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Karen Klein

Karen Huff Klein is a hearing-impaired 68-year old bus monitor from upstate New York and employed by the Greece Central School District.

Red Wings Grand Canyon San Francisco

Students worldwide choose leads the way with a 15.6 per cent increase in international enrollment.
Excited for this year's musical. Great promo photo Mr. Meville !
If teachers aren’t joyful about teaching... there is zero chance the students will be joyful about learning.
Panel of post secondary reps all emphasized that though there will be definite challenges in implementing chang…
Providing an international study opportunity can change a person's life.
Wonder how to dress one size clothing? We got you! Learn from our style videos.
I believe everyone is innocent until proven guil…
Loving this comfy and fabulous dress by San Francisco Bay Area designer Karen Klein 😍 it’s made…
Impressive list of authors on this important commentary! Karen Freund, Laura Bacher-Lind, Noel Bairey Me…
Today’s Sunday style ❤️ this one-size-fits-all dress by San Francisco designer Karen Klein is so…
How cyberrescuers found Karen Klein, the cyberwoman who trekked 26 cybermiles in the cybersnow through the Grand Canyon
Karen Klein endures 42km blizzard trek in Grand Canyon to save family
How rescuers found Karen Klein, the woman who trekked 26 miles in the snow through the Grand Canyon ht…
Wow! 1 lucky family - Be prepared people when heading in to the unknown
The Australian | drank urine and ate twigs during...
We want to wear Karen Klein's Woven Top With Twist together with Stella McCartney shoes and Dior lipstick 💅🏼...
Night school has been cancelled at SD40 this evening
"Ludwig Klein Reporters & Video loves working with AWR Court Reporting - they are very responsive and professional." - Karen Klein
Such a wonderful evening celebrating Karen Klein and dancing to life. Partying with the Elders of prometheus...
Thank you Karen Klein for your loving support of Prometheus Dance and our work in the world. Thank you for all...
Karen Klein ❤️Saviz . Get your Karen Klein outfit at boutique Saviz in Half Moon Bay. Beautiful store with...
Day 13 (Nov. 29) THANK YOU Jessie Jeanne and Karen Klein for your donations to our Indiegogo Campaign!
Klein at Time: “Clinton disgraced herself by playing into these innuendos... telling 60 Minutes that Obama isn’t Islam…
Hello Hillel People! You are invited to stop in today to meet and chat with Karen Klein, our Hillel Career...
Her: You spent our entire life savings on dogs. Me: They're golden retrievers, Karen. They retrieve gold. I did it for…
.I spoke with a friend of Hillary who said she is not steady on her feet and she frequently gets dizzy https:…
Donna Karen worked for 16 years under Anne Klein, I would give up that much time to work under Donna Karen
Ezra Klein wrote about why she gets loyal support here. She listens...
Shuffle, Repeat by Jen Klein. The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson. The Anatomy of Wings by Karen Foxlee.
It is a joy to work with patient advocate champions like Bob Klein, Mary Bass, Karen Miner and more: we will prevail.
Karen Klein is wishing you a fabulous weekend🌟
"A Politician, an Olympic Commentator and a Lawyer walked into a Room . . ." on
A birthday pie for and a little serenading by 🍰 (HBD Karen!)
music video directed by Steven Klein see more at
Here's one for the classic movie buffs. Math teachers beware.
"Blinding headaches plagued her, and she constantly worried she was developing another blood clot on her brain". -Ed Klein…
Thx 4 your work on family engagement!Klein Title principals-you will love your experience next wk!
The Karen Klein Fashion new look at The Four Seasons in Palo Alto, reminds us that the little black dress never...
This looked like a terrific symposium! :-)
Thanks! I kept hearing 'First Attempts In Learning' & don't like it. "Invitation" to learn is Always there many attempts later!
Some thought provoking suggestions that really add up...
You are aware that you *are* directly invading my privacy by using Karen H Klein's campaign?
Calvin Klein , Karen Scott, Style & co, Baby Phat 100 items in LOT with tags new
MT literally stopped the bus to see this man's truck in Hubbard, Iowa.
Kendall Jenner for Calvin Klein is a beauty 👅
My boy already swaggin on all y'all with the Calvin Klein🙃
Lone O'Malley caucusgoer 'surprised to be the only one': Philip Klein DES MOINES — Karen Wallace came out to the…
"During a [school] lock down, their phone is a life line out, not for your fears to be texted in." Trust the school staff. -…
Q and A with the experts. and School Liaison Officer Tim Callaghan
Karen Klein Fashion had a wonderful trunk show yesterday at La Brocante!!! Thank you for having us❤️.
Our Hillel Career Counselor, Karen Klein is here today! Stop in and say Hi, and ask her anything about: jobs,...
