle should be alive today, but she isn't because the federal government failed her. Pass
was Nancy Pelosi & Diane Feinstein w/Kate Steinle a young woman shot dead by an illegal immigrant in their Sanctuary?
.saw you whining on fox about your daughters safety in Paris. Imagine what Kate Steinle's parents think. ***
Family of Kate Steinle files lawsuit over deadly shooting on San Francisco pier (Fox News)
Family of Kate Steinle sues fed government for providing "the means and opportunity for a repeat drug felon to secure a gun and kill Kate"
Sanctuary Cities opposition start when Trump ha been using the murder of 32-year-old Kate Steinle by 7-time...
1st 10 people who can guess how many times HRC met w/ Kate Steinle's mother, U get free tee. http…
Plenty of time for selfies, not much for Pat Smith or family of Kate Steinle. She is a fraud.
Right,because illegal aliens murdering young women like Kate Steinle are not the problem. Sure, bigotry. Can we nuke California now?
Not getting rid of Sanctuary Cities could hurt people Kate Steinle 🇺🇸
Kate Steinle case: Judge upholds murder charge in pier killing: Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez is charged with second…
Illegal Mexican criminal murdered Kate Steinle in SF last year:
The illegal-alien killers of Kate Steinle and Detective Michael Davis, Jr. and Deputy Danny Oliver were convicted of federal drug offenses.
if Kate Steinle meant anything to them, they'd support him but people's priorities are mixed up.
-. Obama took the time to meet with this woman, but not the family of Kate Steinle. He said Trump's embarrassing. https…
An unsecure border means there could be a predator walking the streets, Kate Steinle learned that the hard way
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SET ORGANIZATION IN CALI!!need 2 get ahold of Kate Steinle parents SF, Sabine in riversid
Stephen Miller: "Did the Special Interests who are weeping over Trump's tone weep any tears when Kate Steinle died?" htt…
Yeah, like that would've really helped Kate Steinle.
vote =continue the same Illegal Alien policies that led to Kate Steinle murder! . https…
Killed by an illegal w a criminal record. Like Kate Steinle, don't you ever forget the name of Peter Hacking. Ever.
Lol,we know ILLEGALS kill 25 Americans a day.Poor Kate Steinle.Poor Mathew Denice of my state
Mexico threw the first punch when Kate Steinle was murdered. Every time someone dies from Heroin OD.
Megyn Kelly takes on President Obama's silence after Kate Steinle's murder. via
why should any? Why should gov't ? Why can't Kate Steinle's Fam sue SF and fed gov't for not enforcing laws?
yep found a group of numb nuts who don't care abt Kate Steinle or the fact that you have done nothing on immigration
the voters of Wisconsin didn't care about Kate Steinle nor do they care if their family members end up like Kate
one example, Kate Steinle in San Francisco, no one talks about her. Need to end Sanctuary Cities.
It'd be nice if Trump had Kate Steinle's dad at his first State of the Union. Strong message.
Just remember who Trump is fighting for, he's fighting for beautiful Kate Steinle, and every victim to illegal immigrati…
I agree. Kate Steinle was a shiftless layabout.
Did the Government put a Gag Order on Kate Steinle's family???
Rubio Supports the Same Illegal Alien policies that killed Kate Steinle!. https:/…
Jeb was Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez providing for his family when he killed Kate Steinle?
Jamiel Shaw and Kate Steinle's lives matter... without no one would even be saying their names! THANK YOU
Sad to say: death of Kate Steinle would have had no national attention w/o Trump. See Jamie Shaw - no national attn.
..If Malia had been killed by an illegal like Kate Steinle, Jamiel Shaw,,the border would be secure and laws enforced.
President held empty seat for gun victims. Where was seat for Kate Steinle, killed by illegal immigrant in San Fran? ht…
I didn't see any tears, from Obama, for Tyshawn Lee, or for Kate Steinle.
where were the tears for Kate Steinle and Tyshawn Lee? Sanctuary Cities are ok I guess.
Tears Of Rage: Obama Cries During Gun Control Speech.Remember when he cried when Kate Steinle murdered by illegal ? https…
Never seen Obama shed a tear for Kate Steinle, Jamiel Shaw+many Americans killed by illegal aliens in US. Not one tear.
I remember when he was Latin Kings thug! .said Kate Steinle's death (cont)
He's quiet about that, and Kate Steinle, but he sure stood up for Sandra Fluke's *** birth control crap, didn't he.
