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Kate Capshaw

Kate Capshaw (born November 3, 1953) is an American actress, best known for her portrayal of Willie Scott in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

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but like jessica's mom is an ACTRESS why didn't kate capshaw play barbara robbins I WAS ROBBED this is what keeps m…
A picture this great makes any day a great day. Thanks for joining us at the show today, Kate Capshaw & Steven Spielber…
Watching Temple of Doom, forgot how dreadful Kate Capshaw was in it.
For me it's a tie between Doris Day in "Pillow Talk" and Kate Capshaw in "Temple of Doom"
That was Kate Capshaw in Temple of Doom. Hold onto your potatoes etc...
Kate Capshaw, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Harrison Ford on the set of 'Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom.' https:/…
And FYI, one year prior to the excellent Kate Capshaw co-starred with Harrison For…
(I've always assumed Spielberg didn't make more movies w/ female protagonists because he didn't want to get in a fight w/ Kate Capshaw)
What about Kate Capshaw screaming her way through Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom?. My ears are…
The Color Purple aside...if you don't think Kate Capshaw is the lead of Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom, you're…
And produced Memoirs of a Geisha, and gave significant leading roles to Kate Capshaw, Karen Allen,…
And The Color Purple? Indiana Jones:Temple of Doom where he married Kate Capshaw?
Kate Capshaw, yep, they met on the movie and got married
Spielberg should have taken notes from Paul W.S Anderson and rewritten every lead in his films for K…
Let's not go crazy. Kate Capshaw has been good in lots of stuff. I just don't like Willie.
That was so gross - didn't Kate Capshaw have to stick her hand into a hole in the wall f…
Remember when i met Sara Ramirez, Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw all in one day? Cause i still can't believe that happened
Check out what I found. spacecamp joe claro super rare film tie in novel kate capshaw Lea Thompson via
Does Kate Capshaw confess I'm Adam? How about ? If they don't do you see my frustration? No one useful to work with.
Its was that amazing sex scene Elle had with Kate Capshaw in the movie A Girl thing, that did it.Freaking AMAZING s…
goodnight I love Marlee Matlin and Kate Walsh and Lana Parrilla and Sara Ramirez and Jennifer Beals and Jessica Capshaw and all my mutuals
Jonathan Ke Quan, Kate Capshaw and Harrison Ford filming the mine cart scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. htt…
This is good news. How else will we save Kate Capshaw, Tate Donovan, & ?
Because Karen Allen's character is a badass. I would have related to her. Kate Capshaw, not so much. Evil blonde Nazi woman, not at all.
1) Shia is bad. Kate Capshaw was worse. 2) Aliens are exactly the kind of pulp Indiana Jones is born from.
Harrison Ford as Jonathan Ke Quan as Short Round & Kate Capshaw as Wilhelmina "Willie" Scott in The Temple of…
Photo of the day - Vic Armstrong, Jonathan Ke Quan and Kate Capshaw
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom: Near the end when Kate Capshaw, Harrison Ford, and the kid...
And Kate Capshaw. Fun version of the FMK game perhaps? -
updates Kate Capshaw for rank 1013 to 1983
No one in the whole movie ever asks anyone, Did you write this letter'...
yep - one of my favourites (much better than a screaming . Kate Capshaw in Temple of doom)
New York: Kate Capshaw, left, and Steven Spielberg, right, attend the New York Film Festival "Bri…
old school racism in nearly every seen and Kate capshaw
I can't wait for Short Round and Kate Capshaw to visit and ruin everything.
Kathleen Turner in is a much better version of Kate Capshaw in Same year too, 1984.
Roald Dahl's daughter speaks of childhood in Buckinghamshire: Lucy Dahl with Kate Capshaw, Steven...
true, temple and kingdom both have flaws. Kingdom has terrible cgi and temple had Kate Capshaw's terrible acting
The best preparation for acting is life - observing life and people an...
I remember the time I was on the space shuttle and was accidentally launched into space with Kate Capshaw- oh wait- that w…
Eddie Lacey/Lendale White. Did Kate Capshaw influence your affinity for Temple of Doom? Just askin
Tried to watch “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” — even as I get older, Kate Capshaw makes the movie unwatchable.
