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Kate Mara

Kate Mara (born February 27, 1983) is an American television and film actress. Beginning acting in her hometown of Bedford, New York, she moved from the stage to her first film, Random Hearts (1999).

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watched Megan Leavey 2 hrs ago. Kate Mara was awesome 👍 Rex is 💘
Ellen Page, Kate Mara, and Amy Seimetz can't fathom dating a Trump supporter
Kate Mara is a big fan of laughing at socks
INHUMANS - Getting Kate Mara's reshoot wig from Fant4stic is the closest the MCU will ever get to the F4.
Rewatching Entourage and just got to season 6 with a Kate Mara appearance 😍
“Every nationalist worth his salt have thought of it!” Kate Mara doesn’t to steal it cause if they fail it will embrass Scotland
Time has come to watching ‘08 Stone Of Destiny where Billy Boyd, Charlie Cox and Kate Mara steal the stone of destiny for Scotland in 1951
I really love the Mara sisters; Rooney + Kate. Great actresses + very pretty! Need to see more of Rooney's work though.
Kate Mara on the glory of meeting The Real Housewives Of New York’s Dorinda Medley
"I like traditions, and the national anthem is important"- Kate Mara -
Want to find about out more about the only society at the University of Glasgow to have had a film staring Kate Mar…
Is it fair for school to be this hard Mara !? 😢
A limited anthology based on Tales of the Greek Heroes starring Kate Mara on Amazon Prime
Kate Mara and Jamie Bell attend the premiere screening of Spielberg.
The Kate Mara looking woman in Mother! was told not to sit on the sink but nevertheless she persisted
You look a bit like Kate Mara, especially the nose — Thanks man, she's pretty. Though let me tell you sh...
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I was told I look like Kate Mara, that's sweet.
Emma Roberts, Selma Blair, Busy Phillips and Kate Mara have all worn these Madewell jeans
I'm watching two horror movies back to back tom & then ending the night on a date with Ellen Page/Kate Mara for My…
My Days of Mercy makes Ellen Page all cuddly - first with her costar Kate Mara, and at the after party with girl…
She, Julianne Moore, and Kate Mara round out the top 5. This is for supremacy.
don't know any details about My Days of Mercy but i support Ellen Page and Kate Mara playing girlfriends
Kate Mara – Rides in a Golf Cart at Veuve Cliquot Polo in New Jersey 03/06/2017
Its not worth it, at all. Maybe if you like Kate Mara, she's a cutie, but you can just google her
Oregon's Governor Kate Brown is the first openly LGBT person elected as governor of a state. She's bisexual.
I liked a video Kate Mara Flirting with Craig Ferguson [HD]
Kate Mara and Jamie Bell reveal their wedding bands:
Only on chapter 97, but on a scale from 1 to duh, how close am I if I envision Rooney Mara as Penelope and Kate Mara as Penny?
Kate Mara in AHS season 1 puts the fear of god into my ***
I know i say this every few months but Kate Mara is BAE
Kate Mara photographed by John Russo wearing Drone and Christian Louboutin for HAUTE LIVING magazine 2017.
Kate Spade has literally the cutest cases ever. 😍😍
Kate Mara and Jamie Bell take their dogs for a walk in Silverlake.
Lean on Pete! Kate Mara & Ellen Page romance! secret Louis CK movie! i need to clone myself for this lineup
Kate Mara rocks shirt with silhouette of Lisbeth Salander.
I hope these 5 actresses are nominated for the Academy Awards: Gal Gadot, Jessica Chastain, Kate Mara, Katherine Wa…
Jamie Bell and Kate Mara are married via
Looking forward to Megan Leavey. It was dope to work with Kate Mara and Gabriela.
Kate Mara and Jamie Bell are Married! - Congratulations to Kate Mara and Jamie Bell on their wedding day!
