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Steven Tyler San Diego

Do you want to drink the best. Kangen alkaline ionized water
After a great day of messaging with people about Kangen Water® and all the health related posts…
What is Kangen Water⁉️. In this video I break down all the benefits of this water and why tap…
Oh nothing, just chilling in a bath full of beauty water from my Kangen Water® machine. It's pH…
Really loving Kangen water. The difference that stuff makes to your body is crazy
Dr OZ Explains how the Antioxidants of Kangen Water Fights Cancer: via
Kangen water everywhere. Trip to Beaver Lake this weekend, never without my gallon of Kangen!! .
I added a video to a playlist Make dark coffee by use PH 9.5 from Kangen water
Watch this video. Kangen Water and your pets! Dr. Crowe veterinarian
Learning about Kangen Water Breakfast. Have a great, productive week!
Can your water do this. Kangen alkaline ionized water one of the best
Better water in side and out Kangen water one of the most
We are having a demo on Kangen water today at 6 pm at a Mercer…
:"Change Your Water, Change Your Life". Watch this kangen demo video..
"Good Day! Did you know most dis-ease today is due to INFLAMMATION and too much ACID in the body? (High blood...
[Kangen Water] Would you like some exciting information?
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
On this week's show we have Lauren Valler from Habakkuk and Natalie Goddard Kangen Water in the studio sharing...
Kangen Water is considered the very best a drinking water because of its incomporable powers of hydration,...
Stop financing the destruction of our planet one bottled water at a time!. . h…
Have you tried my Kangen Beauty Water? This is a staple product in my hair care arsenal. It detangles and...
Saturday's cancer support group meeting went very well with the presentations of Kangen Water, & Colon/Pancreatic...
I liked a video Dr Barry Awe talks about Kangen Water
I break down pricing daily for people for Kangen Water® machines. It's a blessing to help people…
Kangen alkaline ionized water will rehydrate your body 17% faster than regular water and it is antiox…
With kangen alkaline ionized water 8.5 9.0 or 9.5 water will clean you up and out
Kangen alkaline ionized water for the health of it. YouTube kangen demos. Pat Boone demo is the best
I have a Kangen alkaline ionized water unit. It has helped my blood pressure liver kidneys and Collins it has cleaned me out
I always start my day with a tall glass of that Hydrogen Rich Antioxidant packed Kangen water. 💦💦💦. Now.
It's very hot out there stay hydrated with Kangen water!... Also prayers going out to all effected by the...
There is a net Kangen Water meeting at 7 PM if anyone is interested in living healthy and making money.
Even though I do not actively work the Kangen Water business I still love the product and I miss it so much in Taiwan.
Sparkling waters and all bottled waters are acidic to the body and lack health benefits VS drinking Kangen Water.
I love mangoes. Soaking in Kangen Water before devouring then one by one. Lolz.
save people around the world with Kangen Water share the link please. http:
Replace tap water with Kangen Water at every opportunity for a healthier alternative!
Kangen alkaline ionized water is one of the best. Go to YouTube kangen demos the best is Pat Boone demo
Did you know? Our Strong Acidic Water 2.7 pH has disinfectant properties. Use it to clean and sanitize your household!
I liked a video Kangen Water in Restaurants
I liked a video Kangen Water is Electrically Charged - THIS IS INCREDIBLE!
Heading out to a Kangen Water event! What a great way to start my Saturday!
I drink water that is alive and electrical like I am. KANGEN WATER⚡️ Dead water doesn't…
Hi I am Heather The Kangen Water Lady: I think it is important to share this and if you do, please consider doing...
I added a video to a playlist Kangen Water Demo English
Pets love Kangen Water! 🐶 Be sure to provide them with fresh water at all times! 💦. Don't forget,…
Make sure you bring your water bottle with you because we will have Free Kangen Water for you to enjoy. There...
Finally today perhaps i can do it because Kangen Water is coming to my life 💫
New post (Kangen Water Helps Remove Acne) has been published on Cybermark Solutions -
I liked a video Educational Information about Kangen Water
Pets love Kangen Water®. It is important for them to stay hydrated with healthy water.
I added a video to a playlist Kim Lyons on Kangen Water
Heal your self with the RIGHT water, your body consists of 75% water, think about that! Via on…
I added a video to a playlist Enagic Kangen Water
I added a video to a playlist Dr Horst on Cancer Kangen Water
This Kangen Water (Alkaline Water) has really helped many with joint pains !!!