Final is 38-28 Klein Oak over Cy Creek, but the CCHS student section had a strong showing in week 1.
Updates WC Tennis played NISD Tournament and won three of four matches.Beat Flower Bluff, Klein, and Marshalht…
Weeks after Perry said Karen Fesler would co-chair campaign, she told "It's a long ways to the caucus."
Want to learn how to make a superfood breakfast? Join nutritionist Karen Klein and find out just how easy it is.
Metallic for the arrives on the red carpet in a F15 Calvin Klein Collection dress.
Donna Karen's Cashmere Mist and Calvin Klein's Reveal are my favorite winter scents 😍
Christmas in Great performance by Joel Klein and Karen Lee-Morlang at the Bad Ideas Cabaret…
School bus monitor Karen Klein, who was bullied and harassed by students in viral video, talks about the
Thank you KAREN STARR GO LOVES and SHARON KLEIN ATKINSON for being the newest friends of. HELP FIND DAPHNEY...
A Teacher in Los Angeles Has a Message for Karen Klein, Editorial Writer of the LA Times via
"A Teacher in Has a Message for Karen Klein...LA Times via
Having WAY too much fun with Karen Klein retiring violinist of KC Symphony on opening night! Joyce DiDonato awesome!!
cameron should ditch Aeropostale and do a photoshoot with Calvin Klein
Anita Klein Exhibition . Opening this Saturday 13th September 2014 at 10am. Original paintings, sketches and prints... ht…
Back in black. The face of REVEAL Calvin Klein, arrives at tonight's event.
This will end up like the Karen Klein thing did. It'll all be resolved
He may have lost the 50 Shades part but Charlie Hunnam has popped up in the ads for Calvin Klein Reveal Men look! http:/…
We appreciate beautiful shoes...but sometimes we can't ignore weird designs...Karen Klein just saw a lady wearing...
Karen Klein Fall 2014 in StyleMax Chicago, booth # 3062C. Come and visit us on Sat 04/05-Monday 04/'s...
Born On This Day- April 2nd... Linda Hunt I have admired the work of Linda Hunt for 3+ decades, & I am just zany for small people & she is 4'9''. Like Jessica Lange in American Horror Story, Glenn Close in Damages or Cherry Jones in 24, major actress Linda Hunt lends acting cred to the cast of a prime time TV series. She plays Hetty Lange, a quirky M-type character, on NCIS, a show, I admit, I have never viewed, sorry Linda. Hunt, a *** should be beloved by *** people for playing Billy Kwan in 1982's The Year Of Living Dangerously, a very fine movie co-starring Sigourney Weaver & a pre-insane Mel Gibson. The role won Hunt the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. This was the first Academy Award won by someone portraying a member of the opposite sex. Her performance was complex & deeply touching. Hunt studied at The Goodman School of Drama. She had her film debut in 1980 in Robert Altman's musical- Popeye. 2 years later, she co-starred in The Year of Living Dangerously. She also played the school prin ...
Check out Karen E. Klein's small business blog. Always a good read.
Karen Klein your mom said to say hi and this is the first time in awhile that you haven't gotten her with an April fools joke, your dad got her with a good one this morning.
. Zayn has a twin named Michael who works as a model for Calvin Klein
Coach Karen quotes: "We will not depart until I find out who Emilie Klein has a crush on!"
''Justin is a Calvin Klein model'' . ''new music'' . ''new album out at the end of this year'' '. ''new tour 2015''
What if I do a Calvin Klein campaign ♛ ? Comment below yes or no.
Did you know the IRS doesn't treat like currency? Check out this by Karen Klein:
Lansing Business Women's Association enjoyed its annual Christmas in January meeting at J J Kelleys tonight! We shared a great meal together, as well as exchanged grab bag gifts. Chamber President Karen Kleine, Exec. Dir. Renée Hale, and Board Member Kerri Katsalis attended. Look at the size of that bowl of ice cream! Meanwhile at the other end of the table, Vivian & Steve are having fun!
Id be fine if my day didn't start out with going to Karen Klein's class 🔫
Walking out of Debenhams smelling like the lovechild of Marc Jacobs/Thierry Mugler/Calvin Klein/Donna Karen
Recorded on June 21 2012 Video of 68 year old Karen Klein, a School Bus Monitor, who was terribly bullied by 13 year old middle-school students. The video ...
weighs in w/Bloomberg Businessweek's Behemoths Struggling to Innovate Hire Small Co.s to Help
I fell like I'm being out numbed my the Klein family
I'm about to drive over and kick your *** miss Klein
Catherine Musinsky thank you for dancing with me tonight. And Karen Klein, as always, a pleasure with your words.