Kate Mara and Jamie Bell Tie the Knot in Surprise Ceremony -
Surprise! Kate Mara and Jamie Bell got married over the weekend after dating for two years:
I saw that Jamie Bell married Kate Mara and this is all I see. What you saw vs. What I saw...…
Kate Mara and Jamie Bell tied the knot over the weekend and are now husband and wife:
I love kate mara but she ain't no Jessica Alba 😉
Kate Mara and Jamie Bell have the most embarrassing "so, how did you two meet?" story of all time
Kate Mara and Jamie Bell surprise fans with dreamy wedding snap
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Kate Mara is married! See the first photo from her wedding
Kate Mara and Jamie Bell are married - take a look at their wedding photo!
I jist wanna know why they decided to put that wig on Kate Mara's head like over halfway through the F*ntastic 4
Kate Mara and Jamie Bell share first picture from wedding 
Kate Mara and Jamie Bell tie the knot in surprise ceremony
So, co-stars Jamie Bell and Kate Mara got married. Felicidades. :0).
Remake "The Thief of Bagdad" as a comedy miniseries starring Nicole Eggert, Paul Rudd, and Kate Mara
I would totally eat Rooney Mara's pie, or Kate Mara's too
Sen. Charles Schumer turns down offer to play himself in movie with Kate Mara
ⒸⒸ➥ 'Megan Leavey' review: Kate Mara is an embattled soldier aiming for reunion with her dog - Chicago Tribune …
Kate Mara stars as the title character in Megan Leavey, Gabriela Cowperthwaites film based on a true story.
Kate Mara as real-life Marine canine handler in 'Megan Leavey'.
Hear Research Material in the new Kate Mara movie Megan Leavey Movie. The tunes are Caribbean in nature :)
Yes! We need the animal records back online!
'He's the bride!': Kate Mara says fiance Jamie Bell is doing the wedding ...
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wow on second glance she kind of shares a resemblance with Kate Mara 🤔
Kate Mara is secretly very good at having your dad's camera
Actress Kate Mara, members of Congress and animal advocates push USDA to restore records!...
Cause Celeb: petitions on animal abuse records
I really, really enjoyed Megan Leavey Movie! Perhaps it's the subject -- a young Marine corporal (Kate Mara) and...
Kate Mara's dogs are going to be in her wedding - Page Six
Kate Mara’s dogs are going to be in her wedding
Kate Mara Gives an 'Attaboy' to her canine co-star in 'Megan Leavey,' and lives on in 'House of Cards' via
Dog safety was top priority on 'Megan Leavey,' say Kate Mara
Kate Mara: Jamie Bell is 'very interested' in wedding planning:
Kate Mara on the physical & mental demands of her role as Marine Corporal/K9 handler “Megan Leavey” (out June 9).
Meagan Leavy with Kate Mara getting good reviews, trailer looks bland though
Actress Kate Mara joined advocates to urge the USDA to restore animal welfare records
House of Cards star is back in DC to haunt the REAL president: Kate Mara leads ...
Cause Celeb: petitions on animal abuse records via
Cancel rooney n kate mara please thank you
Cause Celeb: petitions on animal abuse records via…
ZepCook Find the best kitchen-tested recipes, videos, healthy meals, party menus and cooking techniques from top cooks. Mara zepcook.…
ⒸⒸ➥ Kate Mara reveals details on first kiss with Jamie Bell - Daily Mail
Don’t miss Kate Mara, Common, Bradley Whitford, and Edie Falco in Coming to theaters June 9th.
I'm watching James Corden and he's got both Jessica Alba and Kate Mara on... they both played Sue Storm in Fantastic Four movies... awkward
Hold on, this James Corden rerun has both Jessica Alba AND Kate Mara?. So TWO people who would like to forget they played Sue Storm for Fox?
