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Kate Brown

Kate Brown (born June 21, 1960) is an American politician and member of the Democratic Party. She currently serves as the Oregon Secretary of State and was elected to that office in the 2008 elections.

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Kate Brown: State of Emergency, please stay home. Blazers fans: Yeah, but LeBron is in town.
Gov. Kate Brown and Mayor Ted Wheeler both declare state of emergency after Portland gets a foot of snow in a day.
Gov. Kate Brown declares a state of emergency due to severe winter storm conditions.
Destiny Topolski: Gov. Kate Brown declares state of emergency in Ore...
Gov. Kate Brown has declared a state of emergency in Oregon due to severe winter storm conditions.
Kate Brown declares state of emergency in Oregon
Gov. Kate Brown close to declaring state of emergency in central Oregon due to snow
"Kate Brown" Should be Kate Merkel. Wants to bring a known and proven threat into our State. How many innocent people wi…
unfortunately you were absolutely correct Jason-our state is a lost cause-look at Kate Brown dealing like Kitzhaber...
Gov. Kate Brown calls for bipartisanship in inaugural address
I hate living in a blue state. . I didn't vote for Kate Brown but I'm stuck with her. Maybe I should be like a Lib and protest in the street.
Amber Alert declared for Johnson County children believed to be abducted by non-custodial father
Our current Oregon State Governor, Kate Brown, could be added to this list.
Oregon will get around to it in the manana of 2035.
Ian Brown reading 'A Brief History of Time' in 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban'. htt…
I kinda wanna dye my hair brown again and just have it grow out and be really healthy then again I love my blonde h…
they started with brown shirts... I'm just angry/upset Nazism still exist.
Kate Brown is bad news I can't believe they voted her in.
driving with my husband listening to Brown Eyed Girl when he turns to me and sings 'hey there amigo' ...
Hamilton College Prof. Kate Brown rejects latest findings on art and mental decline. Shows vigorous and independen…
Me after seeing why Orlando Brown was trending at 4.a.m 😭😭
my wife remembers you, colette brown & margaret brown from the dymchurch(speke). Saw your mirror interview.
Oregon Governor Kate Brown: Tell Governor Brown to Veto the De-Listing of Oregon Wolves! HB 4040 - Si... via
Hi Chorley Brown. It's Charlie. No it's not. It's Chorley. . No. Yes. Your name is Chorley Brown. It always has been. . Oh. Real…
My Happy New Year, Joe E. & Kate Brown, longtime in heaven now.
I can already imagine the pictures my family all brown and you all sunburnt red at the end 😂😂
Brown Button Trading BrownButton Kate Spade 2017 Diary - more than 50% off. Shop now:..…
I love the brown goo oozing out of the back of his sign...very symbolic.
...if you're not hearin' me about brown-haired white British women like Teresa May or Princess Kate subliminal lead the male PoC...
Greenville All Tournament Team, Emma Kate Brown, Halle Hughes and MVP Rhyne Howard. Way to go girls and the rest of the…
I'm only drinking brown from now on. New year New Me. 😊
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Kate still pushing her lies. 2017 resolution for you Kate. Stop promoting drowning of brown…
Gov. Kate Brown nominates successor for state Transportation Commission
I want to see Kate Brown or Kamala Harris in 2020. Don't mind Liz Warren or Sherrod Brown or Jay Nixon though
Congratulations to Kate Brown on becoming the first openly LGBT person to be elected governor 🙌
Oregon's Kate Brown is the first openly LGBTQ person elected governor of a U.S. state. via http…
Who is Kate Brown? Oregon elects first openly bisexual governor:
Kate Brown becomes the first out LGBTQ person ever elected governor of a US state.
Gov. Kate Brown, Paul Evans bang the drum for gun control.
Gov. Kate Brown, Paul Evans rallies for gun legislation with Moms Demand Action
Gov. Kate Brown heartily laughs when OPB host Dave Miller jokingly suggests upcoming gov debate will be like prez debate.
remember when AN6 predicted Gov Kitzhaber going nuts and being replaced by Kate Brown, before i even knew that
OR Gov. Kate Brown flying to Midwest Wednesday to be with her mom during breast-cancer surgery --
clash: Nine counties to sue Kate Brown, Brad Avakian
Nine Oregon counties have agreed to sue Gov. Kate Brown and Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian over the state...
