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Karachi Press Club

The Karachi Press Club (KPC) is an organization of the community of the journalists. It also takes account of academics, business people and people from the public service.

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Protest held by the Baloch Republican Party and BRSO activists out side Karachi Press club .
BRP press Conf, at Karachi press club against *** s growing atrocities across Balochistan
Group Photo with SVP sindh Syed Shah Muhammad Shah after Press Conferece at Karachi Press Club
MQM Minority Wing protest at Karachi Press Club against attack on Christian Community in Badami Bagh
BRP women Wing held a Confrence in karachi press Club against the Operations held in Balochistan by pak army
BRP activists held a press confernce in Karachi press club to highlight & HR abuses in https:/…
Female activists of the Baloch Republican Party held a Press Conference at Karachi press club, where they...
workers protest in front of Press Club for restoration of operations.
In Karachi press club.Female activist of BRP r highlighting state atrocities on Balochs Balochistan
BRP activists highlighted Pakistan army's growing atrocities in Balochistan & at Karachi press club htt…
"Press Conference at Karachi press club against Pakistan's growing atrocities across Balochistan on
Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari congratulates newly elected bodies of Karachi Press Club and...
Federal Minister for Planning, Development & Reform Prof. Ahsan Iqbal will talk to media at Karachi Press Club to...
will hold a demonstration infront of Karachi press club against operations in Balochistan on 12Nov2015.
held a Demonstration infront of Karachi press club against miltary http…
Rally finish at Press Club ...road is opened for traffic
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Third International Karachi Conference press meet happening now at Press Club.
PFUJ Protest against killing of Zaman Mehsud & misbehave of PTI chairman with Media. Thursday November 5, at 4 pm outside Karachi Press Club
Karachi Press Club writes to Imran Khan to condemn routine torture by workers on journalists, cameraman, attacks o…
Altaf's ex actually conducted a presser after the divorce in Karachi press club. If you don't know about it cause nobody covered it
A Press Conference will be held on Wednesday 4th November,2015 at 3:00 pm at Karachi press club,
KARACHI: A month and a half back, the press club in opened unannounced...
Album: stage demonstration at Karachi press club at today against the women harassment and violence...
First meeting of SJAS executive committee has been called on 4th Nov at 2:30pm at Press club.
Pakistani Journalists on World day at press club.
We will stage demonstration @ Karachi Press Club at 5 pm today against the women harassment & violence against women in KU.
Writers to stage protest tomorrow condemning killings In Khairpur & calling for Unity & Solidarity for peace in SINDH. @ Press Club Karachi
9: (APMSO) staged a protest outside the Karachi Press Club against the activists of the religious parties.
A lunch hosted for my classmate at Karachi Press Club , Secretory Karachi Press Club
MNA Rashid Godial addressing Press Conference at Karachi Press Club. .
Famous Singer Asma Lata performed at Karachi Press Club on Saturday on 29th August 2015.
Karachi Press Club arranged free ENT, audiology and speech camp on Saturday on 29th Aug 2015.
Will do an important Press Conference at Karachi Press Club tomorrow (Friday) at 5pm. Some New Joinings!
The case of mysterious bang, heard across the city. Heard it while I was at press club, still unclear what it was.
MeetingtBefore Protest at Press Club Lawn Karachi on 1st September 2015 against Ghost Teachers and their...
Aug30 - staged a demonstration to demand recovery of outside Karachi Press Club. http:/…
PML Sindh Protest against Indian aggression in Front of Karachi Press Club on 29.08.2015. — with Jameela Baloch...
families protest & demanding Pakistan Authorities to made efforts to..
At Karachi Press Club, Protest against Ban on 6 or 9 Seater Rikshaw. Government must take notice of this illegal ban.
Protest at Karachi Press Club by families of the 'arrested and missing' workers of MQM...
. Police brutally beaten the disabled persons at Karachi Press Club! Shame!
Passionate youth expressing their grief for in front of Karachi Press Club
After lots of protests in Umerkot poor are coming to Karachi Press Club to protest at 2:30 PM 2day. PTI supports them and peo…
Awami Tehrik,PML-N, People’s Aman Comite had announced a raly from Lyari to the Karachi Press Club.shame on you PML-N.
BNF leaders' Press Conference addressing details of and operations all over Balochistan at Karachi Press Club h…
Mazoor afrad beyar wa madadghar at Karachi press club
Azad Foundation's Team after a Press Conference held on 3rd July, 2015 at Karachi Press Club by Azad Foundation.
PR released by Azad Foundation in a Press Conference held on 3rd July, 2015 at Press Club, Karachi for the...
Today talking to media at disables people camp in front of Karachi press club.
-Traders of Karachi gathered at Karachi Press Club to protest against 0.6% withholding tax.
Standing over roof of Karachi Press Club, Photo clicked be Saeed Lashari.
Protest to be held by Karachi Traders Alliance 2Day 7 Jul Tue. 3 pm Khi Press Club,agnst Bank TAX khi will attend & Support the demand
APPEAL. All traders of karachi join protest on press club 3.00 pm tomarrow again unjustified 0.6% wht on bank...
Insha Allah i will join today protest at karachi press club
A rare pic of at Press club karachi with senior journalist
will stage protest demo at karachi press club today 4pm against & Nawaz-Govt failure to provide ele…
Along with PR colleagues & media friends at Iftar dinner hosted by Karachi Press Club 1/2
not allowed to hold peaceful demonstration 4 office bearers of Korangi, arrested by LEA when they coming back fro…
Sports Journalists gathered on sports journalists day (2nd July) at Karachi Press Club
Protest at Karachi press club journalist community with
With old friend khursheed at Karachi Press Club on Thursday night.
A protest by in front of Karachi Press Club against by htt…
BHRO protests in front of Karachi Press Club against which carried out by Pakistan forces past days.
demonstration against today infront of Karachi Press Club.
MT"BHRO protests against the in front of Karachi press club
"Protest at the Karachi Press Club as against the http
Baloch Human Rights Org held a protest in front of press club against Pakistan's army barbarism.htt…
Ajman City-Karachi press club me press briefing *** gy-. by Ali Fahmi For Brefing Ajman City on Wed on 18th Feb at 2 pm
Rally on Behalf of the man of iron bhai,at press club karachi
Members of Karachi Press Club’s governing body called on Governor Dr Ishratul Ibad on Saturday
8, February, 2015 Day 1884 of at Karachi Press Club. . The Voice for Baloch Missing Persons has...
Malik Riaz has announced Rs10 million for Karachi Press Club.
