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Kate Beckinsale

Kathrin Romary Kate Beckinsale (born 26 July 1973) is an English actress.

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Cate Blanchett's Kate Beckinsale costume is on point!
Although when pressed for an answer and forced to do a rewatch the 1996 Kate Beckinsale version is a close second. Brooding Mark Strong
Look hot in orange like Cat Deeley, Rachel McAdams, Kate Beckinsale and Helen McCrory this S
Emma Stone is up there. But it goes for me. Kate Beckinsale. Scarlett Johansson . Jessica Biel. Emma Watson.
Much Ado is a great film. Emma Thompson was lovely, and Kate Beckinsale was just so cute.
Kate Beckinsale kept it simply beautiful in Christian Siriano S'17 at the 2017 London Critics' Circle Film Awards
Kate Beckinsale, Isabelle Huppert & Naomie Harris at the Critics' Circle Film Awards in London. Moments later they stole a…
Adding a belt to Christian Siriano's design adds a compelling layer of drama to Kate Beckinsale's look…
Underworld: Evolution, starring Kate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman, Bill Nighy & Michael Sheen, was released on this d…
The only 3 relevant females in hollywood are:. 1) Charlize Theron. 2) Emily Blunt. 3) Kate Beckinsale
yay! Now follow it up with the Romola Garai / Johnny Lee Miller version, then the Kate Beckinsale / Mark Strong version to compare
Kate Beckinsale and Vin Diesel are in a Cold War over who can make more Underworld/Fast and the Furious movies.
There are many reasons why I'm going to watch the new Underworld movie. . 1. Kate Beckinsale. 2. Kate Beckinsale. 3. K…
you know, for a Vampire, Kate Beckinsale rocks a Catsuit! check this out!
Before the Blood Wars Part 4: Awakening in a Strange Land: Kate Beckinsale slips…
Actually, im just obsessed with Kate Beckinsale. I hope to look as fit and gorgeous as her at 42.
I'm obsessed with Kate Beckinsale's hair in it makes me want to cut my hair short again.
'Underworld' star Kate Beckinsale: I've been lucky with my career
ZepCook Find the best kitchen-tested recipes, videos, healthy meals, party menus and cooking techniques from top cooks. Beckinsale ze…
On January 6, she's back in black. Kate Beckinsale returns in Underworld: Blood Wars. Get your tickets here:
Kate Beckinsale is trying to get the D lately 🔥
Does Kate Beckinsale still look good in latex? Then yes.
Milla Jovovich and Kate Beckinsale have inspired me to to look hot while discharging firearms for half a dozen movies.
Why does is feel like Kate Beckinsale been doing Underworld movies for 20 years?
JLo gets a lot of credit for being sexy in her 40s (which is well deserved) but we gotta give props to Kate Beckinsale bc she is still fine
Kate Beckinsale is style maven while promoting Underworld: Blood Wars in NYC - Daily Mail
Kate Beckinsale is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
Do you think Kate Beckinsale hears herself & goes "oh wow my voice is lovely, I should just talk always" because I would if I had her voice
Yeah. Only to see Kate Beckinsale in tight *** leather. 💦
Wilt Stillman directed Kate Beckinsale to acclaim in last year’s Love & Friendship. My review of the campaign:…
Jan. 6th & 5th entry in the action horror franchise w/Kate Beckinsale reprising her role as Selene. Theo…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I found Love Kate Beckinsale. Will do my best👍
My vote is for Underworld, but I may have been heavily swayed by Kate Beckinsale in tight leather pants.
I would like to be hired in the next underworld film as the person who spritzes kate beckinsale's hair with water so it always looks wet
Okay: do you like your Kate Beckinsale in black leather or extra black leather?
What exactly does Kate Beckinsale have to do to get noticed around here?
Hollywood should just cut to the chase and make a movie where Milla Jovovich & Kate Beckinsale look smouldering and freaking kill everyone.
My beloved performing as a Russian teacher at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. She's gorgeous 😍.
When I grow up, I want to be Kate Beckinsale. My eternal QUEEN. 💕
you're more beautiful than Kate Beckinsale! But see you and me knew that already! Love ya.
Just received an email asking if I wanted to interview Kate Beckinsale tomorrow ... 😳 ... can't ... type ... fingers ... n…
is it time to prove Kate Beckinsale is still alive again?
.uses Talcum powder to get into his suit. You don’t want to know what he puts in his shoes
Shout out to the Underworld franchise for single handedly keeping Kate Beckinsale employed.
Kate Beckinsale go out with friends in Pacific Palisades
Kate Beckinsale is memorable and funny as Jane Austen's scoundrel Lady Susan.
