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Kate McKinnon

Kate McKinnon Berthold, better known by her stage name Kate McKinnon (born January 6, 1984), is an American actress and comedian, best known for her sketch comedy work as a cast member on Saturday Night Live and previously on The Big Gay Sketch Show.

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In my head, Kate McKinnon and I are bff's
...I want Kate McKinnon to nibble on my nose
"Does it — push your buttons?" Kate McKinnon/Mika Brzezinski asks Joe Scarborough on "S.N.L." http…
I'm sorry but Kate McKinnon's accent in Rough Night...I'm drooling.
The guy is missing Joe's big smug smile, but Kate McKinnon's Mika is absolutely BRILLIANT
honestly i love kate mckinnon so much like uGH
i love kate cant hold her booze AT ALL mckinnon
Guess what a guess told me today... THAT I LOOK LIKE KATE MCKINNON.
Two of a kind. 👯 and Kate McKinnon team up in in theaters this Christmas.
Why does SNL even bother with sketches that don't include Kate McKinnon? Why?
Kate McKinnon is the biggest talent to come out of SNL since Eddie Murphy or maybe even Steve Martin. Hugely gifted.
In Saturday's cold open, Kate McKinnon as and Alex Moffat as Fantastic
Kate McKinnon is way hotter than Mika.
It made my night, Kate McKinnon is great
Kate McKinnon as Mika Brzezinski is kinda, no actually, incredibly hot.
I want to see a trashy movie just because Kate McKinnon is in it.
Watching last night's and Kate McKinnon is a true gem. . And also Chris Pine is one hella gorgeous man.
Kate McKinnon is so freaking talented. Very funny
This was everything. Kate McKinnon, you are everything
Ever since Kate McKinnon did the embarrassing "Hallelujah" tribute to Hillary I refuse to watch Saturday Night Live - disg…
I wonder what the love of my life, Kate McKinnon is doing right now? Probably thinking of me.
Watch Alec Baldwin Repeal Trump's Good Mood on 'SNL' Kate McKinnon cracks me up!! 😄
Master impersonator Kate McKinnon does it again portraying Mika -
just watched SNL and had to say to you what I say whenver I see Kate McKinnon Boy is she talented and funny!!
Kate McKinnon as Mika Brezinsky is pretty effing brilliant
Is there anything Kate McKinnon can't do on SNL.
Also now I have a crush on Kristen Stewart, Kate McKinnon, *and* Kate McKinnon doing an impression of Kristen Stewart
Kate McKinnon playing Kristen Stewart on SNL is everything!!!
I'm watching BELOW HER MOUTH and I swear the lead actress is Kate McKinnon as Kristen Stewart. I don't hate it.
Aaaand in this pic, Katy Perry looks like Kate McKinnon 😂. What a charmeleon
I always feel like Clay's mom is Kate McKinnon playing Felicity Huffman on
Hillary Clinton lost the election but Kate McKinnon will win another Emmy according to our predictions:…
"Alec Baldwin puts Kate McKinnon in rare company as one of the three most talented individuals he's ever worked with." 😭😭😭…
In last night’s dream, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and Kate McKinnon skydived in Evil Knievel outfits and then we danced
1. Incredible cast. Patrick Bateman, TJ Miller, Kate McKinnon. Rob Cordry and Jennifer Aniston at the top of their respective games.
Kate McKinnon's Jeff Sessions gets a do-over on his Senate hearing on SNL
Kate McKinnon could play the entire Trump administration if let her
Kate McKinnon is scary good as Jeff Sessions on SNL – Alec Baldwin returned as Donald Trump
"SNL" last night: Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump, Scarlett Johansson as Ivanka Trump, Kate McKinnon as Jeff Sessions
but people are saying it's a Totes Feminist Delight because it's got an all-female cast (Scar Jo, Kate McKinnon) (cont.)
Scar Jo, Kate McKinnon and Ilana Glazer do a bunch of coke in the NSFW trailer for 'Rough Night'.
