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Karate Kid

Karate Kid (Val Armorr) is a fictional character, a superhero in the future of the DC Comics universe, and a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Ralph MacChio Cobra Kai Jaden Smith Elizabeth Shue William Zabka Karate Kid 2 Johnny Lawrence Pat Morita Daniel Larusso Elisabeth Shue Jackie Chan Joe Esposito Peter Cetera Indiana Jones

It's wax ON! 33 years after Karate Kid, & are kicking it on the set of coming soon to Y…
New Franchise Month. A story of a kid from Jersey who teams up with a Japanese handyman…
When you a wrestler but you tired of this screaming kid so you finna karate chop him silent. Go NIGHT NIGHT!!!
I am in Nigeria I love your Dad and loved you in karate kid. So since u can afford it help me travel the world to s…
You can call me karate kid the way this choppa kick
You know It's gonna be a good day when you wake up, have a day off work and karate kid is on
Anyone but me just realise that Mr. Miyagis wife from karate kid died during child birth at Manzanar that's the sad…
Jus got done watching The karate kid & it’s such a great movie, it’s definitely one of my favorite movies ever made 💗
This looks like the scene from karate kid except this *** whoop all they *** 😂
Father’s Day is coming! What’s the best advice you ever received from your dad? htt…
Good luck, Karate Kid 🙏🏿. And always remember, people are naturally polite in DMs, no assholeness that you see on t…
Yeah I just watched it ... Rocky chopped Drago down like an old tree. . tomorrow nite I might watch…
Send yer boy Kerry over and tell him he's learning to be the next Karate Kid ... it so…
Every kid after watching The Karate kid😂
You were gr8 in the karate kid, Daniel son 🙏
Remember Dre Parker, from Karate Kid?. ...This is him now. Feel old yet?
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Thanks to Haskell’s course, I watched the Karate Kid on I think I have a favourite movie now (besides DDLJ).
This is final episode of Franchise month we talk about the Karate Kid sequel that many want to forget.…
Daddy thinks he is a karate kid. Taking him back to his own ATA days.
Ron baker johnny boy from the karate kid is the reason won tonight
Karate Kid on Finding Balance and inner strength - G.N. Rogers via
New - Karate Kid 2. We talk in broken English, learn that it's Sato not Saito, find out that Daniel got…
The Karate Kid is gonna hit up Lord of the Fries tonight baby
Karate Kid references. Primal screams. waxing poetically. This staredown with must be see…
TIL: on the "Karate Kid" soundtrack, Gang of Four has a tune on there just before Joe Esposito's "You're The Best".
First crush ever... Elisabeth Shue in the Karate Kid
Karate Kid sequel Cobra Kai teased in first-look photo via Things surely no on…
I think Jaden Smith’s Karate Kid could whip Ralph MacChio’s, but probably Mr Miagi over Jackie Chan
Daily NJ Trivia: In the original Karate Kid movies, the title character, Daniel Larusso, moves to California from Newark, NJ. Fact!
It really bothers me that Daniel Larusso had a different girlfriend in every one of the Karate Kid parts. You were…
Extra Thanks to Karate Kid (Not with Jaden Smith) for making me think that a wimpy poor kid has a chance with a hot…
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In other news, Trump makes fun of Ted Koppel's comb-over, calls Johnny from Karate Kid a bully, and rem…
My producer is 25 and has never seen Karate Kid or Beverly Hills Cop send help.
Loved the actors playing teens piece! My go-to creepy examole is Ralph MacChio in Karate Kid lol. Als…
I’ve never pulled harder in my life for a guy named Ralph. Okay except for Macchio in Karate Kid..…
This is my parents in high school looking like Ralph MacChio & Elizabeth Shue in Karate Kid
.says the Ferris Bueller episode took 3 months of shooting. Karate Kid was easiest.
Karate Kid on AMC simultaneously airing with Leaving Las. Vegas on IPLEX.Both co-star Elizabeth Shue.She has 3 memorable films. Name the 3rd
"Get you a girl that looks at you like Elizabeth Shue looks at Ralph MacChio in Karate Kid" -
Elizabeth Shue in Karate Kid. Definitely on my list.