Update your maps at Navteq
Suki Waterhouse and Kate Beckinsale lead as stars arrive in style at the
Kate Beckinsale and Michael Sheen reaction to their daughter's college acceptance is everything: https:/…
Kate Beckinsale in heels while heading to Pantages Theatre in Hollywood
Kate Beckinsale & Lara Pulver in this latest installment. Enough said.
Ultimate fancast for Catwoman and I've Kate Beckinsale would be dope as Selena Kyle/Catwoman als…
You're right. I'm on board with Mila Jovovich and Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale, Amy Adams and Emma Stone look fabulous at Critic’s Choice Awards
Kate Beckinsale and Amy Adams lead the monochrome glamour at Critics’ Choice Awards as stars flash plenty of flesh…
Amy Adams, Rebecca Hall, Kate Beckinsale, Emma Stone and Ruth Negga all wanted their first Oscar. But Natalie Portman is stealing her second
Kate Beckinsale will probably figure in comedy also. Zellweger for BJB? Hailee Steinfeld at a reach?
Finally got to see Kate Beckinsale at last night's Wrote my number on a $5 bill…
The red carpet belongs to Kate Beckinsale in a slender cut-out dress
Selene's fight is personal and she'll do everything to protect the bloodline. Kate Beckinsale returns in UNDERWORLD: B…
Kate Beckinsale Chats on her phone in Beverly Hills - January 2015
Knew that was coming! 😂😂😂 and yes the gorgeous Kate Beckinsale
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Who is that? 😝couldn't resist lol. Kate Beckinsale right?
Kate Beckinsale steps out with mother Judy Loe in Los Angeles via
Kate Beckinsale in a black Marchesa Spring 2017 floral panel gown at the 26th Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards
Kate Beckinsale explains workout preparations for Underworld via
Kate Beckinsale turns heads in slinky black gown
Having Kate Beckinsale's voice as my background sound really does work. Cleaning up le room while having an marathon.
Kate Beckinsale in Spring 2017 at the 26th Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards
Kate Beckinsale in Marchesa at the 26th Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards
Amy Adams puts her lacey underwear on display as she joins stars including Kate Beckinsale and ...
The Gotham Independent Film Awards: Natalie Portman, Amy Adams and Kate Beckinsale shine on the red carpet -…
Kate Beckinsale reprises her role as Selene in Underworld: Blood Wars. It is the fifth instalment in the...
Kate Beckinsale turns heads in slinky black dress at Gotham Awards in
Kate Beckinsale on a Yoga Ball of the Day
Kate Beckinsale & Chloë Sevigny have fun with their roles in Jane Austen's funniest novella
Kate Beckinsale's husband has filed for divorce 11 months after their separation:
Jumping off of a bridge to your death is a better decision than divorcing Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale is getting divorced?! My dude, regardless of who you bounce back with.. That's an L
Kate Beckinsale is straight fire and I'm okay with her being on my boyfriend's "list" because she's also on mine and I bet…
How many *** movies are they gonna make? Kate Beckinsale isn't tired of this role yet?
Kate Beckinsale's husband files for divorce in Los Angeles:
I try and take lots of vitamins and I don't drink. I do smoke, thoug...
Looks like Kate Beckinsale is about to be single again.
Kate Beckinsale's husband files for divorce via
Kate Beckinsale is getting divorced and it looks like finally she realized I'm the only man for her
Kate Beckinsale is back on the market. Celebrate with some of her sexiest pics.
I dont want to exaggerate here. I dont want to be dramatic. But divorce Kate Beckinsale is the worst decision in the histo…
7 year old me would be elated to know that Kate Beckinsale's husband just filed for divorce.🌹🍾❤️ . So you're saying there's a chance?
How I feel about Kate Beckinsale getting a divorce
How dare he! Kate Beckinsale is a darling of this country.
Sexiest vampire ever.move over Kate Beckinsale.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Kate Beckinsale's husband is inexplicably filing for divorce
Kate Beckinsale's Husband Files for Divorce - The actress and her husband, writer and director Len Wiseman, are...
kate beckinsale is a Nottingham lass orate me duck
Kate Beckinsale and Len Wiseman are getting a divorce
Kate Beckinsale's husband Len Wiseman files for divorce after 12 years of marriage
Wow, I love I just won this for free, Underworld Evolution-Kate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman(DV
DP/30: Kate Beckinsale talks about her career, Underworld, and Cold Comfort Farm
Kate Beckinsale Goes Dark for Underworld: Blood Wars: Selene -- and Kate Beckinsale -- return for the latest tale……
loses appeal over pre-release streaming rights to 2 starring Kristin Wiig and Kate Beckinsale:
from Kate Beckinsale, full frontal from Dakota Johnson and more
Patrick Doyle's exuberant score to MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. I think Emma Thompson and Kate Beckinsale approve.