Hey everyone! Karen Klein Ludwick and Thomas Ludwick along with Victoria Paige Rogersiar have joined our group! Woohoo! Super excited to see how everyone is coming along today!! :) Keep up the good work guys!! :)
Visit the Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation at "My story inspired more than 32,000 people to engage in their own act o...
drive away: to Catch a Fly with a Straw: the Bus Monitor Cry - Karen Klein Bullied by Kids on Greece District School Bus:
crap, I forgot your from Rochester, talking about you a few weeks ago when I ran into Karen Klein
LIght into Motion -- concert and movement jam Jan 11, Saturday, Jan 11 8-10 OUTPOST 186 186 ½ Hampshire St., Inman Sq. Cambridge. ( With: Doctor T - Video Mixing Glynis Lomon - Cello, Aquasonic, Voice Forbes Graham - trumpet Eric Crawley -- Harpejji and Electronics Karen Klein - poetry Catherine Musinsky - movement Callie Chapman - movement other dancers tba ---let me know if you want to perform. The first set will be a concert with the featured dancers. The audience is invited to join us on the dance floor for a second set jam.
Karen Klein seeks to give voice to Adult Children of Divorce, Separation, through the intimate pairing of interviews & photos
Eating my birthday lunch with Eric Hall and Karen Klein
Sandi Rose Pierce I haven't seen a new picture of Kayden in a few days please upload some. Sincerely, Karen Klein Member of Kayden's Original Fan Club
Spending NYE working and then home with the family. Thanks to my other family, Barb, Geoff, Karen Klein Butler, Ken Klein, and Janice Boren for visiting and hanging out with me at work. Love you guys!! 󾔗󾔗󾔗
Prayers needed, my mom Karen Klein went in to the hospital for what we thought was dehydration from the stomach bug and also to monitor her sugar levels. They have now found fluid around her brain and another problem with her heart
So nice to have a nice breakfast with bff Karen Klein after church today. So nice of her to come to the service at Wheatfield.
Holiday party with Karen Klein at Bianco, Los Gatos, much beauty in one location!!!
the fact he harrassed the family of Karen Klein the bus monitor because he was so mad she got that $$$
Thank you Diane Solle at Smart Marriages: - BROKEN CIRCLE – CHILDREN OF DIVORCE Karen Klein book receives stellar review from the esteemed Journal of Couples and Relationship Therapy. If you are not a subscriber to the journal, you can only see the first page of the review, but I will tell you that the review closes by highly recommending the book as a resource for working with children of divorce — of any age. And, I would recommend it for your work with couples who are considering divorce. It should be in every waiting room — of marriage educators, pastors, doctors, dentists, divorce lawyers, etc across the country. know what's different about couples that stay happily married. It's not that they are better matched, better looking, more in love or more passionate. It's not that they have fewer differences or less to fight about. In fact . . . (click to continue)
HarborArts hosts the opening of its “Occupy(ING) THE PRESENT: An Exhibition of Temporary Site-Responsive Art at the Boston Harbor Shipyard and Marina, East Boston this afternoon from 3-8 p.m. Crated to “transform the materials and forms of Boston Harbor and the neighborhood of East Boston into a dialogue about impermanence, change and creative thinking,” the exhibition features 25 semi-permanent works by 17 artists: Myrna Balk, Gail Jerauld Bos, Catherine Evans, Susan Israel, Karen Klein, Bette Ann Libby, Peter Lipsitt, Lyn MacDonald, Liz Nofziger, Gwen Ossenfort, John Powell, Maria Ritz, Kerri Schmidt, Nora Valdez, Barbara Vogelsang, Jeanne Williamson & Wendy Wolf. The exhibition was curated by Elizabeth Michelman (an artscope correspondent), who’ll give a curator’s tour on Saturday at 4:30 p.m. “This exhibition of experimental sculpture invited Boston area artists and friends of Brookline’s Studios Without Walls to create temporary structures that connect with their surroundings,” she sa ...
Working notes: Bullied bus monitor update, whistle blowing books, and massive U.S. job dislike by David Yamada Here are three work-related stories worth a look: Bullied bus monitor retires and pays it forward Last year, video of a group of 7th graders mercilessly taunting and ridiculing 68-year-old school bus monitor Karen Klein went viral. The Rochester, NY students subjected her to a humiliating stream of insults and profanities, all caught on tape by a classmate. I wrote about it here, including a link to the video, which still is hard to watch. In the aftermath of her experience, a good samaritan named Max Sidirov used a social media site to raise money intended to provide Klein and her family take a needed vacation. But a rush of pledges totaling some $700,000 poured in, enabling her to take the retirement she thought was impossible in view of her $15,000 annual salary. At the time, Klein said that she would use some of the money to address problems of bullying and suicide. Today she's making good on ...