Karate Kid sequel with Ralph MacChio and the poet, William Zabka!?
Wait.. wait.. A Karate Kid 10 Episode TV Series staring Macchio and William Zabka picking up where the first movie left off? and a Comedy?!
'Karate Kid' is coming back as a series with two key actors on board
'Karate Kid' TV sequel, starring Ralph MacChio and William Zabka: We love this duo!
I needto get Amazon Red just for this!. 'Karate Kid' Revival 'Cobra Kai' Planned With Ralph MacChio, William Zabka
Macchio resumes 'Karate Kid' role in new series via
I'm in Beverly Hills for the second half of and was immediately treated to a Karate Kid reunion
Ralph MacChio agreed to do a Karate Kid sequel series on YouTube Red. Stay bronze, Ponyboy. Stay bronze.
The new "Karate Kid" sequel is just going to be two hours of Ralph MacChio getting called "a cuck."
Original 'Karate Kid' and his enemy are back to new half-hour series from YouTube Red. --
>Karate Kid reboot with original actors. ...Did Barney Stinson fund this project?
We're here for % subscription service which announces "Cobra Kai," a continuation of "The Karate Kid" saga ..
Youtube Red is $10 a month? Seems awful steep just to watch Karate Kid.
Miami Vice and Karate Kid reboots announced in the same week? Not sure how much more I can take...
I have not decided yet if I hate this more than anything ever...or if I'm secretly giddy. Ill let you know.
Susanne Daniels calls Cobra Kai, its Karate Kid revival, “an unprecedented rematch over 30 years in the making”
Daniels hyping upcoming series like (Karate Kid reboot)
With a Karate Kid sequel series on the way we need to celebrate.
Oh holy god! Now this is a sequel I can get behind!.
If the new Karate Kid show doesn't put Daniel in prison as the natural result of his downward spiral of unchecked aggression, it's a fraud
Wax on, wax off: The OG 'Karate Kid' enemies are making a comeback with a new series on YouTube Red.
Ralph MacChio and William Zabka Reprise their Signature Roles from “The Karate Kid” in an…
This Karate Kid news made me realize you haven't done any of the original movies yet.
There was already a Karate Kid sequel (other than Karate Kid 2 etc) . And it was awesome .
'Karate Kid' foes, Ralph MacChio and William Zabka, to battle in 'Cobra Kai' series. The original 'Karate Kid' and…
Billy Zabka returns 2 Karate Kid for YouTube Red Series will the good guy finally win?
‘Karate Kid’ reboot no one asked for debuts on Red in 2018 -
Kid AMAZING! your or image to files ai or eps for $5 on
The stars of the original Karate Kid are coming back for a streaming sequel series called Cobra Kai https:…
This is not a drill: a sequel starring and is heading to
'Karate Kid' Sequel Series Reuniting Macchio, Zabka Is this real?!?! It's not April Fool's Day so I…
Ralph MacChio and William Zabka will reunite for a new 'Karate Kid' revival comedy called 'Cobra Kai'
Trying to process that a 30 years later karate kid is gonna be made. Processing done. IM IN!!!
Exclusive: TV Sequel, Starring and a Go at YouTube Red https:/…
Karate Kid to service is used to change “bitmap” images into vector format.
YouTube beat out Netflix and Amazon to snag The Karate Kid TV series sequel (Jason Guerrasio/Business Insider: Tech)
A Karate Kid sequel with the original leads. Cobra Kai is officially coming to series:
Nobody asked for this. | ‘Karate Kid’ Sequel Series With Ralph MacChio, William Zabka Greenlit at YouTube Red
The Karate Kid series might be the thing that gets me to move to YouTube Red.
BastardKeith: Pointless. We all know what happened after KARATE KID: Hillary Swank.
