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Kanye West

Kanye Omari West (born June 8, 1977) is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer.

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Well we do have some minor celebs in US: Scott Baio, Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, S. Baldwin. But then there's Kanye West.
Kanye West on why he call himself Yeezus. . "Would it have been better if I had a song that said I am a gangster or I…
Papoose will go at anybody. He went at Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Big Sean, Trinidad James, Fat Joe, Kanye West, and even shaded Jay Z lol.
Kanye West to appear on BBC quiz show Pointless Celebrities
Homeless man: "can't believe I forgot my clothes under that bridge, I hope nobody takes them and sells them at a high p…
I'd just like to take this time to thank Kanye West for changing my life.
So Kanye West has his own sculpture ? 😂
Yo Kanye West is it salty or u horny? Kanye suck on these baby balls
Jeanine going to a Kanye West concert? 😂😂.
An artist tossed up a life-sized Kanye-West-as-Jesus statue on Hollywood Boulevard.
Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West's relationship back on track
Jesus Kanye! Life-size sculpture depicting rapper as Christ erected in Hollywood
I'd only pay to see Beyoncé, Kanye West and Travis Scott live. Because they know how to put on a performance
⚡️ “There's a life-size Kanye West statue on Hollywood Boulevard”.
The person who is producing Harry's album has worked with artists like Kanye West, Jay Z and Bruno Mars!
Can't Tell Me Nothing By Kanye West one of the most inspirational songs
Whoa. There's a statue of AS JESUS on Hollywood Blvd now:
a life-size Kanye West "Jesus" golden statue has been unveiled on Hollywood Boulevard
Jesus ? Life-size 'False Idol' statue depicting rapper as Christ erected in
There's now a life-sized Kanye West Jesus statue on Hollywood Boulevard:
Ain't it funny how Kanye west looks up to Lana del rey and Kim said Lana is her favorite singer
Kanye West crucifix statue appears in Hollywood a block from the Dolby Theatre
A gold life-size Kanye West 'Jesus' statue is unveiled in Hollywood Boulevard by Plastic Jesus
Kanye West , Your Ex girlfriend Jasmine Mams had some choice words for you , WAKE UP MR.WEST! 🙏🏽😭
Kanye West - Only one Ft. Paul Mc.Cartney listen, like, share at
The Fall making money with Kanye West in a Balkan brass band style, produced by Paul Epworth
Kanye West's Yeezy Season 5 fashion show was his most low-key ever
Kim Kardashian praises Kanye West's new Yeezy show: 'I'm so proud'
Kim Kardashian nearly spills out of her corset top day after Kanye West's Yeezy 5 show
Kim Kardashian wore an all-burgundy outfit to Kanye West's highly anticipated and ~secretive~ Yeezy Season 5 show:
Kim Kardashian may return to Paris after robbery; 'Kanye West wants her to attend fashion week' | Daily Mail Online
Electronic Device Insurance
Kim Kardashian steps out in furry brown coat after Sia's plea to Kanye West.
Sia begged Kanye West to go fur free ahead of Yeezy Season 5 showcase
PIB NEWS: So proud of my baby-Kim Kardashian praises Kanye West after his Yeezy Season 5 show…
Asap Ferg x Kanye West at the backstage of Yeezy Season 5.
Here's a look at the invitations for Kanye West's Yeezy Season 5 fashion show.
Kanye West was reportedly in talks to perform at this year's Grammys:
“James Kennedy, the white Kanye West is back. Forget what you heard, and remember where you heard it first!”. A urinal probably.
Kris Jenner just said her family has 21 Grammys. . I guess technically accurate but prob easier to say Kanye West has 21…
Rihanna, Kanye West, Drake and Beyoncé were nominated for 33 total Grammys and ONLY won 4. Tell me there isn't cultura…
Kanye West showing off his new hairstyle. Thoughts? 😳
Kanye West reportedly suffering from memory loss after 2016 hospitalization.
Question: why is Kanye West one of the freshest dudes on the planet? 🤔
Here's a throwback of Kanye West's speech when he won Best Rap Album for The College Dropout.
Hemera is almost always listening to Kanye West or leaving mean notes.
Kanye West-Graduation. Did I mention his music is great? I did? Well here's more proof.
Website Builder 728x90
Jay Z holding on to Chance like he found himself a new Kanye West
Lil Wayne and Kanye West speak on how Tyler the Creator changed the game
That was Deray Davis impersonating Bernie Mac on the Kanye West intros?