Scarlett Johansson, Kate McKinnon accidentally kill a man in trailer (Watch)
When I die, pls can Kate McKinnon's life flash before my eyes instead of my own - it's way more interesting and the scrip…
Kate McKinnon's Kellyanne Conway will sit and text just about anywhere on 'SNL'
Watch: Kate McKinnon returns to ‘SNL’ to imagine Jeff Sessions as Forrest Gump
Kate McKinnon returns to troll Jeff Sessions as Forrest Gump in cold open.
Order Miche Bag Online!
"Run! Jeffrey! Run!": Kate McKinnon turns Attorney General Jeff Sessions into Forrest Gump on http…
Kate McKinnon's Jeff Sessions is Forrest Gump in cold open
'Being in the government is so fun'; Kate McKinnon's Jeff Sessions stars in 'Forrest Gump' parody on 'SNL'…
Kate McKinnon does Forrest Gump as Jeff Sessions, and Octavia Spencer gets the racist AG to eat potty pie.
Kate McKinnon's Jeff Sessions was Forrest Gump on last night.
Kate McKinnon plays Jeff Sessions as Forrest Gump on hilarious new "This is my best good friend Kellyanne."
No Trump on this week, but we did get Kate McKinnon as Jeff Sessions
Pretty sure if wasn't filmed live they'd just let Kate McKinnon play all the roles like Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor.
Kate McKinnon is giving me life tonight! Lmao!
Kate McKinnon makes this horrible political atmosphere a little more tolerable ❤
The only thing better than Kate McKinnon's Bieber is her Jeff Sessions. Tears... streaming... down, down my face from laug…
Y'all I was just 7 feet away from Kate McKinnon !
Kate McKinnon as kneeling Kellyanne Conway tonight is gonna make me pee...
Kate McKinnon is playing most of the key players of Trump's team and she is killing it! I absolutely love her
Made a side by side of Kate McKinnon & Kellyanne Conway 😂
Kate McKinnon as KellyAnn Conway in every sketch is genius and hysterical. I cannot stop laughing
Kate McKinnon continuing to slay as Jeff Sessions
To review: three sightings of Kate McKinnon's Kellyanne Conway so far tonight on Where will she be next?
Kate McKinnon hanging out just texting during stole the show!
Kate McKinnon/Jeff Sessions: "This is my best friend, KellyAnne. She ain't got no legs. They don't let her talk anymor…
Watching this week is like playing a game of find the wild Kate McKinnon as Kellyanne Conway in every skit. 😂😅
Check this out hits another home run.
Lmao. And again. This is classic! Kate McKinnon keeps randomly popping up tonight. Hilarious. 🤣
This is my best good friend Kellyanne, she ain't got no legs
Kate McKinnon as as Forrest Gump was an inspired choice,
Kate McKinnon returned as embattled AG Jeff Sessions (as Forrest Gump) tonight:
Wish we could've seen more of Kate McKinnon tonight. ❤️
They're making Kate McKinnon sit on all the sets like Kellyanne Conway and I can't stop laughing.
Hilarious bumper shot of the talented Kate McKinnon as Kellyann Conway.
Kate McKinnon is Eddie Murphy in the 80s. So who's hanging on as Joe Piscopo? Because I've got bad news for everybo…
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I never knew how much I needed Kate McKinnon as Jeff Sessions as Forrest Gump until now.
Kate McKinnon's vivid versatility is making
Vanessa Bayer and Kate McKinnon are the best things about SNL!
Meryl Steep is a legend. Emma stone is perfect . Kate McKinnon is everything. Katy Perry is the queen . gn xx
📹 Kate McKinnon and Vanessa Bayer discussing how Kate is amazing at dancing to Beyoncé - from the...
Top choices for MC:. Alec Baldwin, or... Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon.
Watching the Magic School Bus with my nephews and thinking about how awesome Kate McKinnon is going to be as the new Miss Frizzle
Kate McKinnon to voice Miss Frizzle in Netflix’s ‘Magic School Bus’ reboot
Step inside—it's a wilder ride! Kate McKinnon is ready to climb on the Magic School Bus as Miss Frizzle:
Hillary 'a big fan' of her 'SNL' impersonator Kate McKinnon (Page Six)
Clinton has dinner with Kate McKinnon in New York
Hillary Clinton and the woman who plays her on SNL, Kate McKinnon, had dinner yesterday in the theater district
: was hoping to see Kate McKinnon reprise her Kelly Anne Conway character as a try out for a new Hardee's commercial. Sorry Puzder!