Gov. Kate Brown veers from typical graduation speech to talk about her sexuality - Willamette University...
.will bring accountability to Salem and is the only Republican who can beat Kate Brown.
And then the Sounders duly humiliated the Caps. I await Clark beaking at Charlie Hales or Kate Brown during Caps/Timbers.
hm. I feel like there's plenty. I like Kay Hagan, former NC senator. Kate Brown, the OR Gov. Dianne Feinstein. Mazie Hirono.
"Oregon's governor was there as was California governor Jerry Brown"--u can't 1.5 seconds & say "Kate Brown"?
Kate Brown signs bill giving medical marijuana dispensaries go-ahead to sell edibles, extracts: The new law allows…
so did Ellen Rosenblum and Kate Brown of course 😠
Gov. Kate Brown comes out with strong endorsement for Hillary Clinton..
opinion article by Doug Riggs "Gov. Kate Brown is doing plenty to boost graduation rates"
Wolf advocates are angry that Kate Brown ratified the removal of grey wolves from the endangered species list.
Richard Whitman on behalf of Gov. Kate Brown: "We are committed to continuing to resolve water and land issues in the Klamath Basin."
Gov. Kate Brown has signed a bill that upholds a decision to remove the gray wolf from Oregon's endangered species list.
Gov. Kate Brown signs law that affirms decision to remove wolves from the state endangered species list
Gov. Kate Brown signs first state law banning coal from power supply by 2030 via
Gov. Kate Brown signed a bill making Oregon the first state to eliminate coal from its energy supply by legislation.
Kate Brown sets a great example as GOP Southern state governors sign off on continued destruction of native forests!
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PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — With the stroke of Gov. Kate Brown's signature Friday, Oregon became the first state to…
Wow! This is wonderful!. "Oregon has become the first US state to pass laws to rid itself of coal, committing to el…
The bill still requires a signature from the Governor, but fits with Oregon's goal of reducing carbon emissions...
Via Talk Network News. Kate Brown finds the FBI involvement in the killing of LaVoy Finicum "TROUBLING"?...
Kate Brown's interim chief officer is now permanent
Thanks Kate, yours too! We should chat at if you go. Definitely attending.
Thank Gov.Kate Brown! She will be dealing with the side effects soon. Budgets for Universities.
Precious brown haired teen babe Kate Krush talking dirty in front of the camera - Kate Kru…
Unfortunately we are still working on finding a resolution. Kate
YES! Oregon is first US state to pass laws to eliminate the use of coal-fired power by 2035 https…
Gov. Kate Brown signs off on marijuana bills
Kate Brown&interim chief education officer is now permanent -
4 years old by Chris Brown will always get me. 😭
Go Oregon! First U.S. state to pass a law to phase out coal!
Two marijuana bills signed by Gov. Kate Brown
Kate Brown's interim chief education officer is now permanent -
The fact that and are both Hispanic is still perplexing to me. Y u no brown?
Oregon becomes first state to pass law to completely eliminate coal-fired power
Governor, Kate Brown, OR, is projected to sign the State's House Bill 4094, which will legalize banking in the cannabis industry in...
BREAKING: OR Senate passes bill to end coal power, sending it to Gov. Kate Brown's desk.
Kate Brown signs minimum wage bill for $14.75 in Portland
Hi Sarah: I first wanted to say kudos to Gov. Kate Brown and the Oregon legislature for passing a raise in the min. wage in Org.
About to enjoy a wonderful concert with Kate Brown, Nick Adkins, and the All-State Symphony Orchestra!
5 Myths from the Oregon Standoff - Stand - Clint Siegner: Oregon Governor, Kate Brown, sat ...
Gov. Kate Brown appoints Derek Smith, of Portland, as state's new 'earthquake czar.'