First set pic for reveals Kate Capshaw to reprise role of Willie Scott.
The evil Nazi woman from was 300,000 times more entertaining than Kate Capshaw's Willie Scott.
Jodelle ferland: happy good Friday and Easter and good luck on bowling night on a set day. Too bad Ariana grande don't care about people on a level that miss Ferland and the British pop group depeche mode does!
Steven Spielberg, Kate Capshaw et Jonathan Ke Quan sur le plateau de Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
When did Kate Capshaw start looking like Charlie McCarthy?
Which stylist will get the chop for telling Kate Capshaw that this wig was a good idea?
Oscars Bonkers Red Carpet: Kate Capshaw:  I did not even realize this was Kate Capshaw until I got a text from...
When I was young, I thought Kate Capshaw really knew Cantonese.
Kate Capshaw from Peep World stars in Home Alone 3 about a tactless Medical laboratory scientist named Charissa
Kate Capshaw won the Oscars with her blunt baby bangs
Kate Capshaw suing her plastic surgeon after seeing this picture
Steven Spielberg must have cast wife Kate Capshaw in the next "Conjuring"/"Annabelle" sequel.…
Steven Spielberg, Kate Capshaw, and Jonathan Ke Quan on the set of Indiana Jones and the...
"It belongs... in a museum!" -Harrison Ford commenting on Kate Capshaw's Oscar hair (sorry guys, that's been killing me since yesterday)
Kate Capshaw's fringe looks like I cut it.
What happened to Kate Capshaw? Cruella De Ville called and wants her face back
Someone needs to take the Aberto VO5 hot oil treatments away from him and give them to Kate Capshaw.
Bloody *** Kate Capshaw at the is unrecognisable from Indiana Jones!
Did Kate Capshaw let her grandkids cut her bangs? ✂️
Kate Capshaw won the Oscars red carpet last night:
I think Kate Capshaw got a lot of bang for her buck.
I've slept on it and decided best dressed of the night were Kate Capshaw's bangs and Sarah Silverman's eyebrows.
It's like my mom always says, "That was Kate Capshaw?! With Spielberg?! Good lord... don't get plastic surgery. That's all I have to say."
Kate Capshaw to her plastic surgeon: "Anything Goes"
We still cannot get over how bad Kate Capshaw looked aka The Joker
There's a picture of Kate Capshaw and Steven Spielberg at the oscars last night and I think I've melted at the cuteness
Oscars 2016- anyone see Kate Capshaw (wife of Stephen Spielberg)? She looked so beautiful at the Oscars in...
Kate Capshaw looks like the time my brother cut my Barbie's hair.
Best dressed, by far, is Kate Capshaw.
Kate Capshaw and Steven Spielberg at the 2016 Oscars Red Carpet - |.
Kate Capshaw, star of and wife of Steven Spielberg, is born in 1953.
OMG, I FIGURED OUT THAT'S KATE CAPSHAW NEXT TO Steven Spielberg! What is UP with her hair???
what happened to Kate Capshaw stunning face in one year and obsession with clown outfits ?
- please stop cutting to Steven Spielberg. Seeing what Kate Capshaw has done to herself makes me sadder than …   10% Off
Hope next yr’s American Crime is abt the various voices and perspectives that went into Kate Capshaw’s decision to get bangs for the Oscars
Why is Kate Capshaw dressed like a vaudevillian dummy?
Kate Capshaw's plastic surgeon should be horsewhipped.
Kate Capshaw was really rockin' the Sia look tonight with them blunt bangs.Or maybe she has an audition 4 Empire Records 2?
The true winner of the nite is Kate Capshaw and those amazing bangs!
Kate Capshaw fell into a vat of Silverlake
My mood right now is "Kate Capshaw wearily having to stand up for Joe Biden."
Is Kate Capshaw the same Kate Capshaw that Spielberg married years ago?
check out Spielberg's wife. .Kate Capshaw. unrecognizable..scary!
I thought Speiberg was married to Kate Capshaw?
Kate Capshaw looking like she never escaped from Mola Ram.
The best preparation for is life - observing life and people and observing yourself. All that becomes your library.- Kate Capshaw
Happy Birthday if today is your special day!..I LOVE Kate Capshaw (Steven Spielberg's wife) & a former ADPi at...
