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Karen Handel

Karen C. Handel (born April 18, 1962) is an American politician and former senior vice president for public policy at Susan G.

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Congrats to Greg Gianforte, Ralph Norman & Karen Handel on becoming the newest members of the House!
Jon Ossoff spent six times more than Karen Handel but complains about "money in politics" by
To all the "progressives" joining homophobe Karen Handel in demonizing Nancy Pelosi today: get a grip. GOP has held tha…
I don't care that it was an uphill battle for Jon. Its distressing that Karen Handel could say "I don't believe in a livabl…
What is the Georgia special election between Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel and has Do...…
I look forward to Karen Handel refusing to hold town halls while Jon Ossoff speaks with voters for 2018 .
Karen Handel broke that high and hard glass becoming the 1st WOMAN to o be elected to the U.S. House of Repre…
Karen Handel will be first Republican female House member from Georgia.
Karen Handel smacking around Jackie Ossoff in Cobb County. Cobb is very Republican, she can build a massive lead there.…
The same unhinged leftists cheering last week's shooting are all backing Ossoff — vote for Karen Handel tomorrow!
Karen Handel is up by almost 4,000 votes right now. Waiting for mail-ins, which could be a game changer.
I'll be laughing my if Karen Handel wins election today
Off the charts turnout in North Fulton- Presidential Election levels- good for Karen Handel.
Karen Handel is no David Jolly, Sir. Hopefully, u ultimately represent the future of the party. It's…
Karen Handel tells the reporter who was assaulted by a politician that the press is to blame for lack of civility .
Karen Handel could become the first GOP woman elected to Congress from Georgia
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House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy and Karen Handel greet supporters as she campaigns.
Vote for Karen Handel, she represents the people in her district, not the whims of some maniacal lefty billionaire.
Karen Handel tried to purge 1000s of qualified voters from rolls weeks before 2008 election. DOJ said it violated Voting Rig…
Karen Handel has a long history of suppressing votes. Here are the ways she's restricted voting rights [thread]
Reminder to voters in Georgias 6th. Karen Handel wants to eliminate the minimum wage.
Karen Handel and Jon Ossoff focused on turnout on election eve. Cable television focused on a caustic ad.
Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel will face off in the most expensive House campaign in history
. Karen Handel. She is a Republican extremist who will carry out every piece of the sick Trump agenda. .
Hollywood elites are trying to BUY the Georgia 6th congressional district seat. Vote for Karen Handel!
if Karen Handel does not win Georgia's 6th congressional district, the only logical explanation is misogyny.
Karen Handel purged 1000s of qualified voters, blocked Dems from running for office & championed voter ID laws
If you don't want to vote for a hateful bigot like Karen Handel you should probably
Jon Ossoff must defeat the Queen of Voter Suppression, Karen Handel
Karen Handel's opponent in can't even vote in the district he wants to represent.
I wouldn't expect Karen Handel to be anything but a big fat liar. (and for the record, I'm not calling her "fat"..…
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House Majority leader Kevin McCarthy just stopped by Karen Handel event this morning
House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy stopped by Karen Handel's first event of the day
Karen Handel supports you and She does not support a "livable wage," funding for Pl…
Pfftt. I see PLENTY of Karen Handel signs on the McMansions lining Johnson Ferry & in that area every day. They lov…
Q: Why do u think *** parents aren't as legitimate as hetero parents?. Karen Handel: Because I don't.
Video: "I don't want to see taxpayer funding go to benefits for *** couples" Karen Handel.
Karen Handel has been about voter suppression since day one. Now she wants to be in congress.
I would like to thank Karen Handel and John Ossoff for generously sponsoring the month of June in Georgia.
The choice could not be clearer. Let's send Karen Handel to Congress to help President Trump
After seeing the corruption of DEMS we need Karen Handel! This guy connected the DOTS:
Off topic from Comey, but holy guacamole. Karen Handel is terrible.
Georgia’s Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel sparred in a debate on Trump, Planned Parenthood, and fitness for office
Jon Ossoff widens his lead against Karen Handel in Georgia race
Handel is asked whether she is still OK with Montana's Gianforte supporting her. She's trying to dodge the facts.
Georgia 6th District debate: Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel on protecting U... via
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Handel says she was "just 1 of 100 employees" at Komen. Cutting off funding to Planned Parenthood? Not her fault.
Karen Handel claims the GOP's health care repeal plan would protect Georgians with pre-existing conditions. NOPE.
Important to note the difference between Ossoff and Handel on voting rights. He's for them. She's not.
Watch Dem Jon bust GOP Karen Handel for cutting off funding for breast cancer screenings. By…
Ossoff opponent Karen Handel's husband shared this urging voters to 'free the black slaves from the Democratic plantation'
Karen Handel's political epitaph will read, "I do not support a livable wage."
Q: Would you favor outlawing *** adoptions?. Handel: Yeah, I would consider that, absolutely. Karen Handel-Ossoff's opponent
"Ossoff's Mostly True claim that Handel said she led efforts to defund breast cancer screenings" -
The American Health Care Act weakens provisions for people with pre-existing conditions.
Woops: Karen Handel just said, "I do not support a livable wage.". Responding to min wage Q after Ossof said it should be r…
"I do not support a livable wage." Karen Handel, Republican Candidate.
"Marriage is between a man and a woman-I do not think *** relationships are what God intended" Karen Handel-Ossoff's opponent
Q: Why do u think *** parents aren’t as legitimate as heterosexual parents?. KH: Because I don’t. Karen Handel-Ossoff's opponen…
“This is an example of the fundamental difference between a liberal & a conservative: I DO NOT SUPPORT A LIVABLE WAGE”…
*** I don't even like to pay my bills.
A Karen Handel commercial did the same. Bashed liberals. are…
. Karen Handel is exactly what we are trying to rid ourselves of in Washington. GA06 help us fix our Country.…
In '08, Karen Handel illegally told 1000s of people weeks b4 general election that they'd have 2 prove their identity in co…
GOP Paul Ryan urges: "Vote for Karen Handel - she'll help me dismantle Medicare and enact https:/…
Paul Ryan & Donald Trump want the Georgia 6th to elect Karen Handel to help them cut $800 Billion from Medicare. Tell the…
Paul Ryan is campaigning for Karen Handel in Georgia. He won't talk to his own constituents, who are desperate for town h…
Paul Ryan, who labeled rape as a pre-existing condition, to appear at Karen Handel campaign rally.