With a man as charming as David Williams, there is no way I would not be a tad envious of Kate Beckinsale.
Hugh Jackman's hair is so nice in "Van Helsing" that at first I thought he was Kate Beckinsale (yes also watching "Van Helsing")
he has a crush on Kate Beckinsale and Scarlett Johansson so it's cool. 😂
Watched a Kate Beckinsale interview and immediately fell in love with her.
Kate Beckinsale was talking about director Michael Bay. It's somewhere in here:
Kate Beckinsale reveals director Michael Bay body-shamed her...
Great acting, especially for someone so young, beating Meryl Streep and Kate Beckinsale! One to look out for in the future!
Wondered why Kate Beckinsale gave her approval to an updates version of Porridge, turns out she is Richard Beckinsale's daughter.
Kate Beckinsale gives blessing to Porridge special, which starred her dad Richard as Lenny
Kate Beckinsale gives blessing to return of Porridge, which starred her late father Richard.
Gyles Brandreth and Kate Beckinsale are my new favourite people
Kate Beckinsale is typically English rose as she makes Oxford Union...
was excellent! Kate Beckinsale was a boss and Xavier Samuel needs to be in every movie ever from now on. Go see it!
Yes, it does - and a bit of dream casting with Kate Beckinsale. She was so good as Emma. Nice to see her in an Austen-ish role.
'Love and Friendship' review: Kate Beckinsale is wickedly funny in Jane Austen adaptation: Whit Stillman directs,…
“It was at the time where if you moved to LA you were immediately an *** — my interview with Kate Beckinsale for ST
Kate Beckinsale - Arriving/Leaving The Late Show with Stephen Colbert @ the Ed Sullivan Theater in NYC - 05/11/16
DID YOU SEE? Kate Beckinsale and Michael Sheen recreate an old family photo:
*finds Van Helsing on tv*. Me:Kate Beckinsale is a smokeshow. Mother:m she is a pretty girl . .
Kate Beckinsale and January Jones celebrated the Bottega Veneta store opening:
Aunt May keeps getting better looking with each reboot. Next one will probably be Kate Beckinsale or something. 😂
Kate Beckinsale's ex Len Wiseman enjoys a night out with pretty blonde. via
Finally saw Love & Friendship. Quite saucy for a Jane Austen adaptation. Kate Beckinsale was great; Tom Bennett as Sir James stole the show.
it's gloriously Kate Beckinsale in a corset 👍
The Kate Beckinsale version of Emma is on Youtube!! :D :D
The beautiful Kate Beckinsale being honored at the Newport Beach Film Festival.…
If I could only watch 10 movies the rest of my life, Fight Club would be one of them. The rest would involve Kate Beckinsale in leather.
Kate Beckinsale accepting her Woman of Distinction award at our
Watching "Total Recall (2012)" and although I can normally watch Kate Beckinsale watching paint dry.. This movie isn't much good!
Had the privilege of seeing Kate Beckinsale on the red carpet of the 2016 Newport Beach Film Festival (
At the awards reception with Kate Beckinsale meeting the mayor of Newport Beach.
Just like I remembered! I love Kate Beckinsale's British accent!
Met Kate Beckinsale tonight at her new movie Love and Friendship
Kate Beckinsale Style - at E. Baldi Restaurant in Beverly Hills - Aug. 2015
Wow Time is flying. Underworld came out in 2003. October 2016 the stunning Kate Beckinsale is back.
i liked it better when Kate Beckinsale used to tell me that :(
Back at it again with the latex, Kate Beckinsale.
We're seeing stars! So honored to design for Hollywood stars this evening including Kate Beckinsale & Rita Moreno.
Kate Beckinsale's bombshell curls top this week's best beauty list via
Kate Beckinsale proved why she wouldn't be short of admirers in the future as she donned her casual best whilst enjoying a sunny day out
Watch Chloe Sevigny & Kate Beckinsale in the trailer for Stillman's ​"Love and Friendship"​ http…
Kate beckinsale in a New promotional still from Love and friendship. Photo courtesy by Entertaiment Weekly
Kate Beckinsale Shows Off Long Legs - at a park in Brentwood - June 2015
Still smiling after a sneak peak Script by is wickedly funny, Kate Beckinsale & Tom Bennett
Stonehearst Asylum by Kate Beckinsale, and David Thewlis (watch on)
Sorry Calvin, once Taylor has finished collecting her awards tonight, she is heading straight off to fight werewolves with Kate Beckinsale.
