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Kane Hodder

Kane Warren Hodder (born April 8, 1955) is an American actor, stuntman and author. He is best known for his portrayal of Jason Voorhees in four films from the Friday the 13th film series (parts VII through X).

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I think many people remain unaware of just…
Can you tell the Kane Hodder line your staff can't.
Small thread while I'm on the topic of Friday the 13th: The Game:. Kane Hodder did the motion capture for Jason, which is awesome on its own
The Ultimate Video Game Show Ep 2 with Kane Hodder and Tony Todd on our Horror Game Special by The Earplug Podcast…
Bolaji and Kane Hodder the best body actors of all time.
I think it was the lack of Kane Hodder. Need a Freddy vs Victor Crowley movie.
- . If you mean who did the movement mapping then that would be Kane Hodder.
I just can't wait to see this documentary about Kane Hodder, the face behind the mask of Jason Voorhees.
Cool video if you had your Jason Pop Funko signed by Kane Hodder that would have been cool too
Kane Hodder out of nowhere in Hardbodies.
Is there anything actually good about Kane Hodder's portrayal of I mean, a stuntman did better in FvJ.
Sometimes groups can be brutal. Just ask editor
Steve Railsback as Ed Gein (2000) is perfect casting and a great performance. directs. Way better tha…
Didn't even know this was coming up. Kane Hodder doc seems like a great idea.
Did you know that Kane Hodder did stunts in Lone Wolf McQuade which stars Chuck Norris, David Carradine, and Dana Kimmell?
"Lorenzo Alexander, Barbara Eden and Kane Hodder walk into a bar..." It's not a real joke, but it feels like it cou…
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Up next on my marathon...Jason Goes To *** : The Final Friday on glorious vintage VHS! starring Ka…
I have a feeling Kane hodder is the guest for the new map since he's portrayed Jason from Friday the 13th the most. Am I wrong?
Up to number 7. That's the one with the telekinetic chick and the first one with Kane Hodder.
yeah i met Robert Englund and Kane hodder aka Freddy and Jason
what I meant to say is do you think Kane hodder could sign my collectors edition
Up next on my marathon...Friday The 13th Part VII : The New Blood on vintage VHS! starring Kane Hodd…
for more Kane Hodder as crazy undead killer action check out the Hatchet movies.
Oh nice. Although apparently we don't get Kane Hodder as Jason until 7, which makes me sad.
impossible. Giant Kane Hodder can be seen from space. So. Impossible.
Look. All I'm saying is, it's entirely possible that new Friday the 13th was shot in secret w/Kane Hodder as Jason. That's all.
Mears was a great choice, I'm a Kane Hodder guy for the body and commitment he brought to the character but I would be...
Jason looks so awesome in this movie. John Carl Buechler and Kane Hodder certainly it out if the park, there.
Kane Hodder is the one and only Jason in my opinion!!
Kane hodder should have played Jason
Forgot to post my Kane Hodder pic for Friday the 13th!!!…
Hamilton Collection
that's awesome. I've met Kane Hodder and Ken Kerzinger.
Jason X. I'm in heaven. Thank you james Isaac & Kane Hodder.
Flash back to like 1997. Kane Hodder (Jason) has The MegaBuck in a headlock! On display at our HQ!
Please please please get Jeffery Dean Morgan this year you made my year when Kane Hodder was there make my year this year
Friday the 13th JASON (KANE HODDER) VS. DANNY TREJO free horror novels
I think we can all agree that Kane Hodder was the GOAT horror movie actor no?
Watching the Kane Hodder Friday the 13th saga
Jason has his shrine, I have mine. In related news, I've mislaid my Kane Hodder autograph 😡…
but Kane hodder as Jason the boxing scene on the roof I like the movie
I Kane Hodder contain myself! Friday the 13th Marathon is imminent!
Kane Hodder Day or Friday the 13th - YOU decide!
*** that was brutal. Part 6 is looking a lot more buff than I expected but it might be perspective. Also Kane Hodder.
Today is a reminder of the legacy Kane Hodder help build for the Hockey Mask-wearing slasher — watching Jason X
Jason X IS ON TV! Last appearance of my FAVE actor portraying him- Kane Hodder!
