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Kate Bush

Catherine Kate Bush (born 30 July 1958) is an English singer-songwriter, musician and record producer.

Wuthering Heights Running Up That Hill David Bowie Peter Gabriel Tom Waits Theresa May Orange Juice Debbie Harry Laurie Anderson Neil Young Michael Jackson Annie Lennox Joni Mitchell

Coachella turned down the chance to book Kate Bush 'because people wouldn't understand her'
Coachella 'turned down the chance to book Kate Bush' for the most bizarre reason
The mystery song the caller was trying to remember is Games Without Frontiers by Peter Gabriel (with Kate Bush).
Today's work radio. Kate Bush to emily reo to Belle and Sebastian to of Montreal to John Fahey to cab Calloway. And the world is good.
Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush is now playing on radio
Wuthering Heights (Edit) by Kate Bush is now playing on radio
The Man With The Child In His Eyes by Kate Bush is now playing on radio
Cloudbusting by Kate Bush is now playing on radio
King of the Mountain by Kate Bush is now playing on radio
Hounds Of Love by Kate Bush is now playing on radio
The best radio station Listen now Kate Bush - Peter Gabriel - Don't Give Up on
I love this, but can't choose a favourite Fleetwood Mac song - and then there's Kate Bush.
In this set on - Jesca Hoop, Kate Bush and Joni Mitchell! Join me now til 6pm at
I agree with you, Gregory, Kate Bush on dance anthems! Luv that remix.
Kate Bush at the British Rock and Pop Awards on February 26th, 1980.
Top Of The Pops 1978: Kate Bush slugs it out with Ally's Tartan Army. Only one can win...
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Séamus Heaney b2b with Kate Bush is what I call awesome radio! Happy Friday
.trying to hold it together in work. Seamus Heaney + Kate Bush = recipe for tears. Beautiful - always needed.
Kate Bush was reet. The hounds of love are hunting...for your finest three poems! Submit to here:
Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights from 1978 is sampled by on his track Bad Dreams from 1995!
My earworm is Utah Saints Something Good after hearing Kate Bush on 6 Music yesterday
Kate Bush has a cracking set of lungs
And of course Utah Saints sampled this awesome 1985 track from Kate Bush 😊
57. Utah Saints - Something Good. The best of a decent bunch of singles, the only time Kate Bush has got near these charts
in the Treehouse : Kate Bush - Cloudbusting (Live At Hammersmith Apollo, London - 20 ... Tune In at
My goodness! I had no idea the Rapture had occurred & taken with it Kate Bush, Stevie Nicks, Emmylou Harris, etc.,…
George Michael?! Are you never done 2016?! Can someone please take David Attenborough, Kate Bush & the Queen to a bunk…
Just did a quick head check and we still have Betty White, Kate Bush, Sidney Poitier, Brian Blessed, Jackie Chan & Larry Storch …for now.
I'm holding back on deals with God. Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill - Official Music Video via
bbc6music is now listening to Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) by Kate Bush
Running Up That Hill is Kate Bush for people who don't like Kate Bush
Wye Oak covers Kate Bush : Running Up That Hill via
Now that was a fine year, 1958. Birth year of Prince, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Kate Bush... and me! On 15th December :-)
I'm listening to Kate Bush - Babooshka on Wilson Waffling Radio!
I have been cloudbusting since December 1985. The month Kate Bush's song appeared on the radio. And on screen. Enjoy.
A bit of Kate Bush on Radio 2 at the moment courtesy of YES! Dancing around the office now and spill…
December Will Be Magic by Kate Bush, is on Radio 2 - I am impressed!
I also get to go on Canadian radio tomorrow and talk about Kate Bush and Jesus and Mary Chain. That's kinda cool.
Quick request for this Sunday's show. Kate Bush - December will be magic again. . Never played on the radio!
Kate Bush - King Of The Mountain (live) - Radio Paradise on Radio Paradise with TuneIn.