.returns to Karate Kid for the YouTube series, Cobra Kai
YouTube beat out Netflix and Amazon to snag 'The Karate Kid' TV series sequel via
YouTube Red is making a Karate Kid sequel series called Cobra Kai with the original stars
Wow. For real? Might be good? Ralph MacChio to star in new 'Karate Kid' series, 'Cobra Kai'
What they need to be doing is making another Karate Kid movie with Jaden Smith & Taraji P. Henson.
Rooting for the Dodgers is like rooting for the Cobra Kai dojo in Karate Kid
"I will defeat the Karate Kid and bring honor back to the Cobra Kai dojo. THIS I PROMISE YOU!!!"
Ralph MacChio was 22 when they filmed Karate Kid.
Reminded me of edgar vs that karate kid. drowned him
Karate Kid movie dance scene in real life
How could you say this? Rocky IV, Beverley's Hills Cop, Karate Kid, Running Scared, Twins, Back to the Future II...
let's see Goonies, Gremlins, ET, Back to the Future, Karate Kid. I guess you get the idea of movies I think are good.
"Life will knock us down. But we can choose whether or not to get back up." - The Karate Kid (2010)
I haven't really watched a lot with jaden in it. The new karate kid is all the experience i have and…
Karate Kid not great. The other two are good but I couldn't quote a line.
hey Sean just watching karate kid part 3 here your class in the movie did it take much training to get into character ??
I spent my day off watching all the Karate Kid movies🙃
About 2 face this king size and watch the karate kid I'll brb
Starring as the next karate kid. it's Jake from State Farm! ❄💀
Im tryna watch the karate kid with Jaden Smith
Seeing young Jaden Smith in karate kid brings me back to good days.
The Mooch is a grown up version of Johnny Lawrence from Karate kid (if his dad had $$ to get him into Harvard)
Awesome job of going Karate Kid on some cat in the '96 title game,
Koravanji was far better than Alaap nd karate kid. But u pepl kept her in Waiting list. Talent nodi kodro
Alfred:Master Bruce youre rich.If u wanna better the world,why not fund philanthropic efforts. Batman:pls stfu while I k…
Karate kid or rocky will always be the best and top 2
I'm overdue for a Karate Kid viewing.
Well if you need to defend yourself, go ahead and be the Karate Kid or use mace. I'll us…
I don't do sports rn, but I was super sporty as a kid. I did gymnastics, karate, tennis, basketball, equitation, at…
I... I am watching something called the Karate Kid, right?
I swear my neighbor looks exactly like mr miyagi from the karate kid movie
When Judge bats I continue to hear the song from karate kid in my head.
Or maybe it was Mr Miyagi training Daniel in karate kid.. Wax on wax off 😂 😂 😂
I am inspired by these movies since I've overcome some adversity in my own life:. Invictus . Soul Surfer. The Karate Kid. UnBroken
Yes, I remember that classic moment in the Karate Kid movies where Daniel surfs a submarine missile that blows up a ship.
Pat Morita's portrayal of an Asian person in The Karate Kid was pretty racist.
My daughters have been watching The Outsiders and Karate Kid on a loop. Can I get a "Hi Sophia and Ava" for a BC grad? Thanks!
I saw karate kid in the theatre I think. My name is Daniel so I got daniel-San in my karate classes
The most in-depth look at 1984's The Karate Kid thanks to
Goonies and Karate Kid are good but very much of their time
I honestly didn't even like Goonies when I saw it in the movie theater. So many weird beats to it. Karate Kid's okay. Princess...
Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom, The Karate Kid, Ghostbusters, and Gremlins were all released the same summer of 19…
You look like you're doing the crane from Karate Kid. 😁
The Karate Kid (1984) Retrospective / Review is now available on YouTube!
*** boy looking like The kid from karate kid. Man 🤛🤛🤛
ME: *dressed in my kung fu outfit. WIFE: You off to your ninja club again?. ME: [hiding my Karate Kid DVD behind my back] Ye…
Voting , fair accountable voting is the theoretical legs to our system . It's the stick . And Russia? Paid attention durin…
My dog is like the Karate Kid. He kills flies with one swipe of his paw. Then he eats them 😳
I know you must be the Karate Kid fan out there! As you know the director of the Karate Kid the great John G.Avildsen died.
people mag. Deaths. John G. Avildsen who directed Rocky & Karate Kid died of pancreatic cancer in Los Angeles on June 16. He was 81.
Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith made a Karate Kid movie. Remember that? I try hard not to.
Jaden Smith was doing kung fu in the Karate Kid
Karate Kid might have taught you a lot of good stuff but I feel blessed it taught me the lyrics to Peter Cetera's Glory of L…
Elizabeth Shue is as old as Pat Morita was in the Karate Kid
Props to for using Joe Esposito's "You're The Best" from Karate Kid as his walkout music
John G. Avildsen RIP. 99% of the remembrances will be about Rocky or The Karate Kid. But my favorite is Lean on...
John G. Avildsen knew how to end a film so that you'd go sailing out of the theater on a high. ROCKY and THE KARATE KID are pe…
"I owe just about everything to John Avildsen," Sylvester Stallone said about the Academy Award winner:
reminder that John Avildsen shot a rough version of THE KARATE KID on a camcorder in 1983
OT: Director Jon Avildsen (Rocky, Karate Kid) has died. What happened to great movies like TheKarate Kid?
RIP John G Avildsen Director of my all time favourite film The Karate Kid!
The diner scene from the original Karate Kid is proof to me that Avildsen deserves to be spoken of with the greats. May he Rest In Peace.
If you grew up in Silver Shores you were probably part of the neighborhood kids who would rent a VCR and watch...
R.I.P. to John G. Avildsen, the director or Rocky and The Karate Kid. He certainly made a contribution.
'Rocky' and 'Karate Kid' director John Avildsen dies at 81
John G. Avildsen—the director of 'Rocky' and 'The Karate Kid'—passes away at age 81
my name is JasonWood from Detroit Mi big fan of you I always love your movies the karate kid the outsiders…
‘Rocky’ and ‘Karate Kid’ director John Avildsen dies at 81.
Director of 'Rocky,' 'The Karate Kid' dies at 81
John Avildsen, director of 'Rocky', 'Karate Kid' dies at 81.
He directed many of my favorite movies R.I.P John G Avildsen
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so no one was gonna tell me I'm dating the Karate Kid? 😂💀
This is tragic, Rocky is possibly my favorite movie of all time. Thank you for your incredible contribution to film.
RIP John Avildsen. Rocky. The Karate Kid. Lean On Me. The Power of One. Great films about hard work and believing in yours…
John G. Avildsen, Oscar-winning director of Rocky and The Karate Kid, has died aged 81.
Our ongoing gallery of celebrities we've lost in 2017 now includes the director of "Rocky" and "Karate Kid."
As mentioned on the truth behind the real hero in "The Karate Kid".
RIP John G. Avildsen, director of the two best sports films of all time, Rocky and The Karate Kid.
RIP director of Rocky, Rocky V and the original Karate Kid trilogy. Nobody made better underdog stories: a bri…
John G. Avildsen, the Oscar winning director behind "Rocky" and "The Karate Kid" passes away at 81. ht…
The man who directed Rocky (in 28 days and with a million bucks) and the Karate Kid has died. .
The director who brought us Rocky and the first 3 original Karate Kid movies John G. Avildsen has passed away at 81.
I m imagining some karate kid got up on stage to protect the president n kick some real butts.
John G. Avildsen, Director of original Karate Kid films & more >
RIP John Avildsen, who gave the world Rocky and The Karate Kid
You could not make The Karate Kid (1984) today. Daniel and Miyagi do not meet until about 40 minutes into the movie.
Wax On. Wax Off. Make like picture. Think only tree... Karate Kid was more than a movie. It was a spirit!. director…
Mr.Kove I was sorry to hear of the loss of your director of the three Karate Kid flicks.May John G Avildsen RIP. Chris Roth
Hiyah...can you believe still only 6 and he has achieved his BROWN BELT! # Our very own Karate Kid junio…
If u like the Golden State Warriors I bet u root against Daniel in the Karate Kid too. Don't lie!
