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Karlie Redd

Karlie Redd (born April 15, 1981 in New York, NY) is a Trinidadian, hip-hop artist, dancer, model and actress.

Yung Joc Young Joc Desmond Elliot Hip Hop Atlanta Ramsey Nouah Omoni Oboli Juliet Ibrahim Lynn Whitfield Majid Michel Mimi Faust Richard Mofe Damijo Beenie Man

Didn't even know that Young Joc was in a relationship with Karlie Redd
Karlie Redd set that hit out on Benzino tho
I liked karlie redd and benzino together, even if it was mostly because that meant they were both out of the dating pool
"Karlie Redd got them *** shots, while the boy Benzino just got his *** shot."Lmfao!
Click Link below to go to event page for "THE MANSION PARTY" (TMP) Going down Sat. March 29th 2014 at SAMUELS GRAND MANOR - 8750 MAIN ST. WILLIAMSVILLE NY ... Special Guest: Karlie Redd from LHHATL will be in the building
how little *** *** across America felt when Karlie Redd said...
I like Joseline but putting down Karlie Redd because of her age is tired. Karlie looks great.
Karlie Redd's talent just isn't in music. Try something else please.
Karlie Redd? Does she still have that hair shop she was planning or
Face beat with my karlie redd lipstick on ladies come and get yours at stonecrest
That's a inside scoop. Stay tuned for Karlie Redd to star in a movie coming out in March directed by and starring Chris Rock.
Just talked to Karlie Redd and Danielle Wilks on The Midnight Hour Radio Show. Karlie Redd announced that she and Yung Joc are a couple!!!
lol imma need yaw to google Tank-Maybe I Deserve video...Ms. Karlie Redd herself is in it, but not wit the same butt she has now
Nigerians will pay for anything! I mean you guys paid to see Karlie Redd.
Please help Karlie Redd get her name back on Instagram. She's posted like 8 photos in the past 5 hours. I've never seen her work this hard.
Hey.. Please return me my page. I appreciate it and thank you. - Karlie Redd
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Karlie Redd is posting on iG, begging someone to give her the username "KarlieRedd" back. She's now "KarlieRedd1."
first Kayla, now shay b just found out on fb that Benzino and Karlie Redd r in a relationship now
Karlie Redd 🚗 doesn't either lls I'll go fill up when I get off I guess
Lmao Idk either and from what I see, she mainly films with Karlie Redd and Rasheeda
Karlie Redd is dating Young Joc and Kaleena and her husband will be on.
"They trynna fly me out to Utah Gworl." -- Queen of Hip Hop Soul Karlie Redd
More pics to come.. I can't wait til they smooth on that midnight mango! Karlie Redd .. Kandis and fiancé .. Darius, what a great night!
For my love and hip hop watchers . Season 3 gonna be a hot mess. Lord karlie redd dating Young Joc now... No more benZino lmao
Why didn't anyone tell me Yung Joc and karlie redd are together 😷
Celebs Out & About: Yung Joc And Karlie Redd - Rapper Yung Joc and girlfriend Karlie Redd cake it up in the...
is that low budget, non relevant, man lookin *** Karlie Redd is on the show???
If you haven’t heard, Karlie Redd and Yung Joc are a couple and have been for a few months. The two are always running around here (ATL) like two peas in a pod. Lately, the lush mill is cranking up because Karlie Redd placed a photo on IG with the… [ 123 more words. ]
One that really drew the eyes was Actress and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Karlie Redd’s look. Something sure seems wrong with those curves.
Karlie Redd and Yung Joc huh? I remember this summer when he handed me a mixtape at the QT on Fulton Ind. . How things change.
If i get some, I want some everlasting *** shots i cant have no Karlie Redd booty
Karlie Redd took to instagram to reveal that she and Young Joc may have gotten married . She put a picture of them on jet ski's referring to him as her husband. The two seem to be very happy togeth...
Karlie redd goes with Yung Joc lol girl
Yung Joc and Karlie Redd all posted in da ports nobody on dey run lol cole
Nollywood in America! Check out Photos of Ramsey Nouah, Vivica A. Fox, AY Makun, Karlie Redd & Desmond Elliot ...
i hear yall had Karlie redd in the ports main
Me an karlie redd jus take a pic together
Cheers to my host hotel Grand Lucayan as I'm here to judge the Imagine Hair Competition, along with Karlie Redd...
