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Karen Smith

Karen Smith (born 30 January 1979 in Toowoomba, Queensland) is a former field hockey midfield player from Australia.

Regina George Gretchen Wieners Mean Girls Gretchen Weiners Cady Heron

you may exit, karen devonne smith 😊 when I'm still in the mood to be kind
I play this Karen Smith role with everyone
Homegirl Karen Smith and her weather reports
Karen Smith and her weather reports.
wow.. Karen Gillan, Billie Piper, Matt Smith, & all at Might be my first visit
Made me laugh, Karen. Smith is entertaining😂
I will dearly miss my good friend Karen McGee! There are Not many people that I know who could laugh, find fun...
Debunking hydration myths with Karen Smith, R.D -
BNC president Katharine Smith spoke at press conference today w/ Erie Co Ex Mark Poloncarz & Status on…
OMG! Thats definitely OURS Smith Fam! . . Specially made by our very own . MAYWARD OnSSMCover
so glad John Hammer is on in place of Shepherd the lien Smith now maybe we will get News without Smith liberal biased opinion
Thanks Shari Schiavone of Katherine Smith of Karen King & Karen Rybicki for joining m…
I thank Karen King, Shari Scavone from , and Katherine Smith from BuffLo Niagara Chapter of NYS Wome…
Karen Smith to retire from Broomfield Community Foundation After 14 years at the helm, Karen Smith is stepping dow…
Interested in EU Foreign Policy after Brexit? Watch Prof Karen Smith session on Thu 10:05am
Alison Smith named dean of Honors College at .
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Without courage we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can't be kind, true, merciful, generous,...
"Hi, this is Karen Smith. It's 68 degrees and there's a...30% chance it's already raining." . ^^^how I feel on rainy days.
Interested in European Foreign Policy after Brexit? LSE Prof Karen Smith. informs on Thu 10:05am…
Upcoming Workshops: . Creative Storytelling on the iPhone. Johnson City, TX: 4/20-24. with Karen Divine. A Smith Galler…
maybe it's you I'm thinking of. EDWARD ForPondsMen
It lost my fervor as soon as Moffat took over. Matt Smith, Karen, and Arthur were lovely but I despised so much from then on.
Here's Karen Straughan's open letter to the theatre that apparently changed their mind:
Karen Kirkhart, Nick Smith and Jonny Morrell speaking at our 40th anniversary presidential panel
Karen Kirkhart, Nick Smith, and Jonny Morell sharing historical perspectives on and their careers. What a treat!
Speaking of citizens, please remember that our clerk (and last month's Citizen of the Month) Karen LaMar Smith...
Karen Smith's boobs would predict when it will happen while it is happening.
Professor Karen Smith will inform UK policy-making on the future of EU Foreign Policy after - Wh…
Blessed Love to you all: Family,Friends and Fans for making this Happen:. Times so Hard- song Feat Bunny Lye Lye...
what are they doing to my show! The golden age of Matt Smith and Karen Gillian are gone :(
Tonight! 8pm EST. Nick Clemons joins us, as we go on the road. See the link below.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
You probably got that magic power that Karen Smith had in Mean Girls.
Karen Hine Smith yall be careful and on the lookout
Mean Girls: . "That one there, that's Karen Smith. She is one of the dumbest girls you will ever meet."
Metadata for archival collections, by Karen Smith-Yoshimura /.
Twice Mean Girls - Introducing the plastics Parody. Coming soon... Sana as Karen Smith. Mina as Gretchen Wieners. Mo…
They're sometimes called the Japanese Mean Girls. Regina George, Karen Smith & Gretchen Wieners are shookt~
Some images of todays' 'Calendar of Song' performed by The SongSmiths aka Shirley Smith and Karen Smith. A review...
Thorough interviews by Li Zongtao with phenomenal artists such as Ang Lee, Xu Bing, Karen Smith, Gary Graffman, etc.
"It's the twelve pubs not the twelve pints" - Karen Smith.
Thanks to Nicola Conroy, Paula Williams, Karen Smith and Kirsty Nevin, all your hard work much appreciated xxx
Hey everybody Karen Libera Smith assumed I killed somebody, so that's the Dark Secret. I guess when I was nine I killed her parents or some
Hi. My name is Karen Smith. I love wearing pink on wednesdays and going to Taco Bell. ❤
Watch Free Movies Doctor Who: Season 5: Matt Smith and Karen Gillan star as the new D...