Strong Acidic Water is used in to disinfect equipment. Use it for cleaning as it kills
Kangen Demo Today ! . 11am-12pm Headquarter Torrance . w/AasarBey . ~Come see why Kangen Water will be the nex…
Steven Tyler takes his Enagic Kangen Water® machine everywhere with him!
Kangen water is truly the best water on the planet!
Kangen Water absorbs SO much better in the body which provides you with better hydration from the inside out. And,…
Hands up if you have a Kangen Water® machine on your trailer!
Ask me, I've only been drinking Kangen Water for 3 months, my muscle ache goes away in less than…
you want to lose weight a lot faster Drake Kangen alkaline water it will detox your body it has also antioxidant water
Can Kangen Water cure disease? You'll be amazed at what alkaline body can do for your body! ht…
CAN DISEASE BE CONTROLLED? Dr. Hiromi Shina, pioneer of colonoscopic surgery, shares testimonials and video footage. h…
Kangen water is the best alkanized hydrogen water.
I have been on a 30 day detox with the Kangen alkaline water stopped my pop only water arthritis gone walking better
I am feeling great even though I am not able to exercise much I have been drinking Kangen alkaline water
you want a Fit Body on the outside and in Kangen alkaline water we'll clean you inside and out it is a antioxidant will rehydrate
I am trying to help people with their health to tell them what they are really drinking kangen water for the health of it
what kind of water do you drink Tap & Bottle both bad for you pop is worseyou need to see Kangen demo at YouTube
I know as you are a wife and a mom you want the best for your family I hope you take a look at Kangen alkaline water units
Kangen Water® is delicious water created from Enagic's innovative water technology. Not only do…
Feel very blessed to have been learning simple truths about Kangen Water lately and just wanna…
Always up for natural remedies. Ukon which if made by Kangen water, tumeric, essential oils, I'm open to try anythimg
It's Time to get you an Enagic Kangen Water Unit! . Via on IG .
"Kangen Water will kick your butt into health" by Orsolya Liptak-Bennet who did passionate health seminar towards...
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thank you for liking my posts Kangen alkaline unit makes seven kinds of water like to know more go to YouTube Kangen demo
thank you for following me I hope you have a chance to go to YouTube Kangen demo eye opener better water for you and the kids
Can they come filled with Kangen water??lol
Don't be taken advantage of. Kangen Water helps us stay healthy
you and your kids the best Kangen alkaline water will rehydrate your body 17% faster then tap or bottled water
ask Steven Tyler how he likes his Kangen Water unit he has one and he drinks the water one of the best many stars have it
The World famous Gerson Cancer Treatment Centre in Mexico features an article on Kangen Water on their website 👇
rehydrate your body with Kangen alkaline water you will be surprised who has one of these units many stars mini celebrities
I have a Kangen alkaline water unit for over 4 years it has helped me physically with blood pressure gallstones kidney stones
better water better workout Kangen alkaline water will help you build muscles and it is antioxidant 17% more rehydrating
if you sell Avon do you sell toner the Kangen alkaline water unit makes toner and 7 other kind of water have free toner
Strong can be used for nail fungus, athlete's foot, mouthwash, sore throat and cavities.
Have you ever tried gargling with bleach, or washing your face off with it? Do you use hand sanitizer? Kangen 2.5ph…
use the best water for your green team that is Kangen alkaline water it will taste better and rehydrate your body help lose weight
I liked a video Health Benefits of Drinking Kangen Water!!!
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Do you want to become part of the Enagic Kangen Water family? freedom
Congrats on getting your Kangen Water Machine! Now time to go 6A!!! Via on IG…
Are you ready to change your life this Spring? . Kangen water machine - excellent change for your health!
So you want to learn more about Kangen water ??? Watch this quick informative video
OMG! I am so freaking excited to finally have the best water on the planet in my very own home! Via…
It's my responsibility to share this with you, in addition to praying for your healing.…
Who likes to add fruit and herbs to their Kangen Water? This looks like it would taste delicious!
