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Karl Stefanovic

Karl Stefanovic (born 12 August 1974) is an Australian Gold Logie winning television presenter.

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Waking up to Karl Stefanovic interrupting his co-host for interrupting JT has already made my day 😂
Hamish and Andy or Karl stefanovic for prime minister
New post: ". Today Show's Lisa Wilkinson hits out at Karl Stefanovic for mocking her driving. " .
It's great. This is our breakfast TV, Karl Stefanovic is something of a national treasure and the presenters have a lot of fun.
👲 Jimmy Barnes to perform at the 58th TV Week Logie Awards in ... 😪👲
Can Karl stefanovic be my dad please
Today Show host Karl Stefanovic has slammed Peter Dutton after he admitted he had no idea what would happen to the 850 asylum seekers on
Watch Grant Denyer gives us a taste of what a Karl Stefanovic Gold Logie acceptance speech might sound like:
Today show host Karl Stefanovic was seen playfully slumped at his table over glasses of wine at the Crown Casino in Melbourne.
Logies 2016 sees Sylvia Jeffreys, Carrie Bickmore and Karl Stefanovic on the dance floor: Today show host Kar...
Shocking scenes at Logies after party at Crown Casino as Karl Stefanovic grabs the microphone and cries out "I'm Mustaf…
Classic Karl Stefanovic... Check out his cheeky antics at the Logies afterparty:
Not to mention there are two separate stories about the state of Karl Stefanovic on his breakfast TV show this morning.
Logies 2016 sees Today Show crew show up for work a little worse for wear: News presenter Peter Hitchener has...
New post: ". Laurie Oakes jokes he is the 'only sober' person on television during interview with Karl Stefanovic …
Aussie stars party the night away at the after parties
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New post: ". Today Show's Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson worse for wear after Logies . " .
of course it's not because he's Muslim and not white. Karl Stefanovic is really up himself but that went ok.
Did you get any sleep Karl News presenter grills Stefanovic: via
😞 Cheyenne Tozzi arrives in Melbourne for the 58th TV Week Logie ... 😰😞
Professor of Journalism speaks and Karl Stefanovic and Tracy Grimshaw defend Tara Brown's Arrest via
Karl Stefanovic defending Tara Brown but forgetting about the armed hired goons who pistol whipped a grandmother https:/…
Karl Stefanovic defends Tara Brown: “What would you do?” he asks. Not get involved in a kidnapping in Lebanon is top of m…
"Karl Stefanovic and Tracey Grimshaw defend Tara Brown". Well maybe she shouldn't have participated in child kidnapping?. Lightweights unite
60 Minutes: Nine's Karl Stefanovic defends Tara Brown: "Few in my experience have asked more questions on more…
Karl defends ‘brilliant journalist’ Tara Brown: TODAY host Karl Stefanovic has stood up for his f...
60 Minutes: Nine's Karl Stefanovic defends Tara Brown - he would, wouldn't he. Australia's hypocrisy
Lisa Wilkinson 'too white' for Gold Logie, jokes Karl Stefanovic
Matt Lauer is like the American version of Karl Stefanovic
not bad, but it's against Commonwealth law to sack Karl Stefanovic, so that's the first problem.
Karl Stefanovic caught off guard during live cross from Paris -
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Great White Sharks Jumping | Shark Week | Discovery great white sharks caught by karl stefanovic
Re AUS notes, why not people like Rosie Batty, Julia Gillard, Margaret Olle, Ron Clarke, Fred Burrows? But Karl Stefanovic? NO 😳
Maybe read more before critiquing the fashion choices of women in the public eye. I suggest this article.
So cut ties with 9? Does that mean they will stop following Karl Stefanovic and his family around now?
Karl Stefanovic is KING, make the switch and ditch Mr Hoodwinked
Karl Stefanovic is terrible with that kind of thing. He spends half his time on the show in fits of laughter.
we take there devices off them and make them watch karl stefanovic... Is that too harsh?