1-2-3-4 is all I need. Oh, if Kane Hodder was the quintessential Jason, he would have slashed Jason…
Kane Hodder with a weed whacker and the telekinetic girl?
Kane Hodder's Jason was pretty aggressive. I don't think he'd fit in FvJ where Jason is all stealthy
I kinda like how this guy plays Jason. It's a bummer it's not Kane Hodder playing him, but this new dude makes him slow and menacing
Which one is that...? O.o. (I am thinking one of the Kane Hodder ones)
That's Kane Hodder 😂 he acts mad to stay in character. Before we took that pic he was slamming a machete in the table.
Happy Kane Hodder will resurrect 'The New Blood' in full htt…
Happy . Here's me directing the real Jason, the man behind the mask, Kane Hodder, on the set of out…
Kane Hodder and I want to wish you a killer Friday the 13th.
happy Friday the 13th, here's a picture of Jon and I with Kane Hodder (aka Jason in VII, VIII, and X)
Wonder what Kane Hodder is up to today?!
Kane Hodder's look of glee while talking about scaring children is delightful
Just FYI, the late '80s Kane Hodder Jason would have ripped Paul apart in minutes.
also love the sequence where the dr eats Jason's heart shortly after there's Kane Hodder as dead security guard
Adam Greens Hatchet 2 we have reverend Zombie (Tony Todd ) and Danielle Harris (Halloween ) Kane Hodder (…
Tons of great looking Autographed Pops from stars Kane Hodder, Danielle Harris, Sid Haig, Doug Bradl…
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I finally got to go to Atlanta and meet Norman, Tom, Sean Patrick Flanery, Ryan Hurst, Tommy Flanagan, and Kane Hodder
Kane Hodder noted it in his commentary for part 8.
oh have you seen the hatchet movies? They are good horror movies and Kane hodder is in them as well
lucky. I hear Kane hodder is really nice
I loved Kane Hodder's Jason so much growing up I told girls at bars in college my name was Kane to avoid NCAAF trouble.
Newest addition to my collection. Thank you Kane Hodder!
Kane Hodder himself told me it was his favorite kill he's filmed!
I also prefer the guys from 6 and the remake. Kane Hodder's icon status has always been absolutely baffling to me.
Last time I was this nervous in writing one, it was Kane Hodder. I'm afraid it'll come back to bite me in the butt.
Kane Hodder and Julie Michaels on the set of Friday the 13th Part 9
Not with out the old 'liquid courage' I don't. Last time I was this nervous, I was writing about Kane Hodder.
I missed ya in Georgia so much!! 💜💕❣️ I had a blast with Freddy Krueger Robert Englund, and Jason Kane…
Worked with Kane Hodder this weekend, he's nice until he chokes you 🔪
Funny about Kane Hodder; I listened to his commentary for part 8 with Jensen Daggett.
New line cinema killed the Friday the 13 the movies by not using Kane hodder in Freddy vs Jason
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great! . Kane Hodder is my favorite Jason Voorhees . I own all of the Friday the 13th movies part VII and X are the best!
How do you feel about the F13 game announcing SP? I'm pretty pumped by it. Kane Hodder can't lose
Kane Hodder will always be Jason Voorhees for me.
thanks to for the autograph and signing by freaking Kane Hodder! :)
Nothing like having Kane Hodder THE Jason Voorhees signing for us on Halloween 2016 on 2nd…
I would love to do some more slasher themed videos! Actor bios could be good fun, if I do, I might do one on Kane H…
my main reason to go is Bill Moseley Kane Hodder and Sid Haig
I'm definitely no Kane Hodder, but I make it look good!
Kane Hodder aka Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th was awesome!!!
When Kane Hodder grabs your clever clutch and insists on signing it, you don't say no
Taken right after the Kane Hodder panel at Day 3.
Kane Hodder's making fun of at Hilarious!
On this week's episode of The Horror basement Justin discusses the Hatchet trilogy and the legendary Kane Hodder.
I'm so jealous of my mom. She is going to Walker Stalker con tomorrow and she might meet Robert Englund and Kane Hodder
i always thought the Corkscrew was comical but I liked it I'm just bias to Kane Hodder have you ever watched Hatchet
i loved it basically because Kane Hodder had so much input in the kills and it wad his last appearance as Jason
Watching this amazing slasher film! Definitely one of Kane's Hodder's best 👌👍.