We waiting n Karlie Redd to come to the shop nah
Check out Dwood Ent's artist Jay'Vannie as he impresses panel watching him. The panel includes Young Joc, Karlie Redd, D Roc (Ying Yang Twins), & Debra. Dj D...
Y'all know Karlie Redd is dating Yung Joc, right?
Ugh. Watching Karlie Redd and Benzino make out is like watching a blunt getting put out in an ashtray.
We would like to thank everyone who was able to come out to the Karlie Redd "Sins and Forgiveness" collection launch party! Be on the lookout for more from this collection! For now, you can check out "The Lipstick Karlie" on our website here:
"What happen to that *** Young Joc that *** was lame"Lmao he go with Karlie Redd off love & hip hop
Our CEO Karen Stallings and Karlie Redd at the Sins and Forgiveness Collection event! Want to see more? Visit...
Karlie Redd. Dancer. Karlie Redd is an American hip-hop artist, dancer, model and actress. Wikipedia. Born: New...
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Check out the Press Release for the Karlie Redd "Sins and Forgiveness" Collection Launch!...
(minus rasheeda + Karlie Redd) I think i like reality star music artists.
So All the old heads here Karlie Redd YungJoc Scrappy Shay lol or some
Karlie Redd killing my shrimp cocktail skewers... Showing love and Sign Jacket.. At Bobby Valentino Listening...
COUPLED UP: Karlie Redd & Yung Joc . Yung Joc and Karlie Redd were coupled up at her lipstick launch and toy...
Such a pretty day for pictures with Karlie Redd 🌸🌾📷
Yesterday supporting my boo karlie redd! (Along with my loves jen "mua" Brittany "hairstylist" her glam squad)
I have Karlie Redd on with me live right now!
How many ppl remember Hiriam Hicks from Philly?
Karlie redd is as thick as she is on tv as in person...S/o Ms Deb Atney 2
Wait so karlie redd is dating Young Joc now ? 😩😫😂
I know what Im getting you for Christmas. Karlie Redd cosmetics, just released.
Karlie Redd and Young Joc are an item? ew.
Karlie "Dead" Redd is dating Yung Joc. This is the real life "Walking Dead: Careers Edition"
Karlie Redd’s old *** is still out prowling on the Atlanta streets?
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Karlie Redd and Yung Joc probably have good times. But wait. I just want somebody to style them properly.
“Baybe Ms Karlie Redd is going to make sure she stays on love and Hip Hop Atlanta. She's now dating Young Joc” Ew
Karlie Redd may have been paid to engage in a threesome with an OG industry executive and his stripper wife.
A Letter To Jacob Kohinoor One the most Incredible just phenomenal human beings you can ever meet, his name is Mr. JACOB KOHINOOR. He‘s so inspiring through his numerous talents of work. Jacob is a creative writer, director, producer, actor, successful model, & unbelievable talented host. The many networks & people he’s promoted for has been as follows: The Scenes at Ultra Sound, The Baggage Claim Movie Review, SYLEENA JOHNSON, PROJECT 9INE RELEASE PARTY, The Bronner Brothers Hair Show, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta starring Karlie Redd, THE EXPERIENCE FASHION SHOW 2013, Michelle Williams, TS Madison, No Wire Hangers Fashion Show IV, & most recently Lisa Nicole The Millionaire Fashion Show featuring Jamie Brown Sister 2 Sister just to name a few. He’s the leading role model of his line of work/duty & I’ll think you’ll endure his beloved personality in which he carries from within. This young gentleman has the many abilities to W.O.W. anyone that‘s amongst his pathway no matter his/hers ethnici ...
Thanks to Karlie Redd for stopping by Whink Clothing Boutique Today! It was a joy having you with us! Get your today!!!
ATTENTION MUAs! Karlie Redd on the search of her on the road MUA for 2014!
I will tell yall one thing I better not hear anybody say anything negative about Karlie Redd, because I promise you she is probably one of the nicest celebrities I have dealt with point blank period. Don't ever judge a book by it's cover. God has truly taught me a lesson!