Friends don't let friends drink anything but water. This has been a special public service announcement. 💦…
I liked a video Enagic Kangen Water -Trip to San Diego by Tario
Drinking an adequate amount of water is one of the most overlooked ways of keeping your body healthy. Via
Put better water in your body you will get better results Kangen ionized alkaline water will detox your body and rehydrate your body
I have a tip for you Kangen alkaline water it will help you lose weight and it will rehydrate your body 17% better than tap water
you travel and you want to drink good water enagic Kangen Water unit has a travel unit that hooks up to any sink I have one
I love all of your posts food is my weakness something to wash it down with Kangen alkaline water eat healthy drink healthy
Referred by Peggy Learn about Kangen® Water is the first step!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
you want save money Kangen alkaline water unit will save you money better water Better Health go to YouTube Kangen demo
do you want the best for your kids better water Better Health the Kangen water unit has seven different kinds of water it makes
Kangen Water is the greatest antioxidant that exists. It also hydrates us 50% better than any…
Please join me and find out about Kangen® water. Free Event but must DM me to register
How much are you paying for your cleaners and your toner come and join us with our Kangen alkaline water unit plus…
better water Better Health what are you drinking and what is in your water YouTube Kangen demo it is a eye opener
If you know antioxidants are important for slowing down oxidative stress...Now see how Kangen Water is the most...
We had a great Kangen Water presentation today, it was both informative and enlightening. Dr. Michael is so very...
How to use your Kangen alkaline water machine (262) 215-5348 Learn about Kangen water...
Congrats Margaret Smith!! You are doing amazing!! I love my machine!!!. If anyone is looking for Kangen Water...
Come and check out water at the Petawawa Showcase, Dr. Tracey Lynn Reside to answer your questions!
It's amazing how good I feel after five weeks of drinking Kangen water! . More energy!. Better quality of sleep!...
Enjoy the purest of water: Kangen Water. Pure, alkaline, and ionized for healthy hydration. Check them out at our show!
I had pineapple smoothie with dried berries, green juice, carrot juice, whole fruits and kangen water for… [pic] —
bet they could do with some electrically charged alkaline Kangen water to rehydrate 💦👍
So far just spraying kangen water on my face and that swedish egg soap my mum bought from GoShop.
Have you seen the Kangen Water Machine... helps to keep you and your pets healthy!
you should be on the Kangen Water as well - alkaline&antioxidant. From a Japanese medical grade device. See my site for more info🍀
You can have this same process every time you get a drink of Kangen water in your kitchen.
Join us Tuesday evening at 8:00 pm eastern to find out why EVERYONE is talking about Kangen Water!!!. Click on the...
always mate, i drink this gallon of Kangen water everyday. Go on YouTube and check out some of the demos
Kangen Water. . Seriously, these should cost what a coffee maker costs.
Who want Kangen water alkaline clean healthy water
Ah yes finally back on that kangen water
Take one sip of great health with Kangen water: Science has produced a revolution in the world. It could be co...
Hi293 followers - thanks for following!Be sure to click for free live demo on Kangen Water!
Take one sip of superior health with Kangen water
Kangen Water machines are NOT expensive. Bottled water IS expensive. A Kangen machine will last 20-25 years. Why...
We still have a couple of spots left for tomorrow evening, 8 p.m. Kangen Water demo and sampling. West Boca location
Kangen Water, The Brain Enhancer via My mother sent me this video.. what are you're thoughts?
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Everyone are invited to like my newly created FB Pages on Kangen Water.
Drink the best Water in this planet. Kangen Water!. Why Kangen Water? It's Alkalized, Antioxidant & Re Structured...
for sharing about kangen water, have a great Thursday :) (insight by
F A H R E N H E I T canteens marked down to $20!! 󾌯󾍁󾌧 . Get yours and get unlimited access to the Kangen water...
Saturday! Fun Extras in Addition to Yoga ALL DAY!! . Kangen (Alkaline) Water Discussion & Demo stop by 11am-2pm...
Kangen Water can change your life. Watch "Must See Kangen Water Video - Science Behind it Explained" on YouTube -
All water is not created equal. See why
I love Kangen Water..So excited to introduce it in India..
I love KANGEN Water. Happy to introduce it in India for the first time. .
Yup that's why I drink Kangen water
for 2016? Maybe this post will help you. 4 ways can help you in 2016
The 4th installment. Bobby is living proof Kangen water is no hoax!
the black is Kangen Water pH2.5, it kills germs & boleh kecutkan and elak jerawat. Tp it should be used in moderation
Brian Welch rocking a full house with a Kangen Water demo at the Health Success Center. His passion is contagious!
