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Kate McCann

The disappearance of Madeleine McCann occurred on the evening of Thursday, 3 May 2007, in Praia da Luz, a resort in the Algarve region of Portugal.

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How is it miscreants Kate and Bro. Gerry left alone and had a nanny for her at th…
Kate and Bro. Gerry trying to bury bad news:
Why did Scotland Yard Cadaver dogs alerted to blood and Cadaver Odour on Kate pants?.
Ocean Club nanny insists there's 'no way' Madeleine McCann's parents 'did it'
'They've taken her': Nanny who looked after Madeleine McCann reveals despair of Kate and Gerry when: via
I can't make love to Gerry , Kate got 1/2 million for selling this garbage. Indeed it is horrib…
Karen Matthews has made some bizarre comments about Kate McCann.
Kate McCann has gone on Britain's Got Talent? Can imagine how that one went "Watch with amazement, as I make this 4 year…
Kate McCann singing I Miss You on BGT. What next, Karen Matthews doing Nowhere to Run on the Voice?
Kate McCann, Madeleine's mother, is going to be a contestant on the TV show "Britain's Got Talent" -…
Gerry & Kate McCann lose appeal against ex Portuguese detective's book which alleges they had an involvement in Madele…
Kate McCann "Court of Appeal ruling unbelievable" No Kate, what's unbelievable is that you didn't search or answer the police…
Gerry McCann: oh my god Maddie what have we done. . Kate McCann: Hide the body and write a book
New post: ". 'The worst thing imaginable': Kate McCann says her 'heart goes out' to Ben Needham's mother as Kerry …
"Later, we put Ferne McCann to the test.". l'd rather you put Kate McCann to the test. Nobody else has.
Has been reading Kate book of how to embellish lies?
I didn't abuse Kate McCann. I presented her with unanswered questions. Those trolls were not there.
Here, this was straight after talking with Kate I like to stop the myths, too! Let truth be told. htt…
I don't wanna be anything other than what I've been trying to be lately🎶❣
the FBI cadaver dogs brought to Portugal detected Cadaver odor only on McCann items . Kate's clothes and car
If you cannot see the suffering on the poor distraught faces of Kate and Bro. Gerry you are a paranoid anti…
We're going to have street parties throughout the UK and Portugal when Kate and Bro. Gerry are arrested.
Hopefully his third book will be an account of Kate and Bro. Gerry first five years in jail.
Yet Kate and Bro. Gerry are happy to shaft an entire country.
All Kate needs to do is lay on her back and dream of all the money going into her fraudulent Find…
Here's the fab McCann chairs that our team will be taking to - we think they will cool on stage!…
Not long until our creative team are showcasing the amazing McCann styling chair. Who's going?
k8 "There's going to be a riot when news of all this reaches people back in the UK" Yeah, sure.
Because the fbi dogs already alerted to Cadaver Odor on Kate McCann
Goncalo Amaral reiterates he is going to sue child neglecters Kate and Gerry
This will please Kate and Bro. Gerry supporter Michael *** shot" Wright.
Only 1 bit of evidence in Maddie abduction list . Kate,Gerry said she was
This dog doing a 'trust fall' with his owner is just too good
Days like today are why I'm thankful for the friends that I have💕
I suppose her and Kate could have a fashion show !
I would have expected Kate to look after her two remaining children, but Kate claims she then abandoned Sea…
Kate returns to flat, child gone. What more do you need?
If Kate and Bro. Gerry had any ethics, would be alive today.
Kate admitted she never physically searched for Madeleine . Transcript attached:
Quote by Kate . "Please continue to pray for Madeleine. She's lovely."
Madeleine and The Scriptures according to Saint Gerry & Kate of Rothley .
So here you have it from the mouth of Kate did not search, so are pros saying shes a liar ?. via
Trained sniffer dogs alerted to either death odour or blood in 5a, flowerbed, Kate's clothes, toy. All belonging or associated with
can we have Kate McCann on the show to answer those 48 police questions she refused to answer ?
Wow! Kate&Gerry fund for the family made in heaven? if this isn't Utopia; lifestyle funded by the unsuspecting p…
EXCLUSIVE: The McCanns hope new PM Theresa May will revive search for missing Maddie
remembering dear Brenda : 'Why.. Martin Brunt. What we all know for certain: Kate and Gerry…
Having the cast of Geordie Shore host your university freshers event is like having Gerry & Kate McCann host your child's birth…
Boris Johnson is Foreign Secretary and Kate McCann is ambassador for missing children. Go home Britain, you're drunk.