Kate Capshaw and Adam Ant were both in November.
Gwen Stefani is not predicted than Sara Ramirez, Sarah Drew, Jessica Capshaw, or Kate Walsh. Sit down.
Kate Capshaw's 80's perm takes me out of the story. .
She's no KATE CAPSHAW that's for sure.
Fun fact: Kate Capshaw took a Valium before shooting the live bugs scene.
friendly reminder: I met Kate Capshaw 👑😍still not over that
Kate Capshaw, Steven Spielberg, Geroge Lucas ve Harrison Ford ''Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom'' setinde, 1984
The moment somebody says, "This is very risky," is the moment it becomes attractive to me. -Kate Capshaw
Kate Capshaw and Laurie Rollins Anderson thought of you two ladies ;-)
Kate Capshaw from Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen stars in Grown Ups about a confident Child care worker named Joyceann
224 | Superior Foes was LIVE hours ago woops. is on vaca so "Anything Goes" as Kate Capshaw would say! Thanks!
And her mom is Kate Capshaw who was an Indiana Jones girl... LIKE HOW COOL.
Applause as Kate Capshaw announces she'd rather be in Missouri than on another Indy adventure. A lone voice says "Booo, Kansas is better"
Any chance you could correct your MASSIVE error and replace KATE Capshaw's name with JESSICA Capshaw.
Kate Capshaw, lol. What kind of stupid media are you?
Holy wow...did not realize AZ was real life daughter to Kate Capshaw. She looks just like her here.
Someone explain to me why the best version of "Anything Goes" I've ever heard was done by Kate Mandarin.
I can sing "Anything Goes" in Mandarin thanks to Kate Capshaw and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Kate Capshaw, such an underrated actress! The character would be insufferable portrayed by anyone else.
I'd like 2 way more if it weren't for Kate Capshaw. "Indy!!!" Plus, it's the least "Indiana Jones" of the three to me.
& if memory serves Kate Capshaw is the love interest right?
Kate Capshaw asleep on the couch, time for Train Dream Rape Sequence
And no making that Kate Capshaw disgusted face either!
Karen Allen or Kate Capshaw? Who was your favourite female in Indiana Jones? *Alison Doody doesn't count, she was bad
.Kate Capshaw, Kelly Preston, Lea Thompson, Joaquin Phoenix, Lamar from Revenge of the Nerds: That's a murderers' row
Karen Allen, Kate Capshaw, Alison Doody, or Cate Blanchett Which of these ladies from Indiana Jones is your ? h…
Congrats Kate Capshaw on new book Civil Rights Childhood: Picturing Liberation in African American Photobooks
I've also found a youtube clip all about the casting/auditions - and Kate Capshaw was in the running! Just before Indy
Rats! Just caught the last 5 mins of The Love Letter. 1999 with Kate Capshaw, Tom Selleck, Ellen DeGeneres and Blythe Danner.
If nothing else, it's worth it for 80's Scott, early Hans Zimmer & Kate Capshaw showing she CAN do better than Willie Scott.
For my money, Eva Green is a much better screamer than Kate Capshaw in Temple of Doom.
the older u get the more u look like ur mom Kate Capshaw. Resembles her alot in the Indiana Jones movie.
JCap has more money because her mother is Kate Capshaw and her stepdad is Steven Spielberg. Her family is wealthy
"I think it's great, really I do. Really fun song, great video. Good for her." - Kate Capshaw
I tried. Really it's just that Kate Capshaw makes me want to mainline drain-o
I'll take surviving a nuclear blast in a fridge over the casual racism and Kate Capshaw, thanks
The star power in SpaceCamp is off the charts: Kate Capshaw, Lea Thompson, Kelly Preston, Joaquin Phoenix, Tom Skerritt, Larry B. Scott.
it has Kate Capshaw, Vince Vaughn, Paul Rudd and Ashley Judd. It has to be at least 3 1/2 stars
Kate Capshaw from Aladdin stars in The Great Gatsby about an enterprising Commodities trader named Loma
Kate Capshaw on "The effect of Civil Rights photobooks in transforming the social consciousness of young people":
Kate Capshaw from Kissing Jessica Stein stars in Transformers about an inspiring Policy analyst named Atilano
Something important that needs to be said: Kathleen Turner should've had the Kate Capshaw role in TEMPLE OF DOOM. She's a delight in STONE!
spwcially when she says "let her finish" for the second time, that frame is ditto Kate capshaw
You've got to admire the choice of putting Kate Capshaw before the titles. Genius.