Today's Karl Stefanovic & Lisa Wilkinson ask viewers to seek out Richard Wilkins
Today's Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson ask viewers to find Richard Wilkins. {dailymail}
Today's Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson desperately try to find Richard Wilkins before he shows up 75 minutes L…
Karl Stefanovic said to be locked in talks with Channel Nine executives over the future... - Daily Mail
Jesinta Campbell reveals close bond to Karl Stefanovic and says Megan Gale is her model idol -
Jesinta Campbell shows close bond to Karl Stefanovic & states Megan Gale is her model idol
Karl Stefanovic in stitches over comments on Salim Majer’s pursuit for PM.
During a segment on Monday morning Karl Stefanovic and co-host Lisa Wilkinson screened video of an enormous shark leaping out of the water
All they need now is 2have Eddie McGuire on Mark Latham&Karl Stefanovic new Q&A show on ch9 via
David Campbell reportedly responsible for Today Show's 'ratings turnaround' while Karl Stefanovic was on...
Today's gloats after beating Lisa Wilkinson in driving challenge
Today's Lisa Wilkinson looks through co-host Karl Stefanovic's best moments while live on air as he turns 41.
Karl Stefanovic couldn’t help but gloat after defeating co-host Lisa Wilkinson, 55, in a reverse-parking driving challenge on Friday.
Karl Stefanovic was left lost for words when a dietitian suggested a Australians should eat less just like people in concentration camps.
We will be conducting a talent shoe to find a replacement for Parker, with Simon Cowell, Gordon Ramsey and Karl Stefanovic as panel judges.
Karl Stefanovic can’t help but gloat with a dramatic victory lap after beating co host Lisa Wilkinson to a dri...
when you have heard Karl Stefanovic & Jesinta Campbell discuss Syria, you want to revoke universal suffrage & most rights
The Voice mentor Delta Goodrem showered Karl Stefanovic with love on Instagram on Wednesday to celebrate his 41st birthday.
The retired swimmer was interviewed by Today hosts Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson for what was promoted as a frank interview about the
Today show's Karl Stefanovic walks off set after he eats la... |
CW Food, ED, anti-Semitism Doctor in Oz uses concentration camps as example of how weightloss should happen
Um ... what? At what point did that seem like a good idea?
I heard this statement many times growing up!
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Disgusting comparison! According 2Dr Gordon Australians need 2 eat less food just like people in concentration camps
Current mood: Karl Stefanovic reacting to a holocaust analogy
Delta Goodrem shares a flashback snap of her and Karl Stefanovic as she wishes him a Happy Birthday along with...
Doctor says people should eat less like in 'concentration camps' . Bravo Dr Ric Gordon. You are a total Muppet...
Dr Ric Gordon spoke with Karl Stefanovic on Nine's Today Show on Wednesday to talk about a new health report that showed half of
I'm starting the Get on board re this article with his concentration camps comment
Re DISGUSTING concentration camps comment Too horrified for words
Our Footy Finals Lunch is set to be an amazing event! Karl Stefanovic announced as Auctioneer!
Karl Stefanovic, given the constraints of linear time, a belated happy anniversary of your birth from your American friend!!
It may take more than a hug to make up for assuming she liked Karl Stefanovic
Doctor uses concentration camp analogy to promote healthier eating. Yeah you read that right.
“It’s clear that we have reached a new low in the abuse and perversion of the via
This is disgusting.Doctor rattles Karl Stefanovic with his concentration camps comment
Another birthday ignored by Karl Stefanovic 😞 maybe one day he can cherish our kindred day of birth connection
Doctor's shocking suggestion that people should eat like they're in 'concentration camps'
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Karl Stefanovic & Isaac Luke, the footy show hit the wanker jackpot today !!!
The numbers man to the stars: TO Michael Clarke, Karl Stefanovic, Grant Hackett and Danny Green, he’s more tha...
Karl Stefanovic has apologised for his comments about New Zealanders and ... | Karl…
Koch/Abbott Abbott's terrible at interviews and are David Koch and Karl Stefanovic journalists?
Karl Stefanovic, Annabel Crabb, Lee Lin Chin + more 'fight to the death' in Anchorman parody:
Karl Stefanovic, Sandra Sully, Annabel Crabb and more 'fight to the death' in ... - Sydney Morning Herald
Re: Karl Stefanovic wearing the same suit for a year. Poor Lisa Wilkinson. Surely that suit must have started to smell after a while.