Sometimes I prefer chris hemsworth than Liam , Rooney Mara than Kate Mara etc but this is it! Zooey I prefer her t…
But didn't care that Josh Trank flat out verbally abused Kate Mara
Dirty Josh Trank is better than partial Kate Mara
Why does Kate Mara look like Leon S. Kennedy in Morgan
Kate Mara ur dumbbutt music is so silly
Kate Mara says her ex-boyfriend dented the Lombardi Trophy by kicking it
I keep seeing an ad for a horror called Morgan. No idea what it's about but it has Paul Giamatti, Toby Jones, Kate Mara and Brian Cox in it
Okay when comes out i'm going to watch 👀it Ridley Scott( Thelma & Louise,1991) Kate Mara, Jennifer Jason Lee, Paul Giamotti... YES!!
Very much like Jai Courtney, I can't understand why Hollywood keeps hiring Kate Mara. Zero personality.
Better be some Kate O'Mara's Triangle in the 80's episodes or, pow, right in the kisser!
Kate Mara and Michael Kelly had a reunion:
Kate Mara assists with large-scale animal cruelty rescue in Ohio via
.and Kate Mara to star in forbidden romance drama
it was a definite *** take of Hammer Horror. As was the following year's one with Kate O'Mara
House of Cards' Kate Mara & Michael Kelly Reunite on 'Corden' -
Kate Mara: ‘If we were up for the same job, our agents wouldn't tell us’
If Kate Mara isn't at the Santa Barbara film festival this year I'll kms
How to rock a braid if you have short hair
Miles Teller and Kate Mara are willing to do a Fantastic Four sequel...but we aren't!
Kate Mara's 'Morgan' and the 10 best movies about Artificial In...
Okay so I just realized that I mistook Rachel McAdams for Kate Mara on true detective season two. Kate Mara is TINY! Tiny Detective so cute!
Same for the . Dev Patel, Kate Mara, . Nicole Kidman-starting biopic the on a man on a journey to find his birth parents
That Zoom superhero movie with Tim Allen, Kate Mara and that hot guy
Alice Eve is only a year older than Kate Mara let's BE REAL and just cast her as Sue Storm already
While completely wasting the almost perfect casting of Kate Mara as Sue Storm. D:
I feel the same way about her as I did about Kate Mara playing Sue Storm. Brie Larson has an evil quality about her look. Idk.
Would love to see either Max Greenfield or Kate Mara again 😍
Kate Mara - Walking on a Beach in Malibu, August 2015
Morgan - Trailer: A corporate troubleshooter (Kate Mara) is sent to a remote, top-secret location, where she ...
Kate Mara would be better but I don't think she's done anything wrong to deserve to be in it
Kate Mara - The Martian Press Conference at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Toronto
Gotta say I'm loving seeing Kate Mara and Corey Stoll coming back to haunt Frank Underwood on
Kate Mara and Jamie Bell get cozy on the sidewalk, plus more celebs out and about
Randomly decided to watch Nip/Tuck and jfc I forgot how ridiculous this show was omg. I also forgot Kate Mara was in the first season 👀
I'm hoping for Sophia Bush as Kate Bush, and maybe Kate Mara as Jeb
Kate Mara is seen leavinge Bowery Hotel in NYC
Watching Iron Man 2. Movie has Olivia Munn and Kate Mara on-screen within seconds of each other. Quick spots before they were big stars.
Kate Mara photographed by Jeff Vespa during the Toronto International Film Festival (September, 2015)
Jason Clarke as Mitch Rapp, Kate Mara as Anna Rielly & John Hurt as Stan Hurley plz! :D
📷 poetdameron: Kate Mara and Oscar Isaac at the 15th annual InStyle and Warner Bros. Golden Globes after...
Saoirse Ronan, Kate Mara, Laura Prepon and Giuliana Rancic Sparkle in Forevermark Diamonds at the 22nd Annual Screen…
Kate Mara looked rather perky at the 2016 SAG Awards
not being able to sleep with Kate Mara
Kate Mara Style - Goes to Valentino Fashion Show in Paris - March 2015
The new Fantastic Four came in for me tonight, I can't wait to see how bad Kate Mara's wig is/ogle Michael B. Jordan
So is Natalie Portman but there's just something about Rooney and Kate Mara.