Take a note--Mose wants Kate Capshaw's Shanghai version of 'Anything Goes' played at his funeral.
Just on a lighter note:. Scene where AZ decides for break of 30 days in therapy, huge resemblance to Kate Capshaw , in one frame its ditto
Raiders and Last Crusade are still brilliant. Kate Capshaw really ruins Temple. So annoying.
Kate Capshaw was an epic fail. But Temple had blood and fire and ripping people's hearts out. That has to count for something.
the second one was even worse. Had Kate Capshaw shrieking the entire movie.
Kate Capshaw is the Jar Jar Binks of the Indiana Jones universe.
Will I still get to hang out with Kate Capshaw, Lea Thompson, and Kelly Preston at space camp? Sign me up.
Kim Basinger in BATMAN and Kate Capshaw in TEMPLE OF DOOM had pretty much identical roles. “Eh, just scream a bunch.”
I think they really should give Kate Capshaw some kind of retro award for her performance in temple of doom it really is enjoyable
Temple of Doom would make complete sense without Kate Capshaw. It might even be better.
The Quick and the Dead. With Sam Elliot and Kate Capshaw on channel Encwes. I have watched this movie a few time. I enjoy it everytime!
Kate Capshaw's character in Temple of Doom is the worst character in movie history.
Stephen Spielberg directs his wife to be, Kate Capshaw, on Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom.
Helen (Kate Capshaw) runs a bookstore in Loblolly By The Sea, a small fishing community in New England where everyone seems to know everyone else's business. A 42-year-old single mother, she is emotionally distant and fearful of getting too close to anyone. George (Tom Selleck) has known Helen since they were schoolmates, and he's been in love with her for ages, but has always settled for just being her friend.
will let him know. Was a pediatrician then up the ranks in Jersey, a friend who friend of kate capshaw, mving slowly to Spielberg
as a dumb teen I associated with people who hated Temple because of Kate Capshaw. "Oh she's so whiny. So loud!" Eff those guys.
I'm sure Kate Capshaw would have her say in that, too.
The second Indiana Jones movie should have been called "Indiana Jones and The Temple of Watching Kate Capshaw Scream for Ninety Minutes"
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A colourized pencil portrait I did of Kate Capshaw as Willie Scott, Harrison Ford's lead...
Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford and Kate Capshaw arrive in London to film 'Indiana Jones and The Temple Of Doom'.
"A BOAT!? WE'RE NOT SINKING! WE'RE CRASHING!! AGGH!!!" -Kate Capshaw as Willy Scott in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Feeling the need to picture spam. Mila Kunis, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Walsh, Jessica Capshaw, Marcia Cross or Britney Spears? Or all?
Kate Capshaw was quite the hottie 30 years ago.
yes! I remember wearing out that book. Still remember Kate Capshaw as a brunette. Joaquin Phoenix when he was 'Leaf' Ah, memories.
IJ and the Temple of Doom... Not a bad film if you get rid of Kate Capshaw, Short Round and the crappy plot.
Temple of Doom is on. Every bad thing that happens to Kate Capshaw in this movie brings me great joy.
Kate Capshaw's Mandarin pronunciation is awful. I don't even speak the language and I can tell that.
I get home from my day trip around town ...the library by way of two grocery stores 1) for lunch stuff and the second for a few odds and ends ...put stuff away and get dinner started.. and finally sit down and lo and behold guess what is just starting on the Syfy Channel? Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom! I freakin' love this movie! I really had a crush on the kid that plays the Raja or Prince or whatever his title is when this movie came out ...It was 1984 and I was eleven years old. O and I wanted that sequined dress Kate Capshaw wore in the opening scene when she sung Anything Goes in Chinese. God Bless Cole Porter. I may have just turned myself into a number of different *** cliches but all of it true... If today any shock they should try to stem 'stead of landing on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock would land on them! One of my all time fave songs ...specially when Ella Fitzgerald did it.