Olivia's mom looks like Karlie Redd from Love and Hip Hop
OMG this child of mines is off the chain just holla at Yung Joc on Be Onehundred and they ask him what he want for CHRISTMAS he said Karlie Redd…….. King Roscoe is to much for me
my lil bruh Aldreco King Roscoe Jones a fool lmao.i need Karlie Redd for christmas too
Dam im tripping look dis mrning n i got mre video of karlie redd den i thought lmao
Dam i feel alil better den i felt ln i swear but tell me how i thought da whole tyme i was recording karlie Redd n aint even record 4 whole seconds dam i feel dum lol dat wat happens wen u to turnt up lol
Ethno Nightlife caught up with Tiffany Foxx & Karlie Redd as they took over the Loft night club in St.Louis Mo...
Young Joc’s money must not be long enough to satisfy Karlie Redd, so she decided she would enroll in the Marlo Hampton School Of How To Get Your...
Love and Hip Hop's Karlie Redd may have started a
I feel so appreciated Karlie Redd sent me a text saying Happy Thanksgiving and that she is thankful that I am her stylist!!! That made my day everyone doesn't appreciate what you do, but just to hear it means much more than you know!!!
Karlie Redd in a nigerian movie.. Guys im not lying but Lynn Whitfield is in it too n vivica fox too soo
Can you act? Would u like to be in the Nollywood/Hollywood movie Starring Vivica Fox, Lynn Withfield, Karlie Redd, RMD, Ramsey Nouah, Desmond Elliot, Majid Michel, Juliet Ibrahim, Omoni Oboli and others? You can be a part of this historic creative statement as Corporate World Entertainment-the producers of The Ay Show and Ay Live auditions actors & actresses. If interested message me !!! GOODLUCK TO YOU ALL AND HAPPY NEW MONTH
Comedian AY To His Currently Shooting His First Movie AY Makun is currently shooting his first movie titled ‘30 Days in Atlanta: The Adventures of Akpos‘, which features US stars Vivica Fox, Lynn Whitfield, and Karlie Redd. According to the comedian-turned-producer, he plans to conclude shooting at the end of October 2013. AY seems to be borrowing a leaf from his US counterparts, someone like stand-up/comedian Kevin Hart who has long gone into film production.The movie which was shot in two countries – Atlanta US and Nigeria also features Richard Mofe Damijo, Desmond Elliot, Ramesy Noah, Rachael Oniga, Omoni Oboli, Ada Ameh as well as Ghollywood actors Juliet Ibrahim and Majid Michael
screening for with Jennifer Nichols, Young Joc, and Karlie Redd
Karlie Redd 🚗 needs to be vacuumed, but I might wait until tomorrow
Karlie Redd said she don't like men well hung she most certainly wouldn't like me
Karlie Redd went from Benzino to Yung Joc, she is just lonely now but she is sexy to me
Karlie Redd and Yung Joc are the weirdest *** couple. .
Karlie redd will be seen with anybody to be relevant!
Me and Karlie Redd at the premiere of the CrazySexyCool
I feel bad for women like Kenya Bell and Karlie Redd, 40 (almost in Kenya's case) and trying to start a singing career with no talent
Now Karlie Redd songs never hit a radio station but she tryna go in on TLC! They had and will always have more hits than she ever will!
What was Kenya doing though she looked like Karlie Redd from
Was that Karlie Redd he was kissing n that studio?!!!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Thank God they found Chilli. Crystal worse than Karlie Redd
I wanna find out who these *** producers are who taking all of Kenya Bell & Karlie Redd's money for studio time. Cause they wrong.
Chelle got me dying laughing. Karlie Redd hit that two step and you couldn't tell her ish! 😂😂😂😂
Kenya need to do a album with Karlie Redd and Joseline
Kenya giving me Karlie Redd performance teas already.
Karlie Redd new boyfriend. Love And Hip Hop Atlanta star Karli Redd in Atlanta was spotted with rapper Young Joc. Karli ex boyfriend is Benzino.
Where's the Symmetry with them Titties and them toes dangling.. Karlie Redd.. You're garbage
I'm mad they took it down tho. .I didn't get to watch the one she did for Karlie Redd and Benzino v_v
Live broadcast on that HOT 97 w/ tonight at LQ's!!! Mike from the Wire and Karlie Redd…
She said "karlie redd got the vintage thots tweak'n" LMBO IM DEAD
What celebrity irritates you the most? — Karlie Redd
Karlie Redd gonna have to squash the beef.
I hearing Karlie Redd from Love and Hip Hop is a Trini? LOL THAT trappy lil rat? Jah boi!!