Our protest on killings of Shias in Peshawar today at Karachi Press Club. Thanks to Democratic Students Federation (DSF) Karachi.
It is Senate, not governing body election of Karachi Press Club
. the awam OF KARACHI/HYD/LYARI WILL also do Demonstration AT KHI and HYD/ Press Club, InShaALLAH..
Residents of protesting outside Karachi Press Club to hang & Uzair baloch featured in NBC s Science of Love
Protest at District press club Chiniot against workers extra-judicial killing in
Victim of Pakistani barbarism chanting slogans for Pakistani operation against 8 karachi press club
We will do an Important Press Conference today, 4:30pm at Karachi Press Club.
held a. demonstration against Pakistani. barbarism in Balochistan today infront of. Karachi Press Club.
Day 1817 of outside Karachi Press Club for the release of from illegal custody of Pakistan. The Voice for Baloch Missing Persons have been peacefully struggling for the safe release of more than 18000 Baloch activists who are currently being illegally detained by Pakistani forces. We Urge United Nations and United Nations Human Rights and Amnesty International to take immediate notice of enforced-disappearances and kill & dump of Baloch activists policy by Pakistani state.
Appeal : Secular Sindh forum appeal all Sindhi nation that protest out side of your press club against kidnapping and mutilated bodies of Sindhi nationalist on 9th Nov. and main event will be at Karachi Press Club. Raj Kumar
During Participation in Protest against the Ghost Teacher organized by Pakistan Civil Society in front of Karachi Press Club
condemn the derogatory remarks of cleric agnst in Assem & wll protest outside press club on Sun
Protest against the derogatory remarks for women by Fazlu-ur-Rehman tomorrow outside Press Club at 1pm.
Protest at Press Club at Sunday 1pm against the shameful act by Fazul-ur-Rahman.
will Hold Imp Press Conf Press Club at 5pm Regarding arresting of ShiaStudents & Aginst Cowardly Attacks on Azadari
Nobody has a right to abuse women!. PTI Youth Wing to protest against Fazlu. . Sunday 1 pm. Karachi Press Club.
Nabeel baloch's family have completed 60days in front of karachi press club but international organizations are...
Relatives of missing persons protest in front of press club
Voice for Baloch missing person,s it camp karachi press press club
Mohajirs will demonstrate their street power tomorrow against anti Mohajirs remarks at Press Club.
MQM burned flags of Muhajir Qoumi Movement of Afaq Ahmed in front of Karachi Press Club. Holy word "Muhajir" were written…
KARACHI : Employees of National Program for Improvement of Watercourses (NPIW) organized a hunger strike camp outside Karachi Press Club (KPC) over delay in regularization of their contract jobs on Tuesday. The employees? complaint for being not regularized after nine years of services rendered despite the bill regarding regularization has been passed in Sindh Assembly back in 2013 and correspondingly the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SC) has also passed a verdict in favor of employees on April 30, 2014. Adding, they were not getting salary for last three months. Moreover, they appealed Chief Minister Sindh, Qaim Ali Shah, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Faryal Talpur, and concerned provincial ministries to ensure release of their pending salaries and regularization of their jobs on immediate basis
Karachi Press Club writes a letter to Imran Kha.
Attack on Geo News office: Karachi Press Club writes letter to .
Karachi Press Club tells Imran Khan that his supporters are acting like fascists and attacking/threatening/harassing media on daily basis
Dear all, As well observe Eid, please remember all those who lost journalists, who lost their lives in the line of duty. It is sad that till this day their assassin had not been arrested. Only, yesterday we lost one of the most talented health reporter, Shabana Shafiq at a young age. She was not only a quality professional but also a very dedicated Union activist and served Karachi Union of Journalists, Karachi Press Club, and Jang Employees Union. As a journalist, she break many stories one women and health issues. The dilemma was while doing health beat, she even forgotten about her own health. It is not only those who are no more, we should also remember ARYNEWS, reporter Faizullah Khan, who is spending his Eid, away from his family in Afghanistan prison. Efforts were made for his release by all quarters but some how the other his family is observing Eid in his absence. There is also one forgotten journalist, who have been in prison for years now in United States, leading columnist, Nayyar Zaidi. Hope, ...
Family of on Hunger Strike Camp in front of Karachi Press Club
protests outside Karachi Press Club to Zahid Baloch who's suffering worse torture in EID
Balochs protesting at Karachi Press Club for missing student leader on Eid day: (pic via Karima)
Families of 2 workers are protesting at Karachi Press Club for their love ones taken away by today at 5pm from Qasba, Orangi
25th July World . Regal to Press Club on Call of org by
Malir (Royal News) A important meeting of Marvi Press Club Malir Qaidabad Karachi has been started today with huge quantity of Journalists.
We are going to protest against Israel Gov today at Karachi Press club 4:00pm please join us.
Today we are going to protest against israel at Karachi press club please join us 4:00pm
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Today we going to Protest against Israeli Gov at Karachi Press Club 4:00 pm.
Stand up for GAZA! Muslims and we should unite for this we protest against israel at Karachi Press club today 4 pm.
Protest against Israel's Barbarism in front of Press Club Karachi
Imamia Students Organization protesting at Press club, karachi against continuous Shia Killing in Karachi.
Federal Minister SAFRON Abdul Qadir Baloch to hold press briefing about IDPs today (Saturday) July 19, 2014 at karachi press club by 5:00 PM
Protest demo against the rising incidents of in Today 3:30pm at
Attending a round table of HRCP mission headed by discussing security situation of city at Karachi Press club
KHI rally against near to reach Press Club
Today Participated in a Protest against model town incident at Karachi Press Club by PAT.
Karachi Rally reached at Press Club.Grt number of people came out to Protest
BHRO protest on the International day in support of victims of Torture, out side Karachi Press … عبر
PPP held solidarity rally on Wednesday for Palestinians outside the Karachi Press Club to protest against Israeli incursion in
Peaceful rally in will be taken out at 3 pm from Fawara Chowk to Karachi Press Club. 17th July Protest for
PTI rep Khurram Sherzaman and Samar Ali Khan join the protest at Karachi Press Club for Airport Martyrs
Today i am going to address a press conferrence upon air port tragic incident & very poor response of Govt & their concerned Dept's 4 PM at Karachi Press Club..
Our complete Charter of Demand/Press Release for the protest on Saturday 14 June 2014 at Karachi Press Club. Please note we are not only demanding resignation of CM Sindh but also DG CAA and all those found responsible. Please read and share this COD.
Wake up We do not need a useless Chief Minister! Join in this Saturday at the Karachi Press Club.