If De Blasio is the worst,SF Mayor Edwin M. Lee is a close second,Donald.Lee is a total lib coward who killed Kate Steinle
Like they vetted Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, who later killed Kate Steinle?
“Liz Sullivan, Kate Steinle's mom: how would the President feel if it was his daughter!!
too bad that illegal immigrant that murdered Kate Steinle, it was Richard Blum. Then you would have voted yes on it.
Shame Obama.Selecting who to meet w/ to advance AGENDA.OR shooting yes, Kate Steinle family NO. News from The AP
Why does a black Muslim kid get invited to the WH for building a clock? Kate Steinle's family didn't get an invite or even…
At Pier 14 memorial in San Fran where Kate Steinle was murdered by illegal immigrant. Surreal moment. RIP Kate.
Dead on correct, for real--He spoke about Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, etc--not One word about Kate Steinle.
Charles Joseph Gliniewicz, Kate Steinle, and Christian Taylor-- for example-- were all killed in cold blood.
Family of Kate Steinle suing government for Kate's death; watch emotional announcement - BizPac...
Family of Kate Steinle suing government for Kate’s death; watch emotional announcement via
Adds insult to injury.Ask the family of Kate Steinle, Jamile Shaw, and thousands of others. We have enuf nut jobs in US
from Fox News: Judge to hear evidence in Kate Steinle shooting case
I guess Kate Steinle and Jamiel Shaw (both murdered by illegal immigrants) didn't make the cut.
If only Obama cared as much about Kate Steinle as a lion
Members of the San Francisco County Board of Supervisors: most cold-hearted politicians I've seen. No sympathy for death of Kate Steinle.
Just voted to block federal funding to Murder of Kate Steinle was preventable; should never happen again
No presidential response to Kate Steinle snd no 1/2 flag for 5 dead Marines. Barry Sotero scumbag.
“Can you believe THIS? --> calls murder of Kate Steinle a 'little thing'
Kate Steinle's parents and voiced their support for 'Kate's Law.' http:…
Obama writes personal letters to 46 felons, ignores family of murder victim Kate Steinle
Obama publicly remarks about deaths of Trevon Martin, Michael Brown & Freddie Gray on national TV. Murder of Kate Steinle. Not a word!
I absolutely support Kate’s Law—in honor of the beautiful Kate Steinle who was gunned down in SF by an illegal immigra…
You'll speak about Freddie Gray, Michael Brown, and Trayvon Martin, but not Kate Steinle? 🐸☕
Why doesn't he address Kate Steinle's murder like he did for Martin, Brown, and Gray?
Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were both shot by police officers. Kate Steinle was shot by a felon.
Kate Steinle's Murder isn't PLASTERED all over the LIBERAL News like Michael Brown, Freddie Gray and Trayvon Martin! FAIR & …
Why is there no outrage over the murder of Kate Steinle!? Why does Obama have something to say about Trevon Martin but silence on Kate?
Bergdahl, Martin, Brown, Gray...POTUS speaks. Kate Steinle murdered by an illegal, POTUS says zip. No phone call to that family. Pitiful.
Fires me up that the White House had nothing to say about Kate Steinle's murder but could speak out about Martin, Brown, and Gray's.
Fake Outrage over Kate Steinle assasination by crony senator Dianne Feinstein. She backed election of SF Mayor Ed Lee
I guarantee you that you wouldn't have heard the name Kate Steinle or Jamiel Shaw without Trump
Epic POS Still silent on murder of Kate Steinle – Obama golfs
Actually, Sanctuary Cities Are Safer Hey, Trump, no trolls allowed on this bridge.
And that poor Kate Steinle...That was messed up how NO liberal said ANYTHING about it.
why haven't you commented on the murder of Kate Steinle? These immigration laws need to change.
Illegal alien who murdered Kate Steinle "returned to San Francisco because he knew it was a sanctuary city"
Shameful disguise for a city, RIP Kate Steinle. This *** of a Mayor couldn't give a *** about your lost life.
CNN law enforcement analyst:"W/O stupid sanctuary city law in crazy San Francisco, Kate Steinle would STILL be alive" …
."Kate Steinle is collateral damage to the insane far-left politics that have long corrupted SF."
