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Karl Rove

Karl Christian Rove (born December 25, 1950) is an American political consultant and policy advisor. He was Senior Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff during the George W.

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Harris Faulkner earns praise for playing the dreamboat with such sincerity, and also for kissing Karl Rove full on the lips.
Karl Rove's 15 minutes of fame have expired.
Karl Rove: “it appears Mr. Trump lacks the focus or self-discipline to do the basic work required of a president”
Karl Rove can't see past the brown stain on his nose to recognize a real American leader when he sees one
Karl Rove on James Comey: " Of all the people I met in Washington, he's the most sanctimonious and condescending of all"
Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Dennis Hastert, Newt Gingrich, Karl Rove and Roger Ailes created it. Trump just weaponi…
"The Crossroads organizations were put together by Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie, former advisers to President...
John Stossel's delirious humor sets up Charles Krauthammer's wealthy dope to be taken by Karl Rove's seductive con artistry.
When snake Reince hired Mike Dubke, a Karl Rove plant as Comm Director, it all went downh…
I hope you haven't (provided classified info to the media), or else you'll be another Karl Rove (except withou…
To have a conversation with Karl Rove about Lee Atwater, who was a brilliant political operative.
Karl Rove on Steve Bannon's NSC removal: “It was wrong for him to be added in the first place, and it was right to tak…
Karl Rove, on Fox, says "it's unlikely" the CIA used expolits to spy on Americans. Let me just say again: Karl Rove.
what about Karl Rove or Mecklenburg & Carl Yaztremski or Hubbell?
If he were the President's campaign manager and WH guru, as Karl Rove was, of course they would.
Mr. Bush barred Karl Rove, from council meetings. Partisan politics has no place @ that table. And neither does Mr. Bannon. -Michael Mullen
Former GWB chief of staff Josh Bolten explains why the president did not allow Karl Rove to attend NSC mtgs, ever https:/…
[Leave it to Beaver intro voice] ...and Joe Don Baker as Karl Rove.
Juan Williams, Karl Rove, Geraldo Rivera, need to go next.
President Trump should listen to Karl Rove's advice in yesterday's Wall St. Journal. See "Quotable"
Karl Rove, Rush Limburger, Roger Ailes, Carly Failurina Kelly Ayotte, Shelley Moore Capito. I just threw up in my mouth.
This is George Will, Karl Rove, Bill Kristol, Rick Wilson's last shot before they are gone forever. No more influence bo…
Karl Rove is a master strategist and political consultant for the American Republican Party.…
On the opinion page of that well-known liberal Karl Rove attacked Mulvaney for using "government shutdown as self-promot…
He did . Bernie went after Hillary like she was Satan - Satan is Trump & Bernie is civil. He's lost w/o Karl Rove
First hand account of September 11th with Karl Rove.
So what did dopey Karl Rove have to say about sanctuary cities when he was advising George W. Bush? I suspect not very much.
I can tell you didn't believe anything Karl Rove aka turd blossom was telling you
let's go with the upper bodies of Karl Rove & family. Why?. Nothing personal. It's just that people like Roves' Top stuffing
White House debunks Karl Rove: Trump will be able to work in the Oval Office
Karl Rove's American Crossroads Pilot Program to counter [bias] (FOR the Democrat in the Race), and split the Demography...
Karl Rove was an Angle in comparison to Bannon. This turd will not have a blossom
People like Reid & Karl Rove are the biggest partisan jerks in politics
Karl Rove says Paul Ryan gave Wisconsin to Trump. Settle down Karl let me get you another drink.
Someone get Karl Rove a cookie & a retirement planner. He did not see this & it burns him up.
Frank Luntz and Karl Rove were the 'architects' of Pelosi-Reid and TWO terms of Obama. Ignore him.
Karl Rove still doesn't think that Trump has a chance. This clown should have been banished from TV after the 2012 debacle.…
the latest in long history of &Tricksters: Donald Segretti, Lee Atwater, William Casey, Karl Rove, Haley Barbour
they're like a bunch of boney *** Karl Rove, Bill Kristol's and Britt Hume from Fox News
Karl Rove and Glenn Beck have defended Hillary this election cycle. Michael Moore video went viral by Trump support…
"Karl Rove is moving on down the road," Bush said on Tuesday, August 14, 2007. Now Rove needs to move down the road…
Sheryl Crow is the woman who harassed Karl Rove about only using 1 toilet paper to wipe
'mber that time she walked over to those computer guys in her high heels to make Karl Rove stop saying Romney could…
Whilst in Baghdad, Karl Rove has said would be "disappointing" if Chile helped a old extradition for committing arson.
we've been here before.. I remember Karl Rove years back.