Seton Alumni Spotlight and Congrats to our first College Graduate, Kate Brown '12! From in Business. htt…
Kate Brown .. Explosive Folk Rock with a Honky Tonk F... on Jamie Roxx s Pop ... will air 01/11.
Former secretary of state Kate Brown replaced four-term Gov. John Kitzhaber on Wednesday after he stepped down...
Kate Brown's Plutopia is one of the best books I have read. If you got book vouchers for Xmas...
Jay Nixon, Kate Brown: Tell Sister State, Jeollanam-do, Korea That We’re Opposed to Torture Consum... vía
SEATTLE (AP) — The latest on heavy rains in the Pacific Northwest (all times local): 7:20 p.m. Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has…
Most early releases were 100 days or less but there was at least one who was released 600 days early says a…
"This error was undetected by anyone for 10 years," says counsel Nick Brown. Victim family brought this to …
The pregnant 31-year-old chopped off her usually long brown locks for a chic shoulder-length lob, much like th...
If you follow me at all you know that I am not a big fan of big pharma but this is a drug I strongly endorse.
Complicite’s Brown Paper Packages on the way to
Kate Brown You are selected Go to the link in our description.
Kate Lord Brown blogs today and mentions the 'F' word when pondering women's representations (or not) in history.
Gov. Kate Brown on Oregon child welfare: "In no way do I see this level of svcs as being acceptable”
they love old crusty poop brown jeeps? hmm I don't want to meet those people
Kate Priestly of KP & the Boom Boom with a Charlie Brown holiday classic at Geraldine's.…
"The Commission’s decision puts wolves at greater risk." - Center for Biological Diversity via
DHS settles child abuse case for $15 million: Kate Brown ordered an independent review of...
Kate Brown prly didnt intend their work to help better undrstand But it does!
¨Kate Lord Brown took me on a path that I believed to be correct ... but was I?¨ One to add to your wishlist.
Kate Brown, Governor, State of Oregon: $2,500 Oregon state tax credit for purchase of electric or plu... via
of course I read the header as Time Lord Kate Brown.
"Which literary character would you invite to dinner? And why?"
Kate Spade finally made a purse I can afford
no one else in the world plays Kate Wolf, Sam Bush, and Greg Brown in that order. Well played.
"but you can't just CHANGE the race of a character!". let me tell you about the strange case of lavender brown
Snap chatted everything I used to create this brown smokey Makeup look! Snap: xchloelloyd
Three appointed to Oregon Supreme Court, Court of Appeals by Gov. Kate Brown: Gov. Kate Brown appointed three…
The Latest: Victim of Colorado clinic shooting was Iraq vet: Gov. Kate Brown says Oregon will wel...
Syrian refugees: Kate Brown has no comment as controversy spreads: Washington's Jay Inslee welcomes any potential…
and a no on Kate's law? Shame on you. I held my nose voting for you, never again!
Good day for "Moon Beam" Jerry Brown. Pass a law targeting crisis pregnancy centers, & don't have to worry about Kate's Law for now.
So happy to share HTA with our NEW Level 1 Practitioners!. Thank you Instructor Kate Brown and Coordinator Lois Kral!
Finally, karma in my corner!Accepted bump on flight to later flight for $300 voucher & 1st class seat - still...
Of course, you'd have to subcontract to Kate Brown for that.
Kate Brown winds down trade trip to Vietnam -
Kate Brown winds down trade trip to Vietnam
Great coverage of Kate Shindle's visit last week (and thanks for the image with me looking oh-so-professoria…
I don't think I've ever seen the phrase "Mrs. Kate Brown" before. I had to stop and think who that was.
Looking forward to new novel? . Kate's written a story to whet your appetite
water fountain at Eastern State Penitentiary "play pen" playground at 22nd and Brown won't stop running. Wasting water.
But wot is going on with my bonkers hair? Looks like - behind those headfones - I'm balancing a brown duck sideways
Antonio Brown just messaged Kate back on snapchat I've never seen a girl so happy before.
Win a Kate Spade planner, Bobbi Brown lipstick, and more!