Love the Kane Hodder cameo in this one. And the heart eating as well.
Jason was supposed to kick the dog at one point in Jason Takes Manhattan. Kane Hodder insisted Jason wouldn't do that.
Kane Hodder giving a masked murderer some morality
Who's watching the all-day Friday the 13th marathon on Kane Hodder in the morning, evening, and at suppertim…
Kane Hodder and Weird Al are announced for the rescheduled !! Fingers crossed for Robert Englund and Danielle Harris!!! :)
The fact that Sean Cunningham, Tom Savini, Kane Hodder & Harry Manfredini are all involved has my hopes set so high
i am going to spooky empire this year. Finally get to meet Kane Hodder and Robert Englund.
2 was so silly, it was awesome! Bonus points for having Kane Hodder and Linnea Quigley!
Sidework Productions has attached Kane Hodder, Michael Berryman and Bill Moseley to 86 Zombies!
I'm so jel I'd love to meet him and kane hodder 😍 😍 😍 I liked ur pic with Danny trejo
New episode out of with the one and only Kane Hodder which will be in Seattle this weekend!
I know U already have Kane Hodder & Tony Moran. But it would so great 2 have a variety of Michael's & Jason's there 4 a change
Less than an hour left to donate...
Congrats & crew for hitting your goal on Indiegogo! Just 5 hours to go! Help Kane take it over the top!
I backed this. So close to goal. Very little time left.
Honored to be a part of this Doc about my good buddy Kane Hodder, or Jason Vorhees as you know him. Check this out! https…
If you must know, I'm the same height and dimensions as Kane Hodder [Jason from Friday 13th] I have a picture with him you'll never see.
Kane Hodder's life story will change you life. Please help this project. .
Last day to help make it happen for 'To *** and Back: The Kane Hodder Story' via
Help make it happen for To *** and Back: The Kane Hodder Story via
Bill Moseley, Kane Hodder, and Michael Berryman Crawl From the Shed of the Dead via
Tony Todd , Kane Hodder and the one and only Robert Englund
OMG Kane Hodder and Tony Todd is in Death House as well as and ! I am screaming "I'm not worthy!!!
Happy Birthday, Jason Voorhees. Peace and blessings to Kane Hodder on this day. Happy
Precisely why was Kane Hodder passed on? He was clearly a massive favorite.
I found this old picture of me, meeting Gunnar Hanson, and Kane Hodder. Original Leatherface, and the best Jason!
How my weekend started, Saturday took my wife to meet one of her idols. Kane Hodder. I also gave…
working on a horror series called Franklin Kane. Had you and Kane Hodder in mind for costume designs
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My son has now been choked by Kane Hodder, aka Jason Voorhees, three years in a row. Kane…
Kane hodder and Bill Mosley... Going for old 37
Kane Hodder seemed like a delightful man until he tried to murder me.
Really hope this gets made. is a horror icon & legend...needs his story told👍.
Me getting the chokehold from Kane Hodder aka Jason Voorhees!!
Documentary To *** and Back: The Kane Hodder Story to Explore the Life of the Man Who Became Jason Voorhees
I normally don't do this but come on.
Kane Hodder, Tony Todd, Mark Patton, Alec Gillis, Robert Lasardo💙, Peaches Christ and many more will also be there. I can't.. 😭
Kane Hodder, Dee Wallace and others in new Shots. Read more at
Friday the 13th icon the subject of documentary To *** and Back:
Why not go to a Walker Stalker con? Kane Hodder is a guest at the one in Boston
Al Snow is doing a movie with Kane Hodder??
Just saw where Kane Hodder was added to Walker Stalker con in Nashville. Freaking Awesome!!
Watch Kane Hodder in Action in Behind-The-Scenes ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’ Video
Part 7 is a cool Carrie vs Jason type thing and the first time we get the Kane Hodder Jason that kind of launched him into horror legend
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Oooff, Bats v Supes. Glad I was watching House 2, with Kane Hodder playing a gorilla!!!
It'll be great to see him with Kane Hodder in Death House! Mr. Hodder is a sweet man, a big bear ;-)
I just read that i'm the exact same height as Jason in the Friday the 13th movies (Kane Hodder)
9th & 10th July in Sheffield. Kane hodder, Doug Bradley and David naughton confirmed so far.