Temple. Because it's an alright movie as long as you mute Kate Capshaw.
Props to Kate Capshaw for having to let a snake slither on her and act annoyed about it instead of horrified.
I hate the opening musical number in It really makes no sense. Plus they put Kate Capshaw in front of title card...
For every second that Kate Capshaw is on screen in The Temple of Doom, feminism takes two steps back.
Counter-programming for THE PHANTOM MENACE was a Kate Capshaw rom-com.
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Turner's no Kate Capshaw in Temple of Doom, though. No sir.
photo-bombs Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw at USC SHOAH 20th anniversary event.
Kate Capshaw is so fine in Temple of Doom.
Lovely shot of Kate Capshaw and Harrison Ford goofing around on the set of Temple of Doom
photobombs Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw at night honored President Obama
Bruce Springsteen smiled with Spielberg and wife Kate Capshaw at USC Shoah Foundation's Gala
Bruce Springsteen photobombs Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw. Makes Bruce the shark look like an amateur.
Happily working away singing along to the flawless Kate Capshaw and butchering the Cantonese language and performance art in the process.
You hate Kate Capshaw so much. I love it. Donovan is somewhat lame, but the head Nazi is a cool actor.
mentioning Kate Capshaw makes me think of her daughter and JCaps + Psych = Happy Me!
"I at one time entered Kate Capshaw's dream and interacted with her! Of course I can't talk about it because of the pending lawsuit..."
Surely Kate Capshaw in has to be one of the most annoying movie girlfriends! Should have let Mola Ram finish her Indy!
Chyler Leigh, James Pickens Jr, Kate Burton and Jessica Capshaw all starred in the Practice!
Much like ancient China, Jewish inheritance is the female line. Right?Why else would Kate Capshaw convert? I don't mean financial.
Famous ADPi Monday!!. This is Kate Capshaw! You might recognizer her from the movie, Indiana Jones. She is...
Meh. I like what I like. I don't obsess, and this ain't science. Goofy movie 'bubble gum' soothes my soul. Also, Kate Capshaw.
Deal, Shorty. I'll just keep my thoughts on 1984 Kate Capshaw to myself. Which is probably for the best.
Kate Capshaw did more to ruin an Indiana Jones movie than Shia Lebouf did.
Kate Capshaw's character in Temple of Doom and Jar Jar Binks are unfortunately similar.
I forgot how much Kate Capshaw screams in Temple of Doom.
We're watching it, too, although Kate Capshaw gets on my nerves.
Jessica Capshaw needs to pick me. Jennifer Aniston needs to love me. Kate Walsh needs to choose me.
try...Pillow Talk, The Love Letter (the one with Kate Capshaw), Somewhere In Time, Shag The Movie (u will absolutely love!)
If fan girling out over Ryan Capshaw is wrong, I don't want to be right.
The refreshing rain is pouring down. Tonight at Crossroads I got Bruce Willis and pregnant lady Emma. Also, Sean Penn who had dinner with President Bill Clinton. I barely saw Bill as the Secret Service kept me very far and no shot when he left, only his motorcade. Earlier I got people at a party at Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills -- Jared Leto, Adrien Brody, Robbie Robertson, Elle Fanning, Kate Capshaw and Lynn Holly Johnson. Jared Leto asked me where I'm from. He said he has been to South Africa several times, has friends there and lives it. He said he's taking his Mom and sister to the Oscars. He will win Best Supprting Actor for sure but was modest when I asked him about it.
The 5th Indiana Jones is just Harrison Ford drunk, in like 1960, shooting Kate Capshaw & Rap Jam: Volume One is like the kid who said
The key to enjoying Temple of Doom is hitting "mute" whenever Kate Capshaw is on screen.
Couldn't decide so here's two Jessica Capshaw and Kate Walsh .
This actipn figure i got in the mail of Kate Capshaw as from and the…
Kate Capshaw wasn't having a bad hair day in Indiana Jones, kiddies. Nope. It was just the 80's.
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Tonight In france redifusion Indiana Jones with kate capshaw
but with no Kate Capshaw, thank god.
Would have been better w/the kid as sidekick and no rid of Kate Capshaw.