We R very proud of R Kate Dean competing in Chopped Canada Jan.9
But have you ffwd "10 years" 30 times just for his flirty Kate Mara scenes??
MGTOW General Discussion • How to make The Wall come quicker...: Kate Mara is an actress that is 32.Her...
Just started watching House of Cards. That Kate Mara is a worldy
.Rooney Mara (Lisbeth Salander in Finchers Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) is sister of Kate Mara (Zoe Barnes in Finchers House of Cards)!
Kate Mara Airport Style - Arriving at the JFK Airport in New York, July 2015
Kate & Rooney Mara's parents are the founding families of the Pittsburgh Steelers (Rooney's) and NY Giants (Mara's)
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She has achieved successful in her young age. We can see it from her various movies. But, do you see some weird if y…
Seriously, that scene when they introduce Kate Mara in Shooter, that see through top…. BOINOINOINOING... goddam.
And I'd totally missed the fact that Rooney & Kate Mara are sisters.
Don't let life's challenges damage your beliefs, like Ashley Smith(Kate Mara) in Captive​.
Anne Hathaway, Michelle Williams, Linda Cardellini, Anna Faris, Kate Mara. is an embarrassment of riches of female talent
I hope David Cage gets two more famous actors for his next game. Made Beyond Two Souls worthwhile. Kate Mara and Christopher Walken pls.
Up early to be an extra for a movie! I'll be on the set of "Leavey," a film starring Kate Mara, Edie Falco, Bradley Whitford & more
"Leavey," the film starring Kate Mara and Edie Falco, is currently filming at Nirlep in West Ashley.
Blackfish Director, Gabriela Cowperthwaite, Edie Falco and Kate Mara team up to bring us the story of Megan...
The Martian is amazing, but Kate Mara and Mackenzie Davis play the exact same character.
It's been 10 years and I just realized Kate Mara, Anna Faris and Linda Cardellini are all in Brokeback Mountain
regram Celestial beauties Kristen Wiig and Kate Mara attended the premiere of
Kate Mara and Kristen Wiig look stunning in sexy gowns as they arrive at The Martian premiere
just a tomato! 🍅 I still can't stand Hayden though! Or any character Kate Mara has ever played for that matter...
Captive Review. Great performances from David Oyelowo & Kate Mara & not too heavy on religio…
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Photo: hollywood-fashion: Kate Mara in Valentino at the New York Film Festival premiere for The Martian on...
I liked a video from Social Media News: Blake Lively, Idris Elba, Jamie Bell and Kate Mara
Paramount Pictures distributes it, David Oyelowo & Kate Mara star in it and premieres it this Thursday!
Michael Peña, Sebastian Stan, & Kate Mara discuss their roles in the film adaptation of "The Martian".
Celebrity makeup artist Coleen Campbell-Olwell prepped movie star Kate Mara for a gala featuring The Martian at...
Kate Mara and Jamie Bell fuel dating rumours
Jamie Bell takes Kate Mara and his little boy to Malibu Chili Cook-off
Jamie Bell and Kate Mara check out a house for sale in Los ... |
Jamie Bell and girlfriend Kate Mara put on another loving display as they take his little boy to the Malibu Ch...
I'm pretty positive Kate Mara and Jamie Bell have been dating since the beginning of the year during F4 re-shoots
probably Margot is the Sue Storm that Trank wanted but Fox went with Kate Mara
I heard she auditioned and everything. Fox picked Kate Mara over Trank's head. He didn't even like Mara I don't think.
No. Matt Damon is the lead character. It also stars Kate Mara, Michael Pena, and Jessica Chastain.