I don't ever want to hear the Left say Guns should be banned . The Illegal who killed Kate Steinle used a Feds Gun . Obama guns …
Mike Brown killed after assaulting cop: Obama comments, 40 officials visit. . Kate Steinle killed by illegal in sanctuar…
‘STOP THAT!’ Furious Megyn explodes with disgust over Obama’s silence in Kate Steinle murder
Hmmm Why do u suppose Obama's so silent on the murder of Kate Steinle by an undeported illegal using a federal agent's gun? …
So more 'non violent' criminals back on the streets. Did you ask Kate Steinle's family about letting criminals back on the streets?
Apparently Kate Steinle doesn't look enough like Obama's daughters for him to give a ***
.just in case you missed this, it happened. Kathryn ‘Kate’ Steinle Remembered via
Where is the outrage for Kate Steinle? The silence is deafening. Media? Obama? The politically correct? are you
Can Kate Steinle's family sue San Francisco over its sanctuary city policy? | Fox News |
Why and are wrong about Sanctuary Cities:
BOOM! Megyn Kelly SLAMS Obama silence on Kate Steinle's murder by illegal immigrant in EPIC...
etc:any media actually asked 2 address murder of Kate Steinle by illegal alien in "sanctuary city?"
Obama's comment on the killing of Kate Steinle: _crickets.
.on murder of Kate Steinle: “The silence from President is absolutely deafening.”
Question for Does Kate Steinle's murder deserve as much attention as you gave to Trayvon Martin?.
Obama's silence on Kate Steinle's death illustrates his goal to transform the U.S. h…
Slams Sanctuary Cities in wake of Kate Steinle's death. WATCH:
San Francisco was a sanctuary city, but not for Kate Steinle
Kate Steinle, killed by felon in San Francisco, laid to rest
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My heart breaks for Jamiel and Althea Shaw and Kate Steinle's family.
If Nancy Pelosi had just given Juan Sanchez a room in her San Francisco mansion maybe Kate Steinle would still be alive today.
Yes, Mr. Prez, Kate Steinle is really dead. Care to comment?
The shooting of Kate Steinle by an illegal in San Francisco--a 'Sanctuary City'--should be the GOP's Sister Souljah moment…
Michael Brown, Freddie Grey and Travon Martin all get POTUS speeches with Federal agents but Kate Steinle gets crickets.…
Unlike Michael Brown or Trayvon Martin, Kate Steinle was an upstanding citizen who wasn't criminal. You can see why Obama'…
Obama silent as Kate Steinle is laid to rest, (...but not about Trevon Martin, Michael Brown, or Freddy Grey). WHY?
“Give an answer! You can’t!”. backs guest into corner over Obama’s silence on death of Kate Steinle:
The Obamas have two precious young daughters. Yet President Obama has zero to say @ Kate Steinle, no reaching out to family, no attendance.
kelly, re Obama and Kate Steinle's murder he is a racist, Period.
Funeral services were held tonight for Kate Steinle, but where was the
The murder of Kate Steinle would have gotten a lot more attention if only she had looked like she could be Obama's daughte…
Fox News producer confronts San Francisco officials over killing of Kate Steinle:
Kate Steinle, the young lady killed by the illegal alien, was laid to rest today. Obama didn't go or condemn...
No Scott. People like Kate Steinle is the loser who lost her life at the hands of an illegal alien that D.T. talks about.
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Bless you Megan Kelly for holding accountable for his inaction on Kate Steinle!
Meghan Kelly is right. SHAME on White House for not sending FBI or reps to funeral of Kate Steinle, but for criminals in Ferguson, Baltimore
KTVU Channel 2. Page Liked · 14 mins · . REST IN PEACE: Kate Steinle, the young woman who was shot on San...
What has Obama said about Francisco Sanchez, the illegal immigrant that murdered Kate Steinle? "Young white...
Talk to Jamiel Shaw, Kate Steinle & Spencer Golvach's parents. Ask them that question. Its ok as long as its not your kid, right?
Jamiel Shaw’s parents speak out after the tragic murder of Kate Steinle:
Obama is quick to defend 'injustices' against Henry Louis Gates and Trevon Martin but what about Kate Steinle's murder? Obama is complicit
you should be embarrassed to be part of a group that showed NO emotion when Jessie Waters spoke about Kate Steinle. COLD.
Four things to keep in mind about the debate after Kate Steinle's killing:.
..If Malia Obama or Sasha Obama killed by Francisco Sanchez instead of Kate Steinle would .enforce laws?
The murder of Kate Steinle can be laid directly on the doorstep of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Kate Steinle is dead because of the damage have done in their crusade to dismantle U.S. immigration law. http…
Parents of Kate Steinle told me will keep the family moving forward and they're touched by the community's outpouring of support.
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