🌎 💦💜 Spreading the message of compassion through Water in
Hamilton Collection
Our friend Terrell was nice enough to let us borrow his machine…
yes. KanGen Water is now available here!. change your water, change your life. 🙆 (at Resto Plus EWAKO) [pic] —
And you say Kangen Water machines are too expensive... I guess that depends on your priorities. . Y…
Promotes water wellness! Change your water change your life!
Sharing Kangen Water at the Vitamin Shoppe . Come out and try some! . (They also have Buy one get One Half price on...
Clean, pure water is a cornerstone of good health. Your body is mostly water, so the ongoing intake of water is...
Hello everyone, let me introduce to you the starter model, the most affordable Kangen Water machine, the Leveluk...
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Check out the latest blogpost on the science (made very simple :) behind Kangen Water.
Safety water is something that is a must-have for all children. Some solutions involve filtration machines .
The results from cleaning veg with 11.5 strong Kangen Water.
Come Learn what Kangen Water can do for you and your family. Get rid of toxic chemicals clean your home with water.
Seattle Seahawks Michael Robinson Drinks Kangen Water. Order your Kangen Water system worldwide at the best price here USA, ...
Well, Beyonce has just been named Most Beautiful Woman for 2012 by People magazine, and both J.Lo and Angelina Jolie have made the list as well. However, more significantly, all three celebrities belong to a growing number of celebrities and famous icons who are Kangen Water users. So what is so good about Kangen Water? Kangen Water really hydrates the body, increases energy, and is a good and natural way to detox. Why is this so? Basically Kangen water has 3 very essential properties that is a MUST in drinking water. They are (1) Anti-oxidant (2) Alkaline (3) Micro Clustering. The hydration is essentially from the micro clustering effect. Kangen Water is considered “small” water, as it has only 3 to 5 molecules, compared to normal water which has 15 to 20 molecules. It is only through micro clustering that the body absorbs the water in a rather short time, hence the body cells get hydrated. We all know that our body consist of about 70% water, so it makes sense to drink the right type of wate ...
Seriously, My Husband and I can't say enough about Kangen Water
Today is 12/8! 8 represents New Beginnings In The Bible! Watch this video IT Will Be NEW Water I swear By it.
“I only put kangen water in my 10X bottle" This guy knows what he's talking about!
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Water is the most important substance in the world. All water is not created equal.I 'd like to introduce you to Kangen water
Drinking Kangen water favors growth of microflora in the gut. Dr Grssman
All chemical reactions occur with the transfer of electrons. Kangen Water donates free electrons. Annata
"Wow! Enagics unit is a medical grade equipment. it!
Enhance the flavor of food by cooking in Kangen Water.annata
"Kangen Water", healing properties. Any other snake oil you selling today?
Wow! This is why I stand behind Enagics Kangen water unit. Its a JAPANESE medical equipment. Their technology is...
Kangen Water® also contains various minerals, such as calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium
Kangen 2.5 acidic water approved for disinfecting food in 2002.annata
The focus is alkaline water. Kangen is just a brand.
Kangen Water myth EXPOSED on CBS News: - the doctor at the end was being a hater though 😂
Taco Bell and KANGEN water don't mix
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Kangen Water the path to better hydration and better health
If you know anyone in Sydney who desires to learn more about Kangen Water please refer them to Mon he will be...
Does make your muscles sore? Consider drinking Enagics Kangen Water -
I added a video to a playlist DETOX with Kangen Water
I added a video to a playlist Oxidation Reduction Potential of Kangen water
I added a video to a playlist Kangen water 11.5
Because your body is 75% water,,,the easiest way to raise your pH is by drinking Kangen Alkaline Water, Your,
Clean your produce with 11.5 pH Kangen water: via
Mr Oshiro CEO of Enagic and his wife tonight for water opening London office v soon!! v excited
Look at my beautiful new water bottle Thank u Mr Oshiro CEO of Kangen water for seminar in London 2nite
I would like to introduce you to Kangen water - Learn it's many benefits/uses@ Free Ebook/DVD
Mr Ohshiro sharing his vision of compassion and benevolence as we bring True Health to the world with Kangen Water
Kangen water helps many people improve the quality of their lives.
Off to London to meet Mr Oshiro, owner of Kangen, going 40 years, gold seal of approval, registered medical device!! speaks for itself!!