What's your hair color? — My natural hair color is a dark brown but I did dye the ends blue so now it's blue and br…
everyone be waiting for Katelyns mixtape to come out 🎤📀
Kate's a savage havin gravy an brown sauce on her roast 😷
you be getting down in the kitchen Kate? I'm surprised you haven't burned the house down lol but I'm down like James brown!
Kate Brown meets with the people to discuss
Hurray for Governor Kate Brown for taking on FERC and saying no to LNG in Oregon! (and to Portland Rising Tide...
Can't wait for The Christmas We Met? Read our exclusive short story here
Offering you a free copy of my psychological thriller. View it and the reviews at
"We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are". -TALAMUD CITATION. Image by Kate Brown
Kate Brown intervenes to get shooting victims' bodies quickly returned to Roseburg -
What forms of financing are avail in the current market? Find out with Kate Ball-Dodd
Glad to also see Nicholas Tackett, Kate Brown, Fred Cooper and (recent contributor) *** Eaton among prize winners
ORStatePolice Vermin- Do not worry! Kate Brown is down with you Rats packing jury boxes with OSP brethren.
Gov. Kate Brown approaches the podium with local, state and congressional lawmakers.
Live coverage of Gov. Kate Brown's news conference Friday in Roseburg: The Oregon Governor, members of the state…
More remarks on today's tragic Umpqua mass shooting, this time from state gov Kate Brown
Gov. Kate Brown says the shooter is a 20-year old male
Gov. Kate Brown and Oregon State Police will speak soon about Watch
Dump by Kate Brown catching Texas State off guard!!!
Book news - author returns with a new Christmas book, called 'The Christmas We Met'
Kate Upton named the new face of Bobbi Brown ...
Your like von, cowboy, fisme, kate, specs ask Qs to suit u. U gonna answere some of mine.
Photoset: Early 90s images of a young Kate Moss from the Molton Brown archive.
Dead on correct, for real--He spoke about Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, etc--not One word about Kate Steinle.
Dr. Brown is the reason people hate math.
My hematologist is running for governor. Nice guy. SF Giants fan. The best in the state in his field. But my vote is still with Kate Brown.
I liked a video Are you down with Gov. Kate Brown ?
Sorry, too telegraphic: Kate Brown's new book is "Dispatches from Dystopia: Histories of Places Not Yet Forgotten":
Interview with Kate Brown about her fantastic book, 'Plutopia'
Kate Wersan interviews Kate Brown about her new book Plutopia and her thoughts on the word "environment"
The bloke admitted to being a rent boy to do brown like oxygen and still pulled Kate Moss. Bloke was sent from the powers above
Brown announces green design competition to help rural communities: Oregon Gov. Kate Brown... Follow me for
Fish + Chocolate & The Unicorn and the Woodsman by Kate Brown, wonderful GN and indie comic!
The Wicked + the Divine I got nothing bad to say about Kate Brown, but this book is NOT THE SAME sans McKelvie. Gonna be a tough arc.
Immigration debate: Student aid bill, almost to Kate Brown, causes stir in House
Let's get lost tonight. You could be my brown Kate Moss tonight.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Openly Oregon Gov. Kate Brown gets high marks from voters after just 4 mos. on the job
Thank you lovely!! It's a Barry M brown lip liner (not sure of number!) with Rimmel Kate nude in the center :) xx
Kate Moss has done an Ian Brown and has been kicked off a flight for being "disruptive.". It was an Easy Jet flight though.
sometimes in life you have to sacrifice something or someone to be something else, a new Kate Brown
A great turnout for yesterday's Geology Open Day at Tegg's Nose. Thx to Susan Brown from Rockwatch & Geologist Kate!
don't mind me sipping my chocolate mi-- my BROWN CALCIUM
Oregon Governor Kate Brown and former Oregon Governor Barbara Roberts pose with the Duck at the Rose Festival Parade. h…
Julie and governor Kate Brown speaking this mourning in support of Veterans
Kate Brown: Demand the return of Angela Borth's Children to her custody
Kate Brown: Demand the return of Angela Borths Children to her custody via
Kate Brown, you speak of 'transparency' but we have yet to hear your stand on Why so secretive?
My husband - the White Sox fan - just said that the Sox playing tomorrow in Baltimore with no fans will be like a...