Karen Handel supports this ad, these are…
Karen Handel looks like Aunt Lydia from the Hand Maid's Tale.she's definitely got the prison warden vibe about her.
FOX NEWS - Karen Handel on support from President Trump
Today, opponent Karen Handel is stumping with Donald Trump — which makes complete sense. They’re 2 peas in a pod.
Judson Hill is class all the way! Proud to have supported him and now Karen Handel!
I'd missed this. Ossoff challenger in Georgia, Karen Handel, is women who nearly destroyed Susan G Komen Foundation. h…
Karen Handel is a quitter like Sarah Palin. After two years as Sec'y of State, she bale…
Karen Handel, who is advancing to run-off, had Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss has her highest-profile endorser.
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Ossoff, an investigative film-maker, is polling at 43% in the district, with his nearest challenger, Republican Karen Handel, at 15%.🖖🏽
Karen Handel has Yuge lead over Judson Hill and Dan Moody. Is it over on side? …
True or False? performance artist Chris Burden donated $2000 to Karen Handel
I think his chances are best against Karen Handel. Men down here will be less likely to show up to…
This is hugely important. The front running GOP opponent Karen Handel is happy about Planned Parenthood defunding! Sa…
I'd like to see Ossoff pull this out. This district tilts to the opportunistic conservatism of anti intellectual Karen Handel.
I'm voting for Karen Handel for congress just to make sure that Jon Ossoff doesn't win. He's a total ***
Georgia, man, you guys gotta ditch Karen Handel ***
Republican Karen Handel defends herself from her Republican challengers
This is why our gov't is inept. Too many *** like Karen Handel have ended up in positions of power instead of be…
The 2017 Georgia's 6th congressional district special election will have a runoff between Karen Handel and Jon Ossoff.
Karen Handel getting so desperate in the 6th district she has got Saxby Chambliss lying for her. . Guess ole sax ge…
Karen Handel is the former VP of Susan G. Komen who convinced the org to drop Planned Parenthood. She's running for Tom Price's GA seat.
also got two for Republican Dan Moody that are attacks on fellow Republican Karen Handel
Ossoff DOES NOT even LIVE in the Congressional district in which he is running!! Vote Karen Handel!
agrees it's me or Karen Handel (refused to back Trump over HRC) that will face Ossoff in the runoff. Go vote A…
Re: GA-6 race. GOP Karen Handel makes much of her fiscal track record. Except it barely holds up. h…
AJC: Saxby Chambliss vouches for Karen Handel in 6th District race
Remember that Karen Handel pretty much singlehandedly and unapologetically decimated the Susan G.…
Two words for re: his judgement and advice: Karen Handel.
I strongly support Karen Handel in her bid for Tom Price's seat. Please vote and vote smartly!
President Trump better get down to Georgia and campaign for the special election. Karen Handel is a great candidate
Who paid for that Karen Handel book to be published? Follow the money, Rachel.
disappointed to see Mayor Pittman's endorsement of Karen Handel.
Is it true that Jon Ossoff leading in the polls? Over Karen Handel? 😊
Karen Handel is a formidable Dem candidate. This is the same district that elected Newt Gingrich, repeatedly.
Worth noting that most likely R nominee, Karen Handel, has long history as PPFA antagonist.
Karen Handel (R) is leading. Jon is one of 3 Dem candidates, endorsed by
..As I recall, Karen Handel (GA-06 GOP front-runner) not a very good fundraiser. So this is important.
Hey, 6th district Georgians-- know who's running to replace Tom Price? Karen Handel. You know who shouldn't win? Karen Handel.
Little Giant Ladders
GOP congressional candidate will "end Muslim immigration," fundraising email says When you take PAC $$$
A new poll gives Karen Handel an early commanding lead over the GOP field in the race for Ga's 6th district.
Very happy to announce my endorsement of Karen Handel for congress. She is a great lady and will represent us well.
Maybe you can show him love by getting engaged I. The fight for GA 6th. Bring your checkbook, gotta beat Kar…
also curious if you reached out to Karen Handel to get her side and if not, why?
Congratulations on your achievement Who needs that pesky constitution anyway.
Hope this begins with winning Tom Price's seat in GA's 6th--and not the deplorable Karen Handel. Let's help…
Karen Handel Says She Didn't Vow To ‘End Muslim Immigration’: Karen Handel is running for Congress, but she said…
Bogus fundraiser claims Karen Handel would 'end Muslim immigration'
On that bogus fundraiser that claims Karen Handel would ‘end Muslim immigration’
Bogus fundraiser claims would 'end Muslim immigration' via
GOP Candidate Promises To 'End Muslim Immigration' In Fundraising Email-people of Georgia will probably elect her
Opposer of basic women's rights qualifies to run for Congress- T. Price empty seat. Karen Handel…
Karen Handel wrong for GA district 6. Fundraising email shows why.
I know Karen Handel is running. Haven't really researched yet.
Make sure Karen Handel doesn't win for the GOP in Georgia .
Congratulations to Stephen & Karen Handel for winning the Couples Club Championship!!
I was talking about 2010. Karen Handel would have been a better choice.
I am talking about 2010 and his win over Karen Handel.
You know who'd be signing a religious liberty bill? Karen Handel.
Rove pro'ly roped into donating to PP as per Karen Handel
Dear Rove probably tricked into donating to Susan G Komen. Ask Karen Handel
The RFTC: its almost like no one in AR heard about the 2012 debacle with Karen Handel.
Two books I wanna read. The Tyranny of email by John Freeman and Planned Bullyhood by Karen Handel. Hastings had them for sale.
In "Planned Bullyhood"by Karen Handel,the author shows how taxpayer $ given to PP is funneled into one entity,rendering=>
All the dots, & the CLOSE PERSONAL CONNECTION BETWEEN ALL PARTIES involved, are in "Planned Bullyhood ".by Karen Handel.
Karen Handel is right and with Common Core the numbers will go up!. Langston Hughes High School in South Metro Atlanta reports single dig...
With or without her husband's authority, Karen Handel endorses Mike Collins in 10th CD.
Karen Handel joining Advisory Board of national organization dedicated to supporting and electing conservative women
In news that comes as a shock to absolutely no one, it turns out the Tea Party is having some trouble supporting women. In this year's election, 80 candidates have been endorsed by various national Tea Party groups like Tea Party Patriots and Club for Growth. Only four of them are women: Katrina Pierson (Texas, Congress), Karen Handel (Georgia, Senate), Joni Ernst (Iowa, Senate), and Mia Love (Utah, Congress). Pierson and Handel have already lost their primaries.