Me and MatthewMayhem West and Jessica are watching Best of the Best, what a great movie! I never knew Kane Hodder...
Kane Hodder grabs the mask of as Freddy? What the...
Kane Hodder Jason x rare signed card with piece of straight jacket friday the 13
And I met Kane Hodder who plays THE best Jason Voorhees. Dude was legitimately choking me in…
My idea for Sleepaway Camp 6 would be Angela vs Jason; Felissa Rose vs Kane Hodder. Sorry Derek and Ken, you're not Kane Hodder enough.
I have an idea for Sleepaway Camp 6: Angela vs Jason. You would be Angela and Kane Hodder would be Jason.
Some Horrorhound goodies. Jason goes to *** mask signed by Kane Hodder :D
Love the fact that it seems Kane Hodder is getting serious, being in several slashers this year and last year.
Guy on the left is Don Shanks. Guy on the right is Kane Hodder. Google!
It's great you're going to be in a movie with Kane Hodder and Felissa Rose among many horror icons.
Kane Hodder wears an ICP Hatchetman necklace all the time. He is super nice and appreciative of his fans.
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it was my favorite panel ever. also, Kane Hodder. *squee*
Isnt that kane hodder who played jason on friday the 13th
Dok and I were the first people in the room, and Doug and Kane Hodder just sat on the table watching people...
Shout out to Jason! Wonder how easy it was for Kane Hodder to get them to throw that in? Lol
Kane Hodder is in it. 'Jason Voorhees' himself lol. This should be interesting.
Hanging with my old friend Kane hodder @ Sharonville Convention Center
Been waitin a long time for this, Friday the 13th 4 panel with special guest Kane Hodder
Awesome! Two generations of Jasons at the same time. Kane Hodder at the F13 panel. Rather appropriate.
Having a blast at horrhound weekend with some alsome friends that I rarely see and celebrity's like Kane Hodder and Kim Coates and Chyna
when Kane Hodder cancelled on you, then you should have knew then, this years show is gonna suck
great con this past weekend! Danny trejo was great to my son as we're kane Hodder and Mathew Lillard thanks Dave!
Flash back Friday the 13th!. When I was kicking it with Kane Hodder…
I'll be there! xx be good to catch up with Doug again and I just did a film that Kane Hodder is also in! xx
If I stalk Kane Hodder any harder, he's going the police.
Great idea/concept but poor execution. Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley were barely in it. It wasn't bad, just wanted more of them
Kane Hodder movie coming out soon, Tiffany Shepis Robot Chicken episode coming up. I love seeing Ben Dixon’s friends onscreen.
Next goal...go to Phoenix Comic Con and meet Kane Hodder 😭💕
Wow, one year ago at Monster Mania with horror icon and a real sweet guy. Always great seeing Kane Hodder.
Does it add me to the death toll if I said meeting Kane Hodder would be awesome?
THE one and only Kane Hodder will be joining us at HorrorCon UK 2016! Tickets on sale now! https:…
I will. My son is hoping to get his pic taken with Danny Treijo, Kane Hodder and Tony Todd
Brutal hack 'n slash shocks at 10.55pm as Kane Hodder and Danielle Harris star in Hatchet 2 on
That's true, & I definitely agree about Kane Hodder! I guess it depends on who you feel defined that
It's also like saying Ted White was "the definitive Jason". I would pick Kane Hodder as "The Jason".
Raimi and Campbell Want Robert Englund and Kane Hodder for "Ash vs Evil Dead"
what outfit I enjoy seeing on Jason coming out of the Lake and new gold mask Kane Hodder does it best!
My encounter today with Kane Hodder "Jason" in several of the Friday the 13th films.
It's better than any of the Fridays with Kane Hodder other than Jason X.
Exclusive interview with Kane Hodder here at TheBlood-Shed @
Exclusive interview with the legendary Kane Hodder
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Kane Hodder talks about his new movie, Old 37, where he co stars with Bill Moseley!
Tom Savini, Kane Hodder and multiple other horror vets are involved in the project!!!
I think I'm gonna watch Old 37 with Kane Hodder tonite.
For you Freddy VS Jason fans, Kane Hodder did NOT play Jason in that one. So this will be the first time for these two on the same movie!