Kate Capshaw just PUNCHED THE AIR as her contribution to a fight.
I'm relatively butch most of the time but big *** bugs instantly turn me into Kate Capshaw in Temple of Doom.
I ♥️ Shortround, and Kate Capshaw (of course)...gonna have to watch all of them in a row now.
If you attended the Temple of Doom premiere in '84 and drank every time Kate Capshaw screamed, I am convinced you would still be drunk.
Every time I watch 'Temple of Doom', I'm reminded that Kate Capshaw's character is the most annoying female character likely EVER.
Out of all the movies.. has to be my favorite. Harrison Ford and Kate Capshaw are friggin awesome together
Didnt know why he was in the same aisle as me much too ed earle who we've seen yah? Oh is that a kate capshaw prudence indeed will dictate?
I can't stand Kate Capshaw's constant shrieking, but hey, the man was trying to get laid
What female celebrity do you wish was your sister? — Can I have three?? Sara Ramirez, Jessica Capshaw, and Kate ...
if u love one of these beautiful actresses: . Ellen Pompeo. Sara Ramirez . Jessica Capshaw. Sandra Oh . Sarah Drew . Kate W…
There's no amount of sex Kate Capshaw could give me to NOT hit her. Spielberg must have had low self-esteem at the time.
【Salons Of The Stars】 CHRISTOPHE (at 348 N. Beverly Drive) is the man responsible for giving former President Bill Clinton the infamous $200 haircut that caused the President so much bad publicity during his first year in office; Barbra Streisand sent First Lady Hillary Clinton to Christophe's Beverly Hills salon for a new do - one she changes regularly. Christophe also has done the hair of stars such as Nicole Kidman, Sally Field, Goldie Hawn, Ted Danson, and Kate Capshaw . His hair colorist, Lori Goddard, has worked with Farrah, Rosanna Arquette and Markie Post. One hair colorist is Matthew Boger, whose long-term clients have included Sharon Stone, Lauren Holly, Liv Tyler, and Julliette Lewis.
"Kate Capshaw, Steve Spielberg ... on the set of Indiana Jones. 1984 have u seen this?
Max Von Sydow, Christopher Plummer, Dennis Quaid. David Patrick Kelley, Kate Capshaw, Eddie Albert. George Wendt! It was 1984 and the movie was Dreamscape. Next time you're playing 6 Degrees you can thank me. How have I never heard of this movie before now?
The Backstage Gourmet Radio Show with PJ Grimes Monday, November 25, 2013 1-2 p.m. Pacific Time/4-5 p.m. Eastern Time (live program) Tune in at Special Guest: Chef Kate McAloon Theme: Green Holiday Cuisine Complements of Chef Kate, our scrumptious Backstage Gourmet menu includes: “Creamy Broccoli Soup with Nutmeg and Toasted Coconut,” “Broccoli with Sautéed Mushrooms and Peppers,” “Surprise Chocolate Mousse with Avocado,” and “Green Tea and White Chocolate Pot de Crème.” Chef Kate McAloon has cooked for many celebrity clients such as Steven Spielberg, Kate Capshaw, Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sheryl Crow, Megan Mullally, Nick Offerman, Courteney Cox, Meg Ryan, and David Arquette. Among her many tasty life adventures is also that of being a book author as well as a featured blogger for Miranda Kerr’s KORA Organics. We’ll learn more about those and what’s ahead for Kate (always something wonderful!) Kate was born with a “mixing spoon” in her mou ...
Better take the Flying Sub, Lee. Take Kawalski with you. Everything depends on you finding those Celeb Birthdays!: Actor Ken Berry hits the big 8-0, as does former Presidential candidate Michael Dukakis; "And Me, I'm Shadoe Stevens", the former Hollywood Squares announcer turns 67; Lulu sings "To Sir, with Love" as she is 65; Roseanne Barr yuks it up at 61; Kathy Kinney of "Drew Carey" fame is 60, as is Dennis "I am out of here" Miller and actress Kate Capshaw; Adam Ant is a goody two-shoes as he blows out 59 candles; and finally, everything Dolph lUndgren touches, he destroys, so keep him away from his 58th Birthday cake. Happy Birthday one and all!