How does Kate McCann win an inspirational woman award the same week everyone chastised a mother for looking away for seconds at…
Kate McCann winning woman of the year is like heather trott winning slimmer of the year
"Kate McCann is an inspirational woman". Yeah to anyone who wants to leave their child in a hotel room, and make money…
Tim Roth needs to go Cal Lightman on Gerry and Kate McCann, doing my head in now
Kate McCann releases new book: ‘Free to Love: A Christian Romance Novella’
“Gerry and Kate McCann should be imprisoned”
when Kate McCann gets an award for raising awareness of children missing abroad 👍🏻
Kate McCann getting an award for dedication to missing kids, is like giving ian huntley an MBE for services to babysit…
Kate McCann has won an award for dedication to missing kids. That's like Ian Huntley winning caretaker of the century
I think Gerry & Kate McCann should go on the Jeremy Kyle show and take a lie detector test.
Kate McCann's clothes triggered cadaver dogs because she wore them to work on dead ppl b4 holiday!
Kate McCann joins Stephen Fry and Bob Geldof in urging people to sign up to a service to help find missing children.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Book written by Kate McCann who's little girl was kidnapped in 2007,Madeleine McCann❤️
I think Bro. Gerry should once in a while lie down with Kate McCann, apparently a very rare event indeed.
The tags are only for discussing the death of and her parents, Kate and Bro. Gerry responsible.
Let us all hope that by the end of 2016, Kate and Bro. Gerry are both serving long terms in a Portuguese prison.
Get ready for the Jungle reunion! & are taking over Capital on Boxing Day from 7am! 👯 ht…
Certainly, Kate and Bro. Gerry know who killed how and why she was killed.
In Kate 1st police Statement she gave silly preemptive details? Like the Odd Sunburn. *see quick summary https…
Neglect is the lies concealing what Kate and Bro. Gerry really did to the late
You can call it Kate and Bro. Gerry mendacity.
Were Kate and Bro. Gerry always sufficiently close to their two and three year old children, or not?
Wonder if Kate and Gerry McCann have to turn tv off when finding nemo is on?
it'll say 'Kate McCann kidnapped your child' next, watch it
Gerry and Kate McCann tell of their 'new hope' in the hunt for Maddie
Refraining from giving my take on Kate McCann, but I suppose you'd say I'm not a fan.
Happy Christmas to all my fellow pro s. And God bless Kate, Gerry, Madeleine, Amelie and Sean. May they soon all be re-united.
JD Sports are the 'kings of style' in the same way that Kate and Gerry McCann are model parents
Kate n Gerry leaving a present for maddie in her room. Looks like they've not learned about leaving things unattended in bedrooms.
As they prepare for their ninth Christmas without Madeleine, Kate and Gerry McCann have issued a message thanking...
Because the "negligence" is a dishonest excuse for what Kate & Bro. Gerry really did to Madeleine.
If that were true, Kate and Bro. Gerry would know: two very highly intelligent and very well read doctors.
Unlike you, Kate & Bro. Gerry are highly intelligent and well read doctors. If that were true they'd know.
So the reason Kate and Bro. Gerry decided to holiday in Portugal is it's a haven for paedophiles.
Madeleine McCann: Missing girl's parents Kate and Gerry 'have not lost hope'
You mean Kate and Bro. Gerry are certainties in the death of
Missing Madeleine: 'We have not lost hope,' say McCanns: Kate and Gerry McCann "have not lost hope" of finding…
Kate and Gerry McCann say they have 'new hope' of finding missing daughter Madeleine ...
depends if his parents were Kate and Gerry McCann
The more I think about it, the more I realize what a bad friend you are
"Kate McCann: my son has now asked me whether we killed Maddie
John Blacksmith on the line, Thursday, 27 August 2015. Read, "Well Now" . . Kate and Gerry and co
. No for she didn't like the company she was keeping Rose West, Myra, Kate McCann know... 😂😂
Easy to mock but I cannot ignore such massive coincidences. It's like Kate said in "madeleine"...
one look at Kate these days proves that is true...!
It is still hanging over their heads Kate and Gerry have not been ruled out as suspects AFAIK
Kate without the bat of an eyelid has so much money after 8years she is waving at the UK with £1 million these days !
Kate says on camera that missing persons charity bike ride won't help Madeleine. But she still wants you to donate to her fund. OK?
Smelly Cat was Madeleine favourite toy; Kate washed it!