Kerry was beating Bush soundly until 2 weeks out when Karl Rove dropped the scandal bomb on him. He still almost beat Bush.
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Remember when Karl Rove went bananas when Obama was re-elected? Yeah, well, get ready for some Donkey Kong-level banana…
Karl Rove in defeat, attacks every taco stand in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.
I can remember once when Karl Rove was right? . Sean Hannity? Not so much.
Is Newt Gingrich already having his Karl Rove moment?
Pulling out a screwdrive, Karl Rove shouts "Time can be rewritten!" and disappears into broom closet.
Look, in 1800 the sainted Thomas Jefferson arranged to hire a notorious sl...
Karl Rove eats 45 hotdogs after Trump loses Georgia
The Karl Rove, Megyn Kelly NeoCon Trotskyite types DESPERATELY want to fail so they can crow about 'a better candidate next time'
GOP strategist Karl Rove isn't optimistic about Donald Trump's chances of winning
Karl Rove is an enemy of conservatism. He quotes the RCP BS Average as gospel. scum.
karl rove Never understood the Laws and court system of the USA.. once u passed a Ban, u allowed the 'challenge'. ask any lawyer..Learn
with karl loser rove behind the big cash and dumb white men.. he gave USA the anti *** marriage Ban in 2004 *** Mar…
- I think you've got a point, Jenna. Karl Rove is the same way.
So you gonna act like you didn't see Karl Rove melting down on Faux News with his national polling and scratch pad…
How some progressives are turning into Karl Rove: "We want Hillary to beat Trump, so it's OK if the media ignore or lie a…
is back, Really? Who can forget Karl, Remember when he tried to convince that his cohorts confirm GOP won Ohio.
Karl Rove said the same thing in 2012
Karl Rove declares Trump the winner...then remembers why Dubya called him
Karl Rove's whiteboard spontaneously combusts, sending everyone in the studio to the ER
1:Fox has a mini-melt on election night 2012 when Kelly had to do an impromptu intervention with Karl Rove to get him to stop…
I like to see Ham Face Karl Rove in Jail,but the hat won't happen either.
Karl Rove: Its still too early to call Ohio for Barack Obama.
Just realized Karl Rove has been absent from this campaign cycle.
Karl Rove is a disgraced GOP operative with no credibility especially after his 2012 election meltdown
smh. Please, Karl Rove is an evil man. DO NOT give him a vehicle to spew his evil, for Pete's sake.
In other news I shook hands with Karl rove tonight and my hand didn't shrivel up into a crisp so there's hope for American politics!
Karl Rove is back, and he's engaging in wild scare tactics
Yeah I thought so too! I think this is the official announcement so that Karl Rove's SuperPac can jump in to help.
Just saw Karl Rove up close and joke about him looking like a canned ham is surprisingly apt
Karl Rove is a joke. He looks like a canned ham with glasses.
Running Gag Check: Ham Rove, Karl Rove represented by a pair of glasses on a ham loaf.
When will this witch hunt be over? . Will, (Colin Powell, Sarah Palin, George Bush, Mitt Romney, Karl Rove, Andrew…
*** Morris, canned ham Karl Rove & rembr Frank Luntz quit politics over insisting Romney won so yeah they said it
Karl Rove sure looked confused on election night. The polls were skewed, the pink ham-man cried!
Rumor spread by both cuck Kathleen Hartington & RFK's daughter. Karl Rove said not to believe it.
Karl Rove just said Kennedy LIED about Bush 41 voting for Hillary. He would never vote for Crooked!
in the same sense that Karl Rove was rapping at the White House correspondents dinner
Karl Rove stunned a conference when he suggested Hillary Clinton may have brain damage.
Dream diary: Spoke to Karl Rove and Bill Kristol at the American Enterprise Institute. I may need to reconsider my life.