We in LQ'S 2nite for b-day got mackwilds and Karlie Redd music by
days DAT karlie redd butt...she's so unimportant I won't even put her name in CAPS! Lmao
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If I forget you , you're just as irrelevant as Karlie Redd. Lol.
After the bob I want a pull up sew in karlie redd brown for Britt birthday
Im now seeing how old Karlie Redd looks
Karlie Redd cant do nothing but make herself look dumb on tv lol
Karlie Redd moves like some successful rapper yet she can't pay for her own boob job lol smh
“Karlie redd Is old you know” she is like 42. She needs to stop, pack up and call it a day.
Karlie Redd got her breast implants from "Hustle Man" off Martin...
Karlie redd from love and hiphop blocked me on ig .. the *** wig was ugly
I am the only person in the world that likes karlie redd lmfaooo
Who want advice from Benzino. Dude was about to wife karlie redd. That says enough!
When Karlie Redd *** was lopsided in Season 1 it dam near was leaking like her leaking
Karlie Redd needs to get independent & buy her own boobs, tf 😒
Karlie redd dumb and benzino dumb af too! I’d be damned
Ever since Karlie Redd said that her implants are leaking that just shows what girls w/ *** implants go through. Lady Gaga
Benzino was choking when Karlie Redd asked for p lmao
Karlie Redd got a teenage daughter and look what she be doing!
Ima ask a man to buy me some weave lol on my karlie redd
Everytime karlie redd come nassau *** always making mediatakeout bending that over!
Still laughing at the fact that Karlie Redd's titty dem ah leak lol
I actually like Jocelyn more than I like karlie redd.
Karlie redd is like 65 and she still gets daggered :/ no shame
Karlie Redd ol *** throwin the twerk in these pics on MTO
I didn't realize my Karlie Redd joke was that funny
Say Karlie Redd get impregnated by a caribbean dude when she was over here and dey get frog starrin on the cover lmao
I just watching and Karlie Redd is such a ***
Karlie Redd is funny. I thought she was going to tell Benzino that she had some health scare
Just killed me last night. KARLIE REDD Has no shame what's so ever LMFAO
Karlie Redd doesn't respect herself at al
Karlie Redd is defo gonna sleep with Benzino for him to pay for her boobs to get done
Karlie Redd like 50 years old and still tryna have choreographed dances lol
Since when is k.michelle & karlie redd cool? She was tryna make a diss record now they all buddy buddy. When did i miss this memo?
Lmfaoo Karlie Redd tho ? 😭😭😭😭 “S/o to lol she came for Chris this Morning 
Do y'all realize Karlie Redd told Benzino she needed dough 'cause her titties was leaking...
Couldnt stop laughin durin tht Karlie Redd sex tapeShe down bad for leakin itShe new sheWas on camShe got a teenage son who will see it smfh
Karlie Redd pimped herself out on national tv 😕
Karlie Redd body is sexy. Joseline your cussing Karlies age but she looks better than you
Why does K. Michelle look sickened by Karlie Redd
Karlie Redd's showcase was bad! She's mad to think it was great lol 😂
It's evident that Karlie Redd and Joselie can't coexist.
I don't think Karlie Redd has a future in music, but I wish people would stop hatin' on her age. I think she looks good.
Joseline and K. Michelle went to Karlie Redd's show strictly to hate on her
Karlie redd tried to say my shower curtains looked like a trash bag and den she go perform n one smh
Listening to Rasheeda's and Karlie Redd's music and it is horrible. I'm sorry but y'all sound better on the show singing/rapping
"Karlie redd was down here" lol she was at kokos I went Friday
Karlie Redd need to be somewhere sitting her 48 yr old *** down taking care of grandchildren smh
Karlie Redd looks like her breath stinks.
Why the *** did Beenie Man do a song with karlie redd ?? 😶
Karlie Redd and her music is Irrelevant
Karlie Redd needs to let this so called "music career" go ! 😂😩
Did Beenie Man really do a song with Karlie Redd? Sorrows much.
I hate the way karlie redd speaks, I can't describe it but there's something she does & I don't like it
I wish Karlie Ray or Karlie Redd, whatever her name is, would give it up.
Karlie Redd looked like she just woke up and said " *** With It" before she performed
Why did Karlie Redd get mad when brought up her age? Karlie does look good for her age
they need to replace Karlie Redd cornball *** with you
*** K Michelle and Joselin.was just servin Karlie Redd on the sidelines LMAO
I wouldn't even mind Tagging Joseline out for Karlie Redd
Oh lord Karlie Redd has a song with Beenie. 😒 But get it Beenie!