An appeal from Sangat Lateef Johar Baloch: "I'm protesting against the abduction of our organisation's chairman Zahid Baloch who has been abducted on 18 March 2014 from Quetta. I will be sitting on this strike, at Karachi Press Club, till my death or the recovery of my chairman. My organisation does not teach me of violence that is why I have chosen this democratic and peaceful way to record my protest. I appeal all students' organisations around the world to help us raise voice against abduction of our leaders and Baloch students. I am conducting this protest to tell the world about human rights violations in Balochistan, enforced-disappearances and Pakistani state brutalities against Baloch people."
Completion 43rd Days:::Vice Chairman VBMP MAMA QADEER BALOCH, Banuk Hooran Baloch came to camp to show solidarity with Lateef Johar and appreciated the struggle of BSO-AZAD to Chairman Zahid Baloch at Karachi Press Club
Baloch Students Organization Azad Senior Vice Chairperson Banuk Kareema Baloch during the Rally against the Silence of UNO, World Human Rights Organizations And International Media for not taking notice against the illegal abduction of Zahid Baloch. The Rally held today from Arts Council to Karachi Press Club
People hate after seeing ur Ghunda Gardi ystrday at Karachi Press Club boycotting it
What a hypocrisy of that their representatives abusing and fighting with cable operators at Karachi Press Club and GEO TV not broadcasting this news. GEO where is your Breaking news,
From Human Rights Commission of Pakistan Demonstration Sunday 18 May 3.30pm outside Karachi Press Club to protest murder of senior HRCP member Rashid Rehman and to express solidarity with human rights defenders
Civil Society of Karachi invites you to a demonstration to protest the growing intolerance in society & condemn the murder of Human Rights lawyer Rashid Rehman, who spoke for the marginalised. The demo is at the Karachi Press Club on Sunday, May 18, 2014 at 3.30 pm. Pls join to raise ur voice against the shrinking space for freedom, justice, and tolerance.
Protest Demonstration on Nakba day of Palestine will be held on May-14 (Wednesday) at Karachi Press Club at 4pm sharp, Human Rights Activists and Civil Society will be participate in protest against 66 Years of Zionist Occupations on Palestinians. Please be there. Organized by: Amity International & Palestine Foundation & Civil Society
BAR B Q today @ Karachi Press Club while a movie will also be shown.
MQM has rejected all the allegations levelled against them by Amnesty International in their recent report. MQM has announced that it will take legal action against Amnesty International and will hold a protest demonstration against them in front of Karachi Press Club on May 2 at 3.00 pm. This decis…
Sitting in a camp outside the Karachi Press Club, Latif Johar, 23, has not eaten a morsel of food for the past 10 days now. A member of the Baloch Student Organisation-Azad (BSO), he has been on a hunger strike protesting the recent kidnapping of BSO chairman Zahid Baloch in Quetta. Hailing from Naal in Khuzdar, Zahid Baloch was picked up on March 18. Zahid’s wife, who had also been at the camp a few days ago, has gone back to Quetta to lodge an FIR of her husband’s kidnapping, says Johar. Wearing a dark grey shalwar kameez, dark circles form around his eyes and shoulders appear sagged but he holds himself erect as if in defiance while speaking about the unabated kidnapping of Baloch students in various districts and tehsils of Balochistan. Surrounded by other students in the camp, filled with pictures of those considered to be ‘missing’, he speaks about how it feels to be “a stranger in our own land.” A central committee member of BSO-Azad from Awaran, he says, “It took us 36 hours to reach ...
Video : Ustad Mir Mohammad ali Talpur Visited the protest camp to at Karachi Press Club and requested Lateef Johar and BSO AZAD to end the hunger strike.
World Press Freedom Day Seminar, which was to take place tomorrow May 2nd, at the Karachi Press Club has been postponed due to unavoidable circumstances.
Dr.Shahzad Amin Executive Director School of Intelligence will be addressing the Press Conference on to day at 2:30 pm at Karachi Press Club
29-Apr-2014 Day 8 Pictures from. 6:00 am to 8:30 am .BSO. Azad protest in frontof Karachi press club to
just left Karachi Press Club. Tragic to see a man, turned so desperate to seek justice that he hasn't eaten for 8days
APCA Members Protest in front of Karachi Press Club to CM House
Pic: now at Karachi Press Club. Lateef Johar in 8th day of to free abducted fellow
Karachi: BRSO Held a protest against BSO Azad Chairman Abduction, in front of karachi press club.27-Apr-2014
Awami Workers Party - Karachi and Pakistan Trade Union are holding together a joint rally to mark May Day in Karachi on April 30, 5pm, from Regal Chowk to Karachi Press Club. Please join and spread the word!
Today participated in all parties conference APC of JUI F in Karachi Press Club.
BRP Germany: BRSO Karachi zone protest in front of Karachi press club and BSO Azad, BNM,...
The hunger strike protest against the abduction ofvBSO chairman, has entered 7th day on Monday Karachi Press Club:
and Balochistan?on from 22April at Karachi Press Club to Chairman Zahid Baloch
Shia Muslims staged a demonstration outside Karachi Press Club on Sunday to protest against the targeted killing
Crowds shouting pro & arm forces slogans proceed to press club
Day 7 Pictures from 3:30 am to 4:30 am of BSO Azad protest in front of Karachi press club...
Sardar Mubashir khan Qaisrani visited Karachi Press club for solidarity with Lateef Baloch.
Day 7:BSO (azad)protest in front of Karachi press club to
Baloch Sindh alliance showing their Solidity with Pakistan defense institutions and Jamatuddawa atpress club.
Day 7: It's 3:00 am protest in front of Karachi press club to BSO Azad...
Dehli Colony Blast: Bus Driver recorded his statement, says, passengers got in the bus from Press club, Watch deta…
BRSO protested in front of Karachi press club against the abduction of Chairman Zahid Baloch.
BRSO held protest outside Karachi press club against abduction of Zahid Baloch.
Dear and Respected Friends, Zahid Baloch aka Baloch Khan the Chairman of Baloch Students Organization (Azad) BSOAzad was abducted on the 18th of March 2014 in Shaal (Quetta) by Security forces. His whereabouts are still unknown. BSOAzad members have decided to go on Hunger Strike Unto Death at Karachi Press Club. Kindly raise your voice for his and release of All Missing Baloch Persons. His Life is in Danger as is that of all Missing Baloch Persons. Tyranny and Injustice never remains limited to a people or a region it steadily comes to affect all. By Raising Voice for Baloch Missing Persons you are Raising Voice for Yourself. Regards Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur
Video: Family members of missing worker talking to media at Karachi Press Club demonstration
Protest held in front of Karachi Press Club today, protesters from Hindu community chanted slogans and showed their anger over Icon Tower miseries faced by ancient hindu Temple in Clifton.