*** that's like talking to Elisabeth Shue and not asking about "Karate Kid." Just. Not. Right.
A conservative is now apparently someone who thinks Johnny Lawrence is the real hero of Karate Kid
You ever think that if Karate Kid were made today that Johnny Lawrence would win.
Trump's handshake is like Danny doing the crane in Karate Kid. Worked once, will never work again now everyone knows it. But DANNY MOVED ON.
Watching 'Karate Kid', I had the most serious 10 yr old stalker crush on Elisabeth Shue, I was convinced I had a shot
.That's what I meant to write (inspired by)...I just googled Karate Kid and her nam…
"It's less offensive to go Karate Kid than heil Hitler"- 😂another MAJ episode of
"Oh hey, it's the Karate Kid...the Hilary Swank version!" - why has this Michael Scott line gone so unnoticed it's brilliant
.becomes the Mr. Miyagi to Karate Kid in new Carpool Karaoke. http…
The Warriors Gate is a blatant rip off of the Forbidden Kingdom and the Karate Kid. Waste.
They'd probably end up casting Jaden Smith as Kid Flash or something. Karate Kid era version of him would do a good job, ironically.
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I grew up dreaming of the martial arts: Bruce Lee, Kung Fu the Series, The Last Dragon and Karate Kid /1
Hard to believe Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith are returning to star in another Karate Kid movie. I hope it is awesome.
ever since Karate Kid. Leaving Las Vegas was a fantastit movie
Idk if it's fake or not, but I just read that Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan are making a Karate Kid sequel this in 2017. . I 💝 Karate Kid. 😛😄😄
BREAKING: Grayson Allen and Draymond Green have been signed to star in the upcoming Karate Kid movie.
You've gotta feel sorry for Ralph MacChio these days. "No, *** it! I was Karate Kid! SCOTT BAIO was Chachi! I don't even LIKE Trump!"
Ralph MacChio, the original Karate Kid, is a real inspiration.
So Ralph MacChio, the original Karate Kid, turned 55 today. Feeling old everyone?
No Sleep ! . 2 Mosquitoes got me wrestling all night!! Argh. I swear .started to feel like Karate Kid smh
jumping jack flash, Karate Kid and probably goonies.. although then you have breakfast club, ferris . phew
Karate Kid, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Green Street Hooligans, Mad Max: Fury Road. This has been my day.
Whenever I hear someone talk about the Karate Kid
Interviewing Louis Theroux today. Nervous about interviewing a wonderful interviewer. Feel like the Karate Kid meeting Mr Miyagi.
To all of you '80s folks out there, Ralph MacChio is now same age that Pat Morita was in first Karate Kid movie. Ouch!
Can't be arsed move so watching Karate Kid on sky cinema. Love the Banana Rama cruel summer track
I liked a video from GTA 5 "MOVIE PARODIES" - Terminator, Indiana Jones, Karate Kid,
give karate kid a local Apple, he'll tell ya it's a one hit wonder.
ha. Liam still talks about seeing Ralph and watching Karate Kid at Wizard World
*** Why is Karate Kid on my TV and why can't I stop watching it?"
We have the trilogy AND The Next Karate Kid AND the Jaden Smith remake which is the best of all of them
remind me... did you ever cover the original karate kid trilogy? Would that be covered in one show?
My kids are black belts at Kum Sung Karate. Ever see a kid catch arrows out of the air? How cool.
From karate kid to XXL freshman. Let's go Jaden 😭😭😭
Jayden should do a song called karate kid ft future
if he don't take his *** back to Japan like the karate kid he is 😂
Hey it's the bad guy from The Karate Kid!
Just watched The Karate Kid with my kids. Still one if the greatest films ever, amazing soundtrack too!
...Johnny beats the Karate Kid at the All-Valley Karate Tournament.
Wow, I just cried watching karate kid. 😴
Jaden Smith turning from karate kid to xxl freshman.
"Never trust spiritual leader who cannot dance" the next Karate Kid.