When was the last time I really had a good holiday ? I think it was with Deon,Lisa and Karen in 'Klein Kariba' hehe where all the fun really happened there
Ken Mekaar: Who was the most unlikely person you had a crush on?
DollarThis little beauty was featured in the 2013…
Thankful for an encouraging phone call today. No ulterior motives, no follow up questions or requests; just a genuine thank you for today's sermon. I hope to pass it on in the very near future.
Rick and Karen Hawkins, Fred and Jodi Zipp, Mickey and Jeanne Klein, Ick Clark,arc and Suzanne Winkelman at Nobelity.
Miriam lil was good friends with my aunt Dovie Abramowitz.
Off to a bad start in Ladismith...I knew dis week was gona be juz to *** long!!! I shud juz do my job and get outa dis place!!!
I got so frustrated on the flight I was just on. The man next to me would not stop sniffing. I later realized he was crying. It was heavy. I wonder who he had to say goodbye to. I felt silly for getting irritated at something so small.
Hey my fb pipz.,k suk tog a flat in mtal as j van 1 wt,inbox my tog.plz.
Well 5 West, we made it through another crazy day.and even some good laughs :)
Learn more about our friend Karen Fuller & how she manages change in Klein ISD's massive deployment
The Canadian Taxpayers Federation says it is going to the summit this weekend to spread the word that Alberta needs to go on a diet.
So, once again the Peterson's are having a backwards argument. Tom is arguing that I should not shovel because I am cranky and everyone is easily getting on my nerves ( my wording, not his) and I am arguing that he shouldn't shovel because he has a fever. At some point there will be knocks on the door offering to do it for us, but this time it might take awhile! With me and the kids still recovering from fevers and all the school they missed, I don't want to send Connor out there.
does anyone know of a good consignment shop for women's clothes in Miami. I have a lot of good items that need to go and I don't want to just throw them away.
Due to recovering from a back problem I will not be attending the IMA Chicago Motorcycle Show. But I would rather recover than not be ready to ride in the Spring.
... what a lovely movie ... Klein Karoo ... this dude reminds me of someone ... and the cute kids stole my heart and reminds me of the kids from Fisantekraal ... now is the time to climb into my bed ... two books to read ... one a Karen Kingsbury ... and the other Les Miserables ... can't wait to watch the movie at later stage ... totally love the actor, Hugh Jackman ...
Thanks to a fab House of Fraser sale and a gift card from Rebecca Postle and Karen Storey Im now the proud owner of some gorgeous Anne Klein shoes that shoulda been £100 for the bargain price of £14. I am a happy girlie.
Had a great evening with some amazing women, I am truly blessed to know every one of you & for those who could not be there know that you were missed & that I appreciate all of your prayers, your laughter & your friendship.
Does anyone know of a pet sitter that will come to your home the entire time you are gone and watch your four small pets Marsha Taylor Black
O wow what a nite good laughs good friends thanx to Karen Leon Parra Martin Porra and klein porra & Tracey & Chris & Kyle & Wickus & Martin for sharing Aunty Val' (mom's) birthday
So the calvin klein model on Ellen DeGeneres show just made my day.
Great Ellen show today ! Now I'm watching The Calvin Klein model. Woohoo. How do I sign up to be a cougar ? (That's a joke!) (Maybe)
All this talk about everyone getting slammed with over 12 inches is starting to make me feel inadequate.
Man, I'm a regular fart factory this morning. I can hardly stand to be in the same room with me..
Leme get 1 thing straight... Where I decide 2b with my child, has nothing 2do with no1. Whether I'm whole day,everyday in Kemdrick street, its nothing, coz they my son's FAMILY... If uz really cared bout me or son, uz wudnt make it ur duty 2 have a problem with happy he has a family wu wants him around everyday!!! wil julle wonder hukom worry eki met julle ni#
Soms is my hart net nie sterk genoeg as dit kom by my ouers nie.hulle is my alles ek wil net he die naweek moet gou omgaan sodat die toetse kla gdoen kan word weeti *** gaan ek deur Maandagoggend kom nie asb bid saam met my v goeie nuus my ma is my beste vriendin grot asb :(
a very nice lady for helping me more than Karen Klein
Loosing the one you love is Heart ache enough... Must you feel the financial loss and burden as well??? Our Agency offers many different life plans to protect your family and they are more affordable than you may think. Call me today for more information on protecting your most valuable asset!! 801.265.7881 with Karen Klein and Rhonda Utley Valencia at Gonzales Insurance Agency.