Protestors from the Hindu community, and their supporters, are seen outside the Karachi Press Club, April 4, 2014, in protest of the recent temple attacks. Organized by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), Pakistan Hindu Seva (PHS), Global Human Rights Defence (GHRD), Hindu Schedule Caste Unity, and many others organziation rally calls attention to the series of attacks on temples in the southern Sindh province, including Larkana, Hyderabad, and Karachi, which happened within the last month.
Karachi: Hundreds of students from different universities and colleges, offering B.Tech programme, demanding formation of Pakistan Technology Council (PTC) under the Ministry of Science and Technology staged protest at Karachi Press Club on Sunday. The students, who were protesting under the banner of Pakistan B.Tech Engineers Community (PBEC), said that as per the Higher Education Commission’s (HEC) decision 4 years B.Tech (Hons) degree was at par and compatible with B.E/B.Sc Engineering degree but Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) — the professional council of Bachelor of Engineering (BE) graduates — had directed all the government, semi government and autonomous departments that the Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) graduates should not be recruited on BPS-17 positions directly and not promoted upward on equal basis. “PEC has directed all the engineering and technology universities to do not give admission to the B.Tech graduates in M.S Engineering programmes,” they alleged. They added that t ...
Human Rights Commission of Pakistan & Pakistan Hindu Seva is organizing a peaceful protest against recent demolished and attacks on Hindu Temples in Sindh. All Hindu community groups, social activist, mandlis, politicians, Pandits, students, teachers, lawyers, doctors, engineers, labours etc are invited to join on 4th April 2014, 5:00 pm Friday, at Karachi Press Club. Please forward this message to all Hindu groups and Civil Society all over Pakistan...
Parliamentarians of District West will address important Press Conference at Press Club today at 6 pm
Just in: leaders Sanya Baloch, Javed Nagori, and others stage protest outside Press Club to protest against Lyari Operation,
Plz join us and show your support at Karachi Press Club on 15 feb at 3:00pm
Little Giant Ladders
Karachi press club needs renovation
Rally held by PTI at the Karachi Press Club on 5th Feb in support of Kashmir Day samar ali khan mpa & asim awan
Equity to perform in our protest against ban on Students Union, today 4 pm at Karachi Press Club.
Sindh Labour Convention at the Karachi Press Club (KPC) Workers want laws implemented -
Public Call by President .let's see how many of you will respond to him on 11th Jan 2013 at Karachi Press Club ... Raise Your Voice
in front of Karachi press club held a protest rally against attack on in Okara area of Panjab
NSF to hold first ever musical protest in Pakistan against ban imposed on Students Union. Please join us tomorrow, 04 pm at Karachi Press Club
hey hi How u doin? We met at the press club in Karachi.
‘I have lost my health, not my courage’ says Farzana Majeed Baloch In Baloch society where women rarely play a role in public life, Farzana Majeed has bucked the trend. She has emerged as a symbol of struggle for Baloch Missing Persons Farzan Majeed (29) is daughter of Baloch nationalist leader, Majeed Bizenjo. Majeed in his youth was a student activist with progressive leanings. After students politics he emerged as an active leader of the Baloch National Movement (Haye). He was assassinated and his assassination was given the colour of a tribal conflict. However, his comrades believe that it was a conspiracy to eliminate him. His radical political views were not tolerated by the authorities. Farzana holds two MA degrees, one in Biochemistry and the other in Balochi Literature. She had enrolled for M. Phil in Biochemistry, a plan she had to shelve to join the struggle for the recovery of Baloch Missing Persons when her brother Zakir Majeed went missing.Zakir Majeed was an active member of the Baloch ...
Civil Society rally in Press Club, demands Imran Khan to do dialogue with How about we sent them to FATA …
sit-in protest continues at Karachi Press Club . & all innocent workers.
At home in & while passing the press club today was reminded of our staff that is still detained in
BHRO protest rally from Arts Council to Karachi press club against attack on VBMP Long Marchers in Punjab
Sit in before Press Club Karachi with others Parliamentarians of MQM.
Ameer JamatudDawah leading the rally at Karachi Press club.
On my way to press club to join Fahad Bhai family pls ppl join us & raise ur voice MQM Karachi Lahore Pakistan…
leaders start sit-in at Press Club Stop Gross Human Rights Violation .
Video: The bride Kishwar appeal to Govt to release her Husband Fahad Aziz at Press Club
Rabta Commite Press Conference with Fahad Family in front of Press Club
Bride of Fahad Aziz at Press Club, gross human right violation against Mohajirs continues in
‘To fight MQM, a monster was created by PPP The Pakistan People’s Party made a mess of Lyari to fight the Muttahida Qaumi Movement, creating a “monster” as a consequence, said Dr Nida Kirmani. She claimed the PPP used Lyari to fight the MQM, for which the gangs there were strengthened and, later, they washed their hands of it. Dr Nida, an assistant professor of sociology in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Lahore University of Management Sciences, made these observations after the conclusion of ‘An open dialogue for forcibly migrated youth in Lyari’ at the Karachi Press Club. The event was organised by a Lyari-based youth organisation by the name of Youth for Education, Learning and Leadership. A documentary on the life and livelihood of the impoverished, low-income citizens of Lyari was screened for the audience, mostly comprising young boys and girls of the town, and was followed by an open discussion. Razzak Sarbazi, a young journalist who made the documentary, said t ...
KARACHI: A large number of primary teachers in Sindh warned boycotting local government election duties if they did not receive their rights. Teachers warned this while holding a protest rally under All Sindh Primary Teachers Association from Karachi Press Club to Sindh Assembly on Monday. SPTA President Rafiq Ahmed, General Secretary Liaquat Ali and others supervised the rally. Protestors having placards in their hands chanted slogans regarding restoration of son quota, teaching allowance and other benefits. Addressing the rally, General Secretary Liaquat Ali and President Rafiq Ahmed said, “Despite assurance by authorities concerned, government hasn’t accepted our due demands. We have been protesting for the past two years, but no one is serious to resolve our problems.” They claimed that chief minister has accepted their demands but Secretary Education Fazalullah Palecho hasn’t issued notification so far. They demanded to issue teaching allowance, restore son quota and give grade 16 to teachers ...