Does anyone even wake up with Today - Today Show Like, comment and subscribe! The best of Karl Stefanovic 2013. . Karl Stefanovic in 'Simply Inappropriate" h...
What happens when Karl Stefanovic takes on Grumpy Cat? Wake up with TODAY Weekdays from 5.30AM / Weekends from 7.00am on Channel Nine. Follow TODAY on Facebo...
Did you hear about Channel 9 showing a *** live on air? Apparently it's known as Karl Stefanovic
I'm in a new campaign with Karl fkn Stefanovic, Leigh Sales, Tom Ballard + others. Give me five mins and I'll give you all the deets ♥♥♥♥
"You're about to go through enormous changes" on year 12 exams:
Great piece on one of the slimiest humans in the media... Runs a very close second to Karl Stefanovic
thank you for brightening my day with that, Karl stefanovic ❤️
so does Karl Stefanovic though and I bet you he goes easy on the adverbs
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Student studies journalist for 3 years then decides he doesnt like it because Karl Stefanovic makes good money
Man leaves journalism job interview crying like a jealous baby after hearing that Karl Stefanovic earns big bucks. .
How charming Karl Stefanovic ended the career of crying Myles : People of the Left often seem to me to be agai...
What happens when gives a taste of We can't stop laughing. >>>>
"‘I went to uni with Karl Stefanovic ... guess who’s making ten times more money now?’. I left the room in tears".
For anyone who missed it check out singing Let It Go at the
In case you missed it this morning, watch getting his J Bronze on:
How do you speak to the consumer who made "Karl Stefanovic Cooks" number 8 seller in Food & Wine at the moment? ***
In which he cries because he's told Karl Stefanovic went to the uni tavern a lot
mate he cried because he was told Karl Stefanovic was a lousy student, I mean come on
Karl Stefanovic strips down to a g-string for Jennifer Hawkins to get a summer glow: He's a gold ...
Bronzed-up Karl Stefanovic ready for spring after Jennifer Hawkins shows him how to spray-tan
Karl Stefanovic being spray tanned on live television. What
So Karl Stefanovic hates Souths. Guess what, we don't care much for you either Karl.
Omg my colleage will probably get to meet and be interviewed by Karl Stefanovic...I am insanely jealous. That man is awesome.
Karl Stefanovic interviews journalist re the Burqua & uses the term 'Australians and Muslims' potentially divisive language?
Ever get the impression that Karl Stefanovic is jealous of
The guy who called you twelve is Karl Stefanovic and he, coincidentally, worked for back in the mid/late 90s.
Karl Stefanovic: 'You won't make it without a thick skin' -
. Port are so confused they even approached Karl Stefanovic to be Chairman! .
Well done to the team, keep powering ahead! via
Karl Stefanovic should've told the Buddhist joke to Barbara Streisand & sang to the Dalai Lama or IDK, just not be so Karl Stefanovic.
My version of *** Mia Freedman debating Karl Stefanovic over some kid's cry on a reality show. Moderator probably Jones. Pick 'em.
In Brief: Today's Entertainment Headlines Tiger Wood's ex-wife Elin Nordegren has broken her silence, and is moving on with life without the No.1 golfer. Actor Rachel Bilson is expecting her first child with long-time boyfriend Hayden Christensen, reports say. Angelina Jolie has revealed her onscreen reunion with Brad Pitt will be a "raw" and "experimental" film. Brody Jenner refuses to go to his stepsister Kim Kardashian's wedding to Kanye West - because she won't invite the star's new girlfriend. Geoffrey Edelsten's new flame Gabi Grecko has slammed his ex-wife Brynne and her fashion style calling it: "tacky" and "obvious". Karl Stefanovic fired up on the Today show yesterday during an interview with the author of a new book on the mystery disappearance of Malaysian flight MH370. Miranda Kerr leaves Sydney with her three-year-old son Flynn after repairing relations with her estranged mother and family. Joel and Benji Madden have announced their new band - titled The Madden Brothers - with a new single d ...
"Karl Stefanovic cracks up over our James Packer v David Gyngell front page" BLOODY LOVE YA KARL!
Karl Stefanovic cracks up over James Packer, David Gyngell headline on NT News
Scotty Cam: Logies are pretty good sober, you should try it. Karl Stefanovic: that's a hard pass.