Watching waiting 2 exhale so a nyc movie whitney still looks very nyc had me an tears
I wish I could have one but I can't. I want to share this in case anyone is interested. Let me know and I can contact Crystal. This makes me so sad. ):
Our friend Karen Fuller from Klein ISD is presenting this morning at Check out her profile here:
Dance offered for all ages!!! Hill Studios, LLC is an inviting and stress free environment. Classes offered: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Irish Step, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba.and many others
Five Amazing Giving Stories   1. Over Memorial day, 9-year-old Jordan Freer swam 1.5 miles from Alcatraz to San Francisco to raise money for Nothing But Nets. The young swimmer raised more than $3,000 to supply woman and children with bed nets to prevent malaria. Talk about starting ‘em young!   2. Remember Karen Klein, the bus monitor who was caught on video while being mercilessly taunted by school kids? Luckily the story didn’t end there. An internet campaign raised more than $700,000 for Klein to take a dream vacation. Klein decided to retire with the money and start an anti-bullying foundation.   3. There’s nothing like a random act of kindness! An Indianapolis woman in her mid-40s paid layaway orders for as many as 50 people in a Kmart store during last year’s holiday season. An assistant manager at the store in Indianapolis said the donor said she did it in memory of her husband who had just passed way.   4. What would you do if you happened to stumble upon $4,000 in cash? If no one was ...
Why r we allowing the world system 2 controll our households,our society?Wheva I go kids r just talkin abt *Valentinesday/ball*,do u hv a partner already?I mean realy now! I'm 10yrs old & I must break my head cos Peter/Paul/Chris is gna ask Beva/Rolanda but not me.. Wake up ppl & let's teach our kids its not abt being *in*
You are angels, all of the volunteers. Thank you. Tandra Klein Karen Deachman-Berger
Karen Haase Klein and I will be attempting a Vulcan mind meld this evening so I do not have to study for my HUGE...
guys want girls to look like Victoria Secret models, when they don't look like Calvin Klein models?
If I go to school at all tomorrow, I will only go to attend Karen Klein's class so she doesn't eat me.
New anti Bully Tour family I am to join:) Thank you Chris Surrey and Karen Klein for recognising my work:)
"Hi, this is Karen Smith its 68 degrees and There's a 30 percent chance its already raining." - Mean Girls
Karen Klein says, "I'd luv to positive w/ in 2013 to help end cyberbullying in America!
This just in! The People Behind Moscow Ballet Joins Forces with Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation to launch a...
Chris Surrey part of the Karen Klein foundation/ anti bulllying events in connectioin with the Moscow Ballet.
grilled Joe Klein on Benghazi this morning. Eric Cantor is now on getting his *** powered. No questions about Petraeus.
THE LEADER of the Australian Opposition, Tony Abbott has recruited four young boys who bullied a New York school worker to stand as Liberal Party candidates in the 2013 election. In a story that ha...
bout to hit the bar with Jennifer Wecksler and Karen Klein slaughterhouse sundays continue, then hittin the studio wit Hasi Wuu Jamar Gray Justin Pancione.# ilovenewyork
Karen Klein and Ar tMagic are awesome. And if register now, you can get a discount on her Winter Wonderland...
Abbott recruits Karen Klein abusers for 2013 election
Who are you wearin? Sean John Calvin Klein, Donna Karen's fashion line, Valentino YSL . Farragamo and Chanel ✌
Electronic Device Insurance
Caitlin Hanko liked People I Want to Punch in the Throat: Making the bus monitor cry - Karen Klein: If you can't…
Enjoyed watching Lady (aka Rodrikka) play bball tonight at TVCC. We are so proud of her! it was a different atmosphere but the same speed on the court and victory on the scoreboard we are used to. Neches was representing tonight in the stands. With Karen Klein and Donald Starling, Rene and Rodney Patton, Aunt Diann, Joshua Kincade and Grandpa Duncan
Karen Klein, I haven't heard from you for a while. I know you are missing your husband because he was with you daily for how many years? And also your mother and father, too. They must have had a wonderful marriage, also.
At least three of the students who were seen taunting school bus monitor Karen Klein on a viral video have issued statements of apology to the 68-year-old gr...
Thank you Lisa Nikolaou, co-owner of Harbour Sixty Steakhouse in Toronto for joining forces with Karen Klein to...
Karen Klein, the bus monitor, could have used a
Grace Klein Community volunteer, Karen Hardy, dropped off books to these Lovelady ladies today! We are collecting...