Hillary Clinton had dinner with Kate McKinnon tonight and then went to see a show. Didn't think she could get any more ins…
Katy Perry dancing during her performance at the looks like Kate McKinnon pretending to be Katy Perry
Not in my blog post, I thought Katy Perry looked a bit like SNL's Kate McKinnon (or at least McKinnon in Ghostbusters) with her blond hair.
can't tell if I want to be Kate McKinnon or if I want to be with Kate McKinnon
Hi Kate McKinnon, can you please come do a tour of Alabama as Jeff Sessions? I would really like for that to happen. I'll be waiting.
Also, I am forever thankful to you for showing me that Kate McKinnon joke. WOW.
Kate McKinnon has some kind of security detail at this point. Right?
“I heed not your ‘bro code’. Justice has no gender.”. Warriana is such a great character. And voiced by Kate McKinnon!
Did you see Kate McKinnon in Ghostbusters last year?
Kate McKinnon has been Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren. The last time I checked they were Democrats.
Kate McKinnon will u be my galentine
Kate McKinnon: Ghosts from Our Past: Both Literally and Figuratively: The Study of the Paranormal:
So after the reports that Trump hated Spicer being played by a woman, seems very deliberate chose Kate McKinnon to p…
sneaky suspicion that Kate McKinnon's Emmy won't be alone for much longer FUBAR does become when Kate McKinnon finally leaves the show for bigger and better things in Hollywood?
"An all-star tribute to the Bee Gees featuring Demi Lovato." Sometimes the are one Kate McKinnon appearance away from an SNL sketch
Weekend Update: Kate McKinnon is maybe our greatest living performer
I laughed my *** off. Kate McKinnon is insanely funny. Didn't realize looks like
Texts about Kate McKinnon are my favorite texts.
Kate McKinnon will voice Ms. Frizzle in Netflix's "Magic School Bus" reboot via
Is there anyone Kate McKinnon can't play. She's brilliant Hillary, Kellyane, Bieber, now Elizabeth Warren love…
Thank you ! Thank you Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon! Laughter is great medicine !
2 words describe Kate McKinnon as on tonight.
had their best ratings in 6 years thanks to Alec Baldwin, Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon
Kate McKinnon manages to be nearly as creepy as the true Kellyanne Conway in this hilarious 'Fatal Attraction' parody..…
Watch what happens when Kate McKinnon's Kellyanne Conway finally goes off the deep end on http…
my bet is Kate McKinnon considering she plays literally everyone else.
Based on their current casting patterns I would say Kate Mckinnon
Pretty sure Kate McKinnon is a genius
I love watching lady gaga perform because it looks like Kate McKinnon trying to impersonate Lady Gaga
last week's SNL 'Sean Spicer press conference' Cold Open with Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon
Jeff Sessions, Kellyanne Conway and Elizabeth Warren all in one episode, Kate McKinnon is a BOSS. https:…
Kate McKinnon: the Queen of making me feel attracted to political figures.
Watch: SNL’s Kate McKinnon as Elizabeth Warren grills the Weekend Update hosts.
I would love nothing more than to come home and see Kate McKinnon broke in and was only wearing a night gown
Kate McKinnon is brilliant and Im in love with her.
Kate McKinnon plays Jeff Sessions on "SNL"via Republicans are funny girls played by girls
Kate McKinnon is hands down one of the funniest comedians of this generation
Can we have an L Word reboot with Kristin Stewart, Kate McKinnon, Ashlyn Harris, Ruby Rose, Samira Wiley,...
If hated a woman playing on he's really going to hate Kate McKinnon as Sessions: http…
Melissa McCarthy reprises Sean Spicer (in heels) on "SNL," Kate McKinnon plays Jeff Sessions and Kellyanne Conway
Kate McKinnon as Sessions is the best SNL impression of an Alabama senator since Chris Farley played Howell Heflin
A brief history of Alabama senators:. Howell Heflin: played by Chris Farley. Jeff Sessions: played by Kate McKinnon
Kate McKinnon as the new Miss Frizzle is quite possibly the best thing to happen in 2017
How perfect is Kate McKinnon as Ms. Frizzle in the revival?