Mitt Romney, *** Morris and Karl Rove didn't believe the polls either.
When Trump 1st announced run, Karl Rove said he would drop out. Everything Rove says about Trump is wrong. Why does FOX still hire him?
she must have loaned her makeup person to Karl Rove! Did you see him? He looked like Tammy Faye Baker!
AL Gore was (Journalist only in Nam far from any fighting, Karl Rove,Jeb Bush,John Ashcroft, Cheney did not serve at all so.I…
Is there anyone more hateful than Roy Cohn was, Karl Rove & Trump are? Lee Atwater? Nixon?
Hal Boyd of Deseret News on CNN just described that new candidate you've never heard of as Jason Bourne meets Karl Rove meets Mitt Romney
Who knew Karl Rove was a fan of William McKinley
May has to come up w/ something. I know, Karl Rove's lies!!! All lies! You brainwashed fool!
about HRC's positions not what Karl Rove has been selling you for 30 years and try some empathy for the people (women, min…
..Was murdered Seth Rich linked to Debbie W. Schultz in the same way that deceased Michael Connell was linked to Karl Rove?
That's only in Karl Rove's mind & on his whiteboard. In truth most of We The People have been for DT from the start.
I worship but advertising Karl Rove just cost her so many viewers. He's irrelevant & an elitist.
Karl Rove used to brag about the RNC's "permanent majority" as well. Look how that turned out.
Who is Karl Rove kidding he was a embarrassment 2 the party & has destroyed his political career c'mon Karl
Karl Rove's cousin, Jeff Weaver, needs to step down and go work for Trump since all he does is help Republicans.
She's not going to win. We won't vote for her and Karl Rove can't cheat in all 50 states 2 screw the election.
You know Trump is kicking *** when even Karl Rove is sticking up for him.
From the archive: Karl Rove on compassionate conservatism.
I just held a door open for Karl Rove and now I need to shower
Trump is actually to stupid to follow Karl Rove's playbook.
Going off script again, is he? Did Karl Rove write the convention BS?
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I dislike Manafort as much as I dislike Karl Rove. They use their brains for evil instead of good.
Karl Rove just misrepresented e-mail about Bernie's religion. E-mail doesn't say "down hear being a Jew is like being an atheist."
Jeanette Sandernista Jing fake account funded by Karl Rove. Foreigners not welcomed in US Politics.Nothing but lies
Fake account funded by Karl Rove Jeanette Sandernista Jing. Foreigners we don't care what you have to say.
really, funny how Karl Rove was promoting for months and no one cared ... Nothing says ethics like Karl Rove!
HILLARY acts, chooses & comes from place of COMFORT, nothing in her life can be disrupting says Karl Rove. QUEEN HILLARY, not fit 4 office.
Karl rove. Va. Economy doing good because of expansion of federal employment. Government
Love watching but don't think I can stomach Karl Rove's cuz Jeff Weaver!:(
I see Karl Rove paid you guys again.
Karl Rove yet another crooked as day is long liberal cronie! What difference does he make?
Its Karl Rove & Goebbels "Sociopath 101" - Always accuse the other of what you're guilty
Karl Rove and have done more to harm my beloved country, the USA, than any two men on this planet. for them.
or targeting Karl Rove coordinating with Judge to sentence AL Gov bc he was a Dem?
Straight out of the Karl Rove playbook.
hes an *** most likely working with Karl Rove & GOP ...
George Will is a bitter phony. Go back too abc and take Karl rove with you. He is one of the reason we have Obama
Is Karl Rove in charge again? I'm starting to worry... I really am.
Karl Rove is terrible.. I'd rather watch Racheal
Karl Rove strategy Accuse your opponent of your own weakness
Karl Rove?? Why would you assume anyone would give a rat's rear what the likes of Karl Rove thinks...about anything.
ok? It would be convenient for a lot of people. Name a rich white male, basically. Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers, etc.
The Karl Rove/ Hermann Goering School of DirtyTricks has created is a 'straw woman' of Hillary.fabricating...
This is hilarious. Milo bird dogs His Satanic Majesty Karl Rove, asking him "who are you wearing?" He wants to...
.Eh, a lot of the Sanders supporters are fake attack dogs from Karl Rove, right-wing, to undermine HRC.