Forgot Couldn't make love to Gerry now
It's what Kate & Gerry did! Except they held numerous press conferences & McMedia lapdogs did their bidding
I will contact Kate to knit us some more
over ten million pounds of taxpayers' money lavished on the scam, after Kate refused to answer police Qs
The last independent witness who went to 5A on 3 May to see M alive couldn't remember what Kate was wearing. She was wearing a towel
Funny that Kate forgives the 'monster' ... Yet is so very eager to ruin, sue & punish so many other people. http:…
Her brother's confession: "I didn't hurt her, I just killed her"!. She's as innocent …
Remember the same papers showing you the stories told us all that Kate killed maddie…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Don't know enough about the paedos only that Kate&Gerry were quick to introduce the idea & YM's statement
pretty sure Kate wants her to over a few $$ lol
How low can they go, Kate and Gerry and co ? They lied about Maddie. Read the PJ files
There was an abduction: Kate and Bro. Gerry abducted the truth.
McCann lawyers to daily Mail: without a body they will have little chance prosecuting Kate & Gerry . Surely difficult Not Impossible
Of course the dog alerts were entirely coincidental. Does Kate ever regret what she wrote about coincidence?
Must be Kate, or a close friend or relative. Who else would bother flogging a dead horse?
Clarence Mitchell patented the ludicrous "defence" perverting the course of justice against Kate and Gerry
All GUILTY except Kate and Gerry Pull the other paw!
She's been trying since 3 May 2007 to get the right face, Kate wanted to know how a mother of an abducted child behaves ?
Attended her daughter's Memorial dressed like that? So disrespectful. Kate
Not looking for a live child then Kate? MURDER in Portugal.
"Police don't want a MURDER in Portugal". - Kate McCann. Oops!!
Madeleine McCann Disappearence: Kate McCann explains smell of cadaver on her clothes:
Drs certify deaths at home as far as I'm aware, Kate 6 bodies in 1 week PART TIME smashes Shipmans record
Meet Black Singles 300x250 wasn't as bad as the night we found her.. The night WE found her. WE (kate and gerry) found her.. . if Kate handled umpteen dead bodies shortly before her hols..isnt that unusual for a part ti…
To Gerry and Kate McCann the worm has turned !!!
Who killed Lucy Beale? My money is on Gerry and Kate McCann
Michael Wright cousin to Kate McCann who said in court that he had set his family the task of monitoring discussion about
here is team saying it wasn't cadaver possibly Kate's menstruation http:…
very strange these support. We didn't promote syspect, DCI Redwood did in front of their heroes Kate and Gerry
Kate and Gerry McCann donate £10,000 to local charity fighting heart deaths in young people | Leicester Mercury
No slip.even Pro use the term 'Bereaved parents' when speaking/of Kate & Gerry ...Check TimeLine ..
True Eddie cadaver dog did not find Kate Prout, but he smelt the scent of her death in the living room, didn't he?
Gerry McCann And Kate Mccann Have a lot of questions to be answered Because they are guilty come and see me for interview
Kate & Gerry trolled their own daughter then went on to troll the rest of the world. Now an innocent woman is dead. Dossier that.
Maybe they should read abuse of power
No, to make the Drossier you have to point out the (many) contradictions to PJ files in Kate's book.
Someone has thoughtfully put a link to Kate 's lamentable book there, she won't ££ like that!
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K wants to shout the truth from the rooftop, someone get that woman a ladder
How many will have read Kate's call to arms "He deserves to be miserable and feel fear."? To the nearest hundred thousand will do.
oh yeah & that doppelganger>> smithman was promoted...maybe Kate & Gerald missed the crimewatch show? & all their fans?
48 questions Kate refused to answer 48 reasons why doubted McCann's
Thank you Gamble brings up the s and kthopkins doesn't get a right to reply. audioBoom RIP Brenda
Asking Qs about our daughter vanishing 'Harms the Search' for her..says Kate McCann...who answered NO COMMENT to 48 Qs police asked her...
And justice for Gonçalo Amaral. Kate & Gerry have tried every dirty trick they could find to destroy his lif…
sticks up for and hands Jim gamble his *** on a plate
Questioning our story "harms the search" for Maddie -says Kate McCann - who answered NO COMMENT when questioned by police in Portugal ...
So Kate and Gerry did hand dossier to police, presumably with their supporters' death threats and abuse redacted.…
I don't think he likes facts, like S&S he prefers Kate story!
Kate published, I repeat PUBLISHED on paper that she wanted Goncalo Amaral to 'feel fear' - is she a troll?