The fact that Karlie Redd even entertained She said he bleach his skin to be light skin tho!! *catch that shade* 🙀🙊😩
Karlie Redd did great. Jocelyn, need to keep quiet and on her/his bar hopping grind with steebie
why do u think Nikko was saying Mimi is damaged goods and was tryna get a menage with Karlie Redd and her?
Karlie Redd still wishing on a star. She just needs to do a Black remake of The Golden Girls with Ruby Dee, Cicely Tyson, & Phylicia Rashad.
I will never forgive Karlie Redd for that pleather one-sleeve Fanta girl onesie.
Who's tryna make me a vine of Joseline imitating Karlie Redd?! I DIED.
Karlie redd said people loved it, what she talking about
Karlie Redd is the type of chick you do any type of way..leave while she sleep and steal her DVDs drink her juice and leave her fridge open😂
I hope K Michelle doesn't shake the table while Karlie Redd is performing with the legendary Beenie Man!!!
Karlie redd looks better than Joseline in my personal opinion no matter how old she is
Karlie Redd may be old but she don't look her age... whatever age she is
neverMind you look like Karlie Redd , she's from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta!
CHILL Karlie Redd... Beenie Man aint had a hit since BEFORE Sean Paul did "Baby Boy" with Beyonce!
Joseline: She [Karlie Redd] could've been Beyoncé. K.Michelle: She couldn't have been no *** Beyoncé. I said be nice, not delusional. . ✋😂
You don't compare Ciara to beyonce ok? You compare Ciara to Keri, keyshia, Ashanti, karlie redd feel me?
Omg karlie redd! If you didn't go into labor having sex with the father of your child that's nasty!
Karlie Redd said she had her baby while having sex. Never heard of that before.
Karlie redd is actually pretty to me and she always look good.
Am i the only one who thinks Karlie Redd is pretty 🙈
Karlie Redd looks better now then she did on the last season
Karlie redd really do look like the king of pop.
Yo. Karlie Redd needs to die. Looking like the devil 👹👹
They ain't have nobody else to invite,,. *** Karlie Redd?
Karlie Redd had her baby during sex? What the *** Lmao
Haaa my sister seen Karlie Redd at the mall this weekend. I forgot to ask if her *** looked fake.
Lord help us all if Karli Redd dresses like this after she's 60 years old.
Karlie Redd looked like she wanted to ask me for a hot wing and a hug last week looking like Dollar Tree...and yall paying her bills...smh
Karlie Redd should go ahead and be taken off the intro to Ariane & Traci get more TV time than her
Benzino proposed to karlie redd and y'all going to him for advice
As ratchet and old as karlie redd is she sexy AF I hope I look like that when I'm her age with 30 year old children
Omg Karlie Redd please stay out of spot light! Or get a Dr to put some light and a knife on them…
Why Karlie Redd do that to herself ? Ew
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That video Karlie Redd & Benzino been talking bout . . . smh
So apparently karlie redd daughter goes to CAU lmao im done
Why mimi wasn't at Rasheeda baby shower but Karlie Redd was.
Karlie Redd acts too immature for her age.
Nah see Karlie Redd can play with Bambi over bezeno but Bambi gone rare that *** up on the spot Compton style 😂😩
Did y'all see what Karlie Redd wore to bet awards? 😂😂😂😂
My mom said karlie redd dis song to k.michelle isn't bad...ima have to lisen to it
This Karlie Redd diss track is HORRIBLE lol
I don't think karlie redd is that *** messy, I mean I would have told my friend if her man was tryna talk to me too. Thats rule
She know wat she doin tho lmao, she bouta pull a karlie redd on em !!
I liked a video Karlie Redd diss song to K. Michelle
I thought I was the only one That caught what Karlie Redd dumb self said
They need to replace Karlie Redd with DRAYA 👌😍😍💛
Karlie Redd Fashioned by nemostyles and makeup by
Karlie Redd's bottom teeth looks like they be cutting her *** gums up
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
That girl look like Karlie Redd on Kirk lap!
Random groupie *** get more TV time than Karlie Redd.