We ADORE this family!!! The Villanuevas from Chicago are part of our Kangen Water family, They exemplify what
What is all the buzz about alkaline enhanced Kangen Water? Want a Free e-book?
Kangen Water Demo at Vitamin Barn Sunday 12-2...bring your water to test!
Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1931 for discovering the root cause of cancer. He proved that cancer thrives in an acidic, low oxygen body. Your body is 75% WATER. It's common sense that the easiest way to raise the pH of your body is by drinking alkaline water. Kangen Water machines are the ONLY medical grade ionizers on the market today. To learn more, request a FREE eBook at and watch a demo at
THE KANGEN WATER LADY GOES LIVE ON THE NIKKI CLARKE SHOW! Are you living the "alkaline lifestyle"? Join me on the show and learn about the whole "Water Story" and what YOU need to know about leading that lifestyle with Kangen Water. Wednesday, December 17, 2014 at the White Elephant 366 Queen Street East, Toronto, Canada. Catch the broadcast posting on my FB and LinkedIn. Share the event with your friends and come on down to the event. It is going to be lots of fun.
Hello World! This is Mr. Alain Chateneauf; one of Vancouver's BEST Realtor! I just wanted to say a BIG OL' THANK YOU to Alain for opening up his Wonderful Home to us EVERY SINGLE Tuesday and Thursday; rain, snow or shine. Alain is there Sharp as a tack, Enthusiastic as *** and with Loving arms wide open to let us come share the Absolutely Valuable message of Kangen Water! Thank You SOOO MUCH Alain for being there to Help Change/Save countless Lives with this Amazing company, Enagic and it's Kangen Water Technology. Enjoy Mr. Alain's "WHY" Take care folks! Love & Light Patrik Kangen Earth Movement !! - Kangen Earth Movement
The amazing Noderah from San Diego show how Kangen Water lights up a light bulb!!
Come to Chuy's in Camarillo 2nite 7pm to see a Kangen water Presentation and learn some real health info that actually works about a machine that is approved as a medical device in Japan! All kinds of people are feeling better, allowing their bodies to heal themselves and helping others do the same, why not you? See ya'll 2nite!
Dr. Charlotte Rosenak shares her experience with Kangen Water.
Here is Dr. Michael explaining Kangen water's benefits. Check it out! .
And to think I haven't been drinking Kangen water !!
A small cup of combined with has my on full blast today
3 reasons why you need an Enagic Kangen water machine at home:. 1) To get your body back to health by…
Anyone know of a product that compares to Kangen water but way cheaper?
Proud owner of Kangen SD501 Change Your Water... Change Your Life!. Time to share this precious gift to your...
Mate I love to help & share the healthy benefits of on a free 3 Wk trial
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lol let's fill that pit with Kangen water then 😂😂😂
Live Kangen Water demo in progress. Tom (@ Oil and Water Store in Hesperia, CA)
Did you miss yesterday's Kangen Water Webinar?. No worries. Here's a link to the recording:...
Want something Super Easy to improve your Drink more GOOD Water.
Thank God for Kangen water! It's so important to start taking care of your health - early!…
& video: What Doctors are saying about Kangen Water
The bubbles that you see forming in your glass when you first receive water out of your
Watch this before getting Kangen water machine
If you ladies like to purr in life like only you ladies can then Kangen beauty water is the way to go.
Water Wednesdays - Stop by JJB today for a chance to qualify for a free gallon of Kangen Water and free refills.
Make sure to drink plenty of Kangen Water and do your 20mins of exercise today
Two spots left for Live Blood Analysis...and schedule a private Kangen Water Demo...!
Are your drinks acidic or alkaline Kangen Water Change your water-Change your life!
Kangen Water Anaheim . Worried about See how to stop it...
the real solution is Now shakes and 9.5 water. Stop giving money to big
Eve Type 1 diabetes take 1 kangen water: via Contact me at :.
Change you water.. Change you health and wealth.
Every single who had has a that is too your to
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The only Turmeric made with Kangen Water watch the video at
What Doctors Are Saying About Kangen Water: via Still my only choice for water.
I feel for the people who don't know that they can get help from just drinking Kangen Water!
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Kangen water.. highest concentration of antioxidant compared to the rest..
Amazing power of Kangen Water, Short Vid: a wealth of Life Changing Properties
How I get my alkaline water supply ( Kangen machine )
Kangen Water is a designated medical device in Japan.annata
Why Jane Lim's Milo loves Kangen Water .. as well as other pets that adore Ceasar Millan... if animal is given a...