When you realize that Prince, Beyonce, Mariah Carey and Kanye West have never won an album of the year Grammy but Taylo…
Before I fell in love with Kanye West. There was Chris Carrabba
A year ago today Kanye West premiered The Life Of Pablo at his Yeezy Season 3 Fashion Show in Madison Square Garden https:…
We should throw Ron Artest in there too. Kanye West couldn't make beats that good.
Anna Nicole Smith introducing Kanye West at the Billboard Awards. A defining moment.
This. All of this. "Don't meet with Kanye West, meet with Cornel West." on
his name Kanye West but he from the east coast smh
Rick Ross crooning with Howard Morrison in a viking metal style, produced by Kanye West
...SNL should go with Meryl Streep as Trump, Rosie as Bannon, and Kanye West as Ben Carson. NextDraft: Lady Parts —
Kanye West goes East and the world goes nuts.
Kim Kardashian West wants Kanye West to perform the Super Bowl half-time show
This is family business, And this is for the family that can't be with us. - Kanye West
Kanye West has sold tens of millions of albums, too
Kanye West Close to Announcing Tour Dates in Support of 'The Life of Pablo'
I added a video to a playlist Kanye West - Good Morning
Family business by Kanye west will always be my fav
"single black female, addicted to retail" - kanye west (before he was crazy) @ Malibu, California
Kanye West - Yeezus. He met with me in my office last month. Unhinged! Very crazy. A big ego! Who could like a man lik…
briefly revisiting New Day, the original dad rap
"Donald Trump taking dollars from y'all" -Kanye West
Check out "Orientation" by Kanye West feat Nas. Remixed by yours truly on the upcoming project season 2
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian announce children’s clothing line, Chance The Rapper role plays with his daughter
Derek Zoolander thinks Kanye West's Yeezy fashion collection is a copy of
Rare photo of Kanye West and his light skinned friend, look like Michael Jackson
Kanye West is literally the love child of Donald Trump and Brock Obama
If you can't bump to . Travis Scott. Uzi. Chance the Rapper. Migos. Kendrick Lamar. Frank Ocean. Kanye West. I can't fw you
You can now take a college class on 'The Politics of Kanye West'
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Have a Children’s Clothing Line in the Works
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian announce children clothing line
Trump will announce his Supreme Court pick tonight. Kanye West is headed to D.C.
Kanye West vs The XX - SoundCloud - Listen to Kanye West vs The XX by Matt Kirbb on
Justin Bieber, Kanye West and Drake reportedly skipping the Grammys: Another award show to boycott leftist rants!
Kanye West, Drake, and Justin Bieber are reportedly not going to attend the Grammys this year.
Justin Bieber, Kanye West & Drake are shunning the 'irrelevant' Grammys, despite being nominated
Yesterday I drove by casa vega and saw hella paparazzi and go online today and it was Kanye west at casa vega 😭
Drunk inlove the remix Beyonce ft Kanye West is the Boom. Its the killer.
Oh I can't believe I forgot to add Kanye West to my uplifting music duuuh!
J. Cole dissing Kanye West on his new track "False Prophets." 👀
These three guys are killin' it this year with the Grammy Nominations! Who do you think will win the most Grammys?
& are ditching the Grammys. Find out why:
if you hate on Gemini's and idolize Kanye West plz unfollow me
Justin, Drake nor Kanye are going to the Grammy’s this year. But… why?
Exactly a year ago, Taylor and Kanye West had a phonecall about the lyrics in "Famous" which began the process of exposi…
Y'all can thank kanye Omari west for chance the rapper blowing up
Drake, Kanye West, and Justin Beiber have joined Frank Ocean in boycotting the 2017 Grammys
01-31 Earl Sweatshirt shares three new songs, samples Kanye West — listen
Kanye West & Travis Scott impersonations are spot on 😂
TIL that after Kanye West's mother's death due to heart problems resulting from her cosmetic surgery, Governor Sch…
Maybe Rand Paul is Han Solo, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are Uncle Owen & Aunt Beru.We could then assume that Kanye West is Luke Skywalker.