Clatsop County Democrats endorsed the appointment of Astoria's Bruce Buckmaster by Governor Kate Brown to the...
Excited to be teaching this amazing class in the Chicagoland area. Sign up before May 17 for earlybird savings.
Deputy Attorney for Gov. Kate Brown, Misha Issak, speaks at Crush about hearing today on…
I will be doing Zyto scans at Blackbird Bowl in Morris this Saturday at 11. Will be doing people and animals.
First of Kate Brown's ethics bills sent to Senate floor: The governor's proposal would require audit of state…
Keep OMMP intact as the voters demanded. Mandating shifts will just increase the black market:
Emma Kate Brown, Miss Platte Valley's Outstanding Teen is next on blog!
What do and have in common? An inspiring key to success, to start:
Save encourage lawmakers to vote note "NO" on M.91 Amndmnt Dash-6.
Echo, echo... Where is when it comes to policy. Ostrich much?
Meet miss Platte Valley's Outstanding Teen (and our 1st Runner Up Teen this year!) Emma Kate Brown!
it's a big aspect of it though. They fuel the fire for ratings and don't report the facts. Michael Brown case is prime example
this fried chicken tastes like dog food wth Brown
.becomes only person able to command majority in HoC, 100-year baby dictatorship begins, with K…
What beauty rule is more than happy to break?
Bobbi Brown and Kate Upton on the Keys to Their Success - The Fashion Spot
Cheryl Hall takes the lead in Ladies at the Essex Masters - Cheryl Hall hit 181 to push past Kate Brown in the Lad...
$100 million for housing? Kate Brown picks up where John Kitzhaber left off
Gov. Kate Brown to declare drought emergency in Lake, Malheur counties via
Kate Brown to be sworn in as Oregon Governor - Los Angeles Times
Kate Brown, Oregons new governor, at a glance - Lompoc Record
Quite a week for Kate Brown, Oregons next governor
Kate Brown sworn in as Oregon Governor predecessor resigns - LancasterOnline
Kate Brown, Oregons new governor, at a glance
Kate Brown sworn in as Oregon Governor
Alex Obrian and Kate Brown both took home gold in the 400 FR in their respective age…
Kate Brown's deputy, Robert Taylor, takes over as Oregon's acting secretary of state
US Politics: Kate Brown sworn in as Oregon Governor - A great day for LGBT community and wider world via
Oregon's New Governor, Kate Brown, Is Sworn In: Kate Brown, Oregon's former secretary of state, was sworn in as the…
Peter Courtney, OR Senate President on Kate Brown's long gov't career, "Unlike Elvis, you never left the building." …
Kate Brown set to be sworn in to replace embattled Oregon Governor: PORTLAND, Ore. (Reuters) - Oregon Secretary of…
Congrats to colleague: "Kate Brown will be sworn in as governor today at 10:00 AM PT.
Kate Brown replacing John Kitzhaber, who resigned under pressure from ethics probe involving his fiancee, Cylvia Hayes.
Kate Brown named Brian Shipley, Oregon Health and Science University's top lobbyist, as her new chief of staff.
Kate Brown to name Brian Shipley, OHSU lobbyist, as her gubernatorial chief of staff Is the media OK with this?
Transition from Kitzhaber to Brown speeds ahead: Kate Brown's spokesman, Tony Green, said Monday was a day of…
Kate Brown: US's first openly bisexual governor: Kate Brown, Oregon's secretary of state, is... via
Kate Brown could be stronger on environment than Kitzhaber: John Kitzhaber cut his teeth politically as the fl... http…
Kate Brown to attend Statehood Day event: Next governor to attend Oregon's birthday bash in Portland Oregonian...
Kate Brown to be First Openly Bisexual Governor in US History: Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown,... via
FUN FACT: Oregon Sec. of State Kate Brown, who will become governor following his resignation today, will be the 1st bisexual governor ever.
10 things to know about Oregon's new governor Kate Brown: With Friday's resignation of Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber,…
Oregon's Kate Brown set to become America's first openly bisexual governor:
Kate Brown to become nation’s first openly bisexual governor: Brown previously made history as the first state...