Kangen Water generates 7 grades of water – high alkaline to strong acid. Annata
Kangen Water is alkaline, neutralized acid state in our bodies. Annata
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Information on our Kangen Water class this Friday is on our FB page: if you're near Gig Harbor, WA please join us!
Or you can drink Kangen Water for higher pH and amazing nutrition absorption! Check it out:
I am so excited for our leader, business partner and internet marketing coach Mr Pete who has his flight booked to Milan on 4th June till 7th June. He will be spreading words about Kangen Water and doing group presentation there. My friends, if you are in Milan and available on the above mentioned date, my leader and internet marketing coach would like to meet you.
2morrrow Thurs 11am - Special Business Presentation on how to produce full time/part-time income with Kangen Water business oppo ...
*WHAT THE DOCTOR CAN'T DETECT? KANGEN WILL* Samantha Harris hosted Dancing With The Stars was diagnose with breast cancer ! Telling "Entertainment tonight," it was a diagnosis she had to fight for. After several doctors informed her that the lump they found in her breast was benign. l "Future Medicine" For Any Health Reason Your Body is Suffering from Sickness/Cancer & Why? Test the Ph. in your bottle water & your Drinks? * trying to get all of you to start drinking Kangen Water ,Cause what the doctors can't detect? Kangen "WILL" Your body may be too ACIDIC * Beware of CHEAP Alkaline Water Ionizers!* "BUT" What Other Doctors Are Saying About Kangen Water
Listen to what Big Vinnie (Runner up in Season 12 Biggest Loser) had to say at Austin Run/Walk Event about Kangen Water:
I have many Enagic Kangen Water customers across the world and a good number of them have developed a home business with Enagic. It makes sense. Why not take a little income as your friends begin to like the water and want to buy a machine.
Enagic Kangen Water - Health and Prosperity From Your Kitchen Counter | kangen water for healthy...
By sharing Kangen water with people we are able to decrease the suffering of people in our lives. It is also possible to create a profitable business by doing so. Give people something besides just words and pictures. Give them a concept.
Japan the only place that got Kangen water n they live a long *** life!
Someone came to demo the Kangen Water system, the machine costs RM12,800!!! Sorry, it is too expensive to me. I won't buy no matter how good the machine is.
Kangen Water® is seeing a great surge of popularity among the health-conscious. As we learn more and more about the health benefits of water for our bodies, we’re also learning that certain types of water are better for us than others.
If you do care, please read it and I have The Amazing Kangen Water. Raise your pH and antioxidant level.. if you...
Athlete's Love Kangen Water, Thanks Carl Wilt and Congratulations on your 6A ranking! I am so proud of YOU!
Eye Health Testimonial by Nhung Brandenburg, O.D. Doctor Of Optometry. After a month of Nhung and her husband of drinking Kangen Water they both experienced ...
Healthy Kangen Water® is More Than Just Drinking Water! You probably already know that healthy Kangen Water® exists for drinking. But did you know that Enagic® has created an incredible water filtration device that also produces 5 different types of water useful for green cleaning? Imagine being abl...
The way Kangen Water sharing is supposed to work: I would like to personally Congratulate Tracy & Kevin in taking a dramatic step in the health of their family and to Shawna in bringing awareness to her uncle through FB. But more importantly I would like to thank Rose and her caring heart and compassion to know the importance of sharing Kangen Water. The unselfish act of sharing Kangen with people you don't know and will not be rewarded for, shows the true reason this life changing water is in our lives. Enagic has made it clear that we are to share our water for free and to pass on true health from one family to the next. This is what it is all about...someone sharing on the East Coast for someone on the West Coast and changing their lives.Thank you so so so much Rose, we will always be there to pay it forward to you.
Here's your chance to learn more about the exciting world of Enagic & Kangen Water, and just how YOU could benefit Health & Wealthwise. For details of these Open Events, message me.
Drinking Kangen Water can help eliminate morning sickness by increasing the alkaline mineral base that is...
Cancer was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Of course I can say that because I beat it. So much easier now with Kangen Water.
Kangen Water delivers bicarbonates to neutralize blood pH. Annata
What Is Kangen Water?. The word Kangen is Japanese meaning "return to origin". That is, something that goes back...