BTW I have a Dark Secret only Karen Libera Smith knows. So if you happen to know this Dark Secret that I'm hiding please let me know.
Thank you to Karen Smith of and most importantly the one and only very kind
is Regina George, is Karen Smith, and is Aaron Samuels. The Election "Mean Girls" style!
if new fans or Karen smith meets Calum
Are you more Regina George or Karen Smith from See which character you are now
Lyndon Smith give sit down interview about his attempted murder and ex, Karen King
Fantastic day yesterday for new Mr & Mrs Craig well done Karen and Andrew. Great venue too
Doctor Who Confidential 6.6 Take Two, the corresponding episode to The Almost People when Matt Smith, Karen...
Congratulations to our latest Friday Spotlight winner, Karen Smith, you have won Author Joe Pranaitis book.
More donations for my mystery train event in October! Thank you Karen Rose Smith. Check out the Mystery Reader...
If you're from Africa, why are you white?. -karen smith.
Government should offer stability on and help women, says
The Pensions Bill should resolve the injustice of the women, says
I aspire to be a Karen Smith from Mean Girls type of weather girl but instead of using my boobs I would just use my hair. 100% accuracy.
Just so you all know, I apparently committed some murder, arson, and other vile acts in Karen Libera Smith's mind. Seriously.
Bringing 2 great women's classes to College Station on May 26!.
Happy bday to my girl karen smith ilysm!!! 💖
Harry Styles talking to Sophia Smith with Karen Payne (2015 OTRA) too cute
Karen Smith set a new PR to end the season in the 300mH with a 52.63 finishing 7th overall!
Our new general education instructor Ms.Henson is the daughter of educators. Read more about her:
Progress. Karen Szekessy, Paul Smith. One from and illustrated book with two lithograph, printed in color
Why does a man who genetically hates drama is intertwined with it constantly? Oh yeah Karen Libera Smith.
Pastor Karen Smith introducing some of the team here to our NEW Covenant Partners!
she looks like Karen Smith from Mean Girls
Karen Smith finished in the top 3 of the 300mH setting a new PR with a 54.67.
Congrats to Kyle Smith and team Matrafailo/Smith on the CRSA Sprints win last night at Fonda Speedway. Karen...
on "Colin is a brilliant, brilliant actor" via
A Genuine Lamp in Silence of the Lamps by Karen Rose Smith via
Master SFG Karen McDowell Smith and I will be leading a Women's Strength workshop at the…
Everybody, this is who is stalking me:
Drama Queen is Karen LIbera Smith. Princesses also incur drama, but she has redefined this definition again. She has redefined the constant
So to make it clear, I am not choosing to be with you Karen Libera Smith. So you coming to me for your problems is wasting my time and life
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Karen Smith, you're herpes meds are ready...( loud speaker)
The first place. So again Karen Libera Smith, I don't need to get to know you as there's not much to care about you.
So you know Karen works in Austin, Texas
I know why, I'm just the pawn to play with via Karen Libera Smith:
A very informative session on Building Social Media Strategy by Karen Smith at Social Media Summit.
"People do social media to be informed, interact and to get immediate information"- Karen Smith, RUL social media summit
Listen to downloadfile-5.mp3 by Ruby Smith 6 on Karen Kwak
From Fort Smith and Cedarville. Now in Boston. If you ever book tour here, holler at me!
I believe Smith Wigglesworth knew of cries in the spirit. I don't shout when it's just a suggestion. I shout in anointing
I'm into Romans chapter 8. !!!. I'm with Smith Wigglesworth..fav chapter
Karen Smith explaining to the 11:15 service the 3 circles. Identity, relationship, and purpose!
"On practical jokes - Matt Smith scared karen gillan so much one day he made her cry". quero provas
thanks for sharing Rachel Smith, have a great Sunday :)
"I used to hide in karen gillan's trailer and scare her. I liked doing that" Matt Smith . amo os bebês
Karen and Matt Smith at the bts of The Eleventh Hour
Follow Karen on her Amazon page for latest releases.
Karen Kimbrell Smith don't you wish I was still this little. No denying Jack is Mine here.
With the very gorgeous bride and groom!!! Congrats Ben and Karen on your marriage!!! Such a…
Kerry Smith-Plant Jess Smith Karen Smith and Denise Blackham the money you donated today has gone towards Brian...
Google "The UK and ‘genocide’ in Biafra" by Karen E. Smith. get the PDF file and read it
Heart these leaders Karen Smith all at !