Alesha Dixon and Ashley Banjo just walked on the NTAs and my mum goes oh is that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West 😂
.talks having more swag than Kanye West, upcoming boxing match, and creating the internet with HYPEBEAST. https:/…
At certain parts of "Stronger" by Kanye West, it sounds like Daft Punk is saying "Never Uber.".
alternatively, RAM by Daft Punk or Yeezus by Kanye West
Regardless of what you think about Kanye West, he's one of the most innovative producers in music.
Kanye West, Paul Wall, Chris Brown, Mike Jones, David Banner, & countless others. Please forgive me. I got it how I lived.
By Char Adams Despite a difficult past few months, things are looking up for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West.
Stacey Dash and Kanye West can remake the "All Falls Down" video together after being used as props and getting kicked to…
See this hilarious video of Kim Kardashian explaining what magic Stick means to Kanye West.w. https:/…
James Corden and Kate Hudson lead celebs mocking Kanye West with dramatic
2am in the studio . Kanye West, Drake, Travis Scott, and Kendrick Lamar mashup .
You may be talented, but you're not Kanye West
I was listening to Good Morning by Kanye West and it reminded me of when Sergio Victor and I were on our way to graduation Feels feels feels
When people keep questioning why Kanye West "POWER" is used in the trailer for "POWER Rangers"
Kanye West not invited to perform at Trump inauguration because it's a 'typically and traditionally American' event: https…
When Chrissette, Kanye, and Steve try to crawl back into the good graces of Black America:
had to represent West is a huge W flag as Kanye before today's game. It should focus
Trump's team says isn't "traditionally American" enough to perform at his inauguration: htt…
Apparently isn't "Traditionally American" enough to perform at the Inauguration.
Kanye West could redeem himself by interrupting Trump's oath of office to let everyone know that Barack had the best pres…
So when Kanye West becomes president in 2020 will he perform at his own inaugural concert?
Here's why wasn't even asked to perform at the inauguration
Trump camp says Kanye West isn't 'traditionally American' enough for the inauguration
Trump team's reason for not asking Kanye to perform: "It’s going to be typically and traditionally American"
Washington University is now offering a full college course on Kanye West
Y'all thought I was a fake. Y'all think my favorite Kanye West song isn't Runaway? Y'all dumb af y'all stayin in high school smh
Kanye wasn't asked to perform at the inauguration because Trump's team says the event is "traditionally American" 🤔 htt…
Kanye West: The controversial entertainer told a crowd full of concert-goers that although he did not vote in the...
Tr*m* didn't invite his friend Yeezy to perform at the inauguration bc his music isn't "traditionally American"
Washington University is offering a full college course on Kanye West.
Kanye West course being offered at Washington University
Ready to enroll?. Washington University offers full college course on Kanye West.
Washington University now offers full college course on Kanye West
Washington University is now offering a course on Kanye West
I supposed to place my faith on Kanye West and Steve Harvey to speak to Donald Trump about Black issues in America? foh. h…
Kanye West shares sweet home video for Kim Kardashian's birthday
It's really giving Streetlights by Kanye West and Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve a run for their money...
01-15 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West fans go wild over picture of North feeding a baby
So they about to kill Kanye?. Source: Kanye West hospitalized in Los Angeles
Work that inspired this EP. "Warsan Shire, Leon Bridges, Mumford and Sons, George Ezra, Jake Isaac, Kanye West, Mal…
Why not Elon Musk? Glad you didn't mentioned Kanye West or Justin Bieber 😎
Sampha - Blood On Me. Long a scene-stealer for others—from Jessie Ware and Drake early on to Kanye West and...
The other day I was thinking about what I was going to give up for lent and Kanye West came to mind instantly...🤔. Lord have your way.
This video of Kendrick Lamar rapping over "So Appalled" in 2009 is crazy. Watch:
Watch a young Kendrick freestyle over "So Appalled" in this throwback video.
Yes, Kanye West has an air freshener of the crying Kimoji in his car
No, Chance the Rapper does not want to be like Kanye West:
I can't ever be disappointed with the bonnaroo lineup anymore cause I was lucky enough to see KANYE WEST front row with DA SQUAD
Paparazzi: "North West is the cutest baby I ever saw in my life.". Kanye : "I agree" 😊.
Chance the Rapper explains why he's "always been able to defend Kanye"
Where is Kanye West when you actually need him to interrupt someone
dreamt that I met kanye west at target last night. and I was the only one to recognize him before he left.. by the shape of his head. (?)