"Is Kate Bush a Tory?" is the top question on Kate Bush in the UK in the last 24 hours
Kate Bush's comments today are only surprising if you'd forgotten about that ritual she used to summon Theresa May into exis…
I don't care who Kate Bush supports-I do care that Ms May has appointed Messrs. Johnson Fox and Davis to their current roles
Amused that some are having a meltdown about Kate Bush admiring Theresa May. Good for her! At least it wasn't Farage or Johnson or Corbyn.
Labour polling their lowest level since 1989, whilst the left focus on Kate Bush being a Tory. These two things are linked.
If you're sad about Kate Bush, Holly Johnson's politics are still good and Liverpool is a highly underrated album
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
cos Kate Bush is now as right wing as Varg Vikernes
I saw Kate Bush was trending and got worried that 2016 had taken another. Thank God that ain't it.
Devastated to learn that Kate Bush is a Tory. It'll be Pearl Carr & Teddy Johnson next.
I'm less surprised Kate Bush is a Tory and more surprised that she thinks any senior politician in the UK is doing a good job
Worked at a Kate Bush tribute gig on Friday night. Decent. Think I'd have liked her had I been around during her time.
Hacking your thread. Love WH. Students (boys' school) dancing to Kate Bush is compulsory in my senior classes.
art freaks, and anyone who didn’t like their culture served straight-up." KATE BUSH EU TE AMOOO
"Kate Bush saw the future. Two decades before Lemonade, the British pop auteur wrote, directed, and starred in the first-ever visual album,
Kate Bush remembers 'brave and unusual' David Bowie: Kate Bush has paid tribute to the "bravery and power" of late……
New releases reviewed from Kate Bush, Georgia, Masketta Fall & more
In the months following his passing, Kate Bush continues to reflect on the ‘power and beauty’ of Bowie.
I liked a video from A Look at the "Before The Dawn" Concert Programme - Kate Bush
I wrote for on Kate Bush's love of cinema, the films that inspired her songs and her filmmaking dreams
Kate Bush, Before The Dawn: a live album of grace and wonder via
It's Kate Bush Day! To celebrate and I discuss why we love Kate -
I am loving the live version of Kate Bush's Cloudbusting. Divine. Sweet euphoric hands in the air, it would've sent shivers down the spine.
Kate Bush opens up about her relationship with David Bowie.
wait wait is there a new Kate Bush album out there wow, whoa
I've listened to kate bush almost daily for the past are having babies now and I expect to see it.
Hypnotic Kate Bush is back with a thunderclap with Before The Dawn - Daily Mail
Spectacular: Before the Dawn is a faithful memento of the shows and does reiterate Bush’s statu…
Shout out to the reader who responded to the Kate Bush cover with "No thanks! What next? Spice Girls?"
I scored 9 out of 11 on the "How well do you know the lyrics to Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights?" quiz
We are part of a wonderful Kate Bush Tribute again!. There is magic there...hope to see you ♥
Thanks to playing with Google Maps, I associate Kate Bush's The Red Shoes with a town I haven't even BEEN in for 20+ years
when will you get Kate Bush's New Album ?
I drank tea with & now has brought me to a place where they're playing Kate Bush so you're great today, Melbs.
Kate Bush exclusive interview: &not sure you&ever really happy with what you ... - - -
IT'S HERE! Kate Bush - Before the Dawn album release day has arrived.
Happy Thanksgiving or, as it is known in my house right now: NEW KATE BUSH ALBUM DAY
In a rare interview, Kate Bush discusses why returning to live performance was "terrifying"
In a rare interview, Kate Bush seems more pragmatic than otherworldly. And even her speaking voice is melodic.
Kate Bush, 'Before the Dawn' is released this Friday and available on vinyl at the Record Break Cafe.
Kate Bush at the BBC Including the hits Wuthering Heights, Babooshka, Running Up That Hill and H...
Wuthering Heights just came on on the bus and I almost cried lmao biggest Kate Bush fan ever
Since everyone is talking Kate Bush and Before the Dawn, this seems like a good time to brag that I was there 💅🏻:
And now my brain is singing 'oh Boz, it's me, Zoe, come home, meow meow meow' to the tune of Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights. Need more sleep.