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GEORGIA PRIMARY ELECTION: I'm actually pleased with the results. IN the US Senate primary The Republican cult let the worst of the bunch go including nutcases like Paul Broun and Phil Gingrey and that insipid Karen Handel didn't survive to even make the runoff. It would have been scary if she had won. There is a runoff primary in July for David Perdue and former Congressman Jack Kingston. (no further comment) Even better news is several of the republicans running for US Senate left their congressional seats. So be thankful some of those *** will be leaving Washington completely. But I am hopeful that their eventual replacements aren't as bad. Sorry that Macon area voters are still stuck on Stupid and kept a member of the Lucas family in political office but pleased that my neighbors in Warner Robins voted against Willie Talton. I am amused at how media reported the wins of Michelle Nunn and Jason Carter as if they were big deals. But really, when the democratic cult hardly puts forth candidates for o ...
Will it be Karen Handel or Jack Kingston in the run off against David Perdue - U.S. Senate? I LOVE election season LOL
Georgia primary results: so the associated press declares JASON CARTER winner in the democrat primary for governor. Well duh! He was the only candidate. former Atlanta TV reporter Steen miles didn't get quite as many votes in the US senate primary as Michelle Martin (excuse me "Michelle Nunn"). Like anyone would? And of the republican cult it looks like the worst of that bunch will go away. People like Phil Gingrey, Paul Broun and hopefully Karen Handel. Even more beautiful a result is since Gingrey and Broun had to give up their congressional seats to run for senate. So they are losing the US senate race and are no longer in congress. And that is a good thing. Until their voters replace them with the same type of politician. (And they just might do that)
Just had Karen Handel come into Chick Fil A. Needed that sweet tea to get through Election Day...
Karen Handel: Thank you so much for your support! Please tell your friends and neighbors to get out and vote now...
TODAY'S VENT; SOME OF US REMEMBER when Karen Handel was running for governor against Nathan Deal, and they got in a very public contest about which one hated *** people more. Now, Rep. Gingrey wants to be the chief hater.
proud to support Rick Allen for US Congress and Karen Handel for US Senate today!
We need Barry Loudermilk in Congress and Karen Handel in the Senate to STOP Obama from doing this
It's crunch time here at the Handel office! Vote Karen Handel in Republican Primary! ?
The Gwinnett Tea Party also endorsed me: "Karen Handel embodies the values we hold dear."-Steve Ramey
5 things to watch as Tea Party faces primary test: Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Karen Handel, right, l... http:/…
Conservative Campaign Committee (CCC) endorses Karen Handel in tomorrow's Senate race in Georgia
You GO GIRL! VOTE today for my friend KAREN HANDEL
David Perdue and Karen Handel say they won't support Mitch McConnell as GOP leader if elected .
KAREN has always surprised voters. It's so important for folks to get out & VOTE! VOTE for KAREN HANDEL today before 7pm...
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I love to wear t-shirts and I wish I could have gotten Karen Handel t-shirt.
Really? Karen Handel/Komen mess...she'd be a big mistake for the GOP in Georgia.
I don't vote in Georgia. But if I did, I'd vote for Karen Handel today. Candidate who has actually won statewide...
Mother and I just got back from voting.And we voted for the next Senator from Georgia Karen Handel !!
Karen Handel’s internal poll: Perdue first, Handel second in primary
“Anyone in and around Macon wanting to see Karen Handel, she'll be in town at Cotton Ave. NuWay from 12-1PM.”
HUGE NEWS! Karen Handel rockets from last to tied for first! Guess who is fueling her surge? You got it - women!... http:/…
SarahPAC: Make sure that We the People are heard by helping fighters like Ben Sasse, Karen Handel, Julianne... http:/…
Karen Handel being interviewed by 41 wmgt in front of NuWay in Macon.
And this is another reason why I support Karen Handel. Thanks
Meet Karen Handel at New Life/DiChickO's Cafe tomorrow from 12-1! Karen Handel has chosen Augusta as her last... http:/…
Elect Karen Handel, the proven conservative. FreedomWorks: "Elect a conservative, not Perdue"
(via SPIB) Gov. Palin: Karen Handel has walked the walk and will get things done
We need Karen Handel, someone with principle, to stand against Obama and everything he's doing TO our nation!
The more you look at them, efforts to label Jack Kingston "Establishment" & Karen Handel "Tea Party" are absurd.
Breast Cancer Awareness
GETTING SET TO WIN BIG IN NOVEMBER!: BUT CAN THEY HOLD IT, AFTER ELECTIONS!? Three Big Senate Primaries Hold Key for GOP in November Tuesday, 20 May 2014 By John Gizzi Although six states are holding primaries on May 20, the contested Republican primaries for U.S. senator in three key states will attract the most attention nationwide. Kentucky: How Big A Win for Mitch? What was once considered a spirited and potentially threatening primary challenge to Senate Minority Leader Republican Mitch McConnell has apparently fizzled out. Unable to rally a united front among Tea Party members against the 30-year incumbent, businessman, Matt Bevin's credibility has come under fire in the twilight of the primary over whether he is truly an opponent of cockfighting, a controversial issue in the Bluegrass State. The question among pundits is not whether McConnell will win but by how big a margin. The latest Survey USA poll showed McConnell trouncing Bevin by a margin of 55 percent to 35 percent among likely primary vot ...
It's decision day for GOP voters in the Peach State! Karen Handel for ...
."I’m proud to support Karen Handel. She has a compelling life story. She is a pro-life conservative."
"Karen Handel is the only conservative who I think can beat Michelle Nunn & conservatives should unite behind her" -
Everyone I know, if you have time please go out and vote today for Karen Handel! If she wins then I win lol
Heading out to cobb soon to vote for Karen Handel!
I don't know who Karen Handel is, but her incessant emails ensured that I would never vote for her.
“Karen Handel's conservative views coupled with her ability to get things done will serve Georgia well in the US Senate” -…
GET OUT THE VOTE: is determined to GOTV for Karen Handel in today’s Georgia Republican Primary!
I voted for Karen Handel this morning! She is exactly what she says she is. She'll make a great U.S. Senator!
Poll: Jack Kingston, Karen Handel tied for 2nd in Ga. GOP Senate battle: | |
I voted for Karen Handel today! It's a beautiful day in GA; get out there and cast your ballot.