Happy 60 to a daughter of Fort Worth, TX.Kate Capshaw.. the daughter of Beverley Sue (née Simon), a travel agent and beautician, and Edwin Leon Nail, an airline employee. She moved to St. Louis, Missouri, at the age of five, and graduated from Hazelwood Senior High, now called Hazelwood Central High School in 1972. Capshaw earned a degree in education from the University of Missouri, where she was a member of Alpha Delta Pi. She taught Special Education at Southern Boone County High School in Ashland, Missouri, and Rock Bridge High School in Columbia, Missouri. She married marketing manager Robert Capshaw in January 1976 and they had one child, actress Jessica Capshaw, before eventually divorcing in 1980. However, she kept the surname Capshaw and adopted it as her professional name upon becoming an actress. Capshaw moved to New York to pursue her dream of acting, landing her first role on the soap opera The Edge of Night. She starred in Dreamscape in 1984. She met film director Steven Spielberg upon winn ...
HOT NEWS JAY Z signs Steven Spielberg's KIDS to his ROC NATION music label. Jay Z signed Spielberg's DJ kids 25 year old Dj Theo Spielberg and 23 year old DJ Sasha. Jay Z made the move after seeing the kids play in "South by South festival in Texas". Sasha is the biological daughter to Oscar winning director Stephen Spielberg and wife/actress Kate Capshaw why Theo(adopted son) was adopted by Capshow before marrying Spielberg in 1991, later Spielberg adopted him. They join Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Shakira and Wale etc as part of Jay Z's "Roc Nation". That is what money and fame could do.
Jay Z signs band Wardell, aka Sasha and Theo Spielberg, kids of director Steven Spielberg and actress Kate Capshaw, to his record label.
Was watching "Dreamscape" with Dennis Quaid and Kate Capshaw". My most sexy fantastical movie aside from The Fifth Element!
Don't send a Kate Capshaw to do a Bill Pullman's job.
she reminds me of kate capshaw in Temple of Doom.
The best part of Temple of Doom has to be the 1930's setting juxtaposed with Kate Capshaw's thoroughly 1980's hair.
Black Rain is a 1989 American action-thriller film starring Michael Douglas, Andy García, Ken Takakura, Kate Capshaw and Yusaku Matsuda. The film was directed by Ridley Scott. The story centers on two New York City police officers who arrest a member of the Yakuza and must escort him back to Japan. Once there, he escapes, and the two police officers find themselves dragged deeper and deeper into the Japanese underworld.
George reviews "The Quick and the Dead", a film starring Sam Elliott, Kate Capshaw and Tom Conti based on the Louis L'amour novel of the same name. The film ...
Stuff Frank Miller gave me several years ago. Kate Capshaw gave me the other poster. They signed all of it, but some has water damage. A benefit of living in Miami. Everything rots. Everything, including the people. But I remember on the 3rd day I sat with Frank, who always called me "the Shayne with a Y" that Spike Lee came over, shook my hand, and then talked to Frank about a movie project that I don't know if ever happened. Still in the works, I guess.
Sobbed and laughed appropriately at Love Affair (1994). I know this betrays my age/generation but I JUST saw the end of Cary Grant version after dinner with Mark Kirsnis and Sharon. Beatty /Bening Christmas Eve scene blows it out of water dramatically. Plus the Grant version didn't have Garry Shandling, Kate Capshaw and in one of his best if small roles, Harold Ramis. Honorable mention to Chloe Webb, a talented actress though Laura Linney far superior as Mary Ann in Armistead Maupin's first Tales of City. I saw Maupin at UCSB Arts and Lectures in 1998, said hello and told him about work at LA Shanti, where I was volunteer AIDS counselor for a full spectrum group, HIV + to end of OI, opportunistic infection and soon dead from CMV and other horrors. He was super cool. Same year I saw Gelsey Kirkland. She ate one apple a day: one quarter for each meal. Nor was the Grant version scored by Ennio Morricone. Will blog when my neck isn't in spasm
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I really can't take Kate Capshaw. I don't know how long I can hang on.
I got distracted by Kate Capshaw trying to sing in... what ever it is she's trying to sing in.