I have become an adjective. There is something called a Rovian-style of campaigning and it's meant
CLub 4 Growth =Karl Rove who gave us 8 yrs of Obama, SOros funded they will work to help Killery get elected
||57949704TDSY|| delete all evidence that karl rove is the mosquito ; internal security was found by san francisco. ||EOT||
let's see if his predictions are any better than last presidential election, where he was about as accurate as Karl Rove
You've never heard of Karl Rove? Lee Atwater? You think that proud tradition has stopped? Hardly.
and the dog whistles of Lee Atwater, Karl Rove, et al. had nothing to do with it? Or saying "take our country back?"   10% Off
Exactly . ppl can say what they will abt Karl Rove, but he's way too shrewd a character to make such a 'mistake'
Karl Rove called airport security on Alex Jones for talking to him. Police came & dismissed it.
Tonight it's because we didn't report vociferously enough that Karl Rove also liked to delete emails.
Deleted. HRC submitted her emails. Why don't you charge W., Cheney, and Karl Rove and send them to jail?
Esp when the Bush admin via Karl Rove did the SAME THING on a much larger scale...
Karl Rove the war monger writes a fairy story for adults.
Karl Rove is a turd bucket. That is all.
So why is there no investigations on Condi Rice, Colin Powell or Karl Rove emails. Deletions.
I am awaiting investigation of Karl Rove for deleting millions of White House emails in violation of fed…
hey stupid republicans, Karl Rove and GWbush deleted 22 million emails from a private server, you morons can whine all you want
All the more to distract that Karl Rove did the SAME THING only on a much LARGER scale... :|
They all in Karl Rove syndrome. Can't believe reality.
Poor crying over Hillary's emails. Now they know how I felt when Karl Rove wasn't indicted for outing a CIA agent, a trea…
I hate to sound sort of diffident about it but it strikes me that a lo...
or GW Bush and Karl Rove who deleted 22 million emails. Oops!.
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re. nb the words of Karl Rove: how empires "create our own reality" & how we're left to study the results.
Cheney and Karl Rove should have been held accountable when Valarie Plame was outed. Where was the GOP outrage then?
"What is, 22 million?" I'll take 'how many emails did Karl Rove delete from GWB's White House private server' for $500, Alex.
A little perspective: Karl Rove and Bush WH "lost" over 20 million emails in 2007. Remember? .
I always wondered what this chilling quote from Bush adviser Karl Rove meant in practice. Now we know
Didn't Karl Rove delete 22 Million emails during his tenure with the Bush administration?
It seems like everyone is playing politics with these days, even Karl Rove's dark money camp.
.Why Hillary’s email problem is not going away. Plus, Team Trump’s next move |
Karl Rove: Iraq war did not create the Islamic State, says senior Bush adviser in aftermath of Chilcot report
didn't hear you mention Karl rove erasing milns if emails on private server-hmmm wonder why?
Well if Karl Rove and George Bush said it, it must be true right?
They are Rat F**kers in the long tradition started by Lee Atwater and mastered by his student Karl Rove shine the light on 'em
Shep Smith's gritty and profane serio comedy is one of his best productions, featuring a towering performance from Karl Rove.
This is what we are left with, Bernie has managed to turn democrats to a man like Trump. He was a mole 4 Karl Rove.
If you advocate for due process, then you love The Terrorists - Karl Rove, 2005; Harvard Law Professor, yesterday:
Will the media ever realize viewers know their experts say the same thing for over a year Karl Rove, Mary ann Marsh, Juan Williams + more.
So it's never Hillso who will it be, Tramp and David Duke or Karl Rove, there are plenty Vultures waiting for the weak mind
I kept wondering why he had Krauthammer Goldberg Williams & Karl Rove on bashing Trump. It's bec. he agrees.
So much bias in media today. Then on your show U have Trump haters, Krauthammer, Juan Williams, Goldberg & Karl Rove.
What do a shoe baron, a $9.4-million stamp and Karl Rove all have in common?
We don't want another episode of Bush/Cheney, Karl Rove, Donald Rumsfeld orTrump/Newt ticket. 4 more years of THAT? NO!