Some lol kid got on his karate suit & in here practicing . It's honestly making my morning but it seems to be pissing other people off 😂😭😂
THE KARATE KID Daniel: Hey, you got a name? Ali: Ali... with an I. Hey, what's your name? Daniel: Daniel... with an L.
No one is safe at the Not even the Karate Kid.
This kid at cookout literally karate kicked my cup out of my hand.I have never seen a parent apologize so much but I was laughing too hard
Looking at my kid bounce around in karate class and confirmed my 2nd child is ADHD, just like mom, big bro, and probably daddy too
Jaden Smith making trap music with rich the kid 🙄... i remember when he came out in karate kid😂
My kid [watching karate]: I wish I wanted to kick. Me: Do you want to kick?. Kid: No. Me: But you wish you wanted to kick?. Kid: Yes.
Why does this remind me of karate kid lololol SEHUN is too cute
After watching this video (I think Karate Kid 2 is a love story b/w Daniel and Mr Miyagi.
"Maybe I should forget about everything. Why can't I just lock myself in my room & listen to music all day?". -Hilary Swa…
Jaden Smith turning from Karate Kid to XXL Freshman lol
The karate kid isn't even made out of real karate
FREE screening of Karate Kid tonight at Ballard Park plus demonstration by Newport Martial Arts and a short. 7:15pm
'Movies On The Rocks' at Ballard Park Will Wrap up 2016 Season on Wednesday With Free Screening of 'Karate Kid'
It is the biggest story of the decade. They are more inspirational than The Mighty Ducks and the Karate Kid combined
i was more Richie Cunningham than Fonzie. More Peter Brady than cooler older bro Greg. i wished i was the Karate Kid.
Remember Jacky Chan used cupping therapy in the Karate Kid?
*** got his ankles broken by one of the *** that beat up Jaden Smith in Karate Kid
This fight was terrible. Jaden Smith was much better in the new Karate Kid than this fight!
I was thinking more Kwai Chang Caine than Karate Kid...but..
i couldnt care LESS about that.Karate Kid was black AND a smith.where is my sequel?even jacky chan asked the smiths!
I see you Travis Browne using the Karate Kid song 'You're the best around' but Luke Rockhold did it first and did it better.
doing his best Karate Kid impression while fighting the strong Roger Huerta at…
Watching Tokyo Drift which I love, it's like Karate Kid with cars. Why the hate?
I was a complete unknown when I did 'Karate Kid.' I'd just done a pilo...
Last time I check the Karate Kid was a kid named Daniel(san) who just moved to LA... Not Jaden Smith
I see that some of the Karate Kid cast (Ralph MacChio, Martin Kove, William Zabka) are doing cons. Any chance for next year?
I'm getting nostalgic, Karate Kid is the movie for tomorrow's free summer movie series!
I've had the song You're The Best Around from the original Karate Kid movie stuck in my head for days
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
On today's show: the Karate Kid of takes by storm
For me it's Karate Kid and La Bamba lol
Agent Cody Banks (Blu-ray Review): Directed by Harald Zwart (The Karate Kid) from a screenplay by Scott Alexa...
Ralph MacChio is the same age now that Pat Morita was when Karate Kid came out in 1984
The Thunder looked like Ralph MacChio in the beginning of the Karate Kid
Yeah, you know, like Ralph MacChio did in the Karate Kid with the Shower lol.
you're 1/2 Zack Morris & 1/2 Johnny from Karate Kid. Welcome to LA, dude.
Sorry, Karate Kid. You are not just an obvious *** you are also violating the U.S. Flag Code. As is your friend.
Ramos could Karate Kid kick someone and not get that second card at this point
No mater how old you are. When you first watched Karate Kid. You had a crush on Elizabeth Shue ❤️
Oh you are right about Elizabeth Shue. Oh yeah. Don’t forget Karate Kid too.
That song "Remember The Name" I love that song. First heard it back in the 2010 Karate Kid movie…
She's about to go Karate Kid on her lol!