Arnold: Please let this be a normal field trip. Everyone: With the Friz (now Kate McKinnon) NO WAY.
Netflix taps Kate McKinnon as the Ms. Frizzle for a new generation:   10% Off
star Kate McKinnon will voice Ms. Frizzle in revival!
Kate McKinnon will voice Ms. Frizzle in the 'Magic School Bus' reboot:
Kate McKinnon will replace Lily Tomlin as Ms. Frizzle in the new Magic School Bus
HELLA INTO THIS. ⚡️ “Kate McKinnon is boarding the Magic School Bus as Ms. Frizzle”.
Seat belts, everyone! Live from The Magic School Bus it's Kate McKinnon:
Netflix puts Kate McKinnon behind the wheel of its rebooted Magic School Bus
Kate McKinnon is ready to get messy as the voice of Ms. Frizzle in Netflix's upcoming "The Magic School Bus" revival
Kate McKinnon will drive the Magic School Bus in Netflix's reboot.
Holy amazing casting, Kate McKinnon is your new Ms. Frizzle in Netflix’s ‘Magic School Bus’ series:
Kate McKinnon is the new Ms. Frizzle in revival
.reboot finds the perfect Ms. Frizzle... Kate McKinnon (!!!)
if you're LGBTQ+, you love Kate McKinnon, or you want Trump to die
Oscars 2017: Samuel L Jackson, Kate McKinnon and more to present awards at probably Trump-centric ceremony - The…
Ok so Kate Mckinnon's presenting an award right? PLEASE LET IT BE TO VIOLA DAVIS! THANKS
TB people and tagging everyone. Charlize Theron. Michelle Yeoh. Kate Mckinnon
I think Kate McKinnon would be amazing stand in for Madeline Khan if you ever do make history of the world part 2...
I'm still not over Kate McKinnon's reaction to Kristen Stewart cursing live on network television.
I can't wait for Kate McKinnon to do this Bowling Green Massacre parody on SNL
From Kate McKinnon to Ellen DeGeneres, these ladies in comedy are killin' it
The more Kelly Ann Conway messes up the more Kate McKinnon I get so you just keep doing you, Kelly. 👌🏻
Kate McKinnon is going to be BUSY this week.
your grandma also looks like Kate McKinnon.
Omg Kate Mckinnon why are u so nice and perfect
Is it because Kate McKinnon plays them both on SNL?
I can't wait for Kate McKinnon to get her hands on this
the best part about this is im picturing Kellyanne Conway as kate mcKinnon from SNL omg
She's doing an impression of Kate McKinnon doing an impression of her.right?
Kate McKinnon is the voice actor for my favorite character on Nature Cat, which delights me.
Other than giving the brilliant Kate McKinnon more, there isn't any reason.
"Kate McKinnon to set, please... Kate McKinnon to set."
Why hasn't acknowledged Kate McKinnon's past as a Finnish scientist from the 50s?!?
what? Kate McKinnon. Michael Che. Leslie Jones. Vanessa Bayer. What about Poehler and Fey and Fallon and Ferrell???!
Can you believe I managed to run into Kate McKinnon while I was wearing my ghostbusters jacket and holtzmann "screw-u" ne…
Kate McKinnon had so much potential 😭😭😭
Chica struts her summer style with and Kate McKinnon!
Me: why can't I run into Kate McKinnon while walking down a street?. Me, realising I live in the Netherlands and no…
Kate McKinnon, though genius, is the wrong person to play Kellyanne. K is Kirsten Wiig's Penelope.
Kate McKinnon? Do you mean the most gorgeous woman to ever grace the earth?
Forget Chris Matthews. This is a job for Kate McKinnon.
Well, at this point, the best I can hope for is some A+ Kate McKinnon material this weekend.