Karl Rove is having fun messing with Bernie .never has he had a better inside man to help GOP
Harris Faulkner defies the odds with an extraordinary impersonation of the author in Karl Rove's Fox Report Sunday.
I don't watch cuz sick of Krauthammer, Hayes, Williams, George Will, Karl Rove, Jonah Goldberg and .
Just finished attending the Summit County Lincoln day dinner, Karl Rove did an excellent job speaking tonight.
Excited to hear from Karl Rove at the Summit County Lincoln Day Dinner!
No SH** Sherlock! FOX - Karl Rove - NRA endorsement of Trump is very big & will get votes all over country.
lolol "screw facts & evidence, I'll just chant Karl Rove!" RE
Karl Rove on my NYC-DC train last night. He saw my laptop sticker & said "you people are a pain in…
am I the only one who could see Jeff Weaver being a great one-two punch with Karl Rove?
I think Karl Rove saw that in George W. Bush early on and understood the im...
Danish PM jokes about Trump, Karl Rove at state dinner
Great piece by Trump & Boris successfully building on Karl Rove's "we make up our own truths" mantra
. Watch out for Karl Rove and his trolls - Democratic Underground via
Disturbing article. Reminds me of Karl Rove's quip to Ron Suskind about the empire creating its own realities:
Sanders has to be working for Karl Rove. Tad Devine lost two elections for dems-Kerry & Gore
yeah like Karl Rove, George Will, Charles K, Stephen Hayes, and the rest of the so-called true conservatives.
This is a great day. Currently thinking of Karl Rove, George Will, Stephen Hayes, and all the other loser pundits!
Amanda Carpenter, Karl Rove, George Will, & Stephen Hayes need fired. Embarrassment to the networks & sad to watch!
Waterloo! French Lick has Karl Rove's people in it and they're behind the scenes really pulling for the pimp Trump.
She's losing to Trump already ... Karl Rove and Roger Stone haven't yet begun to swiftboat Clinton:
Shut up ! You're on the same side as Karl Rove , Paul Ryan Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, and Lindsey Graham !
LIke Cruz, they all have faces you want to punch. (Rich Lowry, Guy Benson, Karl Rove, etc.)
Trump mocking Karl Rove: "he still thinks Romney won!". (Trump also thought Romney won the popular vote:
Karl Rove is delusional.Austin is a much a part of Texas as Boston is a part of Louisiana
Karl Rove depends on staying in the good graces of the Bush family like a trust fund baby
You mean the Karl Rove who joked about "finding Todd Akin in a body bag?" DEFUND ROVE AND GOP!
Are your contributors Karl Rove & Jonah Goldberg using the same speechwriter provided by the Washington DC, GOP Establishment.
Karl Rove seems a little giddy about Trumps PA delegate possibilities. Could it be so, Karl may soften a little?
Acknowledging that Karl Rove is helping to fund his campaign.
If you're hating Hillary enough to let Trump win consider this. Karl Rove is in your head. Cheering.
Can't forget Karl Rove on election night 2012
Jeff Weaver sounded like Karl Rove on Election Night 2012 there. Yeesh.
PS - They have jerks like Alan Colmes, Karl Rove, Juan Williams, & other biased talking heads on all the time.
ICYMI: GOP strategist Karl Rove says Utah could go Democrat if Trump at top of the ticket
GOP's Karl Rove says Utah could go Democratic in 'time of great turmoil': GOP strategist Karl Rove said Wednes...
Clinton supporter/Obama birther Larry Johnson was almost definitely one of Jason Leopold's sources for bogus "Karl Rove was indicted" story
Good grief BO'R, Juan Williams followed by Karl Rove on your show tonight. Yawn! No wonder conservatives are leaving Fox.
I have been telling you for years... people like Karl Rove give Fox News millions for advertising in election cycles at lo…
Jeb Bush. Mitt Romney. Lindsay Graham. Neil Bush. Karl Rove. Carly Fiorina…. all Establishment tools, and all supporters…
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Heard that Bolling did a Karl Rove impression today promoting Trump as usual. Time for some changes at the Five. Start with Eric.
I will be watching your coverage tonight until Karl Rove comes on. Then I change the channel. The Horror The Horror
Karl Rove is the personification of all that is rancid in American politics. .