Kate Mara's stylist reveals how he dresses her 5'2 frame:
also Miles Teller and MBJ should be firestorm in the DCEU, Kate Mara can be Stephanie Brown batgirl
Fantastic Four! Sorry but Kate Mara is no Jessica Alba & without Chris Evans, why would anyone watch?
Miles Teller and Kate Mara deserved so much better. It literally made Green Lantern look like the Dark Knight.
"Fox insisted that Kate Mara be given the role of Sue Storm, and Trank treated her badly as a result."
Review of starring Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell http…
I love Miles Teller, love Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan is a great actor and Jamie Bell is a class act. I'm sorry they tr…
FF review said "Sue Storm doesn't seem as if she is romantically interested in Reed." - That's because Kate Mara has resting Aspie face.
it's a shame cause I'm a big Kate Mara fan and was hoping for a Sue Storm/Kitty Pryde film, but won't happen if Fantastic Four flops
This is the second Marvel film for both Tim Blake Nelson and Kate Mara, who had both appeared in the….
I can't decide if I was more annoyed by Kate Mara's or Tim Blake Nelson's in
See the latest looks from Gabourey Sidibe, Bella Thorne, Kate Mara, Helen Mirren, Amy Poehler & more at
Smart. Elusive. Relatable. Kate Mara describes how Sue Storm becomes the Invisible Woman in
Fantastic Four Final Trailer - Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell and Michael B. Jordan get powered up
Kate Mara and Holly Hunter are the same person
Patrick Stewart as Professor X. Ian McKellen as Magneto. Kate Mara as Sue Storm. Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm. Hale Berry as Storm
That time Jamie Dornan sent a selfie to Kate Mara and she never responded. ***
Go behind the scenes with Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B Jordan, and Jamie Bell at the Fantastic Four photo...
how old are they supposed to be in the movie? because... — You know what's funny? Kate Mara is actually 8 years ...
'on Life, Death and her devotion to the by | | ht
I am enjoying Not (But Possibly Maybe) Kate Mara's go for broke take on Tatum though.
We peel back a few layers and get to the know the real Kate Mara:
If you notice, the new Sue Storm, Kate Mara, has a brief cameo in
Kate Mara on Life, Death, and Her Devotion to the Giants
Captivating Kate Mara forgot her shirt and I'm okay with that...
Kate Mara featured on the August 2015 issue of Esquire Magazine.
I'm only giving the new Fantastic 4 movie a chance because of Kate Mara 🔥🔥🔥🔥
don't be doing that, everyone needs to know about Kate O'Mara on a North Sea ferry...
I'd have taken Kate O'Mara over who they actually chose to play the Jackson role, Suzanne Danielle.
We couldn't afford Glenda Jackson, so we got Kate O'Mara lads.
Kate Mara as Sue Storm will be used for more than just a sex symbol like Jessica Alba was.
Also, Kate and Rooney Mara are the great-granddaughters of both the New York Giants founder and the Pittsburgh Steelers founder.
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Every picture I see of Kate Mara makes me think she wants to kill me
- Kate Mara looking as beautiful as always on the cover of Flare.
My only regret. The redhead Kate Mara lookalike was not seated next to me on my flight
Kate Mara on the cover of Hero Complex magazine summer 2015 issue with exclusive story.
Kate Mara at 2015 Women in Film Crystal + Lucy Award at Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles on June 17,...
I'm watching an episode of Law & Order: SVU from 2001 featuring an 18-year-old Kate Mara. The talent, even at that age, is *** obvious.
The cast of 10 YEARS always looked impressive, but moreso by the year: Channing Tatum, Chris Pratt, Oscar Isaac, Rosario Dawson, Kate Mara..
Kate Mara is playing Susan Storm? Why wasn't this flashed in the night sky? sent to our phones like a weather alert? carve…
Is that Kate Mara or Gemma Arterton. Either way I'm frightened.
Kate Mara plays "the computer expert" in "The Martian." Very detailed research went into her character.