Just put the lights down, volume up, sit back and chill for 3 minutes... JAY Z, Kanye West - Otis ft. Otis Redding
Rappers are the new philosopher. Jaden Smith, Kanye West, and Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr. Omg we can call them philosorappers.
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian celebrated Blue Ivy’s birthday with Beyoncé and Jay Z
I'll take Luke Skywalker and Meryl Streep over Ted Nuggent and Kanye West any day of the week.
X_X @ this poem I wrote about Kanye West in high school
Yo the way Chris Tucker looked when Kanye West said George Bush doesn't care about black people is HILARIOUS
In his new self-produced album, Kanye West raps over the sounds of A murder most foul
if your first time hearing the song Panda was from Kanye West album
Kanye West is hard at work on Yeezy Season 5!
Watch Kanye West recording in the studio in a new snippet from the Tyler, the Creator documentary…
Kanye West is the best musical artist ever and I love him way too much lol don't @ me.
Lmao this guy has 808s as Kanye West's worst album how do people rate him?
Slight work. All of the lights X Kanye West ft Rihanna and Alicia Keys.
.ranking of Kanye West's best albums is here. .
7. Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight - Travis Scott. 6. Coloring Book - Chance the Rapper. 5. The Life of Pablo - Kanye West
Bugged out⚡️ “Is Late Registration really one of Kanye West's weakest albums?”.
Kanye West took his family to visit his mother’s grave for the first time:
Y'all forgetting went bar for bar wit Jay-Z and Kanye West when he wrote Nicki Minaj verse on Monster
.shares even more photos of Saint and North after much-awaited social media return https…
about to get Kanye West'ed... Gonna mind my own business and carry on.
the most important person in the picture is not Lamar Odom or Kanye West, but the CEO of Costco, Jim Sinegal.
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West out for Dinner in London September 2015
Odell Beckham Jr. warms up in some 🔥 Kanye West “Graduation” inspired custom cleats
John Legend on Kanye West: 'The world needs him.'
...😎...dear white folk..😎..d.l. Hughley on tbe same precription kanye west on..🌋🌋 *** too..on this 1
Your President-Elect has time for meetings with Kanye West and Don King, but no time for intelligence briefings cuz he's "sma…
2016 took Alan Rickman , Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds.. but it didn't take Kanye West or the Kardashians
Do you think is setting a new trend for 2017?
I just saw 50 Cent Thinks Kanye West Should Run For U.S. President - Click to see also ☛
If you encounter a lion in the wilderness, sing a Kanye West song. . You'll die. but the lion will suffer too.
The enigma of Kanye West – the world's biggest pop star is most reviled, too - tour dates
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
🔌 Kanye West said his New Years Resolution is for "everybody to be happy"
Tupac was the Kanye West of the 90s
Kanye West - Wolves (Balmain Campaign). This is my favorite music video atm
Scotland leaving my reaction to videos overheated Yo Kanye West my bro the solar system dat hair! not yet
Kanye West x Adidas Originals Yeezy Boost 350 V2 BY1604 BLACK and white stripe
11/8: Erase Me // Kid Cudi ft. Kanye West - this song is so indescribably good 🔥 I'll always have mad respect for Cudi,…
26. Self Conscious - Kanye West. We shine 'cause they hate us; floss 'cause they degrade us. Made us hate ourselves…
Also Kanye West and the Red Hot Chili Peppers released new music
Kanye West and Kid Cudi hugging it out on stage! BEEF SQUASHED!
I liked a video from Tila Tequila talks about Kanye West breakdown
Kanye West sample selections are always crazy to me.
I see reports about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian working on a divorce. That puts Kim on the Drake bucket list if that happens.
Kanye West spreads holiday cheer by offering us a festive photo of his family (Kim K makes an appearance!):…
Kirk Franklin appeared on albums by Kanye West and Chance the Rapper in 2016, as genre barriers continued to soften https:…
Kanye West shares Christmas family photo with Kim, North, and Saint 🎄
SXSW review: Kanye West, Jay Z defend the throne at Austin Music Hall - austin360
Wait a Minute by Willow Smith. OR. Freak *** by Future. OR. Feedback by Kanye West
we have the Kanye West podcast. Check us out on iTunes: Watching the Throne, a lyrical analysis of Kanye We…
You got to check out Kanye West's new hair color
Introducing the 750 CLEAT in black by Kanye West.