Snake, Operation Horses of Love was designed to create an unstoppable supersoldier from the genes of Kate Bush and Patti Smit…
Just catching up with the Kate Bush programme on the Tom Robinson show on recommended for Kate fans
Preview Kate Bush's first interview in 5 years
Don't Give Up (feat. Kate Bush) by Peter Gabriel from the album Shaking the Tree: Sixteen Golden
Peter Gabriel - Don't Give Up (ft. Kate Bush). Don't give up because you have friends !. .
Yesterday I was very much feeling Kate Bush but today I'm feeling Wild Nothing's cover of Kate Bush
The moment you read Kate Bush has done an interview for broadcast.
Kate Bush was 'terrified' every night of her London residency
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Kate Bush admits being terrified over comeback gigs
Kate Bush's 1985 smash LP, Hounds Of Love, mastered by Ian Cooper - one of fo…
Will Kate Bush tour again or release new material? The Goddess speaks.
reminder that Kate Bush has self wrote and self produced every single song in her whole discography
Kate Bush, please help me calm down with your angelic voice
In 2008, these were the scenes captured when Pres Bush greeted Pres-elect Obama at WH. Today, we aren’t able to w…
Listen to Kate Bush's first broadcast interview since 2011:
New hour-long Kate Bush interview is coming November 20th... Hear a bit of it NOW at
I'm listening to Kate Bush on the Dart but your idea looks better
BBC Radio 6 today: Matt Everitt speaks exclusively to Kate Bush about her 'Before the Dawn' tour. Hear the full... https:…
Kate Bush gives her first broadcast interview since 2011:
6 Music announces exclusive interview with Kate Bush and worldwide first play of her new live album
I'm still trying to figure out how Billy Bush got fired from because of that tape but is fit for the White House.
Sunday is shaping up to be interesting. First a rare Kate Bush interview then later Bjork on
A Kate Bush interview to look forward to on
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Asked about future releases, Kate Bush says her new live album is not a full stop—“just a rather big comma”
This will be SPECIAL: exclusive interview with + premieres 'Before The Dawn'. https:/…
So, really, this should be Kate Bush day?
Kate Bush recalls the 'terror' of her 2014 live shows
Kate Bush Before The Dawn interview coming up ahead of the CD release:
Hear Kate Bush, who is “terrified” of live performance, discuss overcoming the fear in a rare interview
Kate Bush did an interview today & her Answer to this political question was Amazing!
Hi , your song "Oh no" reminds me to "Running Up the hills" by Kate Bush. I love your song by the way.
Will Kate Bush ever tour again or release new music?
BEFORE THE DAWN, Kate Bush's new live album, is out 12/2 on 3 CD or 4 LP. Pre-order your copy today.
19 yr old girls talkin about "leaving the country" but can't even make it from Sig Chi to Kappa Alpha without throwing up & p…
Nice. A Kate Bush record, a John Cooper Clarke one, Eurthymics singles album and an Orange Juice album.
I liked a video Kate Bush ft. Elton John - Snowed In At Wheeler Street - Chronicles of the Snow Globe
Trending. Kate Bush and Ed Balls. In a parallel universe they met,married and hyphenated
Just deleted a Lost Prophets song from my iPod. Should I delete Kate Bush's Dreaming or the 2nd disc on Ariel? Rolf's all over these albums
something of Kate Bush about you there.
There was a song on the radio earlier that was so bad my kids said they would rather hear me sing Kate Bush Wuthering Heights
Kate Bush releases live recording of 2014 shows: Before the Dawn captures the London performances which marke...
Two years after Kate Bush's Before The Dawn gigs, she's releasing a live album from the residency:
Kate Bush was first to spring to mind. Eno, maybe. Marianne Faithfull.
ok but I have the same initials as Kate Bush and I reminded my mum of her as a kid, she sang Wuthering Heights based on the novel by
My mother used to call me 'Kate Bush' as a child because my dancing reminded her of Kate's.