Obama cuts FEMA funding by 3 percent. Romney-Ryan cuts it by 40 percent. Or more. Or less. |Depends WHICH Mitt
How the fiscal cliff affects the poorest Americans
Thanks to all who came out tonight for The Garden's Poetry of Horror, especially Karen Klein and those intrepid dancers in the midst of rehearsals! Fun sharing Czech surrealist horror flicks, zombie haiku, chocolate covered mango bits and our own mash-up horror film concepts.with lightning flashes as a backdrop
Update: Another bus video @ , this time the driver takes matters into his own hands. Update: Another bullying vide...
Things to say at a Doctor's Appointment from Karen Klein Crow, head of the CMA research dept
BREAKING: dammy Karen denies rumor of trying to diss 2 face in his new track "LO RA CONDOM SIR"
You've probably seen the disturbing video of Karen Klein, a 68-year-old school bus monitor trying to ignore a small group of 12- and 13-year-old boys as they...
Just saw the Karen Klein bus video and it made me cry. The lady just wants to make sure kids are safe to and from school. Bless her heart.
Hocus Pocus: the only movie on tape I watched every year with my Grandma Karen
Karen Klein was bullied by kids on a school bus, has given her the means to retire 2DLI91E $25 Wed night
Hey! Remember the bus monitor Karen Klein who was bullied? Turns out good things really do happen to good people..
Just watched the video of Karen Klein; the 68 y/o bus monitor who put up with ten minutes of sheer disgusting abuse. Children are vermin.
Thank you Jessica Robertson, Dan Trunfio, and Debbie Supnik for interviewing Karen Klein on the Home & Family...
Wendy Foster Montecito has new Karen Klein! This contemporary ready to wear collection truly fits and complements...
Hey Friends! Just a reminder that I'll be performing with the No Bully Tour ( today Oct. 13th at 4:30 p.m. at the FYE store in center city Philadelphia, Pa (100 Broad St.) Come support Karen Klein and her foundation and take a stand against bullying!
This is part one in a series of Q&As with candidates for local office in the Nov. 6 general election. This week: Jennifer Forbes and Karen Klein, Kitsap County Superior Court, Department 7.
Abused bus monitor Karen Klein gets $700,000 check today! She's happy --> Abuser kids did not get neck tattoos of her
“Karen Klein given check in Toronto ceremony don't let her back over the border
Karen Klein, the Anti-Bullying Bus Monitor, has her own cause on GiveBack! Find out more.
Karen Klein got her money. As much as I hope she donates some, I still think if she was my Grandma I'd tell her to keep every dime!
Karen Klein given check in Toronto ceremony: Karen Klein, the Greece bus monitor who was bullied by four middle...
Bullied bus monitor Karen Klein picks up cheque worth more than $700,000 in Toronto
Former bus monitor travels to Toronto for ceremony
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Karen Klein says she has been enjoying a "wild ride" since a video of her being bullied by
Wow I've been wondering about this: Bullied bus monitor Karen Klein finally gets $700 000 donation at ceremony today in
Karen Klein, bus monitor in NY who was bullied has retired and received $700,000 in support!
Bullied N.Y. bus monitor given \$700K cheque in Toronto . Cdn raised funds for Karen Klein after viewing viral video.
Bullied bus driver Karen Klein receives chq for 700k raised by good samaritan Max Sidorov after seeing YouTube video
Bullied bus monitor Karen Klein receives cheque for $700k
Max Sidorov launches "7 Million Acts of Love" with the first act of his starting online fund 4 Karen Klein
Karen Klein receives her cheque for $703,000 from accidental philanthropist, Max Sidorov
Thank you, Karen Klein, for liking the gallery today.
Bullied bus monitor Karen Klein to receive her $700,000 cheque in Toronto today, at 11am ET
Joe O’Connor: Money raised for bullied bus monitor Karen Klein is life-changing — and head-scratching
Happy Grandparents Day to all the wonderful women out there. Especially my mom, Karen Klein
School is back in session in Greece, and officials say students will be seeing a lot of changes when it comes to bullying.
Bullied bus aide Karen Klein putting her new-found money, $700,000 to good use, Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation.
,Seeing Karen Klein at the mall in a leg cast
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Bullied school bus driver gives back.
[Buzz60] Bullied Bus Aide Karen Klein Starts a Foundation: Bullied bus aide Karen Klein is putting the her new-found…
Last month the life of 68-year old bus monitor Karen Klein changed forever. After a video of Klein being bullied by schoolchildren went viral, redditor Max Sidorov launched an Indigogo campaign that succeeded in raising over $700,000 to send Klein on a much needed vacation. Now, Klein is giving ba...
Bullied Bus Aide Karen Klein Starts a Foundation. this video on your site now:
These are the stories we love: people taking bad situations & turning them into something positive: via
A brief video regarding to the Karen Klein incident that occurred on the bus.
Bus Monitor Karen Klein Starts Anti-Bullying Org: Way to pay it back.