"Is Lebron James the basketball player from the Kardashians?" . "No that's Kanye West"💀
Up until late 2001 you could buy a Kanye West beat for $500. People were so sleep. Goes to show your worth & rate could…
Brittney Spears is the Kanye West of pop music.
People are using Kanye West lyrics to diss Kanye West in the wake of his Trump Tower vi
Look, Kanye West! 4 times Donald Trump distracted us all
If you appreciate hip hop production, you like Kanye West. Not everyone's cup of tea I get it but he
*listens to Gold Digger by Kanye West on Christmas Day*
Kanye west and gucci mane are on a plane with you a... — If I die with those legends that's good enough for ...
To find/seek out God now that he realizes it is not him. (Kanye West)
Real Friends by Kanye West ft. Ty $ Sign. One of my fave beats on the album. Ty also put his foot in this hook
Update your maps at Navteq
BREAKING NEWS:. A shocking new memoir reveals that both Tupac and Biggie took their own lives after hearing an early mi…
How a pair of Kanye West's limited edition Adidas Yeezy Boost sneakers is raising awareness of pollution in China
I want to be as happy as kanye west is here on christmas day
When you've been defending Kanye west for years?
Kanye West, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian and Kids Go Backstage at the 'Nutcracker' Ballet: Photos - Us Weekly
Cody Garbrandt says after he wants to fight Kanye West because he's a big Taylor Swift fan & he's still mad at…
Presidentelect Donald Trump and Kanye West exit an elevator and walk into the lobby at Trump Tower D
He'll find somebody: Ted Nugent, Kanye West, the clown Alex Jones.
Kanye West mourns the death of Italian Vogue Editor-in-Chief Franca Sozzani
"nothing in life is promised except death.". "Edgar Allan Poe?". "Kanye West."
Kim Kardashian Should Not Be Blamed for the F–kery of Kanye West
this Kanye West & Ma$e interview from Jermaine Dupri's bday party in 1998 is the best thing you'll see all day (gotta w…
André Leon Talley on why Kanye West's visit with Donald Trump did not impress him
"clapback the fake deep rappers. The OG gatekeep rappers. The would you take a break please rappers". --Jermaine Cole on Kanye West
'He's like me but a black': Alec Baldwin returns to to mock Trump and his meeting with Kanye West:
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Kanye West’s medical records breached by hospital staff | theGrio This is unacceptable to the brim.
I started with Rocksmith... now I work for Kanye West... tell me God ain't good!
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Seen Together for the First Time in Months
Nixon met with Elvis Presley in the White House. Trump has already met with Kanye West. Check.
Kimye walks: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West enjoyed a date night this weekend and we have the pics to prove it.
Kid Cudi and Kanye West hugging on stage
Meeting Kanye West for the first time
UCLA Medical Center is firing employees for breaching Kanye West's privacy during his stay:
Rest in Peace Lebo Mathosa...i've hated the Rav4 since then...way before that Kanye West line
Kanye West is all smiles at art exhibition in Los Angeles (Photos)
Kanye West is in the building at Trump Tower. Will the media dub him a Russian spy or nominee for Secretary of State by t…
Today Trump & Pastor Darrell Scott have met with Kanye West, Jim Brown, Ray Lewis, & others to discuss inner city issue…
People talks about Kanye West, but in America we have the right to freedom of speech & the choice to support & vote 4 who we like.
Timbaland showed Kanye West this very technique mid-point of this video:
Theophilus London/Kanye West - Can't Stop is such an underrated tune 🔥🔥
It would be kind of amazing if Trump's inauguration was four hours of James Woods singing Kanye West songs.
Trump is too busy to be bothered with intelligence briefings, but has time for an important meeting with Kanye West. Think…
He did have time to meet with Kanye West though. Priorities people.
"I feel the pressure, under more scrutiny, and what I do? Act more stupidly" -Kanye West & Donald Trump 😩💀🌊🏄
Thanks to Kanye West, merch became one of the hottest trends this year.