In addition to saving money by utilizing all of the various types of waters produced by Enagic's Kangen water...
CLICK for more free resources. CNN report exposing the true secrets about Kangen Water and its effects on the human body. Learn m...
Drink Kangen Water and discover the amazing result.
Please join me at my UK open kangen water seminars . It would be great to meet you.
Please join me at my open kangen water seminars over the next three months. No obligation. ..would be great to...
What do the US doctors say about Kangen water? You are 75% made of water! Kangen water is alkaline, ionized, restructured, and antioxidant water made in Kang...
Good morning, everyone It's truly a blessed day here at the Humphrey house---as it is every day!! God is so good to us every day!! It's too early for the sun to be up, but i's supposed to be a lovely day. So I hope everyone can go out and enjoy it!!! Yesterday was a good day for us, but busy. I started out with my house duties, but had just got the floors almost swept when Rob called. He had overslept and needed me to carry the boys to school. I went right on to get gas and pick up some bread and drinks from the Pig. I picked up the boys and we stopped in Ft. Barnwell to get them a sandwich. Then on to school. Allen was ready to go to physical therapy so we went right on to New Bern. We stopped at Bojangles for a biscuit. Then on to PT and then to the hospital to get an xray for Dr. Held's next visit. Sue called while I was waiting for Allen. It was short and sweet. Then we were on our way home. Allen got on the computer so I finished my "house" duties. He rested for a while and I posted he ...
Lets drinks the right water say yes to kangen water...change your water change your life...
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Enagic-Kangen Water - Best Ionized Water Making Machine in the world. Alkaline & Anti-Oxidation Water
He started when he was 18 , two years ago ... He's now 6A , it means he sold more than a hundred machine . What's your EXCUSE ? There is a saying , don't let the little things stop you from doing the Big and important things.. I guess Ryan just did that .. like being to young to do Kangen water business ..
It's officially 4 years since my amazing wife Sabine Gaudette, brought home Kangen Water for me to try. I can remember just how stubborn and skeptical I was, there was NO WAY this water was going to do anything for my health. I suffered 19 years with a myriad of problems from the Gulf War, and was on so so many prescriptions. Well being a heavy water drinker before could not compare to what I had experience once I started consuming Kangen Water.4 YEARS SYMPTOM FREE and PRESCRIPTION FREE.Thank You Sabine for staying strong through my ignorance and bringing Kangen Water into my life.Also a big Thanks to Paul & Gail for being kind enough to allow us, to try this water from you...XOXOXO
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Peace, Love and Zen serves Kangen Water® exclusively. In Japanese, the word Kangen means “return to origin.” If ever there was a kind of water that came close to that promise, it is Kangen Water®. It may be the nearest thing we ever find to the proverbial “fountain of youth.” Kangen Water® is create...
Vets and pets love Kangen Water ... It'll certainly enjoy the Beauty Water bath! And for all minor injuries, try the Strong acidic Water 2.5 ...
Went to a Kangen Water demonstration tonight. It is amazing. I've been drinking this water for a couple months now and I have had great results. My joint pain is gone and I recover from hard workouts much faster. You need to see one of these demos. You will be shocked at what you get from your city water system or bottled water.
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When we buy any product it helps to know that others have recommended it before you purchase. So here is a list of confirmed who have Kangen Water® machines and use the as part of their everyday lives. These are known for buying the products. They demand products that perform at the highest possible level. They are buying Kangen Water Processors and no other. If Kangen Water is good enough for them, Isn’t it good enough for you? Bill Gates (owns 16 machines) Donald Trump Chuck Norris Demi Moore Aston Kutcher, Steven Tyler (owns 4 machines), Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Christie Brinkley Janet Jackson Magic Johnson (owns 8 machines) Jack Nicholson Steven Seagal The Obamas Chris Daughtry Sammy Hagar Cindie Blackman Pat Boone Toby Keith Sly Stallone Jay-Z Beyonce Rohan Marley Michael Robinson of the NFL Seattle Sea Hawks Jennifer Lopez Martha Stewart Carlos Santana Elton John Jillian Michaels George Lopez UFC FIGHTER Joe “Daddy” Stevenson, Ron Perlman Chris Angel John Geraghty (tennis player) Roger Dault ...
Acne skin problem on Kangen Water testimony
Just saw a Kangen Water demo. Been on the water for a couple months. It's now the only water I will drink.