-New Trailer (Jessica Chastain,Kate Mara,Kristen Wiig and Mackenzie Davis in one intriguing movie, oh...
Brand new trailer for just hit! Starring Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Kristin Wiig, Kate Mara,...
also, I'm enjoying Kate Mara at the movement & Eric Stonestreet
I just need to find a woman with Kimberly Perry's voice and Kate Mara's looks! Is that too much to ask? 😍😚😘
Spotted Toby Jones filming today in Belfast while i was leavin work,he was with Kate Mara. ( no,me neither..friend told me her name)
And Kate Mara sure makes it ten times better
"Whenever I dream about flying, It's the best feeling in the world"- Kate Mara
Ocean Waters Off California Must Be Free of Drift Gillnets, say & in new blog:
Kate Mara will slay as Sue Storm just watch this space - JS
Tony Hancock poses in a suit jacket and tie while shooting on the Granada TV set.
Diana Rigg is caught off-guard as she eats an orange between takes in this charming portrait taken in 1966.
best piece of advice I read for my 1st was: don't set a time goal- the goal is to finish! B/c after your first mara...
Okay! So they made out finally. No such thing as loyalty no matter how hot your wife is. Kevin spacey & Kate Mara. Boohoo!
Barker was also captured, sticking his head round a door and wearing trademark thick-rimmed spectacles. Other cele…
Woody Allen, Ronnie Barker, Kate O'Mara and Alfred Hitchcock as you've never seen them before in amazing behind-th…
I only ever remember Kate O'Mara wearing this outfit (always with her shades on her head) or that leopard print bikini.
How entirely appropriate that this should be the name of Kate O' Mara's company...
The camp-o-meter has just exploded. It's Kate 'leave the girl it's the man I want' O' Mara!!! Hurrah!
Kate Mara and Miles Teller featured in new Fantastic Four promo image...
Recently, actress and ocean advocate Kate Mara teamed up with Oceana in a public service announcement (PSA) to...
If Kate Mara is pregnant that was totally Kate Mara
I think Kate Mara just walked off this plane
Actress and Ocean Advocate Kate Mara Stands up for West Coast Marine Life Being Killed by Deadly Drift Gillnets
Here's a sneak peek at our cover on June issue, the fit and fantastic Kate Mara
.There's also Horror of Frankenstein with Ralph Bates (& Kate O'Mara of Doctor Who!) :
idk how long she lasts but Kate Mara is Kevin Connolly's assistant in s6
Plus you can't go wrong with Kate Mara
A couple years ago, a friend told me I remind him of Kate Mara's character and okay wow yes RIGHT DOWN to hoodies and sitting on countertops
Kind of interesting how two killed-off House of Cards people (Corey Stoll & Kate Mara) are now getting launched into the Marvel Comics world
Kate Mara in house of cards is bae 😍
Watch the new trailer for starring Miles Teller and Kate Mara via
Kate Mara. She is beyond gorgeous dude
I would marry Kate Mara in a heartbeat.
Hot Kate Mara's best body from House of Cards...
I don't have a problem with a black Johnny Storm. I have a problem with Kate Mara as Sue.
Electronic Device Insurance
Terrified. Every time I see Kate Mara's face, I feel like she's going to rip out my soul.
How do you feel about Kate Mara as the Invisible Woman?
I'd love to take Kate Mara for a walk in the park.
Kate Mara organising awards 2 Bham young people/nurses who give their time 4 the sick (as she also does)
Actress Kate Mara talks about the threat of drift gillnets to ocean wildlife in Oceana PSA
"Name the first three celebrities you think of when you hear linden" . TUPAC ZAC EFRON KATE MARA
I could go for a quick viewing of all of the Mary Kate and Ashley movies rn.
Remember Zoe? The drift gillnet fishery discards 60% of animals caught in these nets. That is insane!
Kate Mara in 'Shooter' Enchanced version in comments.
Who in the *** would pay to see Kate Mara play the Invisible Woman?