Kate Brown becomes 1st openly bisexual governor in history of U.S. Shame she gets there through scandal and resignation.
Kate Brown will be the country's first openly bi-sexual Governor. Also making her first Governor to literally want to screw men and women
resigns Secretary of State Kate Brown to become nation's first openly governor! Oregon democrats in thrall
Oregon's Kate Brown to become first bisexual governor: Brown, a Democrat, has been Oregon's Secretary of State...
Kate Brown will become first openly bisexual Governor next week. Your move Hillary Clinton.
*** community on next Oregon Gov. Kate Brown: Yes, she counts via
Kate Brown will make history as first openly LGBT governor .
Oregon’s Kate Brown will be the nation’s first openly bisexual governor. via
Oregon's Kate Brown to become first bisexual governor
Sad that Governor Kitzhaber resigned, but looking forward to what Kate Brown brings to the state as an open LGBT lady gov…
Oregon's Kate Brown will become America's first ever openly bisexual governor
Kate Brown becomes first openly bisexual governor in the U.S.
Oregon's Kate Brown will be the first openly bisexual governor in American history
Meet Kate Brown: Oregon’s next governor is the first bisexual to lead a state. | AP Photo
It won't be TOP of her list, but I'm hoping Kate Brown develops an actual, progressive arts policy for the state.
Kate Brown is about to become America’s first openly bisexual governor
Brown, Yes, She will be a good Gov...
According to Steve Kornacki Kate Brown, new gov of OR, wants to "promote growth."
Kate Brown, former Attorney General, is now Oregon's gov.
Kate Brown and Democrats stayed silent for months amidst Dem Gov. Kitzhaber's corruption.
Meet America's first openly bisexual governor, Kate Brown:
Chris Dudley and I have filed an injunction to stop Kate Brown from taking office. Also, our militia marches on Fruitland.
With resignation, Kate Brown becomes Governor and Oregon becomes only state with an openly ch…
Well, hope everybody likes SOS Kate Brown cause looks like she'll be stepping in for a while. It's too…
Hot off the digital press! Opinion roundup: Brian Williams' bad memory; Kate Brown's bad idea
Kate Brown is openly Secretary of State Kate Brown, Next In Line as Gov, Is Rushing Back to Oregon From D.C
Why would Kate Brown come all the way to Oregon for nothing. The gov. Of Oregon is nuts and crazy. I would be upset to. I feel bad for Kate
Congrats to our very own Dr. Kate Brown who received a Presidential Citation from APA!
New print available on - 'Coit Tower In Two Tones' by Kate Brown - via
Avantgardens. Chillatorium Choice: Etazin Chair. Designed by Kate Brown, this amazing 8.5-foot-tall sculptural outdoor chair provides a relaxing, curved seating area that can spin 360 degrees. An example of the chair is on display at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West in Scottsdale, AZ. Photos: Chillatoriums Album:
Jessica , I just joined the group through Kate Brown and Marilyn Boyer and my daughters are interested in the parts for Jane's daughters. Lydia is 12 and Rachel is soon to be 8. Both have theater experience. Private message me and we can talk more. Thanks!
Happy 60th anniversary Brown v Board of Education
60 years after Brown v. Board, let's remember that while progress has never come easily, people who love their country can …
Kate Brown sends the most amusing text messages
Flanagan garage sales - we still have lots of great stuff left :) Sharon Franke Brown Jim Brown Rob Brown Rich Brown Kate Brown
Enjoying a pimms and Santa Maria chips in the sunshine!
I have a brown stripe on my stomach
Talking about Middletown with Aly Aly Shannon..majority of my FB friends are Middletown school friends that I have known since elementary school. Tara Tara Rhodes, Heather Heather Kukla Keller, Bill Hrehowsik, Kate Brown Ruby, Tara Rummell Berson, Jenn Jennifer Pagan Jennifer Roventini Vulpis, Jennifer Sonatore Yannibelli, Christina Sutton Santoro.list is so long..Middletown was home to me for 26 years. Technology today astounds me sometimes...that I can reconnect with my hometown ;)))
hi my book is free now- my regards to you Kate and all,happy reading
just found out my sister is going to be working at Sonisphere this Summer... Anybody who knows Kate Brown will...