"I believe that women should not have to feel that they must conform." (Karen Smith, 17)💫💫
Omg, that's such a Karen Smith moment.
I just saw Adrian Grenier, Will Smith and Model, Karen Elson within 30 minutes. What is happening? Lol
Everytime Niall's ever watched Mean Girls, he's tried to fit his entire fist in his mouth because of Karen Smith.
You sat behind Smith on purpose lol x
"Borrowers shouldn't be saddled with a state income tax bill on forgiven debt," Karen Smith of
there was a Karen Kling behind me in school and a Karen Cameron in front of me. We also had a Karen Smith. 168 ppl in our class
Being the Cady Heron in a world full of Karen Smith is quite difficult
[priest]. "We are gathered here today in the face of this company, to join together Steven Jones, & his phone, and Karen Smith, & her phone,"
Danielle, Georgia and Kate are the 21st century Regina George, Gretchen Wieners and Karen Smith
And the winner of the Tony Dweck award at the SCS Principles & Practice in Cosmetic Science is Karen Smith
Dear Channing Tatum, you've made romance movies w/ Regina George & Karen Smith. No love for Gretchen Wieners?
Miriam and Duterte can be Gretchen Wieners and Karen Smith. Grace is Cady --- trying to fit in.
Oh, God bless the girl who can stick her whole fist in her mouth. Karen Smith salutes you.
"Hey Karen, maybe you should hustle as hard as you hate" - that's how I died. That's how Rob Smith killed me. 😲
Karen how much of last night do u remember?
I have an amazing one Karen Kimbrell Smith
Anyone that suffers from horrible dry hands I highly recommend this hand cream. My hands are one part of my body...
No one speaks sense like Karen Smith ☝🏻️
get clued up: Karen Vousden talk Tues 5pm Adam Smith Building!
Someone give me the @ of the girl that was at mikey and kara's, she looked like the brunette version of karen smith from Mean Girls 😭💞
Did I seriously just give Karen my password for sc?
research articles on mass atrocity prevention (ed. Karen Smith), all free to download, available at
Tonight! 10PM... I'm heading to Murray Grove to be part of the audience... FREE seat..WAY cheaper and more fun...
Entry "The room is still not finished but fireplace is amazing". Karen Smith. Morso 6100 wood stove
This is one happy gloss day! I've already investigated Smith & Cult nail polish some time back, and was hoping... https…
Anyways so matt smith and karen gillan are still hot and i still agree with 12 year old me
how many days until you guys get to meet Matt Smith and Karen Gillan??
Hi, my name is Karen Smith & there's a 30 percent chance that it's *grabs boobs* already raining.
2/2 Tho it is not directed by a woman, female writers Karen McCullah & Kirsten Smith created a solid script
Karen Rose Smith's Path to Her 95th Novel in 2016 via
12 little girls enthralled today thanks to Fairy Karen.Most amazing party. http…
Definitely maybe you should reach out to Karen Clark Sheard she went through the same thing you did at the same age.
"Malaria, that's a black people disease." is the new Karen Smith
is that Karen Smith link for to donate to help SA white genocide on red ice or renegade? Her Sinead mention it on a interview
Mean Pups starring . Cassey as Regina George. Carrie as Gretchen Wieners. Bullet as Karen Smith. 😂😂
percussionist and playright Karen Smith featured in UU Jazz Vespers Dec. 20th, Stenton Ave
Remember how my Dad knows an ex Doctor Who sound guy who mainly worked on the Smith/Gillan/Darvill era and Karen signed the label of her -
Luke would be Karen Smith in Mean Girls, don't fight me on this
I love what fellow Ambassador . Karen Smith share about Plexus!. If you watch television, you might…
At the Athletic Advisory Meeting in Sacramento and saw the Karen Smith Hall of Fame Picture!
is like a WWE version of The Plastics. Karen Smith: . Gretchen Wieners: . Regina George: .
Because Tories have used Statutory Instrument to push through tax credit cuts, it's constitutional 4 Lords to oppose
It started off quite peacefully did lunch today. Then this happened! Well done Karen Smith for rescuing your...
I liked a video from A Powerful Prayer For Healing
Hi Karen Smith : smithkaren02. d0 u want to get FREE iPh0ne 6? Kindly check my bi0. Thx
Book 8 in Karen Rose Smith's SEARCH FOR LOVE series is coming in 2016! via
Liam Payne and Sophia Smith are NOT broken up, they are just taking a break in 2016.
right? I'm gonna pull a Karen Smith and be a mouse 😂
05:43 Prayer for the Day: A spiritual comment and prayer to begin the day, with the Rev Dr Karen Smith.
in all name that is holy, would you look at Karen Smith's gym clothes.