SBA List endorses 3 women in today's Georgia primaries! Karen Handel for Senate, Donna Sheldon & Tricia Pridemore
I'm supporting Karen because I know she can get a "Handel" on Washington DC
Senate hopeful Karen Handel just voted up in Roswell -- chatted with her briefly about what makes her "more conservative" than the rest of the field. Now off to the next stop!
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-- Jack Kingston, Karen Handel, and David Perdue supporters: don't forget to go vote for your candidate tomorrow, May 21st, at your local polling station!
I want to see a conservative make the runoff in the Election for U.S. Senate in Georgia - GA: VOTE for KAREN HANDEL:
Today is the Republican Primary election in the State of Georgia. I've already spoken to eight people today to find out if they are going to vote. Nearly all of them said they didn't know there is an election today. Folks, we have the most godless Executive administration in America's history running the White House. We have a Senate majority leader who is the Presidents rubber stamp. We have a Judicial branch of government overruling the will of the American people and declaring that freely elected bans on homosexual marriages are unconstitutional. And many, including Christians, don't know there is an election taking place!? If this is a concern of yours then please go to the polls and cast your vote. The first thing I consider about a candidate is regarding life issues. Is the candidate pro-life? I can assure you there is one candidate that is pro-life. Her name is Karen Handel. Here's a paragraph from Karen's website that details her pro-life conviction: Meet Karen Handel "Karen is a life-long con ...
A day before Tuesday's Georgia GOP Senate primary, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said that the "good old boys" in Georgia's and D.C.'s establishments are attacking Senate candidate and former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel because they fear conservative change.
I'm about to go vote, I have been doing some research and have made my decisions. Karen Handel for Senate, she almost beat Nathan Deal when she ran for Governor last time. Pennington for Governor, he doesn't sound like a RINO. No choices for US House of Representative, David Scott is a shoe-in the way my district is made up. I might write myself in again as a protest vote, or just leave that one blank. Susan Camp as Judge, I have known her for years from church. Grandmother Tidwell was a Camp and we might be distantly related. Its hard to vote in local races because not much is known about the candidates. A lot of the websites I have looked at are biased one way or the other. I always vote, if I can't make it to the polls because of my work hours, I will vote by mail. I figure I have no right to gripe about politicians if I don't participate in the process. Too many times it seems like I am just voting for the lesser of two evils. Too bad "None of the Above" isn't on the ballot, career politicians need to ...
As we told you earlier, this week there is a critically important primary election for U.S. Senate in Georgia. The Conservative Campaign Committee is proud to endorse Conservative Republican Karen Handel - who is facing off against the more liberal candidate, wealthy businessman David Perdue.We are…
Georgia friends, as you vote today, first of all please join me in supporting Karen Handel for U. S. Senate! Also, be sure to scroll down the ballot and support Judge Tom Campbell, an incumbent with a stellar record!
Important elections today...don't forget to vote! Good luck to our friend, Karen Handel! Matt and I happily support her for US Senate!
Hope everyone goes to Vote today..Go Karen Handel!!!
Headed to Vote in a bit. Michael Williams, Bill Finch, and Karen Handel. And leaning toward a NO vote on the school bond in FoCo...
Candidates hoping to be the next United States Senator from the State of Georgia have made one last push to get votes in Columbus. Candidate Karen Handel made a pit-stop Monday, May 19, to the Fountain
Today take the right to VOTE! I'm supporting Nancy Jester for State School Superintendent and Karen Handel for Senate. These 2 women can get the job done!(:
I was 22nd at my polling place. Go Vote Georgia! I'm supporting Karen Handel for Senate.
Polls open in 1 hour! Please share this graphic and encourage all your friends and family in GA to join us in supporting a courageous conservative ready to shake up Washington: Karen Handel for US Senate.
U.S. Senate candidate Karen Handel stopped by Stalvey's in Covington Thursday as part of her bus tour and we asked her why Covington voters should support her:
Charles Stoker 4 hrs · Are your Candidates Pro-Gun or Anti-Gun? Dear Fellow Patriot, If ever there was a time for gun owners to charge up a hill together to reclaim the high ground from our anti-gun enemies and their sympathizers, it's right now. But I'm afraid I've got some bad news. Several candidates in your U.S. Senate race including David Perdue, Phil Gingrey, Karen Handel, and Jack Kingston are showing early signs they'd vote anti-gun. David Perdue, Phil Gingrey, Jack Kingston, and Karen Handel all refused to return their NAGR candidate surveys. More on that in a minute. Now, sometimes folks assume that just because a politician is a Republican that he is a solid supporter of the Second Amendment. I hope you don't make that mistake with Perdue, Gingrey, Handel or Kingston. You see, you and I were just one or two votes away in the U.S. Senate from losing our right to keep and bear arms last year. The 2013 debate over the Feinstein "assault weapons" ban and the Toomey-Manchin "Expanded Background Che ...
The top pro-enforcement advocate in Georgia endorsed former Georgia Secretary of State and GOP Senate candidate Karen Handel on Monday as the best hope to stop the massive amnesty agenda in Congress, which is supported by liberal Democrats and Republicans backed by groups like the Chamber of Commerc…
Torn beween David Perdue and Karen Handel any in info on the two would help but praying on it tonight
I encourage you to vote for Karen Handel for US Senate tomorrow. She's an outspoken conservative with a track record and endorsements to prove it. Of the 3 viable candidates she is undoubtably the best option. Turn out will be low so every vote counts! Also, locally vote Kennedy for state senate.
Since people that don't belong to our party are sending their picks for the primary I thought I would give you mine. Like it matters (: but here goes. Governor Nathan Deal for Governor. Karen Handel for US Senate Tom Graves for 14th District Barry Loudermilk 11th District Tony Crowe Post 4 Commission Vernon Collett Post 3 Commission So there you have it do with it what you want :) The most important thing is to vote !!
I can't tell you who to vote for BUT I will tell you that I have worked for Karen Handel and I would not ever wish that on anyone!!! The whole Secretary of State was changed in the worst way you could imagine!!! Ijs
Election Day is tomorrow. Here are my endorsements for each competitive race on the Republican/Municipal ballot: U.S. Senate: Karen Handel - I voted for her for Governor twice in 2010, and am happy to support her again. Governor: David Pennington - Deal has too many ethics scandals to be trusted, and Pennington is a proven leader. State School Superintendent: Kira Willis for State School Superintendent of Georgia. I love to support libertarian-minded Republicans. Public Service Commissioner: Douglas Kidd - I like the emphasis he puts on ethics. State Representative 147th District: Thrilled to vote for my friend Heath Clark Houston County Clerk: Aly Stuckart - Very new, but seems very dedicated. Board of Education Post 6: Griff Clements - Voted for him 4 years ago too. Board of Education Post 7: This was a tough one between Bryan Upshaw and Doug Wechsler, but I am going with Upshaw because of his business expertise, particularly in construction, and the key role it plays in school expansion and maintenan . ...