Kale and avocado are something I eat everyday. But barley grass or green juice.. to be honest, not my thing. Instead I drink Kangen Water which is more powerful source of antioxidant and detoxification... and much much easier to drink water than green drink.
Kangen water demo tomorrow afternoon 4:15 at the Juanita Village Starbucks!!! Be there!
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Please share this info to others. I am a CANCER Stage 4 Survivor. For Tumor & CANCER Treatment : Eat unseasoned boiled cassava every day 3-5 pieces . Eat Mangoes or apples or oranges or melons or 1-2 of pomegranate fruit . Eat Dates 3-5 pieces day . 1 times a day drink 1 tablespoon of honey sprinkled with cinnamon powder . ½ glass of Zamzam Water which has been read out a prayer every day or KANGEN Water 2 liters a day. Rule of thumb: The best mouth chewing . The best your stomach can accept . The best you can afford with your money. Do not push yourself. Make yourself sincere, comfortable & happy. With God Willing cancer can be totally cured, or at least feeling healthy Mango or other fruits contains antioxidants (apples, oranges, melon, pomegranate) has detox agent, which is remove toxins from the body. Dates and honey sprinkled with cinnamon powder to strengthen the stamina after detox . Cassava and Zamzam Water or KANGEN Water is to inhibit the growth of Tumor and CANCER. Dates and Zamzam Water can b ...
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Out delivering Kangen Water tonight. I have one extra 7.5L jug on me. Who wants it?
Penetrasi pasar Purwokerto utk kangen water, Change your Water Change your Life...!!!
The Power Of 11.5pH Strong Kangen Water, Vegetables are are cleaned showing residual pesticides and as a powerful household cleaner.
Living Kangen Water can remove inflammation that causes many health problems.
Elixir of youth and health ! Ionized alkaline Kangen water infuses all nutrients from lemons ,cucumbers , etc .
Steven Tyler Not too long ago a rock and roll legend by the name of Steven Tyler was introduced to Kangen Water. He may have not fully understood the full
This week is going to be incredible. So many lives being transformed with Kangen water. It's been the best investment I've ever made in my health. Every day more and more people are starting to realize that the quality of water they put in their bodies is going to have a tremendous effect on their health. 20 years ago, if you wanted a micro wave, you would of had to go to a store, spend a bunch of money, and buy one, now they are installed in every almost every home. Today, you have to buy a kangen machine, but down the road, the builder will of installed in and they will be as common as microwaves. Do you understand the power of positioning yourself infront of a huge opportunity? Now is the best time to get on board and start building a business. What if all those machines going into homes, and helping people experience optimal health were in your business??? A LOT of them will be in mine. It's time to take massive action. If your tired of watching me make all this mailbox money, and you are ready to mak ...
When new and beneficial things are introduced to Turbeville, of course it's good news! And something quite beneficial is happening at our local drug store. I visited with Mrs. Robin Chavis this week, owner and operator of Community Pharmacy. She is very excited about a new program that she will now be offering her customers. Tucked in the back of the pharmacy is a newly renovated area set up specifically for a process known as "drug compounding". Mrs. Robin explained that this is the process of developing medications that are personlized to meet a patient's specific needs. There are instances when a patient is unable to take a medication in its usual form. Maybe due to a health condition, he or she is unable to swallow a large pill, or perhaps a child is allergic to the dye in a prescribed medication. Some patients may just be unable to take a certain medicine in it's commercial form. This is where Mrs. Robin, a compounding pharmacist specially trained and certified, can transform a medication into a ...
My Kangen Water Launch Party is on this saturday at 3pm at 9101 Topanga Cyn. Blvd. X cross street is Nordoff st. in Chatsworth. Please join me as I start my Own business in Kangen water. There will be food & drinks, Inbox me so I can know how much food will be needed, I need your support friends, brothers and sisters. Inbox for more info. THANKS.
This person got rid of foot fungus with special water from the Kangen water machine that kills bacteria, viruses, microbes, fungus, etc.. Just soaking the foot in the special water and drinking Kangen water made a big difference for him!
Off delivering water to my loyal people that appreciate the best water you can put into your body. Let me know if you want to try it for a month and I'll be happy to deliver the Kangen Water to you. Only thing I ask is for you to see a water demo (many choices where you can see one) so you can understand what makes this water so different than your tap or bottled water. And yes, the 164th Street Spring water can't beat this! Let me show you why.
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