Demi Lovato reminds me of Karen Smith from Mean Girls 🤓🤓💀
not as hot as Karen Smith her boobs can tell the weather!
Every Halloween I am Cady Heron while the rest of NYC is Karen Smith.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Damian: In the name of all that is holy, will you look at Karen Smith's gym clothes?
I'm Karen Smith, Hailey is Regina George, Aly is Gretchen Weiners, Jelly is Cady Heron & Giselle's the mom 😩😂😂
SVHS Retirement Forum today with Karen Smith from Glos Trading Standards talking htt…
I'm about as good a weatherman as Karen Smith, but I think the forecast for this week calls for a heavy downpour of Phil Lester
Regina George, Gretchen Weiners, and Karen Smith talking about how Aaron Samuals looks sexy with his hair pushed back. But not James.
The Plastics, starring Romney as Regina George, Christie as Gretchen Wieners and Rubio as Karen Smith.
Listen in on a radio interview with St. Jude's nutrition experts April Brock, Kristy Gibbons and Karen Smith. 10 am WLOK 1340AM Memphis
Overheard: Fanexpo Dallas: Karen Gillan on Matt Smith - Young fan: What did it feel like to be with Matt...
Happy Birthday Karen Smith xx. Your special Day. I have a simple message that I want to send to you. I really hope...
new principal at Whangarei Boys High - Karen Smith - starting soon I think. She'd be a gr8 person to tlk with.
Cavs bench has just 2 pts. Then again, only two guys (J.R. Smith and James Jones) have played.
Why have I just been a Karen Smith all day??
Everyone's talking about OITNB and I'm here laying in bed listening to Sam Smith lol
Karen Smith upon meeting a Kapre: If you're not from Africa, why are you black?
Is it (V.O), including Karen Hill's, of the character's inner emotional world...that Kyle Smith thinks is MANLY storytelling?
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Karen Smith's retirement present to her students was ~70 point curve on the final exam.
Thank you to Rep. Smith & his wife Karen for the warm welcome in Marshalltown today with
I love Karen Smith bc she made Megan Smith and Megan is awesome.
Wow! I work with such incredible people. Special thanks to Rachel Davies, Karen Trim, Beverley Smith, Margaret...
Women are not capable of understanding 'GoodFellas' via You're a funny guy, Kyle Smith. You amuse me.
I could jam to some Sam Smith for hours 😍
A big thank you to Frieda Smith and Karen Roman for their contribution towards the victims who lost their homes...
Bless Karen and Geoff for giving us Liam James Payne
Never mind Karen smith from Mean Girls predicting the weather I can do that myself, stormy weather always gives me bad headaches!
To the anon: the right nipple can predict when it's gon rain like Karen smith 😂 — ^ yes.
it comes on ESPN monday-friday. Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith, and Karen Champion! Lol but naww I watch it every day with mama
If Kyle Smith referenced the scene in where Karen flushes Henry's coke you can't blame the man for thinking women don't get it.
ironically including Elektra might save Karen (from being Kevin Smith'd at least - even those guys wouldn't double up on THAT)
'If it takes you longer than 3 minutes to sell your idea then forget it' says Karen Smith
'Always remember the real people sitting at home', says co-devisor Karen Smith stage
Will be placing a large order when I am back in Scotland for ActiDerm. If you want to be added then let me know...
Check out the story clues in DRAPE EXPECTATIONS cover by Karen Rose Smith/
I had to one up Karen Smith a little because it's like pourin
The then Doctor Who cast of Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill at Comic Con in 2012:...
The iPhone weather app is about as reliable as Karen Smith
I would really love to wear this because I am Karen Smiths princess baby girl Samantha Smith forever and always http:/…
' Karen Smith one of the dumbest girl you will ever meet'
Opening for Taylor Tote at McCloone's Supper Club on June 24th
Brilliant Martine Jackson Lecture given at by Kate Love. Here with President Karen Smith and flowers
We loved our visit to Atlanta. Hot audience at the stadium & everyone has given us a great welcome here . Leaving with Georg…
One of these days i'm going to pull a Karen Smith
Celina seriously just did the Karen smith "There's a 30% chance it's already raining" from Mean Girls and it was so on point 😂😂😂
Karen Smith is doing better than you right now Weather App.