Kathryn McKinnon Berthold (born January 6, 1984), known professionally as Kate McKinnon, is an Am…
Kate McKinnon in a shot for shot recreation of "Roxie" from Chicago but as kellyann Conway is actually going to stop my heart
Oh don't even get me started on my date nights with Kate McKinnon. :)
. I would've added 2 the list: Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Ellen, Kristen Wiig, Tina Fey, Lilly Tomlin, so many more!
Choose one for the rest of your life: Kate McKinnon... — angela merkel
Kate McKinnon's impersonation of is hilarious! But, we all know she's 2 gorgeous 2 be Kelly's pasty n sick looking ***
Carrie Fisher: My personal heroine. Mary McLeod Bethune: She did it all. Kate McKinnon: The funniest female alive
I wanna reboot the Mary kate and Ashley franchise with Kate McKinnon and Elizabeth banks
We're in the same building as Cecily Strong, Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Leslie Jones, Colin Jost, Melissa Villeseñor, Vanessa Bayer, Pete D
plus Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon are gold in this
Need me a friendship like Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon
Easy. Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon as the shark.
.was so funny! Kate McKinnon and Jennifer Anniston were hilarious!!
Watching the Ghostbusters with the family for Christmas. Introducing my youngest sister to and Kate McKin…
Last year I got the Big *** Sketch Show DVDs and this year I got the new Ghostbusters DVD! So much Kate McKinnon ✨
but portrayed by Kate McKinnon. An even better known homosexual.
Kate McKinnon is Entertainer of the Year: via
USA TODAY Entertainer of the year: Kate McKinnon via
I hope Kate McKinnon had a nice Christmas
fun fact Kate McKinnon went to my moms high school and church but was a few years younger so they weren't bff's
All I want for Christmas is for Kate McKinnon to be my wife.
Kate McKinnon was like the cushion we all needed when 2016 took a gigantic hard fall. Blessed she's on our tv's!
roses are red . and I love kate mckinnon's smile
Kate McKinnon is a fighter. She is strong, she is a gift.
At the start of 2016, we didn’t know how much we’d need Kate McKinnon. Now she's our 2016 Entertainer of the year
"McKinnon showed the world why she was who we'd wanna call..." I feel like a proud mom or something 😭😍 yesss Kate y…
At the end of 2016, I am grateful for Kate McKinnon..
Kate McKinnon's character choices are not what I expected them to be but I love them, deeply and passionately, as I knew I would
I hope Kate McKinnon is having a nice Christmas
Ghostbusters interview: Paul Feig on how Kate McKinnon's Holtzmann became everyone's new obsession
Did u get ur last minute holiday shopping done? Kate McKinnon & helped me pick out my holiday gifts! https:/…
He & Kate Mckinnon are the reason I watch Saturday Night Live tbh
Kate McKinnon's a bit crazy, Jillian Bell's more self-confident and aggressive than she looks, Rob Corddry's an *** and so forth.
Trump's win caught SNL off guard, as they were planning on four years of Kate McKinnon playing Hillary Clinton.
Did you guys know that Kate McKinnon and Elizabeth Banks are not the same person? Seriously who knew
Some respectable and very funny actors like Rob Corddry & Kate Mckinnon don't really get a chance to shine
I'd be ok if SNL was only Kate McKinnon and Keenan Thompson. They could even rename it Keenan and Kate. Who's with me?!?
Office Christmas Party is fun, and if you love Jason Bateman or Kate McKinnon or Jennifer Anniston or TJ Miller, you should go see it 6.5/10
Kate McKinnon wins best actress in a comedy series for "Saturday Night Live"
I want Kate McKinnon and Kristen Wiig to take turns stepping on my threat
Tagged by multiple people: top 4 women crushed . - Kate McKinnon . - Kristen Wiig. - Cecily Strong . - Jennifer Aniston ht…
Office Christmas Party is a solid party movie. Jason Bateman and TJ Miller hold it down, Kate McKinnon shines
I kinda sorta wanna see Office Party, only because Kate McKinnon and Olivia Munn are in it.
Out actress Kate McKinnon lands first lead role in a movie
Out actress Kate McKinnon lands her first lead role in a movie
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