I added a video to a playlist Kate Beckinsale, Chloë Sevigny star in LOVE & FRIENDSHIP | Official
Here's the exclusive look at the first trailer for starring Kate Beckinsale and Chloë Sevigny.
Kate Beckinsale, Megan Fox, Sophia Bush and Katherine Jenkins. What about yours pal?
I know they won't but Liv Tyler could do Aachren lol. Reasonably, maybe Mila Kunis, Kate Beckinsale, or Eva Green
PS I fell in love with Kate Beckinsale and Lisa Bonet bc of those movies!
Kate Beckinsale – Underworld 5 Workout. Click the link below to find out how she's getting fit for the upcoming...
Kate Beckinsale in a Vionnet Fall 2015 white top & black leather trousers at The Brothers Grimsby LA Premiere .
it was Love and Friendship, with Kate Beckinsale. It's a Whit Stillman adaptation of an Austen novella.
My favourite film so far this year is Whit Stillman's Love & Friendship. Kate Beckinsale should be a serious awards contender in it.
Love & Friendship is the kind of film you could watch on loop. Kate Beckinsale reigns supreme. Whit Stillman, you are a genius.
A treat to see Kate Beckinsale delivering Whit Stillman dialogue again in Love & Friendship, but it was Tom Bennett who had me in stitches.
don't forget to smuggle drugs with Clair Danes & Kate Beckinsale for the full Brokedown Palace experience!
Whit Stillman's LOVE & FRIENDSHIP is a classy delight, and Kate Beckinsale is superb in the leading J Austen role.
Rachel McAdams / Amy Adams / Kate Beckinsale / Jennifer Connelly. Mix in Katie McGrath and Caitriona Balfe for the accents.
Mila Jovovich and Kate Beckinsale. Two actresses who devoted a large part of their careers to trash *** action movies. Hope they got that💰💰💰
at one stage I had Alec Baldwin as JG. Kate Beckinsale as SK/CW. Cuba Gooding Jr as LF &. Josh Hartnett as HJ/GL.
Sundance reviews bode well for Whit Stillman's Love and Friendship, based on Jane Austen story. Chloe Sevigny and Kate Beckinsale. May 13!
I share my birthday with Kate Beckinsale and Taylor Momsen. Literally my personality split into two people.
Kate Beckinsale and Chloe Sevigny wear period gowns on set of "Love&Friendship" via
Well, you're in the same company as Ellie Goulding, Kate Beckinsale, Emma Watson, James Nesbit, Sting, Dave Gorman and Jon Snow
Kristen Stewart, Michelle Williams, Chloë Sevigny, Kate Beckinsale and Lily-Rose Depp are all at screenin…
Star watching at ? Look for - Matt Damon, Kristen Stewart, Anna Kendrick, Kate Beckinsale, Paul Rudd, Selen…
Next up: Eric Boehlert takes on Ben Affleck and Kate Beckinsale in "Pearl Harbor" because. FDR!!!
Once you get past the absolute betrayal, Kate Beckinsale is a complete fox in Pearl Harbour
Kate Beckinsale bundles up in scarf following 'split from husband Len Wiseman'
Kate Beckinsale bundles up in cosy knitted scarf as she enjoys leisurely shopping spree…
Kate beckinsale is only, she is the most beautiful milf of the universe
Kate Beckinsale - Shopping at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills - Dec. 2015
Always had the biggest crush on Kate Beckinsale😍
Kate Beckinsale, Michelle Rodriguez, and Milla Jovovich are always the go to female bad *** in action movies
If you've seen Pearl Harbor & think Kate Beckinsale should've ended up with Ben Affleck instead of Josh Hartnett I don't trust…
I would say probably my least favorite costume ever was in 'Van Helsing.' That w...
Kate Beckinsale in a plunging white dress
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Kate Beckinsale in an Azzaro jumpsuit at the Toronto Film Festival
I'm going to store and the into my contacts (with accompanying pics) as Kate Beckinsale,...
I'm watching Serendipity with my wife, gran and mum. Haven't told them I fancy Kate Beckinsale AND John Cusack.
The beautiful Kate Beckinsale is 42 years old and starring in Underworld 5 next year. So why are and...
Kate Beckinsale is so perfect to me
Kate Beckinsale in a Slinky Gold Gown at the 2015 Met Gala in NY
Job-wise, I did have a moment of panic that I should have been a doctor a few ye...