After not understanding their sound for far too long, I'm now a Kate Bush fan. Thank you for being patient with me, all I needed was time.
difficult to tell due to my awful eyesight.Suspect Neil&possibly Rik were Kate Bush fans. Not sure of their views on Early Doors.
this is a huge milestone for me, thank you all I'm listening to Kate bush and crying
We are hoping for Dawn to come: Bring it on - Kate Bush • Before The Dawn CD DVD BluRay
GayspeakNews: Take a glimpse into Kate Bush's hidden world:
Take a glimpse into Kate Bush's hidden world:
Could have had all sorts of chains: Joni to Pat to Lyle Mays, Kate Bush to Eberhard Weber, he and Mays on 1 LP -> ECM catalogue!
Dreamed last night I met Kate Bush but I called her Ruby Wax.All night kept feeling uncomfortable, woke up realized my…
I have never listened to kate bush and screaming is how I want to date any more throbbing gristle fans.
"When I was little, I used to teach kids on the playground cuss words" -Katie Bush. Are we even surprised..
Just walked/danced my way through the park all alone & singing Kate Bush out loud like crazy person
any word on whatever happened to the 180g reissue of Kate Bush's The Red Shoes?
love your work! We saw it - Smiths run-out grooves! My brother will b getting a Kate Bush mug in xmas stocking...
Maltese epiphany-saw 2 young ones in a public performance of a Kate Bush style dance in Valletta,choreographed to the theme from Early Doors
Dawn Will come soon. Before The Dawn & December will be magic again
I've got Kate Bush's entire The Kick Inside album stuck in my head, it's my type of playlist tbh
- Deeper Understanding by Bush, Kate on - Buy it
We would love to see you in plans x
You don't need words, just one kiss, then another ... Kate Bush - The Sensual World.
Massimo was in the skullery baking a pie, I wonder where Kate bush is they quipped? All the while, Father was dead.. . (´_`)
Ah, well, as someone know it already... i'll add it to my page too󾌸. This came as a surprise. The other day they...
Thanks for the beautiful pics from the Kate Bush tribute! We want more!
UK's number one Kate Bush tribute comes to Sale
Last night was 1000 golden llamas trotting in unison.Thanks et al for the treat! Viva Kate Bush
hey Kate I don't remember Bush Trying to cover it up and lying about it like Killary does.
Love this! Kensington Gardens, two years ago. The day after seeing Kate Bush!
Listening back to the show. RE Tate Modern. Currently have mental image of you in a 'flowing robe' dancing to Kate Bush!
Listening to Kate Bush and then Rolf Harris just chirps up on one of the tracks and it's like "do I skip, errr...???"
Their repertoire is modern. Theme this season is "legends of pop": Sia, Daft Punk, Katy Perry, Toto, Kate Bush, Coldplay
thanks Sally (bang goes my guess!). We're left with Maggie Philbin or Kate Bush
Kate Bush and Young Thug gotta collab 2k18
Happy 61st Birthday Charlie Morgan (Drummer and percussionist. Has worked with the Tom Robinson Band, Kate Bush,...
Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights - Official Music Video - Version happy Sunday .. Remember to love rather than lie.
24. Kate Bush - Hounds of Love . I could feed my children for 18yrs by how riled up I get by the first secs of this
Emily Brontë, who wrote Wuthering Heights, and Kate Bush, who wrote 'Wuthering Heights', were born on this day 140 years…
I blame Kate Bush for my years of falling for batty Eng Lit majors.
Waking to Kate Bush and Wuthering Heights makes it all worth it.
(And yes. We noticed the lack of Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights too)
I will always crack up at Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush
Sounds like Tom Waits might be your man.Or with a bit of camping it up "Wuthering Heights".Lots of Kate Bush gear around.
There were a bunch of people dressed as Kate Bush dancing to blaring Wuthering Heights at Elizabeth Quay earlier
Man with the child in his eyes - Kate Bush because today is a sad day again.
I envisage her sketching out her fantasy government: Alan Titchmarsh, Kate Bush and Warwick Davis
Inbetween the news tsunami, today was Madness, Donald Fagen, Haircut 100, Kate Bush and Orange Juice.
Paul Simon, Kate Bush, The Proclaimers... it's the tour playlist! Listen:
Well someone has obviously not heard my Kate Bush and Macy Gray impressions...
Lovely.She was a great hero of mine,as well as Kate Bush, Debbie Harry Lene Lovich & Rachel Sweet (The Stiff Train Tour 1978!)