Damnit! I went to tell Karen Handel that she made The Rachel Maddow Show and she's blocked me with one day to go. Rattle Rattle!!
I ask for your vote tomorrow for Karen Handel!!
Tomorrow is Election Day! I know everyone is busy but please take time to vote. We still have the freedom to do so! It is so important that we keep a Republican Senator. We really née to replace Harry Reid and we cannot vote him out any other way! Please remember one more thing and that is "you are either part of the solution to the problem or you are part of the problem"! Putting someone in another position that has been in Washington for 20 years may not be the answer! Please give Karen Handel a chance!
As a former government teacher I have to urge you all to vote tomorrow . PLEASE make informed choices. I have never seen such nitpicking of information to paint an inaccurate picture. One of my longtime favorites for honesty, integrity and service is Harry Johnston - cant wait to vote again for this good man! Then, Buzz Ahrens, Mike Chapman, Rick Steiner and Karen Handel. Most of us could not take the daily abuse they put up with to make this a great place to live and work. Thank you all for your service to our county and state!
Crunch Time! My ballot will look like this: Cobb County School Post 6 - Scott Sweeney - this man held more town halls and information sessions about the budget than I have ever seen in politics If I could vote in Cobb County School District Post 4 - it would be for Dr. Bill Scott. I have never heard so many positive things about someone in education for so long. US Senate - Karen Handel will get my vote again. I want someone with the experience to SOLVE problems. She can do it. CD 11 - Thank goodness I don't vote in this district because i don't know what i would do. Tricia Pridemore for Congress and Ed Lindsey for Congress are fantastic folks. I hope one makes the runoff Governor - Is this really a question? Governor Nathan Deal has helped create more jobs than I can count. Put him back in.
Finding it a little strange that on the eve of Election Day here in Atlanta, a "straight shooting" candidate (Karen Handel) would delete my posting regarding illegal immigrants, not answer, AND block me from further comment. I am asking for an alternative to the "round 'em up and ship 'em out" rhetoric as it does NOT apply to all. I would have considered voting for her, but based on this topic, I cannot. The fact that this candidate would delete a post/comment like that shows me that freedom of speech doesn't belong on her page. The deletion also shows that she could be viewed by many as racist or bigoted on the immigration topic. I hope this candidate does not win the primary. Please feel free to share this experience. Maybe we can get the word out that the topic of "illegal immigration" is much more broad than just "mexicans crossing the border" as implied. The current laws do not cover all scenarios. This political blanket is unjust, prejudiced, and legal racism. This is the same reasoning ...
I am so special, I've gotten personal calls this week from Karen Handel, Phil Gingrey, Jeri Barr, and now Sonny Perdue!
Election Day for *** Georgia Edition~ Kentucky isn’t the only state having a primary tomorrow with more than one *** facing off; Georgia is having their own *** showdown. The contenders are Phil Gingrey, Paul Broun, Jack Kingston, David Perdue, and Karen Handel. And of those, only Handel hasn’t been featured on this site— but that’s only because this site started after her big debacle when she was at Komen and tried to get rid of Planned Parenthood’s cancer screenings for poor women. So let’s review what *** these guys are: Jack Kingston Jack Kingston is a congressman, who decided to expand upon Newt Gingrich’s idea about forcing poor kids to do chores so they could eat. And then he tried to claim he didn’t mean what he said. Full details here. Phil Gingrey Gingrey is also a congressman, and it looks like he’ll lose his seat and this Senate race. But maybe that’s for the best since he was featured here when he complained that he only makes $172,000. Only. Paul Broun ...
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This post is for all my Georgia Friends voting in the Republican primary tomorrow. Many of you may be undecided in the down ballot races like School Superintendent. My wife Nancy Holmes Ploener and I are supporting Mary Kay Bacallao. She is the most qualified for the position according to Erick Erickson of WSB Radio. I know her personally and she is very conservative and has all the credentials needed for the Job. We are also supporting Karen Handel for U. S. Senate. Thanks for your consideration
Oh the political commercials! I just saw the one that Phil Gingrey is using to attack his republican competitors for the primary. And his attack on Karen Handel is funny to me. His attack on her is to say that Karen supports "Teenage Homosexality" because she apparently supports an organization called "YouthPride". What's funny about that is that "youthPride" in Atlanta is an organization in turmoil. They have had financial problems, been evicted from their offices and is led by an arrogant *** who single handedly ruined the organization and is combative with everyone. YouthPride has not served its intended community in any serious fashion in several years now. Youthpride's problems caused others in Atlanta's LGBT community to start new organizations to serve in the capacity that YouthPride had served in the past prior to its current executive "leadership". But US Senate candidate Phil Gingrey felt he needed to use YouthPride as an example of something to hold against Karen Handel claiming she suppo ...
I can tell you who I won't be voting for...Karen Handel.I have had 8 phone calls from her.if one won't do it, don't think 8 will !!! :)
To Karen Handel, US Senate Candidate from Georgia - Please take my Indiana home phone number off your Robo call lists. I cannot vote for you. I have not been registered to vote in Georgia since August 2012. I called your office and left a voicemail with this request about two weeks ago. Clearly the request was ignored since I continue to get calls. Perhaps this will work. Best of luck in your campaign.
-- I won't vote for Michelle Nunn for the same reason I won't vote for Karen Handel, Jack Kingston, or David Perdue.
-- I love the idea of pro-life women running for public office. I don't love the idea of women who believe aborting children conceived in rape is morally permissible being elected to any office. That's why I won't vote for Karen Handel. Link to audio in the comments.
Just a reminder to my Georgia friends: the primaries are tomorrow! Get out there and vote! Your voice counts! On a personal note, I'd like to wish tons of good luck to my neighbor and fellow Relay for Lifer Karen Handel as she goes for a seat in the US Senate!
I will not vote for Karen Handel for the simple reason that we have received more nuisance political phone calls from her than any other candidate. I wish these darn things would be outlawed but since the so-called "Do Not Call" list doesn't work in the first place, it really doesn't matter. Being a grumpy old man I am irritated by many things but unsolicited robo calls is my biggest peeve.