Ellenmary Kelly thought about that conversation on my porch parade day.
Some awesome people on this list. Bart J Anderson Karen Metz Anderson Virginia Smith
At the Spot Bar-grill hanging out with Stephanie Mullins Smith Mac Smith Deonne Lopez Karen Priddy Gerrits Richard Cundiff Tim and Linda
I read that in Karen Smith's voice. 😄
Dinner at *** Barrel with mom Karen Usry-Sutton and Daughter Bailey Smith...
I like how I was right from yesterday. I'm like Karen smith.
Congrats to MoCo's Karen Smith, Maryland's "Mediator of the Year," toasted at tonight's gala in Annapolis!
I had missed the news that Ben & Karen Barker are looking at opening a Carrboro pizzeria with son Gabe.
mrs. Hannah and mrs. Karen at Mike woods and mrs. Lori and mrs. Ebone at Shed and good ole Rita at Fort smith
"Of course you feel weird, you drank sleeping poison & zombie dust." Amazing ep. Karen Gillan is too adorable.
Congratulations to Karen Smith our 2015 Volunteer of the Year! Thank you for all you do to strengthen...
Billie Piper, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Lily James are all going to be in Dallas. 👍👏
Find my new article 'Healthy You healthy Business in Issue 24
I'm 100% sure my spirit animal would be Regina George & karen smith combined
Out on Monday: the Summer Fiction issue, with fiction by Jonathan Franzen, Zadie Smith, Karen Russell, Jonathan Safran Foe…
Tina Fey wrote the screenplay for Mean Girls. Not knowing it this whole time makes me feel dumber than Karen Smith
Click on the pic to enter this giveaway from Karen Rose Smith
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
matt smith n Karen gillan r watching me
matt smith and karen gillan are in adelaide in 13 days and I can't meet them :)
Wow! I just won this for free, The Super Mom by Karen Rose Smith (Harlequin, paperback)
Feeling sad when I remember that in a few days Matt Smith, Karen Gillan & Alex Kingston will be in the same place as me but I won't see them
Hi this is Karen Smith it is 68 degrees and there is a 30% chance that it is already raining
Someone commented in a whovians group: 'right picture... karen gillan and matt smith?' I'm like WELL DONE SHERLOCK
I can't remember the last time I've been so moved by a drama. Sheridan Smith is wonderful, and her friend would be so proud.
We might as well cancel any other nominations for the best actress awards. Sheridan Smith has this one hands down.
Karen Ralph Smith, Kevin Williams and 6 others posted in Post it Here!.
Karen Smith this was us last week!. Dominique Moore this will be us next week
TONIGHt 7PM EDT (GMT-4). In the area? Great day for a ride? Join us as part of our studio audience. Light fare...
One of my friends pieces of art .. Karen Smith aka Karen Gilmore xxx I know Carla Owens will love this too x...
when Karen Smith asks you why you're white..
"If somebody said something bad about you you'd want me to tell you right?". "". I AM KAREN SMITH
looks like Karen smith from Mean Girls
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Karen smith the dumbest girl you will ever meet 😂😂😂
On to MCI with & Karen Smith from Thx for an amazing meeting!
If we have face book get together we shall require one of these!. Pamela Brunswick, Karen Smith, Bill Briggs,...
Michael, Josh, and Kish are basically Regina George, Karen Smith, and Gretchen Weiners, then there's me. Janis Ian.
so there's this speech kid named dalton and apparently he went to comic con and met matt smith and karen gillan and I'm extremely jealous
You're just like Karen smith from Mean Girls oh my
Smith posted Drinking Plexus Slim is such an easy lifestyle cha ...
Smith posted If you suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, depress ...
Smith posted Just look at what Plexus has done for Christi Yesi ...
Smith posted There are about a BILLION of these "Keep Calm" say ...
same here except i prefer Karen smith because all she'll do is talk about her dogs and watch movies
Learning From Cats How To Live In The Moment in Life and Writing by Karen Rose Smith via
Karen Smith: It really is super hard to stop eating sugar! You will find that i… |
Karen Smith: Until you are really ready to make a change to improve your health… |
Karen Smith: Could any of these amounts help your monthly budget? |
Karen Smith: I would venture to guess that this statement resonates with just a… |
"I have really bad breath in the morning"~Cady you are Karen smith😂😂
Karen Smith here is the information you requested. Admission is only $5 You tour in groups of two (you and...
