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Karen Pence danced with another man while Mike Pence watched like a cuck
Today, Pence and Karen Pence hosted Veterans of the Northern Colorado
Vice President Joe Biden and wife, Dr. Jill Biden, greet Vice President-elect Mike Pence and wife, Karen Pence, at the White House…
Just in: Karen Pence hires the former chief of staff to Barbara Bush, Kristan King Nevins, as her top aide.
Vice President Mike Pence takes the oath of office from Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as wife Karen Pence hold…
.Mike Pence dances with Karen Pence at the Freedom Ball.
It's not a party until Mike and Karen Pence hit the dance floor!
Melania Trump and Karen Pence have made their way outside the US Capitol for the ceremony
"Look, I'm all about protecting those who OPPOSE *** marriage!" - Pence
Pence is trying 2 cover something up while we don’t know what he’s hiding we know it’s embarrassing or incriminating
Trump demanded birth certificates & tax returns, then refused to show his. Now we see why he chose Pence. https:…
Breaking: Mike Pence administration fights to conceal & hide emails from public eyes What is he hid…
I bet Karen was apprehensive about u running w Trump, but you are the PERFECT VP! U complement each other! We are lucky 2 have u
Pence going to court to keep email secret
Pence is a blinkered hateful *** but not quite a sociopath. Bannon & Trump are BOTH psychopaths.
Donald Trump may need a new VP: Mike Pence email scandal explodes just days after election via
"Allowing rape victims to have abortions will lead to women trying to get raped." - Pence
Obama: What did you tell Trump & Pence?. Biden: Nothing . Obama: Joe... Biden: I told them the WiFi password is TrumpsSmallH…
Barron twists his head back to the camera, smiles as the adopted son of Mike and Karen Pence.
of course. Jail Hillary but not Pence. Republican standard.
what makes pence email more protected than Hillary?can Trip now forced show taxes
Totally agree with you Karen. Simply vile. Makes me feel sick to my stomach.
"will have an important role when it comes to working with Republicans in Congress" - Karen Donfried
Time for a new profile pic? Your hair has officially passed the Pence Threshold from Karen to Mike!
Why does Karen Pence look like the Barefoot Contessa after Weight Watchers?
I agree and HRC would have been too if she had of been able to win. Thank GOD for Trump and Pence!
thank you Mr Vice President for saying YES to the call. God Bless You and Your Family. Thank you Ms Karen♡
🚂💨 Join me in welcoming our new fearless conductor
Looks as though my tireless work discussing Karen Pence's towel charm business is about to be half a decade longer…
Pence is the ying to Trumps Yang. ..great Vice President pick
Planned Parenthood is getting a bunch of donations from Mike Pence and here is why
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
if you need any help with the Federal Aviation Administration give me a call, it was always a pleasure flying you and Karen.
“The trip expenses of Governor Pence and First Lady Karen Pence are being covered by Christians United for Israel"…
Pence has strong anti abortion beliefs which are awful but according to Snopes he did not actually say that?
Karen Pence does look a little beard-ish.
Last month, now Vice Present-elect and Karen were interviewed by long-time friend,
Keep your eye on Pence... He's the real enemy.
Secret Service, the agency's codename for R new President. Trump: "Mogul.". Melania: "Muse.". Pence: "Hoosier.". Karen Pence…
.. Pence is NOT Uncle Fuzzy Sweater. . Pence is a Menace. Hurts fragile people.
I know it's not but the lady in the car looks a lot like Karen Pence.
Earlier this week, in the middle of the night, a thought entered my brain: . What will happen to Karen Pence's towel charm business?
Joe: I hid all the pens from Trump. Obama: Why?. Joe: Because he bringing his own. Obama: ???. Joe: HE'S BRINGING HIS OWN…
Congratulations to our brother & sister in Christ, Mike & Karen Pence. They are in our prayers as he serves our cou…
Claude & Karen love adding their two pence when your head is hot 😩😩
Mike & Karen Pence run to stage in Duluth, Minnesota, to kick off final day. Pence pronounces to crowd, "We’re wheel to…
Pence to lead Trump transition team
Trump and Pence want to get rid of marriage equality. I can't respect a man who doesn't respect the hearts of every Ame…
Hopefully. Pence is scary. Conversion therapy?? Let's just go as far backwards as we can in next 4 years.
Was in Plainfield, IN, saw on TV news LIVE Mike and Karen Pence IN welcome event. We're Proud.
.The kind of women who destroyed stereotypes were Conway, Coulter, Delgado, Melania, Karen Penc…
Karen Oehme. We are going to wrap Pence in it at inaguratiom
"YAS hunty that white jumpsuit was sickening" I say as her and Karen Pence lead me to the new electroshock therapy…
Correction: and phoned congrats today to VP-elect Mike Pence and spouse Karen Pence. Assured them of smooth t…
"Untitled" by Real Marsha Wright (The artist is 100% integrity Karen Pence is very poised while speaking about her husband.
Karen Pence is welcomed in debate hall and greets Mrs. Kaine
Karen Pence has entered the debate hall.
Candidates' wives, Karen Pence and Anne Holton, enter the hall
Kaine's wife, Anne Holton and Pence's wife, Karen Pence greet one another with a handshake as they enter the debate hall.
Karen Pence heads to the Debate hall after hanging in spin alley with from
Thanks for the great pics of our High Tea! Indiana bicentennial high tea with Karen Pence
Karen Pence reads Harriet the Spy at the Kurt Vonnegut Library in honor of Banned Books Week.
Tickle your brain tonight at free events that are part of Banned Books Week. At 6 pm at the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library downtown, Karen Pence will read from the popular but fprmerly banned children's book "Harriet the Spy" by Louise Fitzhugh. At 7 pm at the Central Library, Chris Finan, president of the American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression, will discuss censorship of young adult literature.
View a video message from Karen Pence at in Tokyo, Japan:
Fun local news piece about Mike and Karen Pence:
Karen Pence, Gov. Mike Pence's wife, recuperating at home after gall bladder ... - Indianapolis Star: Indiana's ...
From WISH-TV: Karen Pence has emergency surgery INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - Gov. Mike Pence's schedule has been...
Karen Pence undergoes emergency surgery: Karen Pence, the wife of Gov. Mike Pence, is undergoing emergency gall...
has confirmed that IN 1st lady Karen Pence will have emergency gall bladder surgery. Gov. Mike Pence's schedule is cleared for today.
BREAKING: Indiana first lady Karen Pence to undergo emergency gall bladder surgery; Gov. Mike Pence clears schedule for day.
Interested in learning more about the republican party as this next presidential election approaches? Come out to the college republican's meeting at 7 tonight for some pizza and a speech from Karen Pence. College Republicans, We're the best party on campus
Today, Karen Pence attended the East Central Victory Center Opening in Columbus. Thanks to all who came out!
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