Kanye, Quavo, 2 Chainz and Big Sean feature on Yo Gotti's brand new song "Castro"
lol it's a whole lotta Joyce manor, culture abuse, and Kanye west 🤙🏼
Things i thought id never see before I die:. 1. Cubs win World Series. 2. Kanye West shaking hands with Donald Trump. 3.…
Glad he's feeling much better. Now all Kanye West needs to rid the rest of his demons is to divorce Kim the Trashcan and fin…
KANYE WEST: Lemme be a part of your cabinet. TRUMP: What position did you have in mind?. KANYE WEST: Kanye West
I never thought I'd say this, but I'm tired of hearing Kanye West's name. I don't know what he's been on lately, but I can'…
This is a tragedy for humanity. Instead we report Kanye West meeting Trump. Why is it only after brexit and election tha…
Yo Gotti connects with Kanye West, Big Sean, Quavo & 2 Chainz on new single "Castro." Listen: htt…
Play the last 0.40s of Waves by Kanye West at my funeral (Make sure it's from the June Update, it sounds different).
.delivers powerful piece on Kanye: 'You forgot you black, boy?' via
This is Kanye West and you're watching Disney Channel
Donald Trump just met Kanye West at Trump Tower. Here’s what he’s trying to distract you from.
There's no i in Kanye West. But there's a Kanye West.
John Legend: "I’m pretty disappointed with Kanye that he says he would have voted for Trump."
Kanye west is a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude
Poet delivers powerful piece on Kanye: ‘You forgot you black, boy?’
Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin' by Kid Cudi . the one responsible for Drake, Kanye West and Tra…
NEW: by Yo Gotti (feat. Kanye West, Big Sean, Quavo & 2 Chainz) - no Ye verse, but he's featured throughout. ht…
Professor Griff speaks on Kanye West, Ray Lewis, and Jim Brown Cooning f...
John Legend 'disappointed' with Kanye West over Donald Trump visit -
Stuff that should stay in 2016: the word "lit" Kanye West & Trump's so called friendship the bottle challenge Kylie Jenner lip kits
.magazine did a top 50 records of 2016 and The Rolling Stones' covers album beat Bon Iver and Kanye West. Epic trolling
Bundle News - Mike Huckabee has a theory on why Trump met with Kanye West - Mike Huckabee has a (cont)
Huckabee: Trump used Kanye West to control headlines.
Kanye West, DMX, Orlando Brown, and Lamar Odom all need a reality show where they live in the same house with one cigare…
Trump has time to meet w/Kanye West. You'd think he has time to be deposed in a frivolous lawsuit he initiated, no? https:/…
for Jay Z and Obama, like for Trump and Kanye West...
Trump is smart to meet with people like Jim Brown, Ray Lewis and Kanye West. It sends the right kind of symbolic signal…
If any of you have Periscope you should go checkout Rev.Jamal Bryant pray for Kanye West an Others who are all in that place.
*breaking news* Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have decided to roll with Quilted Northern over Charmin toilet paper to wipe their ***
the fate of our country is in the hands of Donald Trump and Kanye West. may god have mercy on our souls
Do you think Kanye West met with Trump to upstage Taylor Swift's birthday today
Trump has no time/interest for Daily Presidential Intel Briefing. But has time to meet w/Kanye West. Like I said, u can't m…
Kanye West was just seen at Trump Tower after a meeting with the President-elect
Kanye West gets to meet with the president-elect. Al Gore got his daughter.
Kanye West used to be the guy who'd probably agree when Paul Mooney told you would come get you. Now? They got him.
Kanye West walking into the Trump Tower in NYC this morning.
Kanye West is dead to me. I'll enjoy his old work for what it is, but I don't care to support anything that 'man' is doing moving forward.
Kanye West met with Trump to discuss the slave couture he designed for "the African Americans" to wear for when we go back to slavery.
"We've been friends for a long time": Kanye West and President-elect Trump appear together at Trump Tower
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Mass genocide occurring and we're focused on Kanye West. Wake up.
Kanye West is Zack Morris in the saved by the bell Rockumentary episode lmao
Donald Trump met with his African American...Kanye West lmfao
WAIT so Kanye West was there to talk about African American issues??? Okay I"m even more done with him.
Trump as he stands next to Kanye West: 'We've been friends for a long time.'.
i choose to believe Kanye West is the new Andy Kaufman
Kanye West looking like a prime Taribo West
on Kanye West - Mercy ft Big Sean PushaT 2Chainz or
Kanye West is expected to play a major role in the America News Network, or "Auntie Ann"
context: it was boring and it made me want to listen to mercy by Kanye West
well if you like rap, Kanye West is my favorite artist of all time. His best albums are Late Registration & MBDTF imo.
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