Who recruits and trains said volunteers ? Kate ?
Sam Leith: Trolling haters may be beyond the legal system Kate and Gerry !
It's taking time folks but UK Gov. sooner or later will have to take notice of the facts about Kate&Gerry and Apt 5A, Apr./May, 2007
brilliant kate Hopkins am lovin you say it as it is regarding brenda layland
Looks like Kate McCann on the right there..
and a BIG thank you to for supporting Brenda Leyland Kate&Gerry & FUND granted 'no Qs asked' by MSM. WHY ?
Mr Nolan gets in a right flap when mentions live on air - WHY?
Listen to being shut down for daring to mention on air- hilarious!
Read: - Oh Carole - "A cowardly and callous statement by Malone if ever I heard one." . Kate & Ge…
Couldn't handle last night, Jos Hounslow is worse than Kate Mccann nearly started a fight with some lad in ttonic and the lad turns round and goes 'i cant fight ive got my £90 ralph lauren jumper on, okay mate
Piece is written by Zora McCartney ( Madeleine McCann Controversy). SHAME ON THEM Kate and Gerry McCann have some front have they not? Appearing on BBC Crimewatch's 30th anniversary edition, the world-famous child-neglecting duo will shamelessly appeal for information on Madeleine's disappearance, when a mere cursory glance at the evidence tells us that they know far more than they are letting on. Let's never forget that - World class British-trained cadaver and blood dogs alerted to DEATH and BLOOD in and around the McCanns' holiday apartment, hire car, Kate McCann's clothing and Madeleine's soft toy Cuddlecat Kate McCann REFUSED to answer 48 questions put to her by Portuguese police in September 2007 and to date - as far as we know - has never been questioned by police since The couple and their Tapas companions REFUSED to take part in a police reconstruction of the events of the evening of Madeleine's disappearance They took legal action to prevent the release of the very same e-fits which Scotland Yar ...
Kate McCann does look like Michael Jackson... lil bit
Kate McCann: my son asked about police chief's Madeleine claims via
Claims by Goncalo Amaral caused 'severe damage' to Madeleine campaign, Kate McCann tells court
Son asked if mother 'hid Madeleine': Kate McCann tells a court in Portugal that her… Top Story
Kate McCann tells libel trial of moment son asked about police chief's claims she hid Madeleine
Kate McCann: My son asked me about claims I had HIDDEN Madeleine -...
Just awful - BBC News - Kate McCann's son asked about claims she 'hid Madeleine'
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"'Why didn't you come when Sean and I cried last night?" . Did Kate ever bother to think about how distressed her kids …
. Kate, 46, who was a doctor before her daughter's death,
Appalling of Kate to use her son. How will he feel seeing his name and his words on the front pages of the tabloids.
Kate McCann saying she fears Maddie's abductor will strike again... Wonder where Gerry is off on holiday this year?
Kate McCann says her son confronted her about allegations she "killed Madeleine" after hearing about claims made in a book.
Madeleine McCann's mum Kate tells court: 'My son asked me if I'd hidden Madeleine'
it would help kate & Gerry 's case if they could bring up ONE BIT OF PROOF that maddie was abducted- pity there is NOTHING .
OK I have never thought much about UK tabloid 'news' but your Kate Burley should be sued by PT./PJ Disgusting and lib…
Kate concerned about what her kids read, BUT wrote THIS in her book, 'perfect genitals torn apart' ??
When will Sean ask also, why did u refuse to answer, Qs, why did u not search, lots more Qs coming Kate.
dear kate- mr amaral was NOT the only police officer who thought/ knew that maddie had NOT been abducted...
Kate concerned about what her children hear in media YET happy to SELL this 'I couldn't make Love to Gerry'
OR was Kate LYING in court to judge ?WHOPPA OF A LIE look at phone records & listen 2 their spiel
why not, I bet Kate McCann makes a fortune from books she's written!
I hope Kate is going to sue British radio and her son too after all they sue all and sundry for writing facts
With Kate and Gerry as parents. I trust they will grow to be good people and not treat their parents as you do.
Kate McCann’s son asked her about her role in the disappearance of her daughter Madeleine in 2007, telling her: “Mr Amaral said you hid Madeleine”.
Kate McCann: my son asked me whether we hid Maddie's ...
Just hearing that one of the McCann children is asking their Mum & Dad where they've hidden Madelaine. What's Gerry & Kate go…
PA correction on Kate "Sean asked me in October 'Mr Amaral said you HID Madeleine'. substituting 'hid' for 'killed'…
Of course not! Just another Kate lie, they are prolific on creating false statements.