The Cobra Command would be elated. Or Johnny Lawrence from Karate Kid
Watching Karate Kid 2. I wonder what would have happened if Miyagi had never betrayed his best friend, Sato.
yeah I'm that last option idk why but I think karate kid wouldn't be karate kid without mr miyagi
Don't mess with this kid! He's had 80 bucks worth of Karate training! @ Warden Hilltop Community…
[IN]Daniel (Ralph MacChio) is new to town and the local bullies give him too much trouble. They are all a…
oh! This is like wax on wax off from the Karate Kid movie. Mopping the floor?
My knowledge of martial arts comes solely from Karate Kid movies, but I'm guessing American TKD is lightweight?
next time try striking the Crane pose from the Karate Kid 😜
.is in the movie and there's a mention of "The Karate Kid." Interesting.
Apropos of absolutely nothing other than a Spotify deep dive: I loved “Glory of Love” by Peter Cetera, ca. 1986 from Karate Kid part II. 🎤
My cute loose ponytail look I had today reminds me of kumiko from the Karate Kid 2
Omg the Karate Kid 3 is even better than the first and second... Normally its the other way around😂Im so attached to the series
If you don't like The Karate Kid II you can just go straight to ***
Johnny from the Karate Kid. He was the ultimate villain!
You clearly need to just chime in and go "I'M DANIEL-SAN, KARATE KID, LET ME SEE SEN 3 AND YS8, ARIGATOU"
When you just finished watching karate kid and hear Justin voice at the end singing never say never. 😁😁🙌🏼
oh no, my feelings. Too bad you look like Mr Miyagi from karate kid
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Just saw this on Amazon: The Karate Kid 4-Film DVD Collection for $14.15
I never got into those films. More if a Karate Kid.
Sometimes the only prescription is a home cooked meal and watching the original Karate Kid with your kids.
[New York Daily News]HE DELIVERED one of the greatest lines of all time on the silver screen 33 years ago…
guyz, you know what would really move tickets? Sharnado vs Godzilla crossover with the Karate Kid. YIS
Feel imma watch karate kid tonight tho
It's bring your parent week in my kid's karate class so I just got my black belt in hating everything.
This is how I view our relationship..You being Mr. Miyagi, of course...Myself being, The Karate Kid!
This one kid at karate reminds me so much of Ike Broflovski, even his voice... You can't see his hair but I swear
Anybody else think of blood thirsty Cobra Kai from 80's Karate Kid rooting teammate as similar to Trump & Trump's rally audiences?
I want to vote for the candidate who shares my values but since the Cobra Kai dojo from "Karate Kid" isn't running I'm going with Trump.
Marco Rubio is Daniel in the Karate Kid and Donald Trump is the bully Johnny Lawrence of Cobra Kai
Rooting for Corey Perry is like rooting for Johnny Lawrence from Karate Kid.
I grew up in Dix Hills like you, been a huge fan for years. My pal has never seen Karate Kid. Watch with us?
Pictures of the day: A red squirrel adopts a 'Karate Kid' pose during fight over bird food https…
It's Johnny Lawrence from Karate Kid. And he's good at Basketball...
just learned you'll be in Denver for Comic Con!!! Barney was right, you are the REAL Karate Kid! Can't wait!!!
Two friends make what they presume is the only Karate Kid podcast, all to meet . Episode 2!
any word if there will be a Karate Kid part 2 line?
This is the end of Karate Kid... 1. When Mr Miyagi does his magic hands. 2. The final round. 3.…
Daniel Larusso's move in Karate Kid is creepily standing over Elizabeth Shue at the beach and then kick a soccer ball at her 6 hours later.
youre the best around de Joe Esposito. Es la rolita del Karate Kid
Taylor Lautner should've just been the new Karate Kid
Growing up I remember having video cassettes of Karate Kid, Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill and Police Academy. We'd play them over and over!❤
Cheer for Rocky Balboa in Rocky, and Daniel Larusso in Karate Kid?. Try CHOPPER MUSIC: RT
I've been chosen to play the lead role of Daniel Larusso in the remake of the Karate Kid. Coming out summer of 2017
Pat Morita was 51 when the first Karate Kid came out. Ralph MacChio is 54. ***
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