KPC & KUJ protesting out side Karachi Press Club in connection of terrorist attacked on Express TV Shoaib,Nadeem
Mr. Rehan Allahwala delivering speech at Karachi Press Club with Journalists, Social Media persons of different print and Electronic Media of Karachi. The event…
rally at Karachi Press Club against the Sindh Local Government Law 2013
KARACHI: Pakistan’s ranking on the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) has gone from being the 42nd most corrupt country in 2011 to 33rd in 2012. This was disclosed by Chairman Transparency International Pakistan (TIP) Advocate Sohail Muzaffar, while briefing the media at the Karachi Press Club on Wednesday afternoon. Besides, he said that on November 28, 2012 Pakistan had also been declared the seventh most corrupt country out of 97 in the rule of law index of 2012, which, he said, was a clear indicator of the fact that corruption­ in Pakistan was clearly on the rise. Quoting the Chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB), he said that daily corruption in Pakistan was to the tune of Rs7 billion. This, he said, meant that within five years, if the trend were allowed to continue unchecked, corruption would touch the Rs12,600 billion mark. He quoted the Member, Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Asrar Rauf as saying that in January and February, by collecting Rs150 billion the FBR would whiten Rs15,000 bill ...
KARACHI, Dec 10: In a charged atmosphere at the Karachi Press Club on Tuesday activists and writers demanded answers...
‘Knowledge hub’ to be launched at KU ::: KARACHI: Latif Ebrahim Jamal National Science Information Center (LEJNSIC), Karachi University (KU), is set to launch an open learning programme, “LEJ Knowledge HUB” which has the potential to change the entire landscape of higher education in Pakistan, as well as the developing world. These views were jointly expressed by former chairman Higher Education Commission (HEC) Professor Atta-ur-Rahman, Director International Center for Chemical, Biological Sciences (ICCBS-KU) Dr Muhammad Iqbal Chaudhary and Chairman Hussein Ibrahim Jamal Foundation Aziz Latif Jamal while speaking at a Press Conference at the Karachi Press Club on Friday. The inaugural ceremony of the LEJ Knowledge HUB will be held at the Governor House in Karachi on December 12, 2013, and President Mamnoon Hussain will inaugurate the programme. It is pertinent to mention that the entire programme is being led by our most celebrated scientist and global leader in education Dr Atta-ur-Rahman as a ...
Today, I went Karachi Press club, there were many camps set to protest against law enforcement agencies. Two camps were set aside one by Baloch brothers from Baluchistan and other by Sindhi's. I saw deep sorrows, rage and grief in the eyes and words uttered while chatting the sufferers. I asked one of the person from Baloch camp that, Do you think that your struggle will come true and in which form? He grudged and replied, We want freedom from the state where our loved once kidnapped, killed and our dignities questioned, hale the state, we are living inn.
Protesting at Karachi Press Club against removal of pictures from website & offices -
at Karachi Press Club, remind me woes of when goons who slew Bengali intellectual,Professor etc
SAWAN-South Asian Writers and Artists Network presents flowers to our dear Long marchers sitting near Karachi Press Club.Salute to all..
Attended book launching ceremony of translation of articles of late journalist Sabihuddin Ghausi by Hamsafar Gadehi at Karachi Press Club
We the workers are protesting at Press Club against the removal of photos of Shaheed from Office/Website.
1350 days of token hunger strike camp outside Karachi press Club for safe recovery of abducted Baloch.04-12-13
VBMP invites you to a Seminar "International Human Rights Day and enforced disappearances in Balochistan" WHEN: 10 December, 2013 - Starts at 2pm WHERE: At Karachi Press Club IVBMP requests International media persons, human rights activists, members of Civil Society, lawyers and the Baloch people in Karachi and elsewhere in Sindh and Balochistan to participate in VBMP seminar to express their solidarity with the families of thousands of enforced-disappeared Baloch and Sindhi activists.
U are invited to attend the historical seminar of on 10 Dec 2PM at Karachi Press Club.
A Monther in token hunger strike protest camp outside Karachi press Club for the safe recovery
'Protest tomorrow 4: PM at karachi press club, against removal of SMBB's pics from BISP office and website, all workers must attend.
outside Karachi press Club for the safe recovery of thousands of .Total 1350 Days.
organising a seminar on 10/12/13 at Karachi Press club. Please do participate
I will be at the Karachi Press Club at 4pm today to protest the attack on my office. . So will many other staffers. Pls join u…
. “Protestors camped outside the press club.
Protestors camped outside the press club.
BHRO) held a protest in front of karachi press Club. 03-12-2013. Karachi : Baloch Human Rights Organization...
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Balochistan 41% of total Pakistan, don't lose it. The historic long march that was started from Balochistan on 27 October and finally reached on 22 November led by the affected families (oppressive nation) of Baloch youths. The participants were mostly folk women, man, children and girls. The aim of the long march was to halt the extra judicial killing and forceful abduction of Balochs by Pakistani death squads. They traveled for 27 days, almost 30 kilometers walking a day without any break. After reaching Karachi the finally erected their camp for missing person in front of Karachi Press Club for an indefinite time. If we look at their struggle which was in shape of long march, so it indicates that Balochistini's are oppressive nation, where they are treated as a down graded members of society. Balochistan is ruled by Pakistan as a colony as it Britishers ruled the subcontinent, denial of freedom, denial of their rights both constitutional and fundamental. where as Muslims were treated in subcontinent si ...
BHRO activists protested outside Karachi press club against the abduction of Haider KB, Rafique Baloch and thousands of others abducted persons and extra judicial killings of political activists in Balochistan.
Last date for payments of KPC dues extended for 3 days-now members can pay dues till Dec 6th.says Karachi press club Management
Today BHRO held a protest. demonstration in front of karachi press club against enforced disappearances of http:…
In pictures: token hunger strike camp at Press Club
will hold a protest against the removal of photos of from head Office On 5 Dec at 4-PM at Press Club.
Christian Community of Pakistan Visited Protest Camp for safe Recovery of1000s Baloch at Press Club . http…
PFUJ countrywide protest against attack on Express Media Group office in Karachi. On the call of Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ), the community throughout the country on Tuesday held demonstrations and rallies in order to protest against attack on offices of Express Media Group in Karachi. Giving the government an ultimatum, PFUJ President Rana Muhammad Azeem and Secretary General Amin Yousuf demanded that those responsible for the attack should be arrested within the next 72 hours. They added that if they were not caught in the given period of time, journalists would hold country-wide rallies. At least four armed assailants riding motorbikes had on Monday threw two home-made bombs and had indiscriminate fired at the entrance to the building. Earlier, the journalists gathered at Cheering Cross in front of the Punjab Assembly to condemn the attack on media group. Addressing the participants, PFUJ President said the government had failed to give protection to media in the country. “The attack ...