TIL Kane Hodder & Robert Englund will share the screen in a new horror film coming in 2016. o.o
New will apparently have on set along with Kane Hodder doing stuff in the mocap suit.
Aside from the late Wes Craven, Kane Hodder is one of my horror icons. 👏🏻👏🏻
Now to watch the Kane Hodder episode. 🙌🏻
Kane Hodder is going to be my next pick.
Day 22 of 31 horror movies I've never seen, today has Kane Hodder, Tony Todd and Robert Englund in it. (It's not Hatchet)
Bigfoot, sexy chicks and Kane Hodder. Love in the Time of Monsters is a fun flick to watch.
I might add that you have a great photo with Kane Hodder and Betsy Palmer. As a fan of F13, I"ll say "I miss you Betsy".
I will go to horror hound weekend if Kane Hodder will be there omfg
We debut our podcast this week featuring interviews with and - perfect... http:/…
If you know who Kane Hodder is, you'll get this.   10% Off
good slasher films. Kane Hodder is in them (the original Jason Voorhees)
Kane Hodder did a fantastic job as Jason
have you seen Twiztid music video Sick Man with Kane Hodder and Sig Haig?? Horror Genre Music Video.
hey thanks for the add! Check out my trailers if you would like! My latest stars Bill Moseley and Kane Hodder!
I had a dream last night that Kane Hodder slaughtered a bunch of people I know. It was actually really terrifying. But awesome.
I have not seen that one yet. But I do love Kane Hodder! Can't wait to see him in that one too!
Got that Kane Hodder look going on here. @ Downtown Toronto
That moment when you're posting an article you wrote about Jason Voorhees vs. Victor Crowley & Kane Hodder accepts your friend request :-D
Kane Hodder (think it's him) playing BTK is great casting too, pretty sure he's about 7ft and BTK was about 5ft 7 💁🏻
You should invite Kane hodder again. ?
Nope. Not joking. And it's a respect thing. Kane Hodder is the best Jason.
I liked a video Friday the 13th: The Game - Interview with Kane Hodder and Randy Greenback
Can't get enough (the answer is - you can't) Check out her appearance on the podcast! http:…
Met Tony Todd and had Wishmaster signed now I just have to meet Kane Hodder and Robert Englund
Kane Hodder interview for his new movie
Tara Reid, Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley, together at last!
I don't have anything to ask Kane Hodder that he hadn't been asked 100 billion times. Or Ron Pearlman...? Hey what was it like1/2
OMG you're in a movie with Kane Hodder!? he is so cool😱I really want to meet him
I don't care for the New Line interpretation of Jason and I think Kane Hodder is over rated.Cue the
hey jack! I met Kane Hodder! (Jason) and yes he was really strong and tall!
good morning, and enjoy my review if this gory Kane Hodder film
Hey man. Nice meeting you at Video Game Cavern today. Here's that Kane Hodder game (cont)
very true. I had a conversation with Kane Hodder about the exact thing. Said he had no control. Still feel bad for them.
LOL! I wish Kane Hodder worked here, I think... I have the film
Cool! I like Kane Hodder. I think I have this at work.
TY Sonny...can u believe Kane Hodder is almost 60?
ohhh I hope DeadSnow2 is there. Loved the first. Hatchet is one of my all time favs as a Kane Hodder junkie. Seen conjure
3 more days until Days of the Dead Indianapolis! Can't wait to meet Kane Hodder, Ric Flair and others wo
Can I get a shout-out for my new movie, starring Bill Moseley Kane Hodder &
Definitely will! Great to see Kane Hodder is in there!
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Hey Jason, how bout a shoutout for a movie staring YOU. with Kane Hodder & Bill Moseley
Happy Monday Campers! Alice & Jason will be working together in William Froste!
they obviously aren't the originals with Kane Hodder as Jason
Just ordered movie, let you know what I think. huge Kane Hodder fan.
icons Adrienne King and Kane Hodder join Tyler Mane, Daeg Faerch, and many more in
great DVD commentary from Kane hodder to ; )
Would love to see Kane Hodder on another Ghost Adventures episode . Halloween Special ?
I wish would do another episode with Kane Hodder and co.