Kate McCann: My son asked me if I had hidden Madeleine
McCanns' Son 'Asked About Madeleine Claims': Kate McCann says her son confronted her about a...
Someone has just said Kate should sue her son for libel
What sort of school bus plays the news to the kids, Kate
Why doesn't Kate McCann sue her son for libel?
He's going to propose Kate as VP of the Missing Children chari.wait a mo.
wonder how Kate's son feels when he reads his Mum ran back to tapas bar leaving him & his sister vulnerable to an "…
Yes,but one of the haters is now saying Kate said it in court and Gerry had to correct.
McCanns had the opportunity 7 years ago to have Madeleine's disappearance investigated fully but Kate chose the …
McCanns fear Maddie kidnapper 'may strike again' and will be 'laughing' at claims they hid body
The McCanns told a court of their “devastation, desperation, anxiety and pain” when a former Portuguese detective accused them of faking their daughter’s abduction and hiding her body. Gerry and Kate McCann delivered personal statements at Lisbon’s Palace of Justice in the libel case brought by them against Goncalo Amaral over his claims in a book and documentary about their role in the girl’s disappearance. The couple both gave powerful descriptions of the impact that the allegations have had on them, their other children and their struggle to find their daughter after she went missing in Praia da Luz on the Algarve in 2007. Wearing a black dress with floral print, Mrs McCann was the first to give her statement and answer questions from the judge and the lawyers for both sides. Answering questions from judge Maria Emilia Castro, she admitted once saying that she would like to be in a coma to stop the pain. She also told the court that when she read Mr Amaral’s claims she was “quite desperat ...
Kate McCann tells a Portuguese court her son Sean asked her if she was involved in Madeleine's disappearance after hearing claims on the radio
Kate McCann has revealed that she struggled to control Madeleine McCann after the birth of her and Gerry's twins, it was revealed today. Missing Madeleine would run around 'screaming...shouting for my attention'
Kate McCann slams police chief for delaying search for Madeleine
Oh Lordy, Lordy, where do you begin with the McCanns, and what has got to be the the biggest load of baloney ever? Where do you begin in dissecting their far fetched tales, inconsistencies, proven lies, change of stories, or as some might describe it - their con? Yes, cons, like con artists come in all shapes and forms, they don't have to involve money, often they do, but a lot of the time the purpose is simply to make someone believe 'something' by being untruthful, using persuasion as Rebekah Brooks would say, to make others believe the tale you are telling. McCanns bought and paid for a professional spokesman, a con artist, to do just that, to persuade the public that the McCanns were squeaky clean - to con others into believing the tales told by not only Kate and Gerry McCann but their holiday companions too, and to do that he had to come up some tall tales! Top of the list was to persuade the public that Gerry and Kate McCann played no part in the disappearance of their beautiful daughter, Madeleine! ...
On BBC News at Six, Gerry and Kate McCann describe their "exasperation" following more delays in their Lisbon libel trial.
The happy smiling faces of Gerry and Kate McCann on their daughter's 4th birthday, 9 days after she disappeared
Why are Gerry & Kate McCann bothered about what people say about them?I couldn't give a toss..Finding my kid would be ALL that mattered
For those that couldn't see it xx 50 shocking facts in the McCann Case. In August 2008 the Portuguese police released all evidence in the Madeleine McCann case. For some reason the media won't share this information so it's now our job to inform the public of the facts in the McCann case and direct them to the official police files. 1) There isn't any evidence at all in the police files that suggest Madeleine McCann was abducted. 2) The current Efits in the McCann case came from the Smith Family, that identified Gerry as the man they saw carrying a child fitting Madeleine's description towards the beach, on the night of her disappearance. 3) British police dogs Eddie and Keela alerted 12 times in the McCann's apartment, hire car, Kate McCann's trousers, a child's top and cuddle cat. 4) Blood was found under the tiles in the McCann's apartment, on the keys to the hire car and DNA belonging to Madeleine in the boot of the hire car. The car was hired 24 days after Madeleine was reported missing. 5) Gerry and ...