3 things we'll never know... Karlie Redd age, Where Benzinos neck is and what kinda car Stevie J has Love …
Benzino might be Ugly & Old as *** , but He a lil wise ! Ion understand the whole Karlie Redd situation , but he said …
Karli redd...make up...2 shades lighter than her neck
Watching love and hip hop I'm joseline
IS THAT KARLI REDD BY GABRIELLE UNION. UMM is Karli one of the seat fillers that they hire to move around
So right now I'm thinking karli redd and nicki Minaj is the same person.
In lighter news: I am addicted to Love and Hip Hop Atlanta (GASP) this ish is GARBAGE, but the one liners are amazing.Rasheeda, Joesline and K. Michelle are crazy...
Just a thought Has anybody noticed that since Baby Drew went AWOL with Tracey's money we have not seen or heard anything about that story line?
Karlie Redd.we have to do better ladies!
My Observations I might as well dedicate every post to this most basic of basic heaux ever. Queen Mimi 1. I swear this chick kills me every single week. Like how many times can you look stupid on tv?! Is there any footage of you not being nieve and damaged?! Your first boyfriend played the fruit loops out of you and your second boyfriend has his own boyfriend. Your track record with men stinks so maybe...just maybe the problem isn't them. It's You. Stop being so stuck up and stank! 2. Kirk. There's nothing worse than a man who can't take care of his responsibilities. Excuse me... not can't,but wont. His child is going to look back on this and never forgive him for the foolishness 3. Karli Redd. Stop talking like a bird during your confessionals. And stop shopping at Rainbow Rave for your wardrobe. You're too old for that crap 4. Rasheeda! Now normally I'm on your side HOWEVER you can't be 4 months prego filming a video for "Hit It From The Back". That is the definition of Ratchet 5. Traci don't start out ...
Y do they always invite ppl that dont like each other to someones event.they so messy..LHHA! and hip hop recap.foolery maximus.go!
Rasheedaaa.. Girl.. what in the world.. Pregnant like that singing about hitting it from the back? Clearly He hit it SOMEWHERE! Look at your Belly!.. Not a good look.. like she was saying to poor ole Karli Redd.. lol
Karli Redd wears somebody else's a** every time we see her.SN: This ladies' voice tho' 󾌯
Why is karli redd asking is he fine like ppl date ugly ppl on purpose
Who in the *** be asking Karli Redd about her hair?! Girl BYE!!
Omg Marlin Redd is so messy she everywhere
Mimi ain't gone learn til she 85 years old why is she telling her business to Karli Redd messy ***
Karli Redd like tha news reporter on LHHATL..!! Lol
Gone sumwhere Karli Redd.I dnt like u!
I sure thought Karli Redd was along with her dis record
The last time Nikko and Mimi saw each other there was the case of the baby daddy showing up with a BMW along with some damaged and deranged name calling. And now she's heard Nikko may have been trying to holler at Karlie Redd.
How do you give some a diss record to them at they're birthday party in front of all the birthday girls guest. Ariel was wrong for taking the disk to the DJ. Karli Redd is extremely messy.
Why does Karli Redd act like she is a mega super star.
Karli Redd was looking CRAZY the other night on Love And Hip Hop. She tried to squeeze her tiny legs...
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap: Time’s Up! Last night's Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was all about a watch analogy. K. Michelle realized it was time to act her age (although she may have had a little hiccup), Nikko was ready to clean Stevie J.'s clock when Stevie tried to upstage him in the gift-giving department, and Mimi Faust seems poised to give Stevie a "second" chance. Sorry, that last one was a stretch! After their bust-up, Joseline Hernandez meets with Stevie J. to get her money from her international record deal. She doesn't want to fight with him, but she's tired of him bleeping every other bleeping bleeps and buying TVs for *** His bleep is raw, and Joseline doesn't want it anymore…she just wants her contract and her big record deal. Unfortunately, Stevie drops the bomb that the deal fell through. Oh, and if you didn't already know, he owns Joseline. Please. CLICK THE CONTINUE READING BUTTON FOR MORE! It's so funny to watch Karlie Redd try to be a bada$$. She's meeting with K. Michelle who ...
I wanna lift up Karli Redd dress n c if 0ne but cheek really bigger than the 0tha
Im just not really feeling K Michelle.
Karli redd used benzino shine and now she dating rosco dash...putting birds on tv
Benzino is hilarious, and that karlie redd what was she thinking hiding k Michelle birthday balloons under her dress girrl go on sit down she thought she had a chance.Not lol
Karli Redd it's a fool for giving her the diss record on her birthday
Oh dang, i'm watchin LNH ATL,! Dat *** Karli Redd dis record is a hot *** mess! Damnit, dats it.i'm about 2 call sum homies 2 get sum studio time.i c everybody gotta record, but me. lol! dat shyt is crazy.