Former Georgia Secretary of State and Republican Senate candidate Karen Handel dared Democrats in Georgia to play the "war on women" and "income inequality" cards on her if she emerges as the party's nominee against Democrat Michelle Nunn.
Karen Handel is a fierce defender of life and national sovereignty! ranked her strongest candidate on NO amnesty and immigration.
A new Fox 5/Insider Advantage/Morris News Service poll has been released for the Republican Senate Primary. Here's the breakdown of the race: Perdue: 22% Handel: 21% Kingston: 17% Broun: 14% Gingrey: 12% Other: 3% Undecided: 11% Karen Handel is now in a statistical tie for first with Perdue. Looks l…
David Perdue's elitist comments about the person in the race who didn't graduate from high school smacked of a huge rookie mistake. Combined with his willingness to "raise revenue," I could not support his candidacy. For someone who overcame not graduating from high school to work hard to better herself and who rose up to become Secretary of State for Georgia and within 2500 votes of Governor of Georgia, I would think praise would be in order rather than some sort of catty, snide remark. I'm delighted David Perdue has had an easy road to travel. I'm also delighted Karen Handel has overcome the rough road she has traveled.
Sending our candidate for US Senate, KAREN HANDEL off her state fly around. Steve Handel Karen Handel
ATLANTA - David Perdue continues to hold the lead going into Tuesday's voting while Jack Kingston and Karen Handel fight for second place and a shot in a July runoff, according to a last-minute survey.
Saw this today: "My friend Paul Broun would have made a great Senator but for whatever reason, his campaign has not really taken off. I wish him the very, very best. Karen Handel needs every vote to get into the runoff so let's make that happen!" This is what I call jumping onto a hopeful bandwagon. This person thinks Handel is more apt to win the primary than Broun, so he jumps onboard. That is not a principled position. If you believe Broun is the best candidate, cast your vote. Please do not follow the Sheeple to the polls. Vote your principles, not the varied and shifting voices of conventional wisdom. Paul Broun needs your vote.
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In the US Senate race, who wants David Perdue who will not forsake his comments about raising revenue, that is, raising taxes? Just what we don't need, another RINO representing Georgia in Washington for the next 6 years. Karen Handel is the clear choice for the Senate, her record, conservative stances on social issues and strong stand for the life of the unborn pushes her to the top of a crowded field. Karen Handel for the US Senate on the Republican ballot. Look out liberal Michelle Nunn, here comes your match in November!
Today, I completed my absentee ballot, and voted for two people I have known for years and believe to be very qualified for the offices they are seeking -- Karen Handel and Ashley D Bell.
Hear Karen Handel's message. the nation must rely on each state to send its best representatives to Congress. Please help stop the heavy taxation and spending coming out of Washington, D.C. Praying for a reprieve!
For some reason I just cannot believe that Karen Handel would be best for Georgia. Honestly I don't know why we don't have a Greg Brannon or Matt Bevin candidate.
Palin: Republicans in Georgia have the opportunity to send a strong message to Washington by voting for Karen Handel for U.S. Senate.
Only a few more hours and this round of nasty ads from the Republican'ts for this primary season will calm down, at least for a while. I admit that there is some entertainment value in seeing them devour each other, but they are competing for the bottom, trying their best to establish which among them can be the most restrictive, regressing, oppressive, a/k/a Conservative Republican. All of the "pro-family" tags are really anti *** It is laughable for all these candidates to say that 6 years into his 8 years as President that they will go to Washington and "STOP Obama!" It is equally laughable that they alone will be able to undo health care benefits for over 8 million people. I find Jack Kingston's smile to be creepy - it looks as though his mouth is just handing open. But chief among the creeps is Phil Gingrey. When he attacks Karen Handel (for whom no love is lost from me) for 'promoting teenage homosexuality' it is infuriating. Republicans do not give one good sh!t about our *** youth. They will do n ...
Senate race is too close to call. If you enter intangibles like increased turn out because three congressmen are favorite son in their home districts, it becomes even more difficult to call the race. Karen Handel ran before so at the start of the race she all ready had statewide name id. Turnout will be important, and GOTV efforts will decide first, second and third. I am optimistic because these are at least three candidates I could live with. However, the winners must earn their spot. Who that will be, it is still too close to call.
Join Karen Handel tomorrow on her fly around over GA.
Don't forget to vote in the primaries on Tuesday the 20th. Let's make a change for Georgia and America. Karen Handel for Congress and Andrew Hunt for Governor.
Gingrey is currently a Congressman representing Georgia's 11th District. He is running for the US Senate. His GOP primary opponent is Karen Handel. What make...
For what its worth.. I'm voting for Karen Handel in the Republican Primary for the US Senate seat. I admire her and endorse her. We vote Tuesday. Be there!
Karen Handel will be at Dalton Municipal Airport Monday 19th, between 4-4:30 p.m. Come join us for her arrival at 3:45.Grassroots.Boots on the Ground.Momentum!
I had no idea Karen Handel was in favor of PP. If that's true, she isn't a Conservative at all! Not get my vote!
Give Obama and the Republican party a black eye, vote for Karen Handel.
Sarah Palin just asked me to vote for Karen Handel. Yabetcha.
Had a great time w/Josh McKoon, Sue Everhart, Erick Erickson, and Steve and Karen Handel. VOTE MAY20 KAREN HANDEL!
Election Day is coming on Tuesday, but I already voted on the second day of early voting. For Senate I cast my vote for Karen Handel, but I also cast me vote for school board for Darren Latch. Both Karen Handel and Darren embody the things I love about our country. Karen worked her way up from humble beginnings and a broken home to become a success in business and politics. Darren is an Australian immigrant who came to United States because he believes in our principles and loved it so much, he became a citizen. Both are proof that it does not truly matter where you began, it is the hard work you put into the journey that determines where you end up. I have personally seen Darren work tirelessly to improve our schools and I really think he deserves a shot at serving on the school board.
Standing room only at Karen Handel event with Erick Erickson, who brilliantly said "The Democratic Party...
on the GA political front: I saw the Rick Santorum (nut job from Pa) supports Karen Handel. She must be desperate. As if Palin wasn't enough? Now there are 2 reasons NOT to vote for her.
On Tuesday, Perdue will get first - but will Karen Handel or Jack Kingston make it to the run off?