After a viral video of her being antagonized by a group of middle schoolers sparked an outpouring of support from more than 32,000 online strangers, Karen Klein is using some of the $700,000 in donations to launch an anti-bullying foundation, KSDK reports.
Those kids went in on Karen Klein. They all need Beatens.
thanks to ven, the public has a new villan, it was tough to watch this episode after seeing Karen Huff Klein
“The goal of an anti-bullying campaign is to help teach kids and teens about being kind, friendly & playing nicely with others"- Karen Klein
Karen Klein, the woman who was bullied on the school bus in upstate NY., has started an Anti-Bullying Foundation
Remember the bus monitor who was bullied by the punks? She used $100K to start a foundation. Check it out
Bullied Bus Monitor Starts Anti-Bullying Foundation: Remember Karen Klein, the bus monitor who was at ...
Excellent article about Karen Klein Starting an Anti-Bullying Foundation, Read The Business Coach Daily on
Bullied bus monitor Karen Klein has started her own foundation!
Karen Klein, the Rochester bus driver who was filmed being taunted by students this past June, received $700,000...
Melts my heart! THANK YOU Karen Klein! Bullied bus monitor using donations to fight bullying - Good News via
Karen Klein starts an anti bullying foundation.she want kids to be a Buddy NOT a Bully! Wonderful Lady!
Paid forward. Karen Klein (the bullied bus monitor) has started an anti-bullying foundation with some of your money,...
This sweet sweet woman...the video still breaks my heart. Bullied Bus Monitor Fights Back w/ Charity via
Bullied bus monitor aims to stop bullying Karen Klein, the bullied bus monitor from Greece, NY us...
Remember Karen Klein the harassed bus monitor. With her $700k she's starting an anti-bullying foundation
Karen Klein Launches Foundation: Karen Klein has used the $700,000 donated…
Karen Klein: Bullied woman on school bus, used $100K of $700K+ donated to set up anti-bullying foundation:
Ever wonder what you would do with all that money people raised for Karen Klein? The famously bullied bus monitor received over $700,000 to retire! So what is she doing with her retirement money?...
Something wonderful has happened here.
Went to see Hal Klein & Karen Klein's kids march in the Westwood HS Band, under the direction of Jack Green tonight. Outstanding job. Bravo.
Adult Bullying, it happens day and night. So glad this lady got her story told
These kids need their *** busted, literally. I don't believe in spanking usually, but someone needs to not only teach the kids about respect, but their parents need taught as well.
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Good for her! An elderly lady being a victim of Bullying has been revindicated from abuse! Good be followed until we stop the cancer of bullying!
She should launch a "spank you children if they are disrespctful" campaign.
After YouTube videos exposed a group of middle schoolers ruthlessly taunting 68-year-old Karen Klein, donations began flooding in. Now, she's using part of her $700,000 raised to fight bullying.
Now one intelligent woman! :o)
Really nice to see the power of Social Media used to create something good.
What a sweet and generous lady! Why can't more human beings be so compassionate?
This LADY, Karen Klein is one amazing woman!!! Kuddos to her!!!
Local woman takes her donations and uses it to create an anti-bullying foundation.
Local woman takes donations and creates an anti-bullying foundation.
I remember this story. I am glad she is fighting back.
I love to hear a good story like that. Good for her.
Please let her message take hold. We have enough to deal with growing up we need Bullies making it worse.
Good for you girl. Enjoy enjoy enjoy
It ruined my week to watch the viral YouTube video of bus monitor Karen Klein taking abuse from abominable, monstrous students, but the upstate New Yorker has risen above it all and decided to put some of the hundreds of thousands she received in donations toward a new anti-bullying foundation.
Karen Klein's story sparked nationwide outrage and prompted 32,000 people to donate money on her behalf. In all, more than $700,000 was raised, so Klein has launched her own anti-bullying foundation.
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As the event took place, it was also the same night that Senator Robach honored Karen Klein - the former Greece bus monitor.
Karen Klein, the Greece school bus monitor who was the victim of bullying in June, will be honored by State Sen. Joe Robach and the Red Wings before Sunday night's game against the Empire State Yankees at Frontier Field.
Karen Klein to be honored at Red Wings game Sunday
So excited! Karen Klein began her Social Market for a Craftsy Course project today! Follow along on her journey...
Karen, this was a joy to read! I was smiling and laughing and looking very interested to so many things. I truly look forward to following you!
I work in the strip mall a few stores down at Karen's Kloset lol
the Greece kids that bullied Karen Klein are in the magazine I just opened..
Karen Klein heals as she supports 7 million acts of love!
they are mean, cruel, careless kids and i feel so bad for Karen Klein. she didnt deserve to be bullied like that
the 7th graders that bullied Karen Klein should be expelled from school. what kind of kids would think that its ok to bully elders.