Querem fazer de nós tolos ? 48 questions I would like Kate McCann to answer: 1. Why did you not physically search for Madeleine? 2. Why did you leave the twins when you realised Madeleine was missing, risking them also being taken? 3. What did you mean by 'they've taken her'. Who's 'they' Kate? 4. Why did you refuse to answer police questioning that could have helped find your daughter? 5. At the time, Gordon Brown was Chancellor of the Exchequer, not the Foreign Secretary. So why did he put so much pressure on the Portuguese police? 6. Why did you wash cuddle cat? 7. Where is Madeleine's pink blanket now, we know it was on her bed 4th May? 8. Why did you lie about the shutters being smashed/jemmied/broken? 9. Why did you change your original statement from the door being locked to the door being unlocked? 10. Why did you presume Madeleine had been abducted when there was no evidence to suggest she had been? 11. What happened to the blue sports bag that was in your wardrobe? 12. Why didn't the twins wake ...
We know about the 14 text messages received by Gerry that he denies...but confirmed by the files.but there is nothing to suggest the details about them and WHY they were received. In my archives I found some information that MAY help explain. WE DO NOT HAVE PROOF but worthwhile to look at the possibility. From the 10th tapas? I would not normally consider anything not included in files but I feel this may be of interest...BUT NOT CONFIRMED!! - A translation. According to the same source, as a result of accessing the contents of the texts received by Gerry McCann, “the detectives want to include a person currently in shadows but whom the police know to be linked to the story". Some inspectors are even talking about a 10th Tapas. The existence of a 10th person, someone known to Gerry and Kate McCann, is something that is also believed in the UK, where a member of the association of Chief Police Officers confirmed that “the officers sent to Portugal had actually put forward some possible names from amo . ...
What's this waffle of whooshing? During an interview (link at bottom) in 2008 Kate McCann entered herself into the running for best actress in a documentary. “I did my check about ten o’clock and went in through the sliding patio doors, and I just stood actually, and I thought, uh, all quiet. And to be honest, I might have been tempted to turn round then, but I just noticed that the door, the bedroom door where the three children were sleeping, was open much further than we’d left it. I went to close it to about here, and then as I got to here, it suddenly . . . slammed, and as I opened it, it was then, that I just thought I’ll just look at the children. I see Sean and Amelie in the cot . . . .I was looking at Madeleine’s bed which is here, and it was dark and I was looking and I was thinking is that, is that Madeleine or is that the bedding and I couldn't quite make her out, and it sounds really stupid now, but at the time I was just thinking I didn’t want to put the light on because I didn't ...
Coral Jones backs 'Kate McCann, the mother of missing Madeleine, is throwing …
Two brave women: Kate McCann and Coral Jones - mother of murdered April - promote Child Rescue Alert in London
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who's a better mother Kate McCann or Peaches Geldof
Madeleine McCann's name should not be dragged through the media bi-monthly until it is for the arrest of Gerry and Kate McCann
Latest news on Madeleine McCann, Maddie, Kate McCann, Gerry McCann, Goncalo Amaral, Tapas Seven, Jane Tanner, Find Madeleine, The Truth of the Lie, McCanns
The Foreign Office was alerted to fears over Gerry and Kate McCann by a British diplomat in Portugal just days after their daughter Madeleine went missing
just got this from another site, not sure if you seen it x McCanns could face court over report by Gerard Couzens THE parents of Madeleine McCann faced further pressure yesterday after ex-police chief Goncalo Amaral hinted he may fight them in court over a key report they allegedly held back. Gerry and Kate McCann were accused at the weekend of sidelining the 2008 report by former MI5 investigators they hired after it pinpointed ‘anomalies’ in statements they and their friends made. The result was that e-fits of the prime suspect in Madeleine McCann’s abduction – hidden for five years in the unpublished report – were only made public this month during a new Met Police appeal. The report said Irish holidaymaker Martin Smith’s sighting of a man carrying a girl in pyjamas near the McCann’s Algarve holiday apartment was ‘credible evidence’ which had been ‘neglected for too long.’ Mr Amaral’s lawyer said last night he was considering raising the issue in the couple’s ongoing libel tri ...
By Dr Martin Roberts 22 November 2013 A BEDTIME STORY Olga Craig (Sunday Telegraph, 27.5.2007), wrote that when the McCanns moved to an apartment near to the one from which Madeleine was taken they "unpacked their missing daughter's clothes...laying out her pyjamas on what would have been her bed." The Daily Mirror (19.9.2007): 'It is believed the entire Portuguese case rests on DNA evidence from body fluids which allegedly suggests that Madeleine's corpse was carried in the boot of the McCanns' hired Renault Scenic. 'But the McCanns say the fluids probably came from Madeleine's unwashed pyjamas and sandals which were carried in the boot when the family was moving apartments.' [Kate McCann (under oath, to Lord Justice Leveson): "These were desperate times. You know, we were, having to try and find our daughter ourselves and needed all the help we could get and we were facing (we'll come onto the headlines) 'Corpse in the car.' How many times I read 'body fluids in the car,' and it gets repeated so often t ...