I love Kate Capshaw and im so grateful to her cause a day like today born the talented and awesome happy birthday beautiful❤
Thank you Kate Capshaw for squeezing out of your ***
Fastball on the way ill cook em & fry em . Set the captive free exodus? Annie liebowhits? Kate capshaw?
Because the MOST beautiful woman was born on the 9th August ! ♥ Thank Kate Capshaw *___*
5 words Kate Capshaw. Worst. Actress. Ever. We're not sinking! We're crashing!
Crap, picked up the wrong Indiana Jones for night time cleaning. Stupid screaming Kate Capshaw.
I was Kate Capshaw. Maggots give me the Willies.
1984, great movie year :D remember watching Ghostbusters (with Sigourney Weaver) & Indi II Temple of Doom (with Kate Capshaw) FUN
Not a big Kate Capshaw fan, but Karen Allen? Yes, please. ;)
I maybe the only person who doesn't mind Kate Capshaw in She's NOT Karen Allen, but the character is different
oh is it 1980's style space camp with Kate Capshaw &, Lea Thompson?
Vote for MU CoE alumni Sheryl Crow, Kate Capshaw, Norm Stewart, Kellen Winslow, and Roger Wehrli...or others!.
Temple of Doom, better known as: Kate Capshaw shrieking for 3 hours
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I like Indiana Jones, but not this one. Kate Capshaw is just too annoying!
As bad as Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was, Kate Capshaw makes it pretty funny.
Ok I actually grew to like Doom over time! It's because of it's tongue in cheek humor. But yes Kate Capshaw is over the top.
Good call. Temple of Doom was on earlier. 30 years later, still can't silence Kate Capshaw. Plus spiders.
Just discovered I'm the same age that Kate Capshaw was when she filmed Indiana Jones. "They took the stones...and my youth."
Favorite Kate Capshaw movie? It was rhetorical. They're all great.
You can see why they (according to IMDB) had to train Kate Capshaw to scream for this. She screams a LOT.
who wore it best You, or Kate Capshaw?
Kate Capshaw’s breasts lived happily ever after. Great movie.
I undersrand that my weakness is Kate Capshaw. My defense is everything else. Think about it
OK fellow nerds which Indiana Jones is the worst?
Indiana Jones Temple of Doom: My *** for Kate Capshaw can't get much bigger
Watching Temple of Doom. Man, Kate Capshaw looked pretty good in that one!
Kate Capshaw is so terrible in the 2nd Indiana Jones...the whole movie is just bad.
I think temple of doom is my least fav Indiana Jones film. Annoying kid and annoying Kate Capshaw. Last Crusade is the best IMO
my dreamscape awaits me. maybe i'll see Kate Capshaw. cheerio
Only and I would freak out and scream in the bar while randomly seeing Kate Capshaw on the tv.
"And Steven Spielberg wants you to star in his next movie." "Kate Capshaw's husband?!" because I'm sad
Getting off with this ad is like watching "Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom" to see Kate Capshaw act.
Doom. Karen Allen over Kate Capshaw and Mutt over Short Round. Also, Cate Blanchett over leering, bald, evil guy.
I love Indy, but I'd rather chew glass than watch Kate Capshaw's character
also some halfway interesting sexual banter between Indy and Kate Capshaw ("Well, I wouldn't want to prejudice my results")
Ace likes the way Kate Capshaw says "Inde."
MOVIE TRIVIA: On the "Temple of Doom" set, every crew member pantomimed a *** behind Kate Capshaw's back at least three times.
Le Lundi Nikita's Romance Broken Last year, the American TV network USA decided to cancel the series "Nikita". After more than 25,000 letters and emails from fans, "Nikita" will return. Peta Wilson is finishing up filming of the new episodes in Toronto. I caught up with the 30 year old Australian actress in NY. She talked about her return to the series as well as the character of Nikita, and her relationship with the director Damien Harris. Peta, how did you handle the return of the series? I'm happy to take on Nikita again. Because the last season ended badly. We ended the filming without finding a resolution for my adventures. What became of Nikita? Was she going to leave the Center and take up a new life? Would Michael ever go away without her? There were so many questions for which we owed our fans the answers. How would you describe Nikita? She is a rabid wolf disguised as an angel. I knew a lot of young homeless in Toronto, where we filmed the series for 4 years, who reminded me of Nikita. Teenagers ...
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