Last night's dream: my hair was brown again and I was working behind a bar, drinking chai latte. What.
Final Score Today 43-12. Great first Game to Start the Season.!! 3 points to Peta Cox, 2 points to Kate Brown and 1 point to Kate Whacka Waterhouse!!! And Players Player went to Peta Cox!! Also Special Mention to Star Ringins Simone Dixon Claire McdonnellTracey Mears and Cassie Venables!! Awesome Effort from All the Girls x
Mikey Cyrus last night was incredible! I can't wait for the pictures to go up so you can all be jealous of the fact we were front row and had her bum all up in our faces! 😂😂😂 Kate Brown and Claire Brown thank you so much! ❤️
Dean with Tori is like Sean Combs w/ Jennifer Lopez, Tom Cruise w/ Kate Holmes,Chris Brown w/ Rhianna, Lindsey Lohan with any1
Mama brown was really just about to buy the last slice of pizza off of us because she knows we're that fat ok
We are overwhelmed with our blessings. So proud to be at Kate Brown's Baccalaureate at SMU!
After dyeing my hair brown 2 times my hair is once again pink 😓
Congrats Anna Kate Brown...AAA female soccer player of the Year!! Way to go Anna Kate!
Secretary of State Kate Brown is noting our county's dismal turnout as of late last night. So what do you say,...
At -- Who ever buys makeup brand Bobbi Brown your in can get the Kate Middlet...
“The border war is going down tomorrow. May John Brown be with you
Why is Kate Moss' topshop collection so expensive
ECS' Kate Jamison, Jordan Shackleford, Morgan Leach and Zairia Brown set a new meet record in the girls 800 relay at 1:43.65! Harding 2nd.
Kate Brown has a show on 05/18/2014 at 01:30 PM @ Fun Fair 2014 in South Pasadena, CA
Want to in the region - you need to get in touch with these guys
A nice way to reflect on how far we've come in 60 years. "AP WAS THERE: Original 1954 Brown v. Board story"
Brown v. the Board of at 60: Why integration helps all students.
3 of 5 stars to The Perfume Garden by Kate Lord Brown
We will be having a special Tuesday night Yoga Class this Tuesday May 20 at 5:30 followed by Aromatherapy at 7. The yoga class will incorporate oils too. So join us for one or both classes. Have questions? Contact Kate Brown. Thanks everyone. Hope to see you there.
Rotarians from District 5100 are eating lunch and preparing for speaker Kate Brown at the Convention Center
Omg. That said, once the Tea Party discovers Derek Brown bars, I think it's time to pack it in.
Never was a huge fan of the Zach Brown band; now I am.
very jealous :( I said today I bet you're both brown. It's going be hot here at the weekend so I will do my best catch up lol x
I know. I hate being brown but it's the only way to keep my hair from dying 😖
Hi all pips families , bounes ball muni 2 b in 4 2mara plz, if mt in n num *** out as the sain is nt in cnt win x Kate Brown Marian Fennell Carol Mccartan Trisha Ferrin. Thks girls x
This gorgeous brown clutch bag is waiting for you Kate Rowley!
The races have been cancelled for tonight, but stop on our to the Pennville Memorial Day parade tomorrow morning as we will have the 270 Microsprint driven by Kate Brown Raively in the parade. Let's hope for better weather for next Friday!
Rec'd the sledge in taupe - they're almost brown! This isn't Kate Middleton's color she is seen in! What's the nude color?
I need my wedding dress, rehearsal dress altered and Kate Brown is swamped!! Any other awesome seamstress suggestions?!!
Kate just dropped a hash brown in my car. It has dirt on it. I've never seen her this upset.
Justin Verlander likes Kate Upton for the same reasons we do - Larry Brown Sports
We have a dupe! Bobbi Brown Shimmer Ink in Ivy has a cheaper alternative - Kate Moss Gel Liner in Emerald
maybe he needs to use some more recycled TP urgently? Being in certainly would be a brown trousers affair!
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