Benzino's head Huge as *** but just lower half and karli redd fake as *** Lls why am I watching this show this is dumb I feel my IQ dropping just lookin at this Lls
So late n random, but Karli Redd was hot bout Zino n that necklace he got for K. Michelle.her p* must wasn't as good as she thought. *shrugs*
Aww man Stevie j is the man lmao I swear this *** makes the show. He is a *** clown!!!
I can never understand it when women tell other women negative ish or things that can hurt them at a happy event or during a happy occasion. Like seriously what is your motive? It's happen to me too many times so I can understand K. Michelle throwing a drink a Karli Redd!
R.Kelly should find you Karli Redd and pee on you for that diss track!smh
Karli Redd is so messy... SMH i probably would've whipped her *** doe of it was my birthday.
Karli Redd, please go somewhere. Thanks in advance, signed 'NOT a fan' Lls
If karli redd,wasnt so crazy,she would be nice
Lmao, Karli Redd gave her tha diss track..!!
Karli redd makeup is like 8 shades too light
Karli redd fake *** !! Wasn't she just talkin bout the diss track about k? Omg
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Watching love and hiphop. I just cant stand Karli Redd wannabe self for some reason
Karli Redd is wack! Period, u talk all that junk behind K Michelle back and then try to soften the blow when u in her face...smh
2night is the nite..that LHHATL comes on who is joining me
Ugh this storm needs to move around cuz im tryna watch love n hip hop at 7 n dtv does not do well in the rain
- Why are Karlie Redd and Mimi Faust still on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta? Should they be replaced? via
Lmaooo. Karlie Redd and that nasty *** "Louis Prada Gucci" 2 step Will never get old to me.
Karlie Redd please go somewhere and just... *sigh*
How old is Karlie Redd I really want to know
CANDIDS: Karlie Redd, K. Michelle, Joseline, Erica Dixon Karlie Redd looks angelic, but she’s going to get it …
Stevie J talks about working with Biggie and why he worked with Karlie Redd. MORE IMPORTANTLY Joseline speaks …
u need to mind your business KARLIE REdd!!! Lmfao. She was hilarious this season man.
Karlie Redd been lying since show one
Say what you want is no joke. Karlie Redd ole washed up azz
Karlie Redd was messy from the jump lol!
Karlie Redd is to Raquel they both had beef with the entire cast lol
Karlie Redd is the dirtiest liar. I can tell. I think anyways
Come to think of it...Karlie Redd name is not that ans she is NOT from TRINIDAD, sh...
that love and Hip Hop Atlanta episode when k. michele & karlie redd fought. km: "ill knock you in yo trancula." karlie: "TRY IT" 😭😭😭🙌
I just realized Karlie Redd looks like Fran from the Corner.
Trinidadians out here acting like its time to play mass...nicki, Trinidad James and karlie redd all crazy making me look bad
Stackz Live with Karlie Redd and Tiffany Foxx at The Loft in STL: via
Karlie Redd is too old to act this messy and immature.
Karlie Redd is 47 and she's misbehaving on L&HHATL?
Its sad tho cuz even Karlie Redd old *** makin more buzz RN w/ her music than Lil Kim
Karlie Redd diss to K. Michelle bump but i still dont like her fossil ***
So K Michelle is leaving LHHATL and going to LHHNY 😩😩😩 who gonna check Karlie Redd though when she leaves
Karlie Redd on the cover of some magazine with some barely there clothes and all I can think about is her daughter.
Every thing that comes out of Karlie Redd's mouth is a lie.
“Animal” LOL, Benzino is a fool for this one! If you’ve been watching Love & Hip Hop ATL, you already watched Joselyn & Stevie confront Benzino about the rumors, Karli Redd began. Even...
We just received an exclusive of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" Benzino's new track. We do not own the track.
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Karlie would jump bad when security steps in!
Who do you believe, benzino or karlieredd?
Who do you think is gonna set off the fade first, Karlie or Joséline?
Karli Redd and Joseline both look the same age too me lmao *shrugs* ijs
Why do people even fool up with karli redd? Why?
I wish Karli Redd would quit this show and collect her social security. All this anger can't be good for her health.
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