PFUJ and others will gather outside Karachi press club at 4pm today to protest Express office attack
Children are holding pictures of Abducted Obaidullah Baloch and Dost Mohammad Baloch and Mother of Shairgul Bugti holding her Abducted son`s picture in Voice for Baloch Missing Persons protest camp out side Karachi Press Club.
The historical and ancient province of Sindh zealously celebrated its extravagant and lavish culture in a picturesquely vivid festival on 4th December, 2010. Being held annually for the second time, Topi Ajrak Day was abounded in color and folk Sindhi melodies. Holiday was declared beforehand by the Sindh Government. Dynamically colorful rallies, music concerts and functions were organized in the whole province including the flood-stricken areas and influential people took great interest and participated equally with the people of Sindh. In Karachi, a number of expressive rallies were taken out from various parts of the city which merged in front of the Karachi Press Club. Men, kids and girls wearing flamboyant ajraks and Sindhi Topi danced to the tunes of the folk Sindhi melodies. Lavish meals were prepared by the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) while Umar Sharif, Syed Mustafa Kamal, Saud and Arbaaz danced enthusiastically, celebrating the antique and resplendent culture of Sindh. The well-known Teen Talw ...
KARACHI, MUMBAI PRESS CLUBS TEAM UP TO DEMAND END TO COMMUNICATIONS, TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS BETWEEN INDIA AND PAKISTAN A 14-member delegation of the Press Club of Mumbai was warmly received by members and office bearers of the Karachi Press Club on 23rd November, 2013. The Mumbai journalists are on a 7-day visit to Pakistan at the invitation of the Karachi club. The two journalist organisations had signed a Memorandum of Understanding 2 years ago to set up fraternal links, and had released a set of objectives that included improving media communication and exchange of journalists between the two countries. After reviewing the two-year process, the Karachi and Mumbai press clubs said that while the journalist exchange programme was on course, the governments of the 2 countries had done little to improve media communication and removal of barriers for journalists. In view of this, the 2 organisations have demanded that the following steps be immediately implemented by the 2 governments: 1. The ceiling of only ...
Mumbai Press Club & Karachi Press Club's delegation met Dr. Ishrat ul Ibad, Governor of Sindh, Pakistan in Karachi. We raised issues confronting journalists, trade, fishermen etc before him and he responded positively.
Mumbai Press Club (MPC) & Karachi Press Club (KPC) played a 3 over cricket match on 29th November night. KPC team was better in all sense but they decided to lose match and gave trophy to MPC. Truly, KPC has a big heart.
Reema focusing on personal life despite Oscar aspirations The Newspaper's Staff Reporter KARACHI: “I am trying to balance my personal life with my professional ambitions and hopefully someday will direct a film that will be nominated for the Oscars,” said film actor and director Reema Khan at a meet-the-press programme organised by the culture committee of the Karachi Press Club on Wednesday. Visiting Karachi to participate in activities initiated by a multinational company, Ms Khan said she had joined hands with the company to endorse their hygiene drive on the upcoming Eidul Azha occasion. “I will be doing similar activities in Lahore as well,” said the actor, dressed in the brand’s red colour. Paying tribute to journalists, she said she recorded an episode of her TV programme, Reema ka Amreeka, at the US Journalism Museum where seven slain Pakistani journalists had been memorialised. “I did my show standing in front of the photograph of Wali Khan Babar and hoped that someday those Pakistani ...
KARACHI: As she met the journalist community at the Karachi Press Club, Reema Tariq, dressed in a bright red shalwar kameez, glowed as she accredited her film Love Mein Ghum with rekindling cinema in Pakistan. “My film revived cinema in these times … it paved the way for cinema today,” she said with pride. She gave credit to her critics for honing her acting skills and making her the refined actor that she is today. She proclaimed, “They [critics] are the ones who transformed me into what I am today.” Brimming with optimism, she said, “One can always dream about Oscars and winning them … I am hopeful that my future projects will be considered for a nomination.” On the question of how her personal life has unfolded, Reema said it is nothing less than a fairytale. “It’s a story of a girl from Pakistan who entered the world of stardom. The story has taken a U-turn for me as I have entered a new phase in my life,” she said. As far as crossing the border to B-town goes, Reema claimed that ...
Chairm jeay SIndh Mahz Riaz Chandio and central committee leaders visited Baloch Missing Persons camp at karachi press club.
X minster and PPP leader Nadeem Bhutto adress an emergency press conferance today at 2 pm sharp at karachi press club.
Join VBMP Seminar on December 10 at the Karachi Press Club. Make it big.
For Karachi Press Club Members! Dec 3, 2013 is the last date for submission of Club dues to ensure name in the voter list. Kindly pay ur dues before Dec, 3, 2013. “Regards” Rizwan Bhatti
Third Media Conference Islamabad.28/11/2013. Report. ISLAMABAD: Heads of various press clubs from across the country have agreed to set up a national council for press clubs to ensure better coordination, says a statement issued by the National Press Club, Islamabad, Thursday. The meeting picked Arshad Ansari, president Lahore Press Club, as the convener of the council. Presidents of Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta, Multan, Sukkur and Abbottabad Press Clubs will work as members of the proposed council. The team will contact all the press clubs in the country and will also ink a constitution and other regulations for the council. The meeting also announced to hold a national convention of press clubs at Lahore soon. The announcement came on the heels of a session that stressed need for such a body and called for its establishment earlier in the day. Speakers and leaders of journalists' unions were speaking at a panel titled ‘Strengthening Press Clubs’ at the National Media Conference (picture), co ...
KPC to celebrate an evening with Seraiki poet Aziz Karachi. 28.11.2013: The literature Committee of Karachi Press Club would host an event in commemoration of versatile poetry of Seraiki poet Shahid Aziz on Nov 30 at the KPC. Scholars and critics would present their critique about the Seraiki poet Aziz while the poet would also recite his latest poetry for the amusement of the participants. Later, a music show would follow the main event.
Dera Bugti IDPs protest at Karachi Press Club demandng thr resettlement in area,allowing them to participate in polls http:/…
My first book, based on my memoirs, will be launched at Karachi Press Club on Saturday, November 2 at 3pm at Karachi Press Club. All friends are invited. Shahid Husain, Special Correspondent, Special Projects-II, The News International, Karachi.