I go to Elmwood Park with my granson and there kids of all ages. What I noticed there group of kids starting from age 10-15 and leader of this group is a girl. She is little chubby,with short haircut and seems very polite. She doesn't touch kids who has parents, but if parents away and they are not watching their kid, then she with her boys can hit the kid or break his toy and if kid cries they pretend they are kid's best friend.Saw them they were trying to steel a hat from old man.Have feeling soon they will be like kids on greece School Bus who bullied Karen Klein or maybe even worse
Autism Council Community Awards winners to be saluted at Aug 17th event. Coach Johnson, Jason (JMAC), Karen Klein and Jackie Bartell !
Liam Hemsworth plays it cool on the cover of in Calvin Klein Collection:
i will donate my share to Karen Klein. But she has to pay the taxes.
Very busy and hopefully awesome week ahead. Lots of time with Karen Haase Klein and Isaac before school starts...
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Everybody type in making the bus monitor cry karen klein on youtube. Its just awful. These kids just need to be tortured
Aug11 in Romney spoke about no credit to the school bus driver. Paired with karen Klein school bus bullies video. .
Boys get death threats over their bullying of bus monitor Karen Klein - Join Talk at:
Sacha Klein in 12 is a bigger shock,Tom could do it if he keeps his head. His mum must be bursting
Okay, the Karen Klein getting bullied video on Youtube, I couldn't even finish it, I like started crying.
Oh boy, I got duped yesterday. Thank you Karen E. Klein and FB friend Pete Peter Leabo for pointing out the "now...
The bullied bus monitor made famous by a viral video is calling it quits.
Did anyone watch the video of 68 year old Karen Klein crying because she was getting bullied by middle schoolers on the bus. I almost cried.
Steven Klein has a 14 page spread on Karen Elson in all black, sorta sci-fi theme. I'm going to pray to this.
Also want to get into a story about a elderly woman beign bullied by kids
Only way local media would have MORE cameras in Back Nine Grill is if Anthony Diponzio, Karen Klein and J-Mac were having lunch there tgthr
If you could have dinner with anyone, who would you choose?... — karen klein, i just want to give her a hug
different Karen Klein, I'm a biz writer she's editorial. We've been getting confused for each other for 30 yrs now!
I was not a grade-school bully, nor was I ever a regular victim of bullying. Like most Americans, though, I definitely experienced isolated bullying incidents—as a victim, as a perpetrator, and as a witness. After watching the first few minutes of the video of school bus monitor Karen Klein being...
Just read the story of Karen Klein. its so heartbreaking to read how kids my age are so rude to seniors.
Jennifer Forbes and Karen Klein will move on to the general election for ...
.I thought same thing. Hopefully someone starts up a donation page for the victim like was done for Karen Klein, bullied bus monitor.
Who are you wearing? Sean John, Calvin Klein, Donna Karen's fashion line...
Bullied bus monitor Karen Klein plans to use $70 fund to retire, help others
Happy to see that the bullied bus monitor Karen Klein ordeal has turned into something even more:
Why I can't Jive with the Karen Klein donations: I was bullied all the way through grade school, and middle scho...
Bullied bus monitor Karen Klein plans to - The announcement comes just one week after a...
I liked a video from Karen Klein: School bus bullies not bad kids
Karen Klein Gets Apology From Father of Kid who Bullied Her!: vía
I hope Karen Klein (bully lady) ships some of that cash Colorado .. only your feelings were hurtkis
"Karen Klein shares about her heart to help others affected by bullying.
Rachel, an awesome and happy Chick-Fil-A employee was treated with great disrespect by a customer during Chick-Fil-A appreciation day. She needs a Vacation!
Omg the Karen Klein being bullied thing was so sad :( i want smack those boys :/
Congrats on very exciting & needed show!. check back after election. VOTE for Karen Klein by August 7
Raising funds for 3 amazing projects: free counseling for bullied kids, non profit TV-series, along with a social website promoting acts of love.
This is the best news I've read in a few days. via apparently he didn't see the support for Karen Klein.
I added a video to a playlist SHOCKING Karen Klein Bully video Full
How should educators handle the kids responsible for bullying school bus monitor Karen Klein?
Can't believe I missed the Karen Klein bus monitor bullying video. WOW. Kids are so disrespectful, I would smack them -
Karen Klein you're not alone in being bullied as an elder. Let's all stop keeping secrets if we are suffering any elder abuse so that it might be addressed and hopefully healing might begin.
Our Social Market for a Craftsy Course participant has been chosen! Congratulations to Karen Klein and thank you...
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