Former Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean and Republican senior presidential adviser Karl Rove agree on one...
update: Karl Rove, Howard Dean agree: Trump will not be president: Former Democratic Party Chairman How...
We need to repeal CITIZENS UNITED! But you're right. Individuals will always find a way around campaign law. Example: Karl Rove
Karl Rove says: Fox News finally pulled the plug on me for bogus opinions & voodoo chalkboards-Here I'm escorted out ht…
don't any of you read or even watch tv? He has his own super PAC courtesy of Karl Rove and the Koch brothers
sanders has the koch brothers helping his campaign and Karl Rove among others gops These are democrat enemies
Even so, I'd pay to watch Affleck beat the crap out of someone like Karl Rove.
Within ten minute I was accused of working with Karl Rove. I don't even know the guy.
Aussies find Hillary "charming and normal." There's no Karl Rove there. ~ Hamish and Andy interview Hillary Clinton
I still think Mitt Romney is behind this, maybe even Karl Rove
Why does Fox even employ Karl Rove? Is he relevant in any way? Opinion totally tainted. Sick of hearing him.
Great to see Karl Rove at the annual Lincoln-Reagan dinner!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Karl Rove just shut up! Why are they even giving him air time?
Bernie is morally corrupt he's raising millions after criticizing the system even receiving help from Karl Rove
Vote for only candidate with the full support of Karl Rove's American Crossroads SuperPAC
Majority of Repubs have voted against Will they be disenfranchised if Trump is nominee?. ~Karl Rove
I sincerely believe Karl Rove planted Bernie in our party. Can't wait to see him The sooner the better.
Ohio Rules (Literally). Karl Rove (yes that Karl Rove) recites some interesting history in his attempt to rally...
Lord god you have all turned into Karl Rove ...up is down and down is up
Hey Berniebots, I know you're young & dumb, but words of wisdom, when Karl Rove endorses your candidate, its political ploy…
reminds me whn Karl Rove was expecting OH to go Romney, & ANON said R's were manipulating votes electronically.
. Well yeah it's clear that Hillary is corrupt. Karl Rove ain't great either. What about Bernie?
Election fraud is real. So many ways to do it. They'll steal the nomination and the general election.
I think Rick Perry, GWB, GHW Bush and Karl Rove would rather have their soft white *** plundered bysay JEFF GANNON
Arizona's got shady Karl Rove type politics written all over it
He is for his senate race. He is the tool Karl Rove is using to divide the Dems
He isn't running as a Dem. He is linked to Karl Rove.
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If your best argument against data is a Karl Rove meme...well, compelling it is not.
Why not add Karl Rove & the Lindsey Graham team. They all think alike.
Karl Rove would have been anti-Reagan if he was in the game in 1979. Loser wouldn't know a winner/patriot to save his life.
Karl Rove's GOPe helped Obama DAMAGE our nation! Crush stupid white board & make THAT little man go away!
Jeff Roe, evil man for Cruz. Fire him, Cruz. AND.
Bill Moyers was right about Karl Rove in 2003, and he’s right about Clinton/DWS/Rahm and the Democratic Party now.
Koch brothers, Karl Rove, GOP groups scared, "scramble" to keep control of Congress
but this is what Fox News and Karl Rove have brought us. Funny they all invoke Reagan and yet his politics were nothing likethis
today's WSJ oped by Karl Rove has Trump's contribution to number theory | "A very random number" :)
My guess is that "Cherry" is another Karl Rove minion created fake Bernie account. Getting old
Even karl rove is worried if trump wins, I guess I misjudged him!??.
Karl Rove is a hack and total liar. What a fraud! get him off TV!
Karl Rove: Don’t Coddle Donald Trump Whiner Donald should pay attention to history
Bernie is a fool. A perfect tool for Karl Rove to use.
Mark Fox has Karl Rove running the show he hates Cruz and Trump
Breast Cancer Awareness
"Cindy Sheehan is a clown. There is no real antiwar movement. No serious politician, with anything to do with…
Here I thought quite possibly that Karl Rove was sitting this election cycle out since I hadn't seen him on TV. Boy was I Wrong!
Karl Rove Glenn Beck Paul Ryan R on your page as similar people. I find that ridiculous! They are in a league by themselves.