PTI is protesting against the shelling of bibi Zainabs shrine infront of karachi press club on monday 22nd july at 2:30 pm please join
Today, Saturday 3pm, Protest by Pasban-e-Aza Pak,@ Karachi Press Club, against the Rockets Fire by at Roza-e-Bibi Zainab-AS
hold a Protest in front of Press Club on Sunday against killing of
KARACHI: Assignment. Press Conference of Palestine Foundation of Pakistan at Karachi Press Club on 15 July Monday at 3pm
Journalists given first aid training by PRCS 10 July 2013, KARACHI: Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) Sindh Branch organised First Aid Training for Journalists at Karachi Press Club (KPC) on the occasion of celebrating 150 years of World Red Cross Movement. The training was attended by more than 100 journalists including cameramen, health and crime reporters and office bearers of Karachi Press Club, where they were taught how to save lives in emergency situations. PRCS emergency response service has played a crucial role in saving lives. The service provided throughout the country uses fully equipped ambulances staffed by paramedical assistants and first aid workers, said PRCS official. The need for such first aid training among journalists, particularly cameramen and crime reporters is very obvious, he said. Earlier while inaugurating the workshop, Provincial Media Officer of PRCS Aftab Madni emphasised the importance of the subject and said that accidents, blasts and other emergencies are frequent, a ...
Educationists warn of higher fees after increase in taxes. The Association of Private Universities & Institutes (APUI) held an emergency Press Conference on Wednesday at the Karachi Press Club to demand the withdrawal of certain taxes proposed on the education sector in the Federal Budget 2013-14. Vice Chancellor Muhammad Ali Jinnah University Professor Dr Abdul Wahab and Vice Chancellor Ziauddin University Professor Dr Peerzada Qasim, addressed the media and said that the budget proposed a tax on all education institutes that charged annual fees of over Rs200,000. “This tax is to be collected from students at the time of payment and will lead to an immediate increase in tuition fees of the private sector.” The budget also withdrew a tax rebate of 75 percent for teachers, researchers and scholars. “The proposal will affect all teachers in the private and public sector and increase their financial burden. Previously, the Income Tax Ordinance allowed the income of a university or any other educational ...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Dated: 5th June 2013 Press Conference Karachi Press Club at 3pm 1. It is unfortunate that in its judgment on uniform load shedding the Honourable Supreme Court instead of relying on constitutional provisions has once again turned towards the age old “doctrine of necessity.” 2. Mr. Shahbaz Sharif has been alleging during the election campaign and after the campaign that Karachi had been taking 600 MW of electricity from Punjab. 3. He completely ignores the fact that Karachi takes the electricity from WAPDA which is a federal department and not a department of the Government of Punjab. 4. Power plants of WAPDA are spread all over the country. Tarbela (3478 MW) is located in Khyber Pakhtun Khawa. Mangla (1000 MW) is located in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Guddu (1655 MW) and Jamshoro Thermal (850 MW) are located in Sindh. HUBCO (1292 MW) and Uch (586 MW) from which WAPDA buys electricity is located in Balochistan. 5. If it was not for the Ghazi Barotha project (1450 MW) built by Bibi Sahiba Shaheed the share ...
Human Rights Network Karachi Orgnised a protests at Karachi Press Club today against death sentences to Islamist and Pro Pakistan Political Leadership in fake war crime cases and killings of unarmed protesters in Bangladesh by Criminal Haseena Wajid Regime. Protester chanted slogan against Haseena and Awami League while speakers demanded the atrocities and prosecution of Islamist and Pro Pakistan Politicians to stop and declared so called war crime cases as witch hunt, personal Vedanta that has nothing to do with people of Bangladesh and their basic rights.
Private medical colleges fleecing parents By: PPI | December 14, 2012 .   KARACHI  – The business of opening private medical colleges has become an easiest way to mint money. These institutions are running without required faculty or training facilities but getting millions of rupees from the parents in the name of medical education but producing ‘half-baked’ doctors, not educated or trained as per the needs of the market. Addressing a Press Conference at the Press Club here on Thursday, senior healthcare expert and ex-member of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council Dr Shershah Syed said the magnitude of corruption and mismanagement was alarmingly high in the sector of private medical education in Pakistan. These people are covertly backed by the PMDC which are looting parents and students. He said average annual fee and other expenses of a private medical college for MBBS are about Rs1 million. In this way, parents have to pay at least Rs5 million to ‘buy’ a doctor degree to ...
Pakistan is violating international conventions of human rights in Balochistan: VBMP
Suni Tehreek was at sit-in protest at Press Club Lahore. I am happy to see that they were demanding for operation against terrorists in Quetta and Karachi. Allah bless them, my prayers and full support with all those who want to restore peace in Pakistan...
JamateAhle Sunnat will protest at the Karachi Press Club at 3pm. Those working on I.I. Chundrigar Rd be prepared for traffic jams.
At 3pm Jamat-e-Ahle Sunnat will stage protest at the Press Club against the attack aimed at Ghulam Hussain Shah. Avoid area
The protest of families of abducted Baloch entered 1062 days as a whole and 82 Day in Karachi on Tuesday. Delegations of Civil Society Lawyers and people from all spheres of life have continuously been visiting the VBMP’s protest camp to express their solidarity with families of abducted Baloch at ...
Watch Hardline Special on Mother language day From Karachi Press club Karachi
Noted religious scholar Allama Talib Johari has said that they would be compelled to run a movement against the government if it failed to take action against terrorists involved in Quetta bomb blast. Addressing a Press Conference in Karachi Press Club h...
Articles : Missing: the boy on the bicycle —Mohammed Hanif SIX years after Hafiz Saeed Rehman went missing from Sariab Road Quetta, the police dug up a grave to look for him. The High Court ordered that a body be exhumed because Quetta police, after giving half a dozen other explanations for his disappearance, had started saying that Hafiz Saeed had been killed. His father Allah Bakhsh Bangulzai who has been campaigning for his son’s release for nine years, didn’t believe the police. “I knew it wasn’t his grave, I knew my son wasn’t dead,” insists Allah Bakhsh, who runs a small grocery store near his house. Allah Baksh Bangulzai’s faith wasn’t just the faith of a father who can’t bring himself to believe that his eldest son might be dead. He had seen with his own eyes the body that was buried in that grave. Nine year earlier looking for his newly disappeared son Allah Baksh had done the rounds of the mortuaries. “They showed me two bodies,” says Allah Baksh. He had a really good lo ...
Occupied Balochistan: Pakistani occupying forces have once again accelerated their brutal campaign to suppress the Baloch people through deadly military operation, abductions and custodial killings. According to Baloch national media reports, Pakistani forces have started a brutal military operation in suburbs of Kalat and Kharan since last night. Huge number of military presence aided with Helicopters was seen in Parod, Somalo, Nemargh, Dash-e-Goran and Lijje area. There are reports that at least 3 Baloch have been killed and 8 seriously injured due to indiscriminate bombardment on civilian populace, while 2 abducted by the forces. Baloch National Front (BNF) has given a shutter-down strike call today (20th Feb) throughout Balochistan against the military operation in Kalat and Kharan. Separately Pakistani military have raided the house of Mohammad Anwar Sufi in Huzzai area of Mand in Balochistan. The uncivilised forces have harassed and badly beaten up woman and children, injuring five persons; while fo ...