Kate Bush wants you to know that is NOT a good idea to call your dog breeding business "The Hounds of Love".
If that was Friday only Kate Bush, PJ Harvey, Chris Morris, Julian Barratt & Adam Buxton were there too!
What do Bronski Beat, Gary Numan and Kate Bush have in common?
Kate Bush tribute show comes to Alexander's in Chester
Thanks to a lovely evening with Matt I can finally listen to Kate Strange Phenomena by Kate Bush
are you a fan of Amy Winehouse, Kate Bush or Lesley Gore? *or all 3*
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
The Manic Street Preachers rocked the Royal Albert Hall. Up there with my favourites: Queen, Elvis Costello, McCartney, Weller & Kate Bush.
Will be on the next Kate Bush album, probably. Hope this helps...
Just found Joe Budden 'Make a Deal' & it's the only Kate Bush sample I'll accept
Cooking dinner, radio on in the background. Alexander O'Neil then Elvis. Crosses fingers for a Kate Bush song. Eric Clapton ! 🙄
In honor of the movie you posted: Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights
I'm listening to my vinyl easy listening compilation I got in a charity Kate Bush, next Joan Armatrading...
Listening to Radio 2 whilst baking and listening to Kate Bush singing Wuthering Heights.
was amazin last night at Redditch palace theatre!! Kate Bush impression n marilyn monroe was my favourite 😊
Prince's credits for the Diamonds and Pearls CD include shoutouts to Kathleen Battle, Mavis Staples, Kate Bush & Sinead O…
Kate Bush's cover of the Baby Bottle Pop theme song.
With the terrible news this yr, we should form a protective human shield around . Kate Bush. Neil Peart. Geddy Lee. Alex Lifeson
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Irish musicians' perfect Kate Bush cover is just too good to ignore
After 5pm, find out what is the strangest thing that Zack & Thomas have eaten, plus Lé Thomas Analysis on Kate Bush.
these anecdotes are making me feel oh so much better. Plus the Kate Bush ref is just joyous.
ok I'll try again. I am having a fight with albums by John Martyn and Kate Bush in my head right now...
that artist, for me, was probably Kate Bush. My teens were all Kate Bush, Annie Lennox, Laurie Anderson, & Grace Jones.
Laurie Anderson, Kate Bush. Bieber is on his own.
Tbh use to hijack mas 6in box case it had all sorts in it from Kate Bush stevie nicks to spandau ballet David Bowie n Gregory issacs +
There are two kinds of days; the days that start with Kate Bush and the days that start with Mount Eerie
my dad loves Kate Bush!! Although I'm just looking at tickets for The Sugarhill gang 😱
2013, Kate Bush received her CBE for services to music from the Queen at an investiture ceremony at Windsor Castle, England
One of my band mates had a thing for doing Carol King and Kate Bush as HairMetal covers.That's about the only thing I wish I had
The way people talk about Kate Bush is how I feel about Cynthia Hopkins & the way ppl talk about PJ Harvey is how I feel about Kristin Hersh
💔: Reflection of my heart when I realised Josh didn't know Kate Bush, "King of the Mountain."
I'm hoping for Sophia Bush as Kate Bush, and maybe Kate Mara as Jeb
George Bush Sr is so disappointed by Jeb, he sentences him to be Kate Bush's butler
New next, plus the next release from David Bowie’s Blackstar and some classic Kate Bush. Sunday Night Music Club in full effect!
Music I like that should probably indicate a liking for Kate Bush: Patrick Wolf, Arcade Fire, The Cure, Bat for Lashes & so on
the 70's hour. Now playing: Kate Bush: Wuthering Heights on
Still haven't got a clue which radio station my mum plays in the kitchen, but they always seem to play Kate Bush. Particularly Babooshka. 👍
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush just came on the radio. Only appreciating now what a completely ridiculous song it is. Still…
Anyway, I'm confident that Radiohead will turn up on EOTR's line-up. Along with Tom Waits, Kate Bush, The Bealtes, Ella Fitzgerald, Mozart..