Karen Handel has just been endorsed by Rick Santorum. She has now been endorsed by Jan Brewer, Sarah Palin, Eric Erickson, and now Rick Santorum. All of this on top of her "A" rating by the NRA. A pro-life, pro-gun, small government, fiscal conservative with proven results, what's not to love?
Karen Handel takes pay off from lobbyists to change her view on oblolete voting machines. When running for Secretary of State in 2006, Karen Handel created a Basics report that correctly stated: “The electronic voting machines currently used in Georgia’s elections are already obsolete… ” “Voters should have the ability to review their ballot both electronically and manually on paper”, “Procedures must be established for audits of elections to verify that the electronic vote totals are accurate.” “The paper audit trail should be the determining factor in discrepancies in the vote and should be the ballot of record.” During her election and afterwards, she received the below $25,000 in direct contributions plus untold indirect contributions from friends, family and employees of the voting machine vendor lobbyist, Massey Bowers. She then immediately reversed her position. Although making no changes to the voting machines during her tenure, in 2009 she falsely stated: “Georgia has the mo ...
Erick Erickson of redstate has endorsed political hack Karen Handel for GA Senate...qui bono?
I'm a big fan of Erick Erickson. Very disappointed, however, that in Georgia's critical Senate race he is doing campaign spots for Karen Handel. Of the five major candidates she is easily the least qualified. In a time when healthcare demands attention, Georgia has two physician candidates. In an era in which we have seventeen trillion dollar deficits, Georgia has a seasoned and experienced, businessman. At least Kingston demonstrates long term stability. I'm certain Handel is a pleasant person but her instability and inexperience is without equal. She's bounced around from an appointed position with Marilyn Quayle in her home state of Maryland to, let's count, three political campaigns for three separate offices over (I believe) a six year period. Of course she was qualified because of her appointed position under Gov. Sonny Perdue as Deputy Chief of Staff with primary responsibility overseeing maintenance and constituent relations in the Governors Mansion. Essentially she was Hazel. Meanwhile her oppone ...
Roll Call With less than three weeks until Georgia’s Republican Senate primary, Rep. Jack Kingston, R-Ga., released an internal poll Thursday that found him leading the crowded field. Kingston led with 20 percent, followed by David Perdue with 17 percent, Karen Handel with 14...Read More
Right On . Karen Handel is the Conservative candidate . David Perdue and Jack Kingston are GOP establishment and for amnesty
Karen Handel passes Jack Kingston, is now second to David Perdue in runup to GOP Senate primary, poll shows
Former Georgia secretary of state Karen Handel has pulled into second place in the tight GOP Senate primary race, and…
People of Georgia Vote for Karen Handel in .Her opponent Jack Kingston is owned by amnesty lobby and Dave Perdue is an elitist snob
Senate candidate Karen Handel promotes her 4-point plan: Karen Handel, a former Georgia secretary of state, is...
I would like to thank Karen Handel for taking the time out of her busy schedule today to speak to my 9 year old daughter. I have dragged her (my daughter) to many political events. It is not often there is a strong woman present and thought today would be a great opportunity to for her to meet a former Secretary of State, a woman who was 2% away from becoming Governor. Alex was excited to meet her, asked her about her journey in life and Sec. Handel showed her respect and took time (more than I could have asked for) to talk to her. Alex spoke about it all night. I don't know your political views on Handel, but as a person, she is top notch. With role models like that for our young daughters, the future of women in Georgia is exciting.
US Senate Candidate Art Gardner takes aim at Karen Handel over college education issue
Although I support Jack Kingston, I believe Karen Handel is a worthy competitor for Senate and find David Perdue's remarks about her educational achievements to be outrageous and unbecoming of anyone who aspires to fill the Georgia Senate seat
David Perdue. I was so surprised to see you endorse Karen Handel's background and education. You are competing for a position we all know Karen is exceptionally well suited for and ready to start initiating a difference on day one! Thank you for showing your support of Karen's candidacy! We have a plethora of academicians in Washington. How 'bout Ft Hood? TWICE!!! Benghazi? Crimea? Unemployment? Food Stamps? On, and on, and on!!! Common Sense NOT sheepskins! What we need in DC! Handel Steve Handel
I am extremely disappointed with David Perdue's personal attack on my friend Karen Handel. I have had the pleasure of working with many wonderful people, some as clients of my law practice and some in my work as an elected official who "just" have a high school diploma. Many of those folks are active duty soldiers in the U.S. Army. Others have had success in business or politics. The great thing about America is the fact that if you work hard you can achieve great success. It's too bad David Perdue cannot see that.
One must ask: Can we really send these people back to D.C. and expect a change?! I could think of much better way's to spend (or should I say, SAVE) your money. Money Spent Per 1% share of electorate: Paul Broun- $95,691 Phil Gingrey- $74,431 David Perdue- $70,929 Jack Kingston- $55,067 Karen Handel- $28,228 Derrick Grayson- $424
I just read that Sarah Palin has endorsed Karen Handel for the Georgia Senate race. I went and posted on her timeline how I thought that was a mistake and invited her to check out Minister Derrick Grayson and to watch tonight's debate. Challenging all of Team Grayson to bombard Palin's page with like messages.
Fellow Patriot, Republicans need six seats to take back the U.S. Senate from the Democrats - we have found the six conservative women to fill those seats. These six women can lead the charge for the future of America - they know that lowering taxes, cutting spending, and repealing Obamacare are what this country needs to get back on track. Joni Ernst (Iowa) is a current member of the Iowa Senate, a mother, and soldier who has produced real results during her time in the Iowa State Legislature. Her 21 years of military service solidified her experience as a strong and competent leader. Shelley Moore Capito (West Virginia) is the current U.S. Representative for West Virginia's 2nd Congressional District and a strong fighter against the EPA's war on coal. Karen Handel (Georgia) was Georgia's first Republican Secretary of State. She is a life-long conservative and Republican who built her career on sound fiscal and organizational management in both the public and private sector. Terri Lynn Land (Michigan) was ...
Poultry king George Winn,Barbecue king Oscar Poole,Subway king Ed Singleton..Tea Party Queen Margaret Williamson.Woody Glenn,Former GOP Gilmer Chair George McClellan are all huge supporters of both Karen Handel and David Pennington.I strongly support both David and Karen.You will find many supporters from all over the state that support both David and Karen.Go David and Karen.