Kate McCann: "Sorry I'm late, I just picked up a Double Cheeseburger for £1.49"
This Halloween i might dress up as a mummy that will scare all the children. Kate McCann
Obvious FREEMASON, pharmaceutical & paedophilia connections and 100's of other possible reasons why the ...
Not long 'til our lovely ambassador Kate McCann appeals for us on - see the link for details
Might dress up as a Kate McCann this Halloween - a mummy all kids should be terrified of!
Gerry and Kate McCann: guilty or innocent? Opinions.
".mother,Kate when she was notified of her hearing as an arguida:“What will the press say? What will my parents think?” Joana's blog
Thank you ! TY! we WILL see TRUTH & justice for Maddie let's be honest now Kate it's never too late
Scare your kids this Halloween by dressing up as Kate McCann...
This Halloween I'll be dressing up as a mummy. One that all kids should be afraid of. Kate McCann.
Finally someone else's echoes what I've said for years. Regardless. Of of they did or did not know rule 1 never...
kate - To be honest we did not put much emphasis on her eye - CNN Interview with Piers Morgan
Kate replied - Yes if thats what investigation thinks . Lovely job
Kate turns it on & off like a tap! This week on Radio 4 and last week on Crimewatch.
that's for next year. This is the last year of the contract
I'm outraged by this: Happy Kate has learned ZERO from the scandal
Wherein you prove has learned ZERO from the scandal! Happy Kate
Wherein you prove you've learned ZERO from the scandal! Happy Kate
Main suspect in Madeleine McCann case died four years ago. Proves how good the police are, I saw Kate McCann in Asda the…
without scrutiny how do you know they deserve sympathy? Kate refused to help police.
this is highly inaccurate because of two reasons . 1) the woman in question is not Kate McCann nor looks like her
I thought Kate McCann was still alive?
1st telephonic indicn of event: block of SMS on Murat's mobile to Michaela's, two minutes later same pattern is repeated on…
But Kate said "we haven't put too much emphasis on Madeleine's eye" - LQOK...
When asked in an interview "what's your best quality" don't reply - I have the observational skills of Kate mccann
I love that people are comparing Kate McCann to Michael Jackson omfgg
Got my halloween costume sorted- its a mummy, the scariest mummy ever - I'm dressing up as Kate McCann ;)
Gerry and Kate McCann on Jeremy Kyle with a few questions. Why aren't people asking these questions?
Some people are so dumb, did you know that there's a scent the body releases after death and for that scent to catch onto you, you need to be around the dead body for at least 90 minutes, guess where the scent of it was found, on Kate McCann, on the teddy bear, on Madeline's clothes and on Kate's clothes, also their car boot, her excuses? Oh I'm a doctor and I was around dead bodies two weeks before we came on holiday, she also said the reason it was on her daughters teddy is because she took it to work with her sometimes? Wow that's convenient, the sooner people realise that they left their child and she died somehow and they hid the body an made out it was an abduction, the better, do your research
Kate McCann has published a book entitled, 'Madeleine's abduction; My theory'. I don't know about anybody else, but I'm not buying it.
Kate McCann: "We're not the ones who have done something wrong here." Sorry Kate but when Josef Fritzl can look after his kids better than you can, you shouldn't make those claims..
So Kate McCann went to Portugal to help with investigations while Gerry stayed at home to look after the kids. Better late than never...!
GOOD MORNING ALL.I AM ON MY SOAP BOX .AND I THINK YOU WILL AGREE WITH ME WHEN I TELL YOU WHY. YESTERDAY WE WERE IN OUR LOCAL SUPERMARKET, AND AS USUAL WE PICKED UP OUR PAPER...THE DAILY EXPRESS.RIGHT ON THE FRONT PAGE IS A PICTURE OF Madeleine McCann...THE HEADLINE READS.BRITISH POLICE TO QUIZ NEW WITNESSES IN PORTUGAL. At first I didn't see what the headline was and i said to my husband.aww have they found her, the girl on the till who must be in her late 20's just looked and frowned as if to say "What".so we showed her the paper and pointed out the head line, to which she just stuck out her bottom lip and shrugged her shoulders.we tried to explain to her that Maddie had been missing for some years, but she just shook her head and shrugged again not knowing anything about it Now my point is, she is in a position to notice people, we get a lot of holiday makers here, and she should have been gened up to keep an eye out for the little girl, now if she doesn't know about Maddie who else here doesn't apart . ...
WITNESS STATEMENTS FROM THE LIBEL HEARING (transcriptions by Anne Guedes) Libel trial McCann v Gonçalo Amaral - Day 1 The testimony as it happened... (12.09.2013, 11am) Susan Hubbard Occupation mid-wife. She speaks in a combination of Portuguese (more) and English (less). Mrs Hubbard admits her friendship with Kate McCann can influence her evidence. 1) McCann family lawyer, Isabel Duarte, is the first to question the witness. ID – In this trial we're discussing the effects on the McCann family of the publication of GA's book and the documentary inspired by this book. As a close friend of KMC, can you tell how this family reacted to the thesis of the book? SH - answers that they are very strong persons, but any claims that their daughter is dead is terrible for them because it means she isn't looked for any more. She says the book finishes like it starts, not offering an alternative theory. One of the defence lawyers asks precise questions and answers. The judge overrules. ID – What impact had the boo ...
Friday's Daily Mirror - "Kate McCann was close to killing herself" - via
Monday's Daily Mirror front page - "Kate McCann was close to killing herself"
Kate McCann came close to suicide after Portuguese former police chief via
Kate McCann, mother of missing Madeleine, attends £1m libel case against ex-police chief in Portugal
Madeleine McCann: New leads spark Met formal inquiryMadeleine McCann Madeleine was almost four years old when she disappeared Continue reading the main story Related Stories Madeleine McCann inquiry timeline 'Madeleine at nine' image created McCanns call review 'huge step' Scotland Yard says it has "new evidence and new witnesses" in the Madeleine McCann case and has opened a formal investigation into her disappearance. The Met Police said it still believed there was a chance Madeleine was alive and it was investigating 38 "persons of interest" after reviewing the evidence. Madeleine's parents, Gerry and Kate McCann, said the shift from review to investigation was "a big step forward". Madeleine was almost four when she disappeared in Portugal in May 2007. She went missing from her family's holiday flat in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz, as her parents dined out with friends at a nearby restaurant. Portuguese authorities dropped their investigation into her disappearance in 2008, but Scotland Yard sta ...
The 48 questions Kate McCann wouldn't answer - and the one she did In order to highlight a key aspect of the Madeleine McCann case, namely Dr Kate McCann's refusal to answer any one of 48 questions...
PEDOPHILE RING KIDNAPPED MADELEINE" Madeleine, almost 4 years of age. Kate McCann was screaming: "The f*g *** have taken her’. This suggests that Kate may have known that certain 'f*g *** had previously taken an interest in her daughter Madeleine. Kate and Gerry McCann Which part of the story have sites such as Wikipedia apparently tried to hide? Which part of the story do the trolls not want you to mention? Here it is: "British police were told that Madeleine McCann was snatched by an international paedophile ring which photographed her three days before she vanished, police files have disclosed. Madeleine McCann 'was snatched by paedophile ring to order ... "According to an email sent by the Metropolitan Police a child abduction ring based in Belgium placed an order for a 'young girl'. "Three-year-old Madeleine was spotted while on holiday in Portugal by someone connected to the gang who took a picture of her. Murat and bald man "The photograph was sent back to Belgium where the paedophile ...
On May 7, 2013 the UK Mirror reported that Kate McCann took a private trip by herself to Portugal where little Maddie McCann vanished six years ago. However, it
Kate McCann said she was worried for the safety of her children when she'll be running the london marathon. Its a bit late for that Kate.
It's no surprise that Kate McCann has forgiven her child's abductor. She didn't even divorce him.
- Parenting tips with Kate McCann and Charlie Mulgrew.
Gareth Southgate's opinion on footy is about as relevant as Kate McCann's views on good parenting.
Not to be missed! BBC1 Sunday 9am Andrew Marr Show Eddie Mair is joined by Iain Duncan Smith, Gerry and Kate McCann, and Sinead O'Connor.
Jim Smith's currently in the Sky Sports toilets polishing off a large *** The wee man's more excited than Kate McCann after a "sighting"
"In a BBC TV interview, Kate McCann admitted that she had never spent any time at all physically looking for Madeleine"
I got kicked out Waterstones today. Apparently I wasn't allowed to move Kate McCann's book into the murder mystery section.
Who did NotW/News Int pay to get Kate McCann's diary?
Kate McCann ! Myra Hindley had more plausibility + credability ! At least she searched for her victims !
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