Karl Rove, You are spending million$ to destroy Trump rather than Million$ on destroyed men?. Useless. https:/…
Karl Rove (in WSJ) warns us not to "coddle Donald Trump". If this is coddling, I'd hate to see trashing!
KARL ROVE PAC group spends $10 mil on ads against trump and keeps him on tv. JOKE!
yeah let me read a Karl Rove article about why trump is bad LOL. The entire bush family is backing "anti establishment" Cruz hmm
Right. I don't get it, either. Karl Rove is still trying to work out how Romney can win 2012.
Wow fox at it again. Boy the love Rove. And GOPe. Trying to set narrative as they coalesce around Ted Cruz!!
Why Jeff Weaver, Bernie's top strategist, seemed to be emulating Karl Rove…(keep it in the family) https…
Constant stream of invective, unhinged, manic desire to take HRC down, brought to you by Karl $$$ Rove -
It's like in 2012 when Karl Rove couldn't believe Romney had lost. They make up their own BS and then buy it, too.
"Hillary is going to jail" is the new "Obama is weak and the polls are skewed". Karl Rove freaking out about Ohio writ large.
Who does your polling, Karl Rove or the Daily Standard? The numbers r not even close to the mark. Keep pushing establishment
Moreover, I doubt you even knew who Karl Rove was until Hillary told you. Or maybe it was Brock? Who knows.
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Karl Rove is like Mitt Romney a has been and over the hill,
I like Karl Rove but he sure doesn't like Trump and it shows all the time. Even when he is trying to be pc about it.
He doesn't even have the nomination yet and Donald Trump is already phoning it is. Why not just let Karl Rove...
I'm waiting for Trump to come out and say that his advisors are going to be Karl Rove, Trent Lott, and the ghost of Strom Thurmond
Even though Bernie claims he can't be bought, he was bought by Karl Rove for a price.
Why do you guys even have Karl Rove on the payroll? He is not qualified for anything but destruction of all that is good.
you said it even GOP will vote for Bernie Sanders because he is a Karl Rove plant. He is foolingbtge young & naive
He is not even a Democrat in his home state. His campaign mgr is related to Karl Rove & Koch s pay for his ads. LOL
Karl Rove repeatedly tallies the votes cast against Trump. He never mentions that even more people have voted against Cruz.
We see right through Karl Rove's game. We do NOT care what he says. I don't know why FOX even has him on?
So that's why Karl Rove is giving him campaign advise.Hm!
What's with all the Karl Rove stuff? Who listens to that ham-headed *** anyway? Is he even still alive?
The man is even more disgusting than Karl Rove. let's hope they leave this business ASAP
I'll bet Karl Rove hasn't even opened his bag of dirty tricks yet.
who are trying to subvert voters will + even the election process. Karl Rove,Lowery,Romney, Kasich, Cruz, Brit Hume Bret baier, ...
always found Karl Rove's material more original and interesting than Rove McManus' - suspect I was not alone here
can't decide who's more distraught: Steve Hayes or Karl Rove. The stress in Hayes' voice is actually audible! Winner?
Yes, the grapes are mighty sour in the mouths of Steve Hayes, Karl Rove, Megyn Kelly and Dana Perino.
Chris Wallace just BURNED Karl Rove on Fox News: "Congratulations, Karl. You got Ohio right this time."
looks like Karl Rove is wrong again
A focus on politics with Howard Dean and Karl Rove. @ Colorado Convention Center
"Super Delegates, the 'House of Lords' of the Democrat Party" - Karl Rove
The "conservatives" on the panel are the Rupert Murdock owned Karl Rove & Kimberly Strassel. What a farce.
Karl Rove headed this up with those 50 rich R and D's. Yes both left and right! The American Majority will come out for Trump!
Good luck on Fox News Sunday next week, along w/Karl Rove, Julie Pace, and Juan Williams! Luv it when you're on the panel.
Karl Rove in WSJ today: Trump is the only remaining GOP candidate who has *never* led Mrs. Clinton in the Real Clear Politics avg of polls.
Lets name all the wackos who support Cruz:. Karl Rove, Jeb Bush, Mark Levin, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, Glen Beck...okay your turn
Folks, Karl Rove is TRYING to control the election AGAIN! DON'T LET THIS HAPEN! loves AMERICA and we love him!
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