The Logies are on I see tonight, well considering Karl Stefanovic and Hamish Blake have won the Gold Logies in the past couple of years and someone like Andy Lee is up for it this year I'd say the prestige of The Logies have gone to the toilet somewhat, not to mention seeing a bunch of 22 year old brain dead 'actors' at the Home and Away table! Stone the flamin crows!
I saw a lengthy report on WIN this arvo on the release of Shapelle Corby from prison; what a pathetic display of a media scrum, and there in the middle of it was an equally pathetic reporter Karl Stefanovic was doing nothing to enhance his reputation as a serious TV presenter - although he lost me ages ago anyway! If I mention another name, how many of us honestly ask 'Who is Peter Greste?' Where is the media attention over this Aussie reporter (one of their own) jailed in Egypt for just doing his job of being a reporter? As I said, it's pathetic! Shame on our Aussie reporters!
Michael Slater: "karl we've got a catching contest for you, how do you think you'll go?" Karl Stefanovic: "i dunno but ive had 4 schooners.." Legend
Flicked on Karl Stefanovic talking with a young disabled girl re: Special Olympics. What a great segment. Karl is a class act
Karl Stefanovic, however the goat may not be as cheeky as him
50’s cover band is playing. Bassist looks like: Karl Stefanovic, drummer looks like: Jon Snow.
The pugapillar watching the today show she loves Karl stefanovic
I was watching Today as I got ready. Is it just me, or do all the co-hosts have barely concealed hatred for Karl Stefanovic?
Lisa W stormed off set for 45 mins after "disrespect meted out by sidekick Karl Stefanovic".
I know a hot day is forecast but Karl Stefanovic on morning television with shirt open to his navel! *** Doesn’t have aircon?
I think Karl Stefanovic just said "you broke down ethnic barriers" to Nick Giannopolous on the Today show
One of the hardest parts of living away from is missing waking up to Karl Stefanovic's morning antics.
Stevie gets attacked by bird bird FULL - Waking up with Karl Stefanovic
Ever since I've watched those 'waking up with Karl stefanovic' vids I actually wanna watch the show. Too bad I'm not getting up that early
Drinking scotch and watching Karl Stefanovic videos. A GREAT combo!
What's Karl Stefanovic doing on a roof?
I would have paid money to see Tom Hiddleston and Karl Stefanovic on the same show. Too bad he did Sunrise instead.
Are 1D doing sunrise or the today show when they're in sydney?? Karl Stefanovic and the boys needs to happen again.
Make that 7 penalties in a row by the Karl Stefanovic *** look-a-like of a ref.
I liked a video from Grumpy Cat VS Karl Stefanovic
So our nation's best who are invited to party with Harry at Kirribilli includes James Packer & Karl Stefanovic? Crikey!
Apparently Karl Stefanovic is a young Australian who has 'done good things' to meet Prince Harry
Oh man. Stuck on Karl stefanovic Funnys. Must get back on assignment.
Waking Up with Karl Stefanovic: Karl tries some acrobatics in an ad break
Waking Up with Karl Stefanovic: Karl tells joke to the Dalai Lama, fails miserably
I’m starting to get the impression that Karl Stefanovic is the australian Walter Cronkite
Karl Stefanovic interviewing Grumpy Cat on the Today Show. Was quite hilair.
Karl Stefanovic just interviewed . Can this man do no wrong??
Hey Karl Stefanovic, when is your next hair cut?
Karl Stefanovic - "Let's talk about the polls.". Grahame Richardson - "Oh let's not...:(...let's talk about sex and footy...?" Lol.
Get in my Belly - Karl Stefanovic on Today Click here:
I went on the fb page waking up with karl stefanovic and it led me to when he hugged it out with harry. now im re watching all the aus clips
Karl Stefanovic is the best bloke on Australian TV.
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I need Karl Stefanovic to be a part of my life.
Why didn't anyone tell me about Karl Stefanovic earlier on!
if you're a guy and you don't have a man crush on Karl Stefanovic, you're wrong.
if you're ever sad just watch videos of Karl Stefanovic.