Brutal military operation is underway in Kalat & Kharan. More abductions and recovery of bullet riddled bodies reported.
Those in Karachi Must join protest against atrocities on at Karachi press club at 2;00 pm .
: Held a Protest in front of Karachi Press Club, Against Pakistani Military Operation in Kharan and Ongoing State Terrorism
Allama Talib Jauhry's Press Conference at Karachi Press Club today. Allama's part is worth listening:
Ulema held a Press Conference at Karachi Press Club. Was disappointed to see the presence of MQM there talking about terrorism.
(Karachi update) Allama Talib Johari and Dr Farooq Satar's press confrence continue in press club karachi.
Allama Talib Johri addressing a Press Conference at Press Club Karachi. Watch live now on TV
Farooq Satar of speaking against at Press Club.
PTI leader justice (r) wajihuddin ahmed at karachi press club live on aaj tv now
Karachi Children as young as five holding placards that read, “Am I next?” and “Stop Hazara killings in Quetta”, participated in a sit-in at Numaish Chowrangi on MA Jinnah Road on Saturday. Hundreds of mourners from the Shia and Sunni communities and the Civil Society gathered to protest against the blasts in Quetta on Thursday that killed around 120 people. The protesters maintained that the sit-in would not end until the army takes control of the Balochistan province. “We won’t budge from this place until the government hands over Balochistan to the army; we have had enough,” said Nasir Hussaini, the information secretary of the Majlis-e-Wahadat-e-Muslimeen, (MWM), one of the organisers of the sit-in. Hussaini said the government had failed to bring the law and order situation in the province under control. “It’s time that the army takes over.” Members of the Pakistan Youth Alliance and other Civil Society organisations paid tribute to the victims with a candlelight vigil and held pl ...
Mohamm­ed Hanif launch­es his new book The Baloch Who is Not Missin­g and Others who are.
Karachi Alert: 2:30 Protest will start in Press Club Against Shia killing in Quetta requesting to all momineen to participate in protest and shows your shia Unity. (2:30 pe ihtijaji dharna start hoga press club mai tamam momineen se guzarish hai is ihtijaji dharne mai shirkat kar k apne shia hone ka sabot de...
Get ready Islamabad!! Farhan Saeed will be performing at Beaconhouse School System (Margala Campus) Islamabad TONIGHT!! . -admin! :)
Some women organisations accused him of being a misogynist. One member of such an organisation told me: ‘I laugh whenever I see these nice, white and polite billboards asking people to say no to Valentine’s Day. I laugh because they are being financed and put up by an organisation that was formed by Dr. Israr.’ She then related a curiously shocking incident (about which columnist and blogger Tazeen Hussain has also written). In 2006 (during the Musarraf dictatorship), the government held a large ‘mixed marathon’ in Lahore that was open to both men and women. Men and women from some European and African countries also participated in the marathon. The Mutahidda Majlis-e-Amal (MMA), the alliance of a right-wing religious parties responded to the ‘threat’ by holding rallies against the marathon. One of these rallies took place outside the Karachi Press Club. The rally was also joined by Dr. Israr and some of his supporters. Leaders of the MMA. The right-wing religious alliance that withered aw ...
Karachi: Farzana Majeed has done her masters in biochemistry from Balochistan University, and now is enrolled in the MPhil programme. If she wasn’t a Baloch she’d be either wearing a white coat and working in a lab or, like many young people her age, struggling to get a job. Or at least turning up f...
In pakistan: Pemra cautions media over Valentine’s Day AFP | 20 hours ago 0 A Pakistani vendor prepares heart-shaped balloons for sale ahead of Valentine’s day in Karachi. -AFP Photo ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s media regulator on Wednesday asked television and radio stations to avoid offending religious sentiments and corrupting the nation’s youth in their Valentine’s Day broadcasts. While stopping short of an outright ban, the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulator Authority (Pemra) circulated a letter saying it was acting on complaints that celebrating the day was not in line with “our religious and cultural ethos”. “Such events have been perceived as a source of depraving, corrupting and injuring the morality of Pakistani youth as well as violating Code of Conduct developed by Pemra,” the watchdog’s letter said. “All satellite TV channels/FM stations are, therefore requested to honour viewer’s sentiments/opinion while conceptualising any programme or celebrating any event connected to Th ...
Dear All Please Let me clear all the pending cases...
A letter of Shaheed Muzafar Bhutto to his Wife Saima Bhutto DEAR SAIMA, Hope you are fine along with Akash, Hina and all family members. I am also fine. My health is doing well. I happened to have a detailed meeting with brother sikandar. I was missing you too much but couldn’t have access to phone to contact you. I am still under hard restrictions and every move of mine is being observed. You asked me about the torture inflicted upon me on October 12, 2008. I am writing this detailed note in that regard. I was arrested from a friend’s home on October 6, 2006. I was badly beaten by a baton that is possessed by SP level officer. I was asked my name and I introduced myself as Ameer Ali. After the relentless torture for half an hour, they blindfolded me and took me to Karachi torture cell. They kept beating me for half an hour. The baton-beating was extremely painful. Then I was given 92 lashes with the force of both hands as a washman slams clothes. On account of strikes on spinal cord, I became insensi ...
BNF Rally against Pakistan's state barbarism and human rights violations in Balochistan - at Karachi Press club on 10/02/2013.
Arrived in Kr, checked in hotel, tomorrow is a big day. Launching our second album at Press Club 7pm.
protest against TV today at Karachi Press Club for airing a racist program against community
Karachi Civil Society activists on Sunday gathered outside the Karachi Press Club for a candlelight vigil in order to urge the governments of India and Pakistan to continu ...
At the Karachi Press Club today, the one question everyone needs to be asking themselves.
102 Shias are not equal to a Shahzeb, protest outside Karachi Press Club via Shuja Qureshi
Karachi Dharna update: People are gathering at Karachi Press Club, from where they will march towards Bilawal House. Roads to Bilawal House are blocked though.
Protestors at Karachi Press Club likely to lead a joint procession to Bilawal House for sit-in.
Join me for "Stop Killing Innocent Pakistanis", I am heading to Karachi Press Club ... to Support Current Cause :)
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