Kate Bush, Shakira, Björk, Debbie Harry, Nina Hagen, Yma Sumac Kylie Minogue and Diamanda Galas are the best female music ARTISTS of my time
Spooky. my daughter asked me last night if I had living heroes post Bowie. "I said Tom Waits, Amanda Palmer, Kate Bush."
Hoping for Debbie Harry v Kate Bush in the Final. Think this will go to a penalty shoot out...
The Kate Bush cover is the one song that is not available to listen to, much sadness :-(
Listened to a Kate Bush album last night, which she took as license to play with my synapses all morning.
She sings, dances, writes her own high-reaching songs - all in an inimitable Kate Bush stylee. And yeah she's beautiful too. LOVE this song.
Kate Bush is the most influential person in my musical life.
Thank goodness Bjork still in it, I vote for her & Kate Bush
Most days I wish I was Kate Bush in Wuthering Heights
In which Kate Bush does a killer version of "The Man I Love"
I'd say alison goldfrapp has a far greater vocal and I like kate bush! viva la goldfrapp! :)
yes I did! Than you, Charcoal and graphite, Kate Bush inspired the rest;)
soundtrack to Tommy, the 70's soft rock band America, Ultravox and this Kate Bush goodie.
When is the Kate Bush comeback concert Blu Ray coming out? I need to watch it, 100 times!
Time for my own non suicidal stress busters. Kate bush's entire back catalogue.
not familiar. Is Kate Bush vapor wave?
We remember the wonderful Deborah Priestley, a Kate Bush fan and friend who left us suddenly this week. RIP...
Rest in Peace: George Martin. You will be for ever missed. Kate Bush & Larry Adler - The Man I Love
Kate Bush - Never Be Mine (Director's Cut 2011) via we should have an international Kate Bush day x
Kate Bush usa branco no clipe de Wuthering Heights
And Bjork credits Kate Bush as one of her influences. Blessed Be!
Kate Bush, Fiona Flanagan, Laura Branigan and Anette Olzon are great singers too :D
Kate Bush Never For Ever- with the great Babooshka at Vinyl Music Madness-
Hehe. Kate bush has sexuality themes else where too. Check it out if ye need gal2gal talk.
Just convinced a colleague that my real name is Heathcliff. Said my sister is called Catherine. Mum was a massive Kate Bush fan.
LIVE for after 9 with a Kate Bush cover
Bjork as well. Oh and the amazing Kate bush.
This afternoon I will be mostly listening to Kate Bush.
Update your maps at Navteq
Didn't know had produced Kate Bush, Dire Straits, many more- seemed enough 2B Truly exceptional- Thx 4 the music ❤
The fun continues in York International Womens Festival - today we have a Kate Bush Flash Mob!
Can hear co-worker's music through her headphones. May pointedly hum Kate Bush (what she's listening to) when she next walks by.
Look there are things I like that I never expect anyone else to. Like Kate Bush and eating my own scabs.
Checkout today's of the day! bush, womens day, international womens day, louise boulter via bi…
On the blog: Five pieces of music inspired by visual art, including Feldman's Rothco Chapel and Kate Bush's Aerial.
Kate Bush - Babooshka (Yah! Yah!) listed on eBay... I'm trialing how this works, pop on over and have a look. 💕🌟
Heathcliff will have to wait. Today's Kate Bush Flashmob has been postponed. We'll announce a new date soon.
An interpretive dance is easy if you listen to Kate Bush.
if I could just listen to Liz Fraser, Annie Lennox & Kate Bush for the rest of my life, I'd be very happy.
Kate Bush? New Order? Michael Jackson? Music Tech lectures are great. Learning about synthesis using that synthpop-era music I love so much!
On my show today I honoured some of the great influential women of music such as Etta James, Janet Jackson, Kate Bush and Björk
1972 - Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd hears Kate Bush's demos. He likes what he hears & agrees to develop Kate’s songs. http…
Fantastic 80s music video vibe going on there. As if Kate Bush were on Flying Nun.
Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill. One of the best.
Electronic Device Insurance
High-speed photography reveals that Kate Bush's feet don't touch the ground when she's Running Up That Hill
I only stan for LEGENDS eg khia and Kate Bush.