Karl Stefanovic in the morning. love it... better than a coffee
I think I'm inlove with Karl stefanovic
OH NO! ALP r running an ABBOTT tv campaign saying what we r alll thinking and Karl Stefanovic doesnt like it.GOOD its working then
Why is Karl Stefanovic's hair never shiny?
whats with everyone liking 'Waking up with Karl Stefanovic'
Im suprised Karl Stefanovic hasnt been fired
Karl stefanovic and Kevin Rudd in one picture. This has been a marvellous day.
Karl Stefanovic for Prime Minister. — feeling like a political genius
No offence but Karl Stefanovic is a robot. He's programmed to follow anything, even ducks. (Peo…
Nothing quite brightens up the morning like a session of Waking up with Karl Stefanovic video watching
Karl stefanovic is such an embarrassment
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I liked a video Today Karl Stefanovic loses it over breast and long pokey comment
Yes, I have spent the last half hour watching Karl Stefanovic videos on YouTube. What of it?
Why are Breaking Bad, Essendon FC and the Ashes taking all the spotlight when today is Karl Stefanovic's birthday? Priorities.
Karl Stefanovic is starting to look like Richard Wilkins.
sir Mark!! You look like one of my favorite aussie journalists Karl Stefanovic. Parehas kayo gwapo. :DD
Some more footage from our interview with Karl Stefanovic for
Why Aussie TV presenters are better than English ones. Karl Stefanovic in particular.
agree Karl Stefanovic is painful. Turn him off always
Karl Stefanovic - "are you worried that you will always be known as the boy that had a steel rod through your head?" That's Logie worthy.
Rebel Wilson & Karl Stefanovic are my favourite Australians ever
Karl Stefanovic dummy spits on the today show after being questioned about his STATE OF ORIGIN .
P.S. NSW people don't complain much about Victorians or Melbourne as we don't often think of you.
Queenslanders love Victorians, they think anyone who would drive all the way through NSW to get to their great...
One of the best segments ever on Aussie TV.Karl and Ben you have made history.
$$$, family connections. He is as exciting as Karl Stefanovic is.
Our staff were also lucky enough to look after Karl Stefanovic for the night as well.
Order now and get the book Karl Stefanovic described as "the funniest book ever written about fatherhood" in time...
'PASSIONATE' Queenslander Karl Stefanovic - well done Karl! You are great man!!We are proud of you man!
as Anita explained I'm startled that a mother able to make $6366 in 4 weeks on the internet. have you seen this...
Layla. true that Victor`s stori is great, last monday I bought a gorgeous Ford Focus after having made $5109 this...
Karl Stefanovic spits the dummy on the set of Today - check it out here
I just saw the Karl Stefanovic thing. Is he for real? Man up princess!!! What adickhead
KARL SPEAKS: speaks to about being OUTED as a -
up to I saw the paycheck saying $7438, I have faith cousin was like truley bringing home money...
Can't wait for the guest analysis from Karl Stefanovic
NSW will never win again, besides after eight loses the Spirit is dead so who cares?. I now follow Football...
Love ya Karl, even though you are the only loser from Queensland!. So funny.Mr Straight Guy wins again!
remember when karl stefanovic molested harry styles. remember when Charlie asked Harry to show him "where the bad bad man touched him"
just before I saw the receipt for $6821, I did not believe sister woz like really making money part...
Wat a jerk, cant handle a simple question, his an absolute *** and quiet frankly the way . he behaved he...
Little Giant Ladders
Karl Stefanovic walking off air was perfect
This man will do anything for publicity. No way is this real.
17 July 2013 Karl Stefanovic and Ben Fordham patch it up over State of Orgin fallout: via
AND THIS IS YOUR WINNER .. Shameful to behave like that. should be embarassed
Karl Stefanovic storming off the Today Show set yesterday. Yeah NSW!
my friend's aunt makes $60 hourly on the laptop. She has been out of a job for 10 months but last month her pay...
my classmate's sister makes $84/hr on the computer. She has been fired from work for 5 months but last month her...
heheh. . Commented on: Stefanovic 'throws tanty' after origin state revealed:
Are you gonna have a catch up surf with Karl stefanovic?