Looking forward to big Karen Handel rally at P oole's barbecue on Sunday.Sam Snider will be there along with The great Naomi Swanson and my dear friend,Woody G lenn from Dalton.Subway King Ed Singleton and Tea Party Queen Margaret W illiamson will be there along with may others.We are going to elect Karen and send her to Washington to cut spending since we have a 17 trillion dollar national debt.G o Karen.
As was expected, the 2014 Georgia US Senate Republican Primary is a pure toss up. According to recent polling, the primary is in a dead heat with 5 candidates polling within 1 point of each other: David Perdue, businessman and the cousin of former Governor Sonny Perdue; Jack Kingston, from the US House of Representatives, 1st district; Paul Broun, US House 10th district; Karen Handel, Former GA Secretary of State and 2010 candidate for Governor of GA; and Phil Gingrey, US House 11th district. What makes the race a toss up is that more than 40% of Republican primary voters are undecided. I expect for that number to go down as we approach the primary. Most voters probably aren't tuned to the election yet.
Karen Handel lays into Phil Gingrey and Jack Kingston for past votes to raise debt ceiling, references Gingrey's safari trip
In an attempt to explain the omission The Georgia Republican Assembly release the following statement. “The Georgia Republican Assembly was proud to co-sponsor “Conservatism Outside the Box” on Saturday, February 15, 2014. We also sponsored a straw poll for United States Senate at the event. On Friday evening, we copied the latest information from Wikipedia on the declared Republican primary candidates to be included on the ballot. As of Friday, February 14, 2014, the candidates listed were: Paul Broun, Phil Gingrey, Karen Handel, Jack Kingston, David Perdue, and Eugene Yu. We did not intentionally exclude Randy Asman (who at the time of this posting is still not added to Wikipedia, but is now on other sites), Derrick Grayson (who was since added to Wikipedia…a fluid website).” We will be happy to do an email poll to all paid event ticket holders from Saturday’s event with these additional names included and post the results. Let us also be clear we are a separate organization from the Georgia ...
041.14 - Get involved. The Greater Fayette Republican Women's Club meets the second Thursday of each month. The next meeting (Feb. 13th) will feature guest speakers Art Gardener, Eugene Yu and Karen Handel who are candidates for the Republican nomination for US Senate. The meeting will be held at 6:30pm at the Tyrone Depot.
Newton Co. Phone Bank for Karen Handel SUPER SATURDAY Feb. 15th, 2014 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. Covington Women's Club 1122 College Ave (next to Amici's) Covington, GA 30014 We are having a "Super Saturday" event for Karen Handel on Saturday, Feb. 15th, 10am-2pm. You will need to bring: your cell phone, a charger, a pen and most importantly, your enthusiasm to help get Karen elected. It is only through your help, that we can reach out to voters and make this day a success. We will be calling local Republican voters from Newton, Walton and Rockdale County from a list provided by Karen's campaign, a script will be provided as well. It's really fun and easy to do, and a great way to get to reach out to fellow Republicans. You will be amazed at the number of people who want to engage and become a part of electing our next U.S. Senator. This election is crucial and it's so important that we send the right person to Washington. As you can image, Karen has a busy schedule but she has chosen Newton Co. as one of onl . ...
Always remember that career politicians are the problem and not the solution.They have been miserable failures for the taxpayers.Vote for outstanding taxpayer champions like Ted Cruz,Tom Graves,David Pennington,Barry Loudermik,and Karen Handel.
The Georgia Young Republicans are excited to have Senate Candidates Congressman Jack Kingston and Karen Handel as sponsors for this weekend! Karen will actually be stopping by to encourage the Grassroots army as we get trained!
Let's get ready to rumble! Karen Handel's new campaign head directed 2004 Senate campaign of Linda McMahon, wife of WWE mogul Vince McMahon
Rick Allen and Karen Handel are sharing the same spox: ex-Sonny Perdue aide Daniel McLagan.
Political objectives in the next few months.Reach out to outstanding young people like Eli Yarborough and get them fired up and energized about politics,Do all I can to elect David Pennington Gov and Karen Handel to the Senate and Barry Loudermilk to Congress.Elect more taxpayer champions across the country like Tom Graves,Tom Price,Hunter Hill.and Doug Collins.get fired up; big wins in 2014.
I just donated to Karen Handel for US Senate in Georgia Consistent courageous conservative
Roozer Brewz aka Roo is learning to use his wheels!!!
Today, shoppers have access to just about any product or service through direct selling somewhere in the world. Many people think of cosmetics, cleaning products and systems, nutritional products and homewares as products that are available through direct selling, but there are countless other produ...
On June 17th, Nancy Brinker, the sister of Susan Komen and the founder of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, lost her job as CEO of the organization as a result of attempts to defund Planned Parenthood. She has been replaced by a woman who led an organization that has been involved in the development of O...
A little sad seeing the signs being taken down from the Volunteer Arms !!!
Karen Handel wants GA to bring back Voter ID
Catching the last 20 minutes of the Karate Kid!!! Great ending to a day!!!
Congrats to the State of Massachusetts for sending a dude with 37 years of "service" in the House of Representatives on to the US Senate where these career opportunists get rewarded with 6 yr terms...This kind of perpetual politician is exactly what is wrong with American politics and illustrates a strong case for term limits. Term limits would help end the pervasive cronyism that has spent us into a world of shi* with elected officals incapable of passing common sense, fiscally sane budgets.
I signed up to volunteer for Karen Handel for U. S. Senate. Join me!
Great turnout for Karen Handel for Senate reception. Thanks to all for coming & for your support!
Eli Yarborough is super star,and he has really fired me up and highly energized me.Eli was Valedictorian in his class and voted best all around and was elected captain of his football and basketball team.He will be a freshman at the University of Ga. This year and probably play football for the bulldogs.I have told David Pennington,Tom Graves,Al Gainey ,Karen Handel,Tom Price,and Barry Loudermilk about this super star.Remember the name Eli Yarborough.He is a super star in every way.
Shelves, mirror, light cover and doorbell cover painted and up. Starting on trim. should be done painting tonight... Can I have a Hallelujah?!
Two men, a 23-year-old and a 19-year-old have been charged with Capitol Murder in the shooting death of 30-year-old Daryl Dwayne Fontenot. Stay with KFDM for the latest information.
The clean sweep at the Komen Foundation is finally complete. A few days ago Komen founder Nancy Brinker finally lost her job as CEO. It took a while but they finally got rid of her, the woman who watched her
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Know a true conservative women running for office in 2013? Tell us about her! We will brag about her!
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