Pico House ghost adventures. Love this episode. Kane Hodder great actor
Which actor played in the remake of Dawn of the dead?. A.Kane Hodder. B.Robert Englund. C.Ving Rhames
I hope that Adrienne King and Kane Hodder do get together for a DVD commentary on this movie.
I would like to see Adrienne King and Kane Hodder do a commentary on this movie when it comes out.
I want to congratulate Adrienne King and wish her luck in a movie with the ultimate Jason Voorhees: Kane Hodder.
Good luck with your new movie with Kane Hodder. It will be cool to see the ultimate Friday survivor with the ultimate Jason.
cool I defiantly will! Looking forward to seeing Kane Hodder again at Montreal Comic con in 2 weeks :)
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Harry Kane has told us he's flattered that are interested in signing him - but is happy at htt…
It can't be often that Kane Hodder is made to seem small, but Nathan Jones does that in
Did you know that Kane Hodder and Walt Gorney who contributed to three or more Friday the 13th movies.
have you ever played poker with Kane Hodder? I know he enjoys the game.
When the geniuses I work with think Kane Hodder is a real serial killer 😂. Go watch Game Of Thrones and pipe down, junior.
July 3-6 I'm excite for Sean Gunn, Kane Hodder and Steve Cardenas
And another fabulous film with Joe Hollow, Tony Todd, and Kane Hodder!!
Director Jim Isaac and actor Kane Hodder on the set of 'Jason X' - which had its US release on this day, in 2002.
never listened to touché amore but Kane Hodder did the touché amore sound better than touché amore did. this has been a valuable PSA
Awesome man would love the chance to meet him and Bill Moseley and Kane Hodder.
For my 21st birthday I would very much love to drink with Kane Hodder, Adam Green and Tony Todd.
Anchor Bay & Epic Pictures go for a ride in Old 37, starring Kane Hodder - Horror Movie via
Exclusive first look inside Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley’s OLD 37, plus distribution news and new poster!
2010 Film -- Stars: Danielle Harris, Kane Hodder, Tony Todd -- Marybeth escapes the clutches of the bayou-butcher...
37 minutes remain for the web series signed poster on Ebay! Kane Hodder, Danielle Harris AND Robert Englund signed!
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
19 hours to go on the signed Fear Clinic web series poster signed by Robert Englund, Danielle Harris and Kane Hodder!
... Horror Film Industry? Like Robert Englund, Kane Hodder or Doug Bradley in the Future? I bet that would Be awesome. C:
CD director/writer Harrison Smith with Kane Hodder onset of a music video with
I'm so stuck with which Jason Voorhees tattoo I want. I do know for certain it's going to be Kane Hodder! But Michael Myers is coming first!
How was that movie Hatchet with Kane Hodder and Danielle Harris?
Reflecting on where 2014 has taken me so far, I have to admit it's been a fun ride. I started the year off with my encounter with Lauren Cohan and the cast of the walking dead. Spent some time with Tara Reid and other celebrities. Had several books come out. Have signed more autographs then I have ever dreamed of. Have traveled a lot. And to think, it's not over yet. I still have more auto signings this year. I still have several more confirmed celebrities I'm going to be with. Have another book coming out in 2-3 weeks. This is going to be a busy holiday season. Also, I get to meet the man behind the mask, Kane Hodder. The Ailes Brothers of Terror was created and really took off. See my next posting about 2015.
I can't stop looking at the pictures of me with Emily Kinney and Kane Hodder. Ugh
I'm watching the episode of Holliston where Adam and Joe go to a horror convention and meet Kane Hodder😂
Still can't get over the fact that I met Emily Kinney, Kane Hodder, and Scott Wilson. Ugh.
Billy dee williams and kane hodder. (Jason)
A horror convention across the street from work? Kane Hodder (Jason) Robert Englund (Freddy) and *** Warlock (Mike Myers) are there?! 🎃 YES
Got the honor to meet Robert Englund and Kane Hodder today, true horror icons
I'm still mad about Kane Hodder not playing Jason in Freddy vs Jason.
Kane hodder is a scarier name than Jason
I hate Jason's mask in Jason X. It's molded WAY too close to Kane Hodder's face to the point that it's barely even a mask anymore. F-.
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I heard Kane Hodder would be there too! Now if Wes Craven shows up for whatever reason, I'll pass out!