"Karl Stefanovic EXPOSED as Maroons fraud. TV host storms off set
OMG!! It was a joke!!! People take things too seriously these days.. Seriously, karl is just. a big kid at...
showdown between and the saga continues | 2GB
Did you see this from Karlos yesterday?
I liked a video from Karl Stefanovic storms off Today set after his NSW origin revealed
TODAY Show host Karl Stefanovic has used a second interview with the Dalai Lama to revisit his much-publicised pizza joke, presenting the monk with "one with everything" .
Karl Stefanovic can be a bit of a *** sometimes ... But sitting here... On the couch... Cuddling the second born... This Barrier Reef show... Is quite good. really good filming... Good facts... Good time with the daughter. I have been asked. One day .. To take her diving on the reef. With pleasure darling ... ;-)
wow channel 9 with you commercial approach and Karl Stefanovic u really no how to cheesy up the barrier reef. worst doco every
KARL'S SO HOT RIGHT NOW: Karl Stefanovic's chilli pie episode, on the Today Show, has featured on American...
If Abbott becomes PM will Karl Stefanovic be camping out in Canberra to mourn the loss of 12k PS jobs his mate Tony slashes
An immediate inductee into the reaction GIF hall of fame is this excellent assemblage of data depicting Australia's spirit animal Karl Stefanovic descending into the seventh circle of heartburn after ingesting the hottest meat pie in the world.
THE "Flaming Ron" - the world's hottest chilli pie - has claimed another victim after Today show co-host Ben Fordham got one over serial prankster Karl Stefanovic.
Karl Stefanovic just implied koalas are slutty in front of 3 young girls.
I imagine you are more Mr Hooper ... the original, than Karl Stefanovic. So Sesame Street.
Some Australian TV anchor made the 'Anchorman' teleprompter prank happen IRL, and it is amazing and on video:
27th everyday occurences in australia.. morning shows make live on air pranks. GREATNESS!
Karl Stefanovic done an anchorman and changed the auto cue on the news chick
I love Karl Stefanovic (the one who raped Harry on TV in an interview)
WATCH: Real Life Anchorman Trick! - One reporter learned that the hard way when TV host Karl Stefanovic pulled an"...
Amsterdam, how good are the cookies there? I always loved Karl Stefanovic. Matt Lauer has nothing on him.
From Karl Stefanovic is the best thing to happen to morning TV
Karl Stefanovic goes global “Anchorman pulls prank on colleague, sneaks line about liking drugs in her script
Annnd Karl Stefanovic made it to Gawker. Good night.
Karl Stefanovic is honestly this country's greatest icon.
You know when the club uses Karl Stefanovic as the background for their posters, you're gonna be fine.
I think I need to start watching the Today Show. Karl Stefanovic is brilliant
Australia definitely needs more blokes like on tv
“Anyone see hilarious prank on this morning on
Aussie presenter tampers with the telepromter to prank co-worker. A real life Ron Burgendy moment.
People of PERTH many asked us to come back and we are this Saturday night at Amplifier. Gonna be more fun than...
Karl Stefanovic's rep just increased ten-fold
Brilliant work hijacking autocue moments before her update. She recovered nicely!
If there was a Karl Stefanovic fan club, I would join it.
Anyone see hilarious prank on this morning on
I'm calling it, is this generation's Ron Burgundy
Nothing like a harmless prank to keep things fun at work (of course as long as its fun for all involved!)...
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Karl Stefanovic does it again. This time pulling an Anchorman on his co-host.
I hate that I love Karl Stefanovic's troll ways sometimes
Karl Stefanovic pulls a weed related prank... Why are we not surprised...
just like Karl Stefanovic. I posted this to someone else only 5 minutes ago, errbody gotta know
Stand-in Today show host Roz Kelly fell victim to one of Karl Stefanovic's infamous pranks
Karl Stefanovic pranks Roz Kelly on Today show with autocue gaffe
There are two things you need to know about the entertainment humanoid known as Karl Stefanovic. 1) He is an advanced human life form sent back in time to disrupt the banality of Australian breakfast television and 2) He loves making weed references.