Lady Maisery's version of Kate Bush's 'This Woman's Work' played on BBC Radio 2 Folk Show this evening. A big...
favourite would have to be Carole King. 100% Kate Bush very close second, Karen Carpenter 3rd
IMO he his Jeff Buckley, Thom Yorke., Thurston Moore, Kate Bush, Trent Reznor in one... :)
My evening has been an odd mix of Kate Bush, Joan Bruton, Noel Fielding and now Wesley Snipes in full drag. Eventful thus far!
Steve Mason, Marillion, Pink Floyd, Elton John, Kate Bush, Jamie Lawson and more on my Radio Show today 12-2pm
Love💭 "...Don't give up, we still have US..." - Peter Gabriel/Kate Bush.
Lindsay is to Kate Bush what Quentin Crisp was to David Bowie
Today is the birthday of the album "The Kick Inside" by the talented 'Kate Bush'. Released in 1978 and still groundbreaking. Thank you Kate.
Kate Bush has come on the radio in work 🙌🏼
If you like Kate Bush, you may like >>> Careless by Alex Winston ♫
People i'd have done for the daily mail meme:. 1) Scooch flying the flag. 2) Giles from Buffy . 3) Kate Bush. 4) Malcolm Tucker. 5)
Blur straight to Kate Bush, hike a left to Neil Young and on to local lads Stone Roses .only *no musak here*
Now for a bit of Neil Young and Kate Bush 🎶 must go to bed soon!!
domain names
Listening to Kate Bush, lionheart on vinyl... very good condition for £1.99!
Say WHAAT? Unacceptable! What about Big Mama Thornton, Kate Bush and Kathleen Hanna for a start!
"If Debbie Harry, Jimi Hendrix, Kate Bush, & Keith Moon had been kidnapped by vegan aliens & bred..." best descrip I've heard in a long time
suede? Kate Bush? Dave Grohl did a bit with him as well
6yo's reaction to me getting class to dance to Kate Bush in PE: "she's rude, doesn't even say please when she wants to co…
"Whatever journey his beautiful soul is now on, I hope he can feel how much we all miss him."—Kate Bush on Bowie
David Bowie, as remembered by Kate Bush, Blondie and more
Will someone keep an eye on Kate Bush, Paul Simonon, *** Jones, and Topper Headon, please?
Running Up That Hill a deal with god - Kate Bush 🌠
Now playing on : Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill. 80's : Nothing but the best!
It's always at this time of year when I remember Ronnie O'Sullivan making a waistcoat in Kate Bush's home economics class.
Kate Bush's keyboard player on Tour of Life / Before the Dawn, Kevin McAlea, wrote the English lyrics for '99 Red Balloons'
I loved Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell and REM. Irish bands - Dubh Chapter and The Stunning. And Catchers above all.
this weekend I 'as been mostly listening to Philip Glass, ELO, Sky, Benny Goodman, Kate Bush and Stravinsky XD
.For the TMB 2017 Diary, can I nominate 30 July as "Wuthering Day" for Emily Brontë & Kate Bush's birthday? h…
Definitely you, Jeff. You're the one dancing to Kate Bush right?
Explore the magical world of the eight-year-old Kate Bush, through the lens of her brother: ht…
Taylor Swift is very talented, and seems like a fine role model, but she's not a genius. Kate Bush is a genius.
Remember reading at the time that he and Kate Bush and Thomas Dolby imported and shared a Fairlight early on
😂😂 Danny Dyer's part time job , Kate bush impersonator on weekends
it's so funny like imagine if that was Kate Bush's real voice
FOR SALE . Approx 15,000 Misprinted Kate Bush concert t-shirts £2 each, or make me an offer for the job lot.
Bought the dreamiest floatiest Kate Bush dress in the Zara sale today!!!
reblog this post if you would let kate bush in because it's so cold - japantheband: – 
wow, she's like a young Kate Bush. Beautiful, Paul, no wonder you're so proud of her!
My parents forced me to do the Kate Bush impression of Wuthering Heights
Cool! 😎 Kate Bush is/was brilliant, I've struggled to get into her recent stuff though! 😒
Listen to Kate Bush on as we play many of her tracks from her back catalogue of albums and hit singles
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