Got to spend the day with Kane Hodder at Days of the Dead
I guess Kane Hodder is working for Chipotle now! :) I figured would appreciate this…
the biggest mistake they made was NOT casting Kane Hodder in F vs J.
Kane Hodder Net Worth: Kane Hodder is the guy of extreme power who surprised the world along with his amazing ...
“Mr Hodder definitely captured my sexy smolder.” Kane knows how to move
Glen Jacobs AS KANE from wwe..there's that kane and kane hodder
Kane Hodder aka Jason Voorhees has a way of greeting his fans.
Photo: Kane Hodder - better known as Jason Voorhees - choking me out (He really was pulling me up too. I...
lol. The 1st one's funny though, it's like a love song for 80s horror. Also Kane Hodder :D
My opinion Kane hodder will always be the best Jason Voorhees
that's dope, is Kane Hodder gonna be there?
I'm still outraged that I missed the other horror convention a month ago with Tom Savini and Kane Hodder :/
John Schneider and Kane Hodder talking about horror film at Days of the Dead Lax Marriott photo from...
I get to meet Kane Hodder in a few weeks. Can't wait.
Kane Hodder, Staci Greason, and William Butler from Halloween movie series at BATB3 via
Hollywood actor Kane Hodder rocking our Crest Tee for an interview with wrestler Angelin...
Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley have starred in 17 movies together
Here's a topic for discussion: What are some of the Crown Jewels of your collection? Anything rare or particularly cool? Mine would be my Friday the 13th set signed by Kane Hodder, The Muppet Christmas Carol laserdisc (for very movie geek reasons) What are yours?
It is with great pleasure that we announce the addition of actor, TOBIN BELL, to the guest roster for DAYS OF THE DEAD: LOS ANGELES, happening September 26th-28th at the LAX MARRIOTT. A name which needs little introduction, Tobin Bell is best known for playing the iconic villain, "Jigsaw," in the SAW franchises of films. He has also appeared in such films as DARK HOUSE, BOOGIEMAN 2 and 3, and BURIED ALIVE. Tobin Bell will be making this VERY RARE signing appearance on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 27th ONLY! Pre-sale autograph ticket information is forthcoming. Tobin Bell joins previously announced guests, Clive Barker, Corey Feldman, Tara Reid, Kane Hodder, Sid Haig, Ken Foree, Bill Moseley, and MORE, as DAYS OF THE DEAD makes its highly anticipated return to the west coast! Vendor spaces and tickets for DAYS OF THE DEAD: Los Angeles are ON SALE NOW at
I look up to Robert Englund and Kane Hodder, they are my horror movie favorites
Photo: Bruce, Robert Englund, Christopher Lloyd, Kane Hodder and Sean Astin together back in May, via Sean...
An AICN HORROR reader got a chance to check out the new John Schneider directed horror film SMOTHERED with Kane Hodder, Bill Mosely, & Brea Grant!
Another weekend another convention. This was out and out awsome! Got to spend alot of time getting the horror goss. Eric Roberts has just completed the human centipede 3 and said it was amazing hes still washing the sickness out of his skin. Kane Hodder who was the nicest guy in the world. So nice in fact when i asked him to strangle me with my Jason Voorhees belt i think he *** a little. Tony Todd is cool and very laid back. He has confirmed that night of the living dead origins after two years of waiting is now done and ready for release. Met Billy Boyd who played Glen and Glenda in seed of Chucky nice guy. But i did scare him a bit when i said to put on a scared face then grabbing his bum to make the face he is making the photo lol. And last but not least Sean Pertwee from Dog soldiers what a lad. Hope all is well. Keep buffing mother buffers
Day one of Collectormania has been a success.had a brilliant photo done with Eric Roberts (his unique way of helping me not to blink when the flash went off lol) as well as some scary encounters in the Gents with Tony Todd and Kane Hodder (scary not sordid lol). Looking forward to day two tomorrow! Photos to follow. :-D
I met Kane Hodder yesterday at the Ottawa Comic-con yesterday and it was awesome.
I worked with most every horror Icon on Star Trek except for one. And on the very last episode we did I got to work with my favorite! Yes, that is Kane Hodder on the right Strangling me! That's right! Jason Voorhees and Victor Crowley!
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