Desserts and Epilogues by cozy and novelist Karen Rose Smith via
Fellow Karen Smith's Op-ed on sustainable groundwater harvesting in the AZ Republic based on her recent GCI...
Karen Ingala Smith is counting all the women who are killed by men every year in the U.K., in hopes of drawing attention to an epidemic of
Stay strong sweetheart. I'm right there with you
Trafalgar Sq for millionwomen rise. Waiting for Karen InGala Smith. The sun is shining. Ending male violence …
Thatcher 'told of Smith abuse claims' - Cabinet says no cover up but took 11 months to release information
Okay im actually doing Karen Smith and im halfway done drawing her face
Great quote. Don't sleepwalk through life
A GRANDMOTHER who has terminal cancer is breaking the law by taking cannabis to keep her alive. Karen Roberts has...
Derby battler Karen Roberts: I'm taking to save my life
Karen Roberts has now stopped taking all her usual medication and has instead turned to cannabis oil. And since...
This reminds me of Karen Smith getting ready for prom so bad.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
International Women's Day - Did you know Karen Kain is one of few female Artistic Directors in the world? ht…
"“Relationship Goals: Karen Gillan and Matt Smith icNAT BELIEVE THIS LMAO" it's love okay
GRANDMOTHER From UK has stopped all other medication to treat her terminal cancer and has turned to CANNABIS
.Are you trialling cannabis oil as a treatment for cancer? If not, why not?
.Are you pushing for Cannabis Oil to be researched as a potential treatment for cancer? .
Derby cancer battler Karen Roberts: I'm taking cannabis to save my life |via
our own Dr Karen Ayres recipient of prestigious awards for her teaching & learning activities
Regina George says that is and Karen Smith says that her breasts say that it is
Today on Fashion Police, Gretchen Weiners and Karen Smith will be discussing the better designer, Janice or Taylor.
Can no longer deny that the is upon us when the neighbours turn up the Cynthia Schloss and Karen Smith playlist
I hope you don't think you've got away with forcing Karen Smith to give up her job.
I came home from a long day at work to my room being reorganized, new shelves, a new bed and a new tv stand. I was seriously so excited that I rolled on the floor crying with pure joy. Thank you Mom and Dad, you are the best! :) Kevin Smith,Karen Smith
Just wanted to let everyone know the funeral arrangements for Karen Smith Lowe will be held at west murley funeral home in oneida, tn. On Monday December 22. Family at 5:00 and visition will be 6:00 to 8:00. With the funeral being at 8:00. And burial will be held at 11:00 on Tuesday December 23.
Sam Smith has the most soul that I've heard in awhile.
At the wedding of my friend, Stephen Scoggins...and his beautiful new wife, Karen Smith Scoggins!. Blessings to...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Has James Kngsmn Smith been to sit on santas knee yet Karen Smith and Simon Smith ???
I need to go see Sam smith next month 😭❤️
Looking forward to working with my fellow QR Editors in 2015 Karen Henwood
Still not over Karen saying matt smith is 59
Christmas romances by Karen Rose Smith on sale on Amazon Kindle. Link in comments.
John Smith calls into work and says, “Hey, I can’t come into work today, I'm really sick. I have a headache, a...
"So if you're from Africa, why are you white?" - Karen Smith 😂 Mean Girls again
We have a Gretchen Wieners a Regina George and a Karen smith but no Kady heron :(
New register MRS Karen Smith works for The Yellow Deli Llp as LLPMEM. More information about him
I guess im really that slow and bimbotic until my contact in my friends phone is karen smith haixx
that was the most random picture ever 😂 yea I've been watching I wish Karen had killed Natalie lol
some days I'm Regina George and then other days I'm Karen Smith
Smith ~= Tennant >> Eccleston. . But with apologies to Karen Gillan, Tennant wins tiebreaker as he got way more babes.
Anytime i see or hear that it's 68 degrees i turn into karen. Boob grab and all . Karen Smith's Weather Report:
Karen Vi the baddest with an attitude directed by zephan smith: via
Just stood onstage singing "Always look on the bright side of life" with Eric Idle and Robert Smith of The Cure. I have no…
woah if we're playing Mean Girls can I please please be Karen Smith?!
Karen Smith just ordered a free sample box from PINCHme!
My mom.whichh I miss aunt Ronda Julian n Aunt Karen Smith my cousin Danny and my uncle Bill miss u guys
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