If this will be Peter Capaldi's last year, I'm thinking Jamie Bamber, Lena Headey, Kate Beckinsale or Jane March.
Total Recall 2012 - Dennis Quaid should've just stayed brainwashed and married to Kate Beckinsale. What a bozo.
Kate Beckinsale - Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences New Member Reception in London
Ruth Wilson with and Kate Beckinsale at the Evening Standard Theatre Awards after-party in London. https…
i want Kate Beckinsale and Rhona Mitra to be badass together in the new Underworld movie pls make it happen
Kate Beckinsale and Len Wiseman have called it quits, E! News has learned. The Total Recall actress and her husband "ha…
Kate Beckinsale leaves with mystery man after divorce rumours:
Kate Beckinsale,Josh Hartnett,Ben Affleck..One of my favourite movies of all time
Kate Beckinsale Reuniting With Ben Affleck After Len Wiseman Divorce?: Kate Beckinsale has been leaning on her...
Kate Beckinsale gets back to work on 'Underworld' amid Len Wiseman divorce:
Len Wiseman's new model companion CJ Franco has been pictured in LA amid news the director and his wife Kate Beckinsale have split.
Kate Beckinsale 'reaching out' to former flame Ben Affleck. via
Kate Beckinsale has turned to ex Ben Affleck after split from Len Wiseman
"Kate Beckinsale is 'reaching out to Ben Affleck' following split from her husband.
Gillian Anderson and Kate Beckinsale will lead stellar cast at
Kate Beckinsale chose an off-the-shoulder Vivienne Westwood gown and oversize Bochic danglers for th
Kate Beckinsale as Emma Woodhouse in TV film of Jane Austen's EMMA 1997
Kate Beckinsale in Van Helsing or Penelope Cruz in Strangers Tide for Halloween..
Kate Duchess of Cambridge leads Wimbledon trend brigade as Victoria Beckham, Kate Beckinsale and Penny Lancaster w…
Wacky idea... What if Bond was played by a woman?!?! I could totally see Kate Beckinsale or Rhona Mitra et. al. doing it!
Simon Pegg,Kate Beckinsale, Robin Williams (as Dennis the Dog) will see you in ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING!Open September 30
TRIVIA. Steve Jobs, Ben Affleck, Woody Allen, Dan Ackroyd, Kate Beckinsale, James Cameron, and Mark Zuckerberg all failed to what?
Fashionable family: Teaming a cropped blazer with a pair of skinny jeans the 42-year-old actres… via
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Um... Psh-yeah! It was even my base password in college! NY + RomCom + Music + Optimism+ Winter + Kate Beckinsale❤️
Kate Beckinsale will forever be my woman crush. Like straight wifey son
I can't stress enough how much Kate Beckinsale is bae.
Kate Beckinsale in skin-tight jeans and a cropped blazer as she flies into London
If you're there until October, you might meet up with the Underworld 5 movie cast: Kate Beckinsale, Theo James!
Still mulling over The Woman and Kate Beckinsale starring opposite each other.
Who made Kate Beckinsale's suede lace up boots and leather handbag?
Lara Pulver *AND* Kate Beckinsale in the new Underworld film? Together?! . *Fetches Special Trousers*.
Kate beckinsale ( ) yesterday arriving at London,UK. She is a true goddes
Love Kate Beckinsale my mother met her father many years ago and said what a nice guy he was cool
Flawless Kate Beckinsale displays her effortlessly chic style in skin-tight jeans and a cropped blazer
Kate Beckinsale showcases her effortless style as she lands in London. via
Another of Kate Beckinsale and jim Sturgess at the kings palace. This is the first scene we shot and…
Kate Beckinsale and jim Sturgess on set of eliza graves
Also, Kate Beckinsale. And Nick Frost's last love interest was Rashida Jones. Could Hollywood possibly be any more predictable?
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I liked a video Kate Beckinsale wears no Underwear for Craig - Flirting Masterclass
I'm glad someone is defending them. Those movies are so enjoyable! And Kate Beckinsale is a grade A badass.
“If I ever have sex with someone I might be able to develop a sense of humour” - Kate Beckinsale
Set de fotos: superherofeed: Kate Beckinsale and Theo James returning to starr in Underworld 5!
Rhona Mitra. Poor man's Kate Beckinsale. (still hot though)
Jimmy Carr, Kate Beckinsale, Robert Lindsay, Tom Hughes & David Mitchell are expected at The Mentalists press night this evening.
Jon Stewart and Kate Beckinsale talking about how movie vampires are always attractive; wearwolves not so much. In 2003.
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