Or if he's unavailable Ray Hadley or Karl Stefanovic. Giants in the world of technical know how and an unbiased approach
But lamentably it pays to be a friend of the Daily Telegraph, Alan Jones, Ray Hadley and Karl Stefanovic
Best thing about being in another time zone, is I don't have to wake up early to see if Karl Stefanovic is still drunk on the Today Show
Why is allowing a cleary affected Karl Stefanovic on air
Karl Stefanovic is borderline acceptable this morning
Karl Stefanovic seems far too sober this morning
they have finally announced the Gold Logie winner . Karl Stefanovic can head straight to the Today set!!
Karl Stefanovic is definitely a robot
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as long as Karl Stefanovic doesn't get gold again we'll be fine
Haven't watched tonight,just in case I might have to see or hear the inane words of Karl Stefanovic, he creeps me out
I really hope Karl Stefanovic does one better this year and projectile vomits all over the Today Show set.
I think Michael Buble is more hammered than Karl Stefanovic.
I'd imagine the post episode of the Today show rates superbly, as everyone tunes in to see if Karl Stefanovic has been on the sauce.
$1.50 Karl Stefanovic will call in sick tomorrow
Realizing that the logies mean one thing, a hungover Karl stefanovic the next day!
Looking forward to Karl Stefanovic's antics tomorrow morning on the today show
Congratulations, so exciting :) Party with Karl Stefanovic for me. That's got to be on the bucket list!
Switch to Logies jogs Ms 17's memory: "oh yeah I nearly ran Karl Stefanovic over last night"
I really, really hope Karl Stefanovic gets plastered at the again.
Karl Stefanovic is my favourite person! End of story.
I'm definitely tuning into The Today Show tomorrow morning in the hopes of being greeted with a drunk Karl Stefanovic.
I was wondering when Karl Stefanovic was going to pop up. Wait, no I wasn't.
got to be somewhere between as much as Buble or Karl Stefanovic ??
tbh i think Karl Stefanovic is drunk
Really hope Karl stefanovic is drunk on the today show in the morning bc he was one time
Brian Henderson: The polar opposite of chumps like Karl Stefanovic.
Watching Karl Stefanovic deteriorate as the night goes on is the only good thing about the
Karl Stefanovic should get drunk again and go on stage and describe the sensation of *** Harry that would make the logies interesting
thought that was where he was going with his bit. Great time? Fantastic time? Having a Karl Stefanovic time?
Out of a sheep to Karl Stefanovic how drunk are u?
Karl Stefanovic, you are the hottest drunkest dilf.
What are the odds looking like re: Karl Stefanovic still being drunk on his show tomorrow?
Can't wait to see the great man Karl Stefanovic's condition come 6am tomorrow
If we can escape the next few minutes without a mention of Karl Stefanovic's wife's *** the night can be considered a success
Michelle Bridges could have lost about 80kg of dead weight instantly by presenting without Karl Stefanovic
A drunk Karl Stefanovic is the only reason I tune into the
I'll be honest, I do envy the Karl Stefanovic lifestyle.
Not enough Karl Stefanovic. Is drunk yet? Ahem, we mean is he tired and emotional yet? The people want to know!
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Has Karl Stefanovic ever been sober for the Logies? I hope not because he is the best.
Oh dear karl stefanovic has had too much to drink. Again
Michael Buble has already stolen Karl Stefanovic's act.
Karl Stefanovic becomes the first of many tonight to admit to being drunk
Karl stefanovic is definitely drunk!
the entire australian population just watches the logies to see who can get more drunk than Karl Stefanovic
No Karl Stefanovic nobody is having a good night now that we can see you
Karl Stefanovic, why are you such a tool?
How does Karl Stefanovic motivate people to get up in the morning ? Time to find something else on tv.
Karl Stefanovic is just embarrasing sometimes...
I don't know anyone who likes Karl Stefanovic. It was the worst when he was the presenter for the doco 'Great Barrier Reef'. Many I know wanted to watch that show but switched when they saw who was hosting. He is full of self importance, offensive and childish. There must have been some sort of rigging for him to receive a Gold Logie,
What the *** is Karl Stefanovic doing on the football? Wonder if anyone's told Channel Nine they're called commentators because they're supposed to commentate not demonstrate.
Karl Stefanovic and the space cadet Brad Fittler calling the footy.need I say more? Atleast its not Ray Hadley.
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