Uff, and I forgot Kate Mara was in Entourage. Great cast, great show. So amped for the movie.
also bang Kate Mara and then kill her too just for fun
Wow and just like that Kate Mara is gone?
This girlfriend reminds me so much of Kate Mara! LOVE her.
Pls sign & share to tell Pacific Fishery Management Council to rid drift gillnets in Cali!
Website Builder 728x90
"Why the ocean waters off California must be free of drift gillnets"
Seasaver: Ocean waters off must be free of drift gillnets via HuffPostGree…
in hindsight, yeah. It lost me around ep 5, but I stayed for Kate Mara
oh yeah. its a great laugh when Kate O'Mara is being evil or dressed as Mel.
Speaking of quality TV drama, saw a firm called Triangle Taxis today. Presumably drives endlessly between 3 towns. Kate O'Mara on the bonnet
I'm slightly obsessed with Kate Mara so I'm pretty pumped she's in the Fantastic 4 reboot.
Multiple people have told me I look like Kate Mara and I'm kind of starting to see it.
Here's the thing, despite our best shipping efforts, Jamie Bell and Kate Mara are not a couple. The two have been hard at …
Kate Mara pairing up with on the latest June 2015 issue of magazine
Josh Trank and Simon Kinberg explain why Kate Mara’s audition for Sue Storm in Fantastic Four was so impressive.
Kate Mara is good at playing hot but unlikable
incrivel Gio a magia das piscianas...just as u, Kate Mara is so sensitive & magic!!! have a nice Saturday Princess Gio...S2
Kate Mara takes a murdering like a champ. (I could be watching 11 different things right now.)
Well the chances of Kate Mara moving to Yukon are slim, so I have to set my sights a bit lower.
No spoilers then. Kate Mara is the reporter. Great-grandfather founded the NY Giants (NFL) & her other one founded the Steelers.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Second time I've been compared to Kate Mara.?
I have 46 cents to my name though, got to wait!! 😭
I like Kate Mara but I don't see her in anything super hero-y. Also Miles Teller is a horrible choice for mr. Fantastic
o tru yea I don't really like Kate Mara but thas ok
I don't care for the Fantastic Four, but I do care about a blonde Kate Mara.
Call me crazy, but I think Kate Mara is a 100x hotter Invisible Woman than Jessica Alba.
Today I was told I look like Kate Mara for the 7638th time . *insert hair flip*
Also, Kate Mara is ridiculously good looking.
I think kate mara is in ireland... ha i'm fine :)
Kate Mara, if you're really dating Jamie, please, make him happier than Evan ever made. Thank you 👍
I know Kate Mara's doing well with other projects.. But I'm still in trauma after seeing a train run her over on House of Cards...
✘ Open Role. ✘ | Shannon Devlin. | FC: Kate Mara. | Bio is up on the website. Apply now! RT?
Kate Mara is just unbelievable in house of cards 💑
'House Of Cards' star is sick of seeing whales and turtles pointlessly killed
Guy just told me my sleep face reminds him of Kate Mara...while I disagree, I loved the compliment!
Just figured out Anna Kendrick and Kate Mara are actually different people.
Kate Mara says her parents have come to terms with her and sister's raunchy
MY GIRLLL promoting House of Cards and our Planet Earth, both of which are pretty spectacular!
I've never been compared to celebrities until house of cards and now everyone tells me I look like kate mara like huh what no I dont
Kate Mara steps out with her theatre producer cousin ...
star _KateMara is sick of seeing turtles & whales pointlessly killed 🐢💙🐳
Kate Mara partners with Oceana to help save marine life
actress Kate Mara standing up for our oceans! THANK YOU!
Kate Mara is as good a reason as any to watch House of Cards.
Kate Mara with theatre producer brother John as they enjoy ... . |
A character-driven remake of "La Dolce Vita